The Art of Writing Great Facebook Status Updates


If you aren’t sharing your content on Facebook, you’re missing out on a big opportunity. Why? Because Facebook has over one billion active users!

Now, by no means are you going to be able to reach one billion users… or even 1% of them. But the beautiful part is, if you reach even .01% of the total user base, that’s still a huge number.

So, how do you increase your odds of grabbing the attention of those one billion users? Well, you need to write great status updates. Here’s how you can do so:

Be short and to the point

Unless you are writing a personal rant, people don’t prefer to read long status updates.

number of likes

The graph shows that people prefer status updates that are around 225 characters versus ones that are longer or shorter. One of the main reasons that people don’t prefer status updates that are too long is that over 33% of Facebook users are viewing it through a mobile device. Small screens of mobile devices make it more difficult to read long status updates.

You also don’t want to create status updates that are too short as you can’t provide any real insights in a short status update. When writing them, keep the fluff to a minimum because it’s already hard enough to fit in a ton of useful tips and data in 225 characters. For this reason, I recommend that you only try to prove one point or provide one tip within each status update.

Don’t forget the face in Facebook

The one thing that you may have forgotten about Facebook is that it was created so that you can keep tabs on your friends and family… especially the ones that don’t live right next door to you.

So, what kind of status updates do your friends and family want to see? I surveyed 1291 Facebook users, and here’s the feedback I received:

what they like

  • Your life – your friends and fans are the ones following you. So they want to know more things about your life and not just updates containing text. They ideally want to be able to see what you are personally experiencing.
  • Advice – people want to continually learn more. So, the more advice you can give them, the better.
  • Experiences – what are you doing, where do you hang out, and where have you been? People want to see check-ins and pictures of places you go to on a regular basis or are visiting.
  • Entertainment – who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? If you have a funny story, joke or anything that can help people pass time, add it to Facebook.
  • News – if there is anything news worthy, feel free to share it. It doesn’t have to be related just to things like the world or politics… it could also be about things like a sports event such as the Superbowl.

To further back up this data, we analyzed 682 status updates and noticed that the ones that were about your life contained 247% more comments than the ones that weren’t about your personal life.

This is important because Facebook has an algorithm similar to Google’s. Facebook’s algorithm is called Edgerank, and it looks at how fast a status update obtains new likes, shares, and comments. The more likes, shares, and comments it gets in a short period of time, the more people will see it.

Although Edgerank sounds simple, the algorithm is much more complex. For example, comments have more weight than likes as it is easier to click the Like button than it is to write a comment. And it doesn’t stop there… if a family member likes or comments on your status, it holds more value than if an acquaintance comments.

So your goal should be to create updates that get shares, likes, and comments.

Where’s your value?

As I mentioned above, people are your fans and friends because they want to know more about you. But it doesn’t mean it should stop there. The more value you can provide to your users, the better off you are.

When we analyzed the 682 status updates, we also noticed that status updates that contain advice and teach you something new are shared 522% more frequently than status updates that aren’t advice related. Again, this is important because Facebook values shares more than likes within their Edgerank algorithm.

Here are examples of status updates that provide value:

  • Share content – link to interesting articles that you find on the web. For example, the Facebook post of “what does 200 calories look like” received 4215 likes, 6032 shares, and 4003 comments.
  • Quotes – people love quotes. I try to share a new quote on Facebook each day. They get anywhere from 50 to 150 likes. I’ve posted quotes that have generate over 50 shares as well. For example, my quote “done is better than perfect” received 107 likes.
  • Stats and data – if you can turn stats and data into a visual format, you’ll get a ton of likes, shares, and comments. Kimberly Snyder does a good job of this on her fan page, where she recently showed how a cup of lettuce gives you your daily value of vitamin A. That status update received 522 likes, 143 shares, and 36 comments.

People forget to like status updates that contain links

One way to drive traffic to your website from Facebook is to share content from your blog on Facebook. By sharing your content via status updates, you’ll be able to drive a decent amount of visitors to your site.

