30 Quick Content Marketing Tips Every Marketer Needs to Know

content marketing

You already know content marketing is the new SEO. So, what are you waiting for? Might as well go out there and start blogging so you can get more search traffic, right?

Creating a content marketing strategy isn’t as easy as it may seem. You can’t just throw hundreds of articles up on the web and expect them magically to rank well on Google.

Yes, understanding that you should be leveraging content marketing is the right first step, but before you launch your campaign, there are a few things you ought to know:

30 quick content marketing tips

  1. Writing content is only half the battle. The other half is promoting your content. You should spend as much time promoting your content as you do writing it.
  2. Content that is at least 2,000 words tends to rank a lot higher on Google than content that is less than 2,000 words.
  3. Content isn’t king; great content is king. You can’t just pop up thousands of articles that are mediocre, or even good, and expect to do well. You should only put out great content.
  4. Content doesn’t come just in the form of a text. You can leverage videos, photos, infographics, comics or any other type of content that your mind can come up with. At KISSmetrics, infographics provide a better ROI than any other form of content.
  5. Don’t expect content marketing to produce a “direct” ROI. It can help you increase your sales, but more so indirectly. For example, someone may read your blog and decide that they love your content so much that they are going to try your product or service.
  6. If you run your own company, it’s pretty easy to convince yourself that you should be leveraging content marketing. If you have a boss, it can be difficult, especially because there isn’t a short-term ROI. So, what should you do? This guide will help you convince your boss.
  7. Content marketing isn’t like link building in which you can start and stop whenever you want. If you start it, you have to continually do it even if you are tired and want to stop. As you can see from this article, being inconsistent caused my traffic to drop by 21%.
  8. Days, weeks or even months won’t produce results that you will be happy with. Be prepared to put in at least one solid year before you start seeing results from content marketing.
  9. If you have trouble coming up with titles, try this title generator or follow this headline formula as a starting point.
  10. When writing blog posts, don’t write them like you would write a school paper. Write as if you were having a conversation with your friends. Essays put people to sleep; conversations keep people engaged.
  11. The best form of textual content isn’t one that is time-based or news-related. Evergreen content – information that will still be relevant one, two or even five years from now – produces the best long-term results.
  12. Whether you are blogging on your own blog or someone else’s, make sure you are using Google Authorship as it can help brand you and build up your author rank over the long haul.
  13. When coming up with titles for your blog post, try to please both people and search engines. Think of a title that intrigues people and seems like something people would type in when searching Google.
  14. The easiest way to drive traffic to any form of content is through social media. Make sure you spend time building your Twitter and Facebook profiles.
  15. Content marketing shouldn’t take place only on your own site. Make sure you implement a guest blogging strategy as it is a great way to build links and traffic.
  16. Don’t be a link whore. Link out to other sites within your content. It doesn’t matter if it is your competition; link out to those who benefit the reader the most. This will help other sites to notice you, encourage them to share your content and potentially even link back.
  17. The best way to get people to continually come back and read your content is through emails. Collect people’s email addresses and notify them when you have a new blog post.
  18. Not all content is equal. Some content will produce better results for you than others. Test different content types to see what appeals to your audience. For Quick Sprout, guides create better results than anything else.
  19. If you want more social traffic to your content, try Social Metrics PRO. It will track all of your content and show you which posts performed the best on each social site. This way you can write more of the content that people love.
  20. I’ve found that the most effective way to convert blog readers into customers is through webinars. This may or may not work for you, but it is something to test. Just make sure you collect people’s information before the webinar and do a soft pitch within the webinar.
  21. If you are having trouble creating content, there are templates that can help you get started.
  22. If you create infographics to gain traffic and backlinks, don’t forget to have embed codes at the bottom of each graphic. Graphics without embed codes garner only 1/3 of the links compared to the graphics with the code.
  23. Don’t expect content marketing to help you rank for head terms; it’s a long tail strategy. Quick Sprout gets over 90% of its search traffic from long tail keywords. Similarly, KISSmetrics generates over 91% of its search traffic from long tail keywords.
  24. Before you start your content marketing efforts, you should create a content calendar. By planning what content you are going to create and when you are going to release it, you will ensure that you’ll continually grow.
  25. There is a formula to creating viral content. All you have to do is follow it to maximize your success.
  26. The worst type of content you could create is duplicate content. Taking other people’s content and putting it on your site or regurgitating the same old information will not benefit anyone. Take the time and effort to create something great.
  27. If you are looking for a few inspiring places to spark your creativity, check out PinterestStorify, LinkedIn Signal or follow a few hashtags on Twitter to see what your audience is up to.
  28. User-generated content is one of the best ways to scale your content marketing. Examples range from a forum to a question-and-answer site or even something as custom as YouMoz. Whatever form you decide to do, make sure you moderate user-generated content because once your users start creating mediocre or spammy content, it can actually do a lot of harm.
  29. People aren’t reading content just on their computers or laptops. Make sure your content is compatible with tablets and mobile phones. There will be an estimated 788 million mobile-only Internet users by 2015. That means you need to have your site and content compatible with all devices.
  30. The easiest way to build up your social profiles is to convert your readers into fans. Check out the tactic Wetpaint uses in step 3 of this article; it’s very effective.


