Hi, I’m Neil Patel of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and Quick Sprout… Ask Me Anything

hiten shah and neil patel

I’ve spent the last ten years of my life as an entrepreneur trying to create companies that help other businesses succeed. Some of the companies I created lost money, while a few succeeded.

Although I’ve failed a lot, I’ve been lucky enough to learn from each of my failures. For that reason, I want to do something unique today and share with you what I’ve learned over the years.

But instead of just listing what I’ve learned, I want to relate it to your business so that it helps you succeed.

I am going to do this through a simple question-and-answer format. All you have to do is leave a comment with a question, and I will answer it. Whether it is a question about a problem you are having in your business or just something you want to know about me, feel free to ask me anything.

Don’t worry about holding back either… you can ask me any question you want, no matter how foolish it may sound. No matter what, you will get a response.


  1. I run a Q&A game that I think could be a good perception research tool. What is the best way to approach businesses and sell using the platform to them?

    • My buddy used to have a Q&A platform in the past (a bit different than what you are doing), and there was a ton of demand for it on a subscription basis.

      You should consider doing a SaaS model in which you charge a monthly fee for it.

    • Hey Neil!

      Thanks for running a AMA! What are the steps you would follow to improvise the campaign results hence sales and conversions after blasting the initial newsletters with product discounts/offers to the users in an email marketing campaign for an eCommerce store. Thanks in advance.

      • After running a campaign I would plan the next few campaigns. This way you can keep them rolling and continually make sales from blasts.

        I would also use a solution like Infusionsoft to segment my list. So if someone doesn’t open up the offer/email after a few times, they would get a different email drip than other people.

    • to Crowdini:

      How does your site determine the final winner if the majority of the answers when 2 people are playing will be 50/50?

      How do you prevent collusion? Even without fake accounts

      • That’s a good question… I can see that happening.

      • To: Neil Can I email you to get some more info on how your buddy worked the subscription model?

        To: Joe – Majority is determined by all answers, not just the last 2 in your contest. Everybody get’s asked the same question. As to collusion, since majority is all answers it would take a large group to collude and a lot of patience of the whole group for everyone to get something. Hasn’t even been an issue since we launched.

    • Hi Neil,

      Is it ok to talk to people about your business idea before you have got a patent for it? I am scared about people “stealing” or claiming my idea.

      Many thanks for your time in advance.

      Best regards,

      • Yea, you can’t worry about people copying you. You just have to move fast.

        • Google Sniper 2.0 Make Money :

          Great, I just like your way of attracting your visitors as well as helping them!

      • Krish, India :

        Never reveal if you have a great idea. Most of the guys are opportunistic and it will be too late you to realize the mistake. Or get an NDA signed first.

        • Ideas actually aren’t worth that much. What makes your idea worth something is having the resources to implement it. If you’re really a startup person, you’re an idea person. If you’re really an idea person, you have several good ideas a week. If someone steals your idea, more power to them if they can make it work better than you can. And then you’re on to the next idea. The well is never dry. If it is, you’re probably not an idea person.

  2. Neil-
    If you had to start over this week and wasn’t a web programmer but wanted to create something that could replace your job, which option would you choose?

    1. Create an ecommerce store
    2. Build up a blog about health and fitness
    3. Build online web apps that help people (requires that you learn web programming or hire someone that does)

    Or something else?

    • I would start an ecommerce store. With software solutions like Shopify it is really easy to get something up and when you leverage shopping feeds sites like Google and Amazon can drive you a lot of your revenue.

      It’s a lot of work, but it will be the fast to get to revenue.

      • Bryan Carlton :

        Hi Neil,

        Thanks again for this Q&A, can you go into a little more detail about these shopping feeds that Google and Amazon offer.

        Bryan @ MajesticWallAart.com

        • You have to use a service to make it easy. Checkout www.singlefeed.com as they have all the information you need there and they know more about it than me. 😉

  3. Prateek Bansal :

    Hey Neil,

    How did you keep Moving, keep fighting and most importantly kept your self esteem up when the Times were not good..??

    • I just set personal goals… ones that I wanted so bad that I wouldn’t give up. Sometimes you will feel down and you’ll want to quit, but if you surround yourself with a support group filled with friends and family they will help motivate you.

  4. If you’d start from the scratch now, what would you change, and what you would do exactly the same?

    Also, if weren’t top SEO guru, how would you advice people to build links? 🙂


    • I wouldn’t be in the Internet world… I would have gotten a degree in finance and went into the investment banking world. I would have worked hard and tried to become a partner at Goldman.

      I would build my links through manually link building… mainly email. Backlinko.com teaches a lot of the tactics I would use.

      • Don’t you feel that you’ve been able to live a more interesting life in the internet world than in I-banking? Sure you have more ups and downs as an entrepreneur but you’ve obviously done really well and I can’t imagine I-banking being as fulfilling. Surprised to hear that you wish you had gone that route.

        • For me finance is fun as well. I think I would have fun no matter what career I went into because I would have made the most of it.

          But don’t get me wrong, I love the web. 🙂

  5. Parvez Rahman :

    Hello Neil,

    As far as I know, none of you or Hiten are programmers. So, you had to hire programmers to build KISSmetrics/ Crazy Egg. What are your thoughts on hiring other people to build things for you as opposed to the common thinking of ‘you need to learn how to code’ to build a startup?

    • Here is how Hiten and I went about hiring developers and even designers… 😉


      But yes, you are right, we aren’t technical. We just made so many bad hiring mistakes, we eventually figured it out.

  6. What’s the number 1 tip to making money online right away?

    • Collect emails from your visitors. Then drip those visitors with an email sequence with offers…

      This tactic works well assuming you have traffic and you are open to leveraging popup or sidebar optin methods.

  7. I just launched a maid service and am having trouble getting the word out. I have an extensive adwords list but something isn’t converting right. What would the best way to go about fixing my adwords campaign or other things I should do to get conversions.


    • Don’t focus on AdWords. Go and create flyers and postcards with discount codes. Then have college kids go door to door to hand them out.

      Make sure you don’t forget the discount code as that is how you will convince people to try you out. Also include testimonials on the informational material.

      • Lyman Perrine :

        You can also check out the Post offices Every Door Direct Mail(EDDM) program: https://www.usps.com/business/every-door-direct-mail.htm

        You can reach thousands of people in your area for around 700 or so bucks. Depends on your area. Like Neil said. Make sure you have a discount or coupon code to have them take action on your postcard.

        I’ve been doing this for a few years with a great bit of success. Also try and do a 9×12 post card if you have the money. It will make your card stand out because it will be the biggest piece of mail in their mail box.

        • Richard Linn :

          I agree that EDDM is a good, low-cost way to do direct mail, as long as a saturation mailing fits what you are selling, meaning that it would appeal to a broad range of residents. But often a targeted mailing will be more effective. Postage is the most expensive element of the campaign, followed by printing.

          In addition to online marketing I publish a regional advertising mailer, and EDDM keeps the cost down.

        • Thanks for the feedback. Never knew about that site.

          • Manual Joseph :

            Atlast it out be useful for many…!! Hope you conduct such programs everyweek as many people turns to help each others 🙂 and indeed its helping many in the blogosphere

  8. Servando Silva :

    If you had to start from 0 to create a blog or a niche site, what would be your strategy for the first 1-2 months?

    • I would find a list of bloggers in that space, hit them up, and offer them money to blog about my blog. This way from day 1 I would have an audience that would be reading my blog.

      Just make sure they drive traffic to a squeeze page that offers a free ebook or something so you can collect email addresses.

      • Hi Neil,

        How to decide how much to pay ? How to calculate the market price related to that famous blog on which I will be asking to post about my blog?

        Thank you.

        • You pay them whatever they want… you would have to ask them. If you think it is worth it, then you would do it.

          It’s too hard to calculate it… it’s a pure guess. Some will work out and others won’t. But using the numbers game philosophy, you should do fine.

      • Hi Neil,

        I have recently partnered with a restaurant consultant who, up until now, has been successful on word-of-mouth only. It is a crowded field and I convinced him we need a website and blog (in process) and on the importance of being active in social media. We plan to send an email blast when the site is launched.

        Our goal is to build our pipeline of project possibilities as very few actually materialize in this business.

        1. Do you have any suggestions on attracting potential clients (chefs, restaurateurs, investors, developers) to our new sites?
        2. Do you have any other basic recommendations to market a consulting business?

        Thank you so much for giving us your time and expertise!

        • 1. Create a Facebook fan page and advertise it to people who are interested in that category. Then provide tips on the fan page, which should help you build trust and potentially get new clients.

          2. I would market the business by blogging. Just continuall educate and you will get business.

          • Neil…amazing that you have taken time to answer everyone’s questions, including mine. Thank you!

      • Servando Silva :

        Thanks Neil.
        So I guess that the Guest post approach would work here directing traffic to an squeeze page, right? For the low budgets.

        Sometimes the challenge is to find blogs to guets post or pay for sponsored posts in some simple or specific niches. Not all of them are about “blogging”.
        Take care.

  9. Ivan de Leon :

    what’s your biggest challenge and how you did to solve it?

    • My biggest challenge was getting good products built fast. We eventually found a good developer and then convinced him to become a “business partner”.

      But without of going through a ton of bad candidates and wasting $50,000… we would have never found him.

  10. Thanks for the opportunity Neil! We learnt a lot reading your amazing articles in quick spout. We are confident enough to prove ourselves in making a mark in online business with your stories, interviews and online success. Thank you so much for that.

    If I put all these professional questions aside, can you please tell me if you ever had a love story in your college days? If so, who is she? 😀

    • I have not. I spent my college days focusing on my business. It was already tough working full time and going to college full time…

  11. You wrote that you haven’t took any vacation over these years…You have achieved so much things and earned lot of money then why the hell are you not taking any vacation ? Also Dont you have a Girl Friend ?

    • I don’t take vacations because I enjoy working. When I am not working all I think about is work. And if I don’t work, I get stressed out. :/

      Yes, I do have a girlfriend.

      • How does your girlfriend deal with your crazy work schedule? Do you follow any of these tips http://www.bothsidesofthetable.com/2013/01/22/a-post-startup-execs-should-forward-to-your-spouse-or-partner-12-tips-for-making-it-work/?

        • She does.

          I don’t follow any of those tips.

          • Neil, I totally agree and most of the entrepreneurs I know think the same way. While I do take short trips every now and then with the wife, I get stressed when I cannot add to my company while not being there.

            There is no vacation that’s gets more exciting than bringing a new idea to life or exceeding certain business goals.

            • Yea, it is really fun. I just wrote a post about this recently https://www.quicksprout.com/2013/05/06/how-to-be-a-workaholic-and-not-get-burnout/

  12. Hi Neil,

    Your articles ar full of valid (probably tested) knowledge that one can apply. My question is: how do you stay focused and manage to stick to a plan (such as to tweet / grow your network) ?

    What makes you go that extra mile? I heard startup people give up because they try everything too fast, so how do you keep going steady with your strategy?

    Would really love an advice on this as having to do the daily “maketing stuff” is harder than it sounds.


    • I stick to plan by managing my calendar and my task list. Each day and week I put things in my calendar that help my achieve the goals in my plan. These tasks are small, but when you add them all up I end up achieving my plan.

      My passion makes me go the extra mile. I really enjoy what I am doing. I keep going by just never giving up and in many cases ignoring what others in the space do. I just focus on my own business.

  13. Sampath Kumar :

    Hello Neil,I’m a computer science student from Hyderabad, India.Me and my friend are looking to setup a web design agency.so,could you help us with the following.

    1.) Startup costs

    2.) how much we’re gonna make

    3) Future growth

    4) getting clients and building up a portfolio.


    • 1. The cost shouldn’t be much. It should just be your time.

      2. I don’t know how much you will make… it can vary a lot.

      3. You need to focus on branding as that will help with future growth. You can do this by blogging or speaking at events.

      4. Hit up big named clients for free at the beginning. Offer them free work in exchange to use them as a reference.

  14. 1) How do you start so many companies and seem to be successful in the cutting edge companies globally?

    2) What are your exit plans?

    3) What kind of legacy are you looking to leave behind?

    • 1. I have a great team. Without them nothing would have ever happened.

      2. I have no exit plans at the moment. Eventually I think someone will buy us out though.

      3. I am not sure about the legacy part. I ideally want one that helps people remember me for what I did to help change the world. So far I need to focus more on the “change the world” part.

  15. How were you able to create such fantastic products, both being non tech?

    Some background on the question:

    I have some pre-product revenue for a piece of software I’m working on, based solely on the info pack I created.

    While my UI was very scrappy, it was enough to generate sales (some reoccurring) for the product- even before it’s built. My biggest challenge now is shipping the MVP. I’ve stripped down the product to the core features, and am working with a dev. to complete that (should be finished in 1-2 weeks).

    However, I know that the product will need a more experience person to really polish it… do you believe this is the path, or would you recommend staying a single non tech founder?

    • You should just get something out. Once you make more money you can hire someone to help you out… but I think you should try to do it on your own until you really meet the right co-founder.

      Remember, a business partnership is harder to get out of than a marriage. It has to be the right partner.

  16. Mitko Yanakiev :

    Hello Neil! I think this is great idea.

    My question is not much of a question but instead i want to know your opinion if i’m doing the right thing: I have opened a digital agency, but i want to be in two languages english and my country language, i think its a good idea to use .com for the english version and .bg for the second language. What do you think is best from SEO point of view – the two versions to be on different domains or the second version to be in subfolder domain.com/bg/? I’ve already buyed both domains and i was going to proceed, but because its a starting business i wanted to be sure, that i do the right choice. I really like to hear your thoughts on this one. Thank you in advance!

    • Why not just use the .com version? And then have a flag icon and when they click it the language changes as they are taken to /bg (like you mentioned above).

      When someone types in the .bg domain just forward them to the .com/bg URL.

      • Mitko Yanakiev :

        There is still language switch, but it may lead to the .bg domain.

        Because with .bg it will focus on the local market and it will have bigger weight for SEO or there is no much difference, between that and subfolder?

  17. Hey. I’m a marketer, copywriter, analytics interpreter, email marketer, split tester, project manager, trade show setter upper, sponsorship setter upper, go to guy for promotions, social media and more. It’s for a great, privately owned company. I feel like I contribute significantly and that it is appreciated. Bit I’d like to make more. How do I communicate that effectively. Also if I don’t make more here, how do I communicate what I do effectively to a future employer?

    I want to make it clear that I do a good job and produce results consistently.

    • You can’t be an expert in all fields. Pick one and just communicate that… same with your resume. People don’t want to hire jack of all trades, they want experts. You need to focus on one of those things.

    • It’s not always necessary to be an expert at one thing. Ian Sanders’ “Mash Up!” book might be worth a look for people with multiple skills:

  18. Hi , if i start a blog for joomla (CMS) tips and tutorial ,can it get success like many blogs about wordpress tips and tutorials?

    • Potentially. You won’t know until you get it out there.

      I do think it is a big enough market, but WordPress is larger so I doubt it will be as popular.

    • There are many free tips and tutorials for Joomla! out there. So be patient. It will take real hard work to get successful in that area.

  19. Hey Neil!
    First of all thanks for all your wisdom you offer us to consume here.

    As a blogger, I always want to write great and valuable content, which can be challenging sometimes since it takes some time to do so. Sometimes I’m about to lose the overview of all the things I need to do next to writing for my blog.

    How do you deal with the time issue while writing longer articles?

    • Split up your time. Limit how much time you spend on the longer pieces each week… that way you can still put in time for shorter articles while you are writing the long ones.

      An easy approach is to do a 50/50 time split.

  20. Hi Neil,

    My question.

    If you have a SAAS startup focusing on SMB’s in the US/UK/Canada market, what would be the most effective way of selling to them if you are based out of India and face to face interaction is not possible?

    • Inbound marketing. You can learn more about different inbound approaches on inbound.org.

      It’s very cost effective and it works no matter what region you are in.

  21. Hi Neil…

    Your blogposts on quicksprout is a substantial knowledge base for people looking to step in online business specially.

    So i have 2 questions –
    1 – Do you have any near future plans to visit India?
    2 – When you’ll get married 😉 (Maybe i can learn something from that part of your life as well)


  22. Hi Neil,

    I have been following your blog for a long time now, and am very happy that your are offering this Q&A.

    If someone wanted to create some additional income streams, do you think it would be better to create a few small niche sites or work on a larger authority site? and why?


    • I would do 1 site. If you put in all of your effort into 1 site it will go further than a few small sites.

      You should check out smartpassiveincome.com as that site can teach you all about that space.

  23. Which is the best way to earn from Adsense?

    • Create a popular site and then try to monetize. I am not a big fan of AdSense… I actually think it isn’t that great of a income stream compared to selling your own products or services.

  24. How do you get such great engagement on your blog?

    • I actually wrote a blog post that breaks this down. 🙂


  25. Thomas Oppong :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the opportunity.

    I want to get other writers involved in writing for my business and technology blog: http://alltopstartups.com

    Too many guest writers want to promote their clients when they submit guest posts.

    What strategies can I use to attract consistent writers to contribute to my blog.

    • You need to first make the blog more popular. A good way to do this is to find popular bloggers and offer them money to blog on your site. They usually have Twitter accounts and when they blog they will promote the post they wrote for you. Eventually you will get more traffic and good writers will offer to write for you for free.

  26. Hi Neil

    The question is regarding iPhone Apps. I have seen many stupid apps in the Top 100 apps in the App Store. Do these apps seriously make good money. Can we make really good money by developing stupid funny apps which people won’t use for very long but would try it out once or twice.

    • A lot don’t make money. You have to build something really good and popular to make a lot of money. Some of those “stupid apps” got lucky, or they bought there way to the top, and it is rare that they all make a lot of money.

  27. Neil, how did you and Hiten meet? And what pulled you together as a team? Any particular tough moments early on you can share?

    • I met him through my sister. She was dating him at that time (they are now married to each other).

      What pulled us together was at that time I had an idea and was a bit technical and he knew business and had money.

  28. Artem Lapitski :

    Neil – 

    You are looking for some direction and guidance at the gym and land on my http://workoutlabs.com website after a Google search:

    – What is your first impression?
    – What are your suggestions after a quick look around the site?


    • 1. I love the concept of the site. Especially the man or woman selection part.
      2. I would add more call to actions and figure out a way to monetize (if you already haven’t). Consider selling info products, but you should first focus on collecting emails.

    • Mudassir Mustafa :

      Man i really liked your site, its such a great site and Neil is right that you should promote some info products like some sort of paid workout plan or you may offer personal training where people can subscribe for your personal training letter or something. This site should earn some great money i believe its a great site.
      Mudassir Mustafa

    • Wow that’s awesome website and tool. I will use it for sure. Visitors on my blog will be really happy to hear about it. If I will find any idea which will be helpful for you I will give you know. Why not make something together.
      Take Care!

  29. Hi Neil,

    I’ve reading your blogs for quite some time. I’m new in online marketing and have tried many stuff for improving my firm’s ranking. My firm strategy is to try the old school technique, but I forced them to start a good qualitative weekly blog. Though Blog has been a success, but still the firm believe its a irrelevant activity, in comparison to old school seo activities.

    How do I pursue them to invest more on content?

  30. Hi Neil,

    I’m a huge fan of yours. Your advice is the best out there. I have two questions:

    Let’s say you have a service business. You need leads. When it comes to SEO, what is the best advice you have for actually turning traffic into leads. In other words, it’s easy to get 2000 visitors per month—but much harder to actually get some of those people to contact you or request a meeting.

    My second question–what’s the best marketing advice you ever heard?

    • It is hard when you only have 2000 visitors. But I would first collect their name and email through a popup and then drip them with your service offerings. That’s a better approach than to just pitch them on your offerings.

      There isn’t any “best advice” that I have ever heard. What works for one site may not work for another. :/

  31. Hi Neil,

    I’m trying to enter the self help market specializing in helping Men become more Confident and Powerful in life. I know that’s generic but a lot has to do with having killer social skills so these guys can command higher respect in society.

    I’m still trying to figure out where to find this type of crowd online.

    I do NOT want to become a dating guru although my product could help get women. I’m more of a building a lifestyle type of guy and want to help other men become semi-celebrities in their own little social circle.

    Trying to do fb ads now but a more guided direction would be very much appreciated.

    thank you and keep up the good work.

    • You should follow Brian Moran from Get 10,000 Fans. If you follow his strategy on Facebook you should do well.

  32. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the opportunity! My question is: what advice would you give to a non-techie (no coding knowledge) entrepreneur on how to convert their business idea into a software solution, especially with regard to recruiting talent and building the right team.


    • I would focus on finding a technical business partner. That’s your best bet. Don’t worry about recruiting talent or building the right team as you are too small to worry about that.

      Once you grow and make money, then worry about those things.

      For now focus on going to networking events or conferences to try and find the right partner.

