How I Built My First Business Through Email Marketing

If I want to launch a business and make money fast, all I have to do is leverage my connections and my brand. Within days, I can easily get thousands of visitors to any website and generate thousands of dollars in revenue.

That’s exactly how I helped my buddy launch a product and generate over $100,000 in income within 30 days.


But when I first started out, it wasn’t that easy. I didn’t have any connections; I didn’t have much money; and no one knew who I was. So, how was I going to build my business?

I didn’t have any cash, so spending money on marketing was out of the picture. Every time I told someone I had a company, they would run away because they didn’t want to hear my sales pitch.

So how was I able to market and build my business? Well, through emails. Here’s how I did it:

Target millionaires

I learned the hard way that selling to people doesn’t always work, especially when you don’t have a track record. So I decided that I was just going to tell people how they were screwing up from a marketing perspective.

I did this by giving away the farm when I told them everything they did wrong. Sure, they could just take that list and fix things without me, but I made an assumption that if someone was a millionaire, they probably didn’t have the time to fix what was wrong themselves and would prefer to hire me instead.

For example, here is an email I sent to Michael Mortiz on July 16, 2007. Before you read the email, keep in mind that I was literally a kid when I sent it.

Hey Michael,

I know you are this big shot VC guy and make millions of dollars, but too many of your investments are screwing up and you need to fix them. Sites like Eons are NOT done in the best fashion for their target audience. I know I am a little college kid, but people like my dad (55 years old) who are looking to find social networks for himself like Eons all find it is too complex and then bug the hell out of people like me to help them use the site. Here is what is wrong with Eons:

  1. The homepage is too cluttered and there is no direction on what should be done next. I understand that there are different sections on the site, but for someone who is new the signup box isn’t always the easiest to find. It could contain a better call to action and stand out. Maybe a bigger signup button and make it a color like orange that stands out more.
  2. If your target audience is older people such as 50 plus, don’t you think that your default font size should be bigger? Yes there is a font size adjuster at the bottom, but you should have considered putting it higher at the top if you wanted the text size to be normal when the page loads. And the font size changer is done all wrong because when you click on it the page should not reload, the font size should just adjust.
  3. Eons needs to make better use of their real estate. Old people are known to save their money more compared to us kids so they don’t have big monitors. If you can move things up on the site and reduce wasted space it would make the user experience much better.
  4. The main area on the website has these 4 changing screens that goes all the way from Eons travel to how to use Eons. I do understand what you are trying to do with this area, but the messages need to be much more clearer. Granted some may be ads that you guys cannot control, but things like the Friday the 13th trivia game is not clear enough that it is a game. For instance my dad did not really get that it was a game at first just by seeing the picture of the cat.

There are a lot more things wrong with the site such as how it is being marketed and so forth… but this was my quick rant. You maybe thinking why I did not send this message to Eons directly, it is because their dumb feedback box sucks and is too small for sending long messages. Plus it is hard to get a damn email on their site.

I know I am only a kid but if people like Guy Kawasaki and Michael Arrington trust me and take my input, I hope you can too. If you ever want feedback on other sites, just let me know.


As you can see, I emailed investor Michael Moritz about everything was doing wrong. I could have sent that email to Eons directly, but I avoided that because I knew they would probably ignore it. Their investor, on the other hand, wouldn’t. All investors care about their financial returns, so they will naturally do whatever it takes to make money.

Within that same day, Michael emailed me back (he probably doesn’t remember me) with this short message:

michael moritz email

Even though his email was really short, the important thing to notice is that he added Jeff and Lee, who were the founders of the company.

Within minutes of Michael’s email, Lee responded with this:


Many thanks for sharing Neil’s comments below.  Hope all is well on your end.  Looking forward to seeing you on my next trip West.


Many thanks to you as well for your comments.  I am sorry to hear that your father’s, and ultimately your, first experience on was a poor one.  I am happy to share that we are working on several of issues you highlighted below.  In some cases though, the design was intentional.  Would be happy to provide you some background.  Perhaps best if we could arrange a call to do this.  Just let me know if you might have some time this Wednesday or Thursday.  Again, thanks for your time and feedback.

Best regards,


Within a few days of this thread, Lee and I hopped on the phone; I gave him some more feedback; and he ended the call with a casual job offer. I then told him I wasn’t for hire, but I would be open to a consulting gig.

We weren’t able to come to an agreement on the consulting gig as I wanted too much money, but this still shows you the power of emails. I don’t write these kind of emails anymore, but I used to do it frequently when I was a kid and it worked extremely well. This one tactic helped us generate well over a million dollars in revenue.

