What Is a “Good Link Profile” and How Do You Get One?

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You know that good link-backs are an important part of SEO. You know how important it is to work at building strong backlinks. You understand the impact of over-optimized anchor text. You realize the toxic effect of links from spam sites and directory listings. But how important is it, really? And, more to the point, how can you get a link profile that Google loves?

I want to explain the components of a “good link profile” and provide suggestions for how you can improve your link profile.

The importance of a link profile for SEO

In order to stress this point, I want to show you just how important your link profile is.

2013 was a big year in SEO with the rollout of Penguin 2.0, the introduction of Hummingbird, and the announcement, right after the New Year, that social signals are not factored into the search algorithm.

Where do all these changes leave us when it comes to the importance of a link profile?

It’s still really important.

Based on testing, consultation with other industry experts, and careful analysis of existing data, I’ve come up with a visual representation of how important, I think, a website’s link profile is:

link factor

(If you want more detailed information on possible ranking factors, please see the Moz’s list of ranking factors.)

We don’t know for sure, but based on careful study, testing, and experience, I think it’s safe to say that a link profile accounts for the vast majority of a site’s ranking according to Google’s algorithm.

The penalties that Google gives to sites are largely based on the sites’ link profiles. The issues that most directly impact a site’s positive ranking are integrally connected to the link profile of that site.

A link profile is incredibly important, which means we need to be asking the following questions:

What is a good link profile?


How do I get one?

What Is a Good Link Profile?

So, let’s answer the first question.

First, let me point out what a good link profile is not. It’s not just backlinks.

Any SEO will tell you that backlinks are the most important element of SEO. Real ranking goes nowhere unless there are backlinks.

However, you can’t simply pore over the backlinks and neglect the larger picture of what’s going on with your link profile. A link profile is more than just backlinks.

Stated another way, backlinks are just one component of the link profile. There is a deeper complexity to the backlink discussion.

So, let’s go through several other things that affect a link profile. What follows is a discussion of the features that characterize a healthy link profile. This is not an exhaustive list.

Big Idea: a good link profile has lots of high authority links and no spammy links.

In other words, there are two overarching qualities to a good link profile:

  1. Lots of high value, high DA, and high authority linkbacks.
  2. No spammy backlinks.

You already knew that. I want to go further and explain some of the less obvious features of a good link profile.

Branded anchor text

When you break down the importance level of the different elements that affect a website’s ranking, it looks like this:

  • Most important factor in a website ranking: Link profile.
  • Most important aspect of a link profile: Quality of backlinks.
  • Most important quality aspect of backlinks: Anchor text.
  • Most important quality of anchor text: Diversity.

Google wants to see in a link profile anchors that display diversity in the form of branded anchor texts.

A branded anchor text is one in which the anchor includes the brand name of the company.

For example, if your company is Better World Electronics, then a branded anchor would be “Better World Electronics,” and it would point to your URL.

Branded anchors may also be diluted or combined with keywords.

  • Diluted: “This company, known as Branded World Electronics, or BWE, is a leading provider of wearable electronic devices.”
  • Combined with keywords: “One device, Better World Electronic’s wearable heart rate monitor, is surprisingly affordable.”

A good link profile can contain a large percentage of such anchors. In some cases, this percentage might be as high as 20% of total anchor texts without any damage being done to the site’s link profile.

Semantically relevant anchor text

Another type of diverse anchor text is “semantically relevant.”

You’re probably familiar with Google’s semantically related keywords. Google may return your website in queries even if those queries do not include your target keyword as long as the content on your website is similar to the keywords that are used in the query.

When you have in your link profile anchors that use such semantically similar keywords, this helps to enrich and diversify the profile.

A semantically relevant anchor may look like this:

  • Your target keyword: “wearable heart rate monitor”
  • Semantically relevant anchor: “smart fitness tracking device”

Your website may have a blog article on the subject of “Wearable Heart Rate Monitors Used for Olympic Marathon Training.” A health website then links to this page, using the anchor “smart fitness tracking device.” This type of semantically relevant anchor text can help enhance a link profile.

Diluted anchor text

I mentioned the word “diluted” above, referring to a branded anchor combined with other words or phrases. This is an important feature of healthy link building.

In the post-Penguin era of link building, optimized anchor texts are bad. Diluted anchor texts are good.

A diluted anchor text is one in which the anchor text has lots of words, some related and some not.

For example, let’s use our fictional example of Better World Electronics, who wants to rank for keywords that have to do with fitness tracking devices, wearable electronics, wearable heart rate monitors, etc.

