10 Checks to Ensure Your Twitter Profile is Growing Your Business

Do you just whip out your credit card and randomly make purchases on the Internet? Chances are… you don’t. You visit a site a few times, figure out what it is all about and then whip out your credit card if you think the offer is worth it.

For this reason you have to look at channel attribution if you want to figure out what prompts people to convert. Channel attribution data shows what happens when someone visits your site the first time, the last time and every time in between before they convert.

If you have goal tracking set up in your Google Analytics account, you can go to “Goals > Multi-Channel Funnels > Assisted Conversions”. From there, you should see an image that looks something like this:

twitter revenue

As you can see from the screenshot above, Twitter assisted in 56 conversions. This means that $16,800 worth of revenue came from people who visited the site from Twitter at least once, before they converted into a customer.

Want to ensure whether your Twitter profile is helping to grow your business or not? Do these 10 checks now.

Now that you are convinced social media sites can drive your revenue, you have to make sure you are leveraging them to their fullest extent. Instead of focusing on all social sites, today I’m going to give you a 10-point checklist that will help you maximize your Twitter-driven traffic and sales.

#1: Profile images

There are three main images you can add to your Twitter account: your profile, header and background image. If your profile is a personal one, make sure you use a picture of yourself as the profile image. As for the header and background image, they can represent your company.

twitter image

Within those two images, I recommend using the logo of your company as well as leveraging social proof of your brand. This can include showcasing some of the companies you work with or your accomplishments.

If you look at my Twitter profile, you’ll notice that I include my bio in the background image. In the header, I showcase some of the companies I have worked with.

If you have a corporate Twitter profile, you should do the same things I talk about above, but for your profile image, use your company logo instead.

#2: Cross-promotion

If you have multiple Twitter accounts, e.g., a company and personal one, you should cross-promote them. Do it not just by linking to your company within the website field, but by cross-promoting the accounts within your bio.

Here’s my bio:

I’m an entrepreneur, investor, advisor and blogger. I have started two SaaS analytics companies, @CrazyEgg and @KISSmetrics with @hnshah.

If you look at the sentence above, you’ll notice that by using the @ symbol, I linked my personal account to my company’s two Twitter profiles as well as my business partner’s. This is a great way to ensure that my followers also see my other Twitter profiles. I can then do the same thing with my company profiles to help build up my personal profile.

You can also cross-promote by leveraging pictures and videos. Some of your picture and video tweets can be about your business without being too promotional. For example, taking a picture of you at your office will showcase your company within the picture without being too obvious about it.

The same goes with a video… especially if it is educational. If you are able to give advice in a video format, e.g., Moz’s Whiteboard Friday, people will be learning from you while getting to know your company.

#3: Help people

Twitter is not just about sharing what you do during the day or what you are eating. It’s a community… a social network… so treat it like one. Participate in the community by helping other people out.

Search for tweets related to your industry and answer questions people might be asking. For example, I can search for “analytics” on Twitter and answer relevant questions, regardless of who is asking.

By helping people out you are building goodwill for both your personal and corporate brand.

#4: Network

Most people network with other Twitter users by just following people who tweet about similar topics. And although you should do this as well as interact with those members through tweets and direct messages… you can’t stop there.

Make sure you add your location to your profile. I tell people I live in Seattle, WA, on my profile. I then take Twitter networking offline by interacting with people who are also on Twitter in my city and share similar interests.

For example, I love learning and talking about anything marketing-related. If I notice that certain people are sharing great marketing tidbits, not only will I follow them, but I will direct-message them asking to grab a drink.

When doing this, make sure you interact with them a few times via Twitter first. Asking to meet up for coffee or drinks can be a bit creepy if you don’t get to know someone first.

Through this method I’ve not only built up great business relationships with a few powerful people, but I’ve gained a lot of new friends at the same time. And a few of those friends even drove customers our way, to KISSmetrics.

#5: Place buttons on your site

A good way to increase your Twitter traffic is to actually promote Twitter on your site. From Follow us on Twitter buttons within your sidebar and footer to Tweet this blog post, you should be nudging your customers to engage with you on Twitter.

The best way to do this is in the following ways:

  • Limiting how many social networks you promote on your site. If you link out to a handful of social sites, your visitors won’t know which ones to click. You should ideally be linking out to one or two. If you have a lot of traffic, consider three.
  • Taking advantage of social plugins like Sharebar or Flare will help your content spread further on Twitter.
  • Asking your readers to tweet your content also helps encourage social shares.
  • Ensuring your mobile site also contains social sharing buttons will help increase your overall traffic.

#6: Twitter card

There are millions of tweets on Twitter each day. So why should someone read a tweet about your site?

twitter card

Tweeting great content helps, but that isn’t enough these days. You need to start using Twitter cards. If you aren’t familiar with Twitter cards, it’s a program that helps showcase your content and images from your site on Twitter.

If you have a content-rich website, you should follow this guide to get included in Twitter’s card program.

#7: Gain followers

The more relevant followers you have, the better off you are. If you want to gain followers, you can certainly do simple things like adding follow me on Twitter buttons to your site, but that won’t get you as many followers as you may want.

You have to get creative if you want to grow your follower count. One of the most creative strategies I’ve seen is how WetPaint uses content blockers to gain followers:


You should also try using promoted tweets to gain relevant followers.

If you don’t have an advertising budget, you can do it the free way. Every time you speak at conferences or do a webinar, make sure you let people know your Twitter handle. And don’t forget to mention your Twitter handle when you do an interview.

If you are a bit shy, you can do it the old school by just tweeting great information. Just make sure you use hashtags and follow tips in this infographic as it will help your account get out there.