All you have to do is to take your latest blog post URL and paste it into the status update box.

facebook image

What you’ll notice is that status updates that contain links always contain less likes, shares, and comments compared to other forms of status updates. It’s not because people don’t enjoy reading your content; it’s because they are clicking the link and heading off to your website. Once they do that, people forget to go back to Facebook and hit the like or share button. That causes the Edgerank algorithm to show that status update less often.

One way to combat this is to add Facebook Like buttons to your blog posts. So, when a Facebook user finishes reading your content, he/she can just click the Like button to share it.

The second way to boost your Edgerank is to replace your blog commenting system with Facebook’s. So, when someone leaves a comment on your blog, it syncs up with your status update, which helps boost the number of comments you are getting per update. Comments hold more value than likes, so this should help your content spread more on Facebook. The sad part about this is that Facebook comments are in iframes, so search engines won’t be able to index the comments on your blog. The pay off is that you will end up getting more social traffic.

As you can see on Quick Sprout, I’ve added Like buttons on all my blog posts, but I haven’t replaced my commenting system with Facebook’s as comments make up over 2/3 of the content on Quick Sprout… so I would probably see a decrease in search traffic if I implemented the Facebook commenting system.

To maximize how much traffic your status updates drive, you’ll want to make sure that at least 2/3 of your updates don’t contain links. Mix them up with quotes, personal stories, pictures, and other postings that can help boost your Edgerank. If you continually post links and nothing else, very few people on Facebook will see your status updates since posts with links tend to get less likes, comments, and shares.

Timing is everything

If you post a status update when none of your friends or fans are online, your post won’t get any love. No one will see it, and it won’t get any likes. Would you like to know what the ideal time to post on Facebook is?

Saturday is the most popular day to post on Facebook. And more specifically, noon EST is the most popular time to post updates. So, you should ideally post every Saturday at noon EST.

If you also post too frequently on your profile or fan page, people won’t read all the posts. The ideal frequency to post is every other day.

The simplest way to maximize your Facebook exposure is to post on it every other day at noon EST.


If you follow everything above, you’ll start noticing that you get more Facebook traffic and friends. Your updates will spread, more people will learn about you and your company, and your traffic will increase.

Do you know of any other ways to boost your Facebook traffic?


  1. Hey Neil, some really great tips here, especially about making updates ‘personal’.

    I’ve actually found that it applies to eletter/newsletter writing as well.

    I often get more emails from readers about a throwaway comment I made about what my partner and I were up to on the weekend than I do the article itself.

    People connect with people and if you can tap into that they’re more likely to engage with your content.

    • Thanks Tom,
      I appreciate you sharing what you have found works for you. I think it would be a great idea to apply these tips to your eletter/newsletter as well.

    • Good one Neil. We have certainly noticed that sharing inspirational or motivational quotes especially in the form of high quality images with minimalistic design, sharing HQ funny images, free give aways, questions which are personalized and engaging etc., get more likes, shares and comments on FB.

    • yes , I have found the same.

  2. Amir @ Blue Mile Media :

    Very true about the links and less likes. The Facebook page for my business isn’t for leads but just for branding and having that channel. I would post informational and interesting content but there was little shares or likes. Quotes are always the best from my experience and they get viewed the most.


  3. Neil Patel
    this is rely useful information .
    But i want some more information form you please give me small idea how to find out do-follow or now follow my back links .
    how to cheek that links

  4. You said “Replace your website commenting system with Facebook comments”

    Why i can’t see these comments here?

    If you think this will help, you should use it too.

    • have you actually read full article?

    • As I mentioned in the article, it’s because Google does not index them. And that would cause a decrease in my search traffic. 😉

      • Something caught my attention here, Neil.

        1. Google does index FB comments if they are embedded in XFBML or HTML5.

        2. Comments usually dilute your rankings, not increase them, so not quite sure what you meant in your comment.

        • Comments dilute your rankings? Even if your links are nofollow? That’s very interesting….

