How I Learned Online Marketing (and How You Can Too)

online marketing

For the last 11 years of my life, I’ve been an online marketer…and a pretty decent one at that.

How did I get good at it? Most people say it’s because I am creative. Sure, creativity does play a role in it but not as big as I you think. What it really comes down to is 4 things:

  1. Doing
  2. Teaching
  3. Questions
  4. Process

So, let’s dive into each of those 4 things as they will teach you how to learn online marketing and become good at it.

You learn by doing

Have you ever heard the saying that you learn by doing? It’s actually true. By trying different marketing tactics on your own site, you will learn what works and what doesn’t.

When I first started out, I paid a few Internet marketing firms to help me out, and I got no results. I ended up losing all of my cash, and I had no choice but to learn on my own.

Here’s how I learned how to market my own site:

  1. Learn the basics – with most forms of marketing, you’ll need to learn how to modify basic HTML code and upload changes. You can either watch YouTube videos on these topics, or you can just signup for Treehouse to learn HTML.
  2. Read blogs – create a list of a few marketing blogs to follow daily. You don’t need to read a lot of blogs. Search Engine Land and Marketing Land will give you general industry news, and Moz and Quick Sprout will teach you the tactics. Each of these blogs also have email subscription options, which means you can have the content delivered to your inbox for free.
  3. Watch videos – online marketing is broken down into a few main categories: SEO, link building, content marketing, social media, paid advertising, email marketing, conversion optimization and reputation management. By watching these free videos, you will get a good understanding of how to work on each of those categories for your own business.
  4. Implement – this is where you just need to go and do it. But don’t focus on all forms of online marketing at once. Otherwise, you will be spreading yourself thin, and you’ll never become great at one thing. Instead, try to focus on one section until you feel that you are pretty good at it. For example, I got good at SEO first, then social media marketing and then content marketing. Now, I am focusing my efforts on email marketing.
  5. Analyze and tweak – through Google Analytics, you can track how things are going. If your traffic keeps going up and to the right, you are doing something right. If it doesn’t, you will have to continually try new marketing tactics so that you can get growth.

You learn by teaching

My favorite way to learn is by teaching. I didn’t really become great at online marketing until I started teaching it. From speaking at conferences to helping out people who emailed me to even blogging about marketing, I constantly try to teach it.

To be a good teacher, you have to make complex information easy to understand and digest. If your students don’t understand the points you are trying to make or the concepts you are trying to teach, they won’t learn anything.

In addition to that, if you just keep cramming information down your students’ throats and never give them a chance to implement anything they have learned, they will eventually forget everything you have taught them.

You also don’t have to be an expert to teach. The first time I taught was at a conference called Search Engine Strategies Chicago, where I gave a speech on Wikipedia. I didn’t know anything about Wikipedia marketing at the time and actually learned about it through a few Google searches. Yet, that didn’t stop me from teaching.

You don’t have to blog or speak at conferences to teach. It can be as simple as helping out your friends with their marketing initiatives or just going to a local meetup group, where you give people free marketing tips.

By talking about marketing and discussing it with others, you will eventually learn more about online marketing.

You learn through questions

As a teacher, you’ll notice that you get questions from your students. If you aren’t getting any questions, it either means you are exceptionally good at teaching or you are boring and just putting people to sleep.

From people doubting what you are preaching to students giving you ideas, you will get a wide variety of questions. By answering these questions, you’ll increase your knowledge.

My version of questions is comments. You, as well as other Quick Sprout readers, post hundreds of comments a day on a variety of marketing-related subjects. By answering them, I stay on top of everything that is changing in the marketing world.

My favorite part is when you actually correct me and tell me how to do something better. For example, through comments on Quick Sprout, I learned how to collect emails on YouTube and how to leverage social sites like Twitter and Facebook more efficiently.

All of us sharing our tips with each other helps ensure that we are all improving our marketing skills.

The more you teach, the more questions you will get. If people are shy, pick on them and get them to ask you a question. If you can’t get anyone to ask you a question, head over to the Quick Sprout Forum and help answer other people’s questions.