  33. Hi Neil- I have 2 sites. One we sell organic horse supplements and the other we speak directly to our target market “horse moms”.

    I’ve been putting up lots of good content but have yet to get the traction that I’d like.

    What’s the best way to JUMP START a start up and get momentum (and cash) fast?

    Thank you and you always have awesome posts!

    • Create a Facebook fan page and buy Facebook ads to it. Once you have a popular fan page it should be easy to drive visitors from your fan page to your actual site.

      This post should also help you with Facebook: https://www.quicksprout.com/2013/02/21/the-art-of-writing-great-facebook-status-updates/

  34. If you wanted to get a decent income stream started as fast as possible what would you do, and who would you recommend to learn the strategy/approach from? My skill set is mainly web programming.

    • Learn how to become a “great” programmer. There are tons of jobs that pay really well for good developers.

      Keep learning and educating yourself as that is your best bet. There currently is a quick “income” stream from creating a business.

  35. Neil,

    How would you market a cleaning website? www.ambermaids.com

    The options seem to be Google Adwords, Yelp, social engagement, but I was wondering if you had any specific advise that could help in this sector.


    • I would focus on 1 geographical region first. Then create flyers for that area and pass them around door to door. Offer discounts and have college kids pass around your flyers.

      That’s your best bet.

  36. Daniel Bulygin :

    Hi Neil,

    You described how CrazyEgg lost around $30k per month. How could you stay alive for these months until you grew? Did you receive any funding or did you invest your own money? If yes, how much and how did you get it?


    • I invested my own money, my business partner used his own cash as well, and we both borrowed money from our parents.

      We used up anywhere from $500,000 to $750,000 before we broke even.

      • How did you manage to earn so much money before you broke even? All through consulting?

      • I know this is a day late, but in reference to this…When you borrow money from family, and using your own…How did you manage to remain positive about the possibility of breaking even/ eventually to make money? Earlier in the comments you said it had to do with the positive support around you…

        Did you have negative energy from “investors”? What did you do to convince them to stick it out, or did they just trust you guys to really build it out to a stunning success?

        • You have to make sure you take money from positive people. If you don’t have motivation, you won’t do well.

          People just trusted me even before I had any success. When I needed the money, no one wanted to give it and I had to pitch tons of people before a few said yes.

  37. hey Neil thanks for this great chance.
    Internet marketing is a huge sector so most of the case newbies are confused on which he will work and how he can go on. so i expect a brief suggestion from you about guidelines for newbies to be a internet marketer.

    • Best suggestion is to learn from experience. Test a lot of different things out with your own site. Whatever works, do more of it.

      If you can’t do that, then learn from reading. Inbound.org, searchengineland.com, seobook.com, seomoz.org, blog.kissmetrics.com and copyblogger.com.

  38. Hi Neil,

    Of all the revenues your businesses make, how much do you actually get into your pocket?

    • I’ve never calculated this, as each business is different. For some I get 5%, while others I get 30% and some even 60%. It really ranges.

  39. Jared Smith :


    I run a consulting company that is just starting to get legs. Our target contract is > 6 months, but lately we have been getting a number of requests for short projects/tasks that are < 1 month.

    The cash from a short term project is nice, but it ties up my resources without giving me the ability to plan/scale. I feel like it's the equivalent of only putting a few gallons of gas in your car at a time. It will get you around town, but you can't plan any decent trips.

    I'm planning on refusing any more short term requests, but as with any time you are turning down money, it makes you question yourself. Given your experience, how would you/did you handle this situation?


    Jared Smith

    • You should slowly increase your prices until the short term projects become worth it. Until then keep doing what you are doing until you have more cash in the bank and then slowly transition into only longer term projects.

  40. Hi Neil

    Ok, here is my story. I come from a small country in Europe (Kosovo to be more specific). I consider my self a web enthusiast. I have been into SEO/Internet Marketing for more than 4 years mostly working for companies outside my country (Germany).

    The problem with my country is that there isn’t any market here right now. Businesses have just started thinking about investing online (creating a website), but only a small percentage of them have already done it. And it’s not about pricing, but they still doubt that internet is going to help their businesses succeed.

    I want to do something to change it because there is a huge potential here. I’m asking you, what would you do if you were in my case, which is the best thing to do that would be profitable and also help others.


    • You can’t force a market to be ready. More so you can just educate so when the market is ready they will come to you.

      In the mean time keep helping people out in your country and offer free advice to help build up your brand. When they are ready, people will come to you.

  41. Just speaking monetarily, how much according to you should an entrepreneur make per month (profits) which you will consider as successful ? OR probably you can categorize slab wise .

    • There is no specific amount. Success is determined based on what you seem to be success. For me it isn’t money, it is knowledge and happiness.

      Although I am happy, I feel I can still learn a lot more.

  42. Hi Neil,
    I would like to ask you which is the best source/website to find potential websites to buy ?
    I know Flippa and all the brokers. I am not new in this, just want to know your insight.

  43. Run a growing agency that is incredibly agile and has a very family-type relationship with clients. Have you found that to be a scalable model or do you have to stay small to achieve that?

    • I’ve found that you have to stay small to achieve that. I tried doing it myself, but it is hard to keep that culture and feeling when you are large. 🙁

      If you want that feeling, stay small and focus on boosting profits.

  44. Hi Neil

    For a new brand that sells physical products, what’s the most effective strategy or specific strategies to gain exposure across the web and social networks.



    • I wouldn’t focus on social or SEO.

      Focus on selling great products through other popular sites. Through shopping feeds like https://www.singlefeed.com/ you can get products listed on places like Amazon or Google shopping. This should help drive revenue.

  45. How old are you?

  46. My website is a fitness and health related site, i was ranking well before this penguin update but now i am totally lost. The thing i wanna ask is the off page seo and must links after publishing a post? i’ve started working even harder now.please help!

    • Did you build bad/spammy links before the update? You should consider removing them if you did. This is the most common reason to be penalized.

      • I used socialmonkee for building links, time ago it was really rocking but now only a trash. I think that might be the reason.

  47. Brandon Turner | BiggerPockets :

    What’s your ultimate goal, your “end game?” In other words, what is your “Why?”

    • I want to make at least $100,000,000 after taxes. Then take that money and donate it to one cause that I am passionate about. That’s why I work so hard.

  48. Neil, what are things you look for if/when you hire a web developer?

    • I look for someone who is cultural fit, they can code in Ruby on Rails and they are a good programmer. I usually test them by having them code something up that is small.

  49. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for your kind offer.
    I’m building an ecommerce site and my question is what is the effective way to store 10,000 pictures, either in the website or outside using Amazon or a free option as Flickr. I’m afraid of bandwith and/or performance.

    Many thanks,


    • You can use Amazon web services. We do that for Crazy Egg and it is really cheap and cost effective.

  50. Vijay@glamplaza.com :

    Hi Neil ,

    Perfect timming for this email actually I am planning to launch ecommerce site http://shop.glamplaza.com women fashion clothing and accessories niche next month, I want to know how to start it rght and may be using crazyEgg and Kissmetics.

    Besides that how can I leverage paid search to drive target traffic, you can contact me at vpatodi@glamplaza.com.


    • Before you try either of those products, focus on getting more traffic to your site. I recommend that you start with a solution like www.singlefeed.com.

  51. hi,

    Simple question. If you had to start from zero what would be your traffic generation strategy?

    • I would buy it. I would find sites in my space and pay them to blog about my site. That’s what I would do if I had to start over again.

      It’s expensive, but it works.

  52. How can you monetize a magazine on political / cultural issues?

    • With ads. If you build up your traffic to being large enough, you can get your own ad sales team. Until then signup to a few ad networks and test out different ads.

  53. Tammy Emineth :

    Ask you anything? Why is it when people mess with their site before we get a hold of it can’t we ever get it ranked? Those that leave it alone and we start fresh and start ranking well in just weeks. Ugh.. It’s hard to come back from a negative. I wish there was a check list for penalized sites; do this, this and this and you will come back. Great sites out there with lots of great content just don’t get the ranking they deserve.

    • You are right… it’s people who try to do funny stuff that usually get in trouble. A check list is a great idea, but in the mean time check out this post as it will help: https://www.quicksprout.com/2013/04/11/how-to-get-out-of-the-google-penalty-box/

  54. Ryan Bartlett :

    If you were making millions with your SEO agency, why’d you stop?

    What’s a good SEO conversion rate?

    What percentage of your overall leads come from social media?

    Do you find that social media leads tend to convert a lot less than other forms of leads?

    Which leads convert the best for you?

    What is your consulting rate?

    What’s the most money you’ve ever heard of 1 SEO specialist making per month, doing all the work and managing all the clients himself. How many clients did they have?

    • I hated to do SEO for other companies. It wasn’t fun for me and it wasn’t scalable.

      Conversion rate is tough… but 5 to 20% of your leads will turn into clients.

      For me, less than 15% of my leads come from social media. Those leads don’t convert as well as other leads.

      Paid ads converted the best for me (adwords, facebook, linkedin)

      I don’t really consult much, but when I do I don’t do anything for under $240,000.

      For an individual SEO (non company), $100,000 in a month was the most I’ve ever heard of.

  55. Hey Neil,
    Your posts and emails are very inspiring and have helped me tremendously in less than a week. Thanks for that!
    My question: for a blog that finds and shares interesting facts and information, what are ways you would monetize the blog to its maximum potential?

    • That’s tough. I would first through up ad blocks and see what kind of ads do well on your site. Once you figure that out I would try to create similar products and then sell them yourself… in essence you would essentially be cutting out the middle man.

  56. Hi Neil,
    I’m a new young engineer in computer science.
    I plain to create my own business to work on SEO, making Ecommerce site and electronic publishing.
    What advice can you give to me on everything to success in my projects.
    Kind regard.
    I also want to know more about your curcus.
    Thanks a lot

    • Don’t go for quick tactics that are short run. Go for lon run opportunities that will last. A good example of this is black hat seo tactics… they won’t work forever.

      I would also try to focus on creativity as those are the best marketing tactics. The ones that are custom to your business and others haven’t thought of yet.

  57. Thanks for the AMA, Neil.
    If you were in charge of marketing for a service marketplace (therefore 2 different key audiences) about to be launched,

    1. what would you do (other than the usual: seo, search, display, social media, blogging, emailing, cro, press) to attract and convert new users on both sides of the platform?

    2. How would you increase user loyalty on both sides?

    3. Any growth hack you have in mind?

    • 1. I would get influencers in the space to talk about the project as that will draw in people from both sides. That’s a great way to get loyal people over that will use the product/service.

      2. I would do more of number 1 and even spend money to make this rapidly grow.

      3. None in mind at the moment. 🙁

  58. Gregg Anderson :

    Hi Neil,

    How do you go to market with a product when you have two customer bases that depend on each other?

    It’s been called the “chicken and the egg” scenario – you can’t have one without the other.

    For example, we offer jobs to students, but need students to attract employers, and employers to attract students…

    Which one do we target first?

    • You have to target them at the same time. Usually paid marketing helps solve this… but it is an expensive thing to tackle as you had to run 2 marketing campaigns targeting different audiences at the same time.

      There is no trick to solving this other then to get a ton of press, but it is hard to get that unless you have good contact or a decent PR agency.

  59. How do you suggest finding and hiring a programmer for an online application with a fairly high level of complexity?

    • I would follow the steps in this post: https://www.quicksprout.com/2009/12/02/how-to-hire-a-good-designer-and-developer/

  60. Parvez Akther :

    Hello Neil,
    I’m a big fan of you and i read all of your blog post regularly. I run a small Theme shop www.themexpert.com and which is doing well. However the revenue is not growing as expected.

    Would you please suggest me a way or couple of ways to boost up my revenue. I know you have tons of blog post for this but as i get chance, i’d really appreciate if you suggest me something personally 🙂


    • Offer low cost themes that are basic for $1. After you get someone to spend a dollar upsell them on more themes. It’s much easier to grow your revenue if you can get someone to spend a small amount of money with you and then upselling them.

      You can also do business development deals and get sites like Appsumo.com to promote your themes to their audience for a discount.

  61. Hi Neil; I’ve got a problem. I’m launching a business and my website has been up for quite a while. However, recently, a blackhatter has scraped my site and is using my content on their site (public data, but he’s copied it word-for-word from my site) and is currently out-ranking me. In fact; it almost seems that Google has penalized me; I went from spot 6 to spot 12 while he went from spot 9 to spot 2 for my keyword(s).

    Any suggestions on what I should do?

    • I would have a lawyer try to get the other site to take down your content.

      I would then follow the steps in this post: https://www.quicksprout.com/2013/04/11/how-to-get-out-of-the-google-penalty-box/

      • As always; good advice 🙂 I’m not entirely sure I’m in the penalty box; I just haven’t built backlinks to my site in… forever! I let the users do that; it might not be the “best” in Google’s eyes, but I believe that in the long run, I will have the MUCH better backlinking profile 🙂

  62. Barbara Fowler :

    If you were a professional service business with $250,000 in revenue, an old 4 page website, no blog, no content, what are the first things you would do to embrace inbound marketing? What would you spend for a website? Would you use wordpress or a custom design?

    • I would move my site over to WordPress and get a new design. From there I would start a content marketing strategy… probably the one outlined in this guide: www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-content-marketing

  63. Hi Neil,

    I have two website teachingsofajobcoach.com and wealthybefore25.com. What was the different ways you got traffic to your websites? How can you get free traffic to your website? How did you monetize your website? Did you do any affiliate marketing?


    • The best free traffic advice I can give you is following the steps in these 2 guides:


      I monetize my site through lead generation for my businesses.

      I don’t do any affiliate marketing.

  64. I’m looking for feedback on my concept and advice on how to move it forward. I’m not looking for standard things like talk to parents or build an mvp.

    It’s a subscription service for parents that gets their kids to read more. Does so by getting kids to compete against their friends for the most pages read. Winner gets a prize. It’s modeled after reading week that I had as a kid. My theses are that getting kids to read more is something parents will pay for & that by incentivizing and making reading a competition kids will enjoy and therefore read more.

    I was thinking of validating by number of pages read, at first manually asking kids a few questions about the book in the beginning to validate that they read them, once validated the new pages would be added to the leader board. Eventually it would obviously need to be validated by an algorithm of some sort, which I imagine is difficult but possible.

  65. Hi Neil,

    For a non-developer/business person, what would be some effective strategies for learning how to manage software development projects (other than learning programming)?

    What resources could you recommend (e.g. books, trainings, conferences, consultancies)?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Have you read The Lean Startup? It’s a good book to check out.

      You should also attend developer conferences as that should help get you up to speed.

  66. Hi Neil, congrats on the idea. It’s great!

    I’m about to launch a B2B service in Brazil and what is the best way in your opinion to control/sell to business customers. I mean, what are the best services that allow me to control and manage potential customers the access my site, interact with them, …


  67. dave nevogt :

    Hey Neil – I’ve been following you for about a year. Thank you for the posts you put out. I read them all. My business is Hubstaff.com which I am just starting to focus on the growth. My question is this…

    If you had to focus on just one strategy for acquiring leads for this business what would it be?

  68. Hey Neil,

    I have a newly started blog, should I focus on Copywriting Headlines or SEO Headlines?
    And would this change when I have a lot of followers?


    • Copywriting headlines. Always do what is best for the consumer first, then do what is best for search engines.

      I don’t think it will boost your follower count by a lot, but it should help in the long run.

  69. We are launching a vacation rental company in the travel niche. We have already acquired several guest blogging opportunities on authoritative sites. What are several other methods you would use to build initial backlinks in a non-spammy/authoritative way? We are willing to invest several thousand dollars as long as the links are authoritative. However, we would rather avoid infographics. Thanks!

    • You should look into press. I use a company called prserve.com which gets me links through press. They are performance based.

      Audiencebloom.com is another great site that offers potential link opportunities.

  70. Hi Neil,

    In the final stages of launching our business – an online school management system for esl/small sized schools. Just wondering based on your experience, what are some pitfalls small businesses like mine should look to avoid.

    Thanks for all your hard work!

    • Not focusing on revenue quick enough. Don’t worry about features… make your product easy to use for 80% of the market out there. Then go out there and focus on brining in some revenue before you spend too much more money on the product.

  71. Hi Neil, as an expert I would like to hear from you how to improve conversion rates one new tourist agency. How to increase number of bookings? It would be great to hear concrete advices.

    • I’ve seen sites in your space do the best with the use of Google AdWords and SEO. You should focus on those 2 things as they will boost your revenue the quickest.

  72. Ashish Kothari :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for this great opportunity. I am a regular reader of your blog and had bought and benefited from your social media course.

    I am the owner of TryAyurveda.com – a blog on ayurveda and natural home remedies. I am trying to find ways to popularize this ancient Indian medicinal system and finding ways to monetize the blog. I’ll appreciate your suggestions.

    I am also considering starting an e-comm store on natural herbal products and medicines starting with drop shipping. Do you think this would be a viable business and if I could make money drop shipping?

    Thank you in advance.

    • Yes I think you can make money using the drop shipping method. A lot of companies use this tactic.

      1. You should use a plugin like sharebar as it will help drive more social traffic.
      2. Focus on improving your content… follow this guide: https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-content-marketing
      3. Consider using a plugin like pop up domination to grow your email list.

  73. What lip balm do you use?

  74. Hi Neil,

    First of all, you’re tips are simple yet brilliant!

    My question is: How important is it to balance technology and marketing skills for early entrepreneurs?

    Can we get away by possessing lesser of either two, when the other is more intense?


    • You need to focus on 1 or the other. Make sure you become an expert in one of those fields and find someone else to help you with the other.

      You ideally need to cover both aspects really well.

  75. How you go about when evaluating a markets potential?

    Thanks Neil

    • Through research. I look for big market caps. If a space has a big market cap I usually go for it as the potential to make even a small portion of it will be a good shot.

  76. Hi Neil,

    How important do you think is server speed for rankings ? I have a website with 2k visitors/day, do you think my shared hosting on hostgator is enough or should I updrade to something else ?

    If yes, I’m lost with server options; I don’t understand VPS hosting etc and I don’t know what to choose.
    If you think shared hosting is enough with 2k visitors, how many visitors do you recommend before upgrading ?

    Best regards,

    • It is really important. https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/12/10/how-load-time-affects-google-rankings/

      I like www.rackspace.com

  77. Hi Neil,

    First, I must thank you for your posts and emails which are quite informative.

    My question : I am working on e-learning web product for CBSE students in India to teach Maths. How can I reach product market fit and do marketing.
    P.S : Its been only 3 weeks since I launched the website (www.conceptsa2z.com)

    Thanking you in advance.


    • Sadly I can’t answer that question. You need to survey your ideal audience and figure out what they want and provide it. That’s how you reach product market fit.

      This article should help: http://www.startup-marketing.com/the-startup-pyramid/

  78. Happy that you are doing so well Neil. I hear the
    same thing over and over again, “The Money Is
    In The List”. What are your best strategies to get
    traffic to a blog site which would include Free/Paid
    online/offline advertising. Yes, not just thousands
    of wannabes/tirekickers, but quality targeted traffic
    that will convert for a niche market. Thank you and
    look forward to your response.

    • It is in the list. Through popup domination you can collect a lot more emails.

      As for building traffic, leverage SEO and content marketing. You can learn more about strategies people use through inbound.org.

  79. Brian Hvarregaard :

    Hi Neil,
    I have been struggling in the digital signage industry for some time now. Im just one guy and have, what i think, is a good product. Its web based and easy to use. Now im where i need to go find some customers. What do you think is the best approach for getting customers to visit my web site and eventually signing up for my digital signage solution?

    • Try a few paid ads through Google AdWords. You can usually find free credit on hosting company sites. Then once you figure out a few keywords that convert, go after them with SEO. http://www.seomoz.org/beginners-guide-to-seo

  80. Ritesh Desai :

    Here’s a hard one… what’s your drink of choice?

  81. Hey Neil. Thanks for your generosity.

    I have a niche eBook/training product that appeals to several groups: House painters, crafters, custom auto painters and wood workers.

    There are several thousand auto body shops in each state in the US alone and house painter numbers are even greater.

    These are 35-50 year old men who use the web to search for stuff and check email, but are too busy to hang out in social media (yes I’ve researched this well and it’s absolutely true).

    They’re NOT on Twitter, Facebook or blogs; they work in their businesses all day.

    Some of these pro’s read and keep magazines around, but I don’t have a magazine sized ad budget yet.

    My site is ranked high for my keywords, but because of the web-behavior issues mentioned above, traffic is slow, even with the killer freebies I offer.

    To give you an idea of profit potential: I’ve earned over $5000 from a list of under 200 email addresses.

    What’s a non-spammer, low budget way to reach these groups?

    Thanks again.

