Why I Work During The Holidays

happy holidays

Do you know what you are going to do during Christmas? Probably hanging around the Christmas tree, opening presents, and relaxing with your family, right?

Can you guess what I am doing for Christmas?

I’m doing a bit of what you are doing, but I am spending the majority of my time working. But please, don’t feel sorry for me! There’s actually a good reason why I work during the holidays. Here’s why:

Work never stops

Just because you are taking a break from your work, it doesn’t mean your work is taking a break. No matter what holiday it is, I always have new emails coming in that need a response.

I also have new tasks that are assigned to me.

So if I take a few days off, all I am creating is a pile of work that I’ll have to get to when I go back to work. Because I hate that feeling, I always make sure I get my work done on time instead of having stressful workdays with a double workload after the holidays.

When you run your own business, you are never your own boss. All of your customers are your bosses. If you don’t keep them happy, you will watch your income go down the drain. So, if your customers need something from you during the holidays, you’d better be there to address their needs.

It’s better to be ahead than behind

For most businesses, holidays are slow…extremely slow. Even though I work during holidays, my work doesn’t take up that much time. For this reason, I am able to catch up and even get ahead on my work.

During these slow times, I am able to get my inbox down to zero unread emails and my to do list down to nothing.

You want to get ahead and be on top of everything because it sets a standard for your company. If you are always behind on your work, how can you expect your team members to be on top of things?

At KISSmetrics, a lot of people work during the holidays even though they are not required to. For example, my VP of Sales sent out an email announcing a few new deals his team closed and sharing the fact we are having another great month.

My Director of Marketing also emailed me to see if I had a moment to chat with a potential customer. Further, our Customer Success Team is continually answering support emails and doing whatever it takes to help customers succeed.

If you set a standard in your company for hard and efficient work ethic, you’ll create a great company culture in which your team will do whatever it takes to succeed instead of playing a game of catch up. The last thing you want is to create a company culture where it’s okay for everyone to continually miss their deadlines.

On the flip side, if you have a team that works hard, executes fast, keeps your customers happy, and ensures your business is ahead of your competitors, you need to make sure you are taking care of them. You need to be generous during the holidays and appreciative of everything your team members are doing for the business.

Never stop learning

Almost all of my friends are entrepreneurs. They are really smart, and they love helping me out by giving me free advice. I’ve learned so much from my friends that I even went as far as buying a condo in the same building as my friend so I could see him more often and learn more from him.

But there is one big issue with learning new things only from my friends. Do you know what it is?

They are all entrepreneurs, which means they aren’t always my ideal customers. I also need to get feedback from regular people as many of them are not only my customers, but they are also a great source of feedback and ideas that I wouldn’t think of.

During the holidays I get to hang our with my family, nephew, family friends, and a ton of everyday people. Don’t get me wrong: these everyday people are smart, but they have a different perspective on life from my business friends’ perspective.

It’s great to get their feedback as in many cases they are my ideal buyers.

You can lose a battle as long as you win the war

I work over seventy hours a week, each and every week. It’s not because I have to, but because I love what I am doing. Most of my work hours are filled with doing actual work, which means I don’t get to think about the company’s overall strategy very often.

Holidays are a great time for me to think about our future vision and strategy. On a daily basis, my team members and sometimes even I think about what our competitors are doing or what feature we need to get out next…when in reality those things don’t play a huge part in the big picture.

The market place we are in is big enough for multiple players, and we need to focus on our long-term vision as that will help us win the war. Just like any other company, we won’t win all of our battles, but as long as we come out ahead in the long run, we will be fine. The holidays are a great time for me to think about our overall strategy, which will help us win the war.

Taxes are evil, but a necessary evil

I hate paying taxes, but we all have to pay them so we can have things like roads, schools, police officers, etc. I don’t really have a problem paying taxes, but doing my taxes isn’t an easy task.

Even though I spend all my time on KISSmetrics, I still own of a handful of companies, am an investor in nearly thirty Internet companies, and have a handful of offline investments that provide cash flow. Plus, if you include things like stocks, bonds, and hedgfunds, my taxes get a bit tricky. Once my accountants figure out my income, they then have to figure out what to depreciate and write off.

I have a great bookkeeper, CPA, and even a tax attorney, but there is still a lot of work to be done on my end. Just because you pay smart people to handle your money doesn’t mean that they can do everything for you. You yourself need to help them think of tax saving strategies as well as double check all the numbers so you don’t get in trouble with the Government.

Learn from your first, earn with your second, give back with your third

I lost a lot of money with my first startup because I made many mistakes. I was lucky enough to make money from my second startup, and I am currently working on my third. I still want to make a lot more money, but I’ve learned that it is important to give back.

I’m here today because other entrepreneurs helped me out when I needed it without asking for anything in return. From giving me free advice to handing me business deals, they did whatever it took to make sure I did well.