          • Yes, they do.

            Think about it: you optimize your post for certain keywords, then you have comments adding to the content on the page. Those comments are not keyword-focused by any means, thus they “dilute” your on-page.

            • improve memory :

              That appears to be an accurate analysis Ana. Social media may have some value, and Neil’s advice to remember that 1/3 or more of fakebook fans are reading the status updates on a mobile device is also very helpful.

  5. Great points, Neil – I plan to share them 🙂

    On the topic of quotes, I’ve found that creating a simple graphic that displays the quote goes even further in getting likes and shares than just sharing the text alone.

  6. Neil,
    You’ve provided some awesome suggestions here. And you are right about “People Love Quotes”. I love quotes as well 🙂

    I read a post from Michael Hyatt who had written a wonderful article on the same topic and I would like to share a few things from his article here because I found them very valuable. I believe you will enjoy them as well.
    So, Mr. Hyatt said that there are 10 types of social media updates you should consider posting:
    1. Share a resource.
    2. Repost another post.
    3. Make an announcement.
    4. Be real – Reveal something personal.
    5. Ask a question.
    6. Share some a discount coupon – share something that can save money for others.
    7. Reply to a question.
    8. Report what you are doing right now
    9. Congratulate somebody. Use social media to celebrate the accomplishments of others.
    10. Wish someone (wish well, happy birthday, anniversary etc.)

    Surely I can’t say I do all of them, but I do implement these as much as possible and I have seen my Klout score going up since I started following some of these ideas.

    Oh and by the way, people LOVE pictures. Do not forget to share some pictures 🙂


  7. I found stuff goes quite viral.

    Depends on your audience too, I have a Craft page, so my audience likes the infographic-type tutorials to make stuff.

  8. Hey Neil, great post!

    I was using DISQUS for my comments system, but I recently replaced it with the facebook commenting system for my blog.

    You said FB comments do not get indexed, so which do you think is better?

    If you were starting from scratch, which would you go with?

    Thanks for your help Neil!

    • Sourav Saha @ Blogaholic :

      Hey Suresh,

      I also use Facebook comments but ya DISQUS comments also do get indexed in Google. Check out this post by Barry Schwartz on SEO Roundtable “Can Google Index Disqus Comments? No But Here Is How” which you can find here:

      I personally would DISQUS a +1 because it has nice analytics on commenting system & users can comment by logging in with multiple social media platforms whereas Facebook has limited social media login options.

      • Diana Urban (@dianaurban) :

        Woo, I got concerned for a moment here! I’ve been using Livefyre on my blog, and I assumed that these comments would still be indexed by Google. I just did a quick Google search — looks like Livefyre comments do get indexed automatically – Hopefully this one support article is correct. So that could be an alternative to Disqus if you don’t know how to go about setting up an API integration.

      • Thanks Sourav!

        I’m just getting started, but I switched to FB comments because the comment are updated in the users feed and all of their friends will see it. In my mind it seems like a great idea in order to spread your content.

        Which is more important- that social sharing or indexing by Google?

      • Thank you for your response. I appreciate you helping out!

    • I prefer the standard WordPress threaded comments.

  9. Sourav Saha @ Blogaholic :

    Thanks again Neil for an awesome post. I also found motivational or inspirational quotes works better & when I talk about quotes I often remember one of my favorite Quicksprout’s post “101 Motivational Business Quotes”.

    I found on Facebook quotes in images works even better for me. And rather than just sharing a blog post sharing it with a catchy image & descriptions in it always worked better for me.

    Any thoughts or similar experiences on this Neil? Anyone?

  10. Hey Neil what type of updates should an internet retailer like me post?I mainly post about my products.Any tips would be appreciated

  11. I love that “people love quotes.” I am guilty of loving the quotes (and hitting the like button) but didn’t realize this could add value to my Facebook posts. Awesome post!

