A Cheat Sheet for Building High Ranking Authority…Without Cheating

seo authority

First, let’s define authority: domain authority is the likelihood of a single domain to rank well. The higher the rank, the higher the authority of the site, and vice versa.

You can also talk about individual page authority. This is simply how well a page ranks on search engines. A page that ranks well has a lot of authority.

So, the key goal for you as an SEO, website owner or blogger is to increase that authority on both the domain and the page. Making that happen isn’t really that hard as long as you do four things very well:

Create authority with deep links

If you want to build an authoritative website in search engines, one which ranks high across multiple pages, then you need to create strong relationships among your pages.

In other words, you need to create authority for specific pages, optimizing each page for a specific set of keywords before that authority is lifted to the domain.

Here’s how to do that:

  • Link a cluster of pages by topic – In other words, strategically link pages about “SEO” to other pages about “SEO.” Link pages about “social media tools” to other pages about “social media tools.” If you link a page on social media tools to a page on SEO, then that link will be less relevant.
  • Send more links to one particular page – Inside that cluster, link to one page in particular (what I like to call the hero page) from the other topical pages. The percentage of links this page gets should be about four times higher than the rest of the pages get.
  • Send domain-based external links to hero pages – When I say external, I mean pages outside of that topical cluster. This could be your Home or About page. Think about pages higher in site architecture.
  • Avoid cannibalizing keywords – Produce as many variants on a keyword as there are pages pointing to the hero page. You will dilute the effectiveness of a keyword if you don’t. For example, say I have a hero page on marketing ideas for small businesses. And say I have 26 pages inside this topical cluster: the hero page and 25 other supporting pages. It would be a mistake to use the keyword phase “marketing ideas for small businesses” on all those pages pointing to the hero page. Instead, you should create keyword variations on that phrase.
  • Drive external links to the hero page from relevant websites – Backlinks are still the backbone of search, but getting other sites to link to you is another story. You cannot control this process; you can only influence it by attracting high authority links.
  • Locate links high on a page – When creating links on the pages supporting your hero page, the higher they are on the page, the more weight and credibility they will receive.
  • Fix broken pages – Like broken links, these can send bad signals to search engines. Identify the broken links, fix them or 301 redirect to a better page.

Create authority with videos

We often think of authority as an expert. It’s someone people go to for answers on a particular topic. The deep linking process above is one signal that your site is an authority. The more links you have throughout and the more are coming to those pages, the stronger the signal sent to search engines that your site is an authority.

Influencing those backlinks is a whole strategy that you have to use if you want to become a high ranking authority site.

Videos improve time on page, attract links and add to the array of rich media you have on your site. Anyone can create good videos by following the tips below.

  1. Do Your Research – Start by researching which videos are already out there.
    • You want to avoid making a repeat video and having to compete with it on authority. But if you find something people want to know about and there is no video, then you have your title.
    • Discover what people are searching for on Google. Are they finding the content they want? Is there a high enough volume to justify the video? If so, then you have your content.
    • If there is already a how-to on a topic you wanted to do, can you find ways to extend that topic? Imagine you can find videos on “how to build links.” Extend that topic, and you can come up with a variation like “How to Build 30 Authority Links to a Single Page in 30 Days.”
  2. Use an expert – If you’ve been in an industry for 20 years, then no doubt you are already an expert…and you will sound like an expert. But if you are new to an industry, consult as many experts as possible. The last thing you want to do is wing it. Even if you’ve been in an industry for five years, it never hurts to interview an expert or two. That will make your video look more credible.
  3. Write the script – Never improvise the video. Take the time of sitting down and putting your thoughts on paper in the form of a script. This will keep you clear, concise and compelling. Write the script in a step-by-step formula. Go as far as saying, “Here’s step one.” Explain the step. “Now, let’s move to step two.” And so on. More importantly, since you are using video, do more of showing than telling.
  4. Edit and test the video – Hiring a professional to record and edit the video is recommended. But if you can’t afford that, then make sure you use a tripod and correct lighting. Once you are finished editing the video, test it out on other people. See if they can actually perform the task while watching the video. A good video will allow people to finish the task while watching the video.
  5. Optimize and share it – Load this video on YouTube and your site and then share across social platforms. Email it to other bloggers and websites who might be interested in it, which will encourage them to embed it. Don’t forget to tag it with keywords and load the transcript onto the page or in the video (on YouTube). Make the share buttons for this video visible.

Create authority pages with authority content

The Panda Update really made a big impact on low quality content and the sites that host those pages. Google said the update could affect about 12% of search.

Sites like Mahalo.com were absolutely clobbered by the update and tumbled from the rankings. Before the update, Mahalo ranked for 33,875 keywords. After the update, they ranked for less than 10,000, falling out of the top 100 search results.

That’s a 70% drop.

Fortunately, Google came along and recommended a way to build authority pages. The idea is to ask the same questions that a Google engineer might ask.