The SEO game has changed drastically in the last year. The one thing you can learn from all of the changes is that short-term tactics that trick algorithms won’t be too effective in the long run.

Instead of focusing on building spammy links or cheating your way to the top of the rankings, try using long-term techniques. And the best long-term strategy I know is content marketing.

Writing or creating great information that always benefits your readers will continue to be valuable, no matter what algorithm changes Google or Bing decide to make.

So what other content marketing tips can you share?


  1. Rohit Palit :

    Awesome article as always, Neil.

    I’m kind of skeptical about Google Authorship and Google’s Rich Snippets testing tool. It shows that my posts do indeed have authorship markup, but authorship doesn’t work in SERPs for my blog posts.

    • Rohit, hmm let me look into it. You may need to have a more solid linking strategy in place.

      • Carmen Rane Hudson :

        As I understand it, Google sort of makes the decision whether to show it or not and it’s rather beyond the control of the individual person. However, I’d assume if Google knows it is your content it will contribute to your Author Rank whether it always shows up in the SERPs or not.

        • Rohit Palit :

          That makes sense.
          Google shows my face in SERPs for the link to my G+ profile. Earlier, I was having an instagrammed pic as the profile picture across all my social media profiles. I thought it might create issues with Google’s policy of ‘clear head snaps’. I changed the G+ pic to a simpler one, but that doesn’t do me any good either.
          Whatever reason it is, it’s fine as long as they eventually show author-info for my posts…

      • Rohit Palit :

        Thanks, I’ll try that. I’ve been thinking about it for a while.

    • @Rohit Palit: I think google authorship is going to become pretty large in the near future. It seems that if you find an author and spend a minute or two reading their articles, the search engine results will cater to you having read that author and in turn make more of their articles relevant.

    • Sheriece Strickland :

      Yes, Rohit. Neil always produce quality stuff like this. I really liked the point that content doesn’t mean text article only. It can be anything like video, infographic and more.


  2. Thomas Oppong :

    You are definitely right Neil. Great content is king, unfortunately people spend time to write great content but do nothing to get it out there. I have recently invested time and resource in promoting my content. The blogging battle can only be won with a two edged sword. Great piece of writing and a strategic content promotion.

  3. Hi Niel,
    A great list of stuff, thanks very much! I’ll have a read of some of this over the weekend and blitz it next week with my new found knowledge.


  4. Kumar Gauraw :


    These are some great tips. Some of the tips you shared I have followed through your blog posts and received tremendous success.

    Thank you for always adding value!

  5. Content useful like always. I don’t want to say this but there are links in the post, that are probably paid 🙂

    I am just being honest.


  6. Mind blowing tips, as always.

    Neil, what do you think about striking a balance between the frequency of posting and creating killer content?

  7. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for a great article, again.

    I have three questions for you:
    1. What are the pros and cons of outsourcing content to a specialized firm?
    2. How do you prioritize Content Marketing in the overall list of Marketing activities for a Startup?
    3. If this startup is pitched against the likes of IBM / HP, how can it standout in terms of thought-leadership / content?

    Would love to hear your thoughts on the same.


    • 1. Pros is that they have a first turn around time and you won’t have to learn as much. Cons is you are relying on someone else and if their work sucks, you may not be able to fix it. It also costs a lot of money to outsource to a good firm.

      2. High up in the marketing category. Low in the overall list as product should be number 1 for a startup.

      3. It’s even easier because the big guys don’t write great content. Just go out there and educate your market better than anyone else in your space.

      • Carmen Rane Hudson :

        Easy enough to make sure their work doesn’t suck before you hire them! 🙂 Look for firms who tell you the names of their writers. Then see what those writers are doing across the web. You’ll know whether they’re capable of producing good stuff for you or not.

      • Thanks, Neil! Appreciate your inputs.

  8. Hi Neil, I am one of your loyal readers.
    You may want to correct your point 29:
    788 million mobile only internet users

  9. Kumar Prafull :

    Thanks for this article, I liked all the points specially one about embedding codes along with infographics.