You learn through process

The best way to take your skills from being an intermediate marketer to an advanced one is through process. If you can create a process for every single marketing technique you are leveraging, you are more likely to find ways to improve each tactic.

Why? To create a detailed process, you have to think things through.

Plus, as you grow your business, you’ll eventually hire people to help you out with your marketing efforts. By creating a detailed process for all marketing tactics, you’ll find that new employees will learn faster, make fewer mistakes and provide better results.

When creating processes, make sure you create an execution plan and audit it to ensure its thoroughness. Here are the components to think about when auditing:

  1. Design – the comprehensiveness of the specification of how the process is to be executed.
  2. Performers – the people who execute the process, particularly in terms of their skills and knowledge.
  3. Owner – a senior executive who has the responsibility for the process and its results.
  4. Infrastructure – information and management systems that support the process.
  5. Metrics – the measures the company uses to track the process’s performance.


There are many ways in which you can learn online marketing. The strategy above is just my way of doing it. It’s not necessarily the right way or the wrong way, but it is effective.

If you follow the steps above, you will start seeing results within the first 3 months. Within a year, you’ll become effective. Just don’t expect to become a rock star within a few months as it takes years to get great at something.

So, in what other ways can you learn online marketing?


  1. Thanks for this – its a great reminder that there are no secrets, just pure knowledge by going through learning, trial and error. 🙂

    • That is 100% true. It’s all about iterating and find the right balance.

    • It’s something I have believed in for a long time. I had no idea Neil likes to learn by teaching, it’s actually something I mentioned in my own blog post yesterday.

      Great! 🙂

  2. Now that’s just AWESOME Stuff Neil.
    I didn’t know that Learning can me done by Teaching. And you actually got a point in it.

    Good work and Thanks a lot.


  3. Another great post. I beleive learning through reading texts and watching follow along videos helps one to learn faster. Also, teaching challenges us to learn in other to effectively teach others. No one wants to look dump in the sight of others and therefore will want to be on top of his or her game by putting in the effort to study.

    • Raphael, glad you enjoyed it. Thanks for the excellent feedback. Please let me know if you need help with anything 🙂

  4. Great post neil, Thanks for sharing your experience

  5. Adithya Shetty :

    Great stuff Neil, just reading Quick sprout blog is enough to learn any kind of marketing!
    Agree, we actually learn by doing on a daily basis!
    thanks Neil!

  6. Rebekka Deforce :

    Nice overview!

  7. Hi Neil,

    Does this ‘expertise’ rely on search engine updates as well? For example, with every update, a particular lot of experts crop up for Panda, Penguin and now Hummingbird.

    So, is it like an SEO is expert no matter what search engine does or does it come with getting hit and they show up with better techniques ?


    • Ayush, it relies on a number of factors. I think keeping up to date with the updates definitely does qualify one to share their learning and expertise with others. It’s vital to stay up to date with the trends.

  8. Hey Neil,

    Awesome post as always…learning by teaching is great. That’s why I find it very useful to have a blog where you document your journey and what you’re learning while teaching other people at the same time, really works for me 🙂

    Also joining masterminds with like-minded people and having mentors really helps as well and can make you progress and achieve your goals faster.

    Again, thanks for sharing this with us!

    • Navid, thanks for the kind words of support. I think it’s all about giving back to others what you have learned yourself. It’s very important to stay grounded and constantly improve yourself 🙂

  9. Are you crazy? You are literally flooding my inbox with your experience and knowledge which seems to be endless. Would you run out of topic to write?

    How the hell you open up those literature floodgates of yours. I wish I could be as well versed and eloquent as you are. I meant in my industry, I require that I write case studies and blueprints with how tos + screenshot of my trading plan as well as trading setup.

    I get burned trying to get snagit and camstasia to work and the toll on my eyes.

    Great effort, even greater admiration for relentless pursuit of typing.


    • David, thanks for the kind words. I have a passion for writing and these blog topics keeps coming to my head. Thanks for your persistence in reading I truly appreciate it 🙂

      • You reminds me of Timothy Skyes. He is committed to making a millionaire student. He never stops and he always persist.

        I wish I could be like you n him. My butt is too heavy because my income is too acceptable. I rush I have a better reason to earn super big.