A nice diluted anchor text linking to its site would look like this: “Want to wear a heart rate monitor while you sleep? Some companies are making this possible.” (Underlined portion is the anchor text.)

That’s a whole sentence worth of anchor text. It doesn’t contain any keywords. And it doesn’t even contain the brand name. But that’s okay. Its dilution makes it a valuable link to have in the link profile as long as all other factors are positive.

The more diverse, random, and diluted an inbound link profile is, the better.

Relevancy of linking site

This component is also known as local/topic-specific popularity. As an algorithmic feature, it was initially developed by Teoma, which is now rebranded and integrated into Ask.com. It is now a standard part of virtually every search engine’s algorithm.

Your site’s backlinks should ideally come from sites with a similar topic. They need to be relevant.

For example, let’s say you have a site that has to do with online real estate accounting. You receive a backlink from a landscape management company. This link from the landscaping company will not do much to enhance your link profile. If, however, you received a backlink from Realty.com, this would be far more beneficial to your link profile.

Realty has to do with real estate, just like your site does. Landscaping — not so much. You want links from sites in your niche.

Relevancy of surrounding context

Relevancy goes a bit deeper though. A healthy link profile has links with a relevant content, surrounding the anchor.

Let’s go back to the online real estate accounting company and its link from Realty.com. I will contrast two examples of a link:

Example 1: The Realty.com link comes from a page that features an article titled “Best Ways to Stage a Manor House for Real Estate Photography.” The link to your real estate accounting site comes from a paragraph about placing furniture in front of wall vents. This is an irrelevant discussion to your core business and likely to the content on your site. The link, while it will probably help your site, is not the most ideal.

Example 2: The Realty.com link comes from a blog article “Top Ten Online Real Estate Accounting Software Services.” The link to your business is in a paragraph that is about your business specifically. The anchor is a branded anchor that goes to one of your blog articles. Gold. This is a perfect link.

When a sending link has a surrounding discussion that is closely related to your niche, this increases the value of that link to your profile.

Vicariously compromised linking site

Let me explain what I mean by “vicariously compromised linking site.” It sounds kind of jargony at first.

This happens when you get a link from a site that is, on its own account, not a spam site. This very site, however, links to a spam site and has spam links pointing to it. It is vicariously compromised.

In the algorithm’s eyes, the link you get from that site is in a “bad neighborhood.” This guilt by association lowers the value of the link. It also has toxic links pointing to it. The distributed value of these toxic links is then transferred to your site.

Freshness of links

As time goes on, the power of a link tends to decline. If you have a link from a DA 90 site that is seven years old, it may not be delivering the same amount of value as a DA 80 site that just linked yesterday.

Here is an example. The site beavercreekresortproperties.com has a link from The Denver Post:

denver post

The Denver Post has high domain authority of 89. But the link comes from an article that is several years old:

denver post

While not devaluing the site, this link is no longer providing the same level of value that it did when it first occurred.

This phenomenon is dubbed as Google’s Freshness Factor. We know that a page’s content can get “stale” over time and fall in rank.

Links, like content, also get stale and provide lesser value over time. Here’s how Moz illustrates the influence of value of links from fresh sites:

fresh pages

There is a legion of other factors that influence Google’s Freshness Factor. I recommend Cyrus Shephard’s excellent treatment of the subject.

The fresher the link, the more value it adds.

Co-citation and co-occurrence

Strictly speaking, co-citation is not a link. It does, however, register tangentially in the taxonomy of link profiles. Co-citation, often used interchangeably with the term co-occurrence, is the mere mention of site A by site B, even without an actual anchor/link between the two. Value is passed from one to the other as a result of the mention.

For example, let’s say your company Awesome Real Estate Accounting Software is discussed in the New York Times. There is no link, but there’s your company name — Awesome Real Estate Accounting Software. This is a good thing even if there is no link.

It goes a step further though. Sites pass additional co-citation authority when they contain contextual keywords and contextual links to high authority sites. Let’s say that you receive a link from a site, and that site, in turn, is mentioned in co-occurrence by a high-value site. This one-step-removed co-citation may actually improve the value of the link to your site.

Authority of the linking site

This is an obvious one. I’m going to add a brief discussion on nofollow though.

When your site receives a link from a high authority site, your site gets major value.

In order to be truly effectual, the link should be a followed link rather than a link with the tag “nofollow.” A nofollow link still has some value, but it’s not the value that contributes to the link profile.