That’s how I was able to work with people like Pete Cashmore, Michael Arrington, Guy Kawasaki, Gary Vaynerchuck and many more… just from a simple email.

How to market your company through emails

I haven’t used the above strategy in years, but I do know that it still works. If you want to try it out, here are a few things I recommend:

  • Only target millionaires – when I used to target people who weren’t rich, they would just take my recommendations and implement them on their own. Millionaires, on the other hand, are more likely to offer you a job or a consulting gig. And if you want to take it further, target billionaires like I did.
  • Don’t give up – Michael Moritz may have emailed me back the same day, but some people didn’t even email me back. When you email people, continually follow up until you get a response. It took me 6 months to get Michael Arrington to hire me.
  • Be thorough – my email to Michael Moritz wasn’t that thorough. I should have included screenshots, showed them how to fix their code to be search engine friendly, etc. The more thorough you are, the more likely your email will turn into a paid gig.
  • Don’t be afraid to name-drop – as you can see from the email above, I mentioned Michael Arrington and Guy Kawasaki. Those were two guys I also emailed and ended up working with. After you have done this a few times and worked with a few well-known figures, casually mention some big names in your email as it will improve your response rate.
  • Be respectful – if people ignore you, it’s ok. Even when you are persistent, some people will still ignore you. Don’t take it personally and don’t get mad… some people are just busy. By using Yesware you can at least see if people opened your email, but if they decide to ignore you continually, move onto the next person on your hit list. It’s their loss, not yours.


If I had to start marketing my business from scratch, I would use the tactic above. It works no matter what industry you are in, and you have more data at your fingertips to help you create awesome emails than I had in 2007.

Keep in mind that the tactic above brands you more than it brands your business, but that’s ok. Eventually, you can work on branding your business, but for now just focus on marketing yourself so you can drive revenue to your business.

So, what are you waiting for you? Once you find someone you want to email, just use Google to find their email address, and you should be good to go.


  1. Adithya Shetty :

    Hi Neil, As usual great post! Even though the email you sent to Michael was little funny, it was quite influential.

    • Adithya, thanks for reading 🙂

    • It was definitely one of the best sales pitch over the email Neil. More of a help/assistance to start with to have a positive impact on the recipient’s mind and then building a sales pitch on the expertise you shown, respect you gained. In the corporate world email certainly has the power to convince any one.

  2. Great post Neil, as always. Those are good tactics, and I also want to mention that being yourself is critical to success. People may try to replicate this and fail, if they miss the key ingredient of being authentic.

    Authenticity drives a good tactic home to a homerun, while just “copying” another persons’s tactic has mild success.

    • Gabe, you bring up a great point. Authenticity is key!

    • Kurt Frankenberg :

      Gabe, I agree with that. I couldn’t pull off Gary Vaynerchuk’s personality or Tim Ferris’ dryness… I’m somewhere in between. Trying to ‘be’ one of those guys wouldn’t come across right and everyone would see right through it anyway.

      “The most important key in business in sincerity… once you can fake that you have it made” <== Joking, of course 😉

      Thanks for the insight Gabe, and thanks for another nugget of wisdom Neil!

      Keep Stepping,


  3. chandan pegu :

    Neil, you are an genius….you have let me gain alot of knowledge through your newsletters…the interesting thing is that you are greatly influencing the lives of lots of bloggers as well as yours. everything i read your blog post,it gives me a new sense of knowledge and confidence. dude,keep up your great work

  4. Neil, I was actually thinking of using a very similar tactic next time I apply for a job. I am glad to hear that it works! I like your creativity.

  5. Hamza Sheikh :

    Man you are amazing! I like your humor to approach certain things in this field. I always found out yourself doing something different and great than every average marketer / blogger / consultant.

  6. VentureHire :

    That’s great Neil, you always inspire us to do more and finally I end up stretching myself.

    – Ankit from VentureHire

  7. Again a useful post with wonderful and creative idea… Neil.

    The way you used to market your service is admirable

  8. Kumar Gauraw :

    What an incredible story and THANK YOU for sharing your experience. Very practical and result oriented approach. Appreciate you adding value with every post.


  9. Will have to try this… question is where do you find millionaires email addresses?!

  10. Again very informative post. I am actually having all those notes that you share on post. I am actually following the same steps as you mention in the previous post as well regarding $100 Million deal and now this e-mail sending tips.


    • Tushar, glad I could help. I think it’s all about sending the right message and sharing techniques with others so you can learn more yourself.

