How to Be a Workaholic And Not Get Burned Out


If you work as an entrepreneur long enough, you’ll eventually get burned out. Over the last ten plus years of being one, I’ve gotten burned out once. It was when I was 21 years old and lost a million dollars of borrowed money.

I was working a lot of hours; I wasn’t enjoying what I was doing, and I was losing a bit too much cash. Many people felt sorry for me as I was a burnt-out 21-year-old who was a million bucks in debt, but I feel lucky that I got to experience that.

Why? Because it taught me what I needed in my personal life and in business to avoid burnout while working 24/7. For the last seven years, I’ve been able to work 70 hours a week without a vacation… yet I don’t get burned out.

So, what’s my secret? Here’s how to avoid burnout while working 70 hours a week:

Have a cheering section

People will be skeptical about your abilities as an entrepreneur and about your business. People will discourage you and tell you how you are screwing up… especially when you are starting out.

By no means am I saying that you should ignore these people because every once in a while they will actually have good feedback for you. But at the same time, you need to create your own cheering section. Whether it’s your siblings, parents, friends or significant other, you need people who are going to encourage you.

What I’ve found over the years is that if you have a cheering section, it will push you to work harder and it will encourage you to keep pushing forward… especially during the tough times.

Love what you are doing

I learned this one the hard way… if you hate what you are doing, eventually you are going to get burned out. I lost a million bucks in a bad venture because I was involved in a company that I didn’t love, which means I didn’t put 110% into it.

When you feel like you are working a lot, sooner or later you’ll become exhausted and then eventually burned out. When you are working on something that you love and are passionate about, it won’t feel like work. When you enjoy something, you won’t mind putting in the time and effort that is required to make it succeed.

Make sure you aren’t just doing something for the money. Life is too short to be spending your time on the things you hate, so focus your time and energy on the things that you love.

Create a great culture

If you are constantly working alongside individuals who aren’t passionate about the company and who don’t care about their jobs, it will create a work environment that isn’t fun.

I enjoy going into our office because of the people… I couldn’t care less about our fun perks or the cool design of the office. I love working alongside my team members because they are fun and smart and they teach me a lot of new things. Plus, we have a lot in common, and we don’t mind challenging each other, which makes us all improve ourselves.

Perks like a fancy looking office and free soda don’t compare to being around great people. Make sure your company has an awesome culture like Zappos because it will make working that much more fun.

And if you are wondering how Zappos has built an all-star roster of employees, they actually offer everyone money to quit before the candidates even start the job. This helps them weed out all of the bad apples.

Break up your goals

As an entrepreneur, you need to feel like you are accomplishing something. If your business isn’t growing or even hitting your goals, you’ll eventually get frustrated. When you feel like you are constantly failing and doing everything wrong, it can easily lead to burnout.

What I’ve found is that by breaking up your goals into much smaller ones, you are more likely to accomplish them. And as you accomplish more of them, your business will grow, and you’ll have a sense of accomplishment.

Focus on creating goals that can be accomplished within a week’s timeframe. Make sure they aren’t too easy, and don’t worry if you don’t hit all of your goals. If you are hitting every single one, it means that you aren’t setting big enough goals.

Workout every morning

Did you know that working out gives you energy? Going to the gym every morning before work will not only give you more energy, but it will also help fight fatigue.

My friends usually make fun of my workout plan, but it really works when it comes to preventing burnout. Every morning I go to the gym, do around 15 to 20 pull-ups, and then peddle on a bike for 20 minutes while watching TV. I then lift weights for 5 or 10 minutes.

I end my workout session by hitting the spa. Just like how I spent 30 minutes in the gym, I spend 30 minutes in the steam room each morning before I start my workday. I’ve found that the steam room is a place I can go to relax and not think about work.

Reward yourself

When you are first starting out, you don’t need to do this as much, but when you are in business for 5 or 10 years, you need to start treating yourself. It doesn’t have to be from a financial standpoint either…

It could be as simple as going to the movie theater to escape reality for a few hours. Or it can be getting yourself a weekly massage, which should help you relax.

I reward myself each week with an hour hand massage, which focuses on my fingers, wrists, and arms… this weekly treatment eliminates my carpal tunnel pain.

Whatever your escape may be, treat yourself every once in a while because it will make your life that much better. Again, the treat doesn’t have to be financially related, it could just be something simple that makes you happy.

Rage out

The biggest way I prevent burnout is by raging out once a month. My friends and I typically fly into Vegas on a Friday night, party really hard, and then get back to work on Saturday.

