How to Increase Your LinkedIn Engagement by 386%

LinkedIn may not seem as sexy as Twitter or Facebook, but with over 259,000,000 users and 2,100,000 groups, it’s a social channel that you can’t ignore.

Sure, you won’t generate as much traffic from LinkedIn as you will from other social sites, but it’s audience tends to be businesses, which means each LinkedIn visitor is going to be worth more money.

So, how can you leverage LinkedIn? Well, you probably already know that posting on the weekdays during the mornings helps. But did you know that if you do 20 posts a month, you’d reach 60% of your audience?

If you want to maximize your LinkedIn engagement, just follow the steps in the infographic below.

Click on the image below to see a larger view:

why every business should blog

Click here to view an enlarged version of this infographic.


If you aren’t leveraging LinkedIn yet, hopefully the infographic above changes your mind. And if that doesn’t, consider that the highest quality of leads that I generate for tend to come from LinkedIn ads.

Three simple ways in which you can get more traffic from LinkedIn are:

  1. When you post images, you’ll notice that you get 98% more comments.
  2. If you link to your YouTube videos from LinkedIn, on average, you’ll generate 75% more shares.
  3. Keep in mind that 60% of your connections on LinkedIn are interested in industry updates, while only 43% are interested in news and products from your company.

So, in what other ways can you leverage LinkedIn?

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  1. Neil O Neil,

    Dont make me look for my Linkedin details. I’m still battling to accommodate twitter in all of this social buzz.

    Thanks anyway.

  2. Neil,
    I will make use of Linkedin from now 🙂

  3. Another great infograph that I will be blogging about. I find LinkedIn group to be a gold mine. Yes, most are filled with links/noise and a lot of people talking, but I find if you look for questions to answer, give your feedback/advice, people will take notice.

    It’s not that hard to stand out on LInkedIn because so many people use the site as distribution channel for their content. Try listening, offering your advice (no sales pitches) and you’ll gain traction.

    I often times refer people to Quick Sprout when they ask questions like “Where can I learn about SEO?” I also drop Brian Den’s name as well 🙂

    • Adam, it’s a great place to seek and offer feedback. I often find a lot of answers to my questions on there. Thanks for sharing Quick Sprout 🙂

  4. I think LinkedIn is gold, especially if your topic is of interest to a business-minded group.

    Thanks Neil!

  5. manujeevanprakash :

    Hi neil ,
    superb post, is there any tools like followerwonk( for twitter ) to identify the target groups in linkedin ???
    I don’t think so linkedin will be useful for consumer brands .


  6. Thanks – Need to start posting on linkedin more. Would love to integrate it into sites as an about me page

  7. Awesome work Neil, I think 50% of people are ignoring this but I believe linkedin marketing can provide more leads than other social platform. will try you methods 🙂

  8. Neil, as always, great stuff. I’m not a social media kind-of-guy, but I love LinkedIn. Less insanity and more serious business, I think. Also, just 2 weeks after putting our business on LinkedIn we landed the largest client we have ever had — because they read the reviews and recommendations people wrote about us.

    I think I read somewhere that the average income represented on LinkedIn is quite a bit higher than places like facebook as well. That hones in on our target audience nicely.

    Nice Job. Thanks again.

    • Kirk, that audience is definitely a lot different. It consists of working professionals and people who are often times more affluent. It’s a great place to pitch services and products.

  9. Neil, thanks, excellent information. I’m surprised we don’t see as many LinkedIn automation tools as we do with Facebook which seem to pop up every other day now, i.e. at least in the IM world.

    • LaMont, there are a couple. People tend to share and read on a personal level though. Which is why there isn’t as much automation.

  10. Brandon Pindulic :


    as always, great read.

    LinkedIn is my favorite network for sharing info, and I of course shared this article…however, there isn’t a LinkedIn widget embedded on QuickSprout 🙁

  11. Adithya Shetty :

    I think I forgot my linkedin password lol. .
    will use it more often!
    thanks Neil!

  12. Neil, I have been very active at Linkedin and I agree it’s a great place to not only enhance your presence but also get exposed to some really useful reading material.

