5 Ways to Improve Your Contact Form Conversion Rate

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Contact forms are the rubicon for interactions between your company and the outside world. While there are many interaction points and forms on a site (from user account pages, e-commerce checkout flows, etc.), the contact form is the place where users come to connect directly with you. Improving the conversion rate of your contact form can mean big things for your business.

Think of all of the different use cases for your contact form: a superstar employee looking for a job, a potential game-changing partnership inquiry, a new business opportunity or a customer service question that can turn a user with a poor experience into a lifelong advocate. With all that is riding on your contact form, don’t you think it’s worth spending the time to make it an experience that works? No matter your use case, an easy contact experience shows users that you care about them.

So, in that spirit, I’ve assembled five tips to help you increase the number of people filling out your contact form:

Lesson #1: Fewer form fields = greater conversion

In many things, simple wins over complex. As Steve Jobs put it, “Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.” Your contact form should be simple. If you take away one thing from this post, let it be that eliminating unnecessary form fields can significantly increase the conversion rate of your contact form.

In fact, Dan Zarrella at HubSpot recently researched the contact forms of 40,000 of their customers and found that conversion rate improves by almost half when the number of form fields are reduced from four fields to three. Stop and read that again: eliminate one form field and increase conversion by 50%.

contact fields

Don’t you wish improving every part of your business was this easy? So, start here. Look at your contact form and decide what must stay and what can go. Do you really need people’s daytime phone numbers? Cut ruthlessly and measure changes in conversion. You should see them start to head in the right direction.

Lesson #2: Create trust on your contact page

People are reaching out to you, an unknown business entity on the web. If you think about it, that’s a big leap of faith. The user takes time out of his or her day to connect with you, and the first thing you do is ask for a bunch of his or her personal information, including name, email address and who-knows-what else. That’s why it’s imperative to create trust on your contact form.

Let people know that they’re connecting with people that are there to help them with whatever they need.

So, how do you create trust? Much like in the real world, it comes down to the little things:

  • Related to point one, evaluate the information you request on your contact forms. If you’re asking for overly sensitive information, reconsider it and see if you can collect it from the user later in the process.
  • Set expectations for each field clearly to reduce confusion and invalid input errors.
  • Be user friendly – insisting that the user insert dashes for a phone number or making irrelevant fields mandatory doesn’t create trust, but it creates friction and unease.
  • Clearly articulate what will be done with users’ information and why you’re asking for it. Let users know their email addresses won’t be added to any marketing lists, sold or shared with partners.

All of these little things create trust that increases the likelihood that a user will complete your contact form and reach out.

Lesson #3: Provide help along the way

Your contact form serves as a gateway for every type of visitor that may land on your website. From job seekers to salespeople, customers and potential customers, press and more, you’re designing for a very broad audience.

You need specific information from these users to best determine how to help them. A customer needs to be routed to customer service; a new partnership request needs to go to business development; and an inbound SEO inquiry needs to go to the trash.

Because you have needs when it comes to the data you collect, it’s critical that you articulate what you need and why you need it on your contact form. This is where help text comes in. Unfortunately, if companies typically make the contact form an afterthought, help text is an even lower priority. This can lead to some frustrating experiences and reduced conversion rate on your contact form.

How can you use help text to increase conversion? Again, it’s in the details. Provide ghost text in fields to let users know what should go there.

contact name

You can even hint at formatting with the ghost text. For example ghost text for phone numbers that use the (xxx) xxx-xxxx example will encourage users to complete the form in that style.

contact help

Provide help text below the fields to guide users’ input. When more complicated contact forms are used, provide tooltips next to each field that explain in detail the what and why of the information being collected.

contact text

By providing guidance and help in your contact form, you’ll ensure that users are able to make it through to form submission instead of giving up halfway through.

Lesson #4: Reduce friction everywhere

The idea of reducing friction is an ongoing theme. In fact, it should be your default approach to the contact form design. But there are specific elements you can build into your contact forms to reduce friction and improve completion conversion rates.

