The Tim Grittani Story: How a 23 year old turned $1500 into $128,000 in 1 year

Tim Grittani

Update: Tim is now up over $1,000,000.

The other day I ran into a Quick Sprout reader Tim Grittani, who told me how he turned $1,500 into $128,500 because of Quick Sprout.

I immediately asked him how he did that, and he explained it was by trading stocks. At first, I thought he was pulling my leg because I don’t blog about the stock market.

He then told me that he learned about Timothy Sykes and his Millionaire Challenge program through an old blog post I wrote, which is how he turned $1,500 into $128000.

Want to keep this story for motivating yourself time to time? Then download its printable version.

So I decided to dig a bit deeper into his story…

The early life

Tim was raised in Chicago and spent a large portion of his life watching his father run his own business. He grew up in a middle class neighborhood because his dad’s business did well, but he didn’t get to live an extravagant life because his parents didn’t make hundreds of thousands of dollars each year.

As he was growing up, he wanted to figure out a way to make lots of money, so he started to learn about entrepreneurship. But due to lack of capital and knowledge, he didn’t start a business.

Eventually, he came to the realization that the best way to learn about entrepreneurship was to first attend Marquette University and figure out things from there.

The college life

While in college, Tim started to look for easy ways to make money. One of the avenues he saw a huge opportunity in was gambling. He started learning about all forms of gambling and eventually got addicted to it.

From poker to sports betting, he did it all. At one point, he got lucky enough and made $9,000 from a sports bet. Sadly, his luck didn’t last long, and over the next year or so he lost all of that money because of bad bets.

It was at this point that Tim realized that he needed to quit gambling and focus on learning about his two passions in life: finance and entrepreneurship.

One day, he was talking to one of his friends about creating a business, and his friend turned him onto Quick Sprout. So, he started reading every blog post on Quick Sprout in hopes that he could learn about entrepreneurship and potentially meet some people through the Quick Sprout community that he could partner up with.

The Timothy Sykes era

A bit more than a year ago, Tim read a blog post on Quick Sprout about another entrepreneur by the name of Timothy Sykes. Naturally, Tim clicked through to and learned about the Millionaire Challenge program that taught people how to buy and sell penny stocks, which are stocks that are under 1 dollar.

The Millionaire Challenge program teaches you how to spot stocks that are about to break out. Once you spot them, you buy those stocks, and then you sell them before they peak… which the program also teaches you. Tim thought it would be worth giving it a shot, so he decided to sign up for it.

Turning $1,500 into $128,000

Tim Grittani spent the next few months learning from Timothy Sykes how to trade stocks. After he felt that he learned enough, he wanted to start trading, but there was one big issue… he didn’t have enough money to open up a brokerage account.

The brokerage account he wanted to use required a minimum of $12,500, but he didn’t have that much money. So he reached out to his friends and family and borrowed the difference.

But there was one big stipulation that his friends and family gave him…

Tim wasn’t able to trade with the borrowed money. The money had to sit in the account. He was only able to trade with his portion of the money, which was $1,500 at the time.

Because of his limited capital, he decided that he was going to focus on buying penny stocks. He didn’t want to mess around with expensive stocks like Google or Apple as he didn’t have enough money.

Within the first six months of using what he learned in the Millionaire Challenge program, he made over $40,000. At one point, he made $11,000 in 15 minutes. He bought the stock AGRT at 40 cents and sold it at 70 cents… all within 15 minutes.

The future

Over the next 12 months, Tim is on track to making even more money… $250,000 in profit. So far things are looking good, and he is already ahead of schedule. The Millionaire Challenge program has worked out so well for him, he went to the Maldives with his mentor Timothy Sykes and is now starting to enjoy the finer things of life.

He also realizes that although he is doing well, he needs to continue to improve upon his financial education as things change over time. To improve upon his education, he isn’t just reading what he can find online; instead, he is focusing a large portion of his time on networking with other traders as that is providing him with more insights than anything else.


There are two main points you should learn from this story…

The first is to take action. There are a lot of people who give advice on how you can make money. But very few people take action because it requires a lot of work.

For example, Tim tried Millionaire Challenge program because he found out others were making thousands of dollars from it. But yet most people ignored it as it isn’t quick and easy money. It requires you to be willing to put in the time and effort.

Whether it’s the Millionaire Challenge or advice on how to start up a blog or online business, anything worthwhile takes time and hard work. So, don’t be afraid to take action and work hard because if you don’t, you won’t get great results.

Secondly, if you want something badly enough, go out there and fight for it. Don’t ever give up! Not everything works out the way you expect, but if you keep trying, sooner or later you will do well.

For example, Tim didn’t succeed at first with gambling, but he eventually reached his goals through the stock market. And I also didn’t succeed at first… I was a million bucks in the hole before I really started to make money. It took me four years before I started to make good money.

What other lessons can you learn from Tim’s story?

