7 Ways I Got to Know Over 100 Millionaires and How You Can Get to Know Them Too

About the author: Jaime Tardy is the founder of Eventual Millionaire, a blog where she interviews millionaires.


Over the last few years, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know over 100 millionaires. And I didn’t  get to know them just casually either… some of them have become my mentors while others have become good friends.

It’s crazy to believe that I’ve accomplished this in just a matter of a few years, especially since I live in the middle of nowhere.

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So, you’re probably wondering how I did it, right? Well, it wasn’t easy by any means, but with some hard work you can do it too.  Here’s how you can connect with 100 millionaires.

Interview millionaires

When I first started out, I didn’t know one millionaire. I live in Maine, and there aren’t any around. So, it made sense that I decided to interview millionaires as none of them lived in my city.

I didn’t know where to start… so I went to iTunes and looked up the word “millionaire”. I found a few people that were okay with saying they were millionaires. I sent a few quick emails asking them for an interview. I assumed that none of them would say “yes” because I didn’t have a podcast, website or anything… but to my surprise, they all said “yes”!

Interviewing millionaires is a great way to connect with them!  It allows them to be the primary speaker, and they usually agree because it’s a great way for them to market themselves and get more exposure.

You don’t have to do a weekly podcast. You can just do a millionaire series of five of the key millionaires you want to reach to be part of the series.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Request an interview via email – simply email a millionaire and ask them for a quick interview.  You can usually get their email address or contact details from their website.
  • Start your own interview show – this is what I ended up doing, and it was the key component that helped me become friends with a few millionaires.
  • Leverage other sites – sites like mine Eventual Millionaire or Mixergy, for example, have a big list of millionaires. You can use them as a starting point to come up with your own list of millionaires.
  • Always use multiple touches – don’t just contact these millionaires through emails. They get bombarded with so many requests each day that they forget to respond to all of their emails. Make sure you also contact them through the social profiles… such as Twitter or LinkedIn.

Action item: Email three people and ask for an interview a month or two in advance. That way you have a hard deadline to figure out all of the tech aspects of recording, etc. Some might say “no”, but just keep asking!

Use Help A Reporter Out (HARO)

After I did my first three interviews, I realized it might be tough to find more millionaires. So, I decided to try HARO. I didn’t know how many millionaires would respond. I thought that I might get a couple. But I ended up verifying and scheduling over 30 millionaire interviews from HARO.

Not only did I connect with 30 millionaires, I also have been featured on MSN, Fox Business, Success Magazine, and many more from HARO!

Here’s how you can do the same:

  • Sign up – register on HARO’s website as a Reporter.
  • Submit queries – submit queries for what you’re looking for, and HARO will email you sources that match the requirements.
  • Help reporters out – respond to the pitches to get press and links. You can get major press coverage and great backlinks to your site by using HARO too.

Action item: Register as a Reporter on HARO and submit a query. If your site has an Alexa Rank of one million or less, this will be more effective. If it doesn’t, keep cranking away, and you will eventually get there.

Attend networking conferences

When I attend a conference, I like to have an event to invite people to. That means I get all of their cell phone numbers to be able to text them the location and time. It feels exclusive, so people ask if they can invite other people.

When I was at a conference in Vegas, a friend of mine had a complimentary suite. I asked if we could plan something in his suite, and I invited another friend, a mind-reading sword swallower, to join us and bring his swords.

When I was mingling with people and found someone I wanted to further connect with, I said, “I’m putting together a little gathering. There will be a sword swallower and a crazy card game called Cards Against Humanity. Just give me your cell, and I’ll text you the details.”

There were a few millionaires I knew at the conference, and I was able to connect with their friends, who were also millionaires. One of the millionaires I invited was John Hall from Influence and Co, and he brought the alcohol! It cost me zero dollars. Great connections were made, and it was a really fun night.

This strategy is effective because you’ll get to know millionaires on a personal level, which is better than just getting to know them over the Internet. These in-person networking events will help you transform your relationships with successful people from being acquaintances to friends.