When Google comes across a link to your site with the nofollow tag, here’s what it does:

In general, we don’t follow them. This means that Google does not transfer PageRank or anchor text across these links. Essentially, using nofollow causes us to drop the target links from our overall graph of the web.

You can find out if a link is “nofollow” by going to a page source code and looking at the link’s href tag.

Wikipedia, as a rule, nofollows all links. Here’s its page on Google, with the link to a page in Google.com:


Thus, the Wikipedia link doesn’t pass any rank or value to Google. (Not that it really needed it anyway.)

The depth of the linked page

The deeper the link goes into a website’s structure, the more valuable it is in a link profile.

It’s a fact of linking: most links your site receives point to your homepage — the first level in the structure of your website.

However, an over-saturation of links to a homepage will not be as valuable as when those links are balanced by a number of other links going to deep internal pages on the website.

Your deep internal pages need to be strengthened with backlinks. When they receive such backlinks, they enhance the authority of the site as a whole.

This is one of the reasons why you need to have strong content marketing. Content lives on pages that are deep within a site’s structure, providing linkable value for those internal pages.

The diversity of the linked pages

A good link profile will display lots of linked pages. It won’t just have links to one or two pages but will display links to the Homepage, the Blog page, the About Us page, the Contact Page, and other subpages.

The broader the distribution and diversity of linked pages, the stronger the link profile.

No paid links

Paid links are spam, plain and simple.

To see a humorous display of Google’s Knowledge Graph search result on paid links, try Googling “what are paid links.”

Here’s what you might see:

paid links

It’s not really gray. It’s black, especially when those paid links are obvious.

Cutts knows:

The vast majority of the time things are incredibly clear: people are paying money outright for links based on PageRank, flowing the PageRank, trying to get high the rankings. Ninety-nine percent of the time it’s abundantly clear that these are links that are being bought and paid and sold and all that sort of stuff.

There are, admittedly, gray areas. Obviously, the algorithm doesn’t know if you buy the link-giver lunch in exchange for the link.

Generally speaking, however, when the algorithm can determine the presence of paid links in your inbound link profile, it will come wielding a penalty hammer.

Number of links to a page

The more links a page receives, the better. A healthy link profile, after all, has lots of link-backs.

But what about getting lots of links from the same site? Do more links from the same site add value?


Google reads one link from a site in much the same way as it reads tons of links from that site. So, if you get a link from hbr.org, that’s awesome.

If you get twenty links from www.hbr.org, does that mean you get twenty times the awesomeness?

Not quite. What you want is lots of links, yes. But you want lots of links from different sites.

Lots of links from the same site won’t hurt your link profile. It just won’t help you.

No article directory links

Great link profiles don’t have spammy directory listings. It is fairly common knowledge in the SEO industry that article directory links are dangerous territory.

Cutts himself recently made the statement again, saying that you shouldn’t use article directories to build links. He even went so far as to discuss it in a video.

Back in the good ol’ days of SEO, it was relatively easy to spawn off a few dozen articles on an article directory site and get a nice SEO kickback. Today, not so much.

I recommend that companies whose link profile is bloated with such links go into the article directory itself and remove the links.


So, how do you get a good link profile? Now that you understand the features of a great inbound link profile, you should have a better idea of what strategy to employ to acquire links.

Here’s my simple advice. Do a darn good job at content marketing.

If you have a strong content marketing strategy rather than an explicit link acquisition strategy, then the links will come. They will be stronger, healthier, and more reputable than you could possibly guarantee by engaging in some not-so-sure-if-it’s-gonna-work link building strategy.

Content marketing is SEO, and it’s a very powerful and transformative way of doing it.

A systematic process of getting a good link profile deserves a series of its own. But the answer that you may be expecting isn’t as much a how-to guide to gaining those links as it is a how-to guide to creating and unleashing a killer content marketing program.

So, how else can you build a good link profile?


  1. Thanks Neil

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    • Rizwan, glad I could help. Thanks for reading 🙂

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    Just one question about article directories… You said NO.. But reposting my articles for example only to ezines with 1 link to my homepage.. I think that should be ok, or not?

    • Parmveer Singh :

      Hi Jan Orsula,

      You’re at the right place now 🙂

      The same query I’ve about article directories.

      Article directories are Big No. Google is constantly awaking about it. Right.

      Google it after guest posting also {Recently penalized two huge blog network sites.}

      Then why, still we can find ‘Article Directories’ with PR like 6 & 7 … also having thousands of pages indexed in Google.