  10. Jake Jordan :


    Great thoughts as usual. Particularly like the one about promoting as much as you write.

    The only thing I would add is to make sure and research you or your clients target demographics. Make sure you know who you are writing to, and what they are looking for.

    If you just write on what you think people want, instead of listening to what they want, it can take a lot longer than a year for your content marketing to work!

    • Jake, thanks for reading and for the added points. It’s very important to do some market research.

  11. I am implementing your suggestions from your Quick Sprouts Traffic System as we speak on my blog.

  12. I enjoyed your article. I just set up Google Authorship as recommended. We’ll see if it works.

  13. Great article, Neil!

    One question – a common problem that I see when talking to small businesses with limited advertising budgets about search engine optimization is that many of them cannot afford the luxury of waiting 1 year (or even 4-6 months) before they make their investment back. From my experience, they really want to see an immediate ROI (often within 1-2 months). What would you recommend that small brands focus on to see an immediate boost in their search engine rankings (without using any black-hat or risky link building methods)?

  14. Michael Zaro :

    You may have mentioned this before but when coming up with topics to blog about a great place to look is your keyword research so that when the content is great, the title is engaging and keyword rich you get the most bang for your buck.

    Thanks for the nice list of reminders/tips

  15. Amal Rafeeq :

    Hey Neil,
    I think “30 Awesome Content Marketing Tips” would have been a better title. A guide well done mate.
    Thanks a lot 🙂

  16. Hi Neil,

    Quality content as expected! Points like guest blogging, webinars, device compatibility, etc are so true.

    One useful trick for long content is to pepper it with links at crucial points to promote more content and to check the reader engagement as well.


  17. Great article,

    My only issue with this is I hate writing, every now and then I manage to get something out but its a struggle, Im not sure I could keep it up consistantly for a year.

    Is getting others to create your content as geusts a viable stratergy?

  18. Saifee Vohra :

    Nice post Neil. Marketing is a blood in SEO. Well discussed tips and cover all needed steps for making our content more valuable. I like to ask you one dilemma Neil, If we wrote a good article of 2000 words or more, but what happen if that article didn’t get the boost as much as needed after promoting in all ways? How we can promote a dead article? Is there any way out? As I have experienced this, wrote a well structured post of about 2000 words and promote it in killer ways even, but didn’t got that much market of post. Is there any back holdings with the niche or just the wrong time of posting impact or something else?

    • Not all articles do well when it comes to promotion… it really is a hit or miss.

      If I were you I would focus on creating the next piece of content then to try and re-promote something that didn’t do too well in the first place.

  19. I think you left out the “million” in “788 mobile only users by 2015”.

  20. Rimmy Roshan :

    Good Informative post for every e marketer. I too agree Neil that content and great work is promoting it.
    Thanks once again.

  21. Rimmy Roshan :

    I would like to ask a small question Neil please don’t mind.
    Why you removed the search bar on the top right.

  22. Good Post Neil, you’re right content marketing is the new SEO strategy.

  23. Sanjay Shenoy :

    Hey Niel,

    Great post as usual, point number is very crucial and I think a lot of people fail to realize that. People have the tendency to equate content to text , even I was sub consciously doing it. Creating slides ( great slides ) is a great way to drive traffic. I recently experiment with Slide share and it gave me a lot of traffic to one of my client’s blog.

    One more important thing that a lot of people should understand is that you can re use content across different channels. For example you can make a video , create a transcript to use it as your blog post and in the video you can use presentation which you can share on slide share, that should help you leverage a lot of traffic for you.

    Keep it coming Neil!

    • Sanjay, great points. Content is great as long as it gets people looking at your site and revisiting it. Thanks for reading 🙂

  24. Neil, an another wonderful article from your creative mind, thats why you are referred to as the Einstein of SEO

  25. William Shaker :

    Hey Neil,

    Great article, I started taking notes and now I have 12 points to work on from your list. Thanks again.


  26. Hey Neil,

    Awesome checklist – I’d like to add point #31 – look back at all the awesome posts you have done around a particular topic, condense them into one “quick-reference” post, and end up with a great guide and loads of internal links ‘;)


  27. Awesome article Neil,

    There’s so much talk about people not having time to read long articles but if you produce a high quality article that’s really long it ranks better in Google and you end up with more shares!
    Ian (from Dublin Ireland, hopefully you’ll go there some day!)

  28. Thanks Neil,
    Very informative and helpful, content is king, but like you mentioned if you write about topics that don’t intertest your market, you will be writing for your health…

    What is the easiest and quickest way to do effective market research, to determine quick keywords to choose?

