4 Steps to Making Your Search Listings Stand Out on Google

Do you want more click-throughs on your search listings? You can achieve a higher click-through rate (CTR) that drives more qualified traffic to your website by using this one tactic: increasing the size of your Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) listing.

Most SERP listings look like this:

google serps

Competition in SERPs is stiff, especially since Google has rolled out so many changes to its algorithms. These changes push down organic results in favor of images, videos, local searches and ads, so a standard listing like the one above won’t do anymore.

Download this printable cheat sheet of 4 steps to making your search listings stand out on google.

You need to supersize that listing. Here are the 4 steps that will help you do that.

Step #1: Write a full and seductive meta description

Meta descriptions get ignored a lot in the world of SEO. Sure, a keyword rich meta description may not be as significant of a factor in search ranking as back links or social signals, but it can play many other influential roles, like bumping CTR on SERPs.

That’s why it pays to optimize meta description. But what makes a great meta description? And how can you write one so that it stands out on Google’s results?

Here are some tactics:

  • Avoid small meta descriptions – You’ve got 160 characters to play with. So, try to use every one of those characters if you can. At least write enough content to get to two lines (one line is roughly 80 characters, depending on the size of the words.)
  • Include a compelling call to action – Inside that meta description, you need to persuade people to click through:
    • Start the tag with an action verb: “Discover why…” or “Read about the…”
    • End with action: “Read more…” or “Find out now…”
    • Ask a question: “Ever wondered…?” or “What would you do if…?”
  • Use a cliffhanger – Your next tip is to borrow a trick from soap operas and end the meta description with suspense: “You’ll never believe what happened next.”
  • Use keywords – If words in the user’s search query match words in your title or description, these words will be highlighted, bringing even more attention to your listing.

Beefing up your meta description is an easy way to help your search listings stand out on Google.

Step #2: Create dual rankings

Have you ever done a search and found on the first page of SERPs two results that lead back to the same domain? It might look something like this:

google cooking serps

That’s what you get when you search for the keyword “cooking.” The Food Network might think they are pretty lucky to optimize two relevant pages and land those positions so close to each other.

But really what’s going on is that Google links pages from the same domain together when they are both on the same SERP.

Let me explain. Let’s say you have a domain page sitting at the number four position on the first SERP and another page sitting at the number eleven position on page two. If you optimize that lower ranking page and manage to get it to the first page of SERP, Google will then bump it up to the fifth position.

The CTR benefits will skyrocket. Look at the difference between number 10 and 11:

google serps 10 and 11

Now look at the results for the top 10:

google serps share

So, it pays to bump that number 11 to a 4, 5 or 6.

Here’s how I would do this strategy:

  • Start with the title and description tag – Try to match keywords on the lower ranking page to the words you used in the higher ranking page. Do not write a duplicate title or meta description. The content must be unique but relevant to the keyword.
  • Evaluate onpage optimization – Examine the higher ranking page, note the keyword placement in the headers and copy. Revise the lower ranking page to mirror the higher ranking one, but, again, keep the content unique. You do not want to duplicate content.
  • Map internal links to the lower ranking page – Drive links from inside your site to the lower ranking page. The key is to use keyword-rich anchor texts. You can create new pages, but often it’s easier to identify pages that share a page’s category label and then link out from there. That way you get the added benefit of updating older pages.
  • Drive outside links to lower ranking page – There are several tactics to doing this:
    • Volunteer to write guest posts for authoritative sites and then drive one or two keyword-rich anchor text links back to the lower ranking page.
    • Find dead links on a site that could point to your page. Suggest this to the webmaster. You can find dead links on a website with this tool at W3C.
    • Get links from government sites by emailing relevant ones asking for a link.

All you have to do is get that lower ranking page onto the first page, which is a lot easier than getting a page to the 1st, 2nd or 3rd position. So, just a few links may be enough to nudge a page from the 11th or 12th position to the 10th position.

Step #3: Leverage rich snippets

One of the best new developments to come out of Google that can benefit your search listings are the rich snippets. Rich snippets are great for several things:

Recipes (search query: “oatmeal cookies recipe”)
google serps oatmeal

Business locations (search query: “car alarms”)
google car serps

Products (search query “otter boxes”)
google product serps

Events (search query “sasquatch festival”)
google event serps

As you can see in the top two examples where I used a generic search query, the listings jump out for several reasons:

  • The keyword is highlighted in each circumstance.
  • The 5-star ratings will also jump out from among the competing listings. That star rating also adds another line to the listing, so even if the rating was low, it would still stick out.
  • And, obviously, the car alarm example stands out because of the list of locations, which I actually cut off.

The other two examples stand out because of the sitelinks (which I’ll talk about more below), increasing the listing size.

