How Colors Affect Conversion Rate

Psychology is one of the most important aspects in marketing that we all tend to overlook. From messaging to color, it鈥檚 the small details that can persuade you to either purchase or walk away.

Did you know that color accounts for 85% of the reason why you purchased a specific product? Or that full-colored ads in magazines are recognized 26% more than black and white ads?

The psychological elements go even deeper when you look at the specific meanings of colors. For example, if you use the color blue on your products, it will give your customers a calming effect鈥hile black, on the other hand, gives your customers a sense of exclusivity.

So, the real question that comes to mind is: how should you use color within your marketing? Well, to answer this question as well as to show you how colors affect your conversion rate, I decided to create an infographic.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How Colors Affect Conversion Rate

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


Color may not seem that important at a first glance, but it really is. For example, Performable was able to increase its click through rate by 21% by just changing its call-to-action button color from green to red. And when I changed my call-to-action button from blue to yellow on my homepage, I increased my conversion rate by 38%.

Don鈥檛 take colors for granted. Once you figure out the messaging you are trying to convey, based on the infographic data above, consider running a few A/B tests in order to maximize your conversion rate.

So, what do you think about colors? Do they affect your decision-making process?

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  1. I think there’s two parts to the color effect. In one hand you have the palette for the entire theme which is more branding than direct conversion. This usually doesn’t…or shouldn’t change constantly. On the other side you have the kpi conversion that is always getting tested.

    Always testing is key and fun too. It’s crazy how sometimes you get higher conversion with unexpected colors.


  2. Dima Al Mahsiri :

    I was surprised to know that both men and women hate orange!
    Does that apply to the website’s design and logo ?

  3. This is amazing Neil
    I’m learning details of this just today 馃槈

  4. Praveen Ravindran :

    Great Infographic Neil.

    I love the way the ‘Infographic on Colors’ is done in white background. Your designer has hit the right color theme.


  5. Hannah Martin :

    Funnily enough, when I started out in advertising/direct marketing 18-odd years ago, we were always told that sending a mailing out in a yellow envelope increased results.

    I was also really pleased to discover from your post that our logo and site colours incorporate all three colours women love. Given our target audience is female, our instincts are clearly working fine!

  6. manujeevanprakash :

    Hi Neil,
    Awesome article, Colors are very important when you design a website & I have seen a tremendous increase in traffic for my clients by making small changes in colors on their site.Ihave a doubt, which one do you think is better for Email Marketing:- a colourfully designed templates with content (or) a plain text ?? …


    • Gron Rowlands :

      Good question! I’d like to know that because I’ve been wondering the same thing. Or do we say have a nice letter head with certain colours and the rest plain?

    • It really depends on what you trying to accomplish. Test some things out to see what works 馃檪

  7. Gron Rowlands :

    Hi Neil once again 馃檪 I was only speaking about this sort of thing yesterday. It’s so true what you are saying here. I done a survey on our website to various people and I had my website compared with my local competitors and also against 3 other major fraanchise websites for future franchising purposes, each person picked ours out that they were warmed to. 馃檪 and it wasnt just women who picked us out it was men also 馃檪 So I know we re on the right track. Now I’m just working on all the quality content to go with it then change our personal blog to a business blog because we had the personal one to start when we was practising stuff, then we re nearly ready with everything else I’ve been working on 馃檪 Cheers Neil once again. 馃檪 It’s all good in the hood as they say ha

    • Gron, thanks for your terrific feedback per usual 馃檪

      Please let me know if you need any help along the way 馃檪

  8. Gron Rowlands :

    And yes Neil, it’s all psychology 馃檪 It’s a psychological journey right from the bottom to the point of sale and beyond 馃檪 love it ha 馃檪

  9. Hi Neil –

    Great piece. One of HiringThing’s main value propositions is that we are an alternative, affordable solution to our competitors so the color palette we use for design definitely hits the mark.

