How to Create a Popular Infographic


You already know infographics work. The question is: how can you create one that will be popular? If you are like me, you probably don’t have a design bone in your body. But don’t worry; that shouldn’t stop you.

When I first started creating infographics, I used to hire firms like Column Five, who are great at creating them. The cost, however, was just a bit too high for a startup. So eventually, I had to learn the whole process from A to Z.

Here are the steps you need to follow to create a popular infographic:

Step #1: Find your data source

The most important element in creating an infographic is your data source. It doesn’t matter how pretty your graphic may be. If the data within the graphic sucks, it won’t do well.

So how do you find good data sources? The easiest way is to browse all the blogs within your space and look for the ones that have data within them. From there, sort the posts by the number of tweets and likes. The posts that contain the most data and are the most popular tend to be the ones that do well as an infographic.

If you can’t find popular posts that are data rich, you’ll have to come up with your own ideas and find your own data sources. Sure you can try to hire someone on oDesk to help you out, but they probably won’t do a great job.

You yourself are going to have to create data sets through research or hire a professional blogger for a few hundred bucks to create the data set for you. You can usually find these bloggers by posting a job listing on Problogger.

Step #2: Finding a designer

Everyone has their own opinion on what a great infographic looks like. So, how do you find a designer that can please everyone? Sadly, you can’t please everyone, but you can please the majority.

The thing with designers is that their biggest critics are other designers. So if you can find a designer that other designers love, you’ll be in good hands.

Through sites like Dribbble and Behance, you can search for the word “infographic” to find designers who know how to create infographics. You can then look to see which ones have the most likes, favorites and comments as those designers are most likely respected by other designers.

Once you have a list, hit them up and ask how much it would cost for them to create an infographic. Most of them won’t have a flat rate; instead, they will have an hourly rate of $50 to $85. It may seem like a lot of money, but they can typically create a graphic within 5 to 7 hours. So you should only be paying anywhere from $250 to $595 per graphic.

Step #3: Create a wireframe

Before you create an infographic, you need to lay out the data points into a story. Each data point should flow into the next one. And there should only be 6 main points/parts to the graphic, or else it will be too data rich.

What I’ve found is that when a graphic has 6 main data points, it tends to get more tweets compared to infographics that have 5 or 7 main data points.

tweets by data points

Once you’ve laid out the data, you now need to work with your designer to think of ways to represent the data in a visual format that is easy to understand. Whether it is through graphs, drawings or visual examples, the data points need to be really easy to understand. If they aren’t, it defeats the point of creating an infographic.

After you’ve laid it all out, you want to give this set of requirements to your designer:

  1. Infographics need to be vertical – by analyzing 100 horizontally designed infographics versus 100 vertically design graphics, I found that vertical graphics are tweeted 28.9% more and are 41.7% more likely to be embedded into other websites. If you think about it, it makes sense… most websites are designed vertically, not horizontally. That’s why most people prefer embedding vertical infographics.
  2. Use complementary colors – graphics that use complimentary colors versus a lot of random colors tend to get 14.1% more tweets and 10.6% more likes.
  3. Use large fonts – although this seems like common sense, a lot of designers try to cram a lot of information in a graphic by reducing font size. Graphics with large fonts tend to get 38.5% more tweets and 54% more likes.
  4. Use custom illustrations – when your designer uses illustrations to explain the data versus simple graphs and charts, the infographic tends to get 52.7% more tweets and 72.8% more likes.
  5. Go 3D – you don’t have to do this, but if you are able to create your illustrations in 3D, like this graphic and this one, they are more likely to be shared around the web. The only issue is that it costs around $4000 to produce a 3D infographic, which is a bit too expensive when you think about how many visitors and links an infographic usually generates. On the flip side, you could have your designer learn how to create 3D infographics versus outsourcing it.
  6. Include your logo – infographics can really help brand your company. Make sure you include your logo somewhere on the graphic. If you also got your data from a 3rd party source, make sure you cite the URLs at the bottom of the graphic.