Here’s how you can replicate this:

  • Set specific goals – before attending a conference, set goals that describe who you’d like to talk to or how many connections you’d like to make.
  • Meet someone before you go – ideally you want to be friends with a key influencer before you go to the conference. That way you have someone to vouch for you. Find out who is going and start to build that relationship early. When you meet, make a point of meeting that person early in the conference.
  • Get introduced by your successful friend – when you already have one friend that knows others, it’s easier to have them introduce you. It’s harder to walk up to someone successful and build a trusting relationship within minutes.
  • Plan dinners – like my story above, plan a party in a suite or plan a dinner at a restaurant near the conference and invite several people with whom you’d like to connect.  They have to eat too, and having a reservation or arrangements already made so that all they have to do is show up makes it super easy for them.

Action item: Register for and attend at least one networking conference where very successful people will be. You don’t want to be just a conference attendee. You want to connect with the most successful people at the conference.

Use social media

Most millionaires manage their own social media accounts and actually respond on them. Use this as an initial contact to start building a relationship.

Many times I “friend” or add a millionaire on Twitter before I ask to connect. You can start to build a relationship by retweeting or sharing their content. Engage with them first and then connect with them later.

I had a list of amazing millionaires I wanted to connect with, from Gary Vaynerchuk to Dani Johnson. Eventually, I emailed both Gary and Dani, and both ended up saying “yes”.

Introducing yourself on social media first is a great way to get people to recognize your name and face. Once I became known for interviewing millionaires, it became a lot easier to make new connections with the people on my list.

Amy Applebaum, a guest I’ve had on my show twice, found me on Twitter. Her sister connected with me and said she loved what I was doing. We set up a quick chat and have been friends ever since!

This is just one example of the countless connections I’ve made on social media. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn offer a great platform for a first connection.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Leverage Facebook – friend millionaires with whom you have mutual friends.  Normally I send a quick message that says, “I noticed you were friends with so and so too, and I thought it would be cool to connect.” Or “like” their page.  This gives you an initial forum in which to interact.
  • Twitter – follow them on Twitter.  Retweet relevant tweets, share their articles and begin conversations with them by tweeting a question.
  • LinkedIn – join LinkedIn groups they’re a part of and join the conversations.

Action item: Pick one social media outlet and connect with one millionaire.

Pay for their time

Offering people money is a great way to get some of their time.

“Listen, I realize your time is valuable, so I am happy to pay whatever you think is appropriate for an hour of your time even if that’s more than your normal rate. Whatever you feel is appropriate, I am happy to Paypal that to you. Can I get on your calendar in the next two weeks?”

Every single person I emailed responded with:

“That sounds really interesting. Yes, let’s schedule it. As for payment, no need, I’ll do it for free.”

What’s even more interesting is that every time I got on the phone with one of these millionaires, they explained how they appreciated that I respected and valued their time as most people send them email asking for free advice.

I know this sounds like an odd strategy, but it works. When I find there is a millionaire with whom I want to connect and I am not getting traction with the other ways described above, I take it a step further and offer to pay them for their time.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Ask them for their time – if you already have someone in mind, see if they offer one on one time and purchase it. Otherwise, simply email them and use the template above.
  • Use Clarity.fm – If you want to talk to successful people and actually pay by the minute, go to Clarity.fm. That site has very successful people that can give you advice.
  • Be prepared – when time comes for your paid hour, be prepared with the questions you want to ask.  Their time is valuable, and you’ve paid for it, so get the most value for your money.

Action item: Email or look on Clarity.fm for one successful person you have been wanting to get a hold of and offer to pay for his/her time… assuming the other strategies above haven’t worked for you.

Find a mentor

Meeting millionaires is one thing, but being able to call them a friend or mentor is a huge asset. Networking with so many people has offered me many opportunities to go to millionaires and ask for their advice. They check in with me, and I ask strategic questions.

One of the first millionaires that really helped me was Chris Gravagna. I did one interview with him, and we connected after the show talking about his consulting company.

We talked for a long time, and he said if I ever needed help to let him know, and I ended up asking for it later. We spent hours on the phone, and we met in person. He was an invaluable asset when I was starting out.