Disclosure: I know many of you have stated in the comments that I am getting paid for this blog post. To set the record straight, I am NOT getting paid to write this blog post, nor am I using any affiliate links. I have helped Tim in the past with his marketing for free. I don’t get paid by him through gifts, money or even stock advice. I genuinely wrote this post as Tim Grittani’s story inspired me and I was hoping it would inspire you too.


  1. Amir @ Blue Mile Media :

    That’s a very inspirational story. I’ve always wanted to dip my feet into stocks for investments and see how it would go and I read Timothy Sykes is a great resource with his course.


  2. Awesome, thanks for sharing Neil 🙂

    Expanding on the point about never giving up, I think the specific problem a lot of people face, especially online, is never sticking to one thing long enough to really get going with it.

    With so many options available people tend to hop from one opportunity to the next – having faced the difficulties of our current venture first hand we are apt to romanticize the one we’re thinking about leaving it for.

    A large part of the reason Tim was successful trading stocks is because he carried on with it when he found out it wasn’t as easy as he might have imagined at first. He didn’t leave it in favor of forex trading, or becoming an SEO consultant, or whatever.

    • I totally agree with you Ali! You don’t hear many people discussing this, but I have been guilty of venture hopping in times past. Well put comment!

      • Thanks Eric! I think most of us are guilty of it to some degree prior to attaining the success we first set out to achieve. I’ve been telling people this a lot recently: the grass may seem greener on the other side of the fence, but it probably isn’t.

        • I agree, there will always be something that may look better but that is because it took time and effort to make it that way.

      • Yep, “venture hopping” can be damaging if done a lot.

    • Angela Jacinto :

      Well said Ali! As you mentioned, most people who probably get the same opportunity never make it to the top because they easily get diverted or derailed, failing to stick to one thing.

      Some people who start a venture and experience a couple of hurdles at the beginning immediately pivot or look for something else without trying to solve their problems first.

      So in this case, aside from simply taking action, the next thing you’d need is the “dedication” to stick by that action.

    • Thanks Ali,

      I agree, if you want to become successful you have to focus and dedicate yourself to whatever it is your doing. If you consistently change your mind or giving up you can’t expect to succeed at anything.

    • When most people give up, fail or move onto something else, that is probably the point at which they are closest to succeeding, especially in trading. Most people struggle to admit they’ve made a mistake which is why they lose far more than they should.

      But its the people who give up after blowing their hard earned cash that are basically funding the people who stick at it and become profitable. Its a game where not everyone can be successful, if there are no loser, there can’t be any winners (It’s a Zero-sum game – less commission 😉

      • Thank you for your added input Adrain. You are correct, in order to be a winner there has to be losers but that is how it is in almost every aspect of life unfortunately. :/

  3. Wow…thats supercool neil…He is really an inspiring personality…
    you are one of my inspirations as well 🙂 you are tooo goood… 🙂 you never keep any secret 🙂 you tell each and everything to your readers and i like that a lot 🙂

    • Thank you Shubham,

      I appreciate the kind words. I try to share what I have learned, in hopes my readers will benefit from it and not have to some lessons the hard way like I had to.

  4. Lakshminarayanan :


    While you could be right on “never giving up”, you could be entirely wrong and be doing the same thing. That is why I feel along with “never giving up” you would also need to “keep questioning”(where and why are you going wrong,why thingsa re not working etc.) and check whether “you need to pivot”.

  5. Yogendra Sharma :

    It’s really a strange truth happening with that guys. Somewhere, the luck depends on such type of money miracles otherwise stock market is dauble-dealer. Inspirational post anyway.

  6. Hi Neil,

    Excellent story, I think we all have to take risk to get ahead in our business. Those who usually took risk are always seen ahead because risk is important factor of your business.
    He borrowed money and invest it, he took a big risk because if the business falls and he got loss then every thing will be lost.

    but again i will say that he has done a great job. 🙂

    Thank you

  7. Tim is an inspiration. Great to know how he made $11.000 in 15 minutes. Thanks for the nice post.

  8. Bhavesh Soren :


    It described the same problem i’m going through. It actually motivated me more. These little stories keep motivation up. Now back to labs.

    Thanks Man.

  9. Good Article But This May Not Be Work For Every One.

  10. I love your case studies!

  11. me too heard lot things about Timothy but many negative things as well. Stock market is always a risky business and only 2-3% people see success in it. I see this post as more promotional though.

  12. I call B.S. on this one Neil!

    I researched the Sykes method…….and its not for the lay person.

    STRIKE #1) You have to buy and sell that day. Thats called day trading and you need to meet all kinds of financial requirements to day trade

    STRIKE #2) The stocks are junk. I made a portfolio on Google Finance and followed the method….guess what? Those stocks are down 48% currently

    Its a sham…and a scam

    • Thomas, Tim’s model involves finding these “broiler room” type of companies who have fake stocks and then he shorts them.

      Whether his model is good or not, the overall message of Tim Grittani working hard and not giving up shouldn’t be over looked.