The key with raging out is that you have to go all out and not do it too often. I’ve found that once a month is the sweet spot as it makes you look forward to the event. If you rage on a weekly basis, you’ll quickly get tired of partying, and it could also have a negative effect on your work.

Your version of raging doesn’t have to be partying in Vegas… it can be anything you want. Just go crazy once a month, and you’ll find yourself to be a much more productive worker.


I’ve found that even if I don’t do the above things on a monthly basis, I don’t really get burned out. The number one reason for that is I love what I am doing and I don’t see it as work.

Even when I hang out with my friends, I still talk about my work because I am addicted to it. And they talk to me about their business as well. We all work 24/7, and we enjoy it.

The tactics above may not work for you. You just have to figure out your formula to prevent burnout. Just think of it as a big A/B test on your life.

What other ways can you prevent burnout while working 24/7?


  1. Another great article Neil – can really relate to this and loved the advice you shared!!! 🙂

    • Great Article @Neil, I am Glad for getting this information from this blog post, absolutely investing time article.

    • Sofia, glad I could help 🙂

    • Absolutely Neil !! You are definitely a great motivator and ever admirable entrepreneur. This is the phrase which would motivate any human being “Life is too short to be spending your time on things you hate, so focus your time and energy on things that you love.”

    • Ok here’s where I am. I’m also an entrepreneur. I am a Esthetician and a massage therapist. I have the option of working 7 days a week up to 8-9 hours a day. I am also available on my day off. Problem is I also take care of my learning disabled son who although 1-2 years behind in school is making great progress with my help on his homework. I am also helping out my parents to clean their huge house. Now that said I need more energy to achieve what Ive worked so hard to accomplish.How to energize is my main question. You are totally right about everything! I need to get the body work! I need to excercise again and be around a more positive nucleus of people. And yes I do need 1 good weekend a month to go all out. What else can I do to be more than the sad blokes I see trying to start their businesses next door ;->

    • One should use time tracking apps in order to become more productive.

      I use one app called AdaptRM.

  2. I’m a student, These days I mostly do study in the morning, I come online at evening and I write articles at night.

    I can work bit better at night.

    I’ll try to wake up earlier and then will work in the morning, Hope to see some good results!

    Cheers Neil.

  3. Quinton Hamp :

    As a just-starting-out entrepreneur, I can relate.

    The cheering section is incredibly important, and I have an incredible wife who takes time to remind me of how skilled I am and that we can achieve this.

    She also understands when I come to bed at 11pm and leave it again at 7 in the morning.

    The one thing that I love is mid-project breaks. So I shut myself away for three hours, set a timer and a goal and go all-out. Then I take a 30 minute break and sword-fight with the kiddo, do some push ups, go for a walk, cuddle with the wife… something fun, family building and relaxing.

    And then I shut myself away for another 3 hours.

    It works for me and helps me be productive in a short amount of time while keeping my entire life in better balance.

  4. Neil,

    I needed this…especially the working out in the AM part 🙂 I would add “working in 40-60 minutes on, 10-20 off” increments. This helps me keep focus and energy up!

    Thanks man, great read as always.



    Blogging can be boring if you are not seeing any increment…
    nice post

  6. Hello Neil,

    A great article, as always.

    Not being a native English speaker, do you say sweat spot or sweet spot?

    Being an entrepreneur myself, I will be applying your concepts & remarks soon.

    Thanks for the good info & keep up the good work!


    • It’s “sweet spot” 🙂

      Neil makes typos often and it’s pretty cool because that’s how I know he’s writing his own posts instead of outsourcing, like a lot of pro bloggers are doing, hehe.

      It’s also “couldn’t care less,” not “could care less.”

    • Alvaro, my mistake. I meant sweet spot. Thanks for reading 🙂

  7. Love to read this article . . I get the answer of my question that was ever in my mind . . .

    thanks Neil . . .

  8. Man is this true… “Perks like a fancy looking office and free soda don’t compare to being around great people.”

    When I work with entrepreneurial clients, you can see from the outside how the wrong employees are drain on business results and energy.

    Often joke with Entrepreneurs that business would be great if it weren’t for the people.

    Anyway, great ideas on the the cheer leaders. When starting out and results are far away, its critical.

    • Robert, glad that point resonated with you. I think you should love what you do , not where you do it.

  9. Great advice Neil. As usual, you’re spot on.

    I’ve faced many problems you describe, especially 1 and 2… Just recently started consulting and got bashed for not being seasoned enough.

    Can’t be experienced if you never start 😉

  10. Ivan Kreimer :


    I really like this post, because it uncovers the “workaholic” myth of the entrepreneurs.