    • 1. Signup to clickbank as they can provide affiliates who can drive sales.
      2. Work on boosting your conversion rate. Through blogs like conversionxl.com you can learn how to convert more visitors into customers.

      • 1. Clickbank doesn’t even have a category for my niche and affiliate marketers aren’t working in it.

        2. My conversion rate is above industry standards. The problem, as clearly stated in my question, is that my customers aren’t on line, so traffic is low.

        • Have you tried offline advertising? I don’t know much about the offline marketing world, but that could be your best bet.

  82. i intend starting a new professional society/guild. While i work on registering it and other issues, i think i should start with e-groups viz FB, linkd-in etc.

    My questions are very basic.
    on FB how do you go about making a group that isn”t linked with me personally (IDs etc)… similarly, on linkedIn. What are the other good professional pages that my group must be visible in. The idea is to access the strength of potential group members, and also to communicate with them regularly.


    • You don’t have to have the page tied to you. It can be independent… you will have to make yourself an Admin though.

      The way you market it is through Facebook ads and promoting the page on other similar Facebook pages. You have to be careful of the second one because if you are spammy people will get mad.

  83. Roman Soluk :

    Hi Neil,
    Will the content creation both for my site and as a guest blogger help my blog grow (at least slowly)? I try to submit 40 guest posts per year to the blogs with minimum PR 4.

    Thanks a lot!

    • It does help a lot. I used to do it and I had great results.

      Don’t focus on high pagerank blogs, focus on related blogs with a lot of traffic.

  84. Neil, Do you have a preference between E-Junkie and Gumroad, for selling eBooks?

    • Neither. You will have to create something custom if you want to maximize your conversion rates.

  85. Hello,
    Neil What according to you is the safest method of getting backlinks for single blog post based on keyword to rank it higher in search results after the updates from Google ?

    • Emailing people. Find out who links to other bloggers in your space and try to convince them to link to your post.

      Here are a few email templates: https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/12/07/the-link-builders-guide-to-email-outreach/

  86. donnie cooper :

    if you had to grow you consultancy to a point of running without you, and you had to start out with no connections/ etc….

    how would you find/train staff to take your place talking to customers and consulting them?

    • You would have to find a good manager. Ideally someone who has worked with you for years and eventually you can promote them to this role.

      Don’t plan for it in the beginning, just hire really good people and look out to see if any one of them could be your ideal manager.

  87. Eduardo Loria :

    What was one of your biggest time wasters while blogging when you were starting out?

    • Trying to figure out what to blog on. I later figured out how to save time on this… https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/10/29/a-simple-plan-for-writing-a-powerful-blog-post-in-less-than-2-hours/

      • Eduardo Loria :

        Thank you 🙂 Finding the top blogs for my area (mindfulness, simple, nature) has been kind of hard, but I’m making progress! Thank you for your time!

  88. Neil,

    I have a business online that is Green/Eco-Friendly website hosting based in the UK. http://www.ecogreenhosting.co.uk .I already blog comment, do social bookmarking, link building, twitter account, facebook account, google+ account, on yell, on yahoo, on web hosting directories, review sites, use place like squidoo to write content and link back.

    I have got a DA of 35 in a matter of a couple of months or so, it is hard ranking for such keywords but getting there. I have customers and have 100% retention rate, but I am not getting loads of impressions and people coming to the site on a regular basis.

    For example I have made $400 in a month with low costing web hosting packages, but only get 22-30 organic clicks to the site a month! So conversion is quite high but I need the higher number of organic visits and visitors to the site to convert.

    So please could you offer some indepth help on this?


    • You need to start leveraging more content marketing. This should help as it will make your internal pages get more links. https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-content-marketing

      After that you just have to give it some time. It can take years to grow a business in a competitive space.

      Lastly try affiliate marketing.

  89. What alternative to a weekly financial newsletter in pdf format would you suggest to a financial trader that wants to start a publishing business as a source of passive income (if so can be called a weekly newsletter)?
    Thank you in advance for the insight

    • I would call it a newsletter. Why try to recreate words because then people won’t know what they are getting.

  90. Alex Prescott :

    What is your networth?

  91. Neil,

    We operate a ecommerce store in the home and garden niche. We have many high profile competitors such as Home Depot and Lowes and many other online only players. What should we do to set our selves apart so people buy from us rather than them?

    • 1. Provide great customer service. Think Zappos.
      2. Follow these conversion optimization steps: http://www.seomoz.org/blog/holygrail-of-ecommerce-conversion-optimization-91-points-checklist

  92. Great stuff neil!.
    Ydraw (http://www.ydraw.com ) is in the whiteboard animation business. The we (the internet staff) is having problems hitting those number one spots. Right now Ydraw is on the first page of a lot of keywords but for some reason it is not hitting number one. The site has more back links then the competitors and is constantly being updated. What trick or suggestions do you have to get that last little nudge?


    • You should try guest posting. Write blog posts on other people’s site and educate. Don’t even worry about the links (although get them when you can) as guest posting will be a great source of revenue.

      Just don’t use rich anchor text links.

  93. The themes in my writing, the ones that pop up over and over again, they’ve led me to something that feels BIG and AMAZING. I think I am supposed to teach women how to lead.

    The themes: feminism, voice, purpose, entrepreneurship/writing, a new kind of Christianity . . . they’ve led me to this place. And inspired me to revamp Shalom Sessions (my brand of life coaching) radically to create a kind of spiritually deep day long master class on how to lead yourself, your tribe and change the world. It’s time for us to take the lead.

    The questions I’m wrestling through :: how do I grow my tribe and spread the word? How do I reach the women I know want what I’m offering and inspire them to jump into it?

    Thank you Neil!

    • Facebook and maybe even Pinterest. Focus on social sites where your target audience is and then build channels and post content that they will want to read.

      Seed the community by inviting some people who would like to be part of it and ask them to kindly invite a few of their friends.

      You could also consider guest posting on other entrepreneurial sites as it could drive a few women readers over.

  94. Hi Neil,

    I’ve my own ideas for a startup and hope to dedicate myself to it before the end of the year, I just wondered what areas you thought we’re open to innovation nowadays?

    • I think there is a ton of opportunities in the SaaS world. Specifically creating software to help developers make their job easier.

  95. Why don’t you have archives or categories in your sidebar?

    Do you think that backdating posts has any negative seo effect in a blog?

    Do you know off a good way to transfer a website to a new domain and retain current seo value? (just looking for pointers if you’ve got them)

    • I tried archiving… no one clicked on them.

      I don’t think it is worth it and I don’t think it really hurts SEO, nor does it help.

      301 redirect your old site to the new one to keep the seo juice.

  96. Hi Neil,
    This is best opportunity for us to learn from your experience. I had a question in my mind since long and I think this is the right opportunity for me to ask it to you as you are the perfect person to answer it.

    Here it is:
    Me and my other two partners have started a partnership firm in India. We have just registered it and started marketing to get small design and development projects. Though we have no luck yet in a major breakthrough but we have detailed plans to start with an authority web portal on a huge niche.

    But recently we are approached by an investor for seed funding. He is ready to provide seed capital and want us to sigh NDA for 18 months. He also ready to provide us projects he is having currently. We will be getting 20% profit in this.

    My questions are:
    1) Where should we focus on? Should we go for this investor option or concentrate on our web postal project?
    2) If we go for seed capital option is the 20% option good for us provided that the investor is going to give us the work?
    3) On what terms we should be mainly careful about in this deal?
    4) Can we (founders) ask for salary if we go for investors option? If yes, how much?
    5) Can you brief us about the seed capital repayment terms in case of company loss or loss of investor money? What are all options investors can recover his capital? Is there any legal term we should be careful about in this case?

    Please your help on this is really appreciated.

    • 1. You should focus on what you are most passionate about.
      2. Yes, that is usually a good deal.
      3. I would discuss this with a lawyer. You don’t want them to be able to kick you out or take control.
      4. Yes you can. It’s up to you and the investor.
      5. Usually none. If an investor loses it you don’t have to repay it. But again, it depends on the terms.

  97. Thank you Neil for time.

    I teach Accounting and Finance to small business owners who want to learn.

    My question is- What blog topics should I focus on?

    Thank you,

    • Actionable blog posts that teach these small businesses how to manage their finances, cut costs, plan for taxes, and answer basic questions on things like payroll taxes.

      Pretty much break down all of the newbie finance questions.

      You can also use this tool to generate title ideas: http://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker/

  98. Jay Soriano :

    You’ve probably split tested everything there is to imagine… in your professional opinion, what are the three most important things that a company should split test first?

    • Nothing. You should first survey your customers or visitors and see what issues they have with your site, product and service. Based on what they tell you, you can then figure out what to a/b test.

      I also use www.qualaroo.com to do my surveys.

  99. How did you get funding for your startups?

    • I went to San Francisco, attended every startup event, and hunted down investors. I then emailed them asking them for advice and slowly pitched them.

      Most of them said “no”, but all you need is one investor to say yes to get money.

  100. Hey Neil. Aaron here from Fixall Mechanical Services. We’re trying to improve our SEO results. What’s better in your opinion, a blog inside your website or a outside blog so that you can link back to your site from it and maybe gain a few extra links? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

  101. Hi Neil,
    My business is helping nursing student pass the NCLEX exam to get licensed as a Registered Nurse.
    My questions…
    1. How can I best achieve my business goal of monetization in this market?
    2. What specific steps would you take if you were me as far as business plans, strategy, marketing, etc.,?
    3. With your expertise and knowledge, how can I establish myself uniquely in this market? With already known companies like Kaplan, Hurst NCLEX Review and the likes currently dominating this market.
    4. What should my 12 month marketing plan should be and look like?

    That’s all for now….thank you.

    • 1. Charge them for coaching or advice that helps them past the exam. Slowly test monetization methods until you find the right one.
      2. I would just get a site up and start playing with AdWords. Don’t plan too much, just start off with paid advertising and SEO if you have a low budget.
      3. You have to create a ton of content and give it away for free. More advice you give away the better off you are… this is how you build a brand.
      4. Don’t worry about a plan, just test out 3 or 4 different marketing methods and stick with the ones that work. Then expand after you start making more money.

  102. This is an amazing opportunity and thanks for doing it.

    In a competitive niche like travel accommodation where bloggers tend to want paid for content placement, how would you go about gaining links to such a site where the monthly retainer is around $3000 and we don’t want to pay directly for links?

    • Spend it all on email outreach. It works in your space… just follow this template https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/12/07/the-link-builders-guide-to-email-outreach/

      You could also hire a company like audiencebloom.com.

  103. How would you market a ‘Hacker retreat’ so you get the most talented hackers to spend time improving themselves?

    My site:

    • Facebook. Create an ad that targets all of the people that liked other related events such as Startup Weekend or the TechCrunch Hackaton.

  104. Krishna teja :

    Hi Neil, thanks a lot for this opportunity! Our company – http://thinkplaces.com/ offers travel planning services, it essentially is a 2 sided marketplace where users could get customised itineraries from destination experts.

    My target market consists of people who want to go on a trip but don’t have the time to plan it all ( starting with USA). Any ideas on what channels could be used to reach them and appropriate messaging?

    Ps: The website is only in its initial stages of development.

    • I know your space well. Most people make their money in your space through AdWords. Test it out, you should do well.

  105. How do decide when to kill a project?
    Do you build things that are not easy to monetize immediately, but build up good ‘karma’?

    • When it either runs out of money or when you feel you can’t get anywhere.

      Yes, I usually go for the long run businesses that don’t make any money in the short run.

  106. Aji(CEO, Techshu.com) :

    There is a large set of small businesses that want to use digital marketing medium, I am committed to help them through innovative methods, from real manufactures to real users.

    How will you market for client who doesn’t have more than $250 per month, the person is ready to spend $250 per month for 12 months, what will you do?

    • I would just give them phone advice, tell them about local directories and do things on your end that don’t cost a lot.

      Once you do a bit and they are happy, upsell them to $500 a month.

  107. Roland Takaoka, CEO EyeFlyOnline Web Design :

    Thanks, Neil. I appreciate your willingness to get intimate with each of us, and realize that it may take time to get back to everyone.

    I am a Law of Attraction Practitioner, and have an idea for promoting “positive thinking.” I believe it could be the basis for some practical, fun games that would encourage people, and help train them to be more positive. The actual website for this project is called, “DIVININGCOMPASS.COM” and it pretty much explains the basics. However, I am presently writing an ebook that will more completely explain and teach how to effectively use the Divining Compass.

    How can I get either an investor interested, or summon enough interested parties to get this idea launched?


    • Go to networking events like TechCrunch Disrupt where investors go and see if you can get to know them. Once you build up your relationship with an investor then try to ask them for money.

      Don’t ask for money until you get to know them as they usually invest in people they know and like.

  108. Hi Neil
    My website www.lifestyleblinds.com tends to be very slow. What is the quickest and easiest way to speed it up. We have alot of jpegs on the site that are essential as we are selling products that people need to see. I would love to have your advice on this and please let me know how fast it loads up for you.

    Many thanks in advance


    • Krishnateja :

      Hi Naomi, I have been optimising websites for the past few years, I’m hoping the below pointers will help.

      After analysing your website, there are 3 things you could do (in order of priority) :

      1) Minification – Both your javascript and CSS should be minified. By doing this alone, you will be able to see improvements in speed. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Minification_(programming)

      2) Host your images on a service like Amazon S3 and incase your users come form all over the world, you will need a CDN to speed up your image loading time. You can do this by setting up cloudfront – http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/amazon-cloudfront-how-to-setup-cloudfront-to-work-with-s3/

      3) You don’t seem to be using CSS sprites for the social Icons. CSS sprites could be used where ever possible.

    • Try Google PageSpeed. https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/

      It should help a lot or hire a website optimizer.

  109. Hey Neil. At one time I posted a lot of syndicated articles on my website. Some of OK quality, and some were more advertorials than anything. As favors that ended up hurting me.

    My site was hit hard by Panda (never to recover), and I always had a suspicion it was because Google was seeing my site as a link farm with such a high number of syndicated articles….with outbound links.

    Does having this syndicated content hurt my overall site search rankings? Or just affect those articles not being ranked on my site. And should I remove them, or is it better to just leave them on the site?

    I now only post high quality content written by myself. But I have been afraid of wiping out half the pages on my site overnight by deleting the syndicated stuff.


    • Yes, you need to start having high quality articles on your site that are unique and you need to build links. Start removing the duplicate content or no-index it.

      You want to write great content on your site that people want to link to and share via the social web. That’s the key.

  110. What’s one thing that you could tell us that would take us a year to learn by ourselves otherwise?

    • It’s actually really simple… you have to learn from your mistakes. If you learn from them and avoid the same ones over again, you’ll increase your odds of success.

  111. Brad Kelley :

    Hi Neil, With all the different Google algorithm updates, do you feel that Google hates small businesses? They seem to be intent on pushing out smaller sites from the SERPs in favor of bigger brands.

    • They don’t. They just hate spammers… if you work on providing value you should naturally do well in the SERPs.

      Don’t go for the quick route by gaming the search engines.

  112. Simple.

    What is the best career advice you’ve ever heard?

  113. What is the biggest SEO mistake on my site: promotionaldiscounts.eu

    (I presume lack of unique content and content overall?)

    • You got it right, not enough good/unique content. Start leveraging content marketing… www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-content-marketing

  114. I find networking boring.

    How would you go about meeting passionate, quality people if you were to start today ?

    • Why not use the web. Through Twitter, Facebook and even Google Hangouts you can meet new people without even leaving your house. Plus you can do it at your own pace.

  115. I recently discovered your blog and love it.

    What is the best and quickest way to become an SEO strategist and start a new career as one?

    Thank you, Neil!

    • You need to start a site and practice it on your site. If you can learn how to rank your own site eventually you will learn how to do it for others.

      But you should first play around with your site and experiment with it.

  116. Joel Libava :

    Hi Neil, Thanks for all of your useful info…over the years. I’ve purchased your products and have spent some time with you via phone. I’m going to start something a little different on http://WWW.thefranchiseking.com/blog It’s going be focused on one thing. Should I set up a sub domain or create an entire new website? Thanks! The Franchise King Joel Libava

    • If it is related to Franchise, keep it on the same domain or sub domain. If it isn’t, then setup a new site.

  117. Hello Neil. I have learnt so many new things from you especially in blogging matters. I really like your posts. I had started my tech blog www.howztech.com for a purpose of obvious revenue generating, and I know its pretty tough to make it big. And I am completely new comer into it. I just want to ask you how I should make my path in beginning? How I get more traffic onto my blog?
    And I like to thank you for giving an opportunity to ask question to you.

    • You should try to write more detailed blog posts. That should help get readers more engaged.

      From there focus on building up your Twitter profile which should help drive you traffic back to your site. https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/12/05/the-art-of-getting-retweets/

      Then from there use plugins like pop up domination so that you collect emails, then remarket to them every time you publish a new post.

  118. Hi Neil,
    you are Kind of a Big Deal! There is no doubt and no one is marketing his one-man-profile that great! But just answering all these questions here, all the friendly invitations to speak with you and all the great articles. I have counted that you will need about 48h a day without sleeping to do all this stuff. What is your secret? Did you clone yourself? 🙂

    • LOL, my friends tell me to clone myself all the time. I just work a lot of hours, stay efficient, and have a decent size staff to help me with things like moderating comments.

  119. Hello Neil,
    I really appreciate all the great posts over the last year or so I’ve been following.

    I have a new business, www.BodyBeanz.com selling superfood vitamins.

    I want to get the word out via bloggers (mom, family, health) – In your experience does paying for sponsored posts ever result in an ROI?


    • It does. It works tremendously well as long as the other blog is popular. I used to do this all the time.

  120. Kevin Watts :


    Which blogs do you like to read?

    • TechCrunch, Business Insider, Gigaom, Smart Passive Income, Mixergy, and Forbes are a few sites I read on a regular basis.

  121. Hey Neil, great strategy on this post!

    I’d like to ask you about your top five (or any number close to that you prefer) marketing books. It can be specific on any topic, I don’t care if it’s about sales to specific online business strategies. Just any piece of knowledge you think ‘Oh man… I learned so much from that I think I wouldn’t be so successful without it’.


  122. Ahsan Mirza :

    Hi Neil,

    How would you monetize a FB page on Mathematics with 50k likes?


    • I would first create a squeeze page on my Facebook fan page that gives away free information in exchange for their name and email address.

      I would then become an affiliate for math products and sell them on these products in a drip sequence that takes place over 30 days.

  123. Krinal Mehta :

    With less than 200 words of copy, you got about 10k words of copy for free with this blog post, may be a couple thousand new subscribers to the blog, big boost in engagement metrics, and above all got the ball rolling…. My question is: From where on Earth do you get such SmartAss Ideas ?

    This is SIMPLY Kewl 😉

    • I got this idea from inbound.org.

      Other ideas just come to my head while talking with people, attending conferences, reading other blogs, and responding to comments. 🙂

  124. Neil, I have a Web Design/SEO business (me and one other employee) and I want to grow it. We currently have several web design and marketing projects going on, but all of the clients are clients I’ve had for years and they are just now wanting redesigns or wanting to try some online marketing. We are pouring our hearts and souls into these projects because I know that word of mouth referrals are important in this industry, but how do I market beyond that? We don’t have a niche beyond working with businesses that need our services and can afford our rates (which aren’t very expensive – very basic SEO starting at $500 /mo) Beyond asking my existing clients for referrals how do you “market” a web design/SEO business? Are there consultants you can hire to help grow your design/marketing business? Of course we are working on our own SEO, but we are in the very competitive market of Atlanta, GA. Thanks for opening up this AMA. Looking forward to your response.

    • HI Chad, I’d be very interested in knowing more about your business so drop me a line please at kelli.law@entwinecreativegroup.com. In my opinion first you need to know you’re value. Don’t consider yourself expensive but worth the cost if your efforts are bringing traffic to your clients site. The next goal is to get them to convert. A fabulous site design will help in making that happen. Establish yourselves as leaders in the web design business and provide tips via social media that will drive people to your site for more info on how they can improve their site. Many don’t want to do it themselves but they want to know what works and what doesn’t. Then hopefully after continued emails (like how Neil has brought us here today to flood his post with tons of questions that will make him pull his hair out), you can eventually convert your new clients to do business with you.

      • You make a good point… you are never expensive if you are providing value. That is a good way to think about it.

    • Easiest way is through guest posting. Write about web design and SEO on other popular blogs and eventually you will get tons of clients from it. But you have to write guest posts for at least 6 months before you will see great results. I also recommend that you post at least 2 guest posts a week.

  125. Hi Neil,

    Do you have any advice on how I could find a mentor as I have been reading that a mentor can help you tremendously with getting to where you want to be say in 5 or 10 years time?

    How did you find your mentor? Was it chance or did you struggle to find a mentor. I think if I can’t find a mentor my nest step will be self-apprenticeship.