    • Timothy Sykes :

      I encourage you to do further research…I don’t always day trade and my favorite broker actually helps people avoid all the restrictions. As for strike two, YES, it’s GOOd when stocks go down as I short sell primarily…I short sell, or bet against scams, so yes I make money when they drop 48%. I made $1,000+ today shorting IDOI, a penny stock scam and made 17% in one trading day. Apology accepted, I get this all the time.

    • Jacob Menendez :

      LOL Thomas!

      STRIKE #3) If you researched Sykes method you would learn he short sales stocks… so down 48% is a GOOD thing.

      Remind me never to hire you for a research project 😉

  13. Hi Neil,

    Your AGRT example looks very strange to me and I can tell you that something is not true with this story. I am a professional trader, managing my own and clients accounts via Credit Suisse. I base this comment on analyzing the stock price history and volume.

    AGRT is a stocks that have almost always traded an average of 300 shares a day. If you look at the chart, the period that the stock traded a volume that could have allowed Tim to purchase 37000 shares of this company and exit in 15 mins (in order to make $11.000 with 0.3 cents from profit) the stock NEVER opened less or equal than 0.40 and close equal or up to 0.7. Just look at the chart and price history!
    Basically, this stock has never had any day with a range price of 0.7 and 0.4!!

    I have heard thousands of stories like this, people with $2000 making 2M in 60 days from penny stocks, etc but all of them are not true. I find very strange that a story like this comes from your website or from you.

    They reality is, as everything in life, succeeding takes years, preparation and study. There are no miracles. If were that easy, why does JPMorgan or Goldman pay Tim Sykes 2M per month to trade their own prop accounts ? are JPM or GS stupid ?

    • Woah…I was having doubts as well, but thanks for clarifying!

      That leads me to ask…is this just a promotional piece for Tim Sykes?

      • I think Timothy Sykes makes enough money. Again, I did not get paid for this post nor is there affiliate links.

        My goal of this post was to promote Tim Grittani and how he got successful through hard work and perseverance.

    • Hey Federico,

      That’s my bad, when Neil sat me down for this interview I didn’t have charts in front of me and I misremembered the ticker. The stock I was thinking of in this example was PVTA, the trade occurred on 7/9/2012. Like AGRT, the stock had little to no history of volume, the reason for the purchase is that the stock underwent a promotional campaign which led to a surge in the volume and price. AGRT and PVTA are two of my most successful trades (+$8300 on AGRT and +$11,000 on PVTA), and both were run by the same promotional group, hence the mistake. Apologies for the mix up.

    • Federico, Timothy Syke’s model doesn’t work in large quantity.

      I don’t care if you signup or not, but instead I hope you are inspired by the overalls story of how a young kid made money through hard work.

      • Neil,

        Neil, what is exactly large quantity ?
        Because 37000 shares for a stock that usually trades 1000 shares a day is large quantity. Take a look of the stocks that your example mentioned, look at the average daily volume…It seems that he traded a huge number of shares compared to the stock´s trading volume and even if he traded in the day that the stock exploded it is not easy to buy/sell these type of illiquid stocks.

        6 months of training hard work ? Trading takes years of mistakes and hard work.

        You are an expert and an authority in Internet and traffic generation. There is no doubt about that. But please, do not make stories like this because there are thousands over the web and takes out credibility from you!

        • I have to agree with Frederico (I think he was being too gentle though).

          As someone that also actually works in the industry, this is utter nonsense.

          Warren Buffett once said:

          “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

          Well I’ve lost my respect for this website.

          p.s. I know you keep saying there are no affiliate links but it’s not that hard just to use direct links to track clicks and ultimately sales if you wanted to

        • In the future I won’t do stories like this.

    • Timothy Sykes :

      The cool thing about my trading and my students’ trading is that we’re fully transparent…my industry is plagued with liars which is why I created to show off trades in realtime and to create pubic track records. Think it’s impossible that I took $12k and turned it into millions, well dig through my 2,000+ trades listed on Profitly and see EXACTLY how I did it…you can see EVERY one of my students $5+ million in profits too…I get people ho knock me, mainly promoters who don’t want my educational business to grow because I expose their scams….welcome to my life I am The Dark Knight, you’re welcome

  14. David - Business Expansion Opportunities :

    Hi Neil,

    Thank you for sharing this with us. It is always good to hear about people who Take Action, Don’t give up and eventually succeed.
    Great inspirational story.

  15. Fredy A Gomez :

    It is a promotional piece since everytime you click in the links Neil might get some profits… which is not bad… what is bad is the message and the stupid video following the link which promise people get rich in 1 year… hope people don’t invest the savings in this… and don’t click in the link either.

  16. Federico s right… it s very surpising to see such a story coming from you.. the story has no connection with the subject of your blog. you did try to establish some connection later, however it was nt appropriate..
    anyways.. i ll wait for your next post.. hope it ll be better…

    • Timothy Sykes :

      The connection is ANYONE can profit on the internet…whether its through blogging or trading. These kinds of stories should be inspirational but its sad that so many people have bad attitudes. This is why half of what I teach is just having the right perspective and attitude, if you don’t believe it’s possible to get rich, you probly will subconsciously self-sabotage your efforts and that’s why there’s so many poor bitter people out there….very sad.