#8: Support

Years ago, when your customers weren’t happy, they could only call you and complain. Now customers have Twitter as their platform to talk badly about your company.

The last thing you want is people bad-mouthing you and your company in public. To help prevent this, you should use Twitter as a way to communicate and support your customers.

If you see them talking about your business or asking questions, make sure you respond to them. If they are unhappy, try to solve the issue and make them happy.

If they are ecstatic about your business, make sure you re-tweet a few of their tweets… especially those that talk about your company. You can also reward the ones that continually tweet great things about your business by mailing them t-shirts or stickers. People love free swag, so give it to them.

#9: Don’t forget your team

As your company grows, so will your head count. Chances are many of your team members will also be on Twitter. So, try to communicate with them online by tweeting at them, re-tweeting a few of their things and even asking them to tweet about the company.

This is a great way to get more people to learn about your business as the followers your employees have will probably be different from your followers. It will be a whole new audience that you can tap into. 🙂

Just don’t force your team members to re-tweet certain things if they don’t feel comfortable. This will also tell you how good your product or service is or even your tweets are. If they are great, your team members will want to re-tweet them gladly .

#10: Optimize

Although this is the last item on your checklist, it’s the one that should be used on a daily basis. Without optimizing and tweaking everything, you won’t be able to maximize how much revenue you can make from Twitter.

You should first look at such tools as Simply Measured, which breaks down the demographics of your followers, the times when they most log into Twitter, what they prefer and even when you should tweet.

You can then take that data and use tools like Hootsuite to schedule your tweets so that you maximize your reach.

I myself love optimizing my Twitter profile, and I’ve learned over the years that most people won’t even see your tweets. So if you have something important to say, make sure you tweet it multiple times over the course of a week.

In addition to that, there are a lot of studies and data about Twitter all over the web. This infographic, for instance, tells you what time and days you should tweet.


Don’t be fooled by the critics; there is a lot of money to be made from Twitter. Just look at the image at the beginning of this blog post. It shows how one site leverages Twitter to generate over $16,000 in monthly income.

Now, that’s pretty good!

Because Twitter has been out for years, you are probably already using it and are very familiar with it. But the real question is, have you been tweaking your profile to do all of the things mentioned above?

And if you know of any other things that should be on this checklist, feel free to leave a comment.


  1. As usual great pot Neil. Quick question. Are you using a particular plugin for your social share buttons on your blog posts?

    • Also, do you know where we can get (buy) a similar plugin to WetPaints content blocker?

      • Utkarsh Bhatt :

        It is a paid WPMU plugin. You’ll have to sign up for a yearly fee to use it on your site. Hope that helps.

    • Nima, I am just using a regular plugin. They all pretty much accomplish the same goal.

    • Twitter is definitely the best social media platform to engage with the customers, its important to reply, retweet, favourite, embed the best and relevant tweets on sites to make the most of it. Its also important to not follow everyone who follows you, following the right ones helps in getting the best updates.

  2. Ishan Madhav :

    Now, this one is a heck of a post…….um, Neil i’ve got a tip….why don’t you publish more Advanced guides and publish posts more often….hope you do

  3. Amir @ Blue Mile Media :

    Great post. As informal as Twitter is, I’ve gotten some of my best clients from there. Key is to use it to build quality connections. One of the best lines to connect with anyone.


    • Amir, thanks for reading. That’s very true. It’s all about creating a quality audience that you are connected to.

    • I discovered that most of my audience (educators and parents) is on Pinterest and Facebook, so Twitter is the least effective channel for me and Google+ is pretty much dead zone.

      I appreciate Neil’s advice in this well laid out post and will be using some of the techniques with my new startup.

  4. Venchito Tampon :

    Learning how to connect with your audience is vital to every marketing campaign. You need to know what they usually read and love to share with. 🙂

    Thanks Neil for this post!

    • Venchito, great points! It is very important to know what’s going on with your target audience.

  5. Mihai @ Freshome :

    Neil ..one thing I’ve noticed and wanted to ask you ..you don’t use the reply button to often on Twitter. Why ?

    • Mihai, due to the amount of tweets I receive regularly I find it more difficult to keep up. I try to reply to as many messages as possible though.

  6. Neil, do you still feel the Twitter image on the profile is valuable when many people are using Hootsuite or similar app and the header photo etc isn’t displayed when viewing a user’s profile?

    Would also be interested in any plugin similar to WetPaint if you can talk more on that?


    • Mike, I think an avatar is essential if you really want to create a personal connection. So yes, images are essential. Wetpaint is a great plugin but there are many more SEO plugins that are just as good.

  7. Rohit Palit :

    Great advices as usual! I’m so glad that I subscribed to the blog posts. 🙂

  8. Hi, Neil!

    As always, great post! Just wanted to add my 2 cents here: I believe it’s super important to understand if conversions come from your own tweets (owned) or tweets by others (earned).

    I can bet there are more people coming to your website because your readers share your content (clicking “tweet this” button) than from your tweets.

    If that’s true, you’d be better focusing on incentivizing the sharing rather than growing your Twitter following.


    • Jay, great points. I think there is a huge opportunity for conversions when a sharing incentive is present.

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    • Arbaz, I think you should just try it out yourself. There is no tutorial per se. I will try to write a post about Google Analytics as well 🙂

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    • Alex, great points. I think Twitter does work for some industries though. I think marketing for yourself or for a brand is an avenue for Twitter success. It’s all about the messaging.

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    Jawad Khan

    • It just comes down to participating. If you are on Twitter a lot you will get the hang of answering questions and finding the right people. Not only based on what they tweet, but their bio. If their bio says VP of marketing for Microsoft and they tweet about marketing stuff… and you are targeting big corporations who have a marketing department that would be someone worth reaching out to.

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