    Still, I don’t think that workaholism is good in any sense. If you like that, good, go ahead. But I wouldn’t stimulate this type of lifestyle to everybody. Even less to entrepreneurs, because you know that the most important thing for them is working smart, not harder.

    Also, I think that by working 70 hours per week, you’re missing out a lot in life. You’re young and successful as you can be, but I think that there are a lot of things that, maybe, in retrospective, you’ll wish you have done.

    It’s just my opinion, though. I’m not trying to teach you anything, or to disprove you.


    • Ivan, I really enjoy my lifestyle. Some people say travel more, enjoy nature, etc… but that just isn’t my cup of tea. I get even more joy from helping others out with your entrepreneurial endeavors.

  11. Make Money Online :

    Great Article @Neil Thanks for sharing this informational tips for us!

  12. Great post Neil!

    I noticed a big difference in my energy level when I started to workout on a regular basis. Before, it was extremely hard to work on my blog/business while working a full-time day job because I was just too tired.

    I think diet plays a big role as well. I’ve noticed a significant drop in my energy levels when I eat junk food. Whereas I am able to focus more and for longer periods of time when I’m eating right.

    Happy Monday!

    • Hassan, great point. I forgot that one… Eating healthy goes a long way towards stimulating your mind.

  13. Thanks for the tips Neil! I was at a point of working 90 hour per week and got burned out — badly. Now, if I get to 50 hours, my body starts to throw up red flags. I most definitely will take these tips and try to apply them, so I can work more and accomplish even more.

    • Ryan, my advice would be to segment out your day and create daily habits that don’t feel like work. Best of luck!

  14. Anmol Makkar :

    I’ve just loved your article on not getting burned out. I usually see that some Tech gurus never give advice of working out, but i see this advice really cool 🙂
    Hope i could also have a fixed schedule for me, like you but isn’t easy.

  15. Great insights, I think the doing what you love is the most powerful. You don’t mind writing an article or blog post about something you love and nothing bad can come of a fresh new article or post that is straight from your head and not copied.

    Also kids are an inspiration as essentially you are making sure they grow up with all they need and are never short on things like you were when you were a kid. That’s a big push to succeed and make sure you try your best as that’s all you can do.

    • Andrew great points. Growing up my main motivation was to succeed and I was relentless in that pursuit. I still am 🙂

  16. Dan Rosandich :

    Wow, a million bucks! And I though being ten grand in debt was too much! Hope you eventually got out of debt. Great article and advice.

  17. Brian Mcfarlane :

    The problem is you still look 21. A book I recently finished called the one big thing by Gary Keller is really helpful regarding this subject.

  18. Hudson Hornick :

    If I lost a million dollars of borrowed money I might just jump out a window. Congrats on the comeback, kid!

  19. This is an awesome read, Neil! 😀 I love being a workaholic too and try my best to live by these commandments. I’ve learned it the hard way but it’s so damn important to maintain the work-life balance. Thankfully, I joined VWO recently and am loving exploring CRO and the intricacies of the industry so much. I can literally read about it all day. There’s so much to learn and get inspired from! 🙂

    • Smriti, awesome. You should join organizations that really keep you motivated and on the right path.

  20. Great post Neil

    Circumstances are obviously different for everyone – and whilst I don’t ever want to use my children as an excuse – adding kids into the equation can greatly change things.

    My wife and I have three children and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to achieve everything we want business-wise. However, that’s our lifestyle choice – a bit less money and professional achievement (for now), but in its place a busy but fulfilling and happy family life.

    I guess priorities are different at the various stages of one’s life – but if you add in the time spent in the office and helping with the kids – you could say I work all the time 🙂



    • Lox, great points. I definitely think raising children is like having 100 hours added to your workweek. Although, I don’t have kids of my own I do understand your balancing act.

  21. Neil, I can relate to every word in this article. When business becomes your lifestyle it’s hard to keep it balanced. In my case my loving wife and friends entrepreneurs are great support for me. Surfing every day is a great channel for releasing stress and boosting energy level. It allows me to return back and being a workaholic without burning out. The way we want it!

    • Neil Patel :

      That’s great. You should always have a creative or physical outlet for all of the stress you build up over time.

  22. Olatunji Femi :

    Hey Neil,
    this is absolutely awesome tips for both established and aspiring Entrepreneurs not to get burnt out. the part i love the most is Reward yourself. i know is really painful to have lost that much but i love to see it now as a blessing in disguise and i know that no amount of consolation would have made you believe this then.