    I do want to add one more variable to consider when choosing colors, and that is the impact on how we see color as we age.

    People over 35 apparently see yellow differently on a monitor than younger people. And if by chance, you’re targeting an audience of senior citizens, it’s important to use high-contrast color combinations.

  10. Prakhar Agarwal :

    I also think that colors are very important, so I have been reading much about them. I recommend reading the color theory for a better understanding of colors.

  11. Very useful infographic. Good to know about the colors that mens and womens like the most.

  12. Matthew Longley :

    Good stuff Neil… I always look forward to your content.

  13. I just designed my website and logo with THAT orange color. Now this document says 100% of the humans hate. Ha ha! I guess I need to change it to that soft green color.

  14. hi Neil,

    very good infographic. Color that men or women love is ok But how can you track the color that affect your spending and is it really reliable ?

  15. May be it’s because i’m from the Netherlands but I Love Orange 馃槈

    Serious, “the everybody hates orange thing” blows me away. I have always heard from the experts “Orange” is the color to make people convert.

    Maybe things are a little bit different on this side of the ocean. Because of cultural differences? Just guessing…

  16. Hey Neil,

    It is funny because I was reading today an interesting thread on Quora about picking colors for your product and/or site.

    If you ever get some time, check it out:

    Great infographic btw.

  17. I was thinking of buying your program but since I hate the colors you use on this article/promotion I am hesitating now since it might insinuate the color made me do it. And that would be sending you the wrong message. Guess I will hold off until I see a color I like.

  18. Hi Neil,
    Color preferences are not that simple. Within each color there is a wide range of shades and tones. To say that someone hates orange depends on the specific orange that was shown. Did you show the orange choice in Florida? I bet orange is not hated there. Also, I do not believe that women hate black, check their wardrobe! The colors shown that women hate are some of the most sophisticated on any color palette, home interiors come to mind. So when selecting colors for a brand, I believe your product and ideal customer profile will best determine what colors may appeal to them.

    • Nena, you bring up some great points. There is no such thing as a one size fits all.

      You definitely have to test to find the best results 馃檪

  19. never thought about color choices. Will be trying out this stuff in my few affiliate marketing campaigns.

  20. Great infographic! Do you outsource the creation of your info graphics? Another interesting data that would be have interesting is preferences of color by age.

  21. Neil, You are a real genius 馃檪
    Since last few months after I discovered quicksprout I am trying to read all articles and following you, your articles are really great and innovative,
    Like this one — yes colors can say a website’s mood, taste and help to convey the massage to viewer, plus it is a obviously added some more attraction to the viewer, I can say it is important a attention grabber element in a website,

    Also I would differ with you — Orange is good one to take user’s attention . even in your website I can see you use orange in sidebar widget area -” Hire me to speak” — knowing that you have a big list of men follower/ reader 馃檪

  22. Great article! Something I am constantly trying to get into client’s heads…

    I agree with Nena, though: within each colour there a ranges, tones and hues which play on other colours. And really, context is very important – no point in choosing a colour that has zilch relevance to an overall brand…. But a fantastic overview on a very complex subject, and yes, love a good infographic!

  23. Hi, great overview! I agree that the choice of colours for a website is very complex, but this infographic gives a nice introduction. I embedded it on my blog. Thanks Neil for sharing!

  24. Great Contribution, Neil.

    I am copying the Yellow Call to Action trick 馃槈 (With your permission)

    Would love to know which colors in your opinion could increase conversions in a complex B2B business environment. And here by conversion I mean a particular goal such as increase requests for demo.

  25. Now I don’t know if I should use orange for call for action if man and woman hate it 馃檪 However, as the website is focused on bamboo bikes, perhaps I could use some green to attract eco people…

    Why didn’t you post this when I was working on my website? 馃榾

  26. Thanks for this great information. I was also surprised that orange was a color disliked by men and women. I have a preference for blue so that is the color I mostly use for my marketing and website theme.