There are some great guides out there for helping you get started with rich snippets. Check these out to learn more:

Step #4: Get sitelinks

Sitelinks are the links underneath your root domain listing that are basically an expansion of your site based on clean navigation and a simple site structure.

google quicksprout serps

According to Google, sitelinks are automated and will only be displayed if Google thinks they are useful to search users. You can use some best practices to influence your chances of getting sitelinks:

  • Create a Google Webmaster account – If you haven’t yet, jump over to Google and set up a Webmaster account for your blog or website. The process is simple and will take about 24 hours on Google’s end. This process will help you accomplish the following (also important in getting sitelinks):
    • Submit URL
    • Submit site map
    • Reconsider your site – If you’ve completed all of the following tasks and believe that you deserve sitelinks, you can ask Google to review your site.
  • Remove broken links – If you are using WordPress, use the Broken Link Checker plugin to find your broken links.
  • Remove HTML errors – Use a tool like W3C HTML Validation Service to search your site and identify all of the errors in tags and codes. Once you’ve identified these errors, eliminate them.
  • Remove CSS errors – The same tool that will identify your HTML errors will also identify your CSS errors.
  • Create great content – As you can see above, some of my blog posts have been pulled to be used in the sitelinks. This is because those pages are popular and have lots of links pointing to them and a high number of social signals, which occurred because my content is detailed and advanced.
  • Create linkbait – You can also use linkbait content to attract links and then land that page in the sitelinks.
  • Attract backlinks with relevant anchor text – Backlinks are the backbone of search, so drive external links to hero pages. These hero pages are the pages you want to show up in the site links.
  • Increase organic search traffic – The more traffic you can get from organic search results, the more relevant Google will view your pages. Use these tactics to improve your search results CTR.
  • Simple navigation – Mashable’s sitelinks, for the most part, are built from its simple navigation structure (links at the top of the page).


The fact that SERPs are crowded with listings shouldn’t discourage you. Why? Well, I’ll bet you that most of the people or companies behind these listings will not put in the work it takes to increase their listing sizes. For example, even though rich snippets have been around for over a year, their adoption is slow.

This leaves a lot of room for you to employ just two or three of the steps above. That could significantly increase your organic traffic. Just imagine what could happen if you employed all four.

Have you used any other ways to supersize SERP listings?


  1. Fraser Cain :

    I would recommend connecting your articles with your Google profile so that the photograph of the author appears beside the listing in the search results. Articles with authors are more prominent in the search results.

    • Thanks for the recommendation Fraser.

    • I am trying to do what Fraser suggested. I have a Google plus account/profile. Under Profile, Edit, Links, I added a link back to my woodstockinjuryattorney.com site. Is there anything else I need to do in order to get the photograph of the Google plus profile user to show up next to the search results for our web site? Thanks!

      • Set up your Gravatar for the same email address that you have attached to Google + and then, make sure that your G+ is listed on every blog post or site page where you are the author. In addition, add “?rel=author” after the G+ web address!

  2. Scott Bradley :

    Neil – This is a really valuable article. I love how you break everything down step by step. I think one of the best meta descriptions that you mentioned in the article is the “cliff-hanger.”

    I am going to think about using that in the future when writing up my meta descriptions. Thanks!


    • I agree with the cliff hanger as well, by not just saying what your content is about but gaining curiosity with questions and call to actions people will feel like they’re missing out by not clicking through!

    • Thanks Scott,

      I am glad you liked it. Definitely give it a try and let me know how it works out for you.

  3. One thing you are missing is to use Author snap in SERP. When you link your Google+ profile with your site and provide headshot on G+ profile it will show author photo in SERP. This will increase the CTR dramatically.

  4. I can’t make anymore suggestions, but I can say meta descriptions make a huge difference. I’ve had a couple of words which were so far down they were off the map – when I tweaked the meta descriptions (using WordPress SEO by Yoast) they leaped up the rankings. I’m going to seriously look into the rest of your suggestions.
    Thanks Neil – you always have such great advice!

    • Awesome, glad these tips have been helpful. Try out the rest and see how they work out for you. 🙂

  5. Great post Neil.

    Would like to know how one creates breadcrumbs below the title as the one you showed in the “oatmeal cookies receipe” image.

    If you don’t have time, would love to get a good link from where I can learn it. Have a good day 🙂

  6. Great visibility tips. Can get you huge results.
    My new favorite is adding “rel = author” to my posts. That will add your Google profile image next to the search listing.
    Just having an image draws eyeballs and thus clicks.
    In my case, my picture may scare folks away. 🙂

  7. Ken @ Marketing Experiment :

    Funny that you don’t hear much about using Meta to increase CTR of ads. I once heard from a pretty well known SEOer (he’s not as cool as you though Neil… Lol) to think of your listing as a PPC ad…as far using it to try and get a higher CTR for your organic listings.