  13. Hi Neil,

    Many thanks for sharing this Infographic, useful stats gathered to demonstrate the effectiveness of engaging with the No 1 (social) business network platform.

    I still can’t see a Pin it button for the Infographic – would have sat nicely as a Pin :o)

    One of my pet hates with LinkedIn is people still insist on spamming a new connection with blatant spam email – perhaps that should go in the stats as the quickest way to ‘un-connect’ from someone. Have a great day..

  14. Wow, I think I need to join LinkedIn. Great info-graphic. By the way, how did you create the “click here to enlarge the infographic” link in article? That’s a really nice feature.

  15. What is the ideal time in the morning to post Neil?

  16. Chris Sanfilippo :

    I’ve been driving traffic to my clients websites using a white hat LinkedIn tactic that you have not mentioned here. Maybe I will propose a guest post on it here on your blog. It’s too good to give away in the comments 🙂

  17. Chandra Prakash Saini :

    Neil Sir,

    I never used LinkedIn, but I was thinking to work on it. Now, It’s much easier to understand LinkedIn as a social platform with this great infographic.

    I just started to read your blog and now I started enjoying here.

    Thanks for sharing great infographic.

  18. Thank you Neil for sharing very useful SEO article. Please mentione morning time When US or UK ?

  19. Wow Neil, you are opening my eyes to the possibilities of LinkedIn. I am for sure one of those people that don’t think too much of LinkedIn, but after seeing all the stats, I need to add it to the marketing mix for 2014!

  20. Hey Neil, I just tried to pin the infographic and Pinterest said it was unable to retrieve..not sure if its intentional or not…
    Great LinkedIn info Neil..I’ll see how much of it I can implement.

  21. Great infographic!
    I agree that linkedin is a great network for online marketers. Also I’m sure there is a huge potential for lead generation.
    Do you have a tested or specific linkedin marketing strategy?

  22. Neil, you are right even I have seen more engagement from reader through LinkedIn compared to Facebook and twitter. Every time a publish a blog and share it on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn i find more people that on LinkedIn by looking at the percentage in LinkedIn compared to the “people who this” in Facebook. Thanks for sharing your infographic research!!

  23. Another great infographic Neil. Gonna staft focussing on Linkedin now on. Thanks

  24. I think LinkedIn is perfect for networking. You get to meet people and engage with them even if you don’t have a blog. And as long as you give some industry insights, you can be an expert in your niche without establishing your credibility.

    • Ivan, it’s a great way to immerse yourself in a community and really share your expertise remotely. Thanks for reading!

  25. Siddharth Sharma :

    Hi Neil.
    I’m Not using LinkedIn but i have Account. after the read your post i ‘m shocked . i can drive traffic on my blog from LinkedIn. This is amazing way and may be Helpful.
    I WILL TRY it and Thanks to Share 🙂

  26. manujeevanprakash :

    Hi neil ,
    Thanks for your reply , But how to increase the followers for your business linked in page .. is there any strategy to increase your followers ??

    Cheers !!

  27. Thanks Neil for insightful post on LinkedIn. The stats are very helpful.

  28. Chris Carpenter :

    One of the best infographic as I have ever seen about LinkedIn for business purpose.

    Specially I was not aware of videos and images shares on LinkedIn.

    I t

  29. LinkedIn has been a great asset as far as reaching out to influence makers go. But I have so far been skeptical about using it for inbound marketing. Looks like I have been wrong.

    But Neil can you clarify on this – when you say posting images get 98% comments and about YouTube videos, are you talking about posting these links on the relevant Groups? Or is it to your own profile? Great read regardless. Thanks!


    • Anand, I am talking primarily about posting to relevant groups. When you target the right demographic you will see tremendous results.

  30. I never realized the potential of Linked In. Wow Seems great with people recommending you. Thanks Neil, time to dive in Linked In.

  31. I thy to use Linked in as much as I can, the only problem for me is – there is not enough hours in my working day. 🙂

    I will have to optimize my working hours to get more out of Linkedin.


  32. Spotted a typo in the intro: “but it’s audience tends to be businesses.” This should’ve been the possessive “its” of course 🙂

    Great infographic as usual.

  33. Great Post, Neil.

    Just wanted you ask you something.