Step #4: Come up with a headline

No matter how good your data or infographic is, if the title of your infographic sucks, no one will read it. It’s impossible for me to come up with a title for your infographic, but I can teach you what works best.

Nathan Safran recently wrote a blog that broke down what headlines people click on the most.


As you can see from the image above, 36% of the people prefer number-based headlines. A good example of this is “15 ways to boost your search engine traffic”. 21% of the people prefer reader-addressing headlines like “Why you ought to boost your search engine traffic”. And 17% prefer how-to headlines such as “How to increase your search engine traffic”.

Based on this data, you should ideally create number-based or reader-addressing headlines for your infographics.

Even when you break down the results by gender, it’s still clear that people prefer number-based headlines:

gender headlines

Hopefully that helps you come up with a headline, but if you are still struggling, follow tip number 1 in this blog post.

Step #5: Promotion

Before you start promoting your infographic, make sure you create an embed code so that people can easily share the infographic on their websites. If you are using WordPress, you can use the embed code generator plugin.

Once you have an embed code, you should create a list of all the blogs that write about topics related to your infographic. Once you have a list, you should email each of them using this simple template:

Subject: [insert the name of your infographic] infographic

Hey [insert their first name],

I hope your [insert the day] is going well. I noticed your blog and thought you might want to check out this infographic we just rolled out about [insert the topic of your infographic]. Check it out when you have a minute and let me know what you think.

[insert url]

The Embed code is located under the infographic for an easy copy and paste (just in case you wan to share it with your readers)

Thanks for taking a look! Hope it was of interest to you,

[insert your name]

The template above may seem boring, but roughly 8% of the people you email should be embedding your infographic. If you can’t get at least 8%, it either means your infographic isn’t that great or that you are emailing sites that are too big like Huffington Post. You should ideally be targeting blogs that have a PageRank of 6 or lower as those blogs are more likely run by 1 individual versus a company that moves really slow.

In addition to that template, you can also submit your infographic to the following directories:

Lastly, you should use the search feature on Twitter to find users who tweet about topics related to your infographic and direct-message them asking if they could tweet your infographic to their audience. Most of these users will ignore your direct message, but around 5% of them will tweet it to their audience. If you are unable to get 5% to tweet it, it means that your infographic isn’t great or that you are direct-messaging users with over 10,000 followers. As long as you direct-message people with under 10,000 followers, you’ll be fine.


By following the steps above you should be able to create an infographic that does well. And if you create a few infographics that don’t go viral, don’t worry about it. It usually takes a few tries to get it right even if you know what you are doing.

Learn from your audience as they may prefer infographics on certain topics over others. As long as you do this, you should be able to generate traffic and backlinks to each of your infographics.

What other tips do you have to create a popular infographic?


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    I’ve been creating infographics for a while now and this is definitely useful information. Couple of resources in there I’ve never used either so I’ll have to check them out. Thanks Neil!

  3. Oswaldo Zapata M. :

    Hi Neil, Thanks for sharing your experience with all of us. I like particularly your suggestion “Include your logo”. Just now I was sharing an infographic on Twitter and I couldn’t find who created it 🙁 I could have promoted their brand … for free and they forgot to include their logo or website. What a shame! Thanks again Neil.

  4. Great post, Neil! How about if someone wants to try it out with no experts or professionals to take part in it? How about creating it by your own? I think we can make it, no?

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    • Thanks for reading. I think you should really research on your own as infographic sites have a wide variety of niches.

  6. Thanks for the info Neil. I use Killer Sales Design for my infographics. They have good price points and offer unlimited projects per month (as long as its only 2 at a time).

    We’ve just made our latest infographic, and from reading this blog post, I’m pretty confident we hit all the points. However, I’d love to read intelligent feedback from others. I linked to it from my name, feel free to offer constructive criticism 🙂

  7. Lawyer James :

    We were just sitting here at the office thinking about creating some infographics for our category.