        My bucket list is an Aston ma DBS.

  10. kenneth chooks :

    You are a great marketer Mr Neil.

    I love the way you break down each post and pour yourself into it. This is the singular reason I have read EVERY single blog post you have written in the past 17months.Also purchased the Quick sprout pro program and wish you have more to sell.

    Keep it up

  11. I’ve learned a lot about online marketing on my own own/forums/blogs/working on my own projects, but l’ve learned A LOT more by working at companies with established online marketing programs, that provide paid training, and working on teams. I think the average person getting started, unless they are the lemonade-stand type of kid their entire life, will learn a lot better taking a entry-level gig at a good digital marketing agency, rather than work on their own business from scratch. It’s high pressure, but you’ll learn the ropes a lot quicker and have the benefit from a steady paycheck if you have bills (not everyone can live in their mom’s basement). Then once you have a year or two under your belt, if you desire you can jump ship and apply that knowledge to your own business.

    • Eric, I completely agree. For some people that cutthroat environment can really mold them into something greater. Owning and operating your own business is tricky business and should not be taken lightly. Thanks for the great feedback 🙂

  12. Neil Sir, you are just awesome. I have read almost each and every post on this blog. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience with us. This is really helpful for many newbies like me.

  13. Hi Neil, this is so on point, I can definitely relate to learning by teaching, this helps to cement the concepts I’m teaching in my head. It also helps me know which areas I need to brush up on as well.

    • Justin, it really does help to back and study the basics every so often. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing more feedback 🙂

  14. Hello Neil,

    Hats off to you, no internet marketing expert wanna to publish a blog post like this, but your sincerity towards seo community is commendable.

    You earn true reputation in SEO community. Keep it up sir.

    • Sourabh, I think information should be free and for all to see. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  15. That is truly the right path and way to dominate online marketing.
    By doing various steps and methods and keep on trying and learning new things to achieve your goals.

    Patience and focus is the main way to get your results.

  16. Hello Neil,

    Great Post! It’s easy to forget that in preparing to teach a TON of learning is happening. Your site is a constant wealth of helpful information and tools for me.

  17. Neil,

    You have a ton of knowledge with more than 10 years of experience. But you said some great information about learning.

    Really i agree that we shall learn more while teach.

    Thank you dude.

  18. Awesome content, Neil! I always look forward to your new posts! It’s good to see how someone that is good at something started out learning it. Thanks!

  19. Neil,

    You are, by far, the most trusted and knowledgeable seo person I follow.

    I thank you for that!

    Finding trusted sources of information, methods, strategies, and tactics from some one who eats his own dog food is like finding a beacon in a jungle of seo voodoo, one click solutions.

    Thank you.


  20. Chandra Prakash Saini :

    Hello Neil Sir,

    Thanks for sharing your own learning style through this excellent blog post!

    I like points very much ‘learning by doing and questions’.

    Here, we can add one more point of learning, that is “learning from others – What others are doing”. I mean to say, If we know about others, those are working good in the same field, and doing well to approach new visitors, then we must learn from them, too.

    • Chandra, glad you found the blog post helpful. Thanks for the excellent feedback.

      It’s all about learning from others to constantly expand your knowledge base.

  21. manujeevanprakash :

    Hi Neil ,
    I would prefer to learn by reading blogs and implement the same techniques for my clients .

    I do have few questions regarding seo ? .

    1) guest blogging :- should i write guest posts and blog post for my clients to increase their traffic ??

    should i personally take control of their social media accounts and involve with their target customers or should i just guide their marketing team with the process of social media marketing? ,

    What other methods do u think is more effective in traffic building for getting quick results ?

    2)Which of these two options are better while designing a website for better seo :-

    Design using html/css (OR)Design using WordPress/Joomla

    Cheers !!

