How to Build a Social Media Marketing Funnel

Who says social media doesn’t convert? Seth Godin noted: “You can use social media to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into salespeople.”

You already know that everyone is on these social sites, so I’m not going to bore you with stats on the number of users each social site has. But did you know that you are 51% more likely to buy a product if you hear good things about it on Facebook? Or, better yet, you are 68% more likely to buy a product if you read about it on Twitter?

Now that you know social media can convert strangers into customers, the next step for you to take is to build a social media marketing funnel. To explain how you can do that, I’ve created an infographic that breaks down the necessary steps.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Build a Social Media Marketing Funnel

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I’ve grown all of my companies through social media, and I’ve found the strategy to be very effective. The one thing I’ve learned through this process, however, is that you can’t expect your social media traffic to provide you with a high return on investment from direct conversions.

Typically, when users come to your site from Twitter or Facebook, they don’t buy right away. But they do come back to your website within a week or a month if they liked what they saw there. That’s when they are more likely to make the purchase.

The best way to get these users back to your website is through remarketing platforms like AdRoll. Alternatively, you can collect their emails by offering them a free ebook or a coupon and then get them to purchase from you through email marketing.

Are you generating sales through social media?

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  1. Tom Hartley :

    Great infographic, as per usual!

  2. Hi Neil,

    Really liked the infographic,especially building a Funnel part.I am facing difficulties to make Facebook work for me.I think i should focus on it more.

    • Abdul, let me know if you need any help 🙂

      • Hello Neil,
        It was very useful as usual. May I ask you about Page Authority? How much important it is? Please recommened me best article about Page Authority Vs Organic Traffic.

  3. Michael Bely :

    Thanks for the post, Neil.

    I think frequency and consistency of quality messages in social media are keys factors for generating traffic.

    I see the following working formula:
    1. Send frequent quality messages.
    2. Stick to the place where there is a more or less consistent audience.
    3. Get recognized by members of this audience.
    4. Get traffic (people will go to your profile/your website to see what other useful staff you have).

    Another point is paid ads. But it is a different story.

  4. Kumar Gauraw :

    Hi Neil,

    Awesome infographics! Plus, I love that quote from Seth Godin. That is really the objective. Thank you for sharing!

  5. Justin McGill @ Workado :

    Good stuff Neil. We are in the process of bringing in someone to handle this for our startup. In fact, it’s the first hire outside of developers as we feel it will be critical to the success of our tool as well.

  6. Great infographic! Thank you for the demographic numbers!

  7. Hi Neil,
    Great Infographic!
    I am currently trying to get likes from my page on Facebook. So, I will get traffic from it. But with this post I think I can do affiliate marketing with that too and It has to work. Right?

  8. Hey Neil, interesting stats inside your infographic. You can expect pingback soon, definitely repost this to my audience 🙂

  9. Hi Neil Great Infographic,

    This infographic is great. Building a social media marketing funnel is really important for businesses. This infograpic helps in this. This infographic match some points with digitalrelevance infographic, but it’s great.
    Thank you for this infographic…. 🙂

  10. Fakharuddin :

    Hello Sir, Thanks for the great inforgraphic.

  11. Miracle Ayodele :

    Neil you are right. Relationship is the key. If one is just posting to social medias without engagements and interactions, it’s just a vain effort.

    Thanks Neil for the insight and the infographic. Have a great time.

  12. Xavier Major :

    The biggest takeaway from this that most people overlook is the social engagement part. It is important to remain social on social media otherwise people will assume you are just a robot with your automated social updates. Try it some time tweet or message someone you follow and see if they reply.

    I have seen an increase in this lately and it is hurting you in the long run because people are tuning you out. My advice get social and interact and you will see better results then your automated hootsuite or buffered post.

  13. Abdul Sattar :

    Great infographic Neil! Just tell me one thing!!! Where is Google+???

  14. Build Social Media Marketing Funnel :

    Excellent Infographic!! I specially like section one “Select Social Media Platform” We can complete half battle of “build social media funnel””by selecting a right social media platform.

