Author Rank: A Step-by-Step Guide to Dominating Search with Content Marketing

If you are a content marketer, blogger or writer, you’ll be happy to hear that there have been five recent SEO changes that will play to your strengths.

Google made these changes for two reasons: selfish reasons and selfless reasons.

It is selfish because these changes will keep more people on Google’s products. Not a bad thing from a business standpoint, but from a user standpoint some of these changes impact search negatively:

search impact negative

It is selfless because Google is trying to deliver more content that is based on personal signals. They are trying to take advantage of the fact that people are more likely to read or buy something if they see a friend likes it too.

Whatever the reason for these changes is, this is really good news for anyone who makes a living creating content. Let me show you the changes and the simple ways in which you can leverage each one.

Optimize personalized search

Google has changed the SEO game by delivering personal results. This, of course, means that when you search for “social media tools”, you will get different results from me. The factors that influence these results are several:

  • Google personalized search must be turned on – This is done by default. If you want to turn this off, you have two options. Simply sign out or click on the globe icon in the upper right corner.
  • Your web browsing history – Google stores your browsing history and then uses that information to dictate what kind of content it will serve up based upon your search term.
  • Your content – If you are an online content author, then Google will deliver your relevant content for a search.
  • Content shared by your social circles – Including you.

These factors dramatically change the landscape. In fact, this pretty much ruins everything Google has attempted to do when it comes to organic search. No doubt it is a bold and risky move, but Google understands that the search landscape is changing.

People are searching less and discovering more from content on the social web thus the emphasis on search signals such as the number of tweets.

What are some of the steps you should take to optimize your content for personalized search?

  • Increase your Google+ circles – It was no accident that Google launched Search Plus You World and their social network close together in time. The goal is to get people to sign up for Google+ and then have them make their circles larger. The more people you have in your circles, the higher in rankings relevant content will show up on a Google search.
  • Your Circles see your content – Content related to people in your Circles will get top spots when people search. You can see the impact this has by using Google’s Ripple.
  • Drive more traffic to your site – When someone visits your site, Google then connects your site with that visit and then will deliver relevant content from your site to that person next time they search. When Google brings back the “Block Site” feature, naturally this won’t happen if someone hits your site, bounces out and then blocks it.

Increase social sharing

Another way in which you as a content creator can dominate the search rankings with your content is to get more and more social shares.

A study by branded3 proved the connection between tweets to a particular URL and its ranking. Their results showed:

  • 50 tweets or fewer – Not sure how much, but URLs received benefit in rankings with 50 tweets or fewer, but those benefits declined after that.
  • 5,000 tweets – There’s a huge jump for a page that gets an average of 5,000 tweets. This would be content that goes viral on Mashable, BuzzFeed or Copyblogger.
  • 7,500 tweets – When a page gets 7,500 or more tweets, it can easily show up in the top five SERPs on Google.

Here’s a quick snapshot of ranking positions based upon tweets:

tweet rankings

No doubt it makes sense: if you have a page that’s got over 1,000 tweets, it’s going to do a lot better than a similar page in content that only has 40 tweets.

This is probably true as well with other social networks too, e.g, Facebook. What this means to you as a content creator who wants to rank high is that you need to increase the number of shares your content is getting.

Here are some tactics to help you:

  • Make the social sharing buttons obvious – Your readers should never have to search for your social sharing buttons. Make them easy to find using a social sharing plug in that scrolls alongside the content. The other place to include buttons is at the end of the article.
  • Encourage your readers to share – If you don’t come out and ask, then you may miss out on a lot of opportunities. Telling people what to do will boost your shares. For example, Dan Zarella did a study of re-tweets with “please RT”. Tweets with the call to action to RT generated four times as many retweets as tweets without those words.
  • Engage influencers – Make a connection with a social media influencer, do lots of favors for them and then ask them to share your content. How do you get their attention? Here are some tactics:
    • Post round-ups – Write a blog post that rounds up social influencer’s content and share it. Eventually they’ll see your efforts and reward you.
    • Do a guest post – If you can land a great guest posting gig that a lot of influencers read, they’ll likely tweet your stuff and may even follow you.
    • Interviews Conducting interviews with social media influencers is a great way to get to know these people.