      The same story is with ‘Link Directories’. Why Google is not taking action against them?

      Neil Sir, Would you suggest something about it?

    • Digital Deepak :

      Article directories used to be a good source of quality links as long as the article directories itself were good quality ones with limited original posts. Since their quality level went down, the quality of links also went down. Now it can do more harm than good!

      • Parmveer Singh :

        Yes Deepak,

        We all know and aware about it.

        But the question is …. when Google considers these link sources as bad (Article & Web Dir.)…

        Why & How such directories gain PR upto 7 & 8.

        Why Google does not penalize them, as just done with 2 huge guest blogging network?

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    • You want to avoid that as well as those sites can hurt your rankings.

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  4. Hi Neil,

    Since Article directory is clear no-no now, what do you think about the other opportunities of article/content based links except guest posting (like Journals, blog platforms, and here I am just talking about the unique articles, not one articles submitted to tons of platforms)?

    • That is fine assuming that the content is high in quality and the sites are junk sites… filled with crap content.

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    • If it is an authority site, the more links from it within the content the better. But in most cases you don’t need more than 1 link from a site. After the first one, the rest don’t help with rankings as much as the first.

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    Hello Neil, the signs of good link profiles are well crafted.

    I always follow up your personal site and as well as a regular reader of kiss metrics and crazy eggs. one of my friend is using crazy eggs for his website, he too always admire your postings and there is lot to learn from your every post.


  45. Hey Neil,

    After the penguin 2.1, I had lots of doubts about using anchor text. As I was after exact anchor text

    which hurt lots in terms of ranking and visits. You made me clear on lots of ways. God bless you!

    Well, one question is for you…

    I have been following content marketing strategy since long and for that I used to create blogs on

    following sites:


    Is that viable to post fresh content on above mentioned sites and link back anchors to my original

    site (or landing pages)? And all blogs are created with name of different target keywords and thats

    what I am presuming to use brand name instead of keywords.

    Please guide me.

    Thanks in advance.
    Akram Khan 🙂

    • Junaid Jaffery :

      Akram, Link Wheel is outdated and i think should not be used. This was a trick in old days to get Backlinks from web 2.0 sites. Later Google flags this term and technique too.

    • That’s a lot of work… I would just focus on building up your social profiles and driving traffic to your content pages. Over time people will naturally link to you with diverse anchor text.

  46. Arun Kallarackal :

    Hi Neil,

    As usual, another informative post from your side! Greatly benefited by reading it.

    Yes, building backlinks is an important aspect of blogging. I mean, it is such a crucial factor that decides SERP rankings! But many times, we are just so busy building backlinks that we tend to remember the big picture- building up a good link profile! 🙂

    You’ve shared some good information and some useful insights to the topic. Things like diluted anchor text, semantically relevant are much crucial in building up a good link profile. Good to know more about the way they work.

    Also, the freshness factor is also something that caught my attention. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    I’ll Kingg this post on Kingged, where I found the link to this post.


  47. Hi Neil

    Nice post. And which is even better, I’m feeling relieved now. You proved what I’ve believed for the past 2-3 years.

    On what I’m focused when I’m doing SEO?

    Carefully building links from a thousand different quality sources. Slowly but effectively, I was always getting ranked where I wanted.

    No paid links and no shortcuts to the top.

    Keep with good work Neil.

  48. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for your wonderful post but you know sometimes it becomes cheeky while you are creating lot of links for your website and do not build a quality profile but now I am totally agree with you and I will keep myself aware while doing any link building works.

    Many thanks for your guidelines and waiting for your next post about how to build a great online presence?.

  49. Great article, Neil!

    I appreciate you clarifying how to correctly write anchor text as that is one of my weak spots in content marketing.


  50. Charlie David :

    Yet again, great info. But it just keeps coming back to ‘content content content’. Legitimate content is important because we actually want GOOD traffic. Traffic that is for customers who ACTUALLY need our services. So it’s a tough game, but it’s clear that doing the right thing will help.

    Then why do so many of our competitors rank with such shady tactics?!

  51. Great article Neil ! Two questions.

    How do you stop a spammy site from linking to your good site and therefore damaging your link profile?

    And, how do comments affect a link profile. If someone comments on a reputable blog are they getting a link back to their site? Or are all comments considered ‘no follow’.

    • You can’t stop all bad sites from linking to you. Over time you will naturally see rankings increase as good sites will also link to you.