Set the tab order to allow the user to move quickly and sequentially through the fields. This is especially helpful for mobile and savvy Internet users. Pay particular attention to the final tab order of the Submit and Cancel buttons. Many quick tabbers will complete a form and expect Submit to be the next field. If they go to submit their information and inadvertently choose “Cancel” due to your field ordering, you’ve made someone very unhappy.

contact cancel

Field focus and highlighting: let users know where they are in the contact form. Highlight the respective field where the user is expected to input information. If they get distracted or if the form has many fields, they’ll be able to pick up quickly where they left off.

contact highlight

In-line validation is another way you can reduce friction. Some Javascripts can let users know if they have a malformed email address BEFORE they submit their inquiry. There’s nothing worse than hunting down an error after you’ve tried to submit your information.

contact error

In all areas of contact form design look for ways to reduce the friction of the process and watch your conversion rate rise.

Lesson #5: Design for mobile first

Not only is the mobile audience growing ridiculously fast, designing for the mobile experience first can make your contact form easier to use. For starters, thinking mobile first ensures that you eliminate useless input fields.

If you’ve ever filled out a form on an iPhone, you know how painful each additional field can be. Thinking mobile first also drives important user interface decisions, e.g., whether you put field labels above or to the left of your form elements and what you set as your default options for certain fields.

You never want to be the developer that makes a US-centric audience scroll through 160 countries to get to the United States of America to complete the “Country” field on their mobile device.

contact mobile

Thinking mobile-first also ensures that you’re specifying form element types in your code. When you mark up your form properly, you’re able to leverage native UI elements such as the large, swipeable lists in iPhones and Android devices that make form completion much easier.

You can also code your contact form to take advantage of mobile capabilities to make form completion easier, driving up conversions. Why make users input their location information by hand if they can do so using their phones’ GPS with a single click? Can you allow photo uploads or voice-driven input? And can you design your forms to take advantage of different device orientations to open up more space for input?

An increasing percentage of your users will be experiencing your site and reaching your contact form on their mobile devices, so it’s critical that you design for their needs. The upshot is that you’ll be improving the experience for every user in the process.


Reducing friction drives conversion rate. No matter what you’re doing with your contact form, the more friction you can eliminate from the user experience, the higher you’ll be able to push your conversion rate. From form fields to help text to layout and design that make the user experience clear and consistent, these choices all impact how many people fill out your form.

By designing for the mobile user, you’ll not only service an ever-growing portion of your visitors, you’ll also reduce friction and improve the experience for desktop users. Contact forms are the interface between your company and the rest of the world.

Make the experience a better one, and you’ll find that communication and conversion will both improve. A higher conversion rate on your contact form can mean big things for your business: from new customers to new raving fans to new business deals and more, a high-converting contact form is an important aspect of any successful online presence.

So, in what other ways can you improve your form field conversion rate?

About the author: Chuck Longanecker is the CEO and co-founder of digital-telepathy, a user-experience design company passionate about creating products, such as SlideDeck, Hellobar, and Impress, that make the Web more intuitive and compelling.


  1. Great Post Neil! Every website owner knows the importance of contact page/form and always try new ways to make them more user friendly.

    Due to rapid growth of mobile audience and growing demand of Responsive Design, mobile first is the approach almost all companies/designers choosing for new and existing websites.

    • You mean: “Great Post Chuck!” 😉

      -Chuck’s Bodyguard

      • Thanks Dilanka 🙂

        @WPCircle Agreed. A responsive/mobile form builder would be a slick mini app for someone to create.

    • Thanks for the great info. According to Rondo I work with ClickDesk too now. It works very nice, and its easy to use for visitors. I’ve solved the problem of being availble all time by having gtalk on my phone and multiple PC’s everywhere I am I receive the chats. Sometimes I miss a message but then you get a nice mail, with contact details. Most of the time I’m at the office anyway

  2. Great post on reducing friction in the lead gen process. Your thought process of keeping it simple needs to continue throughout the site design process. How long should it take a user to figure out what page they are on, what is the purpose of the page, and what is the next step to take?

    • Yup. In the case, we stayed simple even with the subject matter of forms.

      A good rule of thumb for reducing friction in site flow is always progressing the user to the next step of the funnel. Don’t give them all the navigation options or ask them to buy right away. Look at your funnels, if users tend to buy more once they visit the demo, have your site flow encourage them to visit the demo and then go for the sale.