  12. Wolston @ Life Quotes :

    I totally agree with the links getting less likes part. I think one way you could turn that around is by placing a like button for that specific post at the end of your article. I am yet to try that out but its just a thought that came to my mind.

  13. Hi Neil,

    Nice post again. I love Facebook and i have somehow managed to get Over 1.23 Lakh Likes for my Facebook Page , the link is given below

    And Important Point is that i got these Likes with in a time span of 9 Months.

    Two Strategies, that i used to get More Likes on Facebook page.

    1) Showing a Pop-up Like Box on my Blog.
    2) Posting Simple Quiz Images (Maths Questions) as Facebook Status Updates

    The 2nd one worked much better and these days with this strategy, i am getting over 700 to 900 Likes for my page, every day.

    Currently I have post (Maths Quiz Question), that that had already got over,, 25,000 comments

    Thanks…………To be Continues

  14. This appears to be for your personal profile Neil. Should we also be using these same techniques on our branded page? Or are we better off promoting our sites through personal pages?

    I’ve been using a mixture of quotes and my articles on my branded page. I’m finding that when my text or quotes get more Likes and Shares my blog content tends to reach more people.

    • I use these tactics for my personal/branded page which are coincidentally one and the same. They are sure fire ways to really get some eyes on your page.

  15. Neil,

    You are terrific! This post was truly just what I needed as I was trying to figure out what was the best way to communicate with my large FB audience. And I was making so many of the mistakes. Almost everything I was doing was the opposite of what you suggest here. I will try out these things and let you know my results. Thank you and God bless you!


  16. Facebook is kind of becoming my least favorite social network only because I find it kinda buggy lately….
    so any tips to improve engagement is very helpful! thanks for sharing

    • Missy, yeah the bugs have always been a problem. However, these strategies go a long way in making sure you are being seen and heard.

  17. I will be honest, your tip about quotes was a lifesaver, I always forget how much those are shared/liked.

    Another useful tip users may like to know is to share Reddit & Stumbleupon content. Photos from those sites are incredibly popular and can really engage your fans. Simply find relevant photos and you could rocketlaunch your fb traffic.

  18. Darnell Jackson :

    S/O to @kikolani for sharing this article on twitter.

    Thanks for writing this Neil.

    I’ll have to share this tip for #SoMeSa.

    I need all the help I can get when it comes to facebook.

    That was one of my new years resolutions ya know.

  19. Hi Neil, I think the problem most small businesses have is that we as SEO people say: you must write blog content, you must have a facebook page, a twitter account, a pinterest account. And they just end up feeling swamped with social media. I know they could choose one or two, but in reality a plumber, for example, is out on the road and facebook is probably the last thing on his mind. Anyway, what you say is true, for sure! It’s just hard to convince people sometimes!

  20. Hi Neil,

    Brilliant post again! Apart from what you have mentioned, some niche targeted memes also work well. I have done some of this for a client of mine, and seen some good shares and likes. But, i think my creativity is limited 🙂

    Quotes are what I think work well….even some rants generate some good interest.


  21. Zulhilmi Zainudin :

    I agree about people forget to click like button for link type post. They head over to our post. Thanks to Digg Digg plugin, they click on the like button below my blog post. 😉

  22. Hi Neil,

    A nice way to begin a day is to read one of your blog posts delivered to my mailbox. Very refreshing, indeed!!

    My personal experience with FB is that any link from my blog with a current topical interest gets a higher than usual response!!

    Keep smiling

  23. Don’t forget to do following with the updates:
    1) Sync with the Ad targets … If your current target is developer (the have updates for developer), if it is content writers, have posts for them … when you run ads you get new people more attentive
    2) Must use sponsored status updates in some cases
    (We have some fan pages which are doing great with updates and viral reach).
    3) Don’t forget to mix the images and image based videos … easy to make
    4) Don’t forget hallmark (Every day is some day, hug day etc)

    The principle for status update is: Focus on the industry above your industry … Green printing company can focus on what is printer and green … Ecommerce focus on what the product’s history and use over products feature …

    Social media updates is for daily consumption, so you need to target it like that.