  22. Syed Irfan Ajmal :

    My thoughts exactly but only more eloquently expressed 🙂 I have been implementing some or more of these in one way or the other.
    Doing: When I want to improve my ability to exercise a particular skill that I know the basics of, I do it by offering it to a client for a lower cost (while explicitly explaining how much I know about it). This way I learn in a disciplined fashion (not easy to slack if there is a client watching over you) and I get paid to learn 🙂 I am actually quite busy working on this very strategy. And I follow it also for skills that I am quite good at.
    Teaching: I also got invited to be a guest speaker at a local university a couple of times and
    I plan to teach a regularly course, probably summer 2014.
    Questions: I tend to do a part of it by answering clients’ questions. For instance, if a client asks why is his bounce rate so high and would it affect his SEO rankings, I google just that very query and get results from top-notch sources like MOZ, QuickSprout (YES!) and others. I am not very active in forums unlike few years back but I don’t have much time right now; I presume with the work getting more advanced and my marketing campaigns getting more complicated and successful, I am to have a lot many questions. I do realize that I should also be contributing and answering questions but the issue is I am very busy.
    Process: This brings me to something I did not quite understand and I will appreciate if you can explain it a little further. I am glad that you did briefly mention building a team to whom one can delegate tasks. I plan to start doing exactly that now as I am literally out of any spare time and I badly need a helping hand or two in order to further expand my business and projects.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions for me and please do explain the process part a bit more. Thanks very much 🙂

  23. Neil, this is a great piece of information.

    There are different ways people learn to understand. Ben Carson said he learn faster through constant reading. Others prefare seen visuals and many other ways of learning.

    Though, I am relatively new to online marketing, and still have a long way to go, thre are some posts you (Neil) post on quicksprout and I don’t really get to understand the points or how it works but I believe with constant learning I will get good at it too.

    More power to your elbow Neil.

  24. Shalini Kuruvath :

    Hey Neil,

    Thanks for giving such an useful guide to connect to my passion — Digital marketing..being in a technical it was difficult for me to penetrate into online marketing field without clear guidance..You gave me more clarity over topics.

    Shalini K.

  25. I have 2 more for your list, that you already read, no doubt:

    For general marketing – Hubspot
    Conversions – Conversion XL

  26. Neil, the post breakdown of the post, you always make your posts interesting. I would say the best way to learn is through your own experience and that comes by doing it yourself, right?

    Implementing new marketing tactics through trail and error method will give more insights on what performs best for your own website. That would be a great way to find the successful ways to market. And with changing trends one has to keep with the technology and new methodologies and keep on finding new ways to succeed!

    Thanks again for sharing your experiences.

  27. It is always great to hear how great marketers got to become great!

    One thing that has helped me a lot is masterminds and being surrounded by people who have the same passion about the topic as you. This way you learn from other people’s experience, wins and mistakes.

  28. Great writeup…really,there’s little or no secrets anymore….one just needs to employ the services of the BRAIN!…keep it up

  29. Neil,

    awesome blog post. You know what to teach myself things I have always had to sit down and make my own project/things as this is the best way I learn.

    For example, I’ve always wanted to start a business and I thought to myself what’s a small project that I could do to see where I could learn these things such a creating and building a business.

    Since the past year I have been hard at work writing a Kindle eBook that will teach beginners HTML & CSS. Writing a book is like starting a business. So much hard work and when’s it finally published it may not even sell (hoping it does sell as I can recoup the costs of the Editor I hired).

    But you know what I love creating things and putting them out there. It’s so much fun.

  30. Neil,

    Just out of curiosity, how did you first start practicing SEO? Did you just pick some other topic a lot of people where searching for, such as dog training for example, and then create a blog on that topic so you could practice getting that blog ranked higher? I would love to know your story of the initial strategy you used for practicing SEO, social media, etc. when you were first getting started learning it/them.

    • Jess, I came upon it a long time ago. I was in a summer course in high school and met a person who introduced me to SEO, and the rest is… History 🙂

  31. Hi Neil. This is great info (as always!). Hey, I wanted to watch those amazing videos you linked to. I have my Flash plug-in “on” in Firefox. There is a pop-up box that keeps coming up on top of the video that asks if I want to “allow” or “deny” to store info on my computer. Even when I click on the allow/deny options, the box stays there and I can’t watch the video. Can you (or someone else here reading the comments) suggest what I might do differently.

    Many thanks!!

  32. Brodey Sheppard :

    I like it! Good post Neil.