  23. That was a fun read and a reminder of things I already know, but often forget until I become a crankly ole girl and no one wants to be around, including myself. So thanks for the kick in the pants….well, in my case, the skirt. lol!

  24. Aleksandra :

    Nice post. I have some similar routines to get energy, but I can add that travelling for a day or two is also a nice way to gain new strength. You can even try a day without Internet- a difficult one, but it can be worth it.

  25. Hey Neil,

    I’m back :p

    I wasnt able to reach you on your content marketing and ab marketing post – was a little tied up.

    I can honestly say i totally identify with you here – Im a workoholic that doesnt believe in weekends..but i really think going crazy once a month is the best suggestion of them all.

    Working out in the morning also seems interesting – looks a lot more promising than at night, like i used to do.

    One more thing id like to add to your list: have a muse or a hobby. Whether its painting, music, or flying model airplanes – these kinds of things are the best way to get lost in something and forget everything else.


  26. The entrepreneur’s journey is a long and lonely one. Preparing for down times is critical for survival.

    Thanks for these tit bits. I need to hit the gym ):

  27. I also found out working out in the morning gives you more energy – in the winter hot sauna and swimming pool are just great way to start your day

    best regards

  28. Hello neil,
    How are you doing? You are certainly one of those people who inspire me to keep going.

    You are right about enjoying your work. It’s important to enjoy what you do, but if you are not, then the burn out is inevitable.

  29. I know personally if I don’t get a happy hour in at least once a week, I’m in trouble.

  30. David-Africa's Opportunities :

    Neil, this is very good. I am actually feeling tired when working though I have not really relaxed in years. I will definitely take into consideration this tips.
    I will start by looking into treating myself regularly.

  31. Thank you neil sir for posting this.this will really help us and motivate us to get the work done on time.

  32. just the right piece at the right time 🙂 thanks buddy

  33. Venchito Tampon :

    You are right in saying that if you love your work, everything will fall at the right place. This is true! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing this post, Neil.

  34. Yeremi Akpan :

    Honestly, Neil, this post may have just been written for me!

    About four days ago I published a post about a classic burnout I was experiencing. I had abandoned my blog for almost fifty days despite the fact that the blog was the lifeline of my freelance business.

    I felt that doing just one more task on the blog was going to be the end of me. (It was that bad).

    Your blog post helps brings matters into perspective.

    In my case, I was obviously not following up on the small goals so it easily became a case of just motions and no movements.

    Thanks again for helping me see clearer!

  35. I don´t work at weekends and train a lot. Floor ball is perfect way to get relaxed and also cycling, inlines and weightlifting. In Sweden we have a saying “jobba ända in i kaklet”.

  36. Sandy Halliday :

    Hey Neil,

    Great tips but I am not sure how you can fly to Vegas on a Friday night, party really hard, and then get back to work on Saturday!

    I burned myself out quite a few years ago now when I went into a restaurant business that meant working all day and evening, often very late in the early days, then driving 40 minutes to get home.

    I had just got divorced and I think I wanted to prove myself. I had two small children too and had to get someone to look after them.
    I snatched meals when I could and never stopped. It was not a good time and I eventually burned myself out and ended up wth chronic fatigue syndrome.

    I got out of the business but it took me a few years to recover. I learned my lesson through that experience.

    As much as I would love to work all hours at my internet business I am now much more careful and sensible about it.

    I think it’s an excellent idea to get some form of exercise every day even if it’s not first thing in the morning. It also helps to make sure you eat and drink healthily regularly and not rely on snatched fast food and caffeine to get you through or it will catch up wth you in the end.

    • Sandy, thanks for sharing your experience. I am glad you found a happy medium and have realized what to do to fix the situation. I try not to rage as hard these days 🙂

  37. Sherice Jacob :

    I love this article! I’m a self-confessed workaholic who LOVES my work and can’t imagine doing anything else. I especially love the whole “rage out” concept. My idea of a great weekend usually involves less party hard in Vegas and more coffee-in-a-bookstore but hey, to each their own, right? 🙂

    • Sherice, to each their own indeed. As I am getting a bit older I find myself raging less and enjoying Vegas more 🙂

  38. Well put Neil ! I hasten to add the real secret is to let your body,mind and soul adopt to your work routine/aspirations/hobbies which results to synergy and complementarity of each activity/work to avoid burn out. I would also challenge you to take traveling (at least 1 week abroad),it’s very liberating and rejuvenates your inner self while defining clearer your life.

