How to Use Hashtags to Increase Your Online Presence

Chances are you know what hashtags are, but you probably don’t use them. I know I’m guilty of neglecting hashtags.

So, why should you use hashtags? To start with, tweets with hashtags tend to get twice as much engagement as tweets without them. Plus, they can help you gain more followers, improve your reputation, and help your customers find information faster.

To show you how you can use hashtags to increase your online presence, I created an infographic that breaks down the correct way to use hashtags.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Use Hashtags to Increase Your Online Presence

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Adding keywords within your hashtags isn’t enough to increase your online presence. You need to make sure your hashtags are concise, conversational, and unique.

In addition to that, if you are not sure when to use hashtags, consider using them for contests, education, events, and news oriented topics. You can also monitor how well your hashtags are doing through tracking how many reposts, replies, and visits you get every time you use them.

So, what do you think about hashtags? Are you going to use them now?

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  1. Scott @ Kawntent :

    I totally agree – if you make your hashtags relevant (and even better – funny or interesting) you’ll certainly see some great results.

    Bonuses along with the hashtags are a great addition as well – such as the contests or events.

    Just don’t overdo it!!! It can bit you square in the ass! 🙂

  2. Steve O'Connor :

    Isn’t it ironic? Not a single hashtag on this page 😉

  3. Great post! Will share this. Here’s another cool article on hashtags and their importance:

  4. Honestly, i’ve around 40K followers but still don’t using hashtags at all..

    I know i should..

    So thanks for great tips where and how to start properly.

  5. For branded hashtags the trick is how to get consumers to participate in the conversation. One way to orchestrate this is with contests. Another way we have found to be effective is to capture photos of consumers at your event, and use a photo activation system so that when the consumer shares their photo they are sharing it with the target hashtag.

  6. Omar Sayyed :

    Hi Neil, I understand this, but still skeptical if in true application it will actually gain you followers. I use hashtags primarily to be funny or to call attention to a company or an idea. And I’m not funny. But I’ll start using them. Thanks for the tips.

    • Omar, glad I could help. Thanks for reading and let me know if you need any help with anything 🙂

  7. I have always used hashtags and they are concise but I am not sure they are conversational, and

    But it what you have explained, I will make them conversational, and

    I will also like to share this. Thanks

  8. Thank you Neil, will add this to my NP resource bundle – I just wondered if there is a specific hashtag analytics feature within the Kissmetrics toolbox..

    Have a great week-end..

  9. Anil Anvesh :

    Yah, these days I too started using hashtags in my posts. Sometimes people discover you or your business via hashtags.

  10. Awesome !!!

    I started hash tag posting. because of improper way of using hash tag. this article will defiantly help me to improve my hash techniques

    Thank yo for sharing 🙂

    • SHri, glad I could help. Please keep me posted on your progress 🙂

      • I initially started # posting, but it wont help me better, because of improper way of using # , This post Will defiantly help me to improve my postings

    • Shri, glad I could help. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing more from you. Keep me posted on your progress 🙂

  11. Hashtags are now acceptable by every social media. It is a great way to create a trend and increase your online presence.
    Thank you for this infographic Neil….:)

  12. Shamir Islam :

    Hey Neil, great one once again. It’d have been better if you mentioned some hashtag management tools like Ritetag. Anyways, there’s a tiny spelling error with the “pro hashtag tips”.

    • Shamir, thanks for sharing the management tool.
      Also, thanks for the spelling heads up. I’ll get that changed.

  13. Michael Bely :

    Hey Neil,

    It’s a nice format of infographic with good/bad examples.

    By the way, one of the most effective hashtags when communicating is the other person’s name, brand, product etc. Gets much more chances to get retwitted/shared.

  14. Svetlana Koslov :

    We just started using hashtags two weeks ago and we’ve seen a dramatic increase in traffic, page views and overall engagement. Thanks for reinforcing the often neglect value of hashtags

  15. Great tips as always Neil! Can’t stress the importance of hashtags enough in the modern age. For smaller brands, be sure to use theist popular hashtags on your respective networks mixed with your own unique hashtags. This allows you to reach new people and retain your own branding.

    I made, we’re the number 1 hashtag app/service for Instagram and I’ve studied the hashtag trends on IG for some years now. A lot of interesting things I’ll have to write up soon!

  16. I’ve been using hashtags in my recent tweets and it did increase my online presence with my tweats being retweeted often and even started few conversations

  17. How and where to use Hastags in my posts so that they are effective?

  18. Bilal Ahmad :

    I must admit that I came to know about the hashtags very late but as said “it is never late”.

  19. Google plus is now using hash-tags. Is hash-tags have any similarities to the WordPress tags?

  20. And now that Facebook is using hashtags it is even more important and worthwhile to do so.
    I run social media for a Las Vegas hypnosis show and use #(the name of the show) in almost every tweet.

  21. Naomi@business start ups :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the 3 Hashtag Pro Tips. I’m guilty of making my Hashtags to long.

    I like to try out different Hashtags to see whats best, but after reading this i’ll drop the ‘long tails’


  22. I don’t know what I’m going to do without hash tags! Although I find that they only work on Instagram, in terms of followers, that is.

    • Priscilla, try them out on Twitter (and now Facebook) you will find that they are great tools for crowdsourcing.

  23. Gaurav Sahota :

    Hi! Neil.. !