  27. Thanks Neil,

    This is the reason why I had utmost respect for good designers.

    Color contrast is even important with responsive web design, typography and flat design being such a hot topic.

  28. So what about orange?
    You write people hate it, but it’s also represent fairness – Amazon use it
    So should i use it if i want people to deposit money, but not in the banner or landing page?
    I’m referring to gaming niche

  29. Thanks for such great tips, will try to implement them.

  30. Selecting the right colors is tricky especially to make sure it matches with the theme. After reading this I would start working on this ASAP. Thanks for sharing!

  31. Can you reference sources for the facts that are stated in this infographic?

    How do we know that these colours imply a certain correlation to what is being said here? I haven’t seen an infographic that ‘proves’ what it is saying with scientific studies.

    Also why are there soooo many pop ups on this site?

    • I will look into the popups… you should be cookied so you don’t see them again.

      As for the sources, they are cited at the bottom of the infographic. 馃檪

  32. Thanks Neil, your blog post is just in time ,I totally agree to this,but I had a question.. What if the color you just mentioned does not resonate to a website or business or blog THEME? I mean there are so many different niches out there, how can I teach someone to pick a proper color to use to his website accordingly to his preferred niche?

  33. It is subjective isn’t it! I know I always tend to automatically go for shades of blue when making new sites. They don’t always stay that colour but I like blue. When I see a predominantly red and black site I automatically think a male set up the site but of course I could be totally wrong and I don’t care about the gender of who set up a site. just saying that it is often governed by personal preference.

    • Jenny, you bring up a great point. I am just going by the data I have come across though to aggregate the data 馃檪

  34. Anti Wantrepreneur :

    Neil how does this translate into buttons and specific elements on a website?

    Great to know what colors influence which emotion but how do I decided on which to use for a “Buy Now” button?

    Thanks again buddy!

    • It has to be a/b tested. What works from one site or what color may seem to be the best might not always win. Base everything on test results.

  35. Nice stuff. Really useful. Will use this as a reference for any future projects. I knew colors had some impact on conversions but you increased conversion rate by 38% just by changing the color, that is amazing.

  36. “How Colors Affect Conversion Rate”

    I totally agree to this, and I will change the colors of my web

    Thanks Neil

  37. As always a great infographic with a pretty useful and information. I’m not aware before the importance of color. Thanks Neil. 馃檪

  38. Neil,

    Excellent – another great article, I really had less knowledge in that matter – please note from where you have found the data…


  39. Neil, you should do something about your site, its very annoying, when scrol down the page and click a link to an article or whatever and open it in a new tab, when i one returns to first page again it goes back to top, i mean maybe that visitor wants to continue reading the article or the comments. Do something..

  40. Pedro Magri莽o :

    Definitely showing this to my boss.

    Our signup button is green. I wonder if changing it to yellow will bring the same results as you got…

  41. Andras Gabrics :

    Now I understand, why is’s main color green. 馃檪

    Thanks, for the great infographic.

  42. This is indeed interesting but I think perhaps the tone of the color may also play a part. There are so many shades of green or blue that I think we may need something more before we conclude “this color” converts better than that.

    I wonder how this affect people who are color blind?

  43. I guess the importance of color in helping buyers to make decisions should not be ignored. There are colors that convert and there are colors that repel.

    So, the psychology of colors should help in creating effective marketing campaign.

    I have left this comment in the content syndicatioon and social bookmarking website for Internet marketers – where this post was shared.

    Sunday – contributor

  44. Hi Neil Patel,
    I like blogging, too. However, I am still questioning why I cannot attract many audience after using many tips to improve my blog. Sometimes I was disappointed and wanted to close my blog.

  45. Hi Neil, just stellar information once more. It’s a gift I guess.
    I am a bit confused on orange though. It is a color both women and men hate, yet it represent fairness and impulse shoppers. Plus, so many buttons are orange/yellow for lead gen. on big brand sites, Yahoo, yours and real estate sites. Purple is interesting since Sony Ericsson went to that color.