  15. Great graphic Neil! If people aren’t using social media in their business, then they are definitely missing out.

    As I grow my new business, what steps would you say I should take initially to attract people from social media? There is so much to do in a new business, that I sometimes get overwhelmed.

    So, instead of trying to do everything. What would you suggest?


    • Xavier Major :


      I would suggest picking your top two or three social media platforms where you can connect with your target audience. Use the 80/20 rule share 80% great relevant content and 20% self promotion. Then get really good at using those platforms to grow your business. I use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to attract new clients for my business.

      With all the platforms out there it’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to manage all of them so don’t put yourself in a position to fail.

    • Neil Patel :

      I would pick one or two social sites your customers use and start participating. For example if it is Twitter, search for words that your customers may be tweeting about. Then respond to them, answer their questions and help them in any way possible. Eventually this will help you build a large following.

  16. Joshua Fleming :

    I love that quote from Seth.

    The stats are interesting.

    Explains a lot in the way of ROI and picking the right platform.

    Thanks Neil! 🙂

  17. Slade Julius :

    Great infographic and tips.

    Just like with blogging, if you create content that appeals to your market and either solves a problem or entertains them, you can increase your chances of user engagement thus growing your audience as well.

    Love your stuff Neil 🙂

  18. Awesome infographic as usual, Neil! I noticed, however, that the reference links that you mentioned in the infographic aren’t clickable nor do they appear anywhere else in the article. Are you trying to conserve PR?

    • Neil Patel :

      Nope, just not able to make them clickable with ease and have them go with the graphic as a lot of people take them and I want the source URLs to still get credit.

  19. manujeevanprakash :

    Hi Neil .
    I dont generate sales from social media .But I am generating leads through social media.You cant Generate direct sales from Social media . this is what even Avinash Kaushik says in his blog
    Cheers !!!

  20. Nikhil Ganotra :

    Amazing as usual !

    Really it was an amazing article on how we can convert our friends into customers and customer into sales people through the social media. Nowadays, social media is must have platform for every business to survive in the modern era.

    BTW your infographics are amazing !

    Thanks for this awesome post.

  21. James Howard :

    how do you engage in social media so ppl interested on what are you posting?

  22. Great things shared with a cool infographics Neil. Nice work after a short


  23. Shalu Sharma :

    The infographic is very informative Neil. Has all the info you need to understand how it works. Men seems to use more LinkedIn than compared to Facebook and Pinterest which is quite fascinating.

  24. Ryan Biddulph :

    Loving the response note. If you engage people will come back again and again.

  25. David Prochaska :

    Wonderful infographic, Neil, and I love all the data and statistics. I have my own customer avatar so this let’s me add a little information to it.

    It looks like Facebook is still the place to be, but then again, that depends on the niche you’re in. Still, you can’t ignore Facebook, not with over 1 billion users and the percentage of people that use it.

  26. Rob McNelis :

    As always, great post!

  27. Great infographic, thanks for sharing. Have been learning a lot about Facebook marketing lately and can’t wait to implement all the new things I’ve learnt.

  28. Until now still not generating sales. I possessed fanspage facebook which currently has like 15 thousand. But I am still confused how to earn money. Niche facebook is cake decorating with a market of women aged 18 years and over.

    Every time I upadate facebook page. The fanspage bring visitors to the blog about 100-150 if diligent upadate. But till now I have not been generates amazon. Though the click of 10-40/day, 0% sales conversion.

    I hope friends – friends here can help me.

    Sorry if the english is very chaotic, because I am just learning.

    • Xavier Major :

      The big questions is where are those clicks going if you are just sending them to your blog with no call to action to purchase anything then they will just leave. Try adding some calls to action in your blog, a sign up form to collect emails, or even a pop up like Neil uses on this blog. Just some suggestions most customers need to be directed to the sale aka lead nurturing.

    • Neil Patel :

      Easiest way is to survey your fans and find out what they are looking for. Then provide them those products, but with a steep discounted offer, as that should generate sales. Now over time you can increase prices, but that quick test will tell you if your fans are buyers.