Employ semantic keyword research

As Google gets better at segmenting search, you’ll have more opportunities to rank higher and higher in verticals, which always leads to higher conversion rates since your prospects are better qualified.

This means that you need to look for “advanced search” keywords. The procedure is pretty simple. Let me show you.

When you perform a search, you can refine results with advanced search tool tucked away in the “Show search tools” in the right-hand column:

show search tools

Your next step is to click “related searches”…

related searches

Here, you’ll get a boat load of related topics for your search query:

semantic search google

As you can see above, Google is giving you semantic options. Grab these keywords and start checking search volume with Google’s Keyword tool.

Another easy tool you can use is Google Instant, which gives you even more choices than “advanced search”:

google instant keywords

Finally, make your keyword list better through Google Insights for Search. This tool will allow you to narrow keywords down via categories, for instance.

If you want to learn more about semantic search and keywords, check out these articles:

Play with the Panda update

For spammers and content farms, Google’s Panda update was a nightmare. It was meant to penalize sites with low-quality content, and it came down hard.

The upside is that those who are willing to create long-form blog posts that are detailed and useful will be rewarded.

To help content creators create this kind of content, Google issued a blog post that recommended you to think like a Google engineer and asked questions to determine the value of your content.

Since then, I’ve created several blog posts that will help you create this kind of content:

Implement the Google Authorship Markup

There’s no denying it: rich snippet will increase SERP CTR and traffic. And search marketing firm Catalyst proved it.

Here’s their analytics from their test (the arrow is when the rich snippet started to show up in results):

google author 150 traffic

If you have a hard time seeing, let me tell you that this amounted to a 150% increase!

Although the results may vary, you can implement the Google’s authorship snippet and benefit from the same kinds of results.

This is what it looks like:

neil patel author results

Not only does my profile show up, but the number of people in my Google+ network and a link to see “More by Neil Patel” also do.

Google is still perfecting this feature, so it is not predictable or consistent. You may implement it and see results on some posts but not others or not see any results for a week or two. It’s also somewhat complicated to set up. That’s why I tried to create a simple guide to Google Authorship Markup.

Despite the drawbacks, it’s worth investing the time to set it up because adoption of this feature is slow. That means you will definitely stand out in search results. In fact, only one out of five searches is delivering the rel=author in top 100 results.


I think it is a really great time to be a content marketer! Even though we still have issues with people plagiarizing, for the most part those who dominated the search engines with shallow content are no longer a threat.

Plus, the Google Authorship Markup is going to be really hard for brands to adopt since it is geared toward individual authors, which means you can be a David and fight the Goliath and beat him!

What other recent SEO changes benefit content marketers?


  1. Nailed it.. as always. Though those figures of thousands shares are unrealistic for most businesses. What do you say something for a combined figure? Say hundreds of shares from all popular social channels. I guess it should make a good difference too, Neil.

    • I agree that number of shares can be a bit unrealistic for businesses, but this may be possible if your post is viral, or if a famous tweeter or someone with so many followers tweets it. But of course, the Twitter celebrity has to be really famous, like Tom Hiddleston or the US president. Their tweets usually get thousands upon thousands of retweets.

      • Yep, having someone who is popular or an authority figure tweet something for you should drive a ton of traffic to you.

      • I think getting tweets or other social signals to go viral is difficult for the average business or content marketer. Sure if you already have a huge following you might something to go viral.

        I do think its interesting that a post or site with 7,500+ tweets ranks high on Google. I wonder if they have a ‘threshold’ with giving a site more authority.

        Ive seen Authorship work at dropping my bounce rate to near 0%, which in itself is amazing.