    Thanks, mitesh

    • Usually at conferences or networking events. Mentors also tend to be friends. It’s going to be hard to find a mentor unless you befriend someone first as they will have to put in a lot of hours over the years.

  126. Hi Neal,

    If you were a real estate agent wanting to dominate your local market, what would you do to generate more leads more cost effectively than the competition?

    Also, having dealt with real estate agents yourself in the past, what most impressed you, and what most frustrated you?

    Thank you! 🙂

    • I would copy the strategy of irvinehousingblog.com. They have a great blog with tons of great information on homes and it really helps separate them among the competitors.

      Brand yourself as the expert.

    • Copyblogger has a series on RE Agents and getting clients through content marketing. I don’t remember the details (Google it) but this guy’s site http://www.anthonygilbert.com/ was one they suggested you imitate to drive leads.

  127. Mr. Neil,

    Can you please tell me what’s the best way to get 1000 unique visitors a day on a Travel, Fashion and Tech website.

    I have 4 months old Travel and Fashion websites with regularly updated 100% unique contents and design but generating less than 100 visitors per day on each site.

    Your good suggestions will be highly appreciated.


    • You should create list posts about travel. Something with really amazing pictures.

      A good example of this is: http://www.boredpanda.com/amazing-places/

  128. Hi Neil, so I’ve been forming my company (a creative content agency) which is coming along beautifully I must say but I can’t roll things out until l find the right co-founder to run the client side of the business. My role in the company initially will be to manage all the Marketing side from brand awareness to social media, emailing etc. Thus question is, I have lots of worthy content to share on storytelling. Thus is it best to launch my blog now (build reputation) and feed traffic to the site and then only open up the other pages once I find my business partner OR roll it all out at once? Big fan of yours so thanks in advance for any wisdom you can send my way.

    • Just roll it out and don’t wait for a business partner. If you find one, great! If not, at least you have a business that is up and running.

      This post should help you find a business partner: https://www.quicksprout.com/2009/11/04/finding-the-right-business-partner/

  129. Sarbajit Saha :

    Hi Neil,I would like to ask whether there is any limit to the number of posts after which Google may start to rank you?Plus,which is more beneficial-more number of short posts or less number of longer posts?

    • There is no limit. They can rank you with 1 post.

      Longer posts are more beneficial… this post explains why: https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/12/20/the-science-behind-long-copy-how-more-content-increases-rankings-and-conversions/

  130. Jason Taylor :

    Thanks for the offer! Here are a couple tough questions. A bit personal but I wanted to see how far you’re willing to go. 🙂

    1. How much revenue is Kissmetrics generating and what are your visitor to trial and trial to customer conversion rates?

    2. Same question as above but for Crazy Egg?

    3. What are the top marketing channels that have worked for you for both companies?

    Looking forward to your answers!

    • 1. I can’t go into these details as it is an investor owned company and we’ve decided to keep the numbers private.
      2. With Crazy Egg we decided to also not reveal numbers.
      3. Content marketing is the number one channel. We used what is outlined here: https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-content-marketing

  131. Hi Neil.

    We’re having a phone conference in a few weeks time, so here’s my question: what the heck are we going to talk about? I’m looking forward to it because you crack me up, but my little teaching website isn’t in your league. So, what’s something anyone who is a “one woman show” should expect to talk to you about?

  132. Thanks for the opportunity Neil.

    If you had only a maximum of $1 000 to invest in a “safe investment”, where would you invest that money?

    Thank you in advance.

    • In education. Knowledge is priceless… pick a topic you want to learn more about and spend that $1000 to learn it.

  133. Neil – congrats on a great way to generate ideas for future blog posts. Inspirational!
    No questions right now – am enjoying the emails with tips.

  134. Stanley Tan :

    Hi Neil, I’m pivoting my software product to target a larger market now & this project is in version 3.0 and has been going on for over 6 months now & still not 1 paying customer. I’m starting to lose motivation to continue this.

    What mindset do I have to take to overcome this?

    • You have to have faith. You should look to learn more on conversion optimization to see if you can solve this problem.

      Check out www.conversion-rate-experts.com and conversionxl.com.

  135. David Albert :

    Hi Neal,

    If you were bootstrapping a SaaS business, would you build a product that tapped into an existing ecosystem like Google Analytics, WordPress, etc. where there’s already a huge user base (using APIs) to potentially adopt your product, or would you build a product from the ground-up that was not dependent on other products or services to survive and thrive?

    • I would build one that taps into a big user base like Google Analytics or WordPress as it can provide a big user acquisition channel. I am actually using that strategy right now.

  136. Dear Neil-

    Thank you so much for doing this! I have started Mandarin tutoring/translation projects on the side. I usually get work from word of mouth. I have tried to post ad on Craigslist, but it hasn’t been working well. My question is what should I do next? Should I build a website?

    Thank you!

    • Yes, you should either build out a website or create training videos and upload them to YouTube. There are so many people on YouTube that you should be able to drum up business from it.

  137. Hello Neil, this is a cool initiative, thank you.

    I read a few stories of entrepreneurs saying they built their startups with low money (few hundred of dollars) or no money at all.

    In both cases I don’t believe them… Do you personally think it is feasible to build a company with no money? If yes, how would you do it to find a designer and developer if you can’t pay them?

    Thanks a lot.

    • It is if you use your own talents. But some things cost money no matter what, such as hosting or a domain name.

      If you don’t have the skills yourself, you will have to give people a lot of equity to help you out for free or you will have to pay someone.

  138. Hi Neil,

    Question 1: Can you help me find sites that will develop my writing skills. I’m not really good into writing but I have the passion to write it’s just that I’m afraid of the typos. I’d really love to write but I sometimes get frustrated because I don’t know how to organize I have lot’s of idea to write but don’t know where or what to start.

    Question 2: What are the best practices in manual link building using proxy IP(free). For example if the client want to rank his/her site in UK so I should use the UK proxy IP not my local IP because if I use my local IP my link building effort will be useless.


    • 1. Check out problogger.net and copyblogger.com

      2. Don’t worry about IP. Just build links from authoritative sites in your niche. If you want to rank your site internationally make sure your server is located within that country. And as for tactics, check out www.backlinko.com as Brian gives a ton of good link building tactics.

    • hi John, Marketing Profs also has a writing course coming up in June that you may find beneficial. If you’re a pro member its a great rate. With regard to your current writing style, that is what blogging is all about. Being human, be yourself. You don’t need to have a formal story. Just throw your ideas out there and your passion will follow.

      • I will have to check out their PRO membership. I used to be one, but haven’t checked it out in ages.

  139. Do you have any tips for when your just starting out? Like with generating a buzz from nothing? Thanks! Jade

    • You can’t really generate buzz from nothing… 🙁

      But when you have something I typically use prserve.com as they can generate buzz for $500 to $750.

  140. Charith Perera :

    1) How can I track conversions per keyword that came through phone calls via Kissmetrics? Currently we only have unique phone numbers per campaign but this doesn’t give me keyword specific terms.

    2) Do you have any post on tracking KPI for E-commerce websites?

    3) I’d love to learn about how to analyze data that you collect via GA and Kissmetrics and really using it to minimize CPA and produce actionable business decisions. Have any good sources? Perhaps some that you guys use?


    • 1. This should help with the call tracking: http://support.kissmetrics.com/integrations/call-tracking-metrics.html

      2. I do not. 🙁

      3. Try this post on Google Analytics: http://www.flyte.biz/resources/newsletters/08/08-google-analytics.php

  141. In all of your businesses, how many of them were profitable before you hired your first staff member?

  142. Mike Abasov :

    Is it just me or the number of self-promotional ads on QuickSprout has gotten excessive? Here’s what a new visitor gets now:

    1. Modal box to begin with.
    2. Sidebar “course” block.
    3. Orange hover bar.
    4. Ben Huh in the sidebar.
    5. Michael Arrington scrolling around.
    6. Another “course” block at the end of posts.
    7. Another modal box, if I dare to try to leave.
    8. And my new “favourite:” a hover block that won’t let me read the post.

    I mean I get it — you want people to subscribe — but this is just ridiculous.

    • Sorry you feel that way. 🙁

      A few of them are cookie based so you shouldn’t see them again.

  143. Gold Hat Photography :

    Hi Neil. I’m struggling to rank for ‘Sydney wedding photographer’ on my site http://goldhatphotography.com. My partner is an SEO so we’ve done most onpage/organic techniques, and I have a few backlinks from decent domains. The site is about 2 years old, but still not ranking for anything I want it to. Any ideas? Thanks

    • There isn’t a ton of content on the site. A lot of pictures and some content on internal pages, but nothing crazy that would make people want to link to internal pages.

      You should consider creating detailed blog posts that will help you get internal links. https://www.quicksprout.com/2011/11/14/neil-patels-guide-to-blogging/

  144. If you ran the LA Lakers organization, what would you do to turn that team into a championship contender in time for next year’s playoffs?

  145. Hi Neil,

    I have a plan over the next two years and I wanted to get your take on it. Basically, what I am doing at the moment is utilizing Tumblr and Pinterest to attract people who like art, architecture, food and fashion/style, and get them to follow these social profiles of mine. When I reach 1000-2000 followers I’m going to start converting these followers into plans on Facebook and start building a brand.

    Once those three social profiles have enough followers, I plan to launch an online magazine where I can start sending all those fans, and will make money from advertising both through the social networks and the online magazine.

    After I have got enough money behind me, I plan to launch a business which my demographic will be interested in, and market it to them through my list which I will have built through this process.

    What do you think? Is the time too lengthy? It’s worth mentioning that right now I have close to no money to invest in building a list and this seems to be the cheapest option.


    • It is. Why not just launch the business first. If your business idea is good enough, you can make it work without having to build up an audience first.

    • Definitely roll out the business. Online mags are cheap and people love them if you have great content.

  146. Rimmy Roshan :

    I started a blog for giving seo related information.In which i offer seo services like sem, seo, smo, and Digital Marketing.But getting traffic to my website is very difficult.
    Neil what will you tell me to do get 10000 visitors a week to do?
    What strategies will you tell me to take in this tough competition?

    • You need to participate on the social sites like inbound.org. If you become popular on sites like that other marketers will follow you and you can easily drive 10,000 visitors a week.

      When getting traffic from sites like inbound.org, make sure you have an email opt ins like the popup domination plugin as you can then remarket to those people when you publish a new blog post.

  147. What’s one thing you would change about my website?

    Why do you feel that SEO isn’t scalable?

    How much monthly revenue is needed before thinking about opening your own office and hiring employees.

    • There isn’t a ton of information on what you guys do above the fold. I would test having more information and a different call to actions above the fold.

      SEO isn’t scalable because as you add more clients as an agency, you need to add more clients. You also can’t automate the whole process.

      I would say $15,000 to $20,000 a month.

  148. Hi Neil,
    I am starting a tennis website. WHile the website is in development I would like to work on foundation skills that make prmoting and marketing of my service easier once the website is launched. What are your suggestions?

    • I would start following www.smartpassiveincome.com as they can teach you foundation skills as well as read this guide by SEOmoz: http://www.seomoz.org/beginners-guide-to-seo

      Whatever you do, make sure you right really good content. Without it, it will be hard to succeed.

  149. Leena Thampan :

    Hi Neil,
    First off, I have learned a lot from your posts over the years so thank you for the time and energy you put into it.

    Here’s my q: we recently redesigned our blog www.wagepoint.com/blog and in the process, seem to have angered the google gods of duplicate content. Basically, every time a post is created, an archive version of it is also created with a different url address. This is triggering the duplicate content warning in SEOmoz. How do you deal with archives and what do you suggest we do?

    I would appreciate your guidance big time.


    • I personally don’t have them. Or you can use rel canonicals as it will help solve the duplicate content. http://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=139394

      Either one of those solutions should solve your issue.

  150. Hi Neil,
    I was wondering what you thought of Bitcoins and have you purchased any? DO you think they’re a good investment?


    • I haven’t as I don’t think they are valuable… I am probably wrong, but when it comes to random currencies, my choice is gold.

  151. Hey Neil I would love to know how much of Kiss Metrics’ revenue comes from your blog, both:

    1. People who first found out about KissMetrics from a blog post, and
    2. How many people consumed some Kiss Metrics content before signing up to become a paid customer.

    Well done on the above, you need to make this into a book, it’s solid.

    • 1. A bit more than 70% at the moment (changes month to month)

      2. A bit more than 50% (changes month to month).

  152. I’m in the process of putting together a web based education delivery platform, where would you suggest finding the right tech talent for such a start up?

  153. Hey,

    I’m just curious as to how you manage your time and what you do to stay productive.

    Thanks in advance,

    • I have an assistant who manges my time for me. That’s really my trick… it is expensive, but it works well.

  154. Hi Neil,

    You’re article “What Spending $252,000 On Conversion Rate Optimization Taught Me” introduced me to the world of conversion optimisation. I have experience in SEO, Copywriting and split-testing. I’m spending every spare minute trying to learn everything about conversion optimization and I’m keeping a blog of everything I read, learn and implement.

    If I applied to a conversion rate optimisation company (I.e. conversion rate experts, etc) what things, other than previous experience, would help me to really stand out?

    Thanks so much. Keep up the great work and I really can’t get over how crazyegg is 😀


    • They are all looking for people who know a ton of analytics information as well as people who are good copywriters. It’s tough to get a job in this space.

      You also need to know a lot about A/B testing software.

  155. Hi Neil,

    I have a health site that is growing rapidly and has a good number of subscribers to launch a product.

    I already know what problem they want solved (they told me in email & via surveys) – do I go ahead and build the full course and charge the full price, or do I go LEAN and dramatically reduce the price and keep it simple – get feedback, survey people who took the course, get testimonials, and iterate while increasing price each time?

    What have you used to determine pricing in the $90-$300 price range for online infoproducts?


    • I would go with the lean approach as it tends to work better. Just because someone says they want something it doesn’t mean they will pay for it.

      When surveying them try qualaroo.com as it is a good software survey tool and they also have a pricing survey that can help you determine what to charge.

  156. Ignite Visibility Internet Marketing :

    Hi Neil,

    Do you think premium directories are still worth a damn?

  157. I run an eHow-like website in Brazil.

    What are unique advices you can give me regarding my business?

    Thanks a lot, James.

    • Write really good content. That’s where eHow got in trouble as lot of their content is just for search engines and it sucks. Make sure the content really helps people as that is what will make you succeed in the long run.

  158. What do you think is the easiest way to get started making money online? I am trying to make a niche site that can get targeted traffic. I am thinking of running google ads, and maybe affiliate links. What are your thoughts?

    • I am unsure as I don’t think there is any easy wrote.

      But www.smartpassiveincome.com breaks down how to make money online when you have little to no cash to start with.

  159. I m in a plan to start a price comparison site in india.I did keyword research very well.
    also i did using allintitle:[price comparison website]
    results are above 120,000.how many result should be there for less competition ??
    so that i could rank easily..!!!
    also i did for allintitle:[tv price comparison]
    14,000 result only there…
    how many result should appear for less competition niche……..

    • Don’t worry about that. You should start a site because you can solve a pain in the market place that no one else can solve. That’s what matters… not the keyword research. 😉

      • thank you neil patel…….
        i will do it…!! thanks for encouraging all of us///
        then please tell me how much result indicates lower competition,medium competition and high competition..!!!

  160. Trevor Lynn :

    Hi Neil,

    It seems like you leverage your personal brand in order to launch campaigns, collect emails/names/numbers, validation for your companies and products, etc.

    It seems like you treat “Neil Patel” like a brand and run multiple marketing operations through it. Do multiple people have access to your many email accounts with various companies? Over the emails I’ve had with “Neil Patel” it seems like that might be the case. Personifying a company to the point people think they are dealing with a human and not a company?

    • All emails with “neil patel” in it are controlled by me and only me. No one else answers them… but I do spend less time answering emails on the other address that are not neil@neilpatel.com. I just don’t have the time to be as detailed or thorough with the other addresses.

      • Trevor Lynn :

        Thanks for the reply Neil.

        Glad to hear that’s not the case!

        Keep being awesome and thanks for helping me along the way as a self-taught, first-time marketer.


  161. thanks for doing this neil…i have been using conversion rate optimisation for a few of my sites (with crazy egg etc etc) with great results…in my country cro is almost non existent..

    many here use ppc companies who do their ppc but even then it all ads goes to homepages (very basic)…

    all niches , including lawyers , plastic surgeons all their sites are like this and they are spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on outsourced ppc…

    how do i hit the concept of cro service to these ppc advertisers and get them as clients? what approach and method would be in your opinion the fastest and most effective?

    thanks again!


    • You should just email them and pitch them on your services. Most will ignore your email or even phone call, but you should pitch them a performance based solution. If you increase conversions by X% or more they should pay you Y dollars.

      That’s how I would set it up. Once you build a brand for yourself you will get more clients naturally.

  162. Hey Neil,

    What were some of your first few investments when you started investing outside of your successfull businesses. Where did you learn about these investments and how do you keep up to date?

    • Most of them were web based companies like evo.com, or walkscore.com.

      What I learned is:

      1. Ideas are a dime a dozen. Companies with talented people are more likely to succeed.
      2. Invest in what you know. Investing in the unknown is a great way to lose money.
      3. Never get greedy, when a deal looks good, don’t assume that it will make you money. Always be cautious.

  163. Hi Neil,

    I run a search marketing agency, I live off your advice so thanks mate.

    My question is, do you run (or are you apart of) any private networks of sites to get backlinks for your clients? We run your white-hat strategies that you blog about with good success, but am curious as to whether you have your private networks to gain links that allow for both control and scale for your big clients.

    It seems like every agency that has big clients (nation-wide and trans/multinationals) is building backlinks through private networks, to maintain control and scale.

    What’s your thoughts on this, and where should our agency start in moving towards implementing this as one segment of the overall strategy (while keeping the effective strategies you already preach). Our focus is keeping things as white-hat as possible, while still having scale and control on our side.


    • We don’t have any private link networks.

      All agencies should build links through earning them. A good example of this is audiencebloom.com as they specialize in earning links. They help companies write great content and then they pitch it to sites like Huffington Post.

  164. ¿Where I can get a high authority backlink free and easy? 😛

    Your post have 299 comments Wow

    • Not sure… nothing good is easy.

      If you want to write high quality content, it will work well, but it takes time.

      Detailed guides like this, build a lot of links: www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-seo

  165. Safe Simple Commissions Review :

    Hi Neil,

    It seems like you leverage your personal brand in order to launch campaigns, collect emails/names/numbers, validation for your companies and products, etc.

  166. Yuri Moreno :

    Do you guys set up a Follow Up email mkt strategy? And how is that?


    • We do. We create custom drip email sequences that is typically written by AJ Kumar of www.singlegrain.com.

  167. John Chachere :

    What is the best way to land big clients? Also, where do you see SEO going – ranking based on social media or ranking through content/backlinks.

    • Conferences. If you speak at conferences you are more likely to get them. Big companies always send employees to conferences. 😉

      I think SEO is going to be more based on social signals and content in the future. You’ll win if you continually provide great content and help other people. This will also encourage more natural links.

  168. Mark Kennedy :

    Hi Neil,

    I would like to get more people to take my “Health & Fitness IQ” Quiz.


    Any thoughts to get more first-time visitors to take the quiz?


    • Check out buysellads.com as they have a ton of sites that can drive you traffic for pennies on the dollar.

  169. Bro I want to know that how To do Internet Marketing easily and earn as much as possible without investing too much money?

    • There is no easy way. You are going to have to learn it the hard way. Checkout inbound.org as there are a ton of marketing advice on there.

      It is possible without investing a lot of cash… smartpassiveincome.com also talks a lot about it.

  170. Hi Neil – Thanks for doing this.

    I’m in a digital consultancy firm that is heavily fueled by your products – Kissmetrics , Crazy egg – been getting great success from the insights.

    We are trying to reach out to the fortune 100 company marketing managers. What would be a good way to do so?

    Thank you

    • Warm calling. So email the CEO of these companies (you can find their email with a few Google searches)…

      In the email say something like…

      Hey XYZ,

      I know you are busy but we have a way to increase your online sales by 20%. If you can forward this to your CMO that would be great.

      Your name

      Around 20 to 30% of the time the CEO will forward the email and the person they forward it to will be very responsive. 😉

      • Hi Neil,

        Thanks for the advise – would providing more information work against the email? I’m concerned with a lack of “Call to action” in the event the email gets forwarded successfully.

        • CEO’s don’t have time to read long emails. If you send a long email it will most likely be trashed or skipped very quickly.

          With this short email, you show them you have value to offer immediately, and you also show them that you are used to talking to people with valuable time (you speak their language).

          This makes it pretty likely that they’ll at least forward the email, and if an email gets forwarded from the CEO, you better believe the person receiving it is going to look into it!

          Genius, thanks Neil!