Although I still have a long way to go before I feel successful, I enjoy giving back, especially during the holidays. One of the ways I do so is by helping out every entrepreneur who asks me for help. And although I can’t get to everyone during the normal work week, I usually can get to all of the people I missed during the holidays.

For me, it’s very rewarding to help others just like you may have helped me when I first got started.


I understand why you may not want to work during the holidays, but I’ve found it to be really helpful. During Christmas, if you try to work, even if it is just for an hour or two, I bet you’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment.

What other work related things can you do during the holidays?


  1. Sayeee Ahsan Khan :

    I totally agree with you boss… Because i’m doing the same thing… And the past part is that it makes you different from other’s… And i always like to be different…

  2. Sayeee Ahsan Khan :


  3. I agree with you completely and I wish all businesses would think like this. Any business owners’ job is to please their customers and never keep them waiting. I hate when I have to wait 2 or 3 days to receive an email response especially when I’m really interested in the services. I hope a lot of business owners read this Christmas is just another day

  4. I’m spending my holiday working on a pitch for a startup, good to know I’m doing something right.

    Cheers Neil and Happy Holidays!

  5. Me too, I work during the holidays. I love working now that I am on my own. I have never liked holidays anyways.

    I am a beginner blogger with only 7 month experience and I want to thank you for all the great work that you are putting out there. You explain your post in a way that any beginner can understand, yet you go deep in a way that many professionals would appreciate it.

    Merry Christmas

  6. I completely agree. I put in a few hours early in the morning and then a couple after lunch. I love setting things up in the holidays so that routine work becomes a breeze. I also equip my kitchen shelves with made-from-scratch masalas that make it super-easy to cook delicious stuff. The extra effort is totally worth it. Besides, I also make a tentative cooking calendar so that I don’t go through the what-to-cook phase. This also helps plan grocery shopping. Doing all this helps me manage my time productively, yet giving me time to spend time with family. 🙂 I enjoy the process of planning, as I am committed to contributing to a few welfare homes the year around, and being conscious about that ensures that the incoem comes in.

    As always love the post, Neil. Blessings and Happy Christmas to you. May 2013 be your best year ever.

    • Great, anytime you can spare for some work is worth it. I really like the calendar cooking schedule that sounds like a great way to be more efficient. I might give it a try. 🙂

      • I highly recommend menu planning. It keeps me sane around 5pm to know that dinner is planned and all the ingredients are there. It also eliminates distractions during the working day because I don’t have to think about it. It is also a great way to make sure you eat healthily.

        We currently plan our menus and do the major shop monthly and it saves a lot of time.

  7. I also work during holidays, which is quite ok. During these times I have more ‘quiet’ time to settle my activities in the right pace. Since my web-business is still not profitable, holidays are great to do more work!
    It is good to rest, by all means needed, but not to allow yourself to get lazy.
    Happy holidays:-)

  8. Neil, I work with you today and tomorrow, you’re not alone:)!
    Thanks for bunch of thoughts thrown in this post, I found many aspects re-assuring. I hear your pain about taxes too, a bunch of real estate, LLCs and trading account make things so complex! Sometime I wonder if it’s really worth it wasting so much time doing all this choreography and spending money on CPA to run all of that.

    • Yah it is a pain but for me it is worth it. It saves me time which is most valuable and keeps me from making mistakes. 😉

      • Oh, making others do stuff for you is priceless as long as they are good in that. I just often doubt myself if it’s worth it to have so much diversity in businesses instead of having a single focus on one venture.

  9. David-Africa's Opportunities :

    Hello Neil,

    This is definitely a very interesting post as I am also seeing that holidays are a time to clear backlog.

    Thanks for sharing Neil and Merry Christmas and a successful year 2013.

  10. Everyone reading this is likely doing the same thing – I LOVE IT!

  11. Laura Leigh Clarke :

    Hey Neil, thanks for a great post which includes some useful insights. Its good for me to see that even though one might have a bookkeeper and accountant in place there is still work to do… I keep trying to optimise this kind of thing, but it’s true about still needing to know enough to take responsibility for the money stuff.
    Also nice to see that there are other inspired folks out here who get ahead of the game over the holidays!
    Happy holidays Neil 🙂

  12. When you love what you do, it isn’t work.

  13. Hi Neil,
    You startled me the other day by replying to an email I sent (and not expecting an answer!) at 2 am so I know you put in a lot of hours!
    The permanently “on and connected” global market that drives Internet business is always awake so I guess you’re correct in needing to drive your business forward every day! The market won’t wait while you enjoy a break – they’ll just go somewhere else!
    As a blogging beginner, I’m really looking forward to your wisdom!
    Best wishes Neil and a Happy New Year!

  14. Shivbhadra Gohil :

    Very helpful posts and Yes, i am also going to work on these holidays. It’s a great idea to work as much as you can while you’re young.