Mentors are a vital business resource I recommend to everyone.  A mentor is a person who guides and advises you.  This person will also push you forward in your business. Many times, a mentorship emerges out of a business relationship.

Here’s how you can get a mentor:

  • Get connected – meeting more people will provide you with more opportunities to find a mentor, so go out and connect with more people. That way you have more potential mentors.
  • Give first  – depending on your prospective mentor, offer to work for them for free for a certain number of hours per week in exchange for mentoring.
  • Deepen the relationship – you may need to give more in order to deepen the relationship into one where it is appropriate to ask for a mentorship.

Action item: Write a list of at least 10 potential mentors. Check Facebook, search online or ask friends. Connect with them and start building a relationship.

Create your own mastermind group

After one interview with one of the millionaires I met through HARO, we chatted for hours. I mentioned I had created a mastermind group, and he said he was looking for one. Once my group had an opening, we invited him and he has been part of our group for years now.

I am asked all the time how to find a mastermind group. I always suggest creating your own. You then have control of who you invite and the structure of the group.

Select a few people you admire and ask them to be in your group.  It may take a while to get the right group of people, but in the end, this group will help you in many ways. For templates and emails on creating your own mastermind group, check out this Smart Passive Income article on Mentors and Masterminds.

Action item: Commit to creating your own mastermind group with amazingly successful people. Sometimes it’s scary at first to approach people that are at a higher level, but once you have one of them say “yes”, it’s easier to get others to say “yes” too.


So, there you have it: you’ve now learned the 7 ways I have gotten to know over 100 millionaires and how you can do it too.  For me, it was a learning process every step of the way, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without doing each of these things.

Just choose ONE action item from the article and write it down. Just one!  Put it on your To Do list or schedule it in your calendar now.

What do you think? Do you have any tips for meeting millionaires? Leave your thoughts in the comments!


  1. kenneth chooks :

    Wow. This is one your best post( to me). I am going to implement this,as I have been thinking of ways to get “traffic experts” to for my podcast show with me. Since I specialize on getting traffic to any website.

    I will just take a bold step and email as many as I can and I hope to get great responses too.you might just be one of them too, Mr patel.

    Also you really must be disciplined with your time to keep up with your thrice a week posting activities. No other blogger does this. Including myself. 5 star to you

    • First off merry Christmas????????
      My name is Marcus Person and I came across this wonderful add and I really wanna make something of my self now im following the the steps and I’m looking for mentors I jus turned 24 I feel I’m wasting time and I wana change in mylife if any one can help me im trying my hardest if anyone is reading this can u please help me I can be reached Person.marcus@yahoo.com and my phone number is 313 516 7391 can some one help me accomplish goal I want to go to school for Business & Management. I graduated with a 2.8 GPA.I have a twin and we jus wana make something out our lives I want to Own my own businesses A Laundrymat in lowcum in areas try to help out and own a Landscaping business & Constriction business. Can anyone help me thank you so much merry Christmas to All….

  2. kenneth chooks :

    Can I ask you a question?

    Since most bloggers “takes week” before they approve and push a guest post. Won’t it be better for a new blog to write the same unique guest post and submit it to web 2.0 blogs linking them back to his new blog using the keywords he wants to rank for.

    Won’t this be a better idea? For seo. Since you can easily get tens of web2.0 linking to you weekly rather than waiting for ages before the guest post gets published?


  3. Awesome post Neil! This is exactly what I’ve been doing with my interview show Voices Of Marketing. Interviews have started to open up a lot of connections for me and it’s also given me the ability to finally start earning profit online. I’m also a big fan of masterminds myself.

    Look out for an e-mail from me in the near future 🙂

  4. Thanks Jaime! I love this post and I feel like I am trying all of these methods! Hopefully one day you will be asking me for an interview 😉

  5. Akshay Kakkar :

    Now you should write a post on how to start with the mail and deciding the subject of the mail!