      Comments are nofollowed so they shouldn’t affect it.

  52. Xan Barksdale :


    Great post. I think you said it best in the conclusion…the best thing you can do to help your SEO is to do a great job with your content marketing.

    I really enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing!

  53. Jonathan L. Keller :

    I just want to clarify when you say:

    “I think it’s safe to say that a link profile accounts for the vast majority of a site’s ranking according to Google’s algorithm”

    Do you mean this above all else? As in, do you think that a page with very low quality content that for some miracle had a fantastic link profile, would still do well over a page with great content, but average link profile?

  54. Hi Neil,

    First of all congratulations for your post. It’s a great and clear explanation!

    My question is regarding to the “Vicariously compromised linking site”. How can you recognize? I mean, before trying to remove these “toxic” links how can you differenciate the sites that belong to “bad or good neighbourhoods?

    Thanks a lot,


  55. Aashray Anand :

    WOW the correct word i will be giving to the article, Was looking for the same topic on the net from last 2 days. Today just tuned to your blog and got to see the post. Really a nice work and the guide do explain the work really well.
    Looking forward to make an infographic on the same. Thanks ya for valuable information.

  56. Thanks Neil

    You have given a very good insight on how we should build our link profile. I was really looking for a post like this thanks for the help…..

    I loved the MOZ ranking factor guide

  57. Very informative Neil, thank you for this article!

    It makes me wonder though, what about links that come from websites like blogger.com or wordpress.com ?

    In itself these are high authority websites. It is farily easy to post an article on this type of website and link it to your own website. Will that boost ranking?

  58. Great article as always. I suppose at the end of the day SEO is one of those things like golf. Reasonably easy to start, takes a lifetime to master. That and I swear Matt Cutts’ job is purely to make life difficult for advertisers 😉

  59. Thanks for the excellent article Neil! I always learn a lot from reading your stuff!

  60. Pavan Solapure :

    Hi Neil, I have created couple of free WP themes and they are available for download. So far 65K+ downloads collectively. I am getting quiet a lot link backs. Is this a bad practice?

    Here I don’t have much options to add different anchor text except few variations. Please let me know your view on this.

    • Pavan, definitely not. If people are giving you positive feedback and the links aren’t spam you are on the right track 🙂

      • Thanks Neil. I was bit surprised by your quick reply though.
        Appreciate. and I am relieved by your response

        • Thomas N. Zickell ll :

          Are you saying that you could anchor text or links back to your main site so when somebody goes live on one of your themes ? Your main site gets a back link?

          • Thomas N. Zickell ll :

            I apologize if that is the case you will get in trouble. creating back links to your site through your themes The only thing that makes me believe that you’re putting or creating back links through your themes “made by e.g”
            Something like that
            If I am incorrect apologize I just don’t want to see you get in trouble for including links

  61. Tim Francis :

    Whenever I need answers regarding SEO, Neil Patel shows his face!

    Thanks Neil. I am new to blogging and SEO, and I am probably many newbie mistakes because I don’t know better yet. But I listened to your awesome podcast with Pat Flynn about best practices for SEO 2014, and now this article.

    Things are much more clear and now it is time to damage control my blog, hah.

    In your podcast with Pat Flynn, you suggested writing amazing in-depth guides and tutorials, aka awesome content marketing to build backlinks.

    What would your advice be to a novice who has less than 4 months experience with online marketing but who still wants to create that kind of pop!

    • Neil Patel :

      I would just focus on blog posts and guest posting. In your case it is too early for you to write detailed guides and the cost would be too high. But you can consider it a year from now. 🙂

  62. Thanks Neil, this is really insightful article. i was gonna inquire about free WordPress themes but i found my answer on the previews comment.

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    Hey, link profile has now become a big discussion point especially after the Google Penguin update. I think diversity and anchor text keyword ratio play an important role in improving your link profile.

  66. Thanks for the article. What is your opinion / Google’s opinions on blog comments then? Such as those above me who have put their website in and now have a link from an unrelated site….?

  67. Deborah Ochs :

    Thank you for giving me new ideas, I’ve stucked myself in difficulties nowadays, since many of my SEO strategies do not work anymore. What do you think of Paul and Angela profile links strategy?

  68. Hi Neil ,

    one question regarding domain authority
    If our content shares on social networking sites like G+, Fb and twitter. does it increase domain authority?


    • It doesn’t, but those visitors may link to your site which will help improve domain authority.

