How Quick Sprout Gets 176 Comments Per Blog Post


As of right now, Quick Sprout has 62,232 comments, which took place over 353 blog posts. That means the average blog post gets around 176 comments…which is more than most blogs.

Sure, if you go through the comments, you’ll notice that half of them are from me replying back to each comment, but that still leaves 88 comments per post.

Do you want to know how I was able to achieve such a high comment count? Here’s how I did it:

Step #1: Create an emotional connection

People like talking and communicating with people they feel comfortable around. If you can get people to love you, they’ll want to communicate with you.

Just think of Gary Vaynerchuk. People come up and talk to him all the time because he has a warm and fuzzy personality.

So, how do you create a bond with your readers? Well, you need to open yourself up and help them get to know you. Within your blog sidebar, you should have an image of yourself and a quick bio. Have that bio link to your About page.

On your About page, you need to really open yourself and share your life story. From the good times to the bad ones and everything in between, you should be an open book. For example, in my bio, I talk about how my parents struggled and how it motivated me to do better in life. I go as far as sharing what my future goals are in life.

You’ll also want to show multiple sides of yourself when doing this. The bio in my sidebar as well as the picture that goes along with it are very corporate. But the image on my About page is a goofy cartoon drawing that shows a different side of me.

Step #2: Don’t ignore people

Have you ever been in a social situation where you say something and people just ignore you? You know they heard you speak, but they don’t care and don’t even bother to respond.

That’s happened to me a lot, and I hate it. When people comment on your blog, don’t ignore them because they’ll get the same feeling as we all do when we are ignored.

That’s the number one reason I respond to comments. I think it sucks to get no reply, which is why I spend hours each day responding to comments. I do whatever it takes to help people out, and, when I can, I try to give thorough responses.

Help your readers out and respond to them. Even if it is a simple “thanks”, something is better than nothing. It lets your readers know that you are listening to them.

Step #3: Care for people

You should always go above and beyond to help people out, even when there is nothing in it for you. I’m a big believer that if you help other people, somehow the universe will take care of you.

The biggest way I help people isn’t through comments; it’s by responding to emails. I get hundreds of emails each day, and a good portion of them are from people asking for help. Although I am unable to help everyone, I really do try to help as many people as I can.

What I’ve noticed over the years is that the majority of my commenters are people with whom I’ve interacted through email. When I look at all the people who emailed me from my blog in the last 30 days, 19% of them left a comment on Quick Sprout in the last 30 days. It may not seem like a big percentage, but it adds up over time.

If you try your best to help people by responding to their emails, people will appreciate it and participate by commenting on your blog.

Step #4: Collect emails

A few months ago, I calculated that 13.91% of my overall traffic comes from my email list. Although that number may not seem huge, that list accounts for 41% of my blog comments.

If you want to increase the number of comments you get, the number one thing you need to do is to collect emails. Just follow step #2 on this blog post if you want to build an email list.

Step #5: Create a conversation

Your writing style has a huge impact on the number of comments you get. Most people write blog posts the same way they write an essay. You don’t want to do that!

Just imagine yourself having a conversation with one of your friends. It’s really relaxed, and you may not always use complete sentences or follow every grammar rule out there. The conversation also feels intimate because you use the words “you” and “I” throughout the conversation. Also, it’s very rare that to have a conversation without asking even one question.

I write my blog posts as if I am having a conversation with you. I use the words “you” and “I” a lot, and I always ask questions throughout my blog posts. Heck, I even end each blog post with a question!

If you follow this strategy, you should get more comments because people like being part of a conversation. If you take the route of making your writing style like an essay, you’ll just put people to sleep. In that case, don’t expect anyone to comment.

Step #6: Pace yourself

Have you noticed that I only post two pieces of content a week on Quick Sprout? It’s not because I can’t publish more or less, it’s because I’ve optimized for comment count.

When I published only one new post a week, I would only get 133 comments per blog post on average. When I started publishing two pieces of content a week, my average went up to 164. Over time, I’ve gotten it up to 176 comments per post.

When I published three pieces of content a week, my average went down to 119 comments per post. I never tried going up to four or five posts a week, but when I look at all of my blogs that do five posts a week, such as Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, the comment count isn’t too high.

If you want to get more comments per post, test the ideal number of posts you need to publish each week.

Step #7: Control the voice

Both of my corporate blogs, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics, grew in traffic much faster than Quick Sprout. It took Quick Sprout six years to hit 400,000 monthly visitors, while KISSmetrics got there in two years.