  3. Craig Pennings :

    Interesting post – I’ve always been debating on adding a “budget” dropdown with a minimum price on my contact form but I feel like that might create friction. Any suggestions on that Neil?

    • We’ve done this before with our agency website. It’s effective if you have a problem with too many unqualified leads based on budget and you want to filter out those results.

      However, you may suffer less leads overall (not just those with small budgets) since you are adding steps to the form. It really depends if your goals are quality or quantity.

    • Software Testing :

      No doubt quality does matter for filling up an effective form but you have to be careful regarding unqualified leads. Try to reduce friction which is really important.

  4. Barry Fogarty :

    Interesting info – the key point is to reduce friction, or as the usability guru Steve Krug would say, “Don’t make me think!”

    I have also heard that having labels on top of the boxes, rather than the side, improves usability and therefore the conversion rate. This also follows a mobile-first design approach.

    • Interesting idea. I guess it really depends on the design style of the site. Putting the labels on top of each form will make the page content longer and may give the user the perception of a more complicated form.

  5. Two more things…

    1.) Try adding more contact forms on your website. We found that people can often be spontaneous and tend to fill out email forms more often if they see them in front of their face. In other words, the more times we showed actual contact form on different web pages (opposed to a contact button) the more submissions we got.

    2.) Just an FYI, we found that less fields does increase conversion rates BUT it decreases quality. Hence, more fields, (without over doing it) drives HIGHER QUALITY conversions.

    • Thanks Marvin. I really like the idea of #1. We’ve used a simple form on each page and a more detailed form on our contact page. It definitely increased conversions. I also like how KISSmetrics puts a general contact form at the bottom of each page to get user feedback: http://blog.kissmetrics.com/secret-to-great-feedback/

      Agreed on #2 as well, see my comments to Craig about quality vs quanity above.

  6. andrew broadbent :

    Neil if i want to submit a guest post, how do i go about doing that? andrew@vabulous.com

    • Hey Andrew,

      I am not currently excepting guest post, due to the backup of ones I already have. Sorry about that.

  7. tina at yellowfin creative :

    One benefit to having a contact form on multiple pages follows a ‘point of purchase’ philosophy… sometimes you never know when the web browser will hit that tipping point and decide to reach out. Having a handy sidebar contact field will keep them from looking for a “contact” button and decrease the chance that they bounce. It also reduces friction by being simply handy.

    • You could also use a Hello Bar with a contact form modal attached to the button.

    • This design is incredible! You most certainly know
      how to keep a reader entertained. Between your wit and your videos, I was
      almost moved to start my own blog (well, almost…HaHa!) Wonderful
      job. I really enjoyed what you had to say, and more than that, how
      you presented it. Too cool!

  8. Sheyi | Ivblogger.com :

    Great one here again. I have since by passed many bloggers that I would have asked to come on my show – my blog for interview but their contact form is always long. I prefer to contact those whose forms are less clumsy and vert fast to compelte.


    • Yea – it’s no fun to waste time filling out forms with detailed information, especially if you don’t know how or even if they will use it!

  9. eCommerceFuel.com | Andrew Youderian :

    Simplify! Always simplify! Good post, Neil. It’s spawned a couple of questions related to opt-in fields:

    – Have you tested opt-ins with only the email and no name field? If so, did you notice a significant increase? And if you did, do you think the de-personalization makes it a worthwhile trade-off?

    – Have you experimented with putting a third field on opt-ins to increase relevancy of auto-responders? For example, one for the Quick Sprout Traffic System sales funnel might say:

    “Is your business’ approximate revenue (1) less than $1 million (2) more than $1 million”

    …allowing you to initially segment customers and provide more precise messaging. Obviously you’d see a decrease in conversations (opt-ins), but those who did would likely convert at a higher rate if you used the information correctly in your follow-up emails.

    • Thanks Andrew, but this was actually a guest post. I agree keeping it simple is always best.

      I will let Chuck help you out with those questions. 🙂

  10. Alistair Lattimore :

    Regarding creating trust and following on about setting an expectation, giving the user a turn around time on their email is also a key point. Too often you see a contact form on a website with no idea of if you’ll get a reply in an hour, 1 day or within a week.