  11. This is an awesome technique. I have used it myself and everyone should as well!

    Now, I honestly been hesitant to follow up thinking I might get people pissed.

    What would you say? “hey, that email I sent you last week, I am waiting your thoughts on it” it’s what keeps popping in my head lol.

    • Lenny, people wont get pissed if you provide them with useful information and an opportunity to grow.

      • Great post as usual Neil – I’m going to try your “target billionnaires” tactic and will be sure to credit you when we make our millions 🙂

        Lenny – if you need ideas on how to follow up guest post pitches, you might find this old Quicksprout post helpful Lot’s of great tips and the Yesware software is amazing!

        Thanks again Neil, keep up the good work 🙂

  12. Anmol Makkar :

    Awesome Article Neil, I’ve been reading your blog from just few months and now it seems a good deal to invest time on your Blog. 😀
    This article inspired me, how you hired clients and hopefully I’m also going to try it. 🙂

  13. Amazing post Neil. Thanks for it.
    I have personally tried email marketing and has worked quite decent but after reading this article I feel I have made some mistakes and now I can avoid them.

  14. Prateek Bansal :

    Nice Neil, Emails are really Powerful. I use them many a times for talking to my clients and also build a good relationship with them.

  15. Hi Neil,

    You’ve taught us a lot about online marketing the last year+. What’s missing is implementation. How do you do it? Specifically, do you hire US workers or India workers? How do you go about carrying out the “Advanced Guest Posting” you described in your Link Building guide?

    I’ve hired Indian agencies on odesk and have been continually frustrated at their “old methods” of SEO (submissions, over-optimization of keywords, etc). When I direct them to read your posts for guidance, I get replies like, “we shall analyze this”. There is no conversation that gives me the confidence that they actually read it and have questions about it. Most of my experience hiring India teams is there is no “think on your feet” mentality. They charge head-down doing submission after submission with no thought toward, “Are these directory submissions being approved?” “Are they even helping the client?”

    I realize part of this is probably cultural and I would like to better understand how to proceed. As we all know link building is the area where India SEO agencies can help the most since it is all manual labor – makes sense to pay $4/hr rather than $15/hr in the US.

    You target six figure clients. My average client is $1k/month, so obviously our scales are different; however, I suspect our processes are the same.

    Would you be willing to take of your knowledge a step further and tell us how you implement what you write about? Do you use US or India, or some combo? How do you overcome cultural differences with working with India? How do you train your teams in India to do things the way YOU want, and not the old ways?


    • Hey Mike,

      I know your frustration, even I have seen people in India using very old practices.

      But, at the same time, we are more focused on ROI based approach.

      Do let me know your requirements.


    • laptopcoupons@Mike :

      Mike, I agree with you on this. In addition, I think, Neil writing his blog for a very successful marketers and website owners. BUT those guys don’t read this blog.

    • I use contractors a lot and hire and train US employees.

      Some of the contractors include and

  16. Rohit Palit :

    One of the most interesting stuff I’ve ever read! Things like these make me spend a minimum of 2 hours daily on Quick Sprout. I wish you all the best for the future, the ‘kid’ and the ‘man’!

    From a kid. 🙂

  17. Well you have defiantly become a much better writer over the years 🙂

    I’ve used this strategy a few times myself…It does work really well. The key like you said is to be thorough. Also, I know its hard to just give stuff away, but people who are DIY will find a way even if its not directly from you. Ultimately I love the strategy…like you said people are busy and calling them out just proves to them that you know what your talking about.

    • Ryan, practice makes perfect (or at least close to it) . I have found over the years that you really have to test your emails out to find the right conversion rates and copy.

  18. Hi Neil
    Interesting tactic, but does this not fall into the spam category?

  19. Ankit Bansal :

    Wow. Great Mail Neil .
    I personally loved it and always happy to read the way you write. Technically i love this strategy and i hope to try this soon.

  20. Great article Neil.
    This blog keeps me moving forward on way to work professionally. After reading your article i have started using various strategies and started working more like a professionals.
    Thanks alot.

  21. Alejandra Ruani :

    Brilliant, Neil. You give us the farm here too. When I make my first million from my new start up (health divas – online weight loss), I’ll hire you in a heartbeat! So keep the great tips coming so I can hit my 7 figure FAST! 🙂

    P.S. your “kid” version was so cool + sharp (!)


  22. Hi Neil,

    Great article as usual but I am noticing spelling and grammatical errors in many of your posts. Given the nature of this post I thought it might be a good time to point a few out. I hope this doesn’t come across as too negative because I really am learning a lot from your emails (and I have a lot to learn).

