How Google Works

Have you ever wondered how Google works? Sure, it has a complex algorithm that looks at hundreds of variables, but in simple terms…do you know how Google works?

To help you get a better understanding of Google’s algorithm as well as to show you how some of Google’s features work, I’ve created an animated infographic to explain the whole process.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How Google Works

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


What makes Google so beautiful as a search engine is that although a lot of complex processes are taking place in the background, from a user perspective, it’s simple and easy to use.

As a searcher, any time you type something, you get relevant results related to your query. And you get it all in 1/8th of a second.

If you are going to learn something from this infographic, it should be two things:

  1. How Google works.
  2. No matter how complicated your product may be on the back end, you need to make sure it’s simple and easy to use from a user perspective. Companies that make things complicated will have a much harder time marketing their products than those who make their ideas simple.

So, what do you think about Google? As a marketer, I love it but mainly because it drives a lot of traffic and revenue to my businesses.

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  1. Prateek Bansal :

    Epic Image. Well you are killing it Neil..!! Great Post !!!

  2. I like how easy this infographic makes it to understand Google’s main mission – Organize the world’s information.

    100 million gigabytes is a crazy amount of information. I would like to visit one of their server plantations to see how they do it.

    Google is an amazing company and I hope they use this data to keep improving our lives. With great power comes great responsibility.

  3. Love the animated graphic. You make something so complex much more understandable.

  4. Pratik Unadkat :

    Wow Neel. That’s a stunning gifographic!

  5. Hello Neil,

    Great infographic with Epic animated image..!! πŸ™‚


  6. Such a nice infographic; Love the way you have used animated effects within it. It makes it looks awesome.

  7. Just awesome and very useful one. The animated infographics looks much better.

  8. Great Info-graphic. You should have to put those animals updates too. πŸ™‚

  9. Christopher Rose :

    All well and good, but in fact Google isn’t a great search engine and delivers lots of really bad results. To say nothing of wanting to deliver great results is far from what it wants to achieve, which is maximise its income.

    I think it is very vulnerable to having done to it what it did to earlier search engines and hope for us all that someone takes on the challenge.

    • Christopher, great point. In the end Google is a corporation and profits matter. It’s our job as marketers to try to make the best results come up first.

  10. Awesome infographic… I love it! I cannot but totally agree with the conclusion; Simplicity is the only way.

  11. Justin McGill @ Workado :

    Google actually put together their own infographic on this topic that is pretty sweet –

  12. Great post Neil, thank you!

    One comment: I think the animations on your infographic move too fast and distract the audience (at least me). I am referring to the spiders on the first page. But, I very muck like how you have used animation to make your point.

  13. This is surely an awesome infographic. Thanks for sharing.. πŸ™‚

  14. I think they have a lot to improve on the subject: remarketing….

  15. Google might be simple, but it gives very irrelevant search results as soon as you want something deeper than the latest shopping bargain or celebrity news!

    Its shallowness is particularly exemplified by the way it puts results from the atrocious and worthless Wikipedia and WebMD sites at the top of so many search results.

    I routinely need to sift through 20 or more, sometimes even 100 screens of search results before I find what I really need.

    Oh, and I do know how to search. I have a postgraduate diploma in library and information studies and spent about 15 years in employment as an information specialist.

    • Krys, you bring up a great point. There is a lot that needs to be cleaned up before search is actually 100% helpful to each and every person on the web. Thanks for the terrific feedback πŸ™‚

  16. Thank you Neil. Interesting infographic once again.

  17. Hi Neil,

    Nice infographic. But I;’m surprised that the main ranking factor which is backlinks, is not mentioned in it.

    As you may know, Google tried to refuse from backlinks in its searching algorithms and had to admit that it was a very bad idea ( πŸ™‚

    If there I were restricted with only 4 factors to show on infographic, I’d remove PageRank and Keyword in URL, and I’d add Backlinks and Social signals?

    • Michael, good point. I will definitely consider that if I ever make a similar infographic. Those are very important factors as you have mentioned.

  18. Great information once again. Liked the way you simplified it Neil

  19. Awesome post neil, graphics are great and very informative.

  20. Raphael Ricardo@Targeted traffic :

    Yes,Neil is always over deliver great content,I think Google is the lifeblood of your business,Be partner with Google is very easy as a marketer.
    1) Provide Great content
    2) Make your content viral for sharing On social media
    3) Collect your free traffic

  21. Great animated graphic, thank you.

    PS Just for info, I found the font annoyingly tricky to read at times.

  22. Neil, I love your blogs and I am trying to apply as many of your useful advises as I can…Thank you!
    I was wondering if it is not a secret what software do you guys use to create those great infographics?

