How to Increase Your Pinterest Engagement by 275%

Did you know that Pinterest will generate you four times more money per click than Twitter? And 27% more than Facebook?

It’s one of the most popular social sites with over 70 million members, 80% of those members being women. Because of these numbers, you have no choice but to leverage Pinterest.

So, the real question that comes to mind is how do you generate revenue from Pinterest? Sadly, it’s not as simple as posting cool images to your board. There is actually a lot of science behind Pinterest marketing.

For example, there is a 36% increase in likes for pins that contain prices, and there is an 80% increase in engagement for pins that contain a call to action. And if you are able to leverage trending topics, you can get a 94% increase in clicks as well.

Download a print ready version of this infographic.

To show you how you can leverage Pinterest from a marketer’s perspective, I decided to create an infographic that breaks down everything you need to know about Pinterest.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

How to Increase Your Pinterest Engagement by 275%

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


Although Pinterest isn’t the most popular social network out there, it doesn’t mean that you can’t generate thousands of visitors and lots of money from it. If you have good products or services, especially ones that appeal to women, you should consider leveraging it.

At KISSmetrics, one of our most popular traffic sources for our blog is Pinterest. Users on that social site love sharing our infographics.

If you are going to take away one piece of advice from this infographic, make sure you schedule your pins during 2 PM – 4 PM. and 8 PM – 1 AM Eastern Standard Time. These are the times when you will get the most engagement.

So, how else can you leverage Pinterest?

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  1. Nice one, Neil!

    I had no idea that the color of an image could make an impact on someones mind, whether to share forward or not. We are really getting inside of peoples heads with all the surveys and customer feedback.

    Thank you,

    • Alex, color and design are huge! Thanks for reading 🙂

    • Hi Alex,

      Check out this Infographic from none ther than KISSmetrics 🙂

      Just bear in mind it’s not a simple as using the “right” colour for your CTA/Whatever. The very definition of “right” – for your chosen market segment – is what you really need to focus on.

      My tip: use a quantifying site – like to check where your demographic hangs out online, visit those sites, look for “where the money is” i.e. what are the CTA’s – and see if an agregate of that data (from multiple sites) is sending you a clear colour signal.

      When it does (aand it does – I double-dare you!) you have the “right” colour. This is just the beginning of the journey – so fasten your seatbelt!

      PS. @Neil – love your work! Thanks for all you add to the www.

  2. I was looking for this Guide badly. Now I’m ready to rock Pinterest.

  3. Thank you so much for the info. Let’s hope that Pinterest becomes popular in Greece as well 🙂

  4. Praveen Ravindran :

    Neil, Great Infographic to remind the marketers about the power of Pinterest.

    Do you feel that Pinterest only help certain niches to get traffic & sales, like Woman’s Fashion, Crafts and such?


    • Praveen, I honestly think if you do it right you can attract any industry with Pinterest. It just takes a little hard work and determination.

  5. Joel Mwakasege :

    Wow Neil!

    Blown Away! I have never take serious consideration of Pin-interest in my marketing strategy until today.

    I’m real going to put a very serious consideration on how to go about with this, because for sure it is something not to ignore.

    Thank you for awesomeness and for this very detailed info graphic.

    • Joel, glad I could help. I definitely think Pinterest is a channel all people should consider. Please let me know if you need help with anything at all 🙂

  6. Nice Infographic, Neil.

    Didn’t knew that colors can make that big difference. Adding call to action button is also a new thing I learned today. Thank You So Much

  7. Pinterest is always been a great source of quality content to any type of website and I am sure that now I will be also able to get it right.

  8. Al-Amin Kabir :

    Another great infographic Neil! Loving your social media engagement related contents 🙂

  9. Israel García :

    Thanks for the info … Pinterest for me was forgotten. But from now on I will consider as I have a great business for women.


  10. Thanks!

    How do you make these awesome infographics?


  11. Would be great to have stats for the UK

    • Sarah, I currently don’t have those stats. You should ask that question on the Forum. I am sure someone could help 🙂

  12. I usually do social sharing of my website on Facebook twitter and linked in and P interest is some thing puzzled have to override of that puzzle by seeing tutorials of Lynda .

    Thanks for the Info and i like the time you mentioned when to post the articles

    Thanks Neil. As ever You are beautiful with your lovely words

    • Subbareddy, thanks for the kind words of support. Please let me know if you need help with anything at all 🙂

  13. Thank you Neil for the infographics


  14. Svetlana Koslov :

    Thanks for sharing this detail Infographic as I’ve been taking our Pinterest strategy for granted…We have been receiving a lot of traffic from Pinterest lately as a result of posting more instructional infographics (stuff I’ve learned from you)…We’ll definitely be engaging our followers more now 🙂

  15. Neil, thanks for this info graphic!

    I’ve never been able to figure out how to leverage Pinterest to make money. I haven’t visited that site for awhile, so I’ll check it out again. I always thought it was just a site to pin photos to and didn’t even realize you could promote products or how to go about doing that. Will definitely have to give it some serious research. It sounds like another great place to target potential customers.