    • I am sorry you feel that way. :/

  17. Neil,
    Wow, in one post you managed to lose almost all the respect I had for you and Quick Sprout. Promoting that penny stock program? Lame.

    • Dane, I am not promoting anything, nor do I get paid for it.

      I am just telling you a story of a Quick Sprout reader that I met.

    • I’m guessing you’ve never paid for any of Neil’s products or services in the past?

    • Same here for me – all the authority that Neil has built up from some quality posts over the months has vanished just like that.

      Sorry Neil but in my mind it looks bad – if its not commercial gain then its naivety.


  18. It’s really a good story he has a strong willed and challenge and I liked what he did a lot .

  19. Quick Sprouts have been hacked. Someone used Neil Patel WordPress login to create this story, and tried to portray it in his tone and style.

    It’s not a success story!! It’s spam for penny auctions.

    • LOL, it isn’t hacked. The only thing I am promoting is Tim Grittani, a Quick Sprout reader. If I was promoting penny stocks, or having you gamble your money, I would have added in affiliate links and taken a cut… but I didn’t as that would be unethical.

  20. Nice blog entry.. gamble to earn a living. Seriously?!!!!

  21. Sweet story and a gutsy move to make money on penny stocks. I’m impressed. For the person who is really dedicated to building wealth, there are tons of ways to get moving. I’ve done the friends and family route, the IRA route, and the no money down route as well. Please keep sharing the success stories, Neil. It’s great to hear about others’ journeys.

  22. You could just take money for making promo post, like affiliate links are the only way to sellout?

    • As I mentioned in the disclaimer, I didn’t take money for the post nor did I get any gifts nor did I get any stock advice.

  23. MORAL OF THE STORY: Don’t just consume information products. Take action. Take calculated risks.

    Geez, surprised at all the comments of people seeing this as a promotional post.

  24. You don’t need to have an affiliate link in a url for it to earn aff revenue. The site owner just recognizes where the traffic is coming from. I’m not saying this is a paid blog post, just that Neil saying his links aren’t aff ones is unjustifiable.

    • You make a valid point, but you legally can’t get paid for a blog post unless you provide a disclaimer, which the FTC requires. Sure, I could break the rule, but I personally have a lot to lose.

      None-the-less, what you said makes a lot of sense.

  25. Thanks Neil. Inspiring! We can go outside the norm and create the life that we want, the one we’re interested in, as we do it our way.

  26. Thank you for sharing Tim’s story.

    As a blogger that used to do interviews, I do understand the need to mention Tim Sykes and the Millionaire Challenge since the success of Tim really started after taking up the Challenge. Having links to these places help readers to understand more about the resources.

    Come on guys, if you are already have your own thing and plans to become successful, you won’t react and sign up for any programs mentioned in all the success stories on the Internet, right?

    Anyway, I like Tim’s story a lot. Inspiration from true stories like this keeps us from giving up in whatever that we are doing. 🙂

  27. I don’t understand why Neil has to defend himself each time he writes something. Nothing is free in this world especially time and if he makes time to share all the information I believe he should be rewarded. I would like to see how many readers would do anything for free. People should appreciate the hard work. The information Neil shares are prices less, no paid coaching can teach us so much.
    Keep it up Neil

    • Totally agree with you, Asif. It’s funny how many people are saying that they will unsubscribe or stop reading this blog because of this blog post alone. They simply forgot all the value that they get from the previous blog posts.

      • It would be unfortunate if some of my readers did leave because of this post. All I can do is hope I have been able to at least share valuable information with them while they were here.

    • Thank you for the kind words Asif. I do my best to try and share the things I have learned over the years and what I continue to learn. Not everyone is going to like or agree with what I say but that is just how it goes.

  28. Tim sounds like a guy who even if the penny stocks strategy didn’t work, would have tried something else.

    I wouldn’t recommend stock or gambling, building a business would be the best way to build wealth over time.

    But got to admire the stamina to hang in there and get back up again after losing all the cash he had won.

    • Yep, he is pretty clever and I am sure would have figured something else out.

      Stocks isn’t for me personally, I also am all about building business.

  29. RichPeopleThings :

    That is amazing but most people cannot expect to get such great results from the program

    • I would agree, but those people who didn’t see better results most likely didn’t give it there all and didn’t listen and follow the rules.

  30. Timothy Sykes :

    Thanks for the great blog post, Tim Grittani’s story is amazing and inspirational and just shows you what’s possible if you want to make money hard enough!