  69. Speaking of Anchor Text. Doesn’t it look spammy if I would comment with a different name then my original?

  70. Lance Adams :

    Hey Neil

    I was looking for “how to find good profile backlink sites” throught goole and i ended up with your article! And that’s going to help me to rethink my backlinklink strategy by focusing on content marketing! I’m gonna spend more time here i think.

    Lance Adams

  71. While I do agree with a lot of ideas in this entry, I find the phrase “Content Marketing is SEO” as misleading. There’s a stark difference. Content marketing can be a way of doing SEO but it is not SEO per se.

  72. Nidhi Thappar :


    I was searching about sitewide link topic here in quicksprout but not getting any specific article.

    Please help me out knowing this, recently i found too many links pointing to my site from a same site which i have never visited before. I have found links from /tags /categories, etc.. please let me know what is this should i disavow this site as i really dont know what is it all about, i found 130+ link from different pages of same site.

    Please let me know what can i do for this.

    Waiting for you reply.


    • Hi Nidhi,

      I suggest you to check for the footer link on that website or maybe a blogroll link because if you have a footer link it will appear on every page/tags/category etc because footer is most of the time same for all pages.

      Just a little knowledge I have defiantly Neil can add much more than this.

    • You should try to avoid site wide links coming into your site. I don’t have many articles on this topic, but as long as you go for high quality links, you should be fine.

      • Hi Neil,
        Thanks for reverting back. I checked that site from where i am getting the all the links, there i didn’t find any link in footer or sidebar.

        I want to ask you what should i do in this case as i am getting 130+ link from the same site. Should i disavow this site. or what should i do. please let me know about it.


  73. Hi Neil,

    Since you are replying to all comments so I thought why not to try my luck and ask you 1 question. Well I know the importance of having a good relevant link profile but your website need to appear on the first page of search results in order to get natural links without word of mouth or you need to have ton of targeted traffic on your website otherwise you will have to ask people to publish your high quality article on their website and that is guest posting which is now consider spam and unnatural.

    We are regularly publishing high quality articles on our blog with average length of article 800 words but still we are unable to attract search engine traffic on our blog. We are socializing it as well but still we are not getting enough search engine traffic. We are working in dry niche that is true. hint: We offer software to physicians and medical centers.

    Can you tell me how can we increase our traffic and ranking if article directories, blog commenting, link directories, profiling, link wheels, reciprocal links, guest posting, forums are all grey area in SEO then what should one do? Content Marketing is not working for us 🙁

    • In your case, I would go out and beg for links the old school way. See who links to your competition and beg them for a link. You can also use broken link building as well…

      I know this will be time intensive, but it works.

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    I hear what you say about directories but what do you say to Brian Dean who says that directories are still important? As you said yourself, he knows what he is talking about when it comes to backlinks.

  78. Neeraj Kumar :

    Hi Neil,

    Many doubts have been cleared in your casual informative language. You are helping many budding experts with your not very technically heavy sentences.

    Just one thing- as seo is page wise, if I get 20 different bachlinks from 20 pages of a niche website to 20 pages of my pages,
    what will be effect?

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    That’s what I am missing. You have given a Good and very Rare information about link building. I was confused about Anchor text in links, mostly uses long-tail and some synonyms, but NOW I have learned a lot about them. I will try Diluted, Combination of Keywords and the other one in the anchor’s of my “Future Perfect” Link profile. Thanks a lot, really. It’s a pleasure to get such HIDDEN information for free.

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    Thank you

  106. Worth reading, i agree with your all points. can you clear one more point. many SEO experts get a releted niche drop domain and redirect on their desire domina name. and it boost their ranking and traffic. my question is that is this legit ?

    • Ian, it should be fine as long as you aren’t violating and major rules.

      • Thanks, i must always did this trick, but i was confuse about how google get it. Sorry Neil i have one more question for you, my co-partner asking me about that link which i create on by commenting on your blog. how you think about bog commenting in this way. or if i use a naked link in comments how google get it ?

  107. Suzanne Collins :

    Wow!!! Great Explanation, even a New Bee can understand easily. Great work Neil

  108. Thanks for this valuable information. I have a question….can a website with established old domain get Sendboxed by Google, because i have a website PC24X7HELP whose ranking is fluctuating on SERP….. , i don’t know why..?

    • Usually it is just with new sites, but something could happen with an old site where things fluctuate a lot and you can even get penalized.