    Here are a few things I noticed in today’s post:

    “…too many of you investments…”
    should be “your investments”

    “Granted some maybe ads that…”
    should be “may be”

    “Such as my dad did not really get that…”
    should be “For instance my dad”

    “…such as how it is being marketed and so fort… ”
    should be “forth”

    “Within minutes of Michael’s email, Lee, responded with this:”
    second comma not needed

    Again, I am a fan, but would love to see some error-free copy. Hope I haven’t made any here. haha

    • Norm, thanks for the heads up. I try to edit things well and will continue to do so 🙂

      • Alejandra Ruani :

        I actually prefer to see the errors, it shows that you, the real Neil, wrote it, and not some ghost copywriter. We’re here to hear from YOU, Neil. We’re here for the real human being! That’s why we like you. Please don’t change!!

    • Really Norm?

      Email Neil privately, don’t bring this up in the comments section. The comment are to add value, not knit pick spelling/grammar errors.

  23. Rahat :

    Would I still receive a response if I sent an email in the same tone of voice as the email above? Or should I sound more professional?

  24. Digital Deepak :

    Those are some fantastic tips. But the underlying principle here is reciprocation and establishing value/authority using content. 🙂 Am I right?

  25. Naveen Kulkarni :

    Great article Neil,
    Every time,I visit your blog, there is something to take away and this time it was your email approach 🙂

  26. Connor Meakin :

    I love how you showed the text from the original email Neil. Are you using Rapportive to find these millionaires email addresses?

    Many thanks!

  27. Neil, I have used this technique many times in the past and had people calling me back and referring me to their friends. I agree with targeting the millionaires cuz there are more into decision making and believe that little things makes big difference, they also believe that in order to make money they have to spend money. I’m foreigner and still get people that tells me I have chosen you because you’re not from here !

    • Bouchaib, it really is a sound strategy. If you should someone with money a sound strategy that has an ROI they are likely to lend an ear.

  28. Great Blog Post, I will have use your tips.

    @Neil Thanks.

  29. If you mention about potentially serious problems (maybe along with solutions) of their website(s) which persist even after they’ve hired ‘much bigger’ consultants, then technically you’re a better consultant. For example, it doesn’t require a Bill Gates to build a desktop computer, I can assemble the parts probably just as well.

  30. Alec Kinnear :

    Hi Neil!

    I’ve used this approach (it’s not really a technique or a tactic) to land some pretty big accounts as well.

    Why were we successful with this approach and ninety per cent of the people who will read about it here and try it won’t be?

    The quality of the email. You have to know the subject and to care. You can’t successfully fake it in the face of millionaires and expert investors.

    You write a dud one of these and you’ve just doomed yourself to do not read category forever.

    • Alec, great points. You really have to write with a clear message and a call to action. Without that you are nothing but spam.

  31. Joseph Putnam :

    Hi Neil, great post. I’m thinking about getting on board at a startup that needs help with marketing. My first target would be all of the marketing companies on the Inc. 500 list for advertising and marketing (who also happen to be prospective customers for the web app). Other people might try Google ads first, but I’d definitely opt for direct e-mails one at a time. E-mail is way more powerful than most people think. After completing the list, I’d hit up the guest posting circuit and land as many as possible. That would be the next step.

    Thanks again for the great post, as always.

  32. Yo Neil,

    E-mail works. I just got some results today from 30 customized e-mails I sent to companies in the auction industry. Going to follow up with a brief phone call to the ones who haven’t responded.

    Out of the thirty I sent this morning I’ve gotten 5 to sign up on my website and provide relevant content to the site. Although it isn’t an actually sale or revenue so to speak, the content is what my website really needs.

    Thanks for the info.


    • Eric,
      Awesome! I love hearing great case studies like this one. Looks like you are on the right track for long term email marketing success.

  33. Manav Sehgal :

    Hi Neil,

    My first post on you AWEsome blog. Firstly thank you for giving away the farm, and what is amazing to note is that after all your success, you are still holding true to your marketing lessons. I pick up a new nugget or reinforce an old one every time I read your post. Can’t say that for many “celebrity” writers these days. So, thank you.

    I will be happy to recommend your services to a customer, seeing the quality and detail of posts you write. And, I read your emails too, so keep them coming.


    • Manav, thanks for your continued readership. I really appreciate hearing positive feedback. Please let me know if you need anything.

  34. Won’t the recipient consider you a spam? I would have done such years ago but was scared as I did not want to be labelled as a spam person. SAD part is that I originate from a country that does a lot of that stuff . So I am already guilty whether I do it or not. Good stuff as always

    • West, this is a major fear for a lot of people. That is why it’s important to have great calls to actions.

