How I Grew The KISSmetrics Blog From 0 to 350,000 Readers a Month

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After 8 years of blogging, I’ve figured out how to start and grow a blog in almost any space. It doesn’t matter if the blog is in the consumer space or business space… the formula is the same.

Through this formula, I was able to grow TechCrunch’s traffic by 30% in 60 days. I was also able to drive Gawker Media an extra 5 million visitors, and I was able to make Timothy Sykes an extra 1.2 million dollars.

Now this formula is a bit hard to explain over a blog post, so I decided I would try something new by sharing it with you through a webinar. Don’t worry… it’s 100% free, just like my blog posts, with no strings attached.

So what are you going to learn during this free webinar?

  • The strategies KISSmetrics used to go from 0 to 350,000 visitors a month.
  • How to grow a blog to over 100,000 visitors a month, without spending a dollar.
  • How to monetize your blog and create a positive ROI.
  • How to leverage infographics to increase your search engine rankings.
  • How to use analytics to fine tune your blog and increase your ROI.
  • How to track the ROI of your social media marketing.
  • The 7 common mistakes you need to avoid if you want your blog to be successful.

If you are interested in learning how you can boost your blog traffic and make more money from content marketing, click here to signup for the free webinar.

Webinar information

If you are interested in attending the webinar, here are the details:

  • Presenter – Neil Patel
  • Format – PowerPoint presentation with question and answers at the end
  • Date – Thursday February 7th, 2013
  • Time – 10am to 11am PST

Click here to attend the webinar.

PS: If you would like me to cover something specific that I didn’t mention above, leave a comment, and I will do my best to cover it within the webinar.

Update: You can watch a recorded version of the webinar here.


  1. Hey Neil,

    This is something i will definitely be looking forward to.

    Just signed up. Can’t wait for the 7th of February to arrive.

    Maybe you could talk a bit more about this blog itself as well as KISSMetrics?


    • Great! Thanks a lot for the free webinar Neil. It would be nice to see you adding the importance of Slideshare or how to make the best use of it and Youtube marketing to the webinar topics. Other than that you have covered pretty much all the other topics on the webinar and we are raring to go

    • Michael Chibuzor :

      This is a must for me as well. I’m sure this webinar is going to reveal some traffic tips I’ve been searching for.

      Although, it’s not really how much free traffic and readers your site gets, but how targeted you convert them. I’m sure Neil has built a community, and not just a website for everyone.

      Come February 7, I’d be available to view the presentation. It’d definitely take my content marketing blog to the next level. Thank you Neil.

    • Thanks for the suggestion, is there something specific you would like me discuss about the blogs?

  2. I’m a big fan of your blogging Neil. Will definitely have to jump on that webinar (at least to find out what you’re going to try to sell me :P)


  3. Would a version of it be available to view later on Youtube or so? Unfortunately, I can’t make it on the 7th. 🙁

    • I second this. Please post the video afterwards.

    • It will be available to view on QuickSprout later. 🙂

      • Hi Neil: Awesome webinar idea–I’m in the process of launching a blog important to my business–and great timing. Unfortunately I cannot make the live event, but I appreciate having access to the replay. Looking forward to it.

        Peace and Blessings.


      • That’s great! I look forward to viewing it on video – it’ll be in the wee hours of the morning for me when you have your webinar on!

        • Same here Angela. I am not really in the same timezone as you Neil but I would definitely wait for the replay. As a neophyte in this business I would love to hear the secrets of bloggers and marketers from various backgrounds. Learning the basics is what I am really interested about because knowing what to do first will help me reach my goals the right way.
          One of goals to increase my visitors and increase my traffic(just like any marketer right?). Also I wanted to give my readers a personalized and a memorable experience. Also learning about Google Analytics and Infographics are one of the targets that I have in mind these days. So your webinar will definitely help people like me.


        • I appreciate you making it, even with the time difference!

      • That’s wonderful, Neil! I can’t make it on the 7th either, so posting it in QuickSprout would be such a relief for me. Thank you so much!

  4. Thomas Oppong :

    Thanks Neil. You really are helping a lot of bloggers out there. You give away lots of info for free and that’s why we keep coming back for more. I am signing up now.

  5. Dominic Devlin :

    Have signed up really looking forward to it. I have put my evening dinner back to make sure I don’t miss it!


    ps: Just fear it is going to focus on creating lots more content, as I think I have writer’s burn out.

    • You should take a break for a few days and then get back to writing. That usually solves my writers block problem.

  6. We are looking forward to this one!

  7. Thanks for this webinar. I am waiting for this.

  8. Web Dev Contest :

    That’s quite a jump…any advice on getting the first 100 or 1000…those are probably the hardest to get the ball rolling.

  9. Neil is entirely different from any other online marketing experts . So we can expect something valuable in his webinar .