  15. Neil…don’t forget it’s important to work out on the holidays too! I love taking some extra time to keep just busy enough to plan for the next year while feeling great come January 1!

    Happy holidays!

  16. Neil! Excellent points! Personally for me; this is the time of year when I begin looking over my long term goals, reviewing situations I’ve experienced in the year 2012 (good and bad) and figure out what I’ve learned from all of them. Next step is to use what I’ve learned in tweaking my goals for the years ahead, making adjustments, etc. It is true that one should never ever lose touch with the general public, their wants and needs, etc. I’ve seen many so called smart business owners do just that and they alienate so many people and fail terribly when it comes to grasping what it is that their audience wants because of their determination to shut the masses out. Around the holidays is also an excellent time to just get out and walk around where the public tend to do their last minute shopping and congregate. You don’t always have to talk, just look and watch. You’ll learn loads! Rock On!

  17. Thanks for the post and insights, Neil! Between a band, a media and design business, and working with churches, every day of the week is a ‘work’ day for me, and I love it! I actually think the more work you do, if it’s work you love and work that inspires you, the more it fuels you to be productive and engaged. Happy Christmas, and enjoy your working holidays!!

  18. Neil,

    Thanks for your insights. I have been receiving your emails for a few weeks now and they are very helpful.

    After I start receiving my first customers, I will buy your traffic program. You are so open and honest in your posts and emails… I think the half hour conversation is the most valuable thing though!

    I can’t wait to read more.

  19. Neil, I love my work too but I also enjoy taking breaks. I think its more helpful than detrimental to my business. I get new marketing ideas, relax, read books. When I come back to work after a short break, my mind is clear.

    But then again, for the moment you are more successful than me 🙂 so for the moment your advice is more credible.

    Merry Christmas!

    • Definitely, it is beneficial to take breaks and spend time enjoying yourself. I work when I finally have a break from spending time with my family. 😉

  20. If someone is operating a lifestyle or hobby business, slowing down or even stopping all work during the holidays makes sense.

    Otherwise, like you said…

    (1) It should be a passion (both the work and the goals you’re driving for), which means this isn’t the same view of “work” as an employee would have.

    (2) Customers, affiliates, clients, prospects … all that continues. It slows down. But the world doesn’t stop because it’s Christmas… if anyone needs evidence of that, go listen to how many cash registers are dinging at your local shopping mall. It’s business as usual. Even if you’re not in retail, the world continues.

    That being said, sending out outbound ads/marketing to your in-house database and buyers on the 24th/25th, I’d find tacky. And I believe many of your prospects and clients would too. So focus your work more on internal tasks.

    And while “taking a break at holidays” isn’t necessary, understand your work / life balance. It doesn’t mean a “lifestyle” business. But celebrate your successes and take a few days break at *some* point in the year (I prefer summer, which is why Christmas is definitely ideal WORK time for me not vacation time).

    Best of success to everyone in 2013.

    – Rob Toth

    • plumber in cleveland :

      This is a nice post that has a somewhat personal side to it, and also a lot of nice ideas one of the most important of which is to be thankful, and to share your blessings with others.

      And Rob, fully agree, best work days to be outside and take a break from work are the most pleasant days of the year: summer!

    • Thank you Rob for your thoughts on the matter. I do agree that it is important to take a break at some point. For me though spending only a few hours on work and taking the rest of the day off is a break. 😉

  21. Hey Neil your work ethic is unparallelled to anyone i know. True inspiration..can you do a post on your daily routines and good habits that we can all learn from…?

  22. – My girlfriend is sleeping
    -My sister is sleeping
    -My mother in the bath
    -The boyfriend of my sister.. prectically in the pole north in a metal mine
    – My beer is not yet cold…

    So I work until they awake and the beer cold !!!

    I also work because for me work is not a pain or a sacrifice, Ilove wath I do for a living ! Its my passion.

    Merry Christmas !

  23. I completely agree, I feel like it gives me extra time to learn more since there is a lot less day to day activities to do. So I take some of the off time to catch up on readings.

  24. Work….holidays…area all only words..their definition and meaning are given by your own understanding n feeling. YOU have achieved your freedom when you do this. Merry Xmas Niel n thanks for liking my photo on instagram ……

  25. I agree, it’s important to not get behind during holidays. Yet you shall never miss a big day of fresh powder skiing. Too rare to be missed.

  26. Neil,
    Thank you for this post. In fact I am also of the same mindset. I am busy working on my next projects, plans for 2013 and to grow my blog, my business going forward into 2013.

    Yes, holidays are there, a little here and a little there of fun activities are going on in the parallel. But I am working hard to get a lot done in this slow season when everybody is busy having fun!
    You inspired me just a little bit more to have the passion to make it happen. Thanks again!

  27. Sometimes it has to be done. I’m in the process of putting a product on the market so for me it’s all about momentum. It’s simply easier for me to keep working through this time of year and to focus properly.