  31. Hannah Hamilton :

    If we just believe in ourselves, roll some sleeves and start working hard for the business, success will most likely to happen.
    This is a great article you had shared Neil. Thanks for sharing Tim Grittani’s story, I bet he had inspired a lot of readers and I’m one of them. 🙂

  32. Carefully read the comments by the people who have had experience trading stocks above. Do not trade stocks, ESP. the penny dreadfuls. You are gambling on the odds thats all. If you win it will be due to a wild outlier, even if you don’t recognize it as such. Look, 90% of people who trade stocks lose money. Of the other 10%, 5% break even. 5% make money, a small % of them big money through trading a carefully defined, tested, and refined plan of their own devising (albeit derived from other approaches) that takes lots of small hits on the downside and maximizes fewer larger wins to the upside. The story is inspirational, sure. But there is more to it; much more than just “hard work” btw.

  33. This trader has certainly done well … but we must remember trading is the fastest way to make money and also lose money. The key to long term profits is to maintain discipline and manage capital. Short term success can falsely build confidence, and that is often the reason why so many traders fail and lose everything. Being able to keep your profits and not eventually give them back to the market is the number one goal for a any new trader.

  34. Hi Neil Patel,

    Thanks for sharing such inspiring article once again, it sure will provide an additional boost to small blogger like me who are aiming to create an online income stream. Impossible is nothing!

    Thanks once again.

  35. property dealers noida :

    your blog can inspire many. Tim is one such example. Good luck to him.

  36. Sounds inspiring. But why do most people lose money on the stock-market even after working hard? It appears that there is a lot of manipulation and too many ‘variables’. Even the notion that ‘investing’ in stocks for a longer period may not give the desired results. Gone are the days when you invested in an IPO and hoped to make a decent gain in the near future. Evaluations seem to be motivated more by greed.

  37. Nice Article Neil….!!!

  38. So many articles exist out there that tell you what to do to get rich; people even sell books and whatnot. This only speaks for how much people want to be excellent and be more than what they are now. The problem is that so many give up at the mere thought of getting rich and investing requires hard work and money. They lack action.

    Also, some want to earn money fast, in a snap; get rich quick. That’s probably why thousands or even millions of people line up to buy lottery tickets.

    • Yep, you have to ignore all those “get rich quick” people. It is not easy to make money and anyone who says otherwise is most likely trying to scam you.

  39. I think the point of this post isn’t to debate about investing philosophy and investments but to focus on teaching you the time-tested business model of :
    1) Find a mentor/study someone successful in your market and why they are successful
    2)Focus on taking consistent action with what you learned until you see the results you want.

  40. wow.. great and inspired story it.. thank you.. my spirit to build my bussines increase by read it..

  41. website andrew :

    Hi Neil, again you have hit the nail on the head. Why is it that some people don’t get the fundamentals in making money. Action! It’s all about taking action. The best ideas in the World are just ideas until they are put into action. Often a website isn’t needed as Neil has pointed out previously. A system that engages with prospects and can deliver to those who want to use the product, service is all that matters.

    Thanks again Neil, great story and for anyone not getting it, take action and make that call to Neil

    Best regards

  42. what a good post thanks again Neil for putting such good content out there.

  43. Holiday Rentals Spain :

    I have to commend this man for his resolve, risking it all shorting stocks, let alone penny stocks… The problem is you only hear about the occasional success story, never about the rest of people who fail miserably. That is not to knock the system since I know nothing about it, but with these things it’s always the case.

  44. I got two points to add in my daily routine:

    1. I will read Quick Sprout daily. Who knows when I will have the secrets of big deals.. 🙂

    2. Continuous effort in with a wise way can push me into the group of men like Neil, Tim.. 🙂

    By the way, Neil, I had sent you the friend request on FB. If you would accept me there, I could get more updates from you.


  45. Very inspiring post! I didn’t know about the program ..i got curious and went to take a took. I´ve become interested in trying it! And it is so true that there is no get rich in a minute thing… it always requires work, dedication and focus..

  46. Architectural Finishes :

    very inspirational story. Kinda makes me want to check out that Millionaire Challenge program and see if I can follow in Tim’s footsteps.

  47. Wordpress Installation Service :

    This is a great post Neil. Really enjoyed it and made me wonder if I should revisit this little side passion in trading I have had myself. 🙂

  48. This is what happen Neil. Your reader are accustoms that you provided a free content. and rarely promote.

    When they see a link to some money making program, they got freak out! . I see people making fortune with seaweed, from hardworking and taking action.

    But, that doesn’t mean i will venture in seaweed business right? I find out it not easy to find an authority blog like yours that give a lot of useful content that can help other’s business out there making million from just your advice!

    PS : Like Derek Halpern from socialtriggers use to say, you only want subscribers that want and like your content. don’t like it? meh.. just go away. You don’t need them.

  49. Inspirational story no doubt about it but and I assume your goal was to promote the hustle rather than the service. A lot of people seems to confuse trading with investing. Trading is a gamble this guy made it, millions fail, while investing follow certain principle that makes sure that the odds are in your favor (with less expected return of course).

  50. Tim makes money from idiots who pay him monthly for his so called picks. For people who pay thousands to hear his blablabla in Vegas. From idiots who sign for his chalkenge and waste $6,000 learning nothing.