    What percent of traffic to you get on Quick Sprout through LinkedIn?
    Which social media website gives you the most traffic?

    • Chatty, I would say a good portion of traffic comes from social channels. In regards to the website that gives me the most traffic it really varies month to month.

  34. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for the great post as always.

    I’ve one query regarding steps
    can you please look into it

    Step 1: Create an Admin profile of company
    Step 2: Add groups releated to our industry
    Step 3: Post informative stuff regularly in all groups related to our industries

    Am i right with steps here? or need corrections
    Your useful insights are required 🙂

    Thanks again!

  35. Great infogrphic Neil, I heard that Linkedin is best for B2B marketing where as FaceBook is best for B2C Marketing, so what are your thoughts about it?

  36. Hi Neil…thanks for this amazing infographic… truly offers excellent insights and helps newbies like me… 🙂

  37. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll spend any time trying to up my LinkedIn engagement. There are more important social media formats to focus on: Google+ is at the absolute forefront of my plans at the moment, along with great content. G+ is going to be big in 2014, whereas I feel LinkedIn will just be the standard stale arena.

    • Morris, it all depends on your target dempographic. If you feel they don’t engage on LinkedIn as much then that’s a decision you have made.

  38. thank you for this! I actually thought posting on LinkedIn everyday was something to stay away from, we usually post once to twice a week and in the afternoon! boy this really enlightened us! it is a bit difficult to post content everyday (we are a small company) so now I am thinking we 1) have to start re-purposing content 2) posting every day might be too much, i think 3 times a week sounds like a good number.

    what is really interesting, is that we achieve a much higher reach on LinkedIn as opposed to Facebook- even though we have a much lower following on LinkedIn.

    thank you for this! it really is a big help.


    • Sofia, as long as you are posting quality content that is relevant you will not run into any problems. I find that people are more inclined to click through when it’s great content and from a reputable source.

  39. How do you manage to churn out such awesome infographics.

    • Faisal, I am constantly working on new ideas and find a passion for it. When there is passion you’ll find the time 🙂

  40. awesome infographic (as usual). Neil, what about groups? I have found that by engaging with, sharing others’ and eventually my own content, with a platform-specific intro works well on LinkedIn. Curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks again!

    • Aaron, groups are a great way to gain exposure on LinkedIn. It’s a way to really share your content and engage with a community.

  41. tamar @ShopletPromos :

    Great infographics!
    I agree that visual content works well on LinkedIn and also on other social platforms too. Generally content gets more likes with an image because people can visualize it better

  42. Neil –

    Love how succinct this infographic is. Actionable, clear, and can be used a checklist for getting results on LinkedIn.

    I’ve shared it with my members, and it makes a great complement to my own infographic on LinkedIn here:

    • Maria, glad you found it helpful. I go for simplicity and functionality. Thanks for sharing your infographic it looks great 🙂

  43. ClickBank Exchange :

    That is a good blog post, I’m going to use your technique to promote my latest product.

  44. Hello; thanks for the pointers on using linked in. I post about ten times a month. How does that cmpar to your 20 times suggestion? I have spent a lot of time building my network there. I have 2,500 plus connections and I have made a couple big sales from replies to linked in posts. I’ve also gotten leads on people wanting to buy the amusement equipment i sell on my site. and as a blind computer user i can say that linked in is more friendly to my screen reader than face book or most other social networks. And I love that it is all about business and professionals. thanks again and take care, max

  45. Kudos!! This is something crazy. Gonna try it right away. Thanks for the Infographic Neil 😀 You always share worthy tips.

  46. hey neil again an awesum article..many features of Linkedin was new to me..i am on linkedin nbut will surely give time to that..thanks for the information…!!!

  47. Superb article linkedin is a great way to promote your blog

  48. Adesanmi Adedotun :

    Hi Neil,

    LinkedIn is making a better part of my traffic source this day, atleast 9% of my traffic, Not all that current on LinkedIn though

  49. Hey Neil,

    I want to thank you for all of the great ongoing advice! I’ve had a lot of local clients lately asking why they should be using LinkedIn and because of your post I was inspired to share it with them 🙂 They’re loving it already and it’s only been an hour ha.

    Link: oh and I sourced ya, of course.