    I’ve said no to every party, event and will even work right through Christmas Day. And nye. I’d probably say no if I has to go to a wedding.

    Get ahead and don’t get distracted and lose sight of your goal.

    • Yep, sometimes it does and that is the sacrifice you have to be willing to make. I hope you still make time for your family and friends though. 🙂

  28. I will be working AND working out during the holidays. I don’t have a lot of family obligations so I guess that works out in my favor around this time of year.

  29. Everyone reading this should understand that one day you may be a millionaire.

    And people will hate you for it.

    Yes ladies and gentlemen, people will resent the fact that you are wealthy.

    Those people you call average or ordinary people, Neil, are the same people that will hate your success.

    People who think entrepreneurs are crazy, people who are not willing to sacrifice time or money in their own business will despise your success.

    The Same folks who were not willing to work during the holidays as we do. Nor work 70 hours a week as we do.

    For some reason people just see the big car, the big house, and all the money, but they don’t see the hours, sweat and tears invested BEFORE you became rich.


  30. Dimitri Grassi :

    Working, Working and Working…

    What last of your life? Working should be a way to enjoy your life and people you love. I’m a freelance too and I love my job but I don’t live to work, I work to leave. I could earn much more than I do but I have just one life and I want to enjoy all the beautiful things it can offer to me. Money can’t fulfill my life.

    Merry Christmas.

    Dimitri from Italy

  31. It’s Christmas Eve and I’m writing blog articles 🙂 I agree with you Neil… I could be sitting on my couch watching movies, but I enjoy writing blog articles and have a passion for it. It is a choice I make. Great article Neil!

  32. Famous Quote by Neil Patel: “When you run your own business you are never your own boss. All of your customers are your bosses”.

    I’ve been trying to explain this to people who think I always run the show, thanks for the words.

  33. In Europe for example, only in poor, corrupted countries people work in this period… and until very late hours. In Germany and other countries, people are respected, they have the time to stay with their family and friends, they go to the church and so on. I don’t want to be rude, I guess that you have this mentality because you are Indian and not Christian. In this period is great to “work” for people in need and for you soul, not for your pocket.

    • Mit, I agree with you 100%. Plus, working on Holidays is only good for single and poor peoples. All they will remember is work, work and work. Clients will respect and understand why you not working. Sometimes, when you available to your clients 24/7, they will lose a respect for you. You have to get out and clear up your mind. Be with family or have an interesting trip. This is what Holidays for. Peoples, who taking breaks from work are more productive.

      • I do believe you should spend time with your friends and family over the holidays. I just personally don’t stop working altogether.

    • Thanks for the feedback Mit, I see your point.

  34. Great advice Neil. Key factor seems to love what you do.

  35. Hi Neil,

    That makes sense. If one is working in their own start-up, all the extra work which one puts in will be beneficial to one’s own motives and ambitions. And it doesn’t have to be slogging it out. All it needs is little time and attention. I guess holiday time can be put to use to think of future course of action and planning ahead. The mind is relaxed, the mood is upbeat and the climate is favorable too. So, I think it makes sense to chart out a future course of action using brainstorming techniques.

    Merry Christmas to you Neil. 🙂



  36. Thanks for sharing, Neil. I do the same, it’s not required, but I love what I am doing. Normally, I will plan and research the tasks during weekend or holiday, so that I won’t be busy and stress up the work flow or deadline on workweek.
    Happy Holiday, Neil…

    • It really does help out to get ahead or at least plan things out when you have extra time. So like you said during the week you aren’t as busy or stressed.

  37. Ramsay from Blog Tyrant :

    Hey Neil.

    You are definitely intrinsically motivated – loving your work and all that.

    For me, while I love blogging, I mostly work because I want to spend more time with my family, hobbies, traveling, etc. so I chose a business structure that allows me more

    I don’t think I’m a true entrepreneur because I really don’t care about money enough.

    Great post though. Always love your tips.


  38. With the rush of prepping for the end of the year, taking stock of 2013 goals, and managing the to-dos and emotions of the holiday season, the end of year can be a tough time for business owners and employees. So working on holidays for an hour or two is a superb idea. Thanks Neil! Merry Christmas!!

  39. I think having the door open is work enough for Christmas. Being accessible means open to replying to the odd email. In our day and age replying to an email can be done over the dinner table with the smartphone. At the end of the day, we get busy just living, so while it is holiday it is good to spend it with family and friends.

  40. Kate L Williams :

    Your post is a perfect opportunity to thank you for your work, especially the writing you’ve done here to support and educate us.

    I work during the holidays to have guilt-free time to reflect and plan and clean up the messes I’ve made: desk, computer files, financial info., etc. This year I am living with my family and helping out with household chores and college applications. That work also continues through the holidays.