  109. Thanks alot Neil. I just read your post and understood how to make a Good Link Profile.

  110. Hi Neil,

    No doubt a good article. I am new in this marketing world and just wanted to see opportunity of extra income. I just launched a new sites gameworld-online.com and wanted to know what will be the good plan to get DA for this site asap.

    I am hoping to get at least 25 DA in couple of month, is it possible ?
    Without doing harm from google to my site ?


  111. Great article full of things i can use. Thanks for sharing.

  112. I have learnt in better seo, Quality content contribute 99%. and other factor affect 1% seo.
    So Right Now, I have need to focus on content. If someone find quality on my site, surely they link my site. Then i will get quality backlink automatically.
    That’s easy after creating quality content.
    Thanks @Neil Patel

    • Nisha, There should always be a heavy focus on content. Getting quality backlinks will follow when your posts are contextual and provide value. Thanks for sharing and looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  113. Hi Neil, so sad to know that you removed my question 🙁
    It is serious question, not spam, Neil.
    I so frankly raise again my question, and it would be a great gift for me if you can help me this case.
    I already created many user profile backlinks on: symantec.com, amazon.com, ibm.com, instagram.com, thomsonreuters.com… (point to my homepage 1tour.vn)
    For example:
    But I checked Ahrefs, there are no any links appeared on Ahrefs report (even I created them for more than 1 month)
    Is the type of user profile links still valuable ? Or did I waste my time ? How can I improve it ?
    It is my faith. Thanks Neil.

    • Khach, sorry — your comment may have gone to spam. Typically when you toss more than one link in a comment the spam filters go off.

      As for your question: Those links are often no-follow and don’t provide as much value. I would do manual outreach to actual bloggers and websites in your niche.

      • Hi Neil,
        I prepare to ask this question up to 15 times- if the question still to be put into spam 🙂
        Until you see it and agree to reply.
        Thanks so much for your help.
        I am from a developing country, thirsty for knowledge, but here is no one to ask.
        Every question to be answered, I appreciate them as treasures.
        So please please consider to answer if I have next questions (in your time budget).
        Thanks again, Neil. 🙂
        Best wishes.

        • Khach, I am always here to answer questions.

          Tips so that the auto spam filter doesn’t catch you:

          – easy on the links
          – use your actual name
          – write contextually.

  114. Greetings Neil Patel

    Thank you for your wonderful and informative article about Link Profile and Link Building.
    I would like to ask if generating quality content to new website is the solo SEO ranking factor in Google? How can I distribute my content without using Social Media Channels? How can my content be found in Google, If I dont engage in Social Media Promo.

    Thank You

    • Sachin, there are a lot of factors that are in play. I would definitely focus on a multi-channel approach: email, social & ranking are all important. Let me know if you have any other questions along the way!

  115. Great article…
    Thank you Neil….

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  118. Article directories used to be a good source of quality links as long as the article directories itself were good quality ones with limited original posts.

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  120. This is probably the best link building guide I have came across . You have just given a comprehensive insight & have cleared a lot of ambiguity around building an authentic link profile needed for getting a higher rank in Google SERP. Just want to ask you do “no follow” link from a reputed website has any value in terms of SEO ?
    Thanks for sharing !

  121. I have question here….about forum.. Suppose I am newbie on forum, and posted 2 to 3 replay with no link. But yes for completing profile I have entered the website address in my profile. And this link is dofollow.

    Now, will this link / work count as spam??

    Will it be affect for my website??

  122. Very helpful information. Thanks for taking time to share for us

    • Joe, having a diverse link portfolio will be important to building a solid foundation for your site. Glad you found it helpful 🙂

  123. Thanks Neil for sharing all this information. I became your fan for all this valuable information to improve my website ranking and search traffic.

  124. Hi Neil, your post is great and have a lot of information about linkbuilding and anchor test, the thing is I still don’t know what are the “Profile Link” are? are they a set of sites (ex:myspace,,,)? or are you talking about general link building and backlinks strategy from guest blogging etc.

    I mean when a company tells you I will get you 1000 High PR profile link? are they using black hat? please advice?

    • By profile, I mean the quality of all your links. You don’t just want all your links coming from one source, you want a variety.

      Generally when someone says 1000 high pr etc., it’s usually spam.

      • Thank you Neil, I was very confused! that solved it. I will stick to my old plan then, using backlinks from bookmarking, commenting on forums, slideshares, QA links, guest blogging, business listing are safe right?