  50. i have always focus my effort on twitter and facebook and never thought about linked much due to its user base compared to the other two networks but after reading this i am going to give linked a shot let see how it goes.

  51. Hey Neil. I enjoyed your three strategy suggestions. But aren’t they tactics?

  52. thanks for the info

  53. I am always confuse and not feeling well when some told me to use about LinkedIn. But after reading your post I tried to use LinkedIn some how. 🙂

  54. Awesome blog post to learn basic linkedin marketing. Thanks for the helpful information.

  55. Great strategy to go. Loved the infographic Neil. Worth sharing. Shared too 🙂

  56. It seems to me that using linkedin i can also increase my affiliate income as more and more business comes from linkedin directly. Thus i think its users are more targeted that other sources like blogs and forums. Am I right ?

  57. It’s truly outstanding to see how linkedin can be so powerful when getting conversations. Recently, I just got a linkedin account so I’m glad to actually be apart of the social network. I hope to continue to update it, and see an increase in the traffic!

  58. Darshan Paladiya :

    OMG! truly great post. U know what Neil sir? I’m a kind of big fan of you. The way you generate ideas, make it noticeable and sell the things is just mind blowing. You just hit it.

    I am using LinkedIn from long time but never thought it could be so much powerful.
    I think two main factors rule your expertise. 1st observational research & 2nd Inbuilt awesomeness. Is that right? or if not, could you tell me what makes you so much awesome?

    • Darshan, thanks for the kind words of support. I really appreciate your feedback and taking the time to read my blog 🙂

  59. Nothing Worthy than Neil’s Guide. Really Enjoyed the Infographic & will try to implement these staretgies for LinkedIn

  60. LinkedIn is my favorite network for sharing info, and I of course shared this article…however, there isn’t a LinkedIn widget embedded on QuickSprout 🙁

  61. Barbara McKinney :

    There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful social media networks. If done right, you will easily reach your desired goal in a short period of time. Thanks for sharing this infographic Neil!

  62. Neil,

    Nice info-graphic // and it’s a good wake-up call about LinkedIn too. It can be one of the more neglected networks, but I’m going to try and follow this advice & post a whole lot more // Thx


  63. This is a great post, but one think i want to say: on country like Italy Linkedin and similar website produce wery low contact and job opportunity. Unforntunately many conuntry although evolved have remained ignorant to certain things, and is always word of mouth to dominate the local market.

    • Fausta, thanks for the insights about that market. There is always some variation when it comes to different geographic regions and markets.

  64. Neil, that infographic is seriously amazing and loaded with important information. I have been using LinkedIn groups for referral traffic for awhile now and it’s pretty effective. Thanks for the quality information (like always).

    – Gotch

  65. Hi Neil Patel, I really love this post. Love the way you write your posts. The information in this article is really unique and useful for me. After reading this article, I think I have some ideas for myself. I do follow your articles recently. Thanks for sharing this post. Hope to read more interesting information from you. Have a nice day.

  66. Alvin Chadwick :

    Great expertise advice, Neil. I agree that LinkedIn serves as a better place to get leads than Facebook.

  67. This certainly looks try-able. And even if I don’t get that magical figure of 386%; I will certainly get some benefit out of it.

    I am driven to read your post as soon as my subscription mail flashes. Thanks for sharing clean and useful posts Neil.

  68. hi neil ,

    Great post again and excellent content. Here i want to ask one question neil if i want to sell some education content then which should be best for that either linkedin or fiverr.

  69. Hi Neil !
    Thank you for sharing this excellent ideas to expose the creativity on social media like LinkedIn. There is no doubt that social media Optimization is one of the best option to increase traffic at very low cost. However proper way to engage on social media is most important thing. Your Infographic presentation is worthy and helpful to increase web traffic.

    Best Regarding

  70. Impressive article again Neil. I have many queries hope you would help me out. Thanks

  71. Aurélien Debord :

    I will surely try this, step by step 🙂

  72. Good information bro Keep Posting i have impreased the infographic Neil. Worth sharing. Shared too 🙂

  73. Murat Tekmen :

    Great infographics!
    I agree that visual content works well on LinkedIn and also on other social platforms too.