    Blessings and a prosperous New Year,

  41. Sir,
    I am reading your article first time, and it’s really nice to read your views about life, holiday and business. Best thing about your article was that learn from first, earn from 2nd and do the third
    There were plethora evidences in ur article that emphasized me towards enterpreneurship.
    Once again it was nice reading and merry christmas and new year to you

  42. Happy holidays Neil.

  43. Our Christmas started at 3:30am, and was done at 3:45am, so I’ve been on my laptop since then (5 hours). Checking out blogs like yours, facebooking, twitter, and watching a marketing video.


  44. Great post. Especially loved the part ab giving back.

    Would have been perfect without the question on the end. You wrote something from the heart – no need for the end question; people already want to respond. If it matters, I vote for no end question on future posts.

    Happy holidays, Neil. Thanks for sharing.

  45. Happy Holidays to all of you!!!

  46. I can understand something like this from businesses just starting out, but I must disagree somewhat with this whole business never stops mentality, in the long run.

    What about the fact that if you can’t get away from your business then all you’ve done is bought yourself a job?

    Wouldn’t your clients rather deal with a true ongoing concern? ie If you ended up in the hospital tomorrow for some awful reason would your business just fall apart around you? Wouldn’t that be a real and reasonable concern for your clients?

    Doesn’t a real business mean that you would have processes, procedures, and people in place so that it can pretty much run itself? With you providing managerial guidance and strategy?

    I don’t celebrate Christmas from the religious viewpoint but I did attend a “turkey/birthday dinner” last night. (my kids were born Dec 23rd and 24th) Our family spent hours telling stories funny enough to have me in tears most of the evening. The kids played with their cousins way past their bed time, 5 hours. Unfortunately they still woke up at 7am like clockwork.

    I must be somewhere in between. I stopped and smelled the turkey when it was appropriate. This morning when the kids are enjoying their new toys and the wife is working, I’m catching up on emails.

    • You bring up a good point, you should at some point have your business set up so that if you were not there anymore it would not as you said fall apart.

  47. You have to work every day if you are an entrepreneur.

  48. Thanks for sharing this Neil. It made me write a similar post on why I work during holidays. I’ve linked back to you just to show my appreciation. Have a great one

  49. Thanks Neil, NOW i know i will be successful and be ahead of others because i WORK 75 Hours a week and i don’t have holidays.

  50. David Markovich :

    Seems there are a lot of entrepreneurs working on festive season to achieve results.
    Neil, could you please check my email and consider the offer I sent you a couple of minutes ago?

  51. No one will work harder for you than yourself. So I take it upon myself as putting more effort into my business than I did when I work for an employer

  52. Great post. Just like you, I’m getting work done today. In fact, reading your post was a little bit of Pre-work for me before I get started on a project.

  53. Sigh…you youngsters have a lot to learn.

    There is no glory or badge of honor of working yourself into the ground.

    If you really can’t take off a few days without getting behind, then your planning and time management skills are really poor.

    Really, why do you feel the need to work every day? Do you have something to prove to someone? Do you have nothing going on in your personal life that you can enjoy?

    I find it especially funny all the me toos who took the time to post here and say they were working too. Ummm if you are on the internet, posting on a blog, you aren’t working. You are screwing off.

    That is the problem. If you cut out all the screwing off you are doing and truly focus on the task, you would get it done in half the time.

    People are so used to putting in face time in corporate offices, they tend to bring that to their own business. They spend about 2 hours doing real work and the rest screwing off.

    There is a message in here somewhere youngsters…hope you get it. As for me, I am going to spend the day at the beach.

    • I know Dmitri and Mit were the first to express this sentiment Old Timer, but you really hit the nail on the head.

      I value Neil’s insights and success with launching and growing companies, and I imagine he is still single, so he’s likely got plenty of free time beyond the 70 hours he works, so there’s obviously nothing wrong with that for now. But I’m saddened for all the readers that admire it and follow it when they may not have the luxury of time a single 20-something has.

      I used to work like that and was way out of balance, especially early in my marriage. I’m grateful I learned my lesson young enough and got my priorities re-aligned as my three young kids (5/3/1) and wonderful wife deserve all of the time I can give them.

      It’s amazing how much stuff I thought I had-to-do back when I worked 60-70 hour weeks, but now that I’m not doing any of it, it hasn’t stopped me from succeeding in my business at all.

      Focusing on the little hinges that swing big doors (80/20 Principle) and realizing that Rome wasn’t built in a day have both helped me to be 10x more productive and give me all the time in the world to spend on things I value, such as my family and friends. And I wouldn’t trade that perspective shift for all the money in the world.

      • Good point Josh. I can see that having a family and kids can change working hours and you may have to have a better balance with kids.

    • Nothing to prove, I just enjoy working and am always trying to think of new things. I think the best time to work hard is when you aren’t married… that way life is easier when you have a family.

  54. Nowa days it is easier to keep yourself updated in your work with devices like ipad and smart phones even if you are on holidays.