        • I would A/B test it and see what email template/format works best. Then start using the one that provides the best results.

  171. Sumir Sharma :

    Hi Niel,

    Thanks for giving this opportunity.

    1) Will you plz suggest me the ways of getting the US Traffic

    2) How to Build Links for a Just launched Website ?

    3) Which is Better : WordPress OR Blogger ?

    • 1. Check out Outbrain.com which should get you US traffic for cheap.

      2. Earn links through high quality blogging… try this guide: https://www.quicksprout.com/2011/11/14/neil-patels-guide-to-blogging/

      3. WordPress.

      • Hi Neil,
        i am currently building a system to sell just one physical product. This allows for very easy splittesting and customization.

        Do you think this is better to sell as a service for a handful of people or as a scalable service?

        Is there a demand for such a product among high level ecommerce owners?

        • You should test them both out and see which one does better.

          I usually prefer the scalable route as you can build a much larger company using that method.

          I do think there is a demand for it… assuming it is good.

  172. Hi Neil

    I am interested in starting a Coursera style education and info site for a niche industry. Would you recommend developing a software platform from scratch or utilising an existing platform. Any recommendations?



  173. Ashish Bhatnagar :

    Hi Neil,
    I want to know that how can a newly launched media corporation promote itself for achieving quick results (at least a stable earning of $200 per month after 3 months) ? If we’re launching a product and it’s really innovative (say an application for iPhone or Android or something else like that), then we may easily get links from high quality sites like Techcrunch, Engadget and CNet. Some of my friends got their apps reviewed on these high quality sites and also made backlinks through these sites to their official websites but same high quality sites won’t be linking to us, mainly because we’re also a media corporation (or it’ll be better to say that we’re also their competitors). Unless we break a very shocking story in the market, we won’t be getting linked by these sites. Especially in the starting days. So how can a recently launched media property get traffic and backlinks in a small amount of time (like 3-6 months)?

    • Through relationships. It’s not easy but you have to partner with other media sites and cross promote. At first big ones won’t partner with you so you will have to focus on finding smaller media sites and then focus on larger partnerships once you have more traffic.

  174. Thanks for posting this topic. I need your help about setting up content on this new blog of my client. Is it really important to put our target keyword on the first paragraph of the content, on h2 tag and at the last part of each blog post? If you could discuss more about requirements when making a blog post for SEO purposes.


    • Don’t worry about keyword stuffing. It is good to have keywords when it naturally fits and usually that means within the first few paragraphs.

      Heading tags are good as well. It doesn’t really matter on the heading type, but more so size. Search engines put weight on large text size.

      • Hi Neil!

        Thanks for that quick reply 🙂 I Appreciate it much! So the keyword on the post title and one in the content in large text size is good? as long as its relevant on the topic.

        • Yea… but just use it where it makes sense. Don’t keyword stuff… just do what’s natural.

  175. Hi Neil,

    Any advice for an in-house SEO for a mid-sized company whose publicity and marketing efforts are in other departments? My department focuses on online only, and there is a huge disconnect with the other departments. I’m a bit concerned as I begin my SEO efforts for this company, especially since I’m not in a position of power.


    • You need to build freindships. Thats the easiest way to connect with the other departments. If they love you, eventually you can make something happen. Get to know people, take the other departments out for drinks… do whatever you have to do. 🙂

  176. I forgot to add this is all about “traffic from google” all other sources are excluded.

    • Not sure what you mean question wise. But if you want more Google traffic, read this: www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-seo

  177. Hi Neil,

    I came to your blog when I was looking for SEO and when I read quicksprout blog, wow… awesome…

    I want to sell the affiliate product because they offer a great profits. The main problem, I don’t have any knowledge about their product and actually I don’t interest about the topic.

    English is not my primary language and I want to hire a writer to write some articles for me.

    My question is how do I create awesome article layout even if I don’t have enough knowledge about affiliate product?


    • Don’t worry about that, instead focus on learning about affiliate marketing. Check out www.smartpassiveincome.com and www.johnchow.com as they can teach you every part of affiliate marketing.

  178. Lakshmi Gosyne :

    Hi Neil,
    Thank you for giving me this opportunity!
    I’m writing a series of children’s books and I would like to create a strong fan base (I like the idea of 1000 true fans or superfans).
    I understand the generalities of this (create value, community, give fans extra goodies and exclusive deals) but how do I go about this selling yoga picture books?

    • I would create a Facebook fan page about Yoga, then start a Facebook paid campaign to target those people.

      Keep updating your fan page with great information and every once in a while link people to a page where they can buy your products. You should get some sales.

      Also collect emails and then drip people on your yoga products.

  179. Awkward as it may sound, not a day goes by in my office, here in Pakistan where “Neil Patel” is not brought up. In fact, our number 1 strategy here is to “take the mentor’s for a ride”. So whenever we get to doing something, we always first conduct research and find out what relevant thought leaders have to say about the topic and then add our two cents and execute.

    Personally I feel there’s a lot of opportunity here for people like yourself to leverage this international fan base to grow your business or establish yourself as an authority even in places where you’ve never set foot.

    What are your thoughts on this and are you doing this in any way?

    • I think it is smart and I already do it.

      My biggest audience is actually not the US, I get more India and Pakistan traffic then most other countries.

      Everyone should test international audiences as that is where the majority of the world is.

  180. Hi Neil, I’ve been reading for a while QuickSprout and it’s one of the best sources to learn a lot of real things without fluff.

    For the question: Google thanks to the last update is hating me again in this period; given that except for StumbleUpon I’m not that much into social media now I’m testing JustRetweet. Do you have an opinion about it? Or another advice?

    Clearly, I have no issues with Webmasters tool. 🙂

    Thanks Neil and have a great week!

    • You have to figure out what they don’t like… usually content or links, and fix it.

      This post should help: https://www.quicksprout.com/2013/04/11/how-to-get-out-of-the-google-penalty-box/

  181. Hi Neil
    I follow you quite sometimes, and did learn from you a lot.

    The reason I don’t use my website url you ask , it creates back link to it with my name and don’t like it.

    I need one answer for the one of topic I am puzzled for very long time.
    Because no one out there able to give me an answer yet.

    I have a web site “solomon-silver.com” and it ranks number 1 in Google quite sometimes.
    This web site of mine has no sitemap, no metatags done for the seo-no Google analytics, not even one backlink, no content at all.

    I mean this web site against the rule of what Google asking for.
    We have not spent a penny on it for ranking, no social media nothing but just a simple web site.

    My question is:
    How such a thing can happen when there are thousands site competing with this site and they had everything right so far what Google ask for it.

    I have another web site
    “www.balisilverjewellry.com” never ever ranked.
    I spend money for the seo, did everything what Google ask me to do, test it in many ways still no ranking whatsoever.
    Please can you explain to me why is this Neil?

    • Sometimes it is how competitive the keyword is. Jewelry keywords tend to be more competitive.

      Other times it really is luck as sometimes things don’t make sense…

      You can’t look at it from a short term perspective. You need to add a ton of content, build links naturally and give it time. If you wait years, the site that you did SEO on probably will get a lot more traffic.

  182. How do you come up with such ideas?

  183. hi there i am interior painting contractor.(interior painting for local homes)..currently use adwords to bring in all my leads..but it seems to have hit a max…any other marketing avenues i can try?

  184. Neil,

    I am good @ software development…i have a day job.

    I am running 2 businesses:

    1) Developing WordPress plugins (own products listed on clickbank) & selling it from my “make money” blog (+building my affiliate list) – focusing on “social media” niche

    – As i am mainly focusing on development, i could not much focus on blogging. (i am not satisfied by freelancers). how to handle this situation ?

    2) Developing Android Apps (have ~6 Apps listed on store).

    – understood it can generate a passive income (but growing slowly)
    – Is it good to focus on less number of Apps and market them from all directions ? or build a huge portfolio (say 50+ Apps) ?

    In general,

    – Is it possible to scale up these 2 businesses (all my own products) as a s/w development company ?

    => If you are in this situation, how do you grow up from here into a million dollar business ?

    Thanks for your time.

    • I would actually do something different if I were you. I would focus on 1 thing… you are doing too many things at once.

      Don’t worry about blogging… you should just pick 1 business. It’s already hard to do 1 business right, and if you have a day job it is even harder.

      Once your side business picks up you can then quit your day job. But for now, pick one business and put everything you have into growing it.

  185. Mohul Ghosh :

    a) Thank you for inspiring / motivating / teaching and sharing top grade content related with Online Marketing!

    b) If given two choices: High paid consulting/servicing gigs and Selling your own product, which one will you choose?

    c) If a newbie writer asks you, how to make money online, what will you tell?

    d) Is it tough for Indians to find work in USA (In Online Marketing industry)

    (your fan)

    • 1. Selling your own product because it is more scalable. Consulting isn’t scalable.

      2. I would tell them that I am sorry, but I don’t disclose income numbers. 🙁

      3. Nope. There are a ton of Indians working in all forms of the online and software world. A lot of jobs are held by Indians… especially at companies like Microsoft and Google.

  186. Hi

    I would like to know, how to get US Traffic for Free (Organic Only)

    • Through SEO and content marketing. Follow these two guides: www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-content-marketing and www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-seo

  187. Hi Neil

    What laptop / PC do you use?

    Is it a Windows based system or a Mac?

    Do you think it makes much of a difference?


  188. What was your yearly income last year?

  189. Hi Neil,

    First of all, thanks a lot for doing this. Replying so many questions must be a brain sucking experience so I really appreciate it.

    I am an experienced web developer who co-founded a small web design agency a few months ago. The problem I have is that because competition in this field and my market is fierce, traction has been slow lately.

    I am afraid that unless I do something about it the business will eventually go down. The two actions I am considering to do are:

    1) Invest more in marketing and sales and focus on improving the current services we deliver to attract and retain more customers.
    2) Validate and create new services with less competition and potentially more profitable (i.e. mobile apps development service)

    Do you think is a good way to go? What would you do in my situation?

    Thanks in advance Neil!

    • I would choose number 1 as you have better odds. No need to expand into new ventures when you are potentially having cash issues. Make the current one work first.

      You should also go to networking events as it can help you get more revenue. That’s were a lot of people in your space get their business.

  190. Hey Neil, thanks for all the value you provide!

    How much time do you spend working on projects? For example, with your content marketing guide – how much time did you actually spend working on that?

    Do outsource every aspect (screenshots, research, writing, etc), or do you do a large amount yourself?


    • I spent a large amount of time myself. Usually in the 1 month plus time frame. I do outsource the screenshots, and design though. I also get help with the writing… usually I co-author them and I myself do the research.

  191. Shalu Sharma :


    I have been a reader of your blog and have learnt alot from your blog. I want to take the opportunity and ask a couple of questions. I would be grateful if you could answer 2 (sorry) questions for me if you’ve got time.

    1. Kindly take a look at my blog and offer some SEO advice.

    2. How do I make “real/big” money from it. Any ideas.

    Thank you and best wishes.


    • 1. SEO isn’t the problem with your blog it is actually content. You need to make it more readable, format your images to look better, ask questions at the end of your posts to increase engagement, and write more content with actions/tips that provide value.

      2. That’s tough. My specialty isn’t monetization. I would check out www.smartpassiveincome.com for that.

  192. Hey Neil

    I’m running a blog around blogging tips at Blogggerspassion.com. I’m currently monetizing it by selling affiliate products, mainly promoting web hosting products. Please suggest what I should be doing to increase my revenue and what are the problematic things that I’m doing on my blog.

    • Test different monetization formats other than banner ads. Have you tried an email drip sequence? Checkout how johnchow.com and smartpassiveincome.com do it as a lot of their income comes from their email drip.

  193. Ramchandra Kumble :

    For my Diamond jewellery website which is going to get fully loaded with great features and payment gateways and all. Need your suggestion on how to market/advertise it without me having much of a budget for it. A big todo list or some dummies guide from your end would be great. “Any” input from your end would be great. Thank you so much.
    P.S. one suggestion i can give you for this page is – you will be getting many points/topics (from all the questions people are asking ) on which you can write articles for a very long time. Getting me?

    • Cont…
      I am good at seo.Have also build fans in fb and tried fb ads. What shud I do to drive big traffic?

      • I would go to sites like alltop.com and look under the mom’s category. Find a way to give small jewelry to the mom bloggers in exchange for them talking about your jewelry. If they say great things, it should drive sales.

        PR really works… you just have to find bloggers… could be moms or fashion or jewelry bloggers, that would want some free affordable jewelry.

        • Thank you so much. Will work on it once the site is up. Have you written any article on ideas like these which we could implement, Patelbhai?

  194. Hi Neil,

    Happy is a music Blog not unlike Pitchfork or a myriad of others. Its focus is Aussie music and while many feel the market is already saturated, we feel there is an opportunity to create something vibrant and unique. We started in 2010 and now need to create a revenue in order to grow. Where would you suggest we try to create a revenue stream first?

    • I would actually survey your audience using www.surveymonkey.com to figure out what problems they are facing in your space. Once you have a list see which ones you can potentially solve with a fee and test out those monetization methods. The ones that work the best, keep them. The ones that don’t work well, dump them.

  195. Moses Kerub :

    I just want to email you, but I guess since it’s not really private and you are already answering here – it would be easier on you.

    I’m starting a blog in the name “Affordable Wealth”
    1. What is your (broad) definition of a wealthy life?
    2. What is the most important advice you would give to somebody who’s trying to achieve this life?

    I want to feature your answer in a round up post, but of course if for some reason you do not want me to, I won’t.

    • 1. My definition is someone who is happy with their life. To me, that is wealth.
      2. Find out what elements in your life stress you out, and slowly work on reducing them. A good site to check out that focuses on this is: http://www.theminimalists.com/

  196. Sean Picker :

    1- What are your thoughts on buying domains and flipping them?

    2- Though .com is the best, do you think you could flip a .co domain or is the potential traffic affected because it’s not a .com?


    • 1. Good business if you can pick up good domains at a good price. Issue is, I don’t know what a good price is, which is why I never got into this business. But it must be working as there are a lot of domainers.

      2. You could, but .com domains will be worth the most amount of money.

  197. Arfan Chaudhry :

    What are the best ways to connect with Affiliate Marketers to help them promote a ad network?

    Any tips on how to get more Advertisers & Publishers to use an Ad Network?

    • Through affiliate managers. Each network has them or you can hire a company like affiliatemanager.com who can take care of it all for you.

      I would manually reach out to anyone using a competitor network that doesn’t pay as well as yours. Hit them up and let them know that your network will make them more money. That really is the best way to gain traction.

  198. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for helping people out with this great concept!!!

    My Question:

    I want to start a business in Internet Advertising and Internet Marketing. I am very much impressed with G.Chahal’s Radium one concept but I don’t know in deep what he actually do(why would he tell :P) I would like to know about that concept and also regarding the analytics thing. How It is done and how to get on that path. As the business of Advertising and Marketing is ever green so I am thinking to get on this path. Please help me out with your great wisdom.

    Thank you.

    • You are going it the wrong way. You should focus on solving a problem that you are experiencing as well as others and then work on solving it.

      Don’t try to copy someone else’s business, focus on solving problems. The more bigger the problem the better off you are. Make sure whatever you create is simple, easy to use, and ideally affordable.

  199. Aaparna Sisodia :

    Hey Neil,
    Thanks for this post.
    I have been following you for 3 years.
    I am an entrepreneur, currently running a web services that helps small businesses.
    How can I rank my business site higher than old sites in short duration, does age of site really matter?

    • Through content marketing. That is really your best bet… I would follow this guide: https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-content-marketing

  200. Sean Picker :

    What are some ideas you want built (or think can succeed) that you just haven’t gotten the time to do so?

    • I don’t have a product to build… I want to create a private equity company next. That will be my next big thing.

  201. Sean Picker :

    How many ideas failed before your first one succeeded?

  202. Hi Neil,

    Here is my question you. Right now i’m struck with a decision to get most of it.

    Shall i go with blog.abcd.com (OR) abcd.com/blog – keeping present SEO in mind. Which one should i go? Can you also explain WHY it is the best one?

    Thanks & Regards,
    Uday Kiran. I

  203. Hey Neil,

    I have read those answers that you have posted here and I found a lot already. Some, relevant for me are these: 1. we should focus on what we are most passionate, 2. Better focus on 1 website and build it, 3. People want experts so focus only on one thing etc.

    So I have a dilemma…

    I am passionate and want to raise awareness about human trafficking (especially child sex trafficking) issues but it is not really the business are. So my questions:

    1. what is better option: To focus only to Human Trafficking issues and try to monetize it… or to run some parallel online marketing business too to support the non-profit part?

    2. I understand, it would be more effective to solely focus only to the first one but then what could be the best options to monetize it?

    And then, because online marketing requires a lot of time behind the computer:

    3. How many hours per day you usually spend behind computer (average)? And how do your eyes handle it? What do you do to keep them healthy (problem is, we do not have more than 2 eyes and no spare parts either).

    Thank you.

    • 1. Don’t try to monetize human trafficking. Make that a non-profit. Do it full time and make money by getting paid to run the non-profit. You can also join a current non-profit that deals with trafficking. Don’t do something that you don’t love.

      2. 10 to 12 a day. My eyes are well… and healthy. Just take a break every hour for 5 minutes to give you eyes some rest.

  204. Rodolfo Oliveira :

    Hey Neil, I hope I’m not late for the Q&A session! I have one big concrrn about mu future business: I’m based in Brazil and I would like to market products from the US, I would like to know where can I get the consult the legal and tax ramifocations of doing this kins of business o the US part (I have thw brazilian part figured out). Thanks a bunch, love all your conyent on the web!

  205. Hello Neil. I have one question for you. Do you have days when you lost your energy? How you “fight” with these days? I have one or few days per month when I lost all my energy, and at these days I can’t work anything. I want to learn how I can fight with these days and how I can selfmotivate and doing my task.

    Thanks for answer!

    • I like playing some techno music to see if it helps me get back into the working mood.

      If that doesn’t work, I actually have my assistant stop my calls for a few hours, I take a nap and usually when I wake up 2 hours later I am energized. Try it out…

      Sometimes your body just needs some rest.

  206. Hey Neil,

    You’re one of my biggest inspirations. I still read your past blog posts…Which are very actionable….Thanks for your Ultimate Guides. I just two requests for you…

    1. Could you write a blog post about your Search Engine Revenue Strategy you’d use when consulting companies. If it’s a secret…I’d appreciate if you could share the overall strategy….Just a brief!

    2. This might be silly…You may not be a great writer…But you certainly know how to get a point across so well.

    How did you improve your Grammar, Writing style & Punctuation skills. Any books? But like we all know, grammar books are pretty boring…IS any way around?

    Thanks a lot for the kind of value you’re providing thru your Blog.


    • I talk a bit about it here https://www.quicksprout.com/2013/01/10/how-i-built-a-seo-agency-to-7-figures-a-year/ under the section “be results driven”. It’s just about predicting for the customer how much money you can make them and you break down what tactics you will use to achieve those results.

      Yep, I am not a great writer… I just get to the point, which is how I do it. 🙂

      My spelling/grammar and all of that stuff still sucks. People email me every time I publish a post telling me the mistakes and I fix them. That’s why my posts seem good if you read them a few hours after I publish them. I don’t know of any books that will help solve this. You should just consider hiring a proof reader.

  207. Hi Neil, I wish to increase the ranking of my site, how do I go about it?

    • Follow the steps in this guide: www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-seo


      I know the guide is long, but there is no shortcut.

  208. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for doing an AMA. I run a fairly large blog with close to 14,000 posts across multiple categories. We use tags and have archives as well, I am concerned about duplicate content which pages according to you should have ‘noindex follow’ tag or if there is anything other meta tag you would recommend for optimum SEO. Also should all the pages have a canonical tag?


    • Yes, I would use the rel canonical tag as that will solve it. You can also noindex either the tag pages or the category ones. You can also do what I do and not use either.

  209. Marc Noguera :

    Thanks for this great opportunity!

    I would be great if you can tell us something about your methodology when you begin some consultancy with a new client/website.

    • I’ve broken it all down here: https://www.quicksprout.com/2013/01/10/how-i-built-a-seo-agency-to-7-figures-a-year/

      and here: https://www.quicksprout.com/2013/02/28/what-makes-a-great-seo-proposal/

  210. vikas kumar :

    Hi Neil,

    How would you market a Software WebSite? This website is just now redesigning, previously we have not marketed to this website. Just now we have redesigned and uploaded.


    We are also planning for PPC Campaign, Social engagement, but I was wondering if you had any specific advice that could help in this sector.


    • It depends per company… you have to test out a lot of different channels. Here are a few that I would test out right away though:

      1. Affiliate marketing – You can try channels like Sharesale.
      2. PPC – AdWords usually does well for most software companies.
      3. Inbound marketing – create a blog and educate the market. Similar to blog.kissmetrics.com
      4. Partnerships – find other businesses that can drive you business and offer them 30 to 50% of any revenue they drive you. Ideally businesses that are in similar spaces to yours.