  46. Very interesting. Neal, can you suggest a source that takes the research further by looking at how various cultures interpret the same colors differently and it’s affect on conversion?

    Speaking of colors, does anyone else see red when the annoying overlay blocks you from reading the article?

  47. Enlighten Travels :

    Blues and greens for the win!

  48. Barbara McKinney :

    There’s no doubt that color is one of the most important factors in designing your site. Most of the time it has been taken for granted and set aside by marketers. I think it’s about time to learn more about the color combination for a better outcome of your campaign. Thanks for sharing this infographic Neil.

  49. Not buying all of it because there are a huge number of contradictions or problems just in the info graphic alone.

    Hey, but I am a trained graphic artist and filmmaker with multiple national awards, so what do I know?

    There is a lot more impact on reaction when many things are combined. So, your change in button color may be related to the color of the background and the hue, contrast and saturation. Not to mention combined colors or the color combination of previous pages. – The use of primary color or secondary colors and how they combine to create a feeling; color alone does not illicit a purchase.

    What about if the image is placed on the right, left or top? There is an entire psychology behind that too.

    Then when we get into the king of content; video. Then it changes. What people often don’t understand is that movement, color, focal point, pacing and many, many other elements have a huge impact on perception of the content (which is why paying $100 on some freelance site is foolish, most of those people doing the work don’t even know this stuff).

    There are entire psychologies behind creating content, telling stories and using those within the context of creating what we call “Big Content.”

    A single color of a button is a scratch on knowing how to create content.

    Ultimately, colors of buttons don’t sell stuff.

  50. A really valuable article !

    Thanx a Lot 馃檪

  51. Hmm, at first I must admit to being quite skeptical about this infographic, and still I am not entirely convinced, however you do make decent points, and I can’t find any immediate holes that puncture your floating boat so to speak 馃檪

    If nothing else, it gives some food for thought, and perhaps it’s time to run that A/B split test with focus on colors..

  52. Neil this is such a great article!

    When we were going through our re-branding (our past logo was bright red) we had a tough time deciding what color to chose to best represent our company- we chose green. We are an office supply company but we have been working very hard to be more environmentally conscious, we figured green would be the best choice.

    again thanks for the graph, passing this along to my design team!


  53. Hi Neil,

    Awesome article as per usual!

    I am reading a book on online persuasion and you have backed up many of the points I read there about colours and how they can be an influence. Very interesting stuff.


  54. What’s the science behind these assertions? Are these claims based on an extensive body of scholarly work, or are they the author’s personal observation and experience? I ask because I’m a woman and I love those colors that women supposedly hate — especially that specific color combo of burnt orange-brown-grey — and I dislike the color combo women supposedly love.

    These assertions seem far too broad to me, disconnected from context and demographics. I also find the claims about color’s effect on mood somewhat questionable too — or at least, not as universal as this graphic portrays. For instance, historically the color pink was a masculine color associated with hotness and strength while blue was historically a feminine color. I also dont find them true for me (black does not convey exclusivity to me, for example, and I find I actually get turned off by marketing materials that rely heavily on black)

    How much are these color “truths” based on sweeping research into a diverse range of ages, personalities, contexts — and cultures? I’m an American, but find that I’m generally unaffected by marketing ploys (not all, of course, but I’m very attuned to what sort of marketing appeals to me and why). I’m sure that color does impact people, but I don’t believe it affects people as universally as this graphic suggests.

  55. Brodey Sheppard :

    I posted something similar in the forums, Glad to see something like this in more depth come to life in a blog by Neil! Thanks!

  56. Colour definitely IS important, but sometimes the a colour change just isn’t psychological at all. In the case of the red/green button call to action I would say it’s far more of a contrast issue.