The reason my corporate blogs grew so fast is because we used guest authors to crank out five pieces of content each and every week. But that also created inconsistencies in the overall voice of the blog due to the fact that there were multiple authors.

As a result, the readers had trouble creating an emotional connection to any of the writers and just viewed the blog as a place to get information…versus seeing it as a community.

It’s rare to have a corporate blog – like SEOmoz, for example – with a high number of comments per post. Personal blogs are much more likely to get a lot of comments.

Step #8: Get creative

I used to use more aggressive tactics in the past to boost my comment numbers. Here are some aggressive plugins I used:

  • Top commenters – people who left the highest number of comments on the blog got a site wide link from Quick Sprout. This used to help boost people’s PageRank, which encouraged more people to leave comments. I removed this plugin as it used to generate a lot of junk comments that didn’t add value to the community.
  • Subscribe to comments – if you left a comment on Quick Sprout, my server would email you every time there was a new comment on that same post. This led to a lot more comments, but it also increased spam complaints from people, which is why I removed this feature.

If you want to boost your numbers, consider using the plugins above or whatever else your imagination can dream up. Just be careful as using tactics that are too aggressive can cause complaints.


As a blog owner, you have to figure out what metrics are most important to you. For me, it is comments because higher engagement means more loyal readers that will tweet, like and share via the social web or even check out my companies when I politely ask them to.

If you want to boost your comment numbers, follow the steps above, and you’ll see a huge improvement. If you don’t have the time to implement all of them, try Step #3 as it’s my favorite. If you are looking for maximum engagement, Steps# 2 and #4 will have the highest ROI.

In what other ways can you boost your comment count?


  1. Hi Neil. Point No.2 is very important as many blog did not applied it. It’s create a long-term relationship..

    Great post anyway 🙂

    • It is about long term relationships… to many people are looking for short term benefits.

      • Tarun Gehani :

        Agree. It’s about mutually beneficial, long-term relationships. Isn’t that what life’s about? Providing value for each other.. helping others for the betterment of the community?

    • Yes,
      that is why today we consider facebook as facebook and twitter as twitter

    • Thanks a lot for these great tips Neil! Bloggers have to create more open ended conversations in the form of comments, mainly by approving every decent, relevant to the post comment and by replying to almost all of the commentors on the blog as soon as possible. I appreciate the initiatives you take to help people by replying to their comments on your blog and by responding to email with a solution, tip or a free advice to the user queries and more importantly mainly in building trust.

      • Definitely, I think it is essential to share information with your readers so they can become more aware of the content as you begin to publish more and more articles.

    • Googma Sansar :

      Yes second point is most important. We should not ignore the people.

    • You are correct in which you may not get the same results, but if you do them all my hunch would be, your comment count would go down.

  2. All of these are true, but they are necessary but insufficient conditions. That is, just because you do these things, you are unlikely to get the same results.

  3. Thank you Neil for these great points.

    I would like to add #9:

    You should try to reply as fast as you can. A quick reply means ‘you just got an instant fan’. Speed is a crucial factor and it is a way of saying to your reader, ‘dude, I care’ in an indirect way.

    Thanks again for your insightful list into increasing commenting on blogs.


    Ali Gajani
    Founder at Mr. Geek

    • Good point. When I used to reply within the hour I used to get a lot more comments… I am just unable to do that these days.

  4. I’d imagine a lot of people comment just because you write the best sh1t.

  5. Jignesh Rathod :

    Thank you Neil, for sharing “real” ways to attract more comments. (While I was expecting you mentioning plugins like ‘CommentLuv’ which can also help get banned as spam if not taken care of backlinks.)

    However the biggest reason Quick Sprout gets huge number of comments (apart from ‘quality content’!) is that you almost always care to reply and help. THAT is what makes readers want to comment.

    However I really wonder how many hours you spend replying to emails and comments! It would be interesting to know how Neil Patel manages to get time. You are awesome, keep it up.

  6. Incredible results Neil. I like that you haven’t gone down the usual route of suggesting writing deliberately controversial posts just to generate a debate. Do you have any tips for ensuring the conversation stays on your site, or bringing it back to the site – e.g. if people start discussing it on Twitter / Reddit / Hacker News.