      Hope that helps.

  211. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for all your great advices.
    You’re my own Leonardo Da Vinci of digital marketing.

    Only one question.

    If your startup (operating in search engine vertical business) is going to validate its VP through on line Private Beta Testing, would you adopt Kissmetrics to measure the key engagement metrics?

    Thank you in advance and sorry for my scrappy english 🙂


    • I would, but I am biased because it is my startup. 😉

      You can use any analytics tool that you like, but you should measure as many actionable metrics as possible.

  212. What is the best traffic source for fashion deals aggregation website. We recently started a facebook page but so far could not get any likes or traffic. Also my target audience is from a different country. Are there any some tactics which would be helpful? Thanks

    • I know a few people in the fashion space and they all do really well with Facebook. Both from Facebook advertising and by creating a Facebook fan page and driving fans through ads as well.

      Try both of those things out and let me know how it goes.

      You can also try contests on Facebook to build up your fan base. Check out www.contestdomination.com.

  213. outsource market research :

    Thanks for giving a chances ! what do you think penguin 2.0 ?

    • I think it was a good update. Most of the sites that got affected by it that I know of were affected by 1.0 as well.

  214. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for giving us the opportunity to ask any question. It’s greatly appreciated by all of us 😉

    I’m just in the process of creating my very first website and looking for a tutorial on how to design a great site (like narrowdesign.com).

    1. Do you know any place I can start or read up on? I’m not a developer, so any known programming site would be great.

    2. And to what % do you think has a good design influence on your conversation rate?

    Thank you so much!!

    • 1. Check out www.teamtreehouse.com. That site can teach you about design and development. Everything from the basics to advanced stuff.
      2. It depends per industry but you should ideally have a conversion rate greater than 1%.

  215. You are looking for personal finance help and come across Gajizmo.com.

    1. What is your first impression?
    2. What are your suggestions after a quick look around the site?
    3. I am super anal about high quality content and personally edit my freelance writers’ work, turning a 1000 word article into 2000 words regularly. However, I need to get content out faster. Am I overdoing the “quality” part? Should I bring in an editor? And how much should I pay him/her?

    • 1. I’ve never seen that site before, but it looks fine. Iwillteachyoutoberich.com is another good finance site.
      2. The site is actually good, but comments should be enabled. Not sure why some posts don’t have them. They should also reduce how many social icons they show… there should be more of a focus.
      3. No, quality is the most important part. You should even be more picky if possible. You could bring in an editor if the site can afford one.

      Overall, good job with the site… check out Iwillteachyoutoberich.com as you can learn a lot from that site. The way they do their marketing, collecting emails, etc.

  216. Steven Macdonald :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for taking time out and answering these questions.

    There’s a lot of great tips in the comments section, that will keep most online marketers busy for months!

    I’ve been working with a site that has seen a slight drop in organic conversions lately. What are your top 3 tips to increasing conversions from organic search?



    • It varies per site and there are no 3 generic tips. 🙁

      I would check out these posts though:





  217. Hi Neil,

    thanks for the great answers. I’ve learned a lot already by reading the answers to the question. I’m relatively new in the Online Marketing Business. I read a lot off blogs. What is your best tip to try out all the information in real? So that i can help companys in the future?


    • You should setup a blog or a site and test things out on a live site. That is really the best way to learn. It’s how me and many other marketers learned how to drive traffic and convert visitors.

  218. Benjamin Alijagi? :

    Hi Neil,
    do you think you spend too much time inside your email client? or better, do you think it is possible to build a solution that allows you to be as effective as now but in much less time?


    • I spend A LOT of time within my email clients. Hours and hours each day. I don’t think there are any good solutions at the moment for people who get a lot of emails.

  219. Glenn Wolsey :

    What kind of car do you drive? What would be your dream car you’d one day like to own/drive?

    • I don’t have a car. I don’t really care to own a car one day…

      I get around by walking, using the train, and I also have a hired driver that I call on for long trips (he usually takes me to the airport a few times a week).

  220. Dear Neil

    Thanks for your time and appreciate your help. Your blog is great, with neat posts with valuable content.

    Regarding my question:
    I started a WordPress website about Goa to monetize it via affiliate marketing (initially). However I made the mistake of applying for the domain upgrade via WordPress itself. So now the site is being hosted by WordPress and I have no access to changing the admin.

    I want to shift the website to Hostgator.

    How do I shift the website to getting hosted by Hostgator so that I can add a button for affiliate marketers while keeping the domain name www.goanflavour.com?

    Will it work if I apply for a different domain suffix, for e.g .net/.co.in and then redirect for the .com domain?

    • I’ve never used WP upgraded.

      So, do they offer access to FTP?

      Or changing your domain nameservers?

      In any case I guess you have to transfer your domain name first to Namecheap or Godaddy. Then transfer your files or install a new WP installation in your new host which is HostGator.

      Good luck.

    • Have you contacted WordPress? They are pretty easy going and can probably help you transition out.

      Also, why not just host with them versus switching to Hostgator?

  221. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for the AMA. Here’s my question. How do you leverage Great Content? It’s best if you can create them Daily or even weekly, but where do you get High Quality content. Do you hire Freelancers? or use a Service?

    Thanks for the answers.

    • Don’t worry about frequency, first worry about quality. Once you can consistently crank out high quality content, then try to improve the frequency.

      I usually write the content myself, or if I am looking for other writers to co-publish a piece with me I look at other popular blogs and see who their writers are.

  222. Hi Neil,

    We are into development of mobile apps, we are planning to launch a very big Android app pretty soon, so I just wanted to know if you can share some knowledge regarding what should be the marketing strategy to launch the app successfully.

    Thank you.


  223. Hi,

    I just launched a metrics tool for power seller on eBay. Basically it scans eBay recording product metrics such as how many of each product the seller has sold each month. The products are then displayed in a best seller list so users can find popular products at a glance.

    I have an adwords list but something isn’t converting right. What would the best way to go about fixing my adwords campaign or other things I should do to get conversions?


    • Sadly, I don’t know much about AdWords as I am not a PPC expert. Have you tried ppcblog.com?

      As for conversions, it really depends per site. What works for one site won’t always work for others. For that reason I won’t have generic conversion advice for you. 🙁

      But these posts should help you…





  224. Game Developers :

    How will you graph yourself for the past 10years as a entrepreneur?

    • Not sure what you mean by that. But overall I think I have done alright… I’ve learned a lot of new things, met some great people and I still have a long ways to go. 🙂

  225. Mudassir Mustafa :

    Hi Neil,

    Am from Karachi, Pakistan and I’ve been following you for two three months now and i found your blog helpful than any other guy on the internet, a BIG THANKS for that! My questions are:

    1. I have some websites related to ebook reviews promoting “clickbank’s” products and i still have to rank for them (but am under 100 in google for most of the keywords) and i have another review site which promotes “Amazon”, What do you think would be good for a good fast income i.e. promoting amazon or clickbank (clickbank offers higher commission)? Do you think its good for a start or i should come up with my own products or services?

    2. I want to start an ecommerce website that sells leather jackets which i want to sell in Canada how should i market it and get traffic and eventually convert it?

    Thanks for the answer!
    Mudassir Mustafa

    • 1. I would try both Amazon and Clickbank. See whatever one does better after 2 months and then double down on the one that does better. But at first, test both of them out.

      2. I would start a site using Shopify.com and then marketing it first through shopping feeds like singlefeed.com. Then try PPC and other paid traffic sources.

  226. Hi Neil,

    I recently launched my new site http://cupcakemakeover.com/

    1. what is the first thing you find missing upon visiting?
    2. Do shopping feeds also work for virtual items?
    3. how do I scale my marketing from here?

    I so appreciate your input,


    • 1. There is no call to action above the fold and within 5 seconds of being on the site, I am not sure what it does or is about.

      2. Not really. You need to drive through through other means like PPC and SEO.

      3. Focus on SEO and Content Marketing. You should read the Advanced Guides to both of those topics on Quick Sprout.

  227. Hi Neil

    Thanks for AMA.

    My question, How would you market an Indian product to USA market ? To be specific, my company deals in Lingerie market and we want to promote our product in usa market online. we tried affiliate networks but unfortunately, that has not worked for us.

    Any suggestion, What should I do to increase market presence of my company brand in USA.


    • Host the site within the US and do the same marketing strategies. All you have to do is target the US just like you would with India. So instead of doing a PPC campaign targeted towards India, pick US.

      You should also try hiring an affiliate manager to see if they can help you out. Such as affiliatemanager.com.

      Focus on educating others to increase your presence. Provide value through content marketing and teaching others. Don’t expect anything in return… just help others…

  228. Neil,
    First of all I wanted to thank you for all the great content you’ve shared on this blog – I’ve implemented some of it to great success.

    My question:
    Most SEOs think that placing your company-blog in a subdirectory is better than hosting a blog on a subdomain since subdomains pass very little authority to each other.

    Why did you decide to locate the kissmetrics blog at blog.kissmetrics.com instead of kissmetrics.com/blog?

    • You are correct, it is better than a subdomain.

      We did it that way on KISSmetrics for security reasons.

  229. Dr. Amit Pareek :

    Hi Neil!

    Thanks for this great opportunity. I am running a small online marketing company in India. We create our own wp plugins & PLR products for online marketers. I saw a Drupal service provider company with 20 workers was awarded as Inc. 500 companies this year with 3000% growth.

    I also want to enter in service providing area as the India have a big workforce but I am confused with what service I should provide for getting the best company growth?

    WordPress CMS developement, SEO services or Online marketing services? Which one you suggest? I know, No one can manage all the above services together with only 10 employees at start. So what you suggest? What I should follow to get a growth like above.

    Thank you very very much in advance 🙂


    • Provide the service you are most passionate about and the one companies need the most. Don’t just do something for growth or revenue. Go out there and solve a unique problem and focus on helping people out.

      You should think about it for a week, once you figure out where you passion is, you can then determine if there is a need for that in the market place.

  230. Hi Neil and thanks for the opportunity

    When you’re working on a new tool, when do you know that “it’s enough to launch”.

    Because you can get stuck trying to make something perfect and never launch…


    • Once you reach product market fit.

      This blog post explains it: http://www.startup-marketing.com/the-startup-pyramid/

  231. Elsa Balenti :

    Hi Neil,

    I love QuickSprout – recently followed the entire monster SEO guide to the letter to improve my website, and I already see the effect on traffic. Plus, it’s loading much faster now!

    What does a typical day look like for you? How do you get so much done?

    Sending you a big gelato from here in sunny Rome,


    • I get so much done because I have an assistant.

      Here is my typical day: https://www.quicksprout.com/2011/06/16/the-day-in-the-life-of-neil-patel/

  232. Hi Neil,

    This is great and, I think, unprecedented.

    I have a question :

    What should I do onsite & off site to get traffic (free & paid) from USA. ( I am located in Mumbai, India)

    Thanks Neil in advance.

    • 1. Make sure you site is hosted in the US.
      2. Just do the normal on page optimization stuff listed in this guide: www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-seo
      3. Build links to your website manually or you can pay companies like www.audiencebloom.com to get you links. If you want to learn link building check out www.backlinko.com

  233. The other question was : With whom you are posing on the image at the beginning of this article ?


  234. Hi Neil,

    The question is how can I produce the effective content for my business? The problem is I can’t write anything on any topic so I first found some interesting topic and then send it to content writer then they produce content but I am not satisfied because I just send those references as an example but they write on those topic s that is low quality content. So I am confuse…

    second one is my company want result but there is an on-site seo problem in it, company don’t want to change all that. I have to do all the thing with this 10 yr old domain. Is it possible to get ranked or get clients? if yes then how?

    Thanks in advance.

    • You need to find better writers. Have you looked at jobs.problogger.net to find a better writer? They have some good ones on there.

      Well yes, if you can get the company to fix the problems. If they won’t fix it you are going to have a harder time to rank well. 🙁 You have to convince them.

  235. 1. What conversion / split testing tool do you think is the best on the market?

    2. What are the best methods for building links for local SEO purposes?

    3. Are there any communities out there that can help you to get more comments for a new blog? I.e. “get the ball rolling”?

    • 1. Optimizely.
      2. I hit up all of the business sites and city sites in that area and beg for links. 🙂 For example each city usually has a business council and if you reach out to them you maybe able to get a government link. Also you can find other local businesses willing to link to you if you give them free advice.
      3. Not really. Getting comments usually has to deal with how engaging your content is and how much traffic you get. I find that asking questions within your blog posts helps encourage more comments.

  236. Dear Neil.
    Thank you very much for this opportunity. The question is how shall I convince the company board, which are the best arguments I could use, to invest more in building interaction on social media channels? Without interaction we don’t create relations which could transform in conversions. Actually we use only the component from the concept, not leveraging the power of being . There are many things I could speak about social interaction marketing :-). Looking forward for your answer.

    • The best arguments are revenue based arguments. Anyway you can show them how the competition is using it effectively and how it is making them money? Showing them this in one form or another (even if you have to estimate the revenue impact) is your best bet.

      Boards are usually logical, especially when it comes to financial numbers.

      • Thank you Neil, you are right. Still the competition isn’t in a better shape than us. They don’t use either social media for building a strong interaction. I created a kind of a revenue plan based on estimations and customer behavior predictions. The financial part wasn’t solid enough to convince the board, people were looking for hard arguments which I couldn’t give. I will try to work out the plan again. Wish you all the best.

  237. Also – what tools do you recommend for conducting market research?

    Are there any tools that you can use for surveying members of a given target market at a low cost?

    • I usually use qualaroo.com or surveymonkey.com.

      As for gathering outside data, I’ve never really done it. There are firms out there that pay people to get them research, but again I’ve never used any of them.

  238. I like the various options under the Review tab that MS Word offers; especially Review Changes, Accept Changes, Track Changes, and Compare Documents. And I like when a team can modify Word documents together, live, online.

    It would be great if there was software that could do that with webpages! I know that there’s tons of software out there that can track changes made to webpages after-the-fact. And I know that there’s collaborative webpage editor software that can track who is editing which webpages and when, and which webpages were edited.

    But is there software out there that can show PROPOSED changes to webpages? And is there software that lets people collaborate over potential webpage changes before the changes are made?

    • There maybe, but none that I know of.

      I also did a few Google searches, but I came up with nothing. 🙁

  239. Ron Pereira :

    Do you think Apple will be as dominant in 5 years now that Steve Jobs is no longer running the show?

    • I think they will as long as they follow his plan.

      I am a bit biased though as I love their products.

  240. yash sehgal :

    Is it true that one needs work experience in the same field in which one aspires to open up his own start-up in future?

    • Nope. I had no experience in the web world when I first got into it. You can do whatever you set your mind to… don’t let anything stand in your way. If you don’t know something, then learn it. 🙂

  241. What do you think about buying expired domains with PR and from that building a private blog network to help rank your own money sites? Some reputable bloggers have started talking about this method.

    What do you think?

    • It can work, but it is a lot of work. You have to get tons of different hosting accounts, maintain the sites, build links to them to keep their PR up… etc.

      You are better off putting effort into your site. Write great content, build great content, do outreach… whatever you need to earn links. Focus on building the best site ever and you will be much better off than building your own network.

  242. Hi Neil,

    I’m a Graphic Designer, first time Author and long time fan. My blog giantthinkers.com aims to help students and graduates get a job in the industry.

    I’d soon like to release my first eBook. What do you think is the best process to do this? And what advice/resources do you have for me to get this off the ground quickly and cost effectively?

    (I’m almost finished writing the content of the eBook).

    Warm regards, Ram

    • 1. Survey your readers to find out what kind of eBook they want.
      2. Do research on Clickbank to see what is out in your space.
      3. Write an eBook.
      4. Create a sales page to promote it.
      5. Launch the book.

      You should look up people like Frank Kern to see how they do it. There is also a book called the “product launch formula” that talks about this whole process. And Warriorforum.com is a site that can teach you how to do this whole eBook stuff.

  243. Do you have a tip for getting traffic to a new photography site? Mainly travel based. I’m writing interesting content about each location – more stories to do with the places rather than guides (in some cases, there’s no similar content as good as or as in depth as this on the internet). Not too bothered about selling photos or anything yet, just building an engaged user base. I already network with other photographers/bloggers.

    Thanks. 🙂

    • I would actually go find all of the popular travel blogs and offer them free pictures. You can find some at alltop.com.

      If they accept your pictures, let them know that they will have to link back to your site each time when they use on your photos. This is a great way to build up traffic. I think this strategy would work really well for you.

  244. The Window Guys of Florida :

    Do you have any creative marketing tips for a home improvement business trying to too boost site conversions on the web? We deal with hurricane impact windows and have noticed increase traffic and page rankings but still aren’t getting many phone calls. We’re going to run an ad on the front page of the site that gives users a discount if they call by July 1st, 2013 to offer incentive, but are also open to other creative ideas.

    • Sadly I don’t have any generic advice as it varies per site and you would have to survey your audience to figure out what is wrong…

      But these posts should help out:





  245. Do meta keywords have any value any longer? Should one spend time in putting meta keywords in SEO fields?

  246. Hi Neil, let me start by saying your content ks some of if not the best online or offline. Thank you for sharinv your wisdom.

    Ok, I have a site that J am selling an ebook on and I need a web designer, dk you recommend Elance, odesk, or another site? If you needed a designer where would you go?

  247. Hi Neil,

    At the start of the year, I had our site redesigned (http://weissins.com/)

    Before the redesign I was getting 100 visitors a day, which resulted in about one lead per day. Since the redesign, I’ve added more content, it’s better optimized for SEO, and have added better links…yet traffic is at about 25% of where it was.

    The only search terms coming in are for my company name.

    Any reasoning for this?


    P.S. – Thanks for writing emails I actually read.

    • Have you thought about going back to your old design to see if that fixes the problem? If it doesn’t something else is wrong.

      But that is the first thing I would do… revert the changes you made to see if that solves the problem. If it does, slowly introduce the new changes until you determine what caused it to tank.

      • Thanks Neil. Although I didn’t revert back to the old site, over the last month or so, traffic has regained. Wonder if it’s something in the new Google update that hurts your rankings after a site redesign for a short amount of time.

        P.S. – Thanks for the answer. That’s why I love this blog!

  248. Agnes Blick :

    Hi Neil,

    i am one of your fun and an ardent reader of your blogs and sites.
    i must confess that they are very informative and educative and you are among the many young great men in knowledge sharing in this modern times,
    my question is how did you come up with the names of your 3 sites; quicksprout,kissmetrics and crazy egg? did you think hard to make a choice ,hire an expert or someone else suggested them to you and what advise do you have for us who use our own names or family names as our business names?


    Agnes, Uganda – East Africa.

    • A high school friend came up with Crazy Egg. A team member came up with KISSmetrics.

      Quick Sprout was a domain my business partner came up with.

      There is nothing wrong with using family names… just make sure your domain is easy to spell.

  249. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for the opportunity. How do you balance you vs your company? Did you focus on your company and know that good work would attract attention for you? Or did you focus on building a personal brand that would help your site?


    • I do both. I spend 80% of my time branding my company and 20% of the time branding myself. Typically when you brand one, it helps the other.

      I usually focus more on the company than myself.

  250. Kristi Hines :

    Who designed your popup opt-in forms and what plugin/code are you using for them?

  251. Congratulations on your success Neil!

    I was curious, what do you think is the most important factor in your success? Upbringing, ingenuity, natural talent, something else?

    Thank you ahead of time for sharing any insights.

  252. Does Google get confused? If we take one keyword, e.g. “Argentina Inflation”, is it better to have only one page for which we are trying to rank or can we have many pages with the keyword “Argentina Inflation” (with monthly news on the keyword)?

    • Arne, it is best to focus on the long and short tail of any keyword to make sure you have all the angles covered.

  253. Niel,

    How to get 100% focused while doing SEO/Online Marketing for a website, if site isn’t generating any revenue yet….how to stay positive?

    • Arshad, you just have to do it right and continue having confidence that your product will sell itself.

  254. Hi Neil,

    I have a website in the fitness industry call Turbo Fitness Secrets, that I have neglected for a year. What would be the best way to jump start it and get it back to life?

    • Bryan, I would suggest maybe some PR and definitely a lot of content marketing to build that traffic.

  255. I. C. Daniel :

    That’s the biggest comments number I’ve ever seen (+480) on internet.

    Nice job Neil. Best regards from I. C. Daniel

  256. David Dodge :

    We are starting a niche SaaS company that provides turn-key business management functionality that can be tweaked and sold to a number of different service businesses. What advice would you give us on the most effective ways to market our SaaS? Our biggest concern is that the market for our software is too small and fragmented and that it will be difficult to reach the small business that we will be targeting.