    • Great point. We’ve won a lot of deals because we pick up and the phone and call leads within 60 seconds of receiving them. Setting first impressions and/or priming expectations is very valuable.

    • Good point Alistair,

      If you let people know when approximately they should expect a response it could help to build their trust and following. Just as long as you deliver on time.

  11. Ryan Bollenbach :

    Great post! 🙂

    I recently published: 8 Content Strategy Tips to Sell More Products Online – http://www.dtelepathy.com/blog/articles/8-content-strategy-tips-sell-products – it covers my thoughts on pages and interactions to help to sell more products.

    I didn’t cover anything to do with contact pages, it was cool to hear your ideas.

    • Hey Ryan – I’ve seen that blog before 🙂

      I really enjoyed your post and hope you will do my guest spots for us.

  12. Software Testing :

    Thats great post. Each and every webmaster knows the importance of a contact form but you have really given us specialized tips on how to encourage more and more people to fill it. I simply agree to the point that the lesser number of fields you have more is the chance the visitors will fill it.

  13. Electric Bed Seller :

    I absolutely agree with you.

    Every web user wants to save time

    Also a great number of web user are very lazy to fill forms

  14. Raheel Mushtaq :

    i like the fact that people gets encouraged if there are less fields rather than filling out a complete profile form. its good to keep it simple ..!

  15. Shaam @ Online Funding :

    Contact form is the best way for readers to get in touch with us,hence improving its conversion its not easy because not all the readers wish to contact us only the interested people thanks for the nice tip Neil

  16. Wonderful post. Good insights for Contact form conversion.

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  18. Tender Consultants :

    Great points – made us revisit our contact forms!

  19. David Airey :

    I was reducing friction in my own contact form as I read your advice, so thanks, Chuck. I’m fairly sure what I have now is an improvement.

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    This was my first article reading on the effective and conversion rate of contact form.Really great.

  21. Nora McDougall-Collins :

    Thanks for the post! I linked to it from my Facebook page for my web development students. These are topics that we discuss in class, and I appreciate having another resource to send them as a review. I do wish that a Facebook post from this blog would pick up a picture though. People click more on links in Facebook if there is an image!

  22. Excellent guest post. As you suggested, when asking for detailed information, we have found that adding an explanation of why we need it builds trust with the user and improves conversion rate- otherwise you are just a blank form asking for personal information! People are also more reluctant to leave their phone number than an email address- I certainly am.

    • Thanks Chole. I feel the same about including my phone number, especially when so many websites neglect to include their own phone number for you to call them.

      In interesting experiment would be to make the phone number field optional and include a positive reason for providing it. It’s the no pressure with an upside strategy.

  23. Am I the only one who tried to go to themythicalthumb.com?

  24. I totally agree on keeping forms simple, so why in the examples are they asking for user names and passwords?

    I see this a lot and think it’s unnecessary.

    The email address is a great username and saves the visitor having to think one up and remember it. User names often clash so they have to try again, while an email address only clashes if they have already got an account. If the email does clash, in many cases you can just tell them in an email after they have filled in the form instead of causing a roadblock on the form.

    Why not send them the password instead of making them enter one twice. From my experience most people use low strength passwords, repeatedly, and still forget them. Keep your system safe by defaulting them to a random one and sending them an email so they can find out what it was later. Give them an option to change it later, or even force them. Just do it after the successful forum filling has completed.

    • Hey Tiggerito,

      I agree that with web apps, usernames are dead and should just be emails.

      Passwords are a bit different. Unless you always use a system like LassPass, there is no way you will be able to remember all of your auto-generated passwords. So many users end up having to log in and go right to the account section to update their password. This is an extra step which adds more friction than simply entering in your password on sign up.

      Yes, it might slightly decrease some signups, but those lazy sign ups might not “activate” and use your service anyway, so you may not lose any truly active users.

  25. Rather than fuss about formats for phone numbers and so on, just use a bit of code to format it the way you want it afterwards. For example over 10 years ago I had back end cdse which converted
    name = John Doe (or Dr J Doe)
    into greeting = Mr Doe or Dr Doe
    etc etc

    particularly frustrating is refusing a phone number in the format +33 123 123456

    oh, and get someone (a neighbour say) TO TEST IT !