  29. Xavier Major :

    That is instagram don’t be embarrassed there are a billion logos!!

  30. Sherman Smith :

    Hey Neil,

    I have to commend you on this infograph. Being able to leverage social media now days is a smart move and using a simple funnel like this can give you great results! Thanks for sharing!

  31. Josh Escusa :

    Been really looking to up my social media game lately so this came at the perfect time. Right now my facebook and twitter pages are laughable.

  32. This is also a wonderful post. I know social media is very important and I have some idea for my site. Thank you. Nice work!

  33. David Kley :

    I have always said social media was a great place to start getting conversions. Great article Patel, I knew there was a reason I followed you here and on KISSmetrics, lol.

    I see that you are using more infographs lately, have you been seeing a big return using that approach?

    • Neil Patel :

      David, dynamic content like infographics help really engage your users and create a conversation 🙂

  34. Lakhyajyoti :

    Another great infographic Neil. Learn several new things from it. Hope your post will help me to convert my friends to customers. Thanks for the share.

  35. Mehul Solanki :

    Really helpful infographic Neil…!!!

  36. Riyaz Nizar :

    WOW Neil , yet another stunner. Thank you as always. Every time i read your new posts i am like WOW. Thank you again

  37. Hi Neil, Awesome Article….Really liked the info-graphics, especially building a Funnel part. I’m getting some difficulties in FaceBook Marketing. Do you have any article on it?

    • Neil Patel :

      Shailesh, check this out:

  38. Anthony Tran :

    Another great infographic post Neil! Love the information that you put out. So much value and insight. I agree that Social Media can converts strangers into friends and friends into customers, and customers into sales people.

  39. Chitranjan :

    Thanks for the info. This will help me make some customers…

  40. Arun Kallarackal :

    As usual, awesome stuff put up by you, Niel! Knowing the right audience and then selecting the appropriate social media site is the key.

    The information provided regarding selecting the right social media platform has been of much use. It sure helps find as to which social site is best suited to target customers of particular age group.

    I found the link to this article on Kingged.


  41. Neeraj Thakur :

    thanks for yoooooour help. From last few days i was looking for this solution.
    Neeraj Thakur

  42. Thank you for taking time to research and design about social media funnel neil. % of internet users are increase compare to past year.

    Really social media dominate our world. Rocks again. Cheer.

  43. Thank you Neil for another priceless-transforming post, you have no idea how your contents are really positively affecting business and peoples life. This is my first time commenting. (I think I’ll keep it up). Thanks.

  44. Awesome infographics

  45. Hi Neil. Yet another great infographic I must say. I have been working really hard to boost my social media traffic and this article has hit the nail on the head. Thanks mate 🙂

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  48. Hi,
    Really helpful info graphic Neil…!!!

  49. Hey Neil,

    Great post, thanks!

    I liked the “turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into salespeople” part.

    The second and third I can do, but I was wondering about the strangers into friends part. (I’m a web developer). I was wondering, do I approach people as the company I represent or with my personal social media profile?

    It just feels that people are more likely to reply to a person than a company page. Regardless eventually you need them to see the company page.

    • Dean, you go with either. As long as you are getting your point across through the right type of branding.

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  55. Andrea Pilotti :

    Hello Neil, thank you for your infographic, I take care of web marketing in Abruzzo, a region of Italy. And even if we are far away, the dynamics and the operating logic of social media are the same here as well. I would like to respond to Junaid, saying that in my opinion the Page Authority is very important.

    • Andrei, it definitely is very important. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing more from you.

  56. Hi Neil!

    I have been following you and have learned so much! Thank you!

    My question is, what are some of the best software or tools to use to get everything (ecommerce store, optin/landing page, email drip) to speak to each other? What I am struggling with is, do I need a landing page or can it just go to my website…what is a good email marketing platform, I am looking at MailChimp and Active Campaign. Please let me know!


    • Sara, I use MailChimp — I also use a CRM to track sales, leads and everything else.

      Organization is key! Let me know if you need anything else.

  57. Really nice blog . By reading this post all points clear , thanks neil for sharing valuable information.

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