    Aji Issac,
    CEO of the most knowledgeable digital marketing team 🙂

  24. Jignesh Rathod :

    I have experienced that sharing photos gets more attention and likes than links. External links alone get unnoticed mostly, due to Facebook algorithm or any reason.
    So instead of sharing a link, I upload a photo and mention a link in the description. I started getting 4 times more likes to my updates! And nobody shared my links- but photos got shared a lot.
    So, better way is not to share links as links, but attach them with a photo.

  25. mccullem ashley :

    Thanks for sharing an interesting topic with us Facebook is status is really an important way of messaging gesture sometimes it means alot and some time a quitty clever end on sarcasm notes

  26. Inspiring Citizen Rafi :

    Hello Neil,

    Two points that I have found useful to get more Facebook likes.

    1. Comment on a status update that has already received close to 100 comments and paste your relevant link to that comment..It can fetch you traffic.

    2. Mention about one of your friends in your article and tag them..There is a possibility that they may make it viral.

    And there is a minor spelling mistake that I have found in the post – All you have to do is take your latest blog post URL and past (I guess, it has to be paste.Please excuse me if I am wrong) it into the status update box.

    Thank you once again for this insightful article and the interview you gave for my blog..I will post it in a couple of weeks when my heart tells me that it is the rite time and hope you will pass the message to your network as well.

    I will be posting this article on my facebook wall where I have got close to 1800 friends..


  27. Hey,

    I really like your post.Now a days facebook is the best way to communicate with each other.It is the most used social media.
    I agree with you point that our post should be short and to the point otherwise our friends will not be interesting in reading our post.

    Jannie Taylor

  28. Once again a gem of an article from Neil Patel. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. All of them are spot on. And to add to this discussion,

    # Try to share media files, like images or video files as visuals are more appealing then text. Moreover, FB ranks media files higher than normal links or texts.
    # In the visuals, (we take help of photoshop), write our content or quotes or an advice like what Kimberly Snyder did – it was both a text advice and a image.
    # the color of the visual should be bright – bright green, bright blue and sometime bright red.. should be a good blend
    # the image should come with a catchy title (not like Neil Patel’s pic) instead, ‘Hey, look how Neil looks crazy!!’ This will grab more attention.
    # Leave a call to action in that image – ‘Hey, liked it? Click the share button and post it on your walls’ – This will bring more shares.
    # Create an FB group and share this within the group often – ‘Quicksprout FB group’ Once you share a piece in the group, all the members are notified of this (normally) and they will see this and chances are there many will like it, comment on it & share it on their walls..

    Hope this helps a bit Neil

    Thanks for sharing this once again.

  29. Hey Niel,

    Its kind of frustrating when your most valuable content gets less likes than stuff about your personal life. Upon noticing this trend, what we did was create funny memes for Facebook, (people love memes more than reading!), wrote a punchy short status update and linked to an article that talks about the concept being ridiculed/discussed in the meme.

    This way, we were able to get facebook likes and shares on the meme update and the people that want read go click through to the website.

    What do you think?

  30. good stuff about facebook status updates and i use this strategy to improve my blog traffic.

  31. Making it “personal” = building trust = one step closer to success!
    Great article!

  32. Images work very well on facebook too.

  33. Your Blogs are always a bit different and educative than any other Blogs on earth.

  34. Good tips. I know I could probably do more with Facebook. I’m pretty active on my personal profile, but sometimes my business page just feels like a place to dump links. Nice post!

  35. Thanks a lot for great article . I have learnt from the post and then more tips /strategies from the comments . I have the same question to Neil like Craig . What should be the strategy for the brand page?