  39. Thanks was posting this! Your motivation came exactly at the right time. Although my partying days once a month as a tired Mom-wife are over. I get the point of indulging the soul once a month though 🙂


    • Astrid, awesome. Once I settle down I am sure I will rage less and find something else to do to pass time 🙂

  40. AnnabelleDrumm :

    Great article Neil. I burned out several times causing me each time to change career. I had no idea why I was getting so cynical, so exhausted all the time and feeling like everything was way too much to handle. As a naturally positive, capable person it just didn’t make sense.
    I decided to do a whole lot of study on burnout so I could recognise it and deal with it before it engulfed me. Nowadays, as a solo mum running a business from home this has been a life saver.
    I’ve put it in an online video course now if anyone is interested. Click my name to learn more about it. 🙂

    • Annabelle, glad you found your silver lining. It’s awesome that you were aware of what was wrong and you changed it. 🙂

  41. Hi Neil
    I now have got whats wrong with my days.

    I really didn’t enjoying my work and didn’t even get to it that I am going burned out.

    Your articles teach me, motivate me and lastly change me the way you drive.

    *To enjoy the day there has been one thing missing. Music and dance can help you in 5 minutes.

    * We can offer pray according to the religions we belong to.

  42. Couldn’t agree more.

    I had been working 14+ hour days and burning out a little.

    The quality of my work started to suffer.

    As per my girlfriends advice, I replaced reading business books/doing work at night with a fiction novel.

    Like magic I was happier and worked better than ever the very next day.

    • Mark, you really need to decouple your work from your relaxation time. Your girlfriend had great advice 🙂

  43. Harold James :

    Great blog post. Personally, I avoid burnout by doing something totally outside of the focus of my business. This is where, I believe, your 60min on 20min off comes into play. I just make sure the 20min off is outrageously different from my normal routine.

  44. Nikhil Goyal :

    Just in time.. I am on a verge of becoming completely non-productive..

    This post came just in time to make me realize importance of other things apart from work that should not be missed out.


  45. Richard Horvath :

    Thanks Neil for this great article. I also love that I do and work with great people…

  46. Just couldn’t agree with this more. I do what I love and that is the only reason that I am successful today. I do spend quality time with my family and make sure that we go out at least once a fortnight. The next target is to work out every morning to stay fit and healthy.

    • Rinkesh, sounds like a solid strategy. You should try going out with family at least once a week though 🙂

  47. Andrea Hypno :

    I would say that the best way to avoid burnout is not being a workaholic as working to live is one thing but living to work is another and we really don’t know how many days we have left to live on Earth.

    Loving what you do and finding a way to earn a living from it is the best thing each one of us can do coupled with knowing that work is just a part of life, not the whole thing. 🙂

  48. I’m feeling the ‘break up your goals’ suggestion. Taking it from experience, this one is key! If you don’t look back and feel like you’ve accomplished anything because you’re so focused on all you still have left to do, you’ll get discouraged fast. Discouragement is burnout wrapped in despair. Best to actively avoid that.

    Thanks, Neil–timely post!

    • Yvette, thanks for your feedback. I like that last quote you had there. “discouragement is burnout wrapped in despair”

  49. I wish we could all rage out in Vegas Neil. That’s the dream. I’m going through your Advanced Content Marketing guide at the moment. Truly awesome stuff. Thx so much. I laughed at the “couldn’t care less” comment because it’s true. My ex girlfriend from the US always used to say “I could care less” too. Which is wrong. But that’s not the point of this comment. I just signed up to your RSS feed. Where have you been all my life? Keep em’ coming. Loving it:)

    • Neil Patel :

      Aidan, you can rage out wherever is closest to you 🙂 . Thanks for subscribing… I’ll make sure I keep providing some helpful blogs for you.

  50. Mariah Elizabeth Hu :

    This post is very timely.
    This is what I need to read now.

    I’m working very hard to create good content for my blog and produce awesome episodes with my web show.
    It’s very easy to get burned out.

    I like the reward part.
    I usually reward myself by watching some movies & comedies.

    Always love your content Neil.
    Keep them coming 🙂


    • Neil Patel :

      Mariah, sounds like you are on the right path. Movies are always a really great escape from the ordinary.

  51. Carlie Hamilton :

    I definitely get inspired to write at night. Often I go to bed and suddenly the words to my latest post, for instance, start flowing. I’ve learnt to listen to the call – I end up sleeping better if I get up and just write. I can always fix the flow later, but I need to get it out.

    It does help loving what you do. I do have a website in a niche that I am only half interested in, and it isn’t doing so well – simply because I’d rather work on other things. I am thinking about trying to sell it later in the year if I don’t go back to it, although I don’t think I’ll get much money for it.