    The green button matched the logo, whereas the red button stood out and demanded attention… even though red is traditionally a STOP colour, it got more conversions.

    I think the answer is to always be testing. Great food for thought Neil!

  57. CLIP Creative and PR :

    Beautiful infographic and very valid points. Colour, shape, feel and mood all affect the way in which a customer will perceive your product or service. We try and explain that to clients when trying to help them increase sales!

  58. Thanks for the great article. I am going to implement some color changes and looked up the color codes for the two colors up top that are for men and for women. Here they are: Green: #7fdca5 and Blue: #5ac1dc Many thanks!

  59. Wow…Never though that colors play that much crucial role in having good conversion rate.

  60. For better experience we can use colors which is common for both men and women. I’m still using black, this infographics explained me great I’m going to change black into common color now.

    I should tell this word finally. Thank You.

  61. Oh, boy… nowhere is there any information about survey details, parameters, testing criteria, objective controls, etc etc etc.

    Colour is highly subjective and personal for the most part. There is so much opinion and personal taste involved in most articles on colour in advertising, web conversion, etc that it’s impossible to get any kind of reliable, FACTUAL conclusions.

    Hard to take any of it seriously or credibly.

    • John, you brought up some great points any designer would. I am just basing this off personal experience and from the evidence of others. Thanks for the feedback 馃檪

  62. Yep, we should not take colors for granted: just as fine dress helps to impress …:)
    By the way, I like the “gender and color” chart; it’s funny how women love violet, while men hate it)

  63. I guess it has something to do with the visual bias of today’s Internet surfers. With image-based social media like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram, people are now more drawn to images than text – thus, the color factor also plays a role.

  64. Hi Neil,

    Many thx for sharing these insights.

    Do you know the “Color & Feelings” tool of Gweezy? Example :

    Have a great day.


  65. Hi Neill Awesome Infographic!!!

    can i know the color code that is use in your infographic Example? 馃檪

  66. Wow Neil:

    Who would have thought 85% of your buyers decisions are directly related to the colors you have or don’t have on your site!

    And according to your awesome infographic, looks like blue & black better quickly become a part of the mix!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Will do my part to help the word out! Thanks!

  67. would you recommend using bright colors? they can attract attention but at the same time some people find them annoying

  68. John Borrows :

    wowwww never knew it, thanks for the great post.

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  70. wow didnt knew about this, thanks for sharing. Will try different colors and see if it helps in improving the conversion rate.

  71. Colours and fonts are the most attractive thing on a website and should be well thought up before you finish.

    I always try to tell people that a white canvas is always good for your content.

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    amazing stuff!
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  77. Selecting the right colors is tricky especially to make sure it matches with the theme. After reading this I would start working on this ASAP. Thanks for sharing!

  78. Isela Spells :

    Neil, this is a fantastic post. I like the idea to track competitors link. Though it is involving and challenging work, the end result is fulfilling. Thanks man.

  79. so true…color is important, because it can deliver more influencing experience to the viewer

  80. I will bookmark this page for future reminder. It’s important for web designers, inbounding marketing and everyone else. Thanks for writing a great post, Neil!

  81. Neil i’ve been reading all the posts since the last two weeks, i wonder how you manage to get all the exact percentages figures, i mean which tools you use to calculate the statistics ?

  82. I think the light and warm colors increase the conversion, but it is important to note that you should always test and know what topics are talking. Aggressive colors can also work.

    • Eduard, thanks for sharing your insights. The variables are definitely dependent on niche and number of other factors but I think you have it right.

  83. I tend to keep things simple and rely on my gut feeling about visual factors but that is indeed just a part of the mix. I wonder if red keeps people from performing well on tests as it鈥檚 often used to point out mistakes and to give a bad mark on homework? Could be a subtle correlation in the mind.

    • Nirmal, the color red definitely does give off that vibe. It’s a corrective color or one that is used to highlight some major point.

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