    I took the Tim Challenge class, lost ALL my money following his stradegy and was never helped by him

    Stay away from this SCAMMER !

    • Timothy Sykes :

      I hate when people lie, but then again, my haters aren’t too smart, they spell words like “strategy” with a “d” somehow. Tell me “mia”, how did you lose everything when my #1 rule is to cut losses quickly? Tell how me you even lost when my students and I have a 70%+ winning percentage and I’ve been earning 50-200% every year in the past, not to mention I have exposed dozens of scams and pump and dumps, all of which have crashed and burned just as I predicted.

      More likely, you’re a penny stock promoter who doesn’t want my teachings to get out for then you’ll have more problems trying to pump and dump your scams.

      Sorry but my honest, transparent and useful education is here to stay, adapt or perish

  51. Angela Jacinto :

    Wow, just shows you how Quicksprout can be a direct or indirect means for success. Thanks for this inspiring post!

  52. Amazing…. Really Inspirational Story Neil Bro…

    Proud to be Patel,. 😉

    -Akshay Patel

  53. Thousands gamble on Tim’s picks. A VERY few make money this way. I also followed his picks. Lost $17,000 in 2 weeks. Of course he can buy sports cars and luxary apartments. People who pay him $100 pay for this. People who dumb enough to sign for his challenge and waste another $6,000 Save money instead of paying Tim Sykes bills and make HIM rich. Also a friend of mine took his class and lost all his money… people who claim had $500 and made $25,000 are fake to lure YOU in to stole your money

    • Timothy Sykes :

      Unfortunately for you, all those who give testimonials to me show ALL of their trades, just like Tim Grittani does on Profitly so you can see EXACTLY how he made all his money even though you probly won’t understand the strategy in depth until I teach it to you.

      I have yet to meet a student who has “lost everything” given that my DVDs, video lessons, blog posts, seminars, private coaching all stress the importance of risk management, capital preservation and cutting losses extremely quickly.

      I have an entire DVD where I talk like Mickey Mouse to show that I trade like a castrated choir boy, so I apologize on your behalf for your lies. I know you just don’t want my education to get out there because it busts your scams and for that you should be ashamed.

      But I’ll even be nice and say please do post how you and your friend allegedly lost so much money, post on Profitly just like everyone else and let’s see you put up or shut up. You’re welcome for the opportunity which you probly don’t deserve.

      • Tim,
        Profitly is a website YOU created.

        There is not a conflict of interest in showing his great results in a website that you created ?

        What about a real audit like KPMG, which is the one I work with my clients ?

        • Timothy Sykes :

          I have 1999-2002 audited personally, 2003-2006 audited for my hedge fund, 2007-2012 I show my trades in realtime to my subscribers…you wanna audit my last 5 years, go for it, I’ll give you tons of documents…the cool things is to be successful I just have to be totally honest, not perfect by any means given that I only win 72% of the time, not 100% of the time. You’re welcome

  54. Victor Balasa :

    Thanks for sharing this success story, I’ll surely look into Timothy’s and Tim’s success!

  55. Harshit Singhal :

    Wow what an inspiring story! Glad you shared his journey with us. We should probably take a leaf out of his book!

  56. A fake story Guy paid by Tim to create an illusion og free and easy money out there. Stocks esp penny stocks is gambling. SCAM and there is a lot of “successful” stories like that on the Internet. Go ahead buy Sykes products and make him rich

    • I aree Poor people who got brainwashed by him thinking they can make easy money and losing all instead

      • Timothy Sykes :

        Tell me how are my students gonna “lose it all instead” when my #1 rule is to cut losses quickly? Riddle me that. If you did ANY research, you’d see my students win roughly 70% of the time, every one of their trades is on my website so you can see EXACTLY how they’ve made $5 million in just a few short years.

    • LOL no Tim didn’t pay me anything to tell my story, this is all entirely true. Yes a lot of people fail trading stocks, but that’s because they treat their stocks as “lotto tickets” or just go in thinking it’s all easy money and they aren’t willing to work at it. A good work ethic and a willingness to learn from mistakes is all it takes to succeed at trading, hell I was down $1k early before it finally “clicked” for me! If you wanna hate go for it, I honestly don’t give a shit. But you’re just cheating yourself in the end

    • Timothy Sykes :

      Nothing is fake, I detest your comment as my industry is polluted with fakers, I am actually real. Tim Grittani is real and you can dig through all his trades and even get his boarding pass from when he actually did come with my team and I to the Maldives. Apology accepted for your ignorance, there’s lots of poor, bitter people out there, sorry to see you’re one of them.

    • Hey Jess,

      It is not a fake story. I personally met and interviewed Tim Grittani to hear and write about his success.

  57. I like to read succesful stories !! Thank you Neil

  58. Vivek Khanduri :

    Once me and my friend also lost some money in betting in cricket matches. We made a lot of money at starting but at last we ended up with losing all the money.
    Now i wanna learn the tactics of Stock Marketing.