    • I’ve found that PPC ads, SEO, and inbound marketing are the best 3 ways to makert a SaaS company. Have you tried any of them yet?

      If you check out our blog.kissmetricsc.com site we have a ton of posts that explain how to market SaaS products. 🙂

  257. Geoff McNeely :

    Hi Neil,

    Simple question: what do you need?

    That is, where are your pain points in business? What are the things that you are regularly looking to solve for yourself?


    • I need more ways to grow our revenue faster. Ways to fine tune the sales operation more.

      That’s what I need. 😉

  258. Hi Neil,

    Here are my questions regarding SEO:

    1. What changes do you see in serp about your sites after Penguin 2.0 update?
    2. Do you believe that tools like senuke will be useless in near future?

    Best Regards

    • Kamil, Great questions. Answers below:
      1. I think content will play an even more important role moving forward
      2. The could become less useful, it all depends on how they innovate.


  259. Jey Pandian :


    I enjoyed reading through every single comment and reply and I’ve bookmarked all your links from this post – I will study them tomorrow as I travel for business and implement.

    1) How does one gauge website or application development costs?
    2) How do I determine how much more money to save, assuming that the project goes over the quoted fixed fee?

    PS 4 -5 years ago you told me to pay off my debt before investing money on my ideas. I’m now debt-free with a reasonable cushion and able to live in Manhattan (formerly of Silicon Valley).

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

    • 1. You should reach out to a few development shops and get quotes. Assuming you have scoped out what you need, you should be able to get a few quotes and figure out rough pricing.

      2. Usually I save up double. If something costs $5000 I assume it will cost $10,000 in the end.

      Congrats! That is huge. Happy you were able to pay them off.

  260. Hi Neil,

    I love your blog. You have unique and useful content that is hard to find anywhere else.

    I am currently building a social networking mobile app (specifically about dating) and have figured out some creative ways to monetize it. However, my first concern is building sufficient usage on the app. I know I haven’t given you many details, but how would you market the app to ensure I have the necessary download volume?

    Thanks for your thoughts!


    • I would follow this guide: www.quicksprout.com/2012/05/10/the-beginners-guide-to-mobile-app-marketing/

  261. Hi Neil,

    We launched www.thenutribox.com in January this year. We’re off to a good start but need to add some digital marketing expertise to our team. I want to develop a pitch to find the right investor/partner and would like to know how you decide which projects to get involved in and which to swerve.



    • I decided based on a few things:

      1. Do I know the space.
      2. Do I know the team and the people running it.
      3. Are they a local company that I can help.
      4. Do I think it will make money.
      5. Are the terms of the investment favorable to me.

      That’s how I think about it.

  262. First of all.
    If we ever meet ,I would STAND and SALUTE you for your awesome content on quicksprout and this great idea of open Q/A.
    You are So Impact-full Man..!

    Hey Neil

    1. Why you said that you would like to be Investment banker instead? Don’t you like Your own company ,Lifestyle and No Bosses..?

    2.How would you have promoted your new start-up(No product, A simple free website platform for the world).
    Like your main strategy and source for traffic..?

    Keep Rocking peoples World..:)

    • 1. When you own your own company, every one of your customers is your boss.

      2. I would just buy a ton of paid traffic. It’s a bit biased as I have cash these days while I didn’t when I first started out.

      • Know this comes abit late but Neil, that is so true. When u run your own business, instead of being your own boss, those who are paying for your services became your boss, and if you have employees they too are your boss.
        I have been running an offline business for almost a decades and I hate it as speed often decimate my principles. I’m currently pursuing an alternative income in the form of trading.

        Long time reader first time commenter.

  263. Dhruv Patel :

    Hey Neil,

    I am SEO Employee from india. I am going to start my own seo business, so can you Please suggest me what are the areas that I need to concentrate. I do not have problem regarding to working capital.
    My Questions Are:-

    1. I do not know from where I can GET the customers? by hiring the Marketing professionals or finding work from freelancing platform.

    2. who are my target customers?

    3. In starting phase which types of offers can attract the customers in this competitive market.

    • 1. By networking, going to conferences, helping out people through blogs, responding to seo forum threads… all of those things over time will drive you more customers.

      2. Anyone needing marketing help that is a small company.

      3. Don’t worry about offerings, focus on helping potential customers and eventually a few will hire you. Give away a ton of free advice.

  264. Aqif Azizan :

    Hi Neil. Thank you so much for this opportunity.

    My questions:

    1) Do you have a list of irresistible offer that convert well for your business?

    2) If you do, then can you share 3 that works well?

    3) How do you keep your team motivated every single day?

    4) How do you spend your money? Beside re-invest in your business?

    Thank you in advance.

    • 1. I don’t. 🙁 We also don’t share a lot of that stuff.

      2. We keep them motivated by hiring people who believe in the same vision that we believe in. This way you don’t have to motivate them, they will be self motivated.

      3. Food is my biggest expense. Then clothes. Other than that, I don’t really spend much of it.

  265. Neil,
    How does it feel to have your own category on shitbound.org?

    • LOL, I wasn’t sure if I should have been flattered or bit sad. :/

      Either way I like the site. It gave me the idea to do an AMA.

  266. Kriss MacDonald :

    Hi Neil – have you written any posts with advice specifically for ‘Mom’ bloggers and websites? And/or have you given advice to websites or corporations that were aiming for the Mom market? Thanks.

    • 1. I have never written posts for that market.

      2. Advice I have given to businesses is that most people ignore that market. Offer them and their kids some free stuff and it is an easy way to gain some cheap press. 🙂

      • Kriss MacDonald :

        I’m surprised. The US Mom market spends over $2.4 trillion a year and the majority depend on online reviews and recommendations when deciding what to buy. Women account for 85% of all consumer purchases in the US including cars and health care. 78% of women in the US use the Internet for product information before making a purchase. The majority of web users are now women.

  267. Bonjour,

    Merci pour votre site que je découvre. Il m’apprend et m’apporte beaucoup. Voici ma question :
    Comment avoir du trafic et faire connaître son site quand on est pas en première page Google ?
    A quels endroits et sur quels sites vendre ses ebooks ?
    Je suis en train de terminer un nouvel ebook et j’hésite en ces 2 noms de domaine :
    Lequel choisir ? Pourquoi ?
    Merci beaucoup !

    • Ha ha @Marie, je suis pas sur que Neil connais le francais 😛

      Mais tous les cas je parle un peu français.

      1. Pour ta premiere question, je sais pas dans quel industrie tu es, parce que les techniques des fois sont defirente mais on generale ces les meme.
      – Commenter sur les sites les meme que le votre (Peut etre votre concurrent…)
      – Creee un compte Twitter et commencer des discussion avec les gens avec la meme passion/sujet de votre site.
      – Creer un compte FB et G+
      – Repondre a des question sur Yahoo answers
      – … et encoure plus…
      2. Hmm… je connais aucun site francais desoler 🙁
      Mais tu peut tjrs utiliser PayPal, e-junkie…

      3. Je pense que je vais choisire “régime-efficace-facile”, parce que sa donne une idee au lecteur/visteur que il peut faire ce régime. Dans tous les cas tu doit d’abord faire tes étude (Comme les mot-clés…)

  268. Hello,

    must be very hard to trying answer to everyone here, but i would like to ask you too. So if you found time, i would be grateful for answer.

    1. We are building SaaS and slowly running out of money for development..
    What do you think, is better to try get some Seed investment, become faster and have some background OR work slowly and harder but without investor in business?

    2. What is the acceptable part/percent of the company for basic seed investment (10,20 more %) ?

    Thank you for you time.

    • 1. Focus on creating a minimal viable product. Checkout the lean startup… follow those principles should help you get something out faster.

      2. If you are running out of cash consider raising seed money or asking friends and family for money.

      3. Up to 30%. But ideally 10 to 20%.

  269. re-posting as I think the time difference may have caught you at 3am!

    Hi Neil,

    Happy is a music Blog not unlike Pitchfork or a myriad of others. Its focus is Aussie music and while many feel the market is already saturated, we feel there is an opportunity to create something vibrant and unique. We started in 2010 and now need to create a revenue in order to grow. Where would you suggest we try to create a revenue stream first?

    • I would actually survey your customers and readers see what they want. I could tell you what to create for a revenue stream but I am not your ideal customer.

      Always base decisions based off of data… especially customer data. As they can provide more insights than anyone else.

      You can use qualaroo.com as a surveying too.

      Hope that helps.

  270. Chris Chong :

    Hi Neil, I launched a service that provides PPC management for people spending less than $500/month on adwords. The service costs $97/month and takes me less than an hour to manage each account.

    In your opinion, is this price point even worth going after? Its a really large market but the customers really don’t even seem to grasp the basics of advertising and I’m not sure if the service is worth offering.

    I’m wondering if I should just go after companies spending 10K+month like normal PPC consultants would.

    • I think that is a really smart idea. And if you can build software to help make your time more efficient I think you are onto something REALLY BIG.

      You can even hire someone at $4000 a month to help you out. In essence they can handle up to $16,000 of clients each month (roughly).

  271. Gavin(DisneyDose.com) :

    Hi Neil,

    I’m a longtime reader. I was wondering what designer you use to create your email signup boxes. I love the one that you are testing that covers up the content after the reader has viewed a couple of pages.

    How should we do this? Have you ever considered a plugin?



    • Digital Telepathy. They do most of my design stuff.

      It’s a custom plugin I had someone build me… I may release it one day. :/

  272. Hi neil ,

    1. if you had to choose one of these methods to produce content which would you choose

    A) write articles

    B) podcats

    C) Video

    And why ?

    • Articles. I suck at podcasts and I am not the best on camera.

      That’s why I would choose articles.

  273. What sharing plugin/tool are you using now? Really classic & original I must say -.-

  274. Greg Hickman :

    Hey Neil,

    Love the site and thanks for the opportunity to ask you questions.

    So, I have a blog/podcast on mobile marketing and have helped both big brands and small businesses ad mobile marketing to their mix.

    I’m currently with a big brand leading their mobile strategy and would love to go out on my own at some point in the near future.

    The bog and podcast is growing, working on my first training course etc.

    Do you have any insights on leveraging big brand name experience to help smaller to medium sized companies?

    Is consulting the best route?


    • That’s tough. I would stay where you are and continue blogging and producing a podcast. I would then add consulting pages to your blog for anyone who is interested in your services. Once you have enough people hitting you up you can then leave your job.

      I wouldn’t try to leverage the big brand stuff as it doesn’t help as much as people think.

  275. Hi Neil,

    Your interview on SPI was one of the best I heard and the content you talked about was great.
    My question: I’ve been looking for a site that shows the relationship between people by profile / profession on twitter – facebook – linkedin.
    lost my bookmarks but thought it was doyouknowthesepeople .com?
    I know it’s a stretch but the site was fantastic and thought you might be able to help.

  276. Neil,

    Thanks for the opportunity and congrats!

    I own a website in the alternative medicine field (affiliate links for ebooks, amazon store etc.. ) with about 50 pages worth of information (I know… not that much meat on its bones but getting there). All organic SEO content with some links through out and the occasional banner.

    My website:
    ~ Launched in 10/2012 as a static website, then migrated to WordPress in April/13 for the reason we all know. However, my wonderful WP developer failed to add H1, H2’s correctly. Is that the reason why my site has very few visitors?
    ~ All SEO organic content–no spun anything all written by me or professional SEO writters $350.00 invested .
    ~ Used to spend countless hours creating interesting images-posts to engage prospects on FB. However with the never ending changes where FB decided to show mega limited posts I was left with going to other Social media sites. Then found out while running a campaign on a product that ___________ (insert very bad word lol) …..Bitly was redirecting my prospects to a page with a huge STOP this page maybe unsafe or contains malicious info etc… What? This can’t be happening on my paid campaign. Short story long= bitly concluded I did nothing wrong that it was an unfounded internal flag. So much for this unreliable service! To make matters worst FB decided to promote my post to a non-target audience, despite what I had requested.
    ~ Invested about $500.00 on Ads in Facebook but the last few campaigns have been a fail (all good as trial and error is common at the beginning)
    ~ Slowly creating my own SEO content- as always.
    ~ Just started with newsletters with free stuff mainly and one or two with the affiliate link. But so far no conversions.

    My questions are: I am seeing no conversions at all and crickets abound on Google analytics to check for traffic.
    Pardon my ignorance but I am yet to figure out where my site ranks? I know Google doesn’t allow software that checks for ranking and not sure manually would give me an accurate reading?
    3. You talk about building relationships but when I try to post or connect with industry leaders or even small ones. They wont accept most posts or request. What is the best way to build relationships on websites of my scale? Or how to approach them?

    Followed a very wise man’s advise: Working on content, trying to hire interns”, followed hundreds of people a day on Twitter, working on “hot topics of today” within in my industry, etc…

    What am I doing wrong?

    Thanks in advance and sorry for the “book” question.

    • 1. The headings are the reason your site doesn’t do well.

      2. You need to build links and write great content. That’s why you aren’t getting the traffic you want. A good example of this is the Advanced Guides I publish on Quick Sprout. They do well because the content is really good. If you had better content, you would get a lot more traffic.

      3. Get to know people before asking for stuff. Ask to help people, don’t ask for anything in return. That’s how you network and get to be loved by others.

  277. Abuzar Khan :

    What you think about pure social shopping system which helps people to generate word of mouth marketing by using their own customers?

  278. Hey Neil,

    I’m about to launch an online service business. If you had very limited funds, would you launch it the risky way or the safe way?

    Risky – investing more money for a more complete version of your idea and higher quality starting point
    Safe – investing less money initially and launching a more barebones version until demand for service is assessed

    Is there a cost-effective way to get a user agreement/disclaimer drafted by a lawyer? Online or local?

    • I would go the safe way. If it starts working, then put more money into it.

      There isn’t one other than Googling for templates and modifying it yourself.

  279. Hi Neil,

    I have a problem pricing a service online:

    Let’s say the “fair price” for this service is 0,25$. One competitor is advertising the same service for 0,08$ in his adwords and is consistently ranking 1st or 2nd for highly competitive keywords. The 0,08$ price point is not really achievable for the customer, however, as it is reserved for very high volume purchases and pretty standard services cost extra (upsell hell), which finally brings one back to the fair price.

    I am assuming the following:
    – competitor has high CTR because of advertised low price
    – competitor is not educated about pricing, SEM & conversion so he might spend like crazy without knowing what he is doing
    – competitor is – while spending a lot on adwords – getting a lower CPC because of his high adrank due to high CTR
    – And the critical assumption: He has a significantly lower conversion rate due to upsell hell.

    This situation reminds me of no-frills airlines that employ drip pricing vs. normal priced airlines, but with the difference that for this service you usually just buy it once and thus are not being educated over a series of upsell-hell flight bookings.

    Any ideas on how I should set the price? Should I also implement upsell hell pricing to stay competitive on CTR and thus getting a lot of (paid) customer flow to the site or should I use fair pricing (or not talk about pricing at all) and have a lower CTR but a better conversion rate?

    Thanks so much!

    • Don’t worry about what they are doing. You should price based on what makes sense for you and the customer. You should use a pricing survey from a solution like www.qualaroo.com (not sure if they still have) as that can help you figure out what to charge.

      Sometimes you can’t worry about your competitors…

  280. Shadi Halloun :

    Wow Neil, Thanks for the opportunity! I will try to make this as short as possible,and please everyone do that.

    On my website, http://weirdpoll.com, I have created a cool tool that helps content creators to find mutual statistics between 2 questions from the website. They can use this to generate/discover unique “facts” about their niche, and hopefully link to my website (I ask them to do so).

    But that doesn’t seem to work though the tool is ultra awesome and useful. How can I reach the exact people who really need it?

    • 1. There are too many questions in the poll. You should limit them and make someone take them all to figure out if they are weird. Ideally no more than 10 questions.

      2. At the end of the 10 questions give someone a badge that says they are either weird or normal and give them an embed code so they can put that badge on their site.

      Try that out… should help you get more links.

  281. NeiL BHAI !!

    nothing left to ask.. your guidance took me at better place.. I am getting bunch of traffic without any expenditure.

    Thanks A lot

  282. Hello Neil, Thank you for giving us a opportunity to ask question.

    I am a full time blogger from past few years but I have found these days creating a successful blog is not easy.

    Plenty of Google updates, focusing on SEO (On-page and off-page), social promotion, keyword research, writing any many other things you have to take care of and you can’t be expert in each field.

    You can be good SEO or good writer or good social marketer but you can’t be expert in everything.

    Doing all these things on own is not so easy these days. So what will be your suggestion on managing all these stuffs when you have limited money to spend.

    Thank you

    • Focus on the one that is producing the biggest ROI. Once you start making more money they can can focus on a bit more things, but focus on the one that is working the best. Double down on it and then expand when you have more cash.

  283. Ishan Madhav :

    Well, i’ll ask four very simple questions that i hope you have time to answer-
    1. What is ‘Content Marketting’
    2. Can a wordpress.com blog with wordpress.com subdomain rank high in search engine results as other blogs with lots of effort?
    3. I have ranked for 18 different search queries with just 3 posts on my blog in Bing search engines….but why doesn’t that happen with Google engines?
    4. Do you yourself answer to all the questions and comments or is it your so called ‘assistant’
    My blog is http://infofront.wordpress.com 😀

    • 1. This should answer the first question: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Content_marketing

      2. Yes it can.

      3. Give it more time. Google takes a bit longer in general. But when it kicks in it will drive a ton of traffic.

      4. It’s me… which is why it is taking so long. :/

  284. How would you promote a London accounting company online? What kind of content?

    • I would first focus on local seo. Once it starts working then expand into PPC, content marketing and other areas.

      This guide should help: https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/03/26/how-to-optimize-your-business-for-local-search-and-social-marketing/

  285. I run a decorators company in London and I would like to know how can I promote it? There is so much competition… thanks!

    • You should focus on localized marketing. Follow the steps in this guide: https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/03/26/how-to-optimize-your-business-for-local-search-and-social-marketing/

  286. Hey Neil thanks for the opportunity. My question is: I have an online reputation management company i.e. we delete illegal posts on review websites and fight defamation through SEO.

    What kind of content should I publish to attract clients? What would you do to market in this sector? Thank you veeeery much 😉

    • Anything related to reputation management. Break down the tactics you use, what to do when someone slanders your name… etc.

      A post example could be: How to Use Social Media to Manage Your Reputation

  287. Neil how will you answer 14837 questions?? Lol.

    Question: can you suggest me a good plugin to create a popup email optin form AFTER you click something? So not an automatic popup, but something that shows when users click.


    • With a lot of hours, lol.

      I am not sure if any have that option. The best one on the marketing is Popupdomination.com though.

  288. Hi Neil,
    And thank you for this opportunity. We are in the proxy servers industry, providing our customers the right tools to bypass / unlocked censored content worldwide.
    Can you please give us an advice on how to extend our customer base? Any ideas would be appreciated.
    Thank you again.

    • What sites would these users browse to bypass content worldwide? People must be looking this stuff up… you can always run banner ads on sites that discuss this kind of stuff.

      You could also create content on bypassing censored content worldwide and post them on your blog or guest post them on other people’s site. This should help drive more brand awareness to your company.

  289. Hi Neil, I have two questions:

    1 – How do you get content indexed in Google quickly? It can take days sometimes which is frustrating!

    2 – You helped increase techcrunch’s traffic, what advice could you share for a smaller tech blog like mine for growing and getting more traffic?

    Thanks Neil!

    • 1. Share the content via the social web and get others to as well. If you content gets a ton of Google Pluses, tweets, and facebook shares, it will be indexed fast. Hit up all of your friends and tell them to share your content.

      2. Focus carving your niche in the market. Why would people read you over TechCrunch? For example your niche could be on why certain startups would fail. So instead of just covering a startup and saying they raised money, you could focus on if a startup is good or bad and why it will fail or succeed.

  290. This isn’t a question but the information on this page has really helped me, thanks!

  291. Hi Niel,

    I’m trying to build a webdesign and development firm that also does logos, brochures, UI, et al. It’s really small and not successful (though I have had clients). I’m also running a personal site called Ponder That [ponderthat.net] and that’s going just as bad (not many people read it). I really don’t want to loose the dream but I’m not getting anywhere. No resource seems to help. What could I be doing wrong?

    Thankyou so much for this opportunity.



    • Have you thought about being on sites like 99designs.com? There are a lot of people who need work and you can submit your designs. This can help you boost your revenue.

      You should try that.

  292. Do you ever block off your phone/email etc to focus on a specific task?

    My impression is you don’t seem to have much of a problem juggling multiple balls in the air per se. For those that do, are there any time management courses/strategies you’ve heard good things about from your friends in business? I really need help 🙁

    • I don’t, but I also have an assistant who manages my time and calendar for me. That’s my trick.

  293. John-Pierre Maeli :

    Hey there Neil!