    • There isn’t much you can do there… usually those sites drive traffic back to your site which help with the conversation. Of course some of it will be taken to other sites, but you can’t do much about that…

    • As long as the conversation is being had regarding some poignant topics, that’s all that matters 🙂

  7. Felicity Bell :

    Hahaha, this post actually caused me to come out and comment. (That’s a little ironic. XD) I just have one question, so, for a long time I was having trouble find a “niche” of my own, per se. So, I invented my own. To save you the long story, what’s a way that I can introduce and draw people to this new kind of niche?

  8. Naveen Jayawardena :

    I always thought that a bio should be on the ‘about us’ page. But I see your point in including it in the side bar. It’ll be my next change to the blog layout. And hopefully it’ll create more interaction and more comments. Thank you!

  9. Hi Neil,

    The reason, you are very humble and a great listener as well, so please add #9, be humble and give equal importance to critics as well. This is over and above your valuable content which people cherish


  10. Great article Neil. There have been a number of sites that I have abandoned because they did not follow Step #2 and never replied to comments.

    I have also heard about site owners that don’t reply to all comments especially if they have a strong community and the comment involved a question. The community steps up and answers the question and the site owner can focus on the content, email, and other comments.

    They (the site owners) don’t feel the need to inject themselves into every conversation and I think they have a good point. As long as the commenters are being engaged and taken care of, I don’t think it matters as much who is doing the engaging

  11. To me..Point no. 2 is extreamly important. I have seen many bloggers never responding to readers.. and that hurts their blog a lot..
    There are lot of spammers also on popular blogs like yours.. but thats something you cant stop..however I like the way derek halpen treat such spammers…
    Thanks again for sharing this..

  12. I will want to agree that one major reason you get a lot of comments is because you spend a lot of time and effort in creating the best articles on QuickSprout. This is my favorite blog and I try not to miss your posts (though I might not comment always 🙂 ).

    Thanks for the awesome list.

  13. Salmaan Aslam :

    Neil I was wondering if you tried other commenting systems such as Disqus or even Facebook comments.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on it.

    • I have. Disqus hasn’t worked well for me and I am not a fan of Facebook comments as the content isn’t indexable.

      • Salmaan Aslam :

        I hope you must’ve come across livefyre too, looks similar to disqus to me.

        But I get your point the built in comments system is much better especially with external plugins the page speed gets affected as well.

  14. Mark Nicholas :

    Amazing, that’s really wonderful.

    I wish I could do it same for mine as well….

  15. Hey Neil. Great one again. Many of the tips above, I do follow and have in mind. Difference between you and not-so smart bloggers like me is that you can make the whole concept as a great blog post and us, just keeping it within ourselves and die it without letting it create much necessary impact on our blogging venture. Take your count to plus (+) one, as from now I am there to comment on all those good post you keep publishing. Do keep blogging always. Regards
    – Koj

  16. Daniel Ezquerro :

    Very good post!!! I really hate when I leave a comment in a post and the author doesn’t reply 🙂

    I would add a point, I’m agree that it’s very important to ask people some question on the post, but I’ve seen a lot of blogs with the question “what do you think about this” in all the post and I think that doesn’t work, you have to ask something you really want to know 🙂

  17. Sabina Idler :

    Hi Neil,

    Thanks for another interesting article. Even though some points you mention seem familiar, thanks for reminding me that knowing about them is not enough – you also have to act on them… which really is the hard part. 🙂

  18. Thanks Neil, within the last 2 months I had followed your posts and implemented a lot of your tactics on my 2 newly created blogs, with some good results. Unfortunately traffic is still slow for they are only 2 and 4 months old generating only about a 100 views a day, but showing improvement, I had never replied to the comments,for I did not think it matter, will definitely implement it now.

    Keep up the good work and have a nice day.

  19. Thanks Neil,

    I got your mail and I am very happy with this post.

  20. Richard Marriott :

    Hi Neil,

    I couldn’t agree more with what you’ve said about giving your about page a real personal touch by writing a good life story.

    I made my newly launched blog’s about page 2,500 words long and it took me 5 days to write.

    This blog post reminds me exactly why I put in so much time to do that, so thanks!

    I hope you don’t check my blog out because it’s not quite ready for the world yet. I plan to announce it next week with a crazy post about life in China hehe.

  21. Sourav Saha @ Blogaholic :

    Again an awesome post Neil!

    I have seen some people asked that why doesn’t Neil use a subscribe to comments plugin ( & it was a question of me too), glad that you mentioned & the disadvantages also notable. But your post this time again raised two questions in my mind.

    Have you find CommentLuv useful in your experience?