        • It is very hard, even if you have a large Twitter following. It is a really hard thing to game unless you want junk tweets.

    • I don’t have stats on that but I do agree with you, the more shares you can get the better.

  2. :

    This post is so useful for any newbie who wants to start something from small & make it big over a period of time, many thanks for giving such a detailed one, appreciate it Neil

  3. Neil, great write up man.

    The only thing I am surprised by is getting more then 50 Tweets has no SEO beniis, not sure why they would set it as such a low number since today it is much easier to get 50 tweets then it was say 2 years ago.

    Also as far as the authorship.. I set mine up months ago yet still not activated.

    I reached out to Google and they told me.

    “We only activate it to websites/authors that would benefit”
    To me, wouldn’t EVERYONE benefit from having authorship set?

    Makes no sense.

  4. Damn this is a pretty awesome post. Learned a lot. I definitely gotta work on my social media skills for posterity. Thanks for this one.

  5. I thought the post roundups was a great tip. I discovered new sites/signed up for newsletter because a blogger/friend of mine was doing a weekly roundup. Valuable to blogger, readers and other authors. Make it all about giving first.

  6. :

    Great post, Neil.

    As always a huge amount of research and thought has obviously gone into it.

    I think web publishers can learn a 100 times more about search engine marketing from this one post, than from reading hundreds of the usual tired, run-of-the-mill – and often inaccurate – posts about 2006 style SEO.

    Thanks again.

  7. Thanks for a great article. I was one of those who had to start from scratch, because of penguin and other factors that caused my drop in rankings, and I will definitely use the information in this article. Going forward, taking shortcuts is definitely a no-no! Thanks once again!

  8. Alan | Life's Too Good :

    Hey Neil,

    I did read your previous post about authorship markup and it did seem a little involved.

    Maybe I was just being thick, but all of the effort in terms of keyword research, SEO and authorship markup and I really have to ask myself if it’s all worth it – it makes the pleasurable task of writing good content into something of an arduous task.

    That being said, every time I read one of your posts I do tell myself I must do more to learn this stuff and stop simply writing (I think I get nowhere in terms of organic ranking and have always assumed that Google does a good job acting like people, so writing good content genuinely for people has to be the way to go).

    OK, OK, I’m going to try and do more SEO stuff, I promise. This week. On my next post.

    thanks for another great article Neil,

    take care & best wishes,

    • Thanks for reading Quick Sprout Alan,

      I would strongly suggest you learn as much as you can, as often as ou can. I constantly am learning new things and that is what helps me the most. Just remember nothing worth doing ever is easy.

      Best of luck to you.

  9. great article…i have a question…if a site gives information about science and tech news, will that content be called low quality as per google’s algorithm as it is not self created content? is it monetarily beneficial to open a site on science news,experiments,projects etc?

    • You shouldn’t have issues with low quality if you are writing the news yourself and adding your opinion about it (which will help make it more unique).

      If you just copy and past the news from another site, it will be low quality (duplicate) content.

  10. Good content is King… It takes a lot more time to create, but the results are awesome. Thanks Neil for always delivering not good, but great content…

  11. That is interesting to know about Tweet count and ranking by its popularity. Yes it makes sense, in terms of user perspective. Million thanks for sharing this info with us Neil Patel.

  12. It really annoys me that Google don’t tell people when they change things, they should have a little pop up telling people when important changes occur and give them the knowledge so that searchers can actually make a choice about these things. Probably 99% of people have no idea that their searches have been personalised. Do people really only just want to know about things they’ve searched for before or that their social circles have? I doubt it.

    • They try to do blog posts about the changes, but yes, most people don’t know about them.

      As for the social circle point, it will just be a part of their algo and not the only factor.

  13. One extra bonus of claiming authorship is that Google Webmaster Tools will show you stats about any content you have claimed (assuming your Google+ profile and Webmaster Tools are on the same account). It’s one of the Labs features in GWT – sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not, but it has some nice information – especially if you write sites other than your own.