    • Neil Patel :

      Charlie, just keep up the great work. With hard work and a little luck you should get there soon enough 🙂

  52. I think effective time management is important esp that helps to maintain a work-life balance.

    Story will be even more interesting when you have wife+kids around 😉

    I deserve the statement, “I love what I am doing and I don’t see it as work” and that’s the truth.


  53. Larry Waight :

    Great article Neil.

  54. hansel praise :

    really wish i could meet you in person one day. back here in Nigeria i am really impressed with the things i am doing at the age of 19.thank you neil for sharing your experiences which i learn from

  55. Great read Neil, as a new startup you do find yourself working 24/7 so it is defiantly worth taking yourself away, going out and enjoy yourself. Specially if you live with someone otherwise they will just up and leave

  56. If you love what you do, you wont get burned out

  57. Abhishek Kadam :

    Usually i don’t get time to Breathe easily and long ! My way of work is just hell, but fruitful for a while ! Still i will try the suggestions… 🙂 Thanx !

  58. Rajesh Jhamb :

    very inspiring true story
    This show your attitude towards work
    thanks for motivate me

  59. I love that I can come to this site and read about marketing stuff and then read a post about not getting burned out.

    You’ve got a bunch of new ideas for me to consider. Thanks Neil!

  60. HI Neil, i love your articles and one of my everyday routines its to read something motivational in the subway, today was this article and im motivated to do my best today…I consider myself and entrepreneur but i havent complete one of my proyects yet, right now im making a website and mobile app with some friends (programmer and designer) im like the glue of all the parts…Right now we are 4 in the team and i love to work with them because i learnd a lot…Thats why im posting here, i dont know how im suppose to do the participation percentages, 2 of us had the idea figured out and started to make the project and got the other two motivated and willing to be part of it, the other 2 will make the programing and desing…i have to decide how will the company be divided and this part is tricky for me..(SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH , ITS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE)

    • Neil Patel :

      Miguel, thanks for reading. I would suggest having a deep conversation with the members of your team to find out where they stand and how they want to move forward. Communication is key to any thriving business.

  61. Great post. I’d like to argue that burning out isn’t only an issue for entrepreneurs, but for anyone with a more than 9-5 job; parents, volunteers, students (at least some of them), or the type A constantly busy doing things type.

    In my opinion the best way to avoid burning out is by learning to say “no” to less than important things. Be that to attend an event, or participate in a meeting that you know just saps time. To make sure I’m not wasting my time at work, I can suggest time-tracking software. I personally prefer DeskTime, to weed out my wasted time online.

    Again, great article, thanks for sharing your insight! I found it refreshingly personal.

    • Neil Patel :

      Julia, great points. I feel like raising a child is 2x a real job. You never get to rest and it is constant motion. Thanks for your insights.

  62. stephen desio :

    Thanks for sharing… a small creative workshop or games which ease out mental pressure is the best way to burn stress as i do it

  63. Myhox Network :

    Hi Neil !
    Thank you for sharing amazing story about 10 M $. Two side of a coin – sorrow, borrow may come tomorrow. I got opportunity to learn something new from your experienced. Get success soon!

  64. One question I still have is how can workaholics make the split between work and personal life? I find it quite hard, simply because my work is kind of my personal life.
    Any thoughts?

    • Neil Patel :

      Daniel, you should reassess how much you love what you do. If you love what you do, you won’t consider it work 🙂

  65. Amal Rafeeq :

    Hey Neil,
    Well said, having a cheering section is a great idea.
    Can I ask you one question “What would you suggest your people to do when they are tired of doing the same things over and over and becoming a constant workaholic”. ?
    Thanks in advance.

  66. Alex Morris from Cartridge Save :

    When the page first loaded up I thought it said “How to be an alcoholic”! I was expecting a lengthy explanation of Keith Moon’s lifestyle and antics with the equally mad Oliver Reed. Just as well I guess. It can’t be good for the old SEO.

    I think rewarding yourself is a vital process to being committed to work; this is why I drink a lot of tea. When I’ve had a successfull (or unsuccessful) online run I go and get a herbal or tea infusion and you can get a natural energy boost from that. You stay hydrated and get the health benefits from all the herbs.

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    Thanks for the article – I’m in total burn-out mode right now. ha. Having a once per month rage out is a great idea and something that I don’t do often enough – I tend to think that staying focused on work is necessary all the time, and then I miss out on the fun!!