    Well, I have noticed many bloggers doesn’t approve comments with keyword in the name field. Often they add ways to prevent span maybe just a check box. I haven’t seen you imply these in your blog. Does these help / thoughts / experiences?

    • I haven’t used CommentLuv. I have some pretty good spam filters and I look through to make sure I didn’t miss anyone or none of the valid comments have gone through the cracks. Thanks for reading!

  22. Danial Abdul Rahim :

    Viola! I loved Quick Sprout now 😉

    I’m love the second and third tips. Care about the commenter can bring great impact.

    Danial Abdul Rahim
    Wish your success!

  23. Neil you are genius, not all are like you.. your posts’ deserve lots of comments… great going, keep it up…

  24. It seemed my elder brother has been talking to me in this article.

    Thank you very for being with us so friendly

  25. John Lee Dumas :

    Neil…Great article!

    I think I need to pay attention to #6. Pacing myself has not been my forte at EntrepreneurOnFire 🙂

  26. Servando Silva :

    “This caused a lot more comments, but it caused me to also get spam complaints, which is why I removed this feature.”

    Hello Neil. You could try using another plugin called “Reply Me”, which only sends the notification to the owner of the comment when you or another people reply HIS/HER comment, without sending a notification for every comment in that post.

    That would help you avoid SPAM complains without leaving out all the subscriptions.

  27. I like when people respond to the comments – it is really, really cool, showing that they care
    best regards

  28. Thank you Neil!

  29. Yet another awesome article Neil! You really care your readers by replying to each and every comment in personal. Not every blogger can do this and we need to learn a lot from you!

    • Thanks, I really like to get to know my readers so I can continue to provide quality content. Thanks for reading !

  30. cosmetice online :

    I would like to have so many comments. But as you said, it takes effort and time to build the relationship with the visitors. Nice article!

    • It is really something that takes time. With engagement, persistence and great content you can get there too 🙂

  31. Great stuff Neil –

    I’m sure you’ve covered this somewhere before but what system/plug-in do you use for your comments? So many are cluttered and flashy, yours is simple and clean which makes it more inviting.

    I’ve used Facebook, which helped with traffic on some of my posts, but I realize it isn’t indexable. I saw your comments on Disqus, Livefyre & commentluv – so I’m not feeling motivated to change over to those – any suggestions?

    P.S. out of all of your insightful posts, this is the ONE you can’t get away without responding to everyone – we’ve got you cornered by your own great suggestions. 😉

    • I use the standard WordPress comments. I recommend you use it and make sure you allow “threaded comments” so it makes it easier to reply to people’s comments.

      You’re right… I have to reply to everyone. LOL

  32. Hi Neill
    I have followed your posts for a while now and thank you as I have learned a lot from this. I am starting my Software business where I will start blogging about the products and the sector. I am not so good at writing or commenting but could not avoid to do it this time. Most of the steps is just spot on!
    Mitat Ucar

  33. Why do you think people aren’t commenting on your Gym Junkies site? Not trying to troll you, it’s an honest question!

    I know comments aren’t everything, and you just took over the site a little bit ago. But I wondered that when I was checking it out trying to get extra marketing ideas.

    • I think the content is just very sticky. Also, people (like myself) really want to get motivated to hit the gym and it gives them that extra push.

  34. Neil –

    Once again, you’ve written a great post.

    A huge part of your following, in my mind, is that you do comment and respond to others – unlike many others on the internet. I, for one, greatly appreciate the feedback. It shows sincerity.

    I, and many others, would understand if you couldn’t respond at times. But so many of the others never respond. This makes your style that much more impressive.

    But it’s more than just your feedback. It’s also your style. For example, others could write a similar article, but many of them would not come off as personable, friendly, and down-to-earth as you do.

    Last but not least, it’s also your content. If anyone doubts that you’ve earned your reputation as a top line thinker, they only need to go into your archives.


    Keep up the great work.

    • Carlos, I think it is very important to engage my readers. It’s exactly like customer service in that people want responses to their pressing questions and comments immediately. I feel if I can provide a quick response I have done my job. Thanks for reading 🙂

  35. Thank you for No. 3. Sometimes I do ask myself “What can I get from this? — spending time to answer questions and even researching info to make sure my answers are accurate.
    And then I sort of think that somehow I’m saving in a good-deeds bank that could help me or my family in unexpected ways down the road. It really pleases me that we have the same thought about it.

    Thanks again, and wish you continued success!