    Most people aren’t using the techniques in our niché that I see people in this category using.

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  8. Vivek Kumar Poddar :

    Thank you so much, I am just going to create a inforgraphics and I have collected all the required data ( its based on WordPress ), but don’t know which company or digital agency I should hire. Do you have any recommendations.

    Once again, thanks for your valuable suggestions.

    • Vivek, there are a number of agencies out there. One I have had a lot of success with and I work closely with is

    • Hi Vivek,

      If you’re on a budget, I suggest Killer Sales Design. We pay $200 per month, but we manage to squeeze out a lot of design work from them, like infographics, ad images, social media profile images, etc.

      Heres the link to their site. Don’t be put off by the old school design of their homepage, they actually do know design 🙂

      • I spoke with them today and they said they only design infographics on their gold plan and up, which starts at $599 per month. The lite plan is $199, but it’s extra to have an infographic developed.

        • Hmm… not sure what’s going on there. We are on the lite plan, and we get infographics included with that plan. Looks like there’s an information gap somewhere…. Could you try talking to someone else?

      • Hi Bryan,
        Are they still in business? Maybe at a different URL? Cuz that link goes to a foreign page with no English options.


  9. Check the digital design essentials book(amazon best seller) to learn the design guidelines and best practices for infographics design.

    posting it again because the above website link is broken

  10. Sanjay Shenoy :

    Great post Neil.

    Visually is one more website where you can make some decent infographics. Of course, having a professional designer will benefit you more than visually but if some one is on a tight budget Visually should be a good start, they ahve some pretty good templates also.

    • Sanjay, they are a pretty good website. Thanks for the heads up 🙂

      • Sanjay Shenoy :

        Glad to be of help Neil. You might also want to know that their in house designers can design you one for $999 here :

        The best part is your infographic is shared on their website and their social media accounts. If you have got the right design and data I think you can hit a home run with that.

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    I’d be glad to give my $0.02 with no cost involved 😉

    • Pratik, thanks for the heads up and offer of assistance. I’ll go through and double check them, no assistance required 🙂

  14. Ananthakrishnan :

    Hey Neil.Read your post and I have to say thank to being so detailed about it.But I do have a suggestion for data sources.Google plus communities,if utilized correctly can give you the much needed data you need.For example,when I posted a question on how to know the time schedule for posts on a marketing community,I got a load of shares and +1s.So I decided to put up an infographic on the subject and it instantly bacame a hit.I hope you consider adding this to your post.

    • Thanks for the tip. In my experience I have seen similar results. Suggestive data really goes a long way!

  15. Do you attached a keyword attached to your infographics to link back or as link bait?

    How about data sources? If I’ve done my research but the data sources are already presented as a post by another author do you redo it as infographics and seek permission from that author or just link back as courtesy?

    I’ve got another great idea on recycle the infographics. Just cut the points into slides and use Camstasia and post as youtube videos.


    • I don’t attach a keyword.

      I just use their data and cite them within the infographic. I rarely ask for permission.

      You can do that as well or you can just create video infographics.

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    • Maria Peagler :

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    One thing that I don’t like about most infographics is that they are too data-centric. Too much stats and data can make the infographic seems boring.

    I think an infographic is more compelling and it tells a story using a combination of data, stats, images, and illustration. The secret is to organize the flow of information and data and at the same time, tell a story as well as include some takeaway messages.

    We recently did an inforgraphic on Internet privacy. Orginally, the designer made it very data intensive. After adding the images and cartoons, it tells a better story. You can see it here,

    • Peter, that looks awesome. Great points I think storytelling is very important for any piece of content. It’s great to have a good flow and data to support your claims.

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    It’s best to stick at what you’re good at and outsource the rest, right? 🙂

    Thanks for creating this detailed guide. I’m sure many of your readers will find it helpful.