    Thanks a ton for sharing this.. Great post. Brother keep up the good work … 😀

  24. Ankit Pandya :

    Dear Neil,

    Thank you so much for this wonderful Information and Infographic.

    I learned 5 things from this Infographic

    (1) We can use Hashtag not only for twitter but in all the social media platforms

    (2) Hashtag Gain your followers, increase your online presence

    (3) Proper use of Hashtag in proper place

    (4) Don’t try to forcefully insert Hashtag

    (5) Your Hashtag are concise, conversatinal and unique

  25. Many times I read your blog as I like to say that – ideas here are unanimous to improve the business value and visibility in favor of search engine rules.

  26. Hey Neil,

    This is really awesome If we are using the hashtags in facebook will help as in the twiitter?

  27. Great post.
    If you could please give a brief on how to rank for a group of 5 to 10 keywords within a month. I am already on fifth or sixth page but as it is the peak time for my business, I want to make most of it. If you could please help, it would be a great favor. Thanks

  28. Alexander Korte :

    Just to let you know, your ad “Explosive” is to big for a mobile screen on iphone within gmail app, the second one works fine.

    Alexander Korte

  29. Enstine Muki :

    Looks like my comment I made yesterday got lost Neil 😉 BTW, I was asking your opinion about Twitter wanting to drop harshtags

    • Enstine, maybe it got lost in spam. Sorry about that.

      I doubt they will ever drop hashtags. It’s their bread and butter 🙂

  30. Hashtags are just everywhere.

  31. Awesome valuable information in Infographic, I really love the post. Hashing techniques are very good. recently through hashing i communicate with many peoples.

    Thank you 🙂

  32. Hello Neil,

    I have not tried it yet. I,ll surely use it and then I,ll inform you the change.

  33. I must say that infographic is very descriptive. Thanks for your work. It’s just the thing I was looking for

  34. Ryan Biddulph :

    Neil, awesome! Hashtags seem to be the way to go in terms of targeting. I use them to draw in interested readers, or prospective customers, or just to network, connect with and build bonds with like-minded people. A little hashtag goes a long way on any social site but twitter takes the taco on the hashtag front.

    Be unique. The old keyword as a hashtag bit does not cut it anymore. I know they still work on some level – my #quote hashtags draw in inspired folks – but adding specific ideas or phrases to hashtags drills down and pulls in folks who are interested in your tweets.

    I’m guilty of underdoing the hashtag bit too. I’ve seen over folks go HT happy; this is a huge mistake. It becomes obvious that you’re searching like a bot instead of being human. Think of a normal conversation; how do you talk? If you wouldn’t inject hashtags into 9 out of 10 conversations offline, don’t do it online. Be natural.

    Use HT’s here and there to connect with similar folk and engage naturally to attract fellow tweeters or social network users.

    Tweeted Neil. Fab post! I also mentioned you in my latest post about building an authority blog; linked up to QuickSprout because it rocks!

    • Ryan, glad I could help. I really think hashtags can go a long way if you use them the right way. Thanks for the positive feedback I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  35. Neil,

    I’m new to internet marketing!!! I find all your post interesting and helpful and I’m following it.

    With regards to this post, I came to know the use of hash tags recently and I was still thinking if it really helps. You article and info graphics made things clear.

    As many said, we should use hash tags intelligently and moderately.

    Keep rocking!


  36. Prima Media :

    What tools you use to track hashtags and social media performance?

  37. This is a great blog Neil! Thanks for creating the infographic. When creating new tags I generally tend to use brief ones. However I created this short tag #52b52w to inspire bloggers to create 52 blogs in 52 weeks. It worked a treat, but was also used for 52 beers in 52 weeks conversations 😉 End result? I created #52blogs52weeks

    My second interesting foray into creating hashtags is
    #navigatingsocialnetworks – a tag to create conversations in one of my main fields of teaching interest. I’d love to hear your ideas on the perfect shorter version for this one!
    Thanks again for this great blog – I’m going to share it with my masterclass students.

  38. It is again a nice post by you Neil. I am using # tags but little bit confuse about which type of # tags we should use in our posts?

  39. Prasadaddnectar :

    Hi Neil ,
    I think # tag is mostly useful for Facebook Post,
    What You say?

  40. nice post btw I agreed with you keep it up!

  41. Great post Neil!

    You give a clear understanding on how mastering the art of proper use of hashtags is important and can be beneficial.


  42. silaytambayan :

    This is very nice info about #Hashtags probably gonna need it on my twitter account.

  43. Are the Hashtags only for Twitter or also fo other Social Media like Facebook?

  44. Neil, you’ve been in game a while and I respect your knowledge. But why you still using such over dramatized and alarmist hyperbole (EXPLOSIVE SEO SECRETS WORTH $5,000 an HOUR REVEALED!) to market to your audience really mystifies me. I wouldn’t trust a friend who spoke to me with this kind of alarmism; it just smacks of gimmickry. I hope brands start to take more of a consumer centric and straight forward approach to relating with, and marketing to their audiences.

  45. Hey – I realize I sounded kind of like a dick there. Only trying to point out another way of doing things which I think is more honest and respecting for everyone’s benefit. Words like honesty, trust, reliability, these aren’t merely altruistic ideals, ways to establish true relationships with customers based upon trust (just like interpersonal relationships!) and that trust is a competitive advantage. The thought just crossed my mind scrolling through here and I figure I’d use it a an opportunity to raise this issue. Any how – hashtags. Good stuff, and thanks! 🙂

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    I like your post.

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