  36. You are a marketing genius. I’ve been reading your website for 3 years (but surprisingly never commented until now) and have always used this site as the perfect example of what I would like my own blog to be someday.

  37. I just noticed you are not using Disqus. I have Disqus on my website but its interface looks like a mini website in itself. A bit intimidating for something as simple as comments.

    Still, more & more established websites are using Disqus. So, what’s your take on this in terms of pro & con?

  38. Mahesh Mohan @Minterest :

    Excellent post Neil! You post only 2 quality articles a week and that makes you special! As readers we want quality posts and not stupid news updates or guest posts… 😉

  39. As always your blog rocks. I have been forwarding your blog to a lot of friends and the funny thing is… everybody says ” I could read this stuff for hours”. Tnx a lot for sharing and you are a example how internetmarketing should work for (corporate) companies 🙂

    Just 2 questions:
    1. What sidebar plugins and CTA plugins you use for your blog?
    2. What are your top 5 blogs that you follow that do the same as you do? Like educating people to the max?

    Cheers m8 and keep up the good work.


  40. Hi Neil,
    I have been reading your blogs (and following KissMetrics blogs as well). Have been noticing the pattern that you highlighted earlier as well (which you very nicely summarized in the blog). I have used some of these tactics (particularly #2 and #5) in my Quora Conversations and they have worked well. What definitely works well is if you quickly reply to their queries and if you personalize your answers!
    But I would like to point out that none of this works if your content is not good. So the key is to create awesome personalized content (which is very difficult BTW).
    What amazes me is that you are able to connect to the reader (answering some of the questions that they have in their minds – for example, why do you get 176 comments – is a question that many of your readers would be thinking about).

    I would also like to ask you one question – Does the engagement in the form of comments result in conversion of traffic into actual consumers (In my mind, would this strategy convert into paying customers for me?)

    • Paramdeep, you bring up some great points.

      I agree totally, it really does personalize the experience… which is primarily why I do it. Content will definitely remain king. To answer your final question, I think any great form of customer service will have an effect on your overall conversion rate.

  41. Excellent post Neil. I like the idea of putting our photos on the sidebar linking into the About page.

    I’ve become a follower because of your expertise in online marketing and your engaging personality that shows through in your writing.

    I like to write as if I’m speaking to someone – it helps. That’s why I’m a “how to” writer more so that “opinion” – although I do add the opinion in the “how to” post at times.

    Does punctuation and grammer need to be 100% the “Elements of Grammer” way? I dislike having to make sure I use “are” or “is” or “who or who” the proper way – or whether or not to use a comma before and at the end of a sentence. Does it really matter when writing posts? I still have the book from long ago!


    • Susan, thanks for reading. I think grammar is very essential. It shows people that you took the time to articulate your thoughts and put them out in a presentable manner. 🙂

  42. Hi Neil, really liked your post and the information is of great value, as I am new this will be of great help, thanks.

  43. Yes Neil you are right if you can reply your comments than visitors will definitely comment on your blog and they ask their doubts and questions related to that post otherwise that visitors search for another website..

  44. Excellent post with excellent points! I think what happens a lot of the time with business blogs is that the tone is so stiff. The writer doesn’t seem personable. You don’t know much about them and they just don’t come across as “real.” Establishing that connection with your readers is so, so important. Be yourself! Yes, you should be professional if you’re writing on behalf of a business, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t inject a little bit of your personality into your writing.

    And I love Step #2 as well. When you respond to people as you would if they asked you a question or paid you a compliment in real life, it can go a long way towards maintaining a long-term relationship with that reader.

  45. Half of those 176 comments are yours ;p

  46. Shalu Sharma :

    I think it makes a lot of sense if you connect emotionally with people and interact with them like friends.But I have a question, are comments on a blog really that important?

    • I think replying to and see what people are saying about your post is essential. It’s great customer service (even if the content is free 🙂 )

  47. Just found you today! Okay, maybe not today, as I am subscribed to Crazy Egg, and love it. Just didn’t know about this site until today.

    Love this article. Working on being as transparent as you. I agree, it is appealing to read articles written by someone who lays it out there.

    You and Pat Flynn, two thumbs up.

    I’ll be subscribing here.

  48. Nora McDougall-Collins :

    And, you can post great content like this that will give people like me something great to share with my students!
    I do have to say that I liked getting the emails with the comments. I rarely go back to a blog post or forum unless I receive the notifications that there is something new. WebProWorld allows you to choose whether you want to receive the notifications.