  6. Great post! Loved hearing the different ways you have found to connect with millionaires.

    I have had the opportunity to connect with several as well and it is amazing how many will freely share their knowledge for no charge. We sometimes put up the mental barrier that they don’t want to share their knowledge (especially to someone super young like me) but they are generally eager to share what they know.

    Interviews are great where you can learn a ton but like you mentioned if you are able to continue the relationship beyond the first interview then that is where tremendous value comes.

  7. Joel Mwakasege :

    Wow this is just wow,I remember one of Neil post saying you should target Millionaires that’s how he started building his businesses =.

    Again you bring this to the table, this is very do able. And I love the there is summary in every point outlined.

    Definitely will keep doing it, had five Millionaires already off my list, adding more.

  8. I read this fast and realize this was written by Jamie, my bad. I read this a bit quick!

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  11. Ujjwal Keumar Sen :

    Hi, Neil

    These seven ways are very good, few of them I am using but the most important one I did not do, that is attending conferences.

    On going I will do it, I hope it will help me too like you did have been, Thanks.

  12. Your vision is grand! Thank you for all the great information. Also, please inbox me as I would like to do a project with you.

  13. Prasad Kopanati :

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this article. The great thing about it the actionable items such as email templates. If I may ask a question – what would be your follow up email (or response) when you get a “no” from a person and how many times would try to convince before giving up?

    Thanks for sharing wonderful insights.

  14. Thanks Kenneth! I actually wrote this as a guest post for Neil.
    It’s way easier than I thought to get huge guests on my show. Good luck, I’m sure you can do it too! 🙂

  15. I can’t wait! In fact I’m setting up a system so you can tell me your goal date and we’ll schedule an interview for then (even if it’s 2030!)

  16. Jaime, this is so cool.
    Only recently have I committed to making a mastermind of this sort. But I am not a part of any mastermind and I find it somewhat — here’s that word — embarrassing to ask people whom I look up to.
    But this article is the feather on this camel’s back — this thing’s going down! God willing 🙂

    Thanks again.

    P.S. Thanks Niall for publishing this here. Them be sprouting quickly now. 😉

  17. Oh I have loads of advice on this one. Many people have said no to me at first. (Seth Godin and Andrew Warner both said no at first, yet I was able to build a relationship with them and actually get them on my show.)

    Don’t just email them a thousand times.
    For Andrew, I got a high level guest post and asked if I could include him in it (they had over 200,000 subscribers) We ended up chatting on the phone and I asked him to come on my show then. (instead of emailing him over and over, give first, then ask!)

  18. Woo! Can’t wait to see the results. (Make sure you email me about it- I’d love to hear a follow up!)

  19. Neil didn’t write the post :/

    Step 1: Pay attention.

  20. Stuart McLeod :

    Great post Jamie and sound advice,

    I look forward to following your material over at eventualmillionaire.com

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    Nice, love the Action Items below each segment. Would like to see more of this!

    karl s

  22. Yet another awesome piece Neil. Interviewing is just an awesome thing to approach the media, and community. I interviewed an artist back in 2008 – the first time!

    BTW, thanks for sharing awesome information about the planning, and ideas. Especially, HARO! 🙂

    • Hamza, glad you liked the post. Interviewing is definitely a great way to bring up points that you would have never thought of on your own 🙂

  23. Jaime, great post! Loved the “Pay for their time” tip.

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  27. Great stuff — I have looked into HARO and I actually wonder if it’s worth it… so let’s say I sign up, is there actually a chance that I’ll be used in an article?

  28. Very good – I have a whole speech on that – with templates and everything. I got MSN, Fox Business, Success Magazine and many more from Haro when I first started!


  29. Dude, this blog post wasn’t written by Neil. It was by a guest lol

  30. Audra Carpenter :

    LOVE LOVE THIS! Great list and action items to follow-up. Wish more marketers/leaders in the space would do this. For folks just getting started, its awesome to hear about the successes for motivation, drive and focus, but so many of them just need step 2, 3 and 4.

    Well done! Love to share some of your content with my community Jaime!

    p/s thanks so much to our wonderful host NEIL PATEL…without you I wouldn’t be continually challenged to learn more!