  59. As the age old saying goes, where there is a will, there is a way.

  60. Great write up. This is one of my biggest downfalls, taking action. I know what needs to be done, but to sit down and focus on doing it kills me every time. Great motivation!! Now I need to stop reading blog posts and TAKE ACTION 🙂

  61. great advice you gave about taking ”action.” i personally believe that’s the toughest decision any individaul have to make. we live in a demanding world, one of the major challenges people have today is to take action and a focused one too.

    Tim learn how to look on things that best work for him and he focused on his dream career, which shows that he’s a man of vision.

    • Thank you,

      It is a demanding world and not an easy one. If you don’t take action and stay focused you will not succeed in it.

  62. It is always inspiring and motivating to hear about success stories. I hope that my story will have the same effect when it eventually happens.

  63. WonkaWonkaAgain :

    Since my first comment did not get approved, I have little hope that this one will go through, but since I truly admire Neil, I’ll give it another go. The problem isn’t Tim. The problem is Neil who has a reputation for integrity. I have yet to come across bad advice on Neil’s site and I’ve been following him religiously for years. That is admirable. Now what confuses me is how a guy like Neil, who owns legit companies and works with the best companies on the web, came upon this crazy idea to indirectly endorse Tim who is undoubtedly a controversial personality. He may not be a scam, but a lot of things that he says are lies. He’s made a fool of himself on several occasions. Remember the “TRADING’S BUFFOON – THE TIM SYKES EMAILS”? Anyone? A lot of people hate Tim. I am NOT one of them. Neil: meeting someone is not a sufficient proof of their success. Since you’re a nice guy yourself, you’re naturally inclined to believe what other people tell you as the truth. You might be a great judge of character, but your goodness can sometimes get the best of you. This post, I think, was a mistake. I hope you let this comment through.

    • My story is true, but I certainly understand the skepticism as so many people fail and lose big trying to trade. I am lucky enough to be one of the few who actually can make a consistent profit trading stocks, although a lot of time and hard work has gone into that.

      The point of Neil’s article isn’t to encourage anyone to trade, I don’t even recommend it for most people as I believe it’s a very tough niche to succeed in. It takes quite a bit of focus, discipline, and determination. The point Neil is trying to get across is to look for where your talents lay and do everything in your power to succeed in that area, so you can create the life for yourself that you want.

      • WonkaWonkaAgain :

        @Tim Grittani
        Yes. That’s the right attitude now! You understand that you are lucky enough to be “one of the few” who actually can make a consistent profit trading stocks, but Sykes makes ridiculous claims. What’s he doing saying, “I am The Dark Knight” and “my haters aren’t too smart”! Is this how multi-millionaires talk? 20% of Sykes’ ‘lessons’ consist of “you know? you know?” and he has the audacity to insult someone else’s readers on someone else’s blog? I don’t know why Neil is allowing this. We’re all Neil’s readers. If Sykes wants to bash his haters, he should do that on his own site.

        As someone who truly admires your work, I want to register my dislike for this post mainly because Sykes is insulting people on your forum and you’re letting this happen. Your duty is towards your readers. We Empower You. We Love You. Sykes might be your client, but we are your strength.

      • Thanks for clarifying Tim!

    • I am sorry about your pervious comment, it may have gotten placed in spam.

  64. It is a wonderful story of a young man’s ambition, after I read his story I want to become like him

  65. That’s true inspirational story, and completely shows how someone can teach the deep points via the web, and without even having the face2face contact. I am thinking to give it a look later tonight.

    • Thank you Hamza,

      It is great that there are so many things you can now learn online and no longer have to be in person to do so.

  66. Thanks for this inspirational post.Its just superb.Even i now think i have to dip my feet in trade stocks.Thanks for sharing this informative content to the world.

  67. Quite an interesting read. Will this method work on the London Stock exchange or is it more specific to the USA?

  68. Hi Neil
    I’m sceptical of Tim’s methods too but I kind of like and admire him and his steel balls. This guy takes more hits than anyone else I have come across on the net.
    I wont try it because I live in England and Tim’s methods are too US centric for me. Saying that, I did join for 1 month but I didnt understand what I was doing and all the email tips confused me so I cancelled my subscription.
    I do think there is gold in there somewhere but it is too steep a learning curve for me particularly as I run a couple of small finance businesses in the UK thatbtake upmall my time and I think you have to emerse yourself in Tim’s work to really understand what it is you are doing.

  69. Wow! Inspirational story, even if it’s have its own controversy.

    Great post anyways, and i really love this sentence at the end of the post,

    “anything worthwhile takes time and hard work”


  70. well this is a motivational story. and really do not ever give up. one must carry on his effort to get the final destination.

    thank you nail.

  71. I’ve always wanted to be a billionaire.

  72. Hello!,,,,,

    Hi!,,,,Thank you for sharing this with us. It is always good to hear about people who Take Action, Don’t give up and eventually succeed.
    Great inspirational story.