    • Nora, glad you find the content helpful. Glad I could provide you the post in email form, I always check my email first as well 🙂

  49. Carpool Goddess :

    Great advice! So glad I found you. I have a question that I hope you can answer. I know you’re so busy! Currently I don’t have a photo of myself on my blog, but have a very cute logo. Is this a mistake? And if I should add a current photo, should I put it in my about page, as I think on my sidebar might be too busy (due to the vibrant logo)? Thank you!

    • Yes it is. With an image people will bond more.

      You should ideally put it in both places and maybe use a different image in your sidebar than your homepage.

      In the longrun look for ways to simplify your sidebar.

  50. I was always wandering why did you need to use top commenters plugin.
    Comments without the plugin are a lot more valuable and you can see more real names as well.

  51. David-Africa's Opportunities :

    Wow this is very good. I always enjoy reading your posts as I feel I learn something.
    This is very applicable stuff Neil. Thanks

  52. Andrea Hypno :

    Hi Neil, very interesting post. My website is small but when step #3 happens I always respond, same thing for #2, unless it’s spam obviously.

    It’s a matter of respect for readers and while if there are hundreds of comments it can be a problem answering to everyone, and this is something readers should keep in mind too, I usually don’t comment and 95 percent of time quit reading blogs where the owner is so proud of himself or too important to answer to comments. 🙂

    Happy Easter!

    • Andrea, great points. I think building a conversation is essential to producing quality content and really knowing what your readers are feeling. Additionally, it allows you to figure out what they want to read in the future..

  53. Saidur Rahman :

    Dear Neil,
    I really astonished of reading your data about the commenting hive in your site. its an amazing Information. how is it possible? you have done a great job in your blog. the more i am reading your content here the more i am surprising. Thanks.

  54. Kamlesh Kawadkar :

    Wow 🙂 Great descriptive post ! i have just started a new blog & i was in search of such a brilliant article . I will use your tips & tricks to produce a good quality content, more Comments 🙂 & rank higher 😉 Thanks!

  55. NIce NEIL 🙂

    Really this points help us to increase comments on our post

    Thanks for sharing

  56. Buntu Redempter :

    Hey Neil, Great Post!

    Which ways that would work better to increase comments on Interviews blog, like this one

    • Buntu, you’ll just have to find a common ground with your readers where they will want to be a part of the conversation..

      • Buntu Redempter :

        Does it matter which commenting platform is being used? What’s your take on different commenting platforms?

        • I think as long as you are comfortable and replying to all comments in a streamlined manner it doesn’t really matter.

  57. I follow the exactly thing for my blog and I too have close to 55,000 comments on 500 posts I have . This is one of the biggest factor which makes my blog different from others .

    One of the wordpress plugins which you can use is “Comment Reply Notification” which will email the person whom you replied , so that he can extend the conversation . A lot of people do not subscribe to “comments section” and might not be getting intimations .


  58. William Carr :

    Great point about multiple authors effecting the voice of a blog. I immediately thought of a few blogs that I’ve been reading for years that went from single author to guest post frenzy.

  59. nitin dwivedi :

    its not true it will take very much time to execute and every one not able to do all these thing , so please write some easy thing which can help us

  60. hey neil,

    great post !

    One hack to saving time on responding back to comments is having someone one your team go daily through the comments and organize them in an email for you. Get him/her to include the post title, name & comment.

    Then in your email reply, write back the response in different color below each comment and send it back to your assistant to post it for you.

    This will save you hours ! And free you to create more amazing content 🙂

    Make your day great

  61. David Gadarian :

    Always great ideas, thoughts and inspiration Neil! I’ve had an “about” box on my blog for a while but I just added a picture too.



  62. Thomas Dembie :

    Thanks for the insightful article. Interesting stat around collecting emails! RE Step #5 (creating conversation) do you find that embedding polls in the blog post helps increase response? Or is this not necessary if you hit on a number of the other tips above?

    • I haven’t found that, but I haven’t tested it enough yet.

      You don’t really have to do any poll stuff…

  63. Hi Neil, it’s so true- points #1, #2 and #3. I always receive a reply from you. This means that you are concerned and want to have an emotional connection, you do care about your readers and you never ever ignore them.

  64. Abhinav Jain :

    I have just started blogging but the problem is that i receive lot many spam comments. So what do i do. Should i wait for some more time till i start getting good readers to my blog ?