  31. This is definitely exciting. Rest assured I am going to try this out. Thank you for this article.

  32. Dear Neil,
    I am wrong or this guest post is completely off-topic for quicksprout?
    Really, I cant find the link between the post and the usual content that you post and we -as your subscribers- are hooked to.

    Hope not this comment is very rude.



    • Pablo, it’s not rude. It is honest feedback. I just wanted to show that sometimes following someone else’s blueprint can get you to point B from point A in a more efficient manner 🙂

  33. Jamie, you’re the best!!

    However …

    What if you want contact with millionaires from places other than the US? (I’m not interested in Fox Business, Success Mag, MSN, etc).

    I’m interested in contact resources for the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Dubai, Johannesburg, places like that.

    Do you have any recommendations on resources for connecting with millionaires in these places?

    LOVE your list, by the way. It’s SO actionable!

    Blessed Be!

  34. Jaime, I mean. I sincerely aplogise for misspelling your name.


  35. Okay, my computer’s playing tricks on me.

    apologise … embarrassed …


    My original question remains. …

    Continued Heart Blessings,

  36. Joshua Uebergang :

    Guest posts often bring with it relationships. Secondly, you’ll probably get more direct traffic from a good guest post than 10 web 2.0 properties. Thirdly, SEO is not about the quality of links. Fourthly, don’t do one or the other. Diversify!

  37. Matthew Kuehlhorn :

    Awesome. Jaime, great post. I have watched many of your shows and appreciate the insights I gain every time.

    Keep up the great work. Thanks for the inspiration.

  38. Sean Roulston :

    This was awesome. I always coach that success comes through relationships…and there is a ton of value and actionable content here.

    Thanks for the post!

  39. A great guest post, Neil! Loved how Jamie shared some (simple) actionable steps.

    Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

  40. By the way, I’ve had the utmost pleasure of talking on Skype to Chris Brogan and “old fashioned” mobile phone to Julien Smith. Given that I am in Lahore and both of these guys have been amazingly helpful proves your point Jaime… people are generally willing to help.

    Also, I wouldn’t want to “pay to join a mastermind”. It sounds weird. But a lot of useful stuff sounds weird.

    Is paying to join – or asking people who join to pay – a good idea? Any thoughts / experiences on “Free vs Paid” ?

  41. hi neil,

    Great post by Jaime. I have not seen his shows but i guess he is expert in his field. His language and confidance on his topic make this post more impressive. But i think you should change your mindset if you want more traffic than you should interview famous person not only rich person. Basically this is my idea only.

    • Diwaker great points. Jamie is actually a she 🙂 . You touched on some great stuff though. It’s easy to succeed when you have a blueprint!

  42. Hey Neil! Great post, and so approachable/doable too! I had the opportunity to go to some awesome events- actually one where you would soon be speaking, as a matter of fact! Lack of confidence held me back if I’m honest, which is weird as I know many successful people and am seen as successful myself. I have a list of people who agreed to be to interviewed/collaborate but I stupidly held back! A credibility thing I think- I was told by a media expert (paraphrased)-‘why would they give you the time of day’. What would you advise around feeling intimidated and how to overcome it? And how to structire an interview- what to ask!
    Thank you :))

  43. hey neil! great post and very doable!! I was actually going to an awesome event where you would be soon speaking!! How do you get over the feeling of intimidation and what do you ask in an interview? thank you!!

  44. ravi janardhan :

    Hi Neil,

    Though it’s your post only…having missed about guest blogger intro…!

    Awesome, thanks for helping out with such useful content.

  45. Neil, this is a wonderful guest post. Thanks for having Jaime over. I know this is about connecting with millionaires, but I have learned a few things about marketing as well.
    Great post.

  46. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the info….I’ve been cracking my brain on doing something unusual apart from the new blogging service I recently set up. I think it will be an excellent idea interviewing and connecting with millionaires in my country ( at least as a start up).

    Thanks Neil.