  10. Thanks Neil,

    Just registered. I’d like to know, how much time should one give to their blog?

    I hope you’ll cover this also in your webinar.

  11. Amir @ Blue Mile Media :

    Awesome! I haven’t read your blog since day 1, but is this the first webinar you’re doing? I’m always learning new things from you, so I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from the webinar. Especially looking forward to learning more on tracking ROI on social media campaigns. I’m sure you’ll go over some good info on analytics. 🙂


  12. Hi Neil,

    Gutted I can’t make this! (I’m leading a workshop all day). Please do let me know if the webinar will be archived or if you plan to repeat it.

    Thanks very much!


  13. Could you go over how you measured in the early stages whether what you were doing was right. Any specific KPI’s or tools you used to measure this. Also did you have any keyword strategies for your initial blogs. Also if you could go over how you leveraged social media at the beginning, i remember you mentioning how you got a large following prior to the launch of your blog and that was instrumental to your success.


  14. Thank you for the webinar, that´s great. Is it possible to get the information later after the webinar? I can´t participate on this date…
    The keypoints in a blogpost, video or something else would be great!
    Best Regards,

  15. Hey Neil,

    Really looking forward to this one. It would be great to know how you exploited social media to gain traffic and attention.

    Thanks for the webinar!

  16. Power IM Deals :

    Thanks for the webinar Neil!

    I really love to hear about

    – How to leverage infographics to increase your search engine rankings & How to track the ROI of your social media marketing topics 🙂

  17. From 0 to 350, Definitely going to sign up as I can’t afford to miss it. But I have some urgent works on 7th..I hope you would made it available to watch online directly.

    You are really great..thanks for doing this.


  18. You’re probably one of the best business blog writers and it’s great to be able to pick up actionable tips from you. I’m looking forward to your webinar.

    The results that you were able to achieve with your reference sites is impressive. I suspect that that likely had healthy traffic levels or audiences as a starting point. It would be great if your presentation touches on tactics and strategies for blogs that are starting cold.

  19. Will you record this webinar as a downloadable video?

  20. Hi Neil!

    Webinar sounds great! unfortunately i think I am busy at that time 🙁

    If I register anyway, will there be a video download available after the event?



  21. Taswir Haider :

    Thanks Neil for sharing this opportunity. I am excited to learn something new here. I am in!

  22. Heyy Neil….it definitely looks tempting…I am seriously looking forward to it…thanks for sharing…!!!

  23. Hi Neil,

    Its really great to see this, but really sad for me I cant make it, Can i get a some link to check it later.

    Please share


  24. Niel,

    I look forward to the webinar. I’ve been holding off on starting a blog simply because I have no idea how to start & maintain a blog. But as this new year began I’ve forced myself to re-arrange our Marketing Plan and I’m forced once again to rethinkthe idea of starting a blog.

    Whatever stage of blogging this webinar will cover, I’m sure it will be worth listening in.

    Thanks in advance,

    Rob LopeZ

  25. The new case study landing pages are awesome!
    Who designed these?

  26. I am excited about this. Can you add, how to turn first time visitors into repeat visitors? If things like sign up forms, bookmark this page etc really help.

  27. Can you include some tips and tricks for doing youtube video marketing in webinar? That shall be great!! Thanks!

  28. Awesome Neil !!

    Just like dream comes true … just sign up can’t wait to attend the webbinar .. Thanks you so much in advance for the passion that u have done in SEO knowledge ..

    Hopefully they a record of this one so that the other that cannot attend still can have benefit from the web binar..

    for sure it will blow our mind …

  29. La Corolla Bullmastiff :

    Looks very promising. What are the supported OS for attending? could not find any information on the gotowebinar site

  30. Wow looking forward to checking this out, thanks Neil!

  31. Daniel Monterrosa :

    Neil’s expertise and knowledge are unparalleled, invaluable, and unique information. I soak it up. It’s like learning to play with the Michael Jordan of the trade!

    The case studies are very insightful and have powerful tips, and techniques to implement.

    Thanks Neil

  32. Awesome can’t wait.

    About what to cover:

    If possible, could you please explain how a local consultant who specializes in direct response/conversion optimization and local search, use seo/blogs to target different counties within a state using the same content? And if this could also be used by brick & mortar businesses as well.

    If I spend 18 hours developing useful content with 2,000 words, I’d like to make it visible to not just my own county, but also the high populated county just over.

    I know I can get more traffic by targeting the whole state, but I figured I really niche down to the city and I’m perceived to be more accessible than the other who are guys 2 hours away, business owners will probably be more receptive.

    Thanks Neil and keep up the great work.



    • Thanks for the request Mardy, I will see what I can do.

      • Thanks Neil.