  36. When I post on Facebook I start with a one sentence summary, then include a link to whatever I am talking about and also use a picture to grab the viewers attention to get them to click my link. Also you must have a call of action in there too.

  37. Hey Neil what do you think about people posting food on their wall… is it good “esperience” contents or they are no value?

    • Depends on your audience. If you are a restauranteur, then that would be essential. If you enjoy posting food photos then by all means share as well 🙂

  38. HI Neil,

    I’m a newbie in blogosphere and first time on to your blog. I think I have learnt a lot from this post. I always give a damn importance to my facebook page but your post has given me enough food to rethink about it. I felt facebook page more as a branding exercise but never thought of generating huge traffic from there to my blog.

    Average reader doesn’t seem to have much time and so I feel meme with punchline can do wonders and the same goes for quotes as well.

    I will keep following your post.Keep rocking.


  39. Neil Jee, from the title I was hoping to see some of your great advises on Facebook Page status updates. But, most of these are very good suggestions for Personal Status Updates.

    You are right that people forget to like updates that contain links. Happens to me every time. It is usual that no one should like a link without reading it. But, in most cases, when they leave the status, they don’t come back and like. UNLESS, it is really worth sharing. I sometimes just like it or comment on it, since I know it’ll find it’s way in their feed timeline of my friends by the blessings of EdgeRank. So, like, comment, and share hold 3 different level of votes from my end. May be others who do not know don’t think the same.

    So, my suggestions about links is that it should be worthy of sharing or commenting. If it is worthy of just a like, then I don’t prefer that you share it. However, if you have like buttons and OpenGraph embedded in your link, then the loss of likes can be reduced to some extent. But, when I hit like on a link other than Facebook, it does hold more value to me than the like I give on Facebook feeds. Not, sure about others.

    Your suggestion about timing is ok, but it’ actually not the same for all audience. Sometimes depends on the culture and societies of your fans and friends. e.g. Friday is holiday in most Muslim countries. Other than time, I do find that Language is also a great factor. If your target audience does not speak English, then the contents in all the places in the internet look the same. Like, Chinese people to me all look the same. But, they feel comfortable when you post status in the language of your audience.

  40. With so many users of Facebook, getting unnoticed is almost impossible. This is a big opportunity for us to promote our content, we just have to know the right move to make. This post is very helpful

  41. Yes, and also facebook as per my experience has made it very possible for almost anyone to brand and develop a reputation for his or he own products and services. In simple terms when you see a product page on facebook with hundreds of followers anyone will consider that product to be more trustworthy and useful. If you know how to create a facebook page you have everything in your hand to expand your horizon to any limits across the globe or target an audience in your own region. Thanks for the share Neil.

  42. Hi Neil,

    Yet another great post with great tips.Jus tlike to add that from the study, post with photo tends to perform better in the engagement as compared to pure text.

    However, basing on an unofficial test, for FB Fan Page, the reach (in terms of the size of the fans able to see the post) for a status with photo is less if you post with pure text.

    What is your view on these 2 points?

  43. Hi Neil,
    Facebook is now one of the part of our daily life.But most of the people using Facebook without knowing about it.The article is informative & statistics based.From this article i understand which things actually our family members,friends & fans wants from us.I am impressed to know about the Facebook algorithm “Edgerank” similar to Google’s. Thanks for your nice sharing.

  44. Thanks Neil, for writing such an awesome post!!
    Yeah, I totally agree with your posting strategy. Quotes & images always works.Infographics also helpful for catching user’s attention.

  45. VeryGooD PosT

  46. Thank you Neil, for sharing such great post
    It is true that Qoutes and images play a vital role

  47. Great share Neil!
    I am soon gonna start reinventing my Facebook strategies and ofcourse will implement some from the blog and some from the comments below.
    But I have practically practiced few shared strategies but that doesnot work for long.
    For eg: posting a deity once a week gave me great leverage and interaction, but this did not continue for the same time and same day in the next week. Similarly, you said one post a day and the other the next day, but such low interaction is possible on pages which already have thousands in fact lakhs of people interacting so that the post remains in rotation. The small business pages will have be more precise about the timing and the regular intervals of posts.
    This was my part of Facebook experience and with this I keep experimenting on my page timely.
    Again thank you for the blog. Let me know if you have any views on my experience.