  47. Dare – the amount of millionaire friends and mentors I have found in this process has been amazing. 🙂 Good luck!

  48. Awesome David! Thanks 🙂

  49. Farah – do it over and over and over again. I was nervous at first, now it’s just old hat. I’m used to it, so it’s not a big deal! 🙂

  50. If they already said yes- you did the hard part!
    Then just set up a interview time. If you feel unprepared, just set it for a date farther in the future. (that way you have plenty of time to prep) And then just do it.
    My first few interviews sucked 🙂
    For the structure, it depends on what your audience wants. I was very structured at first because I didn’t know what I was doing.
    Now I go with the flow, but I ask the same last question every time.
    I actually did a whole speech on how to create interviews too- this might help!


  51. Momekh – I personally don’t usually do paid masterminds. I create my own, but I have friends that pay for high level masterminds. It’s always up to you, but I like to create my own and have control!

  52. Hi Neil, I just wanted to quickly say “thank you” for sharing all your info with us for free on your blog. I have a background in online communications, but online marketing is a whole new playfield and since I work by myself as a freelancer/blogger I don’t really have people “above” me to help me out or to guide me. Your website helps me a lot by keeping me up to date about new strategies and opportunities, this is very motivating for me. After reading this article, I’m going to look for a mentor, even if it’s just someone online that inspires me. So a big thank you from The Netherlands!

    • Sophie, glad you enjoyed the article. Jamie actually wrote it and put it together. Please let me know if you need help with anything. Looking forward to hearing more from you 🙂

  53. Hey Jaime

    Great post and its gave me some idea for blog posts that we could do for You and Your Money.. as our visitors are already looking for finance tips etc so what could be better than someone that has already achieved it showing them how its done.



  54. Michael Kawula :

    Jaime you rock, amazing all 7…definitely the last.

    I’ve had masterminds but have found the best value in having a Coach …(and a darn good one)

    Do you feel Masterminds should have an end date?

    I ask this because as Mr. Jim Rohn states and other successful entrepreneurs we always want to model & associate with those we’re aspiring to be. Once there do we move up?

    Love this – Mike

  55. Jamie, I only very recently came across your interviews on YouTube (I think the first one I watched was with MJ DeMarco) but I absolutely love your style; it’s somehow both laid-back and to the point. I’ll definitely be watching more.

    The part in the post about interviews resonated with me because I’ve also been really shocked at how willing and happy most people are to be interviewed. I literally started my blog only a few weeks ago and, when I first started requesting interviews, I only had a crappy landing page up. I was shaking in my boots, utterly convinced that everyone would either ignore me or tell me to go jump. So, it was amazing to get really great feedback and almost everyone I’ve asked has agreed to be interviewed. Now, I’m not targeting millionaires like you because my blog is a food blog but rather prominent chefs, who are still crazily busy and often travel a lot, meaning juggling is needed and they can be a challenge to get a hold of.

    As for the other strategies, I signed up to HARO a while back and think there are definitely opportunities across a wide range of areas. Nothing has come up for me yet but I still think it’s worth it because it only takes one good mention to make a huge difference.

    As for conferences, I need to do this more. A lot more! And I’m still figuring out how to effectively use social media in a way that’s not spammy.

    Thanks again Jamie!

  56. Ajith Edassery :

    Hmm.. not sure what’s the take away from this post. Knowing 100 millionaires is one thing – which is probably good – and becoming one is another. I would have preferred the latter or tips leading to the same 🙂

  57. Ajith, I’ve got lots of tips on that too. (I only interview millionaire business owners, and I ask them exactly how they got there.)
    But having a network of millionaires is HUGELY valuable. (business partnerships, introductions to others etc)

  58. Great ideas, thanks Jaime!

    One totally unrelated thing that bugged me though: add a target=”_blank” to the out links please ;).


  59. Havana Nguyen :

    Dude, yesss! Thank you SO much for this. Been scribbling so many ideas from this. We appreciate you sharing your experiences!

  60. I admire you man; you just showed what’s possible when you set your mind to it.

    I will say though that I don’t think anyone can get up one day and do the same. It takes various previous efforts of pushing your comfort zone to be able to do this.