  14. Hey Neil

    Hope you okay? Cool and enjoyed this post…

    The social media was due to happen, I remember reading the following post :

    It was a sign of what’s to come with search. Google does give some hints, but one does not look at it in that way. Your post is wake up call, that back linking is not good enough.

    People that search online want content that is good and that can help with their problem or what they need help on.

    I always say the following: The internet is like a big public library, you can always drop the book and look for a other.
    If you content is not good, their is always better content out their..

    The Google+ happened for a reason, I might be wrong, but I think they have bigger plans for Google search in 2013. If you look at how face book is growing, what is the next thing they could go for? Will it be Facebook search, could this be the next search engine?

    Will just have to wait and see…

    Some tips to help to everyone, hope you don’t mind Neil

    1. Wikipedia and Amazon, search for a topic, and you will find different main and sub keywords

    2. If you using wordpress have a look at yoast seo plugin , it’s free no credit card need 🙂

    3. Take your content, and use only the main points and redo the text to make it shorter, make a slide and upload to

    4. Upload you content to iTunes. Hire a voice over to read your content and upload … check out

    Hope this helps… take care Neil

    • Definitely some interesting theories Zaid. I guess we will have to be ready for anything, especially change.

      Thanks for your additional tips, appreciate you helping out and sharing them with everyone.

  15. Neil – great article! With the Google authorship, have you seen it work for 2 authors on the same blog? After much searching I’m not clear if me and my business partner should setup our own accounts and if it would work on our blog. Love to know if you’ve seen it work on other sites. Thanks!

  16. Neil,

    You are AMAZING! ENORMOUS THANKS for continuing to delight us with all this incredibly useful and actionable information and step-by-step guides! You are totally THE BEST!

  17. I agree that people are not using the authorship market in many competitive industries. Eventually these people will catch on, but in the meantime those of us who are can reap the benefits.

    It really does increase clicks, especially if you’re the only one in the first SERP page with your image beside it. It catches the eye and draws attention – perhaps more so than simply being first on the results page.

    If you’re not using authorship markup – you should be! And if you’re not on google + yet, you should be there also. I don’t like it much as a social network, but its great for SEO purposes.

  18. Neil, I’m blown away, and not for the first time. How do you always manage to post something I just can’t help but bookmark and share.

    I’m so happy the times of clever content marketing are coming back. My passion’s always been in creating great content and not chasing search engines. Good times ahead!

    • Thanks Michal,

      It takes time but I have gotten use to writing and continue to learn so I continue to have new things to write about.

  19. Neil,

    Thanks for the tip about authorship. Done and done. Now to go back and put my name on each of the posts…

    Keep up the great advice,


  20. In a nut shell, the Google algorithm continues to evolve as the human definition of quality content continues to morph. Still, even these new indicators (above) are still just indicators. They do not aim to measure the content itself. Kinda like looking for a blackhole, yes?

    What’s unfortunate is that these can – and will – be gamed. To make matters worse, too many will focus on gaming the system instead of producing quality content wrapped within an engaging user experience. That said, there’s not much incentive to produce quality when Google continues to rely on quantity, is there?

    • Yea, it kind of is like a black hole. And they will continually update it so it becomes harder to game.

      Over the last year they have shifted to ranking quality higher than quantity in many cases.

  21. Since obtaining 7500 tweets is hard, even for the big guys, I am wondering if within certain niches, that the number of tweets would be much lower. Kind of like where you are competing in an SEO sense for long tail keywords instead of fighting with the big guys for the really big keywords. Does this work the same where since you are in a tight tight niche, if you got a much lower number of tweets would that cause you to show up high in the SERP?

    • I think you are right in which certain niches you can get away with less tweets. Some niches aren’t popular enough to get 7500 tweets.