    • Abhinav, you will find over time that real comments will outnumber spam comments. You should also consider getting a spam filter..

  65. Googma Sansar :

    Hi Neil!
    You always share extra post, therefore your posts get more comment. I have been visiting your blog for two years. I always get something different ideas to your post. Thank yu for your contribution.

  66. Such an important topic Neil, especially for dedicated bloggers as many of the top blogs today are aggregators. Still, blogs like yours are a great example that the personal touch still works.

    One thing you didn’t mention in your post is activities that help build your reputation as an authority – this is critical in my mind.

    I see you have guest posts on some pretty major SEO sites, this helps people see you as an expert and they want to follow and comment – yes?

    Gary V – he works his butt off publishing books and on the speaking circuit – again this results in authority branding.

    Curious to hear your thoughts on how important branding is outside of your own blog to getting both visitors and champions who comment.



    • Yes, all of that helps. What I’ve found to provide the best results is speaking… as that builds your credibility faster than anything else.

  67. Neil,
    If one should run a corporate blog with multiple authors and voices, how do you suggest capturing that community feel on your website?

  68. Lakshminarayanan :


    I have a question on Step #7.

    How do you select the guest authors for the blog, how do you compensate them for their time and how do you maintain consistency among multiple authors?

    • For KISSmetrics we do it based on the quality of their previous work. We find them through inbound inquires…

      As for Quick Sprout, I just stopped accepting guest posts.

  69. Alexandrea_AnywherePad :

    I run a product blog, but my friends and I have a collaborative poetry blog that consistently gets several comments. Many of them come from the same people who happen to be some of our blog’s biggest fans.

    Sometimes, we don’t reply to comments because we don’t know what else to say beside “Thanks.” But we do value every comment we get, especially from our regular visitors.

    We make sure to reply to every new visitor’s first comment, but we don’t reply to all of our regular visitors’ comments because we don’t want to sound repetitive. Is that okay?

    • Alexandra, that sounds like a solid strategy. The goal is to add a personality and respond to valid questions 🙂

  70. Amber Verhagen :

    Hi Neil!
    Thanks for this post.
    I understand from your #7 that its harder for corporate blogs to obtain or increase the amount of comments as personal blogs can.

    May I just ask,
    What would be your tip then for companies with a corporate blog to increase the comments on their posts and develop that emotional connection with their readers? Considering the fact that there is no personal blog supporting the corporate blog and the company is not using any guest posts to increase the comments.


    • Amber, great question. Sometimes corporate blogs will hire someone to be the face and personality of the company. I know Alaska Airlines has a person who is the representative and face of all customer service inquiries. This is a pretty solid method.

  71. MJ Gottlieb :

    Thanks Neil, I think it is fitting that you started with emotional attachment as I think that is so important for engagement. Your example with Gary Vee is great, as I pull up his videos whenever I need a jolt of reality meets practicality. I watched your video with Jaime Hardy yesterday (eventual millionaire) and it was the first time I really got a chance to take some time and listen to you speak. I appreciate the humility you have as I have never been one to be attracted to egos. BIG diffeence between confidence and arrogance. Thanks again- MJ

    • MJ, thanks for reading. I think it is important to remember where you came from so you can continue to be the best you.

  72. Chirag Dodiya :

    Hello Neil,

    Thanks for all the great information…

    They are surely worth trying, and i agree more engagement means more loyal readers. I will surely try the above steps

    Best Regards

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    Great information. Thanks. I struggle to find the motivation to really get in deep with my viewers. I guess part of the reason is because I spend so much of my effort in getting viewers in the first place. I’ll have to slow down the pace and really abide with your advice. Thanks again.

  75. Hi Neil
    I am brand new to this whole web/blog thing but one thing that has hit me straight away is that you need to interact.
    We recently installed a chat facility on our site which got people who were scared of calling us (or who couldn’t be bothered to send a long winded email) to chat with us online and honestly, the effect has been amazing and that is no understatement.

    It would be great to sit in a dark room and not talk to anyone for 8 hours (well for me anyway!) but it just doesn’t work that way unfortunately and you have to engage every single visitor and constantly reach out to new ones.
    Love your work Neil.

  76. Jessica @ All She Cooks :

    Hi Neil. I wanted to thank you for talking about the importance of developing relationships with your readers. I’m working hard on building my traffic, but don’t want to do it at the expense of losing my blog community. Thanks again.