  33. As always, this was an awesome and value-packed post! I also just discovered your video library and will watch them all. Thank you for your great content Neil.

  34. The way to learn anything is with teaching, but you have to admit when you are wrong. This is a lesson I learned when I was learning martial arts.

    Luckily, I had a great teacher, but some of the other students held themselves back. As one of the advanced students, I acted as an assistant teacher, and noticed two different types of students.

    The first type was the know-it-all student. They watched too much anime and thought they knew martial arts from day one, and always insisted that they were doing it right. Their form was usually sloppy and their techniques never worked in actual sparring. But they still insisted they were doing it right.

    The other type of student was the unassuming and open-minded learner. Even after I had years of practice, these students would teach me new things in their first practice. Their own personality or body type would influence how they fight, and certain techniques wouldn’t work on them. This forced me to reconsider what I thought I knew or tweak it in some way. Those were the students who advanced quickly.

    My point is that even the beginner can teach, and even the “expert” can be held back by their own arrogance. Just start teaching and figure it out as you go. That is how you become an expert.

    • Aaron, those are great examples of teaching .

      I have found that the people who are best at teaching take a humble approach and have a lot of patience. It takes time to really teach and learn from others. Thanks for the great insights and wonderful feedback 🙂

  35. Hi Neil, thanks for always providing quality content. I have also learned a lot by reading blogs, watching videos and just applying the stuff I learned. Some stuff worked and others didn’t so well. I guess a lot of it has to do with trial and error. Thanks for the suggestion of using Treehouse to learn HTML. HTML is an area that I want to get better at.

  36. Barbara McKinney :

    The best way to learn is by doing. Most skills and knowledge comes not through mulling through instructions, but with actual real practice. Hard work. Failing a lot and being really crappy at times.

  37. Thanks so much Neil for your beautiful posts that usually make my days. I always feel wonderful anytime I see a mail from you on my mobile gadget, I will not rest until I read it fully. Now, you have confirmed my thoughts that practice makes perfect in this online marketing business. Thanks a lot once more.

  38. I agree completely with learning by teaching. It actually makes content creation much more interesting because when you are learning something new, you “trip over” the same concerns that others would have. This allows you to address these concerns in your write ups and thus do a better job at showing others how something can be achieved.
    Great post as usual Neil.

    • Glenys, teaching is the best way for others to validate and share your knowledge. It can really teach you a lot about your field and how others are operating within it.

  39. Nice one Neil. I think speaking/teaching can teach one a lot. I started spewing off-lately and the results are affirmative!

  40. Alvin Chadwick :

    This is a great guide that can help newbies learn online marketing, thanks, Neil!

  41. This article will be helpful who want to be an online Marketing Expert. Thank’s Nail again post a resourceful article.

  42. Thanks once again I like part quick sprout’s university videos awesome…there are many videos which help me a lot… thanks once again..

  43. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for a great post, love your point about continuing with what drives traffic and dumping what doesn’t. From your experience, how do you determine if a strategy really isn’t working, or if it just hasn’t been put in place persistent enough to see the results? I anticipate some strategies are more long term and won’t show effects immediately, so without the benefit of hindsight, how do we decide whether to keep going or not when we are trying something new?

    • Andrew, it takes a lot of patience. If you are continually seeing that your efforts are not driving enough traffic switch it up and a/b test to see what works best. It’s all about knowing when to pivot and try new things. Testing will help in that regard.

  44. Great Post Neil. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  45. Parmveer Singh :

    Best Saying Neil Sir,

    Doing > Teaching (Helping) > Questions (form peers, subordinates, Quora, Forums, even in blog comments) > Step by Step Process

    Best Section is ‘Helping others to achieve their goal’, that works for me a lot.

    Thanks for stamping what I do generally.

  46. Diwaker,
    SEO is optimization process to ensure your website is searchable – for the select key words. Some keywords may be highly competitive, and getting them to top of search results can be herculean task, if not impossible. Some KWs may not be that competitive, but their usefulness might be limited. Hence enough research is the first & most important step to find right keywords that helps in taffic to your website, while optimizing efforts, for doing SEO.