  35. Nathan Whitaker :

    Hot diggidy!

    It seems the way to the heart of most billionaire’s is to be fearless and not hold back with your feedback. Makes sense since most people kiss their asses and are to afraid to shoot straight with these guys which is what they want.

    And as always providing value and not just trying to just sell something in your emails is the best way to get anyone’s attention.

    Love your work Neil 🙂

    • Nathan, I think being a straight shooter is something that is important for long term success. I think if you want something you just have to grab it.

  36. pariscoolblog :

    Hi Neil,

    In your post you describe how you started emailing influential people while you were just a kid, with no connections or money. Then you go into email where you mention Michael Arrington. This is a bit contradictory.

    Maybe it would be better if you described how you met Michael in the first place 🙂


    • I used the same tactic with Michael and a few others. At that time I knew no one and couldn’t drop names into my email when I first emailed Arrington.

  37. Sarthak Ganguly :

    Your site is nice but the auto-popup of the subscribe links are a big turn down. Otherwise very informative. 🙂

  38. Nice article…..really made sense…….. Our company (which is a start up) is just about 2 launch an e-commerce site in Nigeria and we are looking at maximising our marketing budget compared 2 one or two others who already have V.C. funding of 35m dollars….. Any advice wld be most appreciated.

    • Not really… other than just be creative and think out of the box. 🙁

      If you can move faster and out execute them, you can still win.

  39. Just genius Neil. The bravery of youth indeed! It’s quite an inspiring story.

  40. Ishan Madhav :


  41. Hi Neil,

    Excellent technique! I have been following your blog for a while and was curious about does any of your email marketing tactics actually breaks any spam laws?

    I know it is not spam in terms automatic sending out millions of emails but sending 100s of emails to prospective customers manually have similar footprints to spamming.

    I am quite curious, can you contact businesses without solicitating business offers? Do you need optins?



  42. Benjamin Loh :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for this post, it’s really timely.

    Just a brief context – I’m a executive speech coach and I position myself to work with CXOs/VP level clients. It’s a tough but not impossible market to succeed in, considering my age (26 years old).

    What I tried experimenting with is when I sit through a speech that really sucks for a CXO, I whip out a one-page speech analysis and immediately after the end of the event, approach the CXO and let him/her know if he/she’d be keen to receive the speech analysis. It provides value for them. However, the conversion rate has not been most impression (partly because I had only 2 test data).

    Was wondering if I want to deploy the strategy like you did above, i.e. cold prospecting with my target clients, what will be the most effective way to do so? Any thoughts on this?


    • I think it would work well… you should try it with online speeches on YouTube and stuff. And then email it over to the speaker and help them.

      You can get gigs out of it as well.

  43. Great Post. This is called JUGAAD way of work for which people from India are famous for 🙂

  44. Quite Impressive Neal, as always your emails are excellent, so Leads can be captured with more focused and personalized communications.

  45. Venchito Tampon :

    I must include this post in my list of resources for email marketing.

    Just be authentic and directly share your intention to them. This way, you’ll get a higher response rate than usual.

    Thanks Neil for this! 🙂

  46. Hi Neil,

    It’s rare to find a post these days that either brings a smile to your face or makes you think.

    This one did both. Congrats.


  47. Hi Neil,

    Really very cool post. I admire you for the work that you are doing. I read every blog post that you share. it really inspires me to work more hard.

  48. Rejaul Haque :

    Hey Neil,
    Its me Rejaul.
    I have gone through your blog. Its Kool as always. And I can feel the power of mails indeed. Coz first I had read your mail that you had sent to me and then I landed to this page.
    Like to hear from you again….

  49. Ariel Geifman :

    Thanks Neil,

    Can you share a time when this strategy did not work and you burned some bridges? How did you handle it?

    I would be interested to know how you handled cases when your strategy backfired…

    • Never had that happen. You are writing an email that just gives people free information and helps them. It shouldn’t burn any bridges. 🙂

  50. Great post Neil,
    This will really help us and for those people who wants to spread there business in online platform.

    Keep share such nice and informative things with us.
    Cheers to you…;-)

  51. Nick Brighton :

    Hi Neil,

    I’m due a call with you later this afternoon, and I’m really looking forward to it. I feel that this post was written almost as a precursor to our call later, as this is closely related to my situation and questions I wanted to ask you on our call. Or it’s just a sweet coincidence.

    Either way, this is really good stuff. Particularly the part about targeting investors, not business owners. Makes so much sense; target people with money and without personal ego or pride getting in the way.