  22. Neil, devils advocate…does the highly tweeted post get higher SERP rankings because of the tweets or the fact that with all those tweets comes more backlinks? Could be a chicken or the egg scenario to debate.

  23. Hi Neil,

    As usual, a boatload of useful tips.

    Thanks for taking the time to come up with this useful post. I will refrain from commenting on the suitability of this new change and focus for the meanwhile with jumping on the moment 😉

  24. Hey Neil,

    I have always felt that guest posting is the best way to tackle SEO and I think that it is something that will be useful for a long time to come. Anyway, great post as always.

  25. Hey I was just wondering….does your site switch to a mobile platform when it is viewed by a mobile phone because when I scale the browser, your social bar is no longer available….just a thought….I have this bar on my site at the moment and have been considering that implication…

  26. Great article 🙂 I must agree with your opinion that the panda made life horrible for the spammers and the low-content pages. But I think that the guys from Google are right. It can be very annoying when you write a page for days and then someone does a page with a content generator and it has the same weight.
    10x for the tips on personalized searches 🙂

  27. Excellent, comprehensive guide as always, Neil. The one tip I haven’t tried is the roundup. Sounds as if it can be well worth it.

  28. Great points Neil, I have been using authorship from the very beginning and yes I’m using my real name. Others however in my space are not using real names. I wonder how long it will be until G can detect when a users profile is not really the person being presented.

  29. Jason Baudendistel :

    Amazing stuff Neil! I need to work on making my content more SEO friendly before my product launch that will be my primary goal.

  30. I am working on an E-commerce site. I always make the content go viral but then only on platforms that share by pictures…Like Pinterest.
    I can also target sites like Facebook by posting it on a lot of places where the targetted audience is……

    Question: is the google algo evolved enough to even generate search results based on total likes/total views?

    In that case my Facebook Likes/Views ratio is poor and I should worry about it more than anything….

    • It is, but it takes many things into consideration than just likes or total views, as those variables can be gamed.

  31. Transaction Coordinator :

    Ugh… As much as I hate it, I think it’s time to start embracing Twitter.

  32. Wow I didn’t know that the number of tweets could correlate or influence a page that much. Interesting reading as usual, thank you for sharing Neil!

  33. This a very good news!! After the penguin update I’ve seen some SERP with several low quality links on 1st page, I hope that Google will find a solution and fix this errors

  34. Hi Neil, what an interesting read, just noticing the obvious here, i see you have 238 tweets, 77 likes, 0 +1 for google +, i guess this proves a little point about the google social thing.

    Also i just leaning the whole blogging thing, and i noticed your blogg category is a date not a keyword, how important is it to set up you blogg categories the same as you main keywords your chasing, ive only just come across you from a link on thesis theme site, but will be coming back soon for more great content.
    And happy to give this article its first google + to get rid of that big fat ZERO 🙂

    Keep up the great work.

  35. This is a must “must read’ for marketers and publishers. Excellent post!

  36. I think authorship is huge but again they dont accept everyone so easily.

  37. Social sharing is always effective to improve organic ranking. Always write interesting content that goes viral, there is a good chance other people will retweet your post. If you spun articles and pay for service they do 1000 retweets for certain dollar, i don’t think that gonna work.

  38. Social sharing is an idea way to improve your page rank I have only just started using social media and have seen my page climb up in just a few days. But i didnt realize how powerful it was until I read an saw your twitter images

  39. Hi Neil,

    I am absolutely amazed at how terrific stuff is on this blog. I am new to SEO. Your post has given me an insight of how i can promote my business through content marketing. And also as you suggest the social sharing of content, I think it is a very clever idea, I will implement it as soon as possible. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the the information

  40. I think the recent abundance of social signals adds a much-needed layer of reliability to the link graph, and gives the search engines more variety in their signals, which is annoying for us SEO -types but ultimately does help the searcher get better results.