    • That is very true, that is why it shouldn’t be too much trouble to take a couple of hours out of your day and get some work done.

  55. very interesting article! i agree with you Neil. one who works more than others will get more … more chances, more opportunities … more deals … more money… and other more things in life :))). success for you Neil

  56. Software Testing :

    I may not agree completely that we should work even on holidays but yaa it relieves you from extra workload which keeps on piling up if you completely stop the work during the holidays. Overall a very good article!


    • Thanks Yogindernath,

      It helps to relax every once and a while but to stop working completely could cause even more stress.

  57. Nice thoughts Neil. I am totally agree with you. To keep success rate high, your customers must be happy and satisfied with your service. Even I am also working on holidays.
    Anyway Merry Christmas Neil !!!

  58. I like taking time off, right now I’m in Laos for a few days and will be heading down south to some islands in Thailand for New Years. It’s important to relax a bit, but more important not to get out of the rhythm of work. It’s akin to working out everyday, then you slack off for the holidays and forget to pick up the habit again. You don’t want to do that when you’re self employed and your success depends on your personal habits. -David

  59. We still do, we love to work even in holidays like this, seems it’s our nature as passionate entrepreneurs. I love the idea of Giving Back. Great post Neil.

  60. I am on “holidays” 355 days a year. Rest 10 days I need to do “important work” – like being with friends and family and “enjoying” the holidays with them 🙂

  61. Anyone need a good investor of a viable internet business here should contact me.

    Neil is such a great guy. working during holidays is fun and my work is full of fun


  62. “It’s better to be ahead than behind” very true. I also work during the holidays!

  63. Great thoughts and points here. I work at a hospital and we never get holidays, but there is always work to be done and lives to be saved. And when all is said and done, putting in a hard day’s work is always well worth it. It definitely applies to running multiple operations, as you’ve nicely pointed out.

  64. I love to work during holidays because i am free and no other work load is on me,so it helps me to concentrate more on my blogging work 🙂 🙂 🙂

  65. If you are looking for the success and wanna make your name,then we should take holidays like our regular day only.

  66. Yeah some people cant just stop working and enjoying themself, im not saying they cant have any fun or rest but there are alot of people out there that keep working even on holidays. I personally am working too as internet marketeer.

    Nice article!

  67. Terraria free download :

    Intresting thinking but somehow I not ever working on holidays, since I think its time to be with family 😉

  68. There’s no shortcuts in life, hard work and persistance that’s what it’s all about. You making some strong valid points. Keep it up the good work 🙂

  69. Most people doesn’t prefer to work on this time but what can be done , unfortunately this time of the year become more busy then anytime of the year.

  70. Very interesting article Neil. 70 hours a week breaks down to 14 hours a day (5 days) or 10 hours a day (7 days). It would be interesting to see a break down of a typical day. I’m wondering if you consider talking with other business friends “work”.

    San Diego

    • I usually work a lot during monday through friday. Saturday is a bit lighter and Sunday is heavier.

      The issue with a breakdown in a post format is it changes every week as I travel a lot.

  71. andrew calwert :

    Nice article.But we are on holiday from tomorrow till 3rd.sad for you but work is work you have to do it.

  72. I totally agree, cause i’m doing the same thing… And the past part is that it makes you different from other’s… And i always like to be different… Thanks for that post

  73. Yep, I working as much as possible on the holidays too. I also find it a great time to work b/c usually less interuptions.

  74. Yassin Urticaria :

    You’re really kind of a big deal since you pay taxes from online labor 🙂

    Yeah work never stops especially for me because i have started many websites lately. looking to read more posts

  75. I work over Christmas I find that I get more done when there is no one else about

  76. I love running my own business… and wouldn’t trade it for the world. However, I have to admit there are times when it would be “easier” if I had that 9 to 5 type of job. I’d never be “taking home my work” that way and be able to take real vacations. But even still, I’m thankful and wouldn’t change it… even during the holidays.

  77. Car Detailing Kent :

    I enjoying blogging and writing so I dont class it as work. Although over this week and next I have considerably slowed down.

  78. i also work during holidays. i support @neil . he is a great & hardworking man…

  79. Amarildo Walden :

    Hey Neil,

    Although I certainly do agree with you about working during the holidays ( I do so myself aswell ). Isn’t it also important to sometimes just “disconnect”? To take away the computer for a day or 2 and clear your head to have a fresh start 2 days later?

    Even though I know the work starts to pile up in these 2 days (I have the same issue), I know from experience that disconnecting for a day or 2 and then preferably during a holidy really helps my workflow.

    • It is. I myself can’t do that because of emails and just overall requests, but sometimes a break is nice. I just enjoy working…

  80. In any type of job, the work has to get done. When you work for someone else, there’s a luxury of someone else picking up where you left off. That’s a trade off for those who own their own business, but one that owners are generally OK with.