  23. Such an awesome infographic neil πŸ™‚

  24. Fabulous graphics,but it covers the basic things only.

  25. Hey Neil before reading this Infographic I always thought that the big Giant is very complex.
    Although it may be having the same complexity but now a picture has been cached in my mind.
    Thanks for such a helpful post neil


  26. Great Job Neil,

    Although this can not be compressed in this image but you highlighted some major points that we need to focus along with other important stuff like backlinks,social media and refferals.

    By the way the font of this infographic stopped me more than once to read it but i still completed it because of course it is coming from Neil Patel.Thanks

  27. What is the name of the animation software that you have used to create this great animation.

  28. This is surely an awesome info-graphic. Thank you..!!

  29. Awesome infographic Neil, makes it so easy to understand. thanks.

  30. Vanessa Nix Anthony :

    Great infographic! I going to use this with all of my clients. I’m a copywriter and I often find my clients have no idea how this works or why Google does what it does, so my job ends up including a good bit of client education (including what this infographic targets.) Thanks for making my life a little easier Neil. You’re the best.

  31. Hey Neil,
    Your animation’s color and font really attract to my eyes very badly. You should make it more sharp to sharper with the simple font and attractive color combination. Don’t mind I am not your criticizer.

  32. Brilliant! Neil Patel hitting the sky limit, nop! Over passing it with this article.

  33. Well how much money do you spend on these graphics? And are they done in-house?

  34. I didn’t even know about Google Voice. That is cool!

    As I started to learn how to build my own websites, I began to really understand how incredible Google actually is. The complexity behind it is absolutely mind-blowing. But to take all of that complexity and wittle it down to a single text input field is even more astounding.

    Great infographic!

  35. Arijit Banerjea :

    Hey Neil,
    this is surely one of the most engaging infographics that I have ever seen! The animations ensure that people actually read it rather than take a cursory glance. I am sharing this right away.

    It would also be great to see another infographic from you about author rank – especially since there’s been so much talk about it lately!
    Will keep coming back to quicksprout for more!

  36. Great job Neil. Really cool infographic.

  37. As always your info-graphic post is make me crazy… πŸ™‚

  38. This looks great and not trying to be an azz but seriously do you really want to pass this off as a legitimate explanation of how Google works?

  39. Epic Infographic!
    it seems that you’re Investing a lot in this GIF’s type of infographic πŸ™‚

  40. WOW! I mean the information is simple awesome but the animated inforgraphic is damn awesome. Is their any tool or software where I can create such inforgraphics? (the animated one)

  41. Another great post Neil. The info graphic is amazing. πŸ™‚

    Google is an amazing product used by so many everyday. Unfortunately many of them have no idea how it works and earns money.

    A few of my clients used to believe that they will have pay Google money to get organic rankings. I don’t blame them. After all its our job to educate them and make internet work for their business.

    This is a post I wrote for my clients who do not know much about search engines and search marketing.

  42. Man, these graphics are amazing. Keep up the great work.

  43. Iftekhar Ahmed :

    A great infographic Niel. It looks quite easy.

    I’ve shared it on my site (IFTISEO) too.


  44. Thanks for putting together this infograph, Neil. It contains a lot of information and yet it’s displayed in a very “Google style”, concise and clear. Love the animations!

  45. This is the trend, interactive and “alive” infographics. I doubt, that anybody can say how Google algorithm exactly works, actually I doubt that a single person have the complete picture.

  46. Oo wonderful animated graph everyone get it easily……..

  47. Hey Neil Liked infographic and also all of your replies to the comments.

  48. Venkatesh Iyer :

    Loved this post. Almost made me forget the various reasons that make me tend to get mad at Google.

  49. Thanks Neil for this infographic. Not trying to be a whiner, but I noticed a typo for word ‘results’ in the Algorithms section (in yellow). Hope you can fix it.

  50. Neil, love the animated infographic. One thing to remember, many sites shoot themselves in the foot by making their site not crawlable, or with shopping carts, try to add parameters incorrectly that cause Googlebot to choke and they have no idea where their traffic went.

    Anyway one question for you is what software or app do you use on your blog or other spots on your site to acquire email signups for people to become followers?

  51. A very creative infographic I must remark! More so, I will agree with the takeaways every reader should take from this post:

    *How Google works.
    * No matter how complicated your product may be on the back end, you need to make sure it’s simple and easy to use from a user perspective. Companies that make things complicated will have a much harder time marketing their products than those who make their ideas simple.

    I have shared this comment in – the content syndication, aggregation, and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers and bloggers, where this post was found and “kingged”.

    Sunday – contributor

  52. Harleena Singh :

    Neil, I feel ‘keywords’, ‘backlinks’, and even ‘social signals’ are crude assessment tools and Google needs to develop a technology that is simply able to evaluate the awesomeness of an article based on its value, standalone.

    If a genius writes a masterpiece, that should be more valuable than that of a novice that produces ordinary work but succeeds in its better optimization, marketing and creating more backlinks or references.