    But since I haven’t read much on the subject. I love your idea of using a “call to action”. That was my aha moment for this post. Sometimes the easiest adjustments are right in front of you and you just don’t see them… Lol… thanks Neil for the aha. Now back to watching some Olympics 😉 Lol

    The Marketing Experimenter

  8. Ken @ Marketing Experiment :

    OMG, one last thing, I love the “pic” next to the listings that really jumps out… And the “site links” like in the quicksprout example is P.I.M.P. I love that. Talk about dominating a query. Is this when your site (as far as seo goes) has become a big time authority? Content, Links, and High Social Engagement?


  9. This is a really good post, Google has changed so much recently that really making sure you’re doing the basics goes a long way! Thanks Neil!

  10. Google is changing their ranking algorithms all the time. Everyone is saying that META tags are ignored by Google, but i do think that they still make their bots deciding in which category to put your website.

    • Ken @ Marketing Experiment :

      Not ignored, they just aren’t as heavy weighted as they once were. But they have always been a huge part in helping you to get a higher CTR on your listings.

    • META tags aren’t ignored, META keyword tags are.

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  12. Alan | Life's Too Good :

    Interesting stuff,

    wouldn’t adding the tags for rich snippets slow your site down (the tags seem quite ‘heavy’)?

  13. David - Boundless Opportunities :

    Hi Neil,
    This is a great article on improving rankings. I have very little knowledge of SEO but I am learning each time and I like the idea of using the rich snippets and meta descriptions.
    Thanks alot for sharing this.

  14. Great point on the meta description. I’m a bit of a newbie and I’m finding great information from your articles. Thanks for sharing!

    • No problem, glad you have found this information useful. Please let me know if you have any questions as you go.

  15. Really appreciate the information you have provided. I am new to the game so still researching tactics and trying not to succumb to analysis paralysis is important to me. Thank you for laying out some simple tactics.

  16. Jane | Problogging Success :

    Standing out in SERPs is certainly important since there is a lot of algo changes recently. With a “stand-out” listing on position 10 or 9 one can get more click throughs than a boring listing that sits on position 1.

    The authorship validation is very important since it not only improves click throughs by showing the author’s face next to the listing, but also provides a nice “validation” – good in the eyes of both Google and the search user.

    Thanks for the wonderful, useful post Neil 🙂

  17. Small Business Online Marketer :

    Very informative post. This is an awesome use of meta description. I always go with the idea of connecting Google+ account with your website. This helps to leverage social media for improving search rankings for people who are connected with you.

    • Ken @ Marketing Experiment :

      I was reading about this about a month ago, and that helps to get your pic beside your listing in the search results I believe.

    • Yep, it is important to incorporate social media as much as you can, when you can.

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  27. Nick @ DontSpendMore.com :

    I agree with Fraser. I have seen several high-ranking sites with pictures. I guess Google Plus is turning out to be a serious force.

    • Definitely,

      It is vital to make sure you are utilizing Google + and all other social media sites to the fullest.

  28. Excellent post! and certainly google plus is proving to be best ranking site having their profile on there.

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  29. darshan @ get twitter followers :

    The algorithm to get a post on first page for any keyword.

    1. get the keyword $k = “keyword”

    2. write a post or page that includes $k, preferrably on the first line.

    3. include the $k in meta description, and meta keywords of that page.

    4. preferrably, include $k in the title of the page

    5. make a list of blog posts appeared in google blog search result for $k

    6. make a list of forum threads appeared in google search result for $k

    7. leave a comment on each blog posts, forum threads, with a link to your post, and with anchor text = $k

    8. make an spread sheet for records.

    9. check the link if it is active or not.

    10. if active, we won! continue to step 11.
    if inactive, leave another comment!
    repeat steps 9 and 10

    11. count backlinks using a tool.

    12. if backlinks > 10000, your page is on first page of SERP.


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    • When someone does a search on Google, your META description will apear in the results. More attractive descriptions tend to get more clicks.

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    • It is, but the problem most sites have is when they make changes it over rights the w3c compliancy. It won’t boost rankings a lot, but it all helps.

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    Say if you want to change the description that appear underneath it, how do you do it? Is it an absolute way that can change the description? I notice you have meta description also, does it really matters for all your other sitelinks?

    • The sitelinks is something Google automatically picks. You can remove some through Webmaster Tools, but from my understanding you can’t select the exact links that show up.

      As for the description, you can control it through the meta description tag.

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    • Google constantly changes their design to improve usability. As for symbols, you would have to test things out. I am not sure what would be the best or worse… I try not to use symbols as those are short term tricks. I try to create appealing copy as that works well.

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