  26. Dave from A Couple Travelers :

    Really like the idea about hinting at the format.

  27. David - Boundless Opportunities :

    Hi, this has definitely given me a good reason to revisit my contact form.

    Just having the form has given me results. I can only imagine the better results i get from simplifying it.
    Thanks for sharing and btw I think your company’s Hello bar is a really cool tool to increase conversion.

    Thanks for the post Chuck.

  28. A very ignored topic, but its very interesting to see how a contact form can play such a vital role

  29. Get good grades :

    Thanks Neil for publishing this guest post, it is surprising sometimes the larger number of fields on some contact forms and the information they are asking for, really not well thought out in terms of conversions and “reducing friction”.

  30. What always kills it for me are the forms that don’t have the major countries right at the top so you’re left digging through this massive list to find yours.

    Secondly, we all know spam is a problem but when you have captcha’s on your contact form, you’re creating all kinds of resistance especially if getting it wrong clears the form.

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    User friendly contact forms are better way to make communication process much easier for your clients.

  33. Great post Neil!

    Certainly contact form has an great importance in the internet world and for me its an art to using to get more subscribers and you have provided great five tips and I am totally agree with you the lesser field you have the higher subscribers you’ll get because that’s you have made the procedure simple to the readers. Thanks for sharing nice information.

  34. Software Testing :

    Yes Executive programs, the forms need to be user friendly and as per this post, it should have less fields which will encourage user to fill it up and increases the chance of filling up the form.

  35. Suresh Karuppaiya :

    Contact form makes a trust towards the reader of the website. simple and clean look and name, email and body will be enough for the best conversion.

  36. Jerrick @ Singapore Web Hosting :

    It would be great with having some highlight on giveaway on top of the form . In the same time place some call to action before the form which play a huge role in the conversion.
    Try to use optional or choices for answers or tick box which easy them to fill up the form .

  37. Great post. I like the simple is better approach. It’s easy to keep adding and adding. Mobile first.

  38. Ram Kr Shukla :

    Mandatory column should not be more than 2, more the * column lesser the conversion ratio

  39. Thanks for the great post,

    Less is more is certainly true when it comes to contact forms. As a web designer for me the hardest struggle is alway’s to convince our clients to keep it simple. For some reason they always start with saying I hate large contact forms, I want them simple. Then they come up with 10 fields they want in their contact form.

  40. I found this article really interesting. I have been getting very few subscribers and after reading this, I found out why! My form was too long. I have now reduced it to the size of this form so I’m looking forward to move subscribers.

  41. Karl Craig-West :

    Thanks Chuck,
    You may well have helped a lot with this one. I get plenty of visitors to my site and the contact form is one of the places where they normally fall off.
    I’ll shorten the form and the language around it and see what happens.

    • Sounds great Karl. Let us know how it works.

      You might also want to do some funnel analysis and see if people are more likely to convert if they view certain information or visit a particular page. This way you can encourage them to view that page before the contact form or put the critical information on the contact form.

  42. Alan | Life's Too Good :

    Nice tips Neil,

    My contact form is definitely not very sexy, but it is simple and I think I meet most of your criteria – I am taking this post as a kick up the bum to go and have a look and check though.

    I like the idea of using WP’s forms out of the box (i.e. to reduce the number of plugins) which seem to have improved but they don’t seem to have a CAPTCHA field which I guess is essential so probably will stick to the plugin route.

    Is there a particular form plugin that you’d recommend for any reason?

  43. Reid Peterson :

    I skimmed through the comments but didn’t see anyone mentioning conversion rates in conjunction with the form being “stable” (a solid form embedded on the page) or a pop up that fades onto the page after 10 seconds or so. I have seen both and know what my preference is- but have never tested so am curious what the experts think.

  44. Adam Hermsdorfer :

    Very nice article, I was pleasantly surprised that it was written by Chuck L!

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    Awesome article. I will try it on my own website and will analyize the power of contact form.

  46. aidenmoor@seopeace :

    Liked the article very much! I too believe that the “contach us” form is a call to action part of your website and it has to have clear, concise and authoritative to. I also believe that when we redirect our pages to get the user logged in like in Wufoo and other third party software it annoys and disrupt user’s interest on the content.