  70. David Wedge :

    Neil, I am impressed that you can do 30 minutes in the steam room without literally burning out! Thats a good article on an important point, to me the key is loving your work or you will just ending up finding ways to distract yourself. I also work hard but I take regular time out with my family and I do try and find ways to cut down on my hours.

    • Neil Patel :

      LOL, nice one David. I agree it’s very important to make time for the things that matter most in life 🙂

  71. Sarah Bauer :

    Neil Patel finally reveals how he does it all 😉 Refreshing and inspiring suggestions here, Neil. Thank you.

    If there’s one aspect of ourselves that we should definitely be in tune with, it’s whether we’re extroverts or introverts. Figure out what recharges you in either alone time or social time, and get yourself to that place a couple times a day. Recharging can be as easy as a lone walk or a phone conversation with your best friend, just figure out which one works for you.

    Sarah Bauer
    Navigator Multimedia

  72. WilliamsburgNoise :

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  75. Rajagopalan C :

    Napoleon Hill talks about “desire”. It is important to find that and stick with it. Another point, “Love Yourself”

  76. Rick Upshaw :

    I wish I had read this article two heart attacks and 60 pounds ago, Neil. However, today, as I rehabilitate my way back to health and wellness, I now know that your points above couldn’t be more true. Stress comes from not being happy with your life, and stress is the number one cause for the vast majority of ailments people experience today – in our line of work, or in any other line of work, for that matter.

    The problem is that many people feel like they are somehow being irresponsible if they are getting a massage or “raging out” while their business may still be struggling. What I have now learned is that how well the business is or isn’t doing really doesn’t matter if you aren’t around all of a sudden because your life ended prematurely from too much stress and not enough stress relief!

    Rock on, Neil! And congrats on and your success in a field you are fortunate enough to really enjoy!

    • Rick, hope you are doing well. Very true, it is very important to take some time off when you are overstressed. One should be happy above all else.

  77. IMHO the most important thing is to learn to say NO. Say no to distractions, no to another round of drinks, no to people constantly asking for little somethings etc.

    Unfortunately our time is limited and we tend to spend much of it living someone’s else life or do more things for others (friends,companies, loved ones).

    We need to say NO more often and try to prioritize our YESes. It works and leaves a lot of room for experimentation and quality time.

  78. Hermione Avila :

    Neil, these tips are great. Do you have any additional advice for someone who is juggling a long working week with a family?

  79. Neil- this is a nice article and spot on. I’d add a tip: get enough sleep!

    Thanks for sharing!

  80. This is something what I was looking since quiet few days to boost my productivity. Work hard, party hard (once a month) and stay charged 😀

  81. Alexis Neely :

    I thought you were just a boring web dude before, but now … love. Love that you lost a million dollars on your way to success. Me too. Love that you rage out. Me too. (Wanna come to Burning Man?) And love that you are a proud workaholic. I’m working on that one. I still feel bad about it.

    • Alexis, it’s all about striking a balance. Thanks for reading 🙂 As for Burning Man… maybe, email me.

  82. I. C. Daniel :

    I have 21 years , did not got burn out so far, ho I never encountered such.

    Best regards from I. C. Daniel

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  85. Great post and a minor correction in this sentence.

    “Plus we have a lot in common and we don’t mind challenge each other, which makes us all improve ourselves”
    “Plus we have a lot in common and we don’t mind challenging each other, which makes us all improve ourselves”

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    Sometimes I found myself hangs up in no where.. Realizing what really what I want to work with and achieve..

    Until I read your post.. It gives me an idea what to deal with.. I’m not sure if it will work but I will give it a shot..

    I love my work as Help Desk Support but also I love my special skills especially in Designing Industry.. Maybe if time comes I will moreover focus on Designing once I pull out the best in me.^__^

    • Loreto, you sound like a very determined person. Keep up the hard work and one day you will be atop it all 🙂

  88. Antonio Solitario @ Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer :

    Neil, I can associate with what you said about loving what you do will not burn you out. I currently have two jobs. The first one pays most of my bills and the second one is my outlet.

    I am a wedding photographer.

    Whenever I go to my day job, my first instinct is to walk right back to my car and drive away. If not for the mortgage and other bills, I would have done that a long time ago.

    On the other hand, I always look forward to Saturdays (or weekends for that matter) because I get to do what I love to do.

    Thank you for the great post!