    I need to learn how to think.

    Many thanks,


  52. Andrew Viles :

    Great article. Good ideas, I think it depends on the services you provide that this would work for. If your audience is businesses or end users, low end or high end profit, for a small business or SMB it may not work as well.

  53. roger holden :

    isnt clickbankk a scam? how could you possibly pull off 100k for your friend? would make an interesting blog post.

    thx neil. keep up the good work.

  54. OMG Neil, great post. 100K in 30 days? Unbelievable!!
    I never build a list, I started to do this 1 month ago and I’m to over 500 double opt-in.
    You are inspiring me to give all of my efforts in building a GREATEST list!

    Thanks Neil, great job 😉

    Kindly Regards,


    • Gianpiero, I think if your messaging is on point the sky is really the limit. Keep up the great work 🙂

  55. Charles Specht :

    Neil, this article is ohh so timely for me. I’m just getting started with my business insurance consulting company and the idea of the “wording” of the email is fantastic. This is great stuff, thanks.

    – Charles

    • Charles, glad I could help. Thanks for reading. I think you should just go with your gut when it comes to wording 🙂

  56. Platinum Partners Hedge Fund :

    Hi Neil.

    Sound good on email marketing. Very useful informative information:)
    But I have Built My First Business Through Social Media Marketing 😉

    Thank You,
    Mark Nordlicht

  57. Brian Augsburger :

    Woah! What is this new social sharing plugin, Neil??

    Looks really nice.

    Thanks for the post, btw, I’ll be sure to try this out. What do you think about using this in direct mail vs email btw?

    • Brian, glad I could share. I think you can definitely share this via direct mail if your messaging is correct.

  58. Lakshay Goel :

    Hi Neil,
    Thanks for the wonderful post. I had a little question that what should be the appropriate subject for these mails.
    Also, what subject did you use for this email.
    I think that subject of the email will surely affect out your impression on the person being mailed.

    • Lakshay, that is up to you to determine. Ideally, it should capture your audience in such a way that they know what you are selling or offering.

  59. yupp motivated , i work in a company and they always give me targets to sell their products and many times i get depressed why i don’t get success in i got a new direction and new plan.thanks you neil sir it will help me in excelling my job.

    • Rohan, selling is hard. When you message correctly though it can become much easier. Thanks for reading 🙂

  60. Targeting millionaires, particularly investors, sure is a genius move. Thanks for sharing all these tips. 🙂

  61. Hello Neil,

    great advice!

    I just want to add that if you are insightful and good at what you do, then at some point in time, the world WILL know and finally discover you!

    But your advice I am sure will get you there faster!

    Thanks for the excellent article and for sharing your original (collector’s edition 🙂 ) e-mail you sent to Michael Mortiz!


  62. Perpetual IT :

    Again very informative post. I am actually having all those notes that you share on post. one of the most interesting stuff I’ve ever read! Things like these make me spend a minimum of 2 hours daily on Quick Sprout.

  63. I am emailing you Neil ;p

  64. Great post once again Neil.

    Great idea indeed. Thanks for sharing!


  65. $100 000 in 30 days? How you did this? Great article though.

  66. Neil, You’re an inspiration. Thank you. Best wishes.

  67. Love this. I’ve been working on a group of tools and resources as a launch product for a new business and this is exactly the inspiration I was needing. Thanks!

  68. Rimantas Petrauskas :

    Neil, your ideas are so fresh for me. When i discovered your blog i finally began to understand what “great content” is. Can not believe i used to buy articles about Forex trading software for 10$ just for SEO purposes hoping that this would change my world. Now i am learning to write useful content for my customers and this feel sooo good to be useful for others. It is truly the path to a place where money is not the 1st thing you want to get from your business.

    Thanks Neil and keep up the good work.

    • Rimantas, glad I could help. It’s all about doing all the small things right. With a few tweaks here and there you can really make a huge difference.

  69. Great Marketing strategies explained above. Thanks so much!

  70. Neil, this was a great read and it just shows what’s truly possible with just one email if you’re contacting the right people (I.E. investors like Michael Mortiz).

    Inspirational is the word!

    P.S. – Off topic, but what’s the social plugin that you’re using now? it looks awesome!


  71. Your ‘target millionaires’ concept is great and in order to execute this, we should have more skills, I learned a lot from this post.

    Thanks Neil.