    Further, like an unseeded Tennis player can beat the top seeded and win the tournament, the authority should not be that much a concern than the content value. Isn’t it?

    Just my thoughts. Nevertheless, Google is great, and so is your post that gives a perfect picture of the present way of how Google works!. πŸ™‚

    – Harleena

  53. Perfect man, not only you share good knowledge but also demonstrate it.

  54. Neil, this animated infographic is amazing!

    Google looks at so many mediums to judge a web page to rank it for the searches accordingly, and there is more than a billion of searches per day. How quick it is… πŸ™‚

  55. I liked the way you elaborate it, it’s so impressive to learn these things with a beautiful diagram. Thanks Neil

  56. Hi Neil, this is one of the best animated infogrphic I’ve ever seen.
    Thanks for sharing.

  57. Terrific execution of an animated GIF. The animations are very effective in supporting the points being made.

  58. A perfect example of the effectiveness of animated infographics Neil.
    Sums up the operation of Google really well.

  59. Thanks for answering my questing. but, here is another question. What is the name of the software that you expert designers use to create the giant gif images?

  60. Barbara McKinney :

    Thanks for sharing this information Neil. I don’t need to think deeply to understand the Google’s algorithm. You just showed us why you are the SEO wizard.

  61. Great summary Neil, a very comprehensive graphic! As a visual person, it’s good to see an easily explained diagram like this – will definitely be sharing with people who struggle to understand.

  62. Wow ! Fantastic article. keep it up Neil.

  63. Amazing infograph. I am waiting for your post about ” Google updates and how to overcome with them or may not affected by the Google updates”.

  64. Well noted Neil…..

  65. adedeji damilare :

    its an amazing information. its really helpful for someone in africa like me. but please how do I learn to utilize all these information to the advantage of my business to increase profit and revenue online

  66. adedeji damilare :

    its an amazing information. its really helpful for
    someone in africa like me. but please how do I
    learn to utilize all these information to the
    advantage of my business to increase profit and
    revenue online

  67. I simply think that Google is great. Simple, clear, efficient and above all user friendly, informative and aesthetically nice. Said this I would be happy to see other search engines finally really competing Vs Google, at least we ( the users) would always be guaranteed to get the best for the best πŸ™‚ Said this, the only way to beat Google it would may be to have an only voice search engine with which you can have a real conversation and together, look & find the best answer to your query…kind of..personal search engine

  68. Hi Neil, I tried to insert the infographic by using the embed code but it’s not appearing on my page don’t know why is there any problem?

  69. Awesome infographic. very helpfull

  70. Jitendra Gursingh :

    Info graphic is not viewable on the iPad. You should be doing something about this.

  71. Hi Neil,

    This infographic is very cool, using interactive animation in infographic could help users to understand in better way. Nice share.

  72. awesome and well explained info-graphic and I’m dam sure that everybody gonna love this post and it will help other to understand the working psychology of Google.


  73. Hey Neil

    I’m not usually wowed by an infographic as they are a quite prevalent these days but that’s an incredible concept for an infographic, it looks fantastic and goes some way to help visualise how google works.

    I am going to put it up on reddit as I think the people in the marketing and SEO section would love to see this.

    QS is just getting better in my opinion I really cant believe how you manage to do this, thanks for all your incredible resources.

    Paul Back

  74. This was a killer. You are the BIG kahuna Neil!

  75. wonderful
    Could I translate it into Arabic to show it in my blog?

  76. Now that’s called a killer post! Going to bookmark your website even shared this post on Inbound, however it was posted earlier on it!
    Keep the great work up!

  77. Hi WOW loved this post and your graphics are amazing , will defo be coming back to your site.


  78. Nice Infographic, Neil.

    But, I think that an infographic without animations is much better. This distracts me when I am reading a specific thing. I don’t know about others though. πŸ™‚

    My point of view πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Chatty, thanks for sharing your feedback. Many people like the new infographics but I see your point πŸ™‚

  79. Hi Neil! Thanks for the beautifully animated GIF! It explains the key stuff in a easy to understand way, to all the readers out there.

    We find it so interesting and reposted it on our site for our readers! Thanks and hope you don’t mind us sharing it.

    You can see the article written at


  80. Awesome Infographic Neil.

    Thanks for Sharing…

  81. The way you explain is just Awsum. Great Work!!!

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  84. chanda vivek :

    hey neil well explained!!!!!!!!!!!every infograph you share is just awesome

  85. A great infographic Niel. It looks quite easy.

    Thanks for share

  86. Very beautiful

  87. Awesome Neil, this is the first animated infographics I have ever seen. Wonder how would you have created it.

    Although it’s amazing.

  88. Great infographic Neil Patel! I really wondered how did Google knew everything and how exactly it works and you let me understand how all of it is happening.