        The last paragraph wasn’t clear. What I meant to say is I think business owners are more inclined to get in touch if I’m perceived to be local. Which I am. I just dont want to get slapped for duplicate content targeting 2 or 3 city keywords with same content.

        Hope that makes sense.

        (Im a college student hoping to get the attention of local companies and ad agencies in my area through content marketing)

        Thanks again.

  33. Looking forward to this Neil!

  34. thanks neil, i would love to attend this valuable webinar! This must be going to an excellent one !

  35. Thanks Neil for webinar, just done signuup.

  36. I am definitely looking forward to the presentation! I know from experience that Neil knows his stuff.

  37. Any live feed on internet of ur webinar or else can we get a copy of it after webinar who are unable to attend it?

  38. Servando Silva :

    Hey Neil,
    I just signed up and I’m crossing fingers so I’m available at that time (because of my 9-5 job). If not, a downloadable version would be great later!

  39. Looking forward to the Webinar Neil. One suggestion/idea: Can you start a brand new blog, do your content/SEO magic, and let us follow along over a period of time so we can watch how you grow it?

    Perhaps write some QS blog posts on the growth of the blog?

  40. I will be attending

  41. Thanks Neil for the coming webinar! Really I can’t wait for the 7th feb. But I wanna see your presentation that how to guide.

    This is great for the viewer if you will make a revenue slide year by year.

    Saurav Sharma
    Social Media Strategist

  42. Really awesome you gonna do a webinar! Been your regular reader over a year now!
    Would love to attend this but i think its an odd time here in India to watch webinar. will try for sure!
    It would be excellent if you could brief upon one or few things which actually brought you a sudden10x or 100x surge in traffic. The reason i am asking this is because its easier for relatively big brands to do that by releasing an infographic or a nice article.What about a site which just started and has no much connections

    Sorry for the long comment, rather a question!

    • Thanks, I really appreciate your support. I have had a couple of people request something similar so I will be sure to fit it in. 🙂

  43. Neil, a very Impressive profile and share.
    Like others have mentioned seeing how this can be applied to small-medium business and assist in driving big gains would be very beneficial indeed.

    Love your work 🙂

  44. Andrea T.H.W. :

    Hi Neil, I won’t be able to attend due to the different time zone from Italy, where I live, so I’ll have to wait for the reply on Quick Sprout.

    I know you’ll already have your plan for it but if possible it would be interesting to know if there is something to do to avoid Google updates when someone isn’t into social and doesn’t have a lot of free time. 🙂

    Have a great day and thanks!

  45. Hi Neil, this is a great share from your end but unfortunately I am busy on 7th Feb will catch up on this later if I get the oppertunity.

  46. Wow a great opportunity coming our way from the Guru as influential as Neil Patel.

    I got one request Neil. Will it be possible to get the whole of the webinar to emails in case I miss it? I mean to say that the webinar falls on a Working day and I may not catch up with the timing of this, specially we are from India. Hence, it will be highly appreciative if we can get this to our registered email id and watch it later on. In case you can arrange for millions of us..

    Anyway, I will make it a point to attend it by any means.

    Thanks for this awesome experiences which we are gonna have!!

    • Thanks Kalyan,

      It will be available later on QuickSprout to view for those who missed it.

      • This is just awesome and once again a benevolent act on your part. I will definitely make my best effort to watch it live, to take the real experiences or bunk my office 😛 to attend this..

        Anyway, if I miss it, I can watch it on this blog… thanks for this opportunity Neil.

        You really rock… keep this up..

  47. Very excited to learn from you, can’t wait for the 7th. 🙂

  48. Neil, your posts are very insightful…definately looking forward to the webinar.

    Only question for me ..what you see indian E commerce going in next five years.

    I have to give a small presentation and speech on this.


  49. Pragya Sharma :

    Thanks Neil. I am planning to start my own blog very soon. And I can’t afford to miss it.

  50. really helpful post…kissmatrics is amazing.keep posting….

  51. Hi,
    i would love to attend this but my internet connection is so slow. Will there be a transcript. You too much.

  52. I hope you have a recap of this webinar.

  53. If we want to get a lot of traffic, one of the greatest sources is Please do cover this Sir Neil in your Webinar and give us tricks how we can leverage Stumbleupon. Thanks!

  54. Signed up. Looking forward Neil 🙂

  55. Hey Neil,

    I am super interested in learning this, but the huge problem is that I will be in school during that time. Is there any way you can record the post so that I can watch it at a later date?? I would be really disappointed if I had to miss this because of a class…

  56. Thank you. I have enrolled for the webinar.

    If possible would like to have some specific clues on beginning to profit from my 3 months old blog, with 3-4 hours per day available time to work on it.

    I look forward to the 7 Feb.
    Best regards

  57. I’m looking to increase the traffic to my site as well, and I’ve read that a blog is a great way to do it, so I’m really excited about this webinar. Thanks for all the great information you give away for free Neil!