  81. Working on holidays is a great way to keep our valued customer happy. Wish you a Happy New Year Neil.

  82. This is such inspirational post – thanks most for sharing the following pointers, Neil! I continuously struggle to suit workouts throughout the festal season however this has created ME realize that it’s therefore vital to stay intake healthy and working out!

  83. if You Really need success. And Burning Desire To achieve Your Goal, You will not see holidays lol

    • Yea, it takes a lot to succeed… it isn’t easy. It probably never has been other than for the people who got lucky.

  84. Great post, glad I’m not the only one who works holidays!

  85. Americans already work more days and hours than almost any place on earth. At the end of your life, will anyone say “I wished I’d worked more”? Not likely.

    What really matters in life? Family. Taking care of those less fortunate among us. Spending time with children and old lonely people.

    Neil, you have offered much sage advice, but this is just terrible. The last thing we over worked, highly stressed Americans need is more time at work!

    • Brad, you do make valid points, but when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work.

      • Yes, but time away from the people in your life that need you is still time away, regardless if its work or something else like golf. You never get that time back. Life is fragile, fleeting and precious.

        Here is something to think about…Germany is far more productive per worker than America. And they get an average of SIX WEEKS vacation, compared to our two weeks. A senior executive with Daimler Benz told Business Week magazine that “Americans don’t understand the need for balance and time off. I get more work done in 10 months than I ever could in 12”.
        Personally, I re-prioritized some years ago, to make more time for the things that matter in the big picture (and that is not SEO or online marketing). I gained better connections with the people in my life, better relationships, and much greater life satisfaction – AND I get more done, because I have taken the needed time off.

        People, take some time off. Really Neil, encouraging people to work more in our insanely overworked, stressed out society is very bad advice.

        • You make some good points. I’ll actually work on becoming more productive and re-prioritize and see how it goes.

  86. I am with you on this. But, we shall take a break on 31st and jump in to the New Year with a glass of Champagne.

  87. Very positive and motivating article! It’s clear that you love what you’re doing. My main resolution for 2013 is to find the work I love and I know I will be happy to work on holidays. Thanks, Neil and Happy Holidays!

  88. Namaste, I suppose Neil Patel, you are a Hindu and just like me hence Christmas may not be as important as Diwali or Navaratri. So you can take the time to work on Christmas.
    I do agree with you that learning never stops and its a process that needs to be ongoing as blogging is one hard “dhokla” to eat. Best of wishes

  89. If you like the work which you do then it isn’t even work anymore. I dont find enough hours in the day to do anything as i am so busy. I just had to make an excuse to slip down to the pc for ten minutes and I have already been down her for three hours oooopssss lol. Just find something the you like doing and get on with it. If you what you are doing does not make you happy then get out of it no matter how much money you earn. I have given up positions with huge salaries and I am a really happy person.

  90. Car Detailing Kent :

    well said from Thomas. I started my car valeting business in June 2012 and I’m about to quit my current job which is considerable more mind taxing and higher paid, but blogging and car valeting I find so much more enjoyable and therefore I just dont class it as a job or work.

  91. Great post and agree with you. Normally we spend so much during the holidays if you are working in between, you won’t feel as quilty.

  92. That’s true, because work is worship.

  93. ” I’m Kind of a Big Deal ” sounds pretty arrogant by the way

    • The reason I use it is because it’s the name of a book I am working on publishing… just trying to get the brand out there.

      Sadly, I’ve been working on the book a bit too long.

  94. Thank you for sharing this article Neil! This inspired me to work harder in achieving my goals.

    Btw a friend and I are selling a clothing line using social media – facebook and twitter. We are thinking of creating a website using spotify and bringing forth traffic using your system. Just haven’t figured everything out yet. Do you believe we are on the right track?

  95. Thanks for putting in print what I’ve felt all along. The holiday period seems to be the only time I can get on top of all these emails. I’m embarrassed to tell you that there are still at least 6 of yours in my Inbox and I’m struggling to get to them. I hate to delay because they always contain such excellent information. But others are screaming for attention as well. Fortunately, thanks to my family going out to play in the snow and leaving me alone, I hope to clear everything out today. After all, it’s a New Year and we all want to start with a fresh slate.
    Thanks for all the excellent information. I am already looking forward to your next post.

    Happy New Year to you and all your readers.

    • Thanks Stephen,

      I am the same way, when my family is busy or preoccupied I take that time to get in some work.

  96. I’m happy to have found your blog (while I sit here at my desk working, on New Year’s Day!). I just started my business and although understand the basics of SEO, am trying to beef up to gain more expertise. So thank you for all the info! (BTW: I’m from the UK too – moved to the US in 1994).

  97. Hi Neil,
    That’s a very interesting take on things and you make a very valid argument. Once you do take breaks at other times which you find more suitable then there’s no reason why you shouldn’t work over the holidays if you want to! No reason to conform to some tradition for the sake of it.
    I’ve done some minimal work during the holidays, but badly need the weeks break! Will be back in the office reinvigorated tomorrow morning.