    Thanks for this huge effort mate and I am surely gonna share on my nloh too. πŸ™‚

  89. Nice Informative Post !

  90. Rintu Biswas :

    I have never seen such a great looking infographics. I like Spiders fetch the web section very much, looks awesome. Thanks Neil for such a wonderful effort. May I know how you made it?

  91. Josef Kellow :

    Thanks for the information. If you think you can survive alone, it might be good also. Unless you wanted to grow your business, then a good partner is needed.

  92. Gaurang Thakor :

    WOW! I mean the information is simple awesome but the animated inforgraphic is damn awesome thanks for sharing with us!

  93. Just awesome and very useful one. The animated infographics looks much better. thank you!!

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  95. Chetan Raut :

    Sir im new in this field but this infographic is really nice..and i’m really impressed by google bot exactly work in 6 steps..thanks to sharing with us

  96. Is this a info graphic? nice one. Why dont you write a post on How to create info graphics nicely!!!

  97. Hi Neil, mind blowing content and infographic as usual. I need one help. Should we target keywords in homepage, or we should write our company brand name in the title of homepage?

  98. What a wonderful info graphic it was. I really like the stuff you are sharing. Keep updating us.

  99. Very good info graphic. I really appreciate the work.

  100. Infographic sharing is far better than posting. Image speaks so many words

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    You have to help me: how to rank this page for seo related keywords? what are the tactics? I am not talking about blog post ranking, I need to know how to rank this page…

  102. Hi, Neil I few questions, please help me…

    1. Can you help me how to rank in Switzerland? My client website is this country base.

    2. How to get Switzerland based business listing sites?

    3. is there any search strings for getting country based sites?

    please help me, my request…

    • Rintu,
      1. I can’t personally but I can answer questions.
      2. Find out how local SEO works in your region (find out what your competitors are doing)
      3. I would inquire with fellow business owners in Switzerland

  103. Awesome man,
    An impressive and interesting information about Google, that how it’s drive and also worked. I don’t know, but an innovative knowledge is most useful for me and Newbie.
    Thanks for sharing and great effort or enjoyed to reading this article. Thumb’s up.. πŸ™‚

  104. This is the trend, interactive and β€œalive” infographics. I doubt, that anybody can say how Google algorithm exactly works, actually I doubt that a single person have the complete picture

  105. Thank you so much Neil Patel. I always admire your work. Great illustration with infographics. Great work bro. πŸ™‚

    • Chaitanya, glad you found it helpful. I think visual content should always be appealing to keep people interested. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

  106. it’s really superb. I was very curious to know it.

  107. Nishant Srivastava :

    Even a small kid can understand How Google Works with this easy explanation, thanks Neil !

  108. As soon as the instrument is added, customers get gold,
    gems, limitless elixir, and even darkish elixir.

  109. What an amazing Info graphic. Thanks for guiding us about this huge algorithm.

  110. Very nice article sir, lot of info.
    Thanks lot.

  111. What an amazing guide it was. I really like the way you describe each n every point. Please keep updating us.

    • Happy I could help Eric! If you get confused or stuck, please don’t hesitate to ask me any questions.

  112. Thanks for sharing this informative post with us. It helped me a lot. Awesome Infographics and Kudos to your work Neil.

  113. Thanks Neil

    To know about Google is always interesting.

    and there are also lot of google tricks that is incredible and posted about them in my blog.


  114. Arbaz Shaikh :

    Great Post Neil,
    Can you tell me how to increase PageRank?

  115. WOW! I mean the information is simple awesome but the animated inforgraphic is damn awesome thanks for sharing with us!

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    thanks a lot dude. it was very helpful for me. also wish you a very Happy Diwali 2016 in advance. πŸ™‚

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    Incredible Infographics! your Words Really Help Me For My Blogs!

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    Awesome post neil sir, graphics are great and very informative.Thank you for sharing sir.

  124. I must Say this is One of the Best INFOGRAPHIC I have Ever Seen. Great Nielsir…This Graphical Representation about GOOGLE Working System is way better than a Lengthy Post..Great Post.

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    this one of best way to understand through images, animation and wonderful golden words. thankyou

  128. this one of best way to understand through images, animation and wonderful golden words. thankyou

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    Hi, Neil first of all thanks for this great info and I regular read your blog and following you from last few years. I have some doubts on internal Linking because my blog is on tv serials and I post arroung ten articles per day so I wnat to know that what anchor I have to use for internal linking. Please reply.

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  139. Excellent Infographic Neil,
    You have explained the complex term in an easy way.
    Google follow three steps to show any search results. Crawling, Indexing, and Ranking.
    Whereas Crawling and Indexing start even before search query starts and Ranking mainly relies on Algorithms.

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    Just awesome and very useful one. The animated infographics looks much better.

  141. Great article, and must say Google is one hell of a cheeky robot.

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