    • Karleen, glad I could help. Thanks for the feedback. Please let me know if I can help you in any other way 🙂

  16. This actually reinforces my marketing campaign efforts that focus more and more on Pinterest. Traffic has increased 89% and the amount of repins I receive is just crazy! Facebook is not even close. Twitter can’t get anywhere near either. As a blog dedicated to baby names, that uses a lot of cute pictures, that appeal massively to moms, Pinterest is the perfect social media tool to promote my website. Thanks Neil for the best time of the day to pin, I was badly looking for this to optimize my pins even more!

  17. Lot’s of actionable stuff here Neil. Already set up a meeting with my Pinterest account manager to address some of these.

    Does anybody know if when you use rich pins and there are price changes on your merchandise if the price change is reflected on Pinterest?

    • Mike, that’s a great question. I haven’t really priced anything on Pinterest. You should ask this question on my forum :)…

  18. awesome…just featured it on my blog

  19. Hi Neil,
    First thanks for sharing this type of Infographic. I think it will really help for Online marketers. I am also going to try with Pinterest.

  20. Carole @ Rustic Artistry :

    I’ve had excellent success generating traffic to my site from Pinterest. I also continue to get sign ups to my newsletter, which I made into a multi image pin using PicMonkey and put a link to my sign up form within the pin description. People continue to repin this so it has been a wonderful way to capture new names for my email list. I’ve done this for 2 newsletter so far and highly recommend it. The same thing could be done to drive traffic to your blog. To see what my pin looks like go here:

  21. Great infographic Neil, do you think pinterest is more suited for products like clothes, shoes and jewelry or do you think you still can use pinterest to market products like drilling equipment?

    • Ryuta, if you do it right you can really market anything.

      • Gron Rowlands :

        I was thinking exact the same! I think if we follow what Neil says and have a really good think about how to market your product or service then you have a great chance utilising Pinterest for making money and boosting your conversion rates. The statistics speak for themselves so it is working and can be done no matter what business your in.

  22. Darnell Jackson :

    Good post but I couldn’t barely read it with all the popups hilarious

  23. Viennie White :

    The timings and the color info is what I am taking as a learning from here. that should help a lot in my next bunch of Pinterest posts. Thanks Neil!

  24. I have no Idea that you can use Pinterest to generate
    more money than Facebook and Twitter and how i can use Pinterest to leverage my marketing

  25. I love all the infographics! I am a visual learner, so it is much easier for me to understand the information in this format. I am sharing the information with my team as much as possible!

    Thank you! Happy Friday 🙂

  26. Gron Rowlands :

    Hi Neil once again. These statistics are brilliant for those that can utilise Pinterest well and create some good visuals. The statistics speak for themselves so anyone who have a good product or good service to sell could actually do really well with a good visual piece. Plus utilising what we have learnt from your good self over the last couple of years, I think only adds more weight to what we are all trying to do which is the bottom line. There is so much mental work to go into everything but really enjoyable. 🙂 Thanks Neil once again 🙂

    • Gron, glad I could provide some insights. You are right… it’s a touch task putting everything together but it’s well worth it!

  27. susan rutherford :

    Thanks for another great post Neil. I shall definitely look into Pinterest. You are one of the best. Cheers. Susan

  28. Invariably,what it takes to make money from Pinterest is to increase engagement. Contents, timing, color and designs are areas one should stick with to improve content.

    Businesses can also improve engagements by taking active positions like repining, commenting, thanking, liking and offering of enticing promotional offers.

    This post just about helps one understands how to leverage Pinterest.

    I left this comment in also where this post was found and aggregated for Internet marketers.

    Sunday – contributor

  29. Leveraging Pinterest and profiting from it could well be another helpful move for social marketers. This infographic just about tells us how to win and profit with pinterest. Engagement is the key!

  30. Neil, I really want to read the infographic but it is just appearing as a black rectangle under the first few lines. Clicked the large image and it still shows like that. Seems everyone else can see it apart from me. Any thoughts why?

  31. Wonderful infographic!

    I wish you could also write to increase engagement on other social networks like tumblr,scoop,vk..etc

  32. Hey Neil,

    I am learning SEO slowly. I have heard that in social media, these four sites – G+, fb, twitter and Pinterest are most important, and this is also the sequence how they pass authority to our site. Is it true? Please shed some light on the same.


    • Deepika, your assumptions are 100% Right! Those channels act as a form of (free) PR so you can disseminate and share your content fast and easy!

  33. This is amazing, thanks Neil. I’ve needed to update my contribution and blog images with Pinterest in mind for a while. I’ve noticed that despite my little effort it’s my second largest referral site after Facebook!