  73. Amazing story!
    Well told Neil!
    I’m an aspiring entrepreneur as well, and the one thing I’ve learned from my endeavor so far is to keep persevering. I am currently working on getting my certificate in ‘Digital Marketing Management’ through the university of toronto; hoping it will help me get an edge. I will definately be trying out Tim’s millionaire challenge someday.
    Looking forward to your next blog post Neil.


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    You clearly know what you are doing. It’s good to see this information in your article.

  75. Excellent, this is a brilliant concept that I definitely need to try !
    Thnx for the great stuff 🙂

  76. Thanks for posting this inspiring story…looks like I have got some serious reading to do on your website….thanks

  77. Hi Neil,

    I found the story of Tim Grittani very interesting and gratifying at the same time. I identify with Tim and the path he took and is taking – I have traded primary penny stocks for years and have managed to make a very nice living from it (its not my only job, a second stream of income) – I don’t subscribe to any school and have my own methodology for trading which I won’t share.

    I don’t find the monies Tim claims to have made to be overly lavish – I commend him for continuing his study to learn more regardless of the source there is often value and knowledge to be gained through many channels.

    Stock trading is not for the faint of heart and I wouldn’t personally promote it as a way of becoming rich, but it should be acknowledged that ACTION, EDUCATION, and AWARENESS OF SELF and DISCIPLINE is rewarded – so koodos to Tim and tip of hat to Neil for providing an interesting bio.

    • Steve, glad you found the article useful. It really is a good case study on what to do… and what not to do. Thanks for reading 🙂

  78. Wow that is one inspiring story… It’s hard to believe though

  79. Hello !
    This is quite motivational post. I am glad that quicksprout has helped Tim too much. This is unbelievable that a person who is only 23 years old could earn up to $128000 from just $1500. And its a good news that now he can earn upto $200000 per year.
    Thanks for motivating us through this post.

    • Sigmund, believe the unbelievable. It’s amazing what people can do when they put their minds to things.

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      Sigmund and Mr. Neil I also pleased and shocked how he turned his money after reading your blog. This post such useful for me because when I got bore , I visit to read some success stories of people and this is awesome and you know I do not believe this story actually I am thinking how it can be possible.

  80. His time is good, he buy stock at 40 cent after 15 mints selled 70 cent, if he sell 40 cent after he buy 70 cent, his chapter is closed at same time

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    Congratulates Neil Patel! Thanks for sharing inspiring story with us.

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  85. Hi! Another way to make it is through IPOs

  86. This is a very inspiring story! I would love to find out how to make more money and I have always heard this may be a good method. I am for sure gonna give it a try. Thanks John

  87. Emenike Emmanuel :

    Very soon you will tell my own story like you did to Tim’s. I’m motivated to go back to work. Thanks

  88. Hello Neil 🙂

    I also discovered Timothy Sykes through your AWESOME website, and found your website through Viperchill and the smart passive income blog.

    It is very much thanks to you Neil, that I discovered my interest in the stock market and entrepreneurship as well, but It’s only until this year (2015) that I’ve finally decided to take serious action!

    You and Timothy Sykes are the huge inspiration that has driven me to take action.

    The more I learn from Timothy Sykes and understand it, the more I want!

    Personally I discovered that it’s when you learn and start to get the hang of something that you want more, but you MUST have a willingness not just to learn, but actually have a genuine interest in the topic as well.

    I’m only at the beginning, and start trading penny stocks for real when I exit my day job in November.

    It is from your own story of how you became so successful Neil, that sparked my interest and inspired me to get going!

    Thanks a Million in advance and Thank You for all your inspiration and epic knowledge 🙂

    • Chris, glad I could help encourage your creativity. I think it’s smart to reach out and find people to encourage you and motivate you. That’s what I did when I first got my start. Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  89. Hi mr.neil I am Sachin from India now I am studying engineering 1st year ,but I have interest of investing in stock market,but the sad thing is I don’t have enough money to invest,so can u give me some other ways to make money like online typing or some other,so mean while I can start investing in stock …I will be waiting for ur reply mr.neil.
    Thank u

  90. Funny to stumble on this article now 🙂 I was part of the millionaire challenge and sadly didn’t end up to be a millionaire after haha.

    It’s not easy to trade penny stocks but Tim Sykes did crack the code! I met both of them in Vegas last year. Great experience.

    Funny how Grittani found Sykes through you 😉


    • Esteban, they are great guys who think outside of the box — and sometimes that’s all you need.

      Looking forward to hearing much more from you.

  91. Wow…thats supercool neil…He is really an inspiring personality…
    you are one of my inspirations as well 🙂 you are tooo goood…

    • Thanks Joseph, I appreciate you saying that. Tim Grittani’s a great guy, I remember with Tim Sykes first introduced us, I knew he was going to be a star so I had to interview him 🙂

  92. I am a nigerian and I have being interested in learning stock tim sype I dnt know u didn’t get to reply me on your blog but I want to know if I can trade stock in the usa market since I would be coming into the usa soonest

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