    • Zaira, thanks for reading. Glad this post helped you out. Timing is very important. You should find out when your users are online before posting.

  48. I agree with you and seriously like the way you have presented this Article. 🙂 Facebook is among the social sites that can help one to grab a satisfied amount of traffic. thank you , looking forward to read more about these kind of Articles.

  49. Hi Neil ! I appreciate your ideas. In this competitive internet marketing, social media optimizatiom (SMO) can play the crucial role to get more visitors. Facebook, twitter and Google plus are major sources of social media traffic referral and billions people have been interacting lively. When we share our quality contents in social media then it will be accessible to reach among billions of people who are searching new thing. So that if we use massively the social media then it will easy to get readers.

  50. Hey, Neil: wanted to let you know that the Slideshare presentation I made based on this post has reached Slideshare top presentation of the day and is now featured on their home page. 🙂

  51. The information on that pie chart is very useful to me, thank you.

    But I have to disagree about replacing the comments on my blog with facebook comments. Derek Halpern taught me that having the comments on your website becomes evergreen content. I look at the comments through social triggers and it is true. Some of his readers comment gold. If facebook happened to go down or lose that data, then that valuable content is gone.

    But maybe I am mistaking what you are saying.

    What are your thoughts?

  52. uniform dating :

    It’s probably a little ‘cheap’ but we found that running competitions was by far the best was to gain new followers and spread our brand name. Every comp we have ran has worked a treat. Sneaking in our product info as well as special offers found that we even had a slightly higher conversion rate! We currently have just over 7000 likes for our CardOneBanking page.

  53. Sheheryar Khan :

    You’re right Neil people often don’t like or share external links posted on facebook. I checked this on my mentioned page. When I was using funny images on facebook page I was getting more LIKES & Shares but when I posted those images on my blog Humoristan. My LIKES & Share rate decreased.. 🙂 One more thing I am now become a regular reader of your blog. I started it a month ago & now addicted to it.. Great blog posts .. keep it up.. 🙂

  54. Hi Neil !
    Thank you for your Xcellent post. Facebook is the king of social media jaint. So that every blogger and web publisher shoud create their site Social Media friendly. Social media optimization can be the another part of SEO to build a strong harmony among billions of people.

  55. Really great article. We’ve had fun developing our Facebook presence and learning how to engage, delight, surprise and get along with the members of our website offering discounts for NHS staff on Facebook. Interesting points on finding the balance between just hanging out and trying to convert new members too.


  56. “done is better than perfect” wow what an awesome quote. Your face-book strategy to getting people to share your update is like fresh tonic that needs to be sipped little by little to savor its intricate taste. Going now to put to practice your shared art

  57. Great tips Neil. Facebook is a very important tool to market yourself so we should use it very carefully.
    Also i have been following you on Facebook for quite a time and really love your thoughts/quotes out there. 🙂

  58. Matthew Kuehlhorn :

    Thanks Neil,

    Your provide so much great value in your articles. Thanks for this!

  59. zafar hossain :

    You are getting me more into online marketing as I had no interest on it from the wee time of my internet experience. If I will succeed in future, surely you are gonna get some reward from me.

  60. Just shared while reading and the tips were so good that it shows the potential of building a great Facebook page.

    Had to share and retweet “Saturday is the most popular day to post on Facebook. And more specifically, noon EST is the most popular time to post updates. So you should ideally post every Saturday at noon EST.” all our blog fans the Facebook fans with your name. “Neil Patel” 🙂

    Thanks for the share.

    • Fernando, glad you found the information helpful. I find that posting at the time yields the most interaction and likes.

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