    I write a parenting blog and many of the images I use have my child in them – it’s fascinating that people are less likely to pin a face! Time to update my pictures I think!


  34. Hey, Neil

    You are superstar of ONLINE MARKET and I am your Big fan.
    Really, i like your work and your new Ideas!

    Bhawin Patel

  35. Your blog provide excellent insight on online marketing stuff. I am starting with new business and have some idea about online marketing but it’s hard to keep up with new platforms like Pinterest.

  36. At the end of this article (great article, by the way), you mentioned the most important thing is to schedule our pins at the appropriate hours. But I haven’t seen any tools that allow you to schedule pins and heard from multiple sources that this is because Pinterest has yet to release their API. Is this true or do you have some super awesome Pinterest scheduling tool I don’t know of yet?

  37. Veeramanchineni Lalitha :

    This is such a great and informative post! I had no idea that you could schedule pins – definitely something I’m going to look into and will be helpful with my crazy planning schedule!

  38. Very nice infographic! Using Pinterest effectively can have a HUGE impact on the amount of traffic a blog gets. I didn’t realize this until recently but now that I’m using it properly I’ve noticed a ton of new traffic coming to my blog.

  39. Correct me if I am wrong but doesn’t Instagram work more nowadays? Over pintrest?

  40. Barbara McKinney :

    Thanks for the tips Neil! There’s no doubt that Pinterest is one of the most powerful social media networks that could generate a lot of money for your business.

  41. Neil Nice information, I am on pinterest since day first. I am looking for such a information. I am going to implement it, lets see how will it works.

  42. thanks neil for sharing knowledge about pin interest..its always good to learn new i was not aware of the importance and use of pin here is a big thanks from my side..:-)

  43. I’d always struggled to imagine Pinterest as a viable marketing tool, especially for businesses that aren’t inherently ‘visual’ in nature. However, your stats beg to differ! I was wrong to write-off Pinterest as the reserve of design agencies and artists, and I’ll be working on a marketing plan of my own now!

  44. Stacey Mathis :

    Thanks for sharing this advice with us, pinterest may come in handy!

  45. Hi Neil, there is no doubt that Infographic, pinterest, youtube, instagram are getting more and more popular, do you think in coming next 10 years they will take the place of ‘content’.

    Thanks for awesome article specially the time slots you have mentioned.

  46. Interesting stats about pInterest repins, you’ve put ll those infos simply on the infographic’s. I never think that posting time will help to drive tons of the traffic.

    Thanking you Neil.

  47. Great article, Love your insights Neil, I do not focus that much on Pinterest but after reading this post, I will definitely spend more time on it. Love the Infograph..

  48. I love this post! Great article! It is certainly an eye opener about how powerful Pinterest is for marketing, promoting and making more money. The statistics you presented are awesome and it can surely help online marketers whose target demographics are women. I, personally, didn’t know the marketing opportunities that Pinterest offers. Now that I do, it’s time to get a move on. Interesting facts too, thanks for this!

  49. Emilliano Bocanegro :

    My motivation levels to work with Pinterest have skyrocketed after reading this eye-opening article. I adore infographics, and this was another top-notch one. Thanks.

  50. Have been using Pinterest for a few months now and it has become my favourite social network to use by far. I had no idea that the network was controlled as far as 80% by women though! Definitely need to focus more on targeting them. Noting prices/savings is another thing I haven’t been doing. Thanks for sharing Neil. Loved your Advanced SEO Guide by the way. All the best, Ryan.

  51. These tips greatly help me make a sound and clear plan to promote my site on pinterest. Thanks for sharing this info Neil 🙂

  52. I’m telling frankly that I do not focus that much on Pinterest but after reading this post, I will definitely spend more time on it. Love the Infograph..

  53. Every Time you written a great article Neil, Give me some tips Neil!!!!

  54. Thanks for the great tips, will help out a lot! 🙂

  55. Devon Deionne :

    nice stuff, how did you find this out? 🙂

  56. Hi Neil,
    Thanks for this informative post on Pinterest. I was searching something new related to Pinterest. I think this will really help me to grow more followers on this social site.

  57. Thanks for sharing this with us, I’m starting to really see the potential of pinterest

  58. Sprout Blogger :

    How do you conclude that increase engagement by 275%? I can’t get you, why you are sticking to 275%?

  59. Amita Sharma :

    thanks for the informative post on pinterest. I will be using it for my business now onwards

  60. Jyoti Chauhan :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for sharing this awesome infographic with us, I am not getting good result from Pinterest like Google+ and Facebook, but after checking your awesome infographic, I am sure I will get some good results from pinterest also like other social media.


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  70. Step one: Find a good designer. Step two: Do exactly as you (Neil) said. Step three: Take advantage of the increased engagement.

    Thank you Neil… have a great day!

  71. Thanks for the great tips, This post is very helpful .

  72. On to pinterest and see what happens.

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