Here are the ten most relevant:

  1. Is the post original? Everything you write must be original. It cannot be copied or stolen. Nor do you want to have redundant content on your site. That will kill your rankings too. Although content that is stolen from you is out of your control, there are ways to minimize the impact of redundant or duplicate content on your site.
  2. Is it practical advice? Relevant research? Addressing your readers’ needs by giving them tutorials and How-Tos to help them solve their problems is a great way to create authoritative content. If you can add new, original and relevant research, then you are truly creating something valuable.
  3. Did you correct any errors? Bad spelling and incorrect grammar can influence your page rank. In fact, Matt Cutts admitted he saw a relationship between pages with high page rank and good grammar and pages will low rank and bad grammar. This includes clean editing. Did you edit the article many times before you published it? Did you have someone else look it over?
  4. Will readers like the content? Or will machines? SEO copywriting is all about delivering content that people will find useful, compelling and unique. So, always write with people in mind, and not the search engine spiders, because the truth is that search engines take their cues from people and not the other way around.
  5. Are you providing information beyond the obvious? As you are developing the idea behind a blog post, search the web for similar topics. Use your working headline. Is there anything similar? Will you be teaching people something insightful? Will 80% of your readers think what you share is fresh? Different?
  6. Would you bookmark your post? People like saving their favorite articles. Will they save yours? They will if it is a long list of useful resources, a great story with great characters, revolutionary research, or a unique How-To tutorial.
  7. Is your article cluttered? Preview the post. What do you see the most of? Ads? Calls to action? Promotions? Or do you see lots of white space and your content? Your reader-targeted content should dominate 90% of the page.
  8. Would a magazine publish your article? Just because you have a blog doesn’t mean you are publishing great content. Compare your content to what you find on a magazine rack.
  9. Is your article short, thin and useless? Panda’s whole focus was to penalize those sites where page after page all you find is brief, keyword-stuffed articles explaining a topic. If you can’t create long, practical and potent posts on a daily schedule, maybe you should consider doing it less frequently.

Create authority by increasing social signals

Google continues to make changes to its algorithm based on social signals, the reach of your social circles and the sharing in those circles, all of which will impact your search rankings.

It seems that most SEOs agree that at both page and domain levels, social signals will affect your rankings. Here’s the SEOmoz chart:

future of search

In fact, one study went as far as to prove that the number of tweets that a page gets will influence its rankings:

twitter key stats

In addition, many online publishers are throwing SEO out the window and developing content with one thing in mind: getting that page to go viral so it collects tweets, FB likes, Google+ votes, etc.

Here is a list of five articles that will help you learn how to increase social shares for your content, leading to authority and higher rankings!


Obviously, building page authority will take less time than building domain authority will, but either way you need to be patient. The formula can really be summed up like this: a slow accumulation of high quality content (including video) that is shared more and more, which attracts more and more links plus a balanced distribution of internal links=authority.

How long will it take for you to reach the “authority” status? There is really no way of telling because it depends on factors like competitors ranking for the same terms. You just have to be faithful to the process and trust that, in time, you will reach your goals.

What other ways do you use to build authority of your site and pages?


  1. Amir @ Blue Mile Media :

    I think that site architecture and interlinking is often interlooked but it has a bigger effect than what most people think. Not only is it good to keep bounce rates low and have the user look at more of your content, it’s going to be better SEO.

    One thing that I’ve also read from your posts as well as other blogs is that more social shares will effect rankings. I don’t really think that the number of likes or tweets will effect rankings directly. Yes, a post with higher tweets might have higher rankings, but that’s because the content was good enough. I would put money that that article also has more backlinks from high authority pages. What I mean to say is that a page with only 1000 tweets vs 2000 tweets wouldn’t have a big difference in ranking. BUT, I’ve never tested it, it’s just my 2 cents.


    • Hey Amir, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter. I would like to see you test it out for yourself, let me know your results if you do.

    • Really good article. Appreciate you sharing this info.

    • Hi Neil,

      Thanks for this old but good article with good advice and practices.

      If I can make it in practice. For example you have a lot of authority with quicksprout on SEO Topic. If You create a link to my website about a particular topic like SEO Hero, I will gain your authority and my own authority about this particular topic and on this particular webpage.

      So I create my “seo hero” page just to test it if you don’t mind. My best chance would be if you are already authoritative on this terms and I wrote something more accurate about this topic right ? But If the source page is more authoritative than cible content, and I comment more about the topic “SEO Hero” Is there a chance your webpage will rank better on this topic too ? because you probably already ranking individually on the word “SEO” and on the word “HERO”. When you talk about links, what about links in comment ? do you thinks they have less power ? If i make a citation like https://sites.google.com/view/loveseohero do you think I will rank on it ?

      If you send signal on social media, it will bring more reach than only waiting google to try to find it by istself.

      I don’t want to spam your comment but it will be a good test for me to see if only one authority link has a big impact on ranking. So If it don”t matter for you to publish my comment.

  2. I always wondering the name of serial articles that point to one keyword and I know that is hero page 🙂
    Thanks Neil for the advice, I always do that since I started my blogging journey but with your advice I know that I need to give the hero page more power with more articles.

  3. Gyi Tsakalakis :

    “ask the same questions that a Google engineer might ask.”

    Exactly. Think like this, and most everything else begins to work itself out.

    Earn authority.

    I think I’ll bookmark this post 🙂

  4. Shaun @ Without Big G :

    I think the key thing to take away here is just to create a good quality site that you would read yourself. One that people are going to want to share around, and that would do well regardless of whether Google send you traffic or not. Anything less and you’re not creating a long-term business.

  5. Michael Barrett :

    I appreciate the content in this article and based on my experience it is a well thought out and good check list that make practical sense.

    It reminds me that I need to run through the checklist on content that I have already created myself and adjust accordingly. I have done some of the items on the list – however sometimes not thoroughly enough and definitely not consistently enough.

    Good article. Lots of good suggestions.


  6. eCommerceFuel.com | Andrew Youderian :

    Neil, I love the idea of a ‘Hero’ page on a topic, and being intentional about linking to it from the other internal pages on a topic. Great mental illustration.

    You asked: ‘What other ways do you use to build authority in your site and pages?’

    On our eCommerce sites, we really try to encourage and build-up a lot of product reviews from customers. It creates more searchable content (often with words and phrases we normally won’t think of) and brands us as a go-to research spot for products in our niche.

    It also is a sign to customers that lots of people have purchased from us, and many reviews include mini-testimonials, such as: ‘The product was good, but the service here was GREAT!’, which further ads to