  41. Thank you for these tips. I’ve read many posts about Google changes but none of them had so many positive ways to make the most of those changes. I also really appreciated the first suggestion to increase your Circles. But, I’ve also found that the people who are the most active on G+ are other online biz folks and geeks. Now, both of these groups happen to be in my B2B target audience, so this is working for me. But, I wonder if it’s a worthwhile strategy for B2C folks.

  42. Hey Neil,

    Good stuff indeed. All you say definitely makes sense and it is important to know them to stay up in the game. Thanks.

  43. Great article, I think the best thing I will take away from all of this is to keep learning about the Panda updates, we also got hit with the new updates via google so going and researching, along with optimizing your personal search, will overall be the most beneficial to undertanding the always changing online market. Thanks again Neil!

  44. Tom S - Prestashop Developer :

    Hey Neil,
    You really made my day. I was thinking to implement semantic search and you have shown me the way and importance to semantic search.

    I will definitely implement Author Markup Search. Thanks for your great post.

    – Tom S

  45. Re: A study by branded3 proved the connection between tweets to a particular URL and its ranking. I wonder if this is correlation or causation.

    If content is useful it will be linked to AND shared. Surely the stuff that is tweeted about lots will also have lots of links. Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The Links or the tweets or do they happen at the same time. Does one cause the other?

  46. Thanks for the Article Neil, I like this one more semantic keyword research. This is really easiest way to search relevant keyword. By the way Great Article.

  47. I really like how you have gone into detail on these key issues. Content since the beginning of the Internet has always been King and its a good thing for us creators that most people view it as too much work.

    On the whole point of personalised search I have personally had that turned off now for months because of skewing SEO data I was looking at for clients. Its a good tip you gave all!

  48. Anirudh Bahadur :

    Great post. Ranking on search engines especially Google has become a lot tougher than it used to be.

  49. Monica Carter Tagore :

    Like others, I found this post quite helpful. I think one of the keys to succeeding as a content marketer (or anything, really), is being willing to learn new things. I’m pretty knowledgeable about running a business and have been getting writing clients for a long time, but I am always looking for new information.

    Your post was on point. It gave me information I already knew — get those social share buttons on the site! And it gave me info I didn’t know — news about changes to Google’s algorithm was pretty interesting.

    Keep it up.

  50. So much good information Neil! I read it over and over ticking on a pice of paper what i have done already and what i still need to improve from your list suggestions.

  51. I’ve had difficulty in getting the authorship snipet into my JOOMLA site. I’m going to check out your simple guide to Google Authorship Markup. Thanks for the free resource!!

  52. Paul@Tips for Massage :

    Thak you Neil for your great post. huge amount of useful information. I was totally surprised by the case study on the influence of the number of re-tweets. I definitely need to work harder to improve my social media presence. Thanks!

  53. Bodybuilder Dave :

    Great advice – like almost all of your posts. Now – to work on getting 5,000 tweets!

  54. Awesome post..I learned many new things.. Sharing content on social media sites are helpful to increase your page rank. Interesting and effective content becomes very popular and users will retweet your post.

  55. Thanks, Neil. Your last line really hit home for me: “Plus, the Google Authorship Markup is going to be really hard for brands to adopt since it is geared toward individual authors.”

    As the primary content producer and social media manager for a small local company, I’m really concerned about how to get ahead for Authorship while still promoting our brand, not myself. I don’t want MY picture and name next to all our content, because it’s not really my product to promote– it’s the company’s. I don’t want everything linking to MY G+ page– I want it to go to the company’s.

    Seems to me like this is really geared at boosting individual consultants and strategists, not your average small business that puts out good content to a relatively small audience.

    Do you have any suggestions for using this to promote the business, not myself as the employee/author?

    • It’s tough for people to adopt unless you are a content site/blog. I haven’t seen a great example of how businesses use it on a mass scale, but if I come across anything I will let you know.

  56. Brandon Parsons :

    While I certainly appreciate the rest of your post content, I really think you should have thought twice before linking (and giving credibility) to that study on number of tweets vs. Google SERP rankings.