    • Antonio, sounds like you have a great balance. It’s great that you look forward to your passion on the weekends 🙂

  89. Natalie Ledwell :

    I really fet burned out these days so I enjoy your post a lot. Thanks Neil

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    Burnout. Hmm, I think the biggest problem we have as people marketing online is that there are just too many distractions. We sit down with the intention of writing some content, then think “I’ll just check my email”, “I wonder what’s happening on Twitter/Facebook/etc”.

    So we finish the working day tired and frustrated because we didn’t finish our tasks and yet we spent all the time on the computer. Maybe it’s time to go back to the old stand alone word processors from the 1980s 🙂


    • Robert, great point. Distractions really do cause a mess in regards to all of the work that could be done.

  93. Connor Harley :

    We do get burned out of what we do at some point in our life. What you shared is truly a great advice.

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  95. Looking at your list, Neil, apparently I am not doing too bad. Need to work on the rewarding and regular partying aspects, though. Will think of a solution this weekend!

    Thank you for sharing!

  96. well, I think that your comfort zone and your interest matter in your business. If you are doing a business or work in which you have interest then you can do it for a long term. 🙂

  97. Jennifer Richard :

    Thanks for sharing good tips. i will definitely implement your tips in my daily life. love your works not feel this like work bothering on you.

  98. Thank you Neil for these advices, I was really demotivated but after I read your article I feel that I may have some spark left in me to start my own thing.
    I have been only been working for the past 3 years, but it feels like I have been working for a life time. Fatigue has got the better of me.
    Hopefully if I ever find or start my own work which I love, I will definitely share my credit with you. 😀

  99. Chris @ intelligentodds :

    I think it’s so easy to get completely burnt out when starting up in the online world. There is so, so much to learn and seemingly so little time to work within.

    Factor that with everyone wanting quick results and it’s a big stress.

    I must say Neil your emails are excellent think pieces.

    • I fell into this trap too. When I first started out online I wanted quick results and suffered because of it. Now I set reasonable goals and pace myself.

    • Chris, very true. Getting burnt out is inherently a part of being a webpreneur.

  100. Dave Doggett - Internet Entrepreneur & Podcaster :

    Another great article Niel. It is indeed extremely difficult to avoid getting burned out in today’s fast paced business world. I find forcing myself to step away from the computer for at least 15 minutes every couple hours helps a lot (taking a short walk or even just hanging with my wife and children). Additionally quite often this slight pause results in a clearer mind and sometimes even solutions to problems I’ve encountered earlier in the day. I’ve written a free eBook I giveaway on my website and also have an entrepreneur podcast underway. Best of luck everyone avoiding the burnout! 🙂

    • Dave, thanks for these valuable tips. I feel taking a breather every couple of hours really does the trick. You are right it refreshes the mind and refocuses you. Thanks for reading 🙂

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    I was inspired with your article as well as the way you respond to every bloggers..

  102. Otto Othman :

    Im glad i ran into this article, I actually burned out about 3 months ago (at least i think i did) I was always excited about work and reading my blogs, and new ideas etc… for the past 3 months i have been avoiding everything. I start reading something and i lose interest or my mind is somewhere else. It’s really frustrating as i was afraid that i lost my passion for being an “entrepreneur”.

    I live in miami and i haven’t partied in a while. Maybe that’s why.

    Thanks for this article Neil

    • Otto, it’s good to split up your time and really focus on relaxing and taking time off work. It is best to have a good work/life balance as well.

  103. Nandish Patel :

    Hi Neil

    This article is amazing. It gives a lot of information, At the end i just wanted to keep on reading and not let it end. So much information.

    Thank you

  104. Thanks Neil, that’s really appreciated… 🙂

  105. I don’t really get why not taking a vacation in seven years is a badge of honor. Sounds horrible. How’s your love life?

  106. If you are able to party on a Friday in Vegas and able to get back to work on Saturday, then you’re obviously not partying right, nor partying “hard” at all. If you really partied hard you’d be completely done and need an entire 24hrs to recover. Just sayin’.

    • I can party really hard and work the next day. I am used to it now… I just make sure I don’t drink too much. It could just be me, but I think you can party hard without drinking too much. 😉

  107. Thanks Neil once again for a brilliant writeup as so many of us now a days prefer work from home and if we can implement your suggested points then it will really help a lot in term to learn, earn and motivation

    • Anthony, glad you found the post helpful. Working from home really can make you more productive if you do away with annoyance or distractions. Thanks for reading!

  108. I’m a student, These days I mostly do study in the morning, I come online at evening and I write articles at night.

    I can work bit better at night.

    I’ll try to wake up earlier and then will work in the morning, Hope to see some good results!

  109. Blogging can be boring if you are not seeing any increment…
    nice post

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