  72. Another fantastic post. I’ll definitely be trying this tactic out. Thanks Neil!

  73. Inspirational post Neil, thanks for sharing your insights.

  74. I had tried this email tactic and yes it works, I had done it with an Indian startup AaramShop, and the CEO Mr. Vijay Singh immediately responded me back with an offer to discuss more, over a cup of coffee 🙂

  75. Vikram Pandit :

    Mr Neil, what a brilliant tactic that was! I’ve read many successful blogs but none tried what you did! Perhaps, this is what separates you from the rest! Awesome man! 😀

    • Vikram, thanks for the kind words but I just follow along the footsteps of others who guided the way 🙂

  76. Mouad Boukil :

    Hello Neil, Great post and great tactic that I never think of it someday.

    Just to mention that this strategy work good just for professional Webmasters whose know already how to create successful blog and how to drive traffic and get more sales (Confirmed webmasters). Because of the consulting work that they’ll do, not with a normal people but with a millionaire people.

    A little known tips for interested people :

    1- Develop your email writing.
    2- Correct your spelling mistakes.
    3- Help millionaire for free, they give you money. it’s all about goodwill.

    Thank you Neil. Mouad From 2Getsmartincome

  77. Useful information. Fortunat me I found yor website unintentionally, and I’m surprised why this coincidence didn’t came about inn advance!

    I bookmarked it.

  78. Ryan Mendenhall :

    Funny Neil, when I saw a link to this article on your not ver much updated Google+ profile I thought, “Oh, awesome! Neil’s sharing another awesome secret!” Then I realized that this is exactly how I got one of my gigs, emailed someone I wanted to work with and threw up suggestions on them via email. Thanks for the reminder as I’m back in the market for getting clients. 🙂

  79. Maria Monroy :

    I just googled “email marketing neil patel”. I knew you would have some feedback on the subject. I love this. Thank you so much!

  80. Hi Neil,

    i’ve asked a friend of mine who works in the sales department, what he is thinking of this strategy.

    He said it’s not a nice way to contact the investor behind the back first – because both, investor and CEO know what you are obviously aiming for.

    I would maybe burn my reputation.

    What do you think of this perspective?

    • It may not work for everyone, but it is worked for me. As long as you are giving good information in the email, you should be fine.

  81. Neil-

    Great strategy for getting to the people with the most influence. Many, many years ago I owned a painting company. I would go into custom homes that builders were putting up and I’d check out the paint jobs. Then, when I thought it sucked I would call the builder personally (not his superintendents or office peeps) and tell him he was getting hosed on his painting. I almost always got a shot at the contract…


  82. Debbi A. Ballard :

    Neil, my marketing/management consulting firm has received contracts from doing this over the years. When we have contacted prospective clients explaining that they probably were experiencing various problems due to xxxx, they were shocked that we knew this without ever having been “inside” the company and just being astute observers. As a result, there have been times when firms signed consulting agreements with us immediately to help solve the problems. They were very grateful that we contacted them.

    Keep up the good work, Neil!

  83. Hi Neil,

    Is there something besides Yesware that you would recommend for email tracking? I was using bananatag but they no longer support godaddy and Yesware is for Gmail.



  84. Great tip Neil! It’s interesting that millionaire’s will be easier to do business with. From my own experience, the only free resale rights to a high quality product I have ever got came from a millionaire. I bought his program then emailed him for permission to convert one of his dvd’s into a kindle ebook. He said yes! So your article which confirms this surprising truth has given me more impetus. I will now work on creating a millionaire/billionaire email hit list definitely!

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    Firstly, I must say daring steps, I mean directly mailed to the billionaire’s. I never thought this way, So it’s really informative for me, although I came too late on this post but still it’s amazing. One more thing which I want to mention and what I like most about your posts is you explain everything in a very easy manner that’s why all became very easy to understand the whole idea. Thanks!

  86. Mike Holubowski :

    Neil, you’re inspiring as hell man!

    I’m trying to get a product off the ground, I spent about 6 months developing it and now am starting to market. I’ve had some success cold emailing people, and am trying to automate the process. Looking into tools like and

    What do you think?


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    understanding something fully, however this article presents pleasant understanding

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    Writing good e-mails and creative e-mail marketing are ceased to Internet marketing success. It helps to convert affiliate links faster into commissions. Successful e-mails also leave a positive long-lasting impression on the reader which inspires them subliminally to be a long-term reader and repeat customer.


  89. Lukas Hadameck :

    Hi Neil. im currently starting a business and will give your tactics a try. Thank you for all those great tips that you provide for free.

  90. “. Most soldiers are periodically transferred to a new base in a different region of the country. These include small goals that should be sought after right now and larger goals that can be a little more open in terms of how long it might take to achieve them.