    This isn’t my first time visiting your blog, Neil; but it is my first time leaving a comment. I just want to say that you’re doing a great job here and the content that you deliver is always top notch. I appreciate all that you do and all the effort that you put forth to help us. 🙂

    I’ll be sure to share this piece with my social circle.

    Keep the great content coming and I look forward to connecting with you more soon. 🙂


    • Ti, glad I could help. I really think infographics will help push the needle for any firm you are involved in. You bring up some great points about viral traffic. I think if the images are catchy and have great data they can really drive a substantial amount of traffic to your site. To answer your question: yes, outsourcing is best. I like people who are great at creating infographics to make them 🙂

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    • That’s a great tip. Designers looking to build their resumes might have more reasonable prices and you won’t necessarily be sacrificing quality. I was looking at this post and the price seems a bit steep.

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    Is there anyone that you know of in your forum that you can recommend that I can contract these tasks to. Ive done it manually before and it helped us rank #1 on Google for competitive terms in our local area, but we’re trying to scale and I can’t do it all by myself.

    Let me know if you know of anything please. Thanks.

  92. Hi Neil

    Thanks and need to get started on this.

    One quick question regarding Panda though, if we post this on our blog with no or very little text should we noindex the post as it could be considered thin content?

    I think a lot of supporting text on the page(not infographic) would spoil the impact.

    Thanks Dan

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    • There are two big problems… the first is that there isn’t a normal intro/heading to the infographic that leads people into the data points.

      Secondly the flow isn’t that great. It’s not bad, but the transitions from one data point to the next could be better.

      Hope that helps.

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    What tips would you recommend if you are creating one on your own? Thanks!

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    • Willow this article can help with your question:

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    Hey Neil,
    If you could ballpark it, how many email addresses do you think you send that promotional email out to per infographic?

  113. Hey Neil,
    How about using the templates from themeforest? I mean not the entire infographic but some elements? Once I have a rough wireframe (this is your suggestion by the way which I have been following) that I make using Pencil, I purchase 3-4 graphics from themeforest that more or less relevant to my idea. Next I use Photoshop to strip the elements and use those to create the final graphic. May not be a creative way…but at least my customers are happy.

    • Shomik, that definitely sounds like a feasible solution.

      IF you could outline that step by step and make a blog posts out of it that would be helpful for all 🙂

  114. There are some really nice and informative post . However, I’ve found that the engagement with static infographics is bit low .
    I’ve had a bit of success creating interactive pieces. They take a lot more time, and a lot more budget, but the outcome is often far greater.

    • Shiwam, I agree that the interactive infographics would a lot more engaging. There also typically a lot more expensive to create and take a bit longer, which is why I prefer the static.

  115. Thank you so much for all the amazing, informative and engaging posts you share with us!! 

    Even though it’s going to be a challenge creating my own infographics , I think—with your tips—I’ll survive 🙂 (I have experience with photoshop and I like challenges:D ) 

    Thank you again, Neil.

    • That or you can use some of the services out there like piktochart to help you get started. Let me know how it works out for you.

  116. Thanks for this amazing guide. I an going to get an info-graphic made for me very soon. I’ll post the results once it’s up.

    • You’re welcome Michael! Keep me updated and also let me know if there’s anything else specific I can help you with.

  117. Hi Neil,

    Great post, but I still have one vital question. Should I ask to put backlink to my website in e-mail when presenting my content? or it is a rule in general to place the link somewhere when sharing infographic and I don’t need to mention it. From the one side the person, who will share my infographic with my brandname and logo, will promote my website in some way. But from the other side, my aim is to get some good backlinks.

    I do it in this way. I put into my embed code the phrase “Please, don’t forget to include attribution to “my url”” before the info-picture. Should I even do this? What would you advise?


    • Usually you just put it in the post and if they don’t link back, you can just follow up and ask politely.
      Make it easy by providing them with an embed code

  118. Hi Neal

    There is also an option to hot link your infographic from other site like imgur so that it doesn’t eat your hosting bandwidth.

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