  58. Hi Neil,

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your reply to my email and helping me out with my query. I really appreciate your suggestion.

  59. Steven Sefton :

    Perfect timing, finalising the last pieces to my blog and this will help me with some structure to my blogging strategy.

    Can’t wait Neil.

  60. Hey Neil, It’s a great oppprtunuity for me, I look forward to the webinar. I’m a big fan of your writing Neil. I’d like to know, how to produce high quality written content for blog?

    Thanks in advance for the webinar!

  61. Can’t wait for the webinar, looking forward to it.

  62. KISSmetrics blog? I never know about this before. I’m glad seeing this post because its the best entry that I found. Thanks! 🙂

  63. Brandon Yanofsky :

    Hey Neil. Been following your blog for a while, but usually keep quiet. But this webinar sounds so exciting that I had to leave a comment.

    I honestly can’t wait to hear this and see some of the techniques you’ve used. Definitely want to start applying these to my own blog.

    Thank you, and looking forward.

  64. Hi Neil,

    I tried to access the webinar today, but it just kept saying to comeback, that it had not started yet???

    I hope you replay it or make it available somehow??

    PS. Ive been trying to stalk you through LinkedIn ads, but either your ad blind or never go on LinkedIn. lol

  65. Hi Neil,

    I would love to get your thoughts on choosing the right keywords to target and how to find those “wallet-out, ready-to-buy” visitors, as you put it.

    Thanks! Looking forward to the webinar.

  66. Thank you Neil, I want to register for your presentation. Regards,

  67. Please say, you’ll record it for us across the pond (in the uk!). I know it will be killer 🙂

  68. That is great! I look ahead to watching it on movie – it’ll be in the wee time of the morning time for me when you have your web seminar on!

  69. Mark Atkinson :

    Hey Neil,

    Would love to attend this but will be away.

    Will you be uploading the webinar somewhere for us to view after it happens? If you could that would be absolutely awesome!

    Sounds like it’s gonna be a cracker. 🙂

  70. Does the info you teach work for blogs in spanish? Or just for english?

  71. I won’t be able to catch the webinar, will it be available on your site afterwards?

  72. Thanks a million Neil. Signed up and looking forward to learning a thing or two!

  73. Elvedor Projects :

    I genuinely cannot hang on to listen to this and see some of the techniques you have used. Definitely want to start implementing these to my own weblog.

  74. Maria Ignatova :

    Great webinar, Neil. Will it be available on-demand so I can share w/ my coworkers?

  75. missed the webinar, have you got the video up somewhere?

  76. Any news on the download Neil?

    I am exciting about watching it, as I was disappointed that I couldn’t attend the webinar!


    Andy 🙂

  77. Any more news on the download? 😀

  78. actually is it work for my blog it have only 1 week old ,can you help me

  79. Hi,
    Excellent post. I think that if we keep on posting new things then we will always get more traffic. 🙂
    Thank you

  80. Hmmm quite a few asking about the download Neil 😀

    I guess you’re a busy guy!

    Ps. Hmmmm questionable name that guy above me has, huh 😉

  81. As an Internet marketing strategy, SEO considers how search engines work, what people search for, the actual search terms or keywords typed into search engines and which search engines are preferred by their targeted audience. Optimizing a website may involve editing its content, HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to specific keywords and to remove barriers to the indexing activities of search engines. Promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links, is another SEO tactic.

  82. Yeah, that gay just copy pasted something from google and posted here.

    Anyway, any news about the download?


  83. It was from other bloggers… we hit them up randomly and then we paid them. We also told them to nofollow the links as well.

  84. Hi Neil,

    I recently found your website online, searching for ´link building´. I am pleasantly amazed with the quality of your posts. I recently launched a new website and your great advice is helping me create a strong plan to grow it.



  85. Ramchandra Kumble :

    Webinar not available ? 🙁 is there somewhere I can get to see?

  86. I constantly spent my half an hour to read this website’s posts every day along with a cup of coffee.

  87. Hey Neil,

    Great webinar btw! Glad I got the chance to see it.

    I was wondering if there are any word or pdf files for those email templates in it though. Thanks again!

  88. Nice post, is helping me, thank u very much.

  89. Hariyaksh Mehta :

    Although i would also like to ask if you could provide any tips for using slideshare for marketing. Would be great if you could. Thanks in advance.

  90. Vetra Furniture :

    Nice post, is helping me for improve Search ranking of blog ,
    Thanks a lot

  91. It really helped me in increasing my blogs traffic….

  92. Got Stunning ideas from here. Thank you so much Sir!
    Keep rocking.

  93. vicki padila :

    That is really very awesome, keep the great work up. Blog is really informative and helpful
    gmail sign in

  94. Enaira D'vaille :

    A great success story. Inspiring!

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