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    I don’t know how to my business reach to people through e-mails. After reading your post i get some idea about E-mail marketing.

    Thanks for gave fantastic e-mail marketing tips……..

  92. Oralia Lauter :

    Hi Neil,

    I rarely leave a comment, but I follow all your posts religiously. I enjoy reading your posts, because they really help. They are not written to attract some traffic and clicks. They are really written to help people. Your words sit in my heart, because they come out of your heart. You are the man of honesty. You are a blessing by God.

  93. hi neil,
    your above awesome, i like the way you approach your career. please keep on share your experience. eagerly waiting. your such a great inspiration young bloggers like me. thanks

  94. Great post! I fully enjoy it!

    Thanks to Nail

  95. glorgeousmom :

    Thank you very much for all the very valuable information you are sharing. God bless you more.

  96. Neil thanks for sharing a wonderful experience of your life with us but i would like to know how can we start our business doing e-mail marketing example (people send thousands of e-mail online with the image of their product like example artificial jewellery and then people call them to place order ) Please tell me how can we start these kind of buisness

  97. Hi Neil,

    Thank you for helping me get my business off the ground.

    I want to cold email prospects. Nearly 1,000 to be exact. I plan to email each person individually.

    How do I do this and avoid being spam?

    For example, Do I need to use an auto responder (aweber) to send the emails?

    I sent email from my personal account once before and one of the recipients reported it as spam. I was nearly banned by my web host.

    I’d like to email rather than cold call, to save time.

    Thank you.

  98. \Hi Neil,

    I build complete email marketing setup and do know few stratergies to mail, but is there a way i can get business. are there any websites that can give me business…meaning i need some clients so that i can provide them services and get some money.

    • Jeff, can you be a little more specific — I don’t quite follow what you need. The more specific you are the better I can assist.

      • Neil,

        I have built complete email marketing application which can send affiliate emails, i am looking for Clients, so that i can provide service. I can support them to mail using my platform , so can you help if there are any websites who can give me business.

        • Jeff, I don’t have any on the top of my head right now — if something comes up I’ll let you know. I would suggest finding clients the old fashion way though: content marketing 😉

  99. Natalie Moore :

    Hi Neil!

    This article was very informative and also quite funny 🙂

    Do you have any tips for how this tactic could be used for people in the counseling or private-practice consulting field? I imagine the candor you used might not be greeted with much appreciation in my field.

    Thanks in advance! By the way, I see that you respond individually to each post and I think that’s awesome.


  100. Leonardo "Email Ninja" LaVito :

    Thanks for sharing your amazing (and funny) story, Neil. 😀

    So, since you lost that gig because you wanted too much money, did you start asking for less after that? Or did you go after people who would be willing to pay you more? 🙂

  101. Very inspiring!!!
    Thanks Neil

  102. I came here from a Crazy Egg Blog Post (, but this click-through was definitely worth it.

    I got some ideas from this post.

    Thank you Neil!

  103. Hi Neil,

    Really interesting and informative post.

    Maybe I’m missing something, but how did you find millionaires in the 1st place?

    Billionaires are actually easier to find because they’re a pretty small, public group, but I’m not sure what approach to take to find millionaires.

    In my case, I’m looking for Web Design and Copywriting clients. From your email example, sounds like you were doing something similar.

    • Go to networking events, engage in your local community and things of that nature. They’re out there, lots of them you just need to get out there too.

  104. The power of an email list just; it just keeps giving… Good read.

  105. Hi Neil,

    I have been implementing your tips for some time now. How many follow-up emails would you send before deciding it’s not worth it anymore? and how long would you space them out?

    I find these emails very time consuming (which is ok, because they get a higher response rate). So I really like to follow-up.

    Have you thought about writing a blog post regarding follow-up emails?

    • There’s no definite answer. You’ll have to play around with different sequences with different number of emails. I’ll consider doing a post about it in the future

  106. Benjamin Damsell :

    Very informative, one thing I must ask though Neil, say if I were to add a couple millionaire’s email addresses into the mailing list for my company and send out a promotional email now and then, couldn’t we get in trouble for that in this day and age? emails are easily ignorable however I have heard some terrible horror stories of marketers going to court after adding peoples emails to a mailing list! After all I would be using their email address without their consent technically right?

    Please enlighten me!

  107. Hey. I visited here today to find tips on potentially emailing clients in my target market and how effective such an idea would be. I am a start-up consultant within the loss prevention industry. I just wanted to say, I am walking away from the thread more confident than I came. Thank you for the direction Neil.

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