    • I usually do it by searching on Google Trends, Twitter, And Google Keyword Tool to see what people in my space are looking for.

      Type some random queries and it will give you ideas.

  29. Kenny Sanchez :


    Great information as always, this article open my eyes to a lot of different things that will come very handy on building my landscaping company.

    Thank you,
    Kenny SancheZ
    A PLUS Lawn Care Services Inc

  30. Kaushal Shah :

    Neil, great piece of content as always. Some really interesting ways of content marketing, I will try out with my new content for sure!

    Keep rocking!!

  31. Hi Neil.

    As always valuable information. You always provide great stuff through your every blog post.

  32. Navneet Singh :

    Thanks Neil for sharing this. You are truly an aspiring resource to learn new things with a feel of giving, sharing and helping others

  33. Thank you for always sharing this useful tips and information. It’s very hard for me to create a headline that capture the reader’s attention,now i’m using the title maker tools you suggest and it helps a lot.

    Looking forward to your next post!

  34. “Content isn’t king, great content is king.”

    Like this 🙂

    How about domain authority???

  35. Amrik Virdi :

    Great post as usual. You have explained almost everything about content marketing and how we can take advantage of it.

    As my blog is new and I am running a guest post campaign to attract new readers to my blog and also it helps me building high quality backlinks from authority sites. I am also looking forward to generate more useful content on my blog.

    Amrik Virdi

  36. Content will always remain king, thanks a ton for giving us a quick 30 to dos.

  37. Hi Neil,

    Great article again, but you made me think of something with these two sentences: “Content that is at least 2000 words tends to rank a lot higher on Google” + ” Content isn’t king, great content is king. ”

    What do you think about pdf’s? At my office, we often write a short intro for the pdf with important keywords, but the pdf however contains at least 10/15 pages of content. Is that also a good way or should we put more effort into publicizing the content on the web page itself?

    ps. Loved your linkbuilding guide! Will check out your other guides also in the near future.

  38. Hi Neil,

    So glad that I came across your site, I found your content tips quite an eye opener, I got a few new ideas reading through the articles. I really liked the title generator, it was fun playing around with the titles.
    I’ve now book marked your site for future reference.

  39. Great post Neil! It reiterates the importance of authentic engagement with readers, customers and humans. Too many people “fake the funk” with content because they read it in a book. Love the idea of Reciprocity (a la Cialdini) with content marketing!

  40. Charles Leahy :

    Great post Neil! And your right, content is king. Just need to get a larger group of social followers so people can see it. Great post! Keep up the good work!

  41. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for the tips!

    I came across something recently and would love to know what you think – video snippets vs. Authorship? Which would have better CTR? I’ve seen sites that point favorably to authorship but am not convinced 🙂


    • I would test them both. It really depends… for example one image of someone’s authorship profile could be better than others.

  42. Hi Neil,

    I have three great websites with interesting content and I was thinking about the possibility to create some articles that definitely I could link them to each other and benefit the users with good content. This is be called link-farm? Can I do that even If I don’t exaggerate in the links? How Google will see that?

    thanks a lot,


    • You could and Google may not see it… but you should only do it if it benefits the reader. Write great content and you will naturally pick up links.

  43. Sarah, great points. I think having an agile strategy really allows you to pivot when necessary.

  44. Ankit,
    Reddit is a great resource and compelling videos always do the trick.

  45. Excelllent tips Neil,
    You are such a marvellous Internet marketing expert. Content Marketing is the new way of making links which will be considered white hat in next few years. And yes you have said the right that great content is king.



  46. candyfredric :

    Great Tips Mr.Neil,

    Content is the boss and king for all the website. It want to know that content marketing of article posting … You are making a new strategy for the long years. Thanks for your support.

  47. Steven Hennigan :

    Awesome tips here! You include some issues I would have never even thought of. You have also renewed my faith in content period. You mention “Great content” ranks not just content.

    I like the fact that you included videos as part of great content to use as we are building an arsenal of winning content.

    Bookmarking as I type for future reference!

    Thanks, Great Post and good idea!

    • Steven, I think videos are very catchy if they are done right. Quality content will definitely get you the traffic you need.

  48. This post is also great! As far my concern about the content it should be well written and qualitative and the business theme based. Thanks alot Neil

  49. I’m finally trying to get started on content marketing after using Stone Age SEO techniques – so this is really helpful! Thanks.

  50. Great inspiration on sending more often, which I’ll now plan on doing. Thanks so much! One other thing I’ve learned about getting and keeping subscribers is to offer outstanding content!!