    That study breaks one of the core principles of LEGITIMATE statistical analysis – correlation does not imply causation. The fact that higher ranked pages have more tweets is absolutely NOT proof in any way, shape or form that getting tweeted more frequently increases your SERP rankings.

    This kind of “drop numbers into Excel and call it a study” really bothers me!

  57. Great post here, the chart where it shows rank along with how many tweets a particular page has gotten is a great indicator of the rising importance of social media !

  58. I believe on page visitor retention are huge variables .. often overlooked by many. If you produce quality articles and tutorials which actually help the reader and engage the reader (just like this great article by bove), google will take care of you. Users typically pass on content using email forwarding and major social networks, but the content still has to be ‘worthy’ of a share. Time and effort are required to produce epic content … everything else will follow from that. Thanks for the great article Neil.

  59. Sunayna Gupta :

    Whether norms by Google for content is for selfish or selfless reasons, in both ways the end users are benefitted.

  60. I think Author Rank is too Good For who is real blogger . And in both of case Selfish and Selfless benefit of both User and Google.

    See this Image :

    Now that everyone is understanding the importance of Google Authorship and AuthorRank, so most of the bloggers did two things – 1) became verified authors, and, 2) wrote a blog on “AuthorRank”. Smart Move to get entry on 1st SERP! But then Google is also Smart. It has now stopped showing most verified authors and their blogs on “AuthorRank”… so sad for these authors… hats off to Google!

  61. if tweets help to rank web pages on google so anyone can buy junk tweets before for a real person like me its not possible to have 500 tweet on any post

  62. Google author rank, the next step to change SEO strategy. Many articles says, social signals are less spammy as compared to SEO signals.

    But their are thousands of services on web which can provide your fb likes, twitter tweets, G+ shares. So what about them. Their post will be higher rank with almost no effort. What do you think.

  63. Neil, hi.
    What a tremendously well laid out, easy-to-follow post.

    It’s remarkable in that it takes what could be considered a difficult topic to get one’s head around – understanding the effects of social sharing on SERPs – and then lays it out in a way that even a layman could understand.

    100% solid advice and, as you rightly point out, simple enough to achieve if you have the burning desire to provide quality content to your audience.

    I shall now disappear and read your related content. Hopefully, it will be as priceless as this is.

    Thank you, squire,
    Jason D., FeckTV.

  64. I like this one more semantic keyword research. This is really easiest way to search relevant keyword. Thanks for the great article.

  65. Shital Jethva :

    Author Rank has great importance that could change the practice of SEO. By having Author Rank, Google will identify content easily. It will reduce the chances for the bloggers who copy content and re-publish on their blogs.

  66. Hello!,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Hi!,,,That is interesting to know about Tweet count and ranking by its popularity. Yes it makes sense, in terms of user perspective. Million thanks for sharing this info with us,,,,,,,,,,,,

  67. ty for the info,
    actually i don’t even have tweet, gonna make one soon

  68. Before reading this post I didn’t know, tweets helps to get high serp rank. If it is happen, this is a good news.

  69. Cathie at Ducktoes Computer Services :

    Thanks for helping us figure out the Author rank stuff.

  70. Mashruf Kabir :

    It’s funny and yet amazing, because it’s August 2013 now, and the content of this article written back in 2012, is everything we need to aware of right now. Really brilliant piece of article.

    Thanks Neil Patel! 😀

    • Mashruf, great point. I would suggest checking out my content marketing guide. It has updated tips and tricks.

  71. Hi Neil,

    That is a very interesting study by Branded3. I liked the social experiments. But for some reason I believe that I might not be getting the best result as a user searching for information. I just might be getting info that other think is good. At times even things like that can be manipulated and people can buy social shares.


    • A lot of people put out research… you can always try to look at multiple sources to make sure they agree on the same decision/data points.

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