  77. Dear Neil. Very Impressive techniques.

  78. James George :

    I’ve had trouble generating comments on my site, but over time, as my readership has grown, my comments have gone up, but I find I get more comments on social media sites where I promote the posts, than on the posts themselves.

    Which is better? Someone commenting on my Facebook page about my post? Or someone posting on my actual site’s post? Do social comments have any effect on SEO or rankings?

    • Comments once had a great impact on SEO value. However, this is turning out to be less of the case now. I would say a positive social media comment can go a long way in creating a discussion.

  79. Hi Neil,

    It is a wonderful article and useful stuff. Keep sharing

  80. Susan Gabriel :

    I think I can’t make mistake because of leaving comments on other people’s blogs can in fact help us get more traffic to our own site but the the problem is that oftentimes people go about it in all the wrong ways.

    • Susan, you bring up a great point. I think commenting should be to engage and spark a conversation.

  81. Ruthida Namubiru :

    Thanks Neil, you raised good points that every blogger should put in action if they want more interaction on their blog. True that our readers should feel part of the ‘story’ when they read. That way they feel like you are talking to them in person so its easier for them to leave a comment behind just like I did 🙂

    • Ruthida, it is great to have a narrative that is easy for people to understand and relate to. Great points!

  82. Owen Prescott :

    I have been finding it difficult to get even one comment over the last year or so. Is there a minimum amount of articles before comments should be expected? Also do you follow a posting schedule?

    Also just to note, on my tablet I have to scroll down past 180 comments just to post, perhaps more people would comment if the comment box was easier to access from the top of the comments section.

    • Owen, thanks for the great feedback I will look into the comments section. I do follow a schedule and find when I do I see great success. Best of luck to you 🙂

  83. Harikrishna :

    It’s really nice post… i’m struggling from few days to get more comments on my blog, but i had failed. Your #8 points are very interesting… i Should take care about #2 point.

  84. rajshree nair :

    Hi Neil,

    I am not a blogger myself that is i do not write blogs on my own but suppose a content writer is writing for the client on whose site i am getting the blogs posted and as the blogs are related to the client services in that case how can a emotional connect be created and how can we get comments. In this case where can the about me profile come in.

    • Rajshree, you can incorporate the about me profile into a blog post or an entirely different tab on your home page. It all depends on your preference and how your site is designed. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have more questions 🙂

  85. Pace yourself! What a great reminder. I need to follow that advice more as I tend to dive in and burn myself out. Thanks for the great article and advice!

  86. I need some help.
    I don’t want a blog that will take a ton of my time but I do want it to be somewhat successful. I am so excited because my views keep going up more and more, I’m now well over 2100 views, but I haven’t had a comment for probably more than 6 months. I checked my privacy setting, worried that I didn’t have it set up right, but all is well in that area. I now have been asking questions with posts and posting other cites my viewers would like; I am extremely open and honest and silly with every single post…yet nothing. I been posting each post onto pinterest and facebook. I usually get a handful of happy facebookers but on pinterest only a few of my posts have really done well.
    My blog is a very girly blog. I post about crafts, beauty stuff, recipes, sewing projects, all those girly things that we gals love to find on pinterest. And I know that I’m extremely partial….but I’ve gone to many of the other blog posts that have done amazingly well that are all over pinterest and have tons of comments and so on and they are just like mine…except mine have more information even! I don’t see how theirs is doing better than mine -insert eye roll.
    I did read your section about showing who you are to the viewers, and I do…but in a different way (like with the way I talk, my personality, what I like and dislike and believe…etc). I will not show my picture, name or my location or anything like that because my husband doesn’t trust these public blogs where any random crazy guy can get on there and do a little digging and find out everything about the person. So, in respect for him I stay in the shadows. Could that be it? If so, then I will just have to be content with no comments, but if you don’t think that then what would be what’s keeping folks from commenting on my blog?
    Thank you in advance for your help, I really appreciate it.

    • Have you tried leveraging Facebook comments on your site? If you use that I think you can drastically increase how many comments you are getting.

      • That’s a great idea! Should I get permission from my friends first before showing their facebook comments on my blog? A lot of folks are like me, they are uneasy about the blog being so public and facebook shows exactly the persons picture and their real names.

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    Should I write about those victories?
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    Or I should stop blogging, learn more about it and after a year or so start blogging again?

    • That’s awesome Luci! Glad you’re becoming more clear about your passion. I would write about those victories and continue to write more about what it is your learning. Often times you will notice that you are writing the books and blog we are wanting to read. That’s what makes your content awesome!

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