  47. Wow, I was severly under-estimating the stuff I could do to optimize my contact form. All I did was use contact form 7 plugin and add the shortcode. I guess it’s time to get back to organizing my pages.

  48. Jason Kamara :

    Great article, Chuck! It’s funny how such an important ‘touch’ component is often overlooked. Can I also add:

    (1) Stay away from branded 3rd party contact forms for the trust issue to which you eluded.

    (2) Use ajax! Some of the old school forms don’t save entry fields so if your submission fails, you need to hit the back button and enter all the info again. There are other obvious advantages to ajax as well but this is a big one.

  49. incredible advise. This is the most important aspect of any web design…

    Thanks Niel for this great article.

  50. JLT Creative :

    Thanks for the tips and advice. Designing a contact form for mobile users first is a great idea, which I think many people overlook and leave for last (as I did!).

  51. emobile_developer :

    Nice tips Neil. All points really make sense. For any website, contact page is an integral part and has been proved as the best the tool of converting visitors in to customers. I believe when it comes to design contact page, care and worthwhile thinking should come first. We all know that it is the smallest page in website but it is the most dominant one. Thanks, Neil.

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  54. Chuck,
    This is a fantastic post, I appreciate all of the information you have provided for better contact conversion rates, along with the fantastic advice from the comments. I was unaware that you could increase contact rates by 50% simply by taking away just one form field. People definitely want to know that their information is in good hands therefore you are correct in letting them know what their information will be used for. I will definitely use this to tweak my contact form thank you for the information!

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    my contact form conversion rate is good but i hope after applying these tips it will improve even more. Thanks for sharing.

  56. This is a very helpful article, we have a contact form on our website now but we would like to encourage people to use the contact form more that way we know what they need repaired right in front of us before we give them a call.

  57. Personally I like a nice solid san serif font on forms, i.e. you know exactly what you are typing

  58. Online Mastering :

    its funny, after reading all of this, you can think back and realize all of the forms you’ve skipped or stopped filling out the very instant something “held you up”. the first sign of difficulty and we naturally ABORT.

  59. Nice one. I truly agree that providing the help along the side while feeling form is a great trick of keeping user confident level high and make them fill the whole form without any barrier.

  60. Definitely an area that quickly gets rushed or overlooked. The old and boring contact form. Well, as with almost everything else. There’s theory and details behind, which can turn the tables…

    Neil, keep it up with your unique content, and impressive dedication to article writing.

  61. Fantastic article. Thanks for sharing. Reduce friction and remove unnecessary fields. Love it. I can’t bring myself to remove the phone number field though. Calling clients is how we can best help them.

  62. Great insight – to offer an alternative perspective, why not do away with contact forms and go the live chat way and engage with prospects in real time – I say that from personal experience with a service like ClickDesk, which has worked out really well for my website.

    Of course I understand that being available at all times is difficult, but I think you should try it whenever you have time – it works.

  63. Well thought out article. The ghost text is a good idea. And I must remember to link to our privacy policy.

  64. I have a tendency to forget about the important last lesson. I am always forgetting about the importance of designing for mobile first. Very good tutorial with very good tips!

  65. Great article and great information in the comments. Thank you Chuck and all.

    I have a question that might be very basic to all of you guys who seem very experienced, so please excuse me for that.

    For a new blog, where I plan to develop an email list and an occasional newsletter (maybe), do I need a contact form + an email/newsletter service like mail chimp (or any other). Or is it that one (probably the email service) can suffice and I develop my contact form within that?

    Thanks in advance.

  66. RichPeopleThings :

    I think keeping the form as simple as possible and having few fields is the best way to optimize a form. Drawing attention to the submit would work as well

  67. Our site is purely lead gen and our contact form is the lifeblood, at the moment it’s pretty clunky so I’m looking to redesign it and hopefully see a significant conversion uplift, these tips are very helpful, thanks!

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  71. landersoptimized :

    The (relatively) new x-autocompletetype property may see you an increase in form conversions as well. It lets you tell the browser what info goes in what field, therefore allowing autocomplete to enter the info for you. Less typing = more conversions

  72. very interesting facts and information about contact form, form should need to be more specific and less in sections. just ask important information from user to get connected.

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