    ‘How many keywords you want your site to be optimized’ becomes primary question. Based on SEO agency’s standards & their estimation of efforts required, and based on your website’s business, you will be given a quote.

  47. Phew 11 years! Years sure go by fast Neil. Great to have innovative and helpful people like you around.

  48. Exactly same here but very slow. Whatever i leant till today about blogging, You have been the main source of my knowledge for me. And i hope this process of learning will continue. You share your ideas and i follow them for my blog. And with great happiness i will say THANK YOU NEIL SIR. My blog is day by day improving. And one more thing i want to say, i included you in one of my latest post where i shared how you persuade visitors to write comment. Hope you like it as it is about you. Please read it and oblige me Neil sir.

  49. Hi, Neil

    I want to learn online marketing, I am learning SEO and want to be become expert in every tactic. Tell me what is the best way to learn it. Can you suggest me some sources for learning internet marketing?

  50. Shafees Marikkar :

    Thank you Neil, you have shared your experience and i hope it will help me a lot.

    I am interested in Social media marketing

  51. Hello Neil,

    It’s great information and you are providing it for free, Strange ! Because everyone is trying to sell it.

    Thank you very much 🙂

  52. Scott Andreasen :

    Very nice Neil, great post as usual.

  53. Good blog post. Easy to understand & relate. Also very humbly stated the real reason why u became good at it I.e. by learning via doing, instead of trying to impress the readers by stating some rocket science facts.

  54. Great Post, Neil. I will use when I teach this course at The College of Charleston in the spring. Want to come be a guest speaker? Charleston is beautiful.

  55. Youre really great, im learning a lot, i hope some day i go great too and know you on top, success Neil!

  56. Digital Deepak :

    I followed a very similar path. I learned, I implemented, I taught and now I am at expert level.

    I wrote a very similar post on how to become a self made digital marketing expert that you may be interested in reading:

  57. HI Nei

    That’s I like it.

    Specially I like learn through teaching.

    I hope some day I can become like You.

  58. Neil this has been one of the best posts on here- and my absolute favorite.

    When my marketing department realized that our SEO efforts where not producing the results we were looking for, I was put in charge.

    what did i do? with no previous experience in SEO or link building i knew I had to teach myself and there were no other options. By going on blogs (like this one!!) and watching videos I learned by doing and then by teaching the people in my team, meddles to say it all paid off!

    • Sofia, that’s how many of my colleagues have learned SEO. By reading up on it and asking questions. Best of luck to you 🙂

  59. Niel you are a gem. You give for free what we pay for.

    The best thing that happened to my online biz was joining your list.

    I appreciate you


  60. You learn over time with experience.

  61. Hey Neil,

    You are as always right on point with your blog post. I just started subscribing a couple of weeks ago and feel like my brain is exploding with really useful information. So, for that I say thank you.

    You mentioned “…I learned how to collect emails on YouTube” through blogpost comments. I was wondering if you could direct me back to that post and/or comment. I’d love to know more. Any help is appreciated.

    Oh, and also, for other readers, some great alternatives to Treehouse are Codecademy and
    Best of luck with the coding!

    • Here’s the link:

  62. Terrific information! Loving this site

  63. Hello NEIL PATEL.

    Your story really inspires me a lot i will start using this method soon. Thanks for such an wonderful post i am sure this will help newbies. Again thanks to you keep posting 🙂

  64. I’m currently learn SEO, I learn from several resources. I found that some seo expert has different opinion on some aspect of SEO. How can I find whih opinion is true?

  65. Neil,
    All these can be done by blogging 🙂

  66. Hi Neil,

    Nice post and sound advice, especially the doing part.

    I think many new marketers have the ability now to acquire a lot of knowledge quickly, but theres a big difference between theory and experience.

    You mentioned “Search Engine Land” and “moz”, despite your vast knowledge and experience there my be other blogs you follow by guys that are in the trenches rather than just reporting it.

    What are your top 3 blogs that might be unknown to the rest of us?


    • To be honest I am unsure. As I haven’t kept up with all of the blogs out there. I just use sites like to see what is popular.

      I need to make more time to see what is new out there.