  125. Hi Neil, It’s interesting the line between what is considered OK and what isn’t. We paid a very well known SEO company to help us increase links – and guess what, we got burnt. The trouble is whilst SEO companies seem legit, and as you say to truly get sites ranking there needs to be an element of link building – but paying a third party to do that is technically breaking Googles rules. Plus many SEO companies seem to have a bank of sites they use for building “quick links”.

    We’ve recently been concentrating on switching to https:// and increasing overall site speed – using the google speed tool – the changes have helped up see a huge increase in traffic over about a 6 month period.

    One thing I would ask regarding link building, is where do you start? I know we need links to pages but how do you achieve this? Is there any timing saving and safe ways?

    And if it helps you any, your site is showing as insecure (FF – Mac) – looks like the images which aren’t https://

    Thanks any help,


    • Best way is to write high quality blog content and promote it weekly. It’s easier to get people to link to great content like a resources page, tools, infographics, entertaining articles etc.

      Thanks for the heads up!

  126. Thanks Neil,

    But I am still confused as to how to find out these high PR and high DA sites to build back links.

    • Research websites and blogs that are similar to yours but have better rankings. Then use software like ahrefs.com to see who’s linking to them.

  127. Alexandru Svet :

    HI Neil,

    While your article is very interesting and very inspiring for the majority of us I think please allow me to present you and the audience some things I have learned over time.

    I am not a person that has been trained in SEO but I can say that all the methods I have deployed so far worked in the past 2013 and i have brought websites on the first page ranking up to number 2 or 3 even today.

    Now a new project is here and BOOM…the entire planet shifted upside down. Google demands good back links now…which i find fair BUT…let me give you this examples.

    1. The project I am right now working on www.flightsadvisors.com This is a webpage that will grow his content and add value based on users that are coming to this website and are placing for example their reviews. Yes the website has a unique method of calculating and it has some unique features that none of other related pages has and yes…we have done everything by the book trying to get into google’s eyes and now…goggle comes and expects us to have back links….if you are in competition where websites have developed scripts to ruin other people ‘s ad campaigns by overclocking it how can you expect that a business from the same area will provide you with a back link. It is like saying…Help me to get more audience…your audience…so even if you have a website that costed thousands of USD, you are doing all by the book…and there is a website 14 years old done on a 14 USD platform you will never have the chance to overrun it…because you dont have the “juice” from correct, unique, multi directional back – links and sorry to say that …this is not SEO anymore…it is bagging. I see this as one of the biggest grey area since the update…you are getting penalized without knowing for what …you lose time to get those “damaging” back links from websites that are “bad neighbors”…So if you want to harm some website SEO and you are a bad neighbour you just add them in your articles and that’s it…another thing that has 0 sense in this world.

    Exaple 2. I am producing 10 things (products). Each Product has 10 options = 10 X 10 = 100 pages for google right…with unique content , name and now…diluted anchor text…I have from the start 100 pages to be scanned, approved, indexed. Maybe I know a little bit of SEO and then i enter the competition for that product category. If I am having a new product I will have few websites to compete with…so 100 pages will do locally some damage in rankings.

    So where is google fairness in all this?

    Product generated pages / vs user generated pages and back linking for competition should be kinda redesigned by google webmaster in the near future….

    That would be all for today :))

    Tks again for your arcticle

  128. loved the article thanks bro for sharing!!

  129. This is hard to understand ,but can be learned. Thanks Neil.

  130. Very constructive information, no beating behind the bush.. Right on the money…
    Neil, could you kindly elaborate, normally when I do profile linking… what I do is, I include the keywords on about me column.. that is the only place which allows to place a link…

    You mentioned in the post, the quality of the backlinks should prevail in the link profile… but i dont get opportunity (no place) to do so… Please throw some light, could you kindly give me an example..

    • You would have to go out and build them. For example you can see if any big sites like to your competition using Ahrefs.

      Then use the outreach templates found here: https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/12/07/the-link-builders-guide-to-email-outreach/

  131. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the valuable and nice information. Its very interesting to those people who are still creating the spammy links from profile links and article directories.

    • Neil Patel :

      Yah, people still do that because they think it still does something when in reality it doesn’t

  132. Amar Thakur :

    Hi Neil

    First of all thanks for sharing this great article. You have shared every thing about backlinks and how to create quality backlinks for our websites. It really helpful and quality information.

    Thanks 🙂

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    Very useful information about co-citation and co-occurrence. I was just wondering whether mere mentions without a link can do any good. However now it’s clear. Thank you so much for discussing these.

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