    But to know the how and that it is possible helps a ton!

  61. Howard Davidson :

    Excellent post. I think that we can contact Millionaires by having good reference too. We can ask our friends or relatives that we want to meet them and in this way we can meet as well.

  62. Howard, I did try that route first! But none of my friends or family knew any millionaires 🙂

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    Nice Article Neil, content in the post is well written and formatted. It language used is very easy to be understand.


  64. Just noticed that! Jamie you rock!

    I really liked your fear post, I left a comment and I will be back!

  65. Jaime, I love your post, thank you so much for such great tips. I have used HARO for years (most recently through Vocus) and I can testify to how much of an asset it is to growing your personal brand (as I have helped many clients do the same – with this resource as part of the driving force). Another thing I love about your suggestions is that when you attend networking functions you actually invite them to other events! What a brilliant idea! Would you mind if I shared your tips with my students? I currently teach 3 different Marketing Courses at the Centre for Arts and Technology and I am certain these would be well appreciated words of wisdom. P.S. If you would ever consider being a guest speaker for us too – I would love to engage the idea. You can find me a cijaye dot com. Thanks again.

  66. Lenny Ramirez :

    This stuff WORKS guys! Act on it! Thank you Jamie for sharing your hard learned lessons. Appreciated.

    One day I’ll have a beer with Neil 😀

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    Nice post, I know some millionaires as well but it doesn’t help my business, maybe because I don’t want them to help me.
    I don’t have a very good experience with them. Its all about money and how they will rip you off. You can do everything you want but at the end of the day, they will never let you succeed like they have. That’s my experience.

  68. uhm…I think these 7 ways is so cool. It’s so hard to combine all ways to do at the same time but if I just follow some of them well, I can improve my millionairess status day by day. It’s worth to try!

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    The thing is…I’ve never even thought of that! And I’ve never thought it’s so easy=) It’s like step-by-step instruction how to get acquainted with millionaires.

    Great thanks for amazing advices!

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    Thanks for these Quotes . its interresting.


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    Informative article, ?ust what I needed.

  73. That was excellent information. Just wondering if there was a difference in the attitude you received from self made 1st generation millionaires and millionaires that inherited theirs? Were they both equally willing to talk with you if the there was no monetary payback incentive or publicity for them. I am friends with various kinds of millionaires and some love to share their knowledge and others guard their privacy too much or want to be paid to talk with random strangers. I understand and respect both. What was your experience?

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    I want to interview many experts for my blog. But I am worried about how to make the interviews value rich.

    Here are my main concerns:

    1. How do I come up with great questions? Like do you use any template?

    2. Also should I ask the same questions every time, I think it would get stale. That makes me come to the next question and that is how do I come up with unique and great questions every time?

    • Anoop, you should definitely think of questions and create a basic template. However, cater questions to the individuals you interview.

  78. Hey Neil, this post is about 3 years old now, do you think theres anything in it that has changed or theres come up a better way to do things?

    Also using HARO, i didn’t understand dose it work in the sense i make a post on there asking to interview a Millionaire, but how do exactly do it? Is it that i have a little Chat/Call with him/her and i just write down important things and then post it somewhere or do i create like a Podcast? Also the fact i’m 15 i don’t know how an interview with a millionaire who is most probably an adult in his mid 30 would go like..

    And finally can you tell me how you used iTunes to meet Millionaires?
    Beacouse you say “I didn’t know where to start… so I went to iTunes and looked up the word “millionaire”.” as there are no profile type things? And iTunes is a Music,Movie,Podcast ect.. type of Program.

    Well thats all, hope you can get back to me as soon as possible!

    • Watch videos of people interviewing successful people, including millionaires on youtube. Watch people like Barbara Walters and notice the questions she asks. Then email people and ask them if you can interview them for your blog /or podcast.

      • Ok thanks!
        Oh by the way, do you recommend any specific Websites to upload/stream Podcasts?
        I was thinking of doing it on Youtube but there could be better websites.
        Also do you think people wont want to talk to me as much since im just a teen?

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