  51. Thanks a lot for this post Neil; great collection of best practice points. Number 7 is a particularly important point. There is no finish line to content marketing; it’s a living system you have to constantly feed.

  52. This was a very informative article. I am currently beginning to develop content for my SEO campaign and I’m definitely seeing how much work and time goes into this. Great tips, I will keep them in mind.

  53. Lewis LaLanne :

    One of my favorite ideas I’ve ever come across for writing killer content that gets you noticed not only by your readers but by other bloggers that you’d like to align with is being a case study yourself.

    So for example, I could look at this post and make the decision that I’m going to execute X number of things on it and report back to my audience what happened after 120, 240 days, 365 days from now.

    But where I believe the real magic lies is in reporting results that came from implementing someone’s information product. Information products, if well put together go far beyond blog posts in that they are a complete solution for getting an outcome instead of just being a 2,000 word piece of the puzzle that is your outcome.

    Everyone has some level of admiration for people who go out and take action. I think it’s wise to take advantage of this.

    And for people who are serious about wanting to get guest posting gigs, I know of no better way to get on someone’s radar than you buying and then putting their information to work for you and sharing what happened as the result of doing so . . . or if they don’t sell any information/software/products, just putting their free information into play and talking about your results.

    • Lewis, I think your points are great. It’s all about creating that connection and case studies are definitely the way to go. They build trust between people and help showcase your skills.

  54. Harman Singh :

    Good to see these tips. Content marketing is domination seo 2013 so surely these tips will help me improve my rankings 🙂

  55. @ Neil. 🙁 I messaged you on twitter (@briancornwell) to let you know NP.com 404’s for the case studies, but you didn’t respond. Just wanted to make sure you are aware.

    Thanks, Brian

  56. It is very wonderful topics.Content marketing is domination seo 2013 so surely these tips will help me improve my ranking

  57. Thanks for the awesome article, I just found your site and it has a lot of useful information. Thanks a lot

  58. Phil Stephens :

    Thanks for the fantastic article Neil. We have found some great long tail phrases that deliver us hits to our site month after month, it’s a great way to build a steady stream of hits and customers (and they tend to have a higher conversion rate in our experience).

    The one thing we always struggle with is your first point. Writing is only half the battle. Promoting it can be really tough, especially when you are fighting big brands in your industry.
    Thanks for the post though, really great points!

  59. i just stumble upon there…but here i found very helpfull marketing tips. and i’ll definitely use them…. Keep it up…very useful

  60. Thanks for the awesome article, I just found your site and it has a lot of useful information.I think your points are great.

  61. James Perrin :

    Nice one Neil! This is a pretty definitive and comprehensive guide. Some other tips I’d like to add include HTML5 content marketing – data visuals and well coded content will stand out from the crowd. Also, where you mention about the importance of promotion, I’d like to add that community building and social media management is just as important. You could create something truly fantastic but if does not resonate with your community, then what’s the point? Great read, and thanks for sharing your tips.

  62. Ann-Elizabeth :

    Thanks Neil for the very informative article. You had some really great points!

  63. Leigh Hopkins :

    Great list of tips! In regards to the ways in which original content can be improved, we would also like to suggest that content does not always have to be original in order to be valuable 🙂 Publishing original content can certainly showcase your expertise, not to mention improve your website’s SEO by keeping your website relevant and building links to your site. But any good online communications and social media strategist should recognize there are benefits to sharing other people’s content as well.

    • Leigh, great point! It’s all about creating quality content that is unique and comes from yourself. However, it’s tough to constantly pump out content. That’s why social media is a great tool to curate and share others’ content. Thanks for reading and I appreciate that input 🙂

  64. Great Article, loved the last tip Have Fun! think it’s great when brands can showcase their personality and fun side to their audience. Will have to definitely try out a Google Hangout looks like you had lots of fun!!

    • Anderson, glad you found the post helpful :). Hangouts are great! It’s a very personal experience that allows you to interact with people as if they were with you.

  65. Superb Post dude! 🙂

  66. What I Want to do if I don’t have money for buying Quick Sprout Traffic System.

  67. Thanks Buddy!

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  69. I 100% agree with your whole article, specially your first point! Writing and promoting goes hand-in-hand! I think that people also forget that you need quality vs quantity, even though consistency is super important! I also think that pictures, and by that I mean good pictures, boost content by a lot! Great article, I am pinning this! https://himerit.com/consulting/

  70. Thanks Neil for these really awesome tips.

    PS : Google Authorship is it still functional/available ?

    CEO/Founder at https://www.afa-advisory.com/en/

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