    Just wondering, but what format for emailing posts is the best one to go with?

    Is emailing a section of the post and then having a “Read more” link a productive way to get people to read your stuff?

    Or is putting the entire article in the email more effective?

    Or do you suggest writing a paragraph or two about the article and then giving them the link?

    Thanks and keep up the good work. 🙂

    • I say “read more” as it causes people to click through and potentially leave a comment.

      In the email at least write one paragraph so people feel like they are getting something.

  294. Hi Neil,

    What would you recommend to promote adult related ecommerce site?

    Thanks for your time again.

    • I wish I could answer that but marketing adult sites isn’t the same as marketing a normal site. I myself never got into that space.


  295. As I can see you might already be tired with answering all those questions. But you can later use it like a “Q&A to Neil Patel” ebook or email course to get more subscribers 🙂

    Can you please give me some advice about, what will you do to promote CV/Resume generator website like the one I made cvtemplater.com.
    Big thanks Neil and I wish you more and more success in your business.

    Take Care!

    • I would create an awesome looking template that is pretty and is embedable. Make sure you reach out to a few popular bloggers, help them create a CV and then give them the embed code so they can put it on their site.

      By doing this with a lot of bloggers, others will see it, want to create a resume through your site, and showcase it on their own.

      • Thank you Neil for your answer. Your idea is awesome, I will need to recode whole website again but it will be worth it.

  296. Hey Neil,
    I am a freelance translator and have just built my website with a blog section. May I ask for some advice. What would be your first steps to take your business off the ground online? Any idea on how to start promoting translation business on the Internet? I’d appreciate your insights. Thank you in advance!

    • I would start a website that talks about your services. I would then focus on localized SEO: https://www.quicksprout.com/2012/03/26/how-to-optimize-your-business-for-local-search-and-social-marketing/

      It’s a competitive space and most likely localized people and companies will hire you, so first focus on following the steps in the guide above for marketing within your city.

  297. Herman Yudiono :

    Hey Neil,

    I saw your campaign to Crazy Egg on YouTube Ads and Google AdSense Ads. I think it is better for your audience if you write an complete guide on how to create a campaign in Google AdWords that makes money.

  298. Daniel Nealon, CPA :

    Hi Neil,

    First, thank you for everything you do to help people out! I’m sure if you keep working at it you will “change the world”, as you said you would like to do in your response to Clement. In my view you have already changed the world for the better with the products you have created and the great information you have provided to so many people.

    My questions are

    1. How did you and your company decide what accounting firm you would use for tax planning and compliance for your business?

    2. What factors played into your decision to select one firm over another?

    3. Do you use the same accounting firm personally?

    4. And more generally, how is this decision usually made at a start-up?

    I ask because I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) based in the United States and I have worked with a number of tech start-ups before and many of these entrepreneurs have an infection level of energy and are doing things that often seem to be “changing the world” for the better, and I’d like to work with more entrepreneurs like this in the future.

    Daniel Nealon, MS, CPA

    • 1. Based on a recommendation from a friend. That’s how I decided.

      2. If they have experience dealing with people who have messy taxes. In which a lot of businesses and investments.

      3. I do.

      4. Same as mine. They usually ask other startups. Just like how people find their lawyer.

      You should try creating a startup package and offering it to the venture firms. The venture firms could then let their portfolio companies know, which should help you get a lot more business.

      • Daniel Nealon, CPA :


        Thanks so much for your response and help. You’re awesome!

        What type of stuff would be included in a startup package?


  299. anadi chaturvedi :

    hey neil ran across your post! inspired by your achievements! According to you, what are the three major principles of SEO?

    • Link building – always build relevant and high quality links.

      Content – provide great value by educating others.

      On page – make sure your code is clean so search engines can spider it.

      • Hi,

        Since google updates affect lots and lots of EMD sites, what can i do then? i see some site is not ranked 1 anymore on google, what is your suggestion?

        • Focus your efforts on creating good content. Sites with good content get a lot of links, social shares, etc. This helps them rank no matter what their domain is. Just look at hotels.com, it still ranks well.

  300. Prateek Bansal :

    Hi Neil,
    From how long are you adding regular status Updates on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin ??

    • It’s been years… I add updates at least once a day and up to 5 times a day on each social site.

  301. Neil is it possible for me to translate some of your articles to portuguese and post on my website (comofaZer.com.br)

  302. Neil,

    How do you think apps like Snapchat got their INITIAL traction? I’m not talking about the virality it obtained once it had millions of users. I’m talking about the initial fire that set them off?

    I know apps like Draw Something had many cool viral components baked in such as asynchronous game-play, no back buttons, FB integration, etc.

    But I’ve always been curious how these apps got that initial BURST of traffic. If you had an app with all the social elements baked in and it was primarily targeted toward high-school / college students, what would be your strategy to get a shit ton of traffic to produce a snowball viral effect? Just curious..

    • I think snapchat solved a problem that teenagers and college kids where facing. They wanted to send a lot of “sexting” texts but didn’t want people to have the pics forever. That’s why I think it worked and went viral later on.

      It’s all about having a strong user base with your first few hundred members. Choose them wisely.

  303. Oh, forgot to add….it should be cost-efficient…Don’t have a fat ad budget to play with either…I was thinking, would there be any offline methods you’d use to build buzz??

    • Find 100 people who really believe in what you are doing and recruit them 1 by 1 to use your app. If you picked them correctly and your app is good, it should naturally start spreading.

  304. Hi Neil,

    How do networks that offer placement on high-authority blog sites such as technorati, huffingtonpost, mashable etc. do this? For example is there any networks that combine the two, following the myblogguest approach, but for paid placement?

    I know audiencebloom do this but with huge markups. We’re an agency that’s looking to do this ourselves, but through a network rather than individually contacting each publisher with a guest blog post idea.
    Is there anywhere that sets up these relationships on a paid scale?

    • Stay away from networks. Networks can get you in trouble… these big sites can get away with more because they have a lot of high quality content, tons of social shares, and millions of inbound links.

      The way you do what Audience Bloom does is by building relationships with blog owners. What they do is just pitch stories to writers on blogs and some take them and some don’t.

      Think of it as a PR agency that focuses on links.

  305. Andrew Coppin :

    Hi Neil
    First off, just wanted to say thanks for sharing all your successes and failures. Not many are so candid about the times they screwed up and for me this is a refreshing change that gives you added credibility.
    My question is simple and related to the awesome images used on this blog, where do you source them?

  306. Hi Neil

    I have been reading your blog for around a year, about the same time I have been running my car valeting business in Sussex, UK. The one question I would like to know the answer for is, why do I find my website moving up and down the SERPS so much, one day I’m number 2, next week I’m number 9. Obviously the more time I’m at number 9 the less hits i get and the less money i make. Is is because my site is only 10months old. My competition dont seem to move at all

    • It’s natural. It also will bounce around depending on who’s computer you are using and what location you are searching from.

      As you build more links and gain more trust with the search engines you will bounce around a lot less. You just have to give it some time. After 1 more year of working on your site, you won’t see it bouncing around as much, assuming you added good content and built more solid links.

  307. My how the time flies…I’ve read Smart Passive Income off and on since around 2009. I look at my calendar today and think, gosh it’s been about 4 years and I still haven’t started my own passive income projects.

    I see two main reasons for not starting my own passive income projects:

    1. Fear

    2. It’s so easy to get bogged down with the day job, family, maintaining/increasing/learning skills, surviving office politics, reading up on internet marketing tactics — it’s overwhelming and more often than not I find that I haven’t been able to prioritize my own projects.

    How do you maintain clarity and focus to cut through the fear, being tired from the day job, noise from too much information out there, so you can prioritize your projects?

    • This actually isn’t an issue if you find something you love. I think you are missing that one thing you are really passionate about when it comes to creating a business. Without it, it’s hard to put in the time and energy. But the moment you find something you really love, it’s easy to dump in every extra spare moment you have into it.

      Your fear will go away too… you will be thinking about what will happen once you launch it. 🙂

  308. Hi Neil,

    I have a website which receive a decent amount of traffic from Google mostly from Google FR.

    I know my content may be valuable to other french spoken people like visitors from Belgium, Switzerland etc.

    How would you rank higher in local Google (ie Google BE, Google CH)?


    • Stephan, creating quality content would be key. I think content is a leading factor in rankings and higher traffic volume.

  309. I look at my calendar today and think, gosh it’s been about 4 years and I still haven’t started my own passive income.

    But I’ve always been curious how these apps got that initial BURST of traffic. If you had an app with all the social elements baked in and it was primarily targeted toward high-school / college students, what would be your strategy to get a shit ton of traffic to produce a snowball viral effect? Just curious..

    • Three fold…

      1. Make sure you first 100 users are hand picked by you. Users who are passionate, love what you are doing, are ideally influencers, and have a deep need for your app.

      2. Create a viral loop in which people invite other users, this should help with growth.

      3. Buy traffic and downloads once you have things setup. This will help create a big amount of downloads in a short period of time. From there you can tweak your app and your viral loop to hopefully make 1 user turn in 2, 3 4…

  310. Ever Gonzalez :


    We’re launching a startup/entrepreneurship conference series in Southern Utah and our first event is in late August. We would love to have you participate and be our keynote speaker. Are you available and interested in joining us in beautiful St George, UT?

    I can email you the details if you’re available.

    Also, thank you for being one of our very first interviews when we launched our digital magazine earlier this year. You’re a class act!


    Thank you,
    Ever Gonzalez

  311. Manish Dudharejia :

    Couple of questions:

    1. Where do you see yourself after 5 years from now?

    2. Who has originally invented the idea of launching Kissmetrics product and giving it a name of KissMetrics? You or Hiten?

    3. Which PR company have you hired for your personal branding as well as Kissmetrics?

    4. What would be the revolutionary technology in Marketing after 5 years from now?

    • 1. I see myself being an entrepreneur still. Not sure which startup, but I will still be one.

      2. It was Hiten and the team came up with the name.

      3. www.prserve.com is the PR company we both use.

      4. I wish I had a crystal ball and could tell you… but my guess would be tools that more so analyze the data for you. Right now in marketing you have to guess what to do next versus the data being more actionable.

  312. Manish Dudharejia :

    Few More!

    5. What are your personal future goals?

    6. What long term growth goals have you guys set for Kissmetrics?

    7. Will you be launching any new product in near future OR continue spending all your energy in making Kissmetrics a great product and promising brand?

    • 5. Create 100 million dollar company. That is a big one for me.

      6. Help businesses delight their customers. That is a big one for us.

      7. No plans. We wil be focusing 100% on KISSmetrics.

  313. Neil, how do you go about ensuring uptime for your saas applications – do you have an on-call system administrator 24/7?

    Have you had the time when the application was down for an unacceptable amount of time? If so, can you share? How did you recover from that?

    Thanks a lot!

    • I am not 100% sure as I don’t deal with the tech side, but I know it involves great hosting… either Amazon or Rackspace.

      Yes, Amazon was down for almost a half a day. We had to refund a portion of our customers money. 🙁 You have to do whatever you need to, to keep your customers happy.

  314. Vladimir Bestic :

    Hey, I would like to suggest you a post topic on blog.

    What do you do when you see big competitor comming? How is your analysis plan? etc.

    I’m telling this because KissMetrics will get a new competitor, SEOMoz (now Moz) is launching a Moz Analytics.

    Thais would be an interesting read 🙂

    • Nothing. You don’t worry about competitors when you are young or in a new market place. You just keep doing what is best for your customers and yourself.

      It’s different by a lot. We focus on different type of metrics than Moz. 😉

  315. Recently launched employee perks SaaS for SMBs and having trouble reaching critical mass. Reaching SMBs online was not working, so did postcard drops at business locations. Few ever click back to site and even fewer sign up for the free offer. I’ve tweaked the messaging with no improvement. Tried to partner up with some SMB orgs but most NPOs are reluctant to support any for profit online ventures. I know SMB market is notoriously difficult market, but was hoping you might have a clever solution short of hiring direct sales.

    Thanks in advance for your input.

    • Your model is tough and I am not sure how to make it succeed. My buddy raised millions of dollars for a business like yours and it didn’t work because you not only had to sell the company, but the employees as well. As the employees need to use the perks.

      I am not sure how to make it succeed as a double sale is tough. 🙁

      • Curious what was the site your buddy launched? Agree it is difficult sale, but 15% savings on mobile plan pays for itself 10x every month–hard to understand employee/employer reluctance.

  316. Hey,

    I am going to launch a b2c portal for buying the chemicals, it uses drop shipping and consolidate shipping method, What is the Great way to make this site up fast.

  317. Heidi Bender :


    I am working on setting up a WordPress site and have imported my old posts that were on the blogspot version.

    During your interview on the Smart Passive Income podcast you said (copied from transcript) “Especially when you have a blog, when you have a bigger site, a lot of people do common mistakes. The easiest one is duplicate titles meta descriptions throughout their whole site because WordPress has tags 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 when you go through the pages the same with categories, tag cloud, all these kind of stuff. There’s so much duplicate content, so fixing that, fixing duplicate titles, descriptions”

    As a new WordPress user what should I do from the start to avoid the problems you mentioned on the podcast?

    Thank you,

  318. Madan Gehlot :

    Good thing about you is that you respect every reader of your blog. I have seen many blogger who don’t respond but your follow up is great. Well, i am a technical guy working on asp.net platform and have some basic knowledge of SEO. One of my friends is a blogger and earning 4 figure income. He suggested me to dive into blogging. So i recently setup a blog where i write something based on my experience and some research. So i have some question in mind and i hope your guide will be very helpful.Here are my questions
    1. Do you think my blog has some value as there are lots of similar blog?
    2. Should i start new blog on same topic with different domain name and leave current blog? ( Because i think current domain name doesn’t hold brand value)

    Thanks and Regards,
    Madan Gehlot

    • 1. There are a lot of similar blogs, for this reason you need to make your content more detailed. It just skims the surface… consider making it detailed with facts and data. This will help you get more traffic.

      2. Keep going with the current one. It’s fine.

  319. Hello Neil,

    If you are a freelancer, how can you promote your personal projects (especially if they don’t generate any direct income, such as a free web application, a blog, etc.) without having any budget to spend on paid advertising?

    Do you have any ideas apart from promoting them in communities (e.g. forums) that you participate in, or via guest posts in blogs?

    Thanks for your time,

    • You do this by building a social follow via Twitter and Facebook. That way when you publish something, no matter what it is, you gain more visitors.

      You can try the forum stuff, but that won’t work as well as building up your own social profiles.

      Go out there, participate in the community, add great content, create conversations, and help others out. That way when you post on your site, it drives traffic.

      And this post will help you in regards to guest posting: https://www.quicksprout.com/2013/04/01/how-to-get-your-guest-post-published/

  320. Digital Deepak :

    How can I brand myself so that I get speaking slots in events and guest lectures in universities? My topic is, naturally, digital marketing and I have start a blog digitaldeepak.com. What else do you recommend me doing?

    • Spend more time blogging about actionable tips sites can use. That should help brand you a lot.

      As for guest posts, follow these steps: https://www.quicksprout.com/2013/04/01/how-to-get-your-guest-post-published/

      As for speaking, follow these steps: https://www.quicksprout.com/2007/10/12/how-to-obtain-a-speaking-spot/

  321. Hey Neil, I have two questions:

    1. I Notice you use a very simple commenting tool on this blog. Have to ever tested anything like Disqus or IntenseDebate to see if you get better interaction with them?

    2. Why are people on here so obsesses about you getting married?

    • 1. I have and they decreased the number of comments I got. So I went back to the old version. 🙂

      2. No clue… I wonder the same thing. LOL

  322. Arturo Rubio :

    Hi Neil, I have a video production company and cater to a lot of things like trade shows, music videos, non profits, etc.
    Is it wise to be doing all of these or should I be focusing on one thing and being the best at it?

    Thank you:)

    • Focus on 1 thing and be the best at it. That is how you really make a business succeed. Once your revenue starts flatlining, then you can expand.

  323. Santiago Ar :

    What do you think would be the best way to generate traffic for my website? Online footwear is a very competitive market dominated by big players like Zappos and Amazon. How can a young company compete with them?


    • Shopping feeds. Easiest way to gain sales in your space. Try out www.singlefeed.com.

      My buddy has a similar company, he uses shopping feeds and he makes over 20 million a year by selling shoes on ebay and amazon. Take your products and sell them on both sites.

    • Santiago, find out what they are doing well on their blog and find out what key terms they are ranking for. That should be a good start.

  324. Hello Neil

    I have something to get your help with, i hope you will be kind enough to provide me right direction.

    1. i have a website a local city information portal , i get around 1000+ visits/month i need these visitors to convert , currently using adsense but not getting much $$$$, can you please help me get more conversion with any other source other than adsense ? If needed i can provide you domain name privately.

    2. i am about to create a new website (EMD) with a lot of potential and all of the top level TLDs are gone (this show the potential of the site) there is a .info EMD domain available , is it good idea to go after it or should i choose different domain name with a top level TLD ?

    hope to get positive reply from your end.

    • 1. You don’t have a conversion issue. You just don’t have a ton of traffic. You should focus on content marketing to build up more visitors. www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-content-marketing

      2. Yes, you should choose a different domain name. It is hard to brand a .info name.

  325. Hi Neil,

    21 year old undergraduate studying in UK now. It is summer time ( 4 months of holiday ) and I’m going for a holiday for 2 weeks and I can’t wait to start my own business after that. Dad says I’m foolish since I will never have this much free time and I should instead travel around the world. He is a successful entrepreneur himself and he says he wants me to broaden my horizon and explore the world and money won’t be an issue.

    But at the same time I can’t stop thinking about my business and I feel stressed out if I don’t do productive things for too long. I look at youth as a time where you have no responsibility and have all the energy to start a company but my dad looks at youth as the best time of your life to play and you have your whole life to work. Seeing my friends travelling around during the summer made me doubt my decision a little.

    What are your opinions ?

    • 1. Listen to your dad and enjoy your childhood… especially if you have an inheritance from him. Later on in life you can expand his business. But don’t miss out on your youth.

      2. Enjoy life, don’t stress out. Your dad is right and I am believe him because I missed out on my youth as well. I regret it now and it is too late for me to go back in time.

  326. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for all the great posts…you’ve probably gotten a lot of this, but I really learn loads every time I’m here!

    Here’s my question – I’m currently running an ecommerce store and wanna take it to the next level. My sales goal is to go up to doing $5,000 a month – I’m at around $1,000. Where would you start to increase sales? Improving analytics? Tapping into existing customers? Getting new customers? Improving SEO efforts (I’m solely on AdWords now, but ramping up SEO as well as we speak)? Experiment with other ecommerce platforms? Change the site design? Do re-marketing?

    Greatly appreciate your advice…thanks!


    • I would just focus on increasing traffic. If AdWords is making you the money focus on expanding the AdWords campaign. You can then do SEO later on, but it is probably easier to get to high revenue numbers through paid ads, assuming it is profitable.

      After that you can do shopping feeds like www.singlefeed.com

  327. Thanks for this opportunity. You said earlier if you could do it over again, you would pick start an ecom site. If you started an online store what products would you sell and why? Thanks!

    • I don’t recall that… I meant be in the econ/finance space.

      But if I were to sell products I would sell Tornado Shelters.

  328. Hi Neil,

    You simply rock !

    I have a good portfolio of domain names collected over years. when I want to sell these premium domains, how do I get the maximum exposure? How do I reach all the big people in domaining industry who are potential buyers?

    Thank you in advance. QuickSprout has helped me lots.

    • I think you should really focus on buying domains that have catchy titles and are have high traffic coming to them. I think this is the best way to communicate effectively with any community.

  329. Neil, Is the pop-up you use custom-built, or Popup Domination, or something like that? It doesn’t bother me, but do you ever receive complaints about it? Thanks!

  330. I’m trying to find a domain name for a new business venture and I’m not finding anything close with a .com extension. Would you recommend a .co, something different or come up with a new name entirely?

    Thanks in advance for your answer. It’s been a major source of frustration lately.

  331. Neil. WOW man. I really admire your work. I am 27. I hate school but I love SEO. Obviously your site has a lot to offer, but you seem to be really tech savy to be working with big companies.

    What are the skill sets I should have in terms of technology to be better than the average SEO.

    Lastly, apart from your blog, whats the next reference I should always read considering my skillset (new-mid level seo)

    Thank you!

    • I think you should really be reading up on all the trends. It is important to keep up with all the Google updates. Also, I would suggest focusing on content marketing.

  332. Mike Moloney :

    Hey Neil. Thanks so much for doing this!

    My question is, if you could pick 1 social media network, just 1, to focus all your social media marketing efforts to, which one would it be?

    • I would say it really depends on your product and the market you are in. E-commerce sites seem to thrive on Facebook and Twitter. It is definitely dependent on a number of things though.