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  78. Hi Neil,
    Great article! I will consider for it..

  79. Great infographics!Thanks.

  80. We have been thinking about switching our social media effort from Facebook over at LinkedIn. So far, using the world’s largest network we have not been able to generate any visible outreach to our market. We want now to switch the tactic and aim for bigger profits and I think LinkedIn’s paid advertising network will help us in doing so. This infographic was the final point to strenghten our belief. Thank you, Neil.

  81. Great and useful information! Thanks for sharing that.

  82. i think this is very useful information. nice posting

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  84. Good day! I cluld have sworn I’ve been tto this blog befopre but after browsing through some
    of the post I realized it’s new to me. Nonetheless,
    I’m definitely haplpy I found it and I’ll be
    book-marking and checking back frequently!

  85. Byron Strimling :

    Awesome post again Neil,good job done.

  86. Neil Fraser :

    Show me how I can run a short trial selecting say 1,000 airline captains for a promotional recruitment newsletter to demonstrate it can work for our business without it costing a fortune. Neil

    • Neil, there are a lot of steps before the goal 😉

      Do you have a blog up yet and are you promoting on social?

  87. Keval Mehta :

    Hey Neil,
    Great tips to get traffic, i will surely use it.

    Can you help me with Alexa ranking, how can we Improve that??

    • Keval, you should focus on your content first all the other metrics are things to check once all your activities are in line.

  88. Hi Neil,

    I am using Linkedin since last 3-4 months, Posting 3-4 times per day. But didn’t get much response. Most difficulty is to found followers for my company page. I shared it in all other Social media account still nothing.
    Can you help me on this?


    • Vikas, your social media messaging should be very specific via LinkedIn make sure you aren’t spamming the feed.

  89. Hi Neil

    I didn’t know you before this post. I’ve read it, I learned new things about Linkedin then I skimmed through the comments at the bottom, now I impressed.

    I’m sure I could stake my life on the fact that you a have a really hectic schedule but you have replied to every post here!

    Now I am going to go check your blog.

    PS: I’m not easily impressed.

  90. sarkari naukri :

    Thanks for Sharing Nice Information

  91. Knowledge wants to be free, just like these articles! Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand article on this topic.

  92. Hi Neil,

    I realize much has changed on Linkedin, but by posts do you mean the Post area or the Status Update area?

    Thank you.

  93. Akash Gurnani :

    LinkedIn is Best Social Network to Get Professional Engagements and also building contacts. But It can be used for marketing also din’t know that. Niel has explained it very nicely. Would definitely follow niel’s tips. 🙂

  94. Spectrum Metro :

    Good information.. Thanks for sharing Quick Sprout

  95. indirapuram habitat centre :

    Great post again Neil and excellent blog..

  96. Gimoka Coffee Pods :

    Thanks for this, Neil! We have been looking into LinkedIn but haven’t really done anything on there. Who’d known that Links bring more engagement than images!

    We’ll give it a go, recommended 20 status updates a month seems like something we can try 🙂

  97. I feel like linkedin is definitely becoming more and more active, and people are alot more receptive to talk about things that matter (unlike facebook)

    great post i will be trying out some of these strategies. currently having alot of success just from saying hello to industry people

    Lets connect as well, I will send you a message!

    -Devin (

  98. Hi Neil

    My activities and posts on twitter and linkedin is getting me views but no engagement. I get very less like and shares, and comments just zero! Can you give me any hints or tips on how to increase engagement on linkedin and twitter.

    and yes one more thing… do you know any free analytics tool for facebook??

    reply please… waiting for your answer.

  99. Martin Cairns :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the info on LinkedIn. I am dealing with different challenges with a startup in Mainland China. That means no Google, FB, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and believe it or not the use of email is rare.

    Thankfully, LinkedIn isn’t blocked. I aim to make the most of it along with very odd local social media platforms which often block cross-platform links etc.


  100. Hey Neil,

    This article is very informative. I wonder if there is any discussions regarding LinkedIn Engagement Pods? If you know any, I’d like to join the conversation and be part of a group that focuses on enhancing LinkedIn engagements.


    • Try googling that particular keyword. I’m sure that there are Facebook groups and other conversations happening everywhere.

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