  67. Its always pleasure to follow your cool post.

  68. Alexandra Petean-Nicola :

    I have always found that creating a process is for me the hardest part. Because things are changing and I adapt. Can you give me any suggestion on this part. I always have the feeling that I’m not adjusting my process but rather that I am changing the whole process every few weeks. There for I don’t feel I have a process.

    • Alexandra, I would suggest testing your product ever so often and making minor tweaks. That way you can really pin-point what it is that is helping/hurting. If you do a complete overhaul you can never narrow down your corre issues.

  69. Very good article and I feel in SEO it is continual trial and error learning, creating your own strategy that works, teaching and discussing which helps to fine tune your strategy and as you feel you have cracked SEO, the complete game changes and the complete cycle starts again. Thanks for your informative article .

  70. I think the most important way to learning is experience. Try…fail…try…fail…try…fail…keep on trying until you succeed. When you succeed, try becoming better and faster…It’s a never ending process!

    • Chris, great points. It’s all about finding out ways to get things right by experimenting. Thanks for the feedback 🙂

  71. Zeeshan Suchwani :

    Neil, this article really belongs to me, as I am on learning stage, after some time I go for teaching. I noted many of your points and will apply on myself and my students too. Hope I will learn more more more from your articles and you instruction. Thanks for the post.

  72. Hey Niel,

    Awesome stuff man.. I enjoy your posts and i learn from them. Great value. 😉

  73. Thank you for sharing this great post and your experiences.

    All the best to you!

  74. Apparently, perseverance to learn and practice is needed. I often jump around so it can not immediately successful. After reading your article, I want to try to learn and practice coherently. Not jumping up and down. Thank you.

  75. I believe there is a lot of people that just don’t work through the whole process before they get bored or just give up. ( I was one of them) It has worked for to many people to be a “fake”

  76. Neil, why do you consider link building under its own category and not under SEO?

    • Ben, it is within that category, however, the topic is so vast and expansive that it’s important to emphasize link building with its own section.

  77. It it so nice to see how you reply to all comments. Thanks for all your help. I became a better marketer because of you.

  78. Hey Neil

    This post really hits home with me as I learned online marketing in pretty much the way you had outlined.

    I begun by digesting as much information about different aspects of online marketing – until I learned enough to know what information was genuine and useful (a who wrote/blogged about it) and which is out-dated/ineffective/fantasy.

    This helped me to know where to direct my efforts, and what to begin applying to the business I had at the time. This was done in a trail by error fashion and the sort of learning experience you get from that is invaluable.

    When I hired contractors to do work on my site or advertising campaigns, I knew I had to know my stuff to make sure people are accountable for their work, get results and that I can get my points and goals across to them without wasting time and money.

    Having a pretty detailed knowledge of the ins and outs of what I was trying to achieve was one of the most important tools in my belt when it came to outsourcing.

    I couldn’t agree with you any more about how important understanding and clearly outlining a process is, I feel it’s the mark of an expert when you can take complex topics, break them down into simple steps and focusing on the aspects that will give the best results for least effort – this is something you continually do and that’s why you were one of my inspirations when it comes to marketing.

    One thing id like to add is having a workable knowledge of “offline marketing” techniques and understanding the basics can and will really help your online marketing efforts after all people are still people it doesn’t matter if they see one of your “ads” online or offline.

    Finally I think that when it came time to teach others that’s where you really solidify your skills, and constantly test them. It’s both a joy and a challenge to help others and enable them to get results better than they could have on their own.

    Of course everything can take time to master, but there’s no way to learn faster than to get involved, teach others, get feedback and just surround yourself with others who can help as well as into situations in which you constantly apply what you have learnt.

    Paul Back

    • Paul, thanks for these great insights…they are really validating.

      For me, process has always been key. It’s all about having all the pistons and gears in working order so you can be efficient as possible.

      I also have been of the impression that hiring people smarter than yourself can do amazing things for your bottom line.

      Thanks for the great feedback once again!

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    • Deepak, CSS always helps too. Let me know if you have any other questions 🙂

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        • Just remember and have the reassurance that the story of anyone great and successful always consists of change, struggle, and growth. You’re on your way my friend 🙂

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