    • I hope on holidays people take a break from work if they want to but there are many people who do work and don’t have a choice about it. I personally like to keep up with my work so that I don’t feel overwhelmed when I return from break.

  98. Connor Harley :

    Hi Neil, I definitely agree that we get a great deal of accomplishment even just working for an hour or two during the holidays. It gives you assurance and not acting too complaisant. You’ll even be able to enjoy the holidays more without having to worry about backlogs.

  99. Don’t mind working throughout holidays if it means always being available to help our customers when they need us.

  100. Holidays! Where were they? 🙂

    Well, true that we some creaks are needed, most of them are uncalled for. A day or two of change is good, but yes, piling of work is absolutely uncalled for.

  101. Another inspiring post is here 🙂 Neil sir I like your passion with blogging, you have lot of businesses. But you are still replying to all comments in your blog posts. I saw so many bloggers don;t reply to their comments.

  102. I think it is a good time to get caught up on things that have fallen behind.

  103. I fully agree that work never stops, but it is also true that getting to much into it means missing something around you, there is always should be a balance within everything we do!

  104. I didn’t work this Christmas. It felt great to get some distance to my work. Having had a couple of weeks off time helped me to realize that I was putting a lot of pressure on myself last year and that I want to go about this year in a more happy-go-lucky way. Having sad that, I also like your point that working on holidays is OK. I’ve heard that quality is more important than quantity when it comes to spending time with loved ones.

  105. Internet Marketing can be addictive; you do need breaks from your work. You should have some processes which have been outsourced or automated that make taking a break easier. Plus if you do take time off you come back with fresh ideas.

  106. I don’t think there is any day for SEO or Web Marketers when they can rest we learn things each day and work all times 🙂

  107. Brooklyn personal trainer :

    Totally agree Neil, the last days of December are some of the best days to work at all, and even to maximize work as much as that can be reasonably done on some of the shortest days of the year, and I always make sure to rest at least one day per week.

  108. Hi Neil Patel, Agreed with all your points. Working in holidays is really a fun and we will just enjoy the work that we like. Thanks for Sharing this Great Post!

  109. I outsource much of my work around the holidays, but It does not last. If you want something done right you have to do it yourself.

  110. Hi Neil,
    I am new in internet marketing, still learning it. I also work a lot, during holidays, fortunately competitors are relaxing:-) I like your blog, very useful I learned a lot. Keep publishing great posts!

  111. It’s always a pleasure reading your blog Neil. It’s good to see that I am not alone working during the holidays.

  112. Sagar nandwani :

    now your article is gone save my next holidays from becoming waste ……..
    thanxxx for the article.. sir
    respect your views thanxxxx

  113. hi Neil,
    your article was excellent but i think breake is very much important because it refreshes you and it gives boom to your work…but to work in the holidays provides you opportunity to get prepare yourself better than others…thanks

  114. Nice article. I think that holidays are must in every one life to get relaxed 🙂

  115. http://apparelsupplyonline.com/ :

    Hi Neil,
    Excellent post. It seems that you have done a lot of hard work and if you work on holidays then you are really one of the top most hard workers. 🙂
    I also work on holidays when i have too much burden.

  116. A good article. I wish I was motivated to work throughout the holidays, as long as I can take Christmas day off. I love vacation though. It’s a great time to recharge my batteries. If you think about it, for some of us it may be better to take some time off to contemplate our next objectives in the workplace, rather than going 100 miles per hour all year around without any time to truly reflect on the work you’ve done.

  117. You gotta work to pay off the bills & rent.

  118. Hello!,,,,,

    Hi!,,,,It’s always a pleasure reading your blog Neil. It’s good to see that I am not alone working during the holidays.

    Thank you so much!,,,,,,,,

  119. poolheatpumpstore :

    When you operate an online store, your customers expect an answer right away. We are available on weekends and vacations. With today’s technology, we can access our email directly over the phone anywhere we might be.

    You either get ahead or be left behind.

  120. Hi Neil !
    Your reasons to work on holiday are quite genuine. I really liked this step by step success process which is “Learn from your first, earn with your second, give back with your third”. Moreover, I totally agree with you that working on the holidays keep you one step forward than others.

  121. Hello Neil !
    Its good to read this post. You are right that one should spend his holiday in creative work. I really liked a line in this post that is “It’s better to be ahead than behind”. I can feel the charm of to be successful. Every one is in the race. But we have to be proactive to be successful.

  122. Hey Neil, just wanted to say thanks for posting your thoughts on working during the holidays. It brought another perspective to the issue when I was researching what stance I should take on working during time off. Here’s what I found: https://www.getflow.com/blog/2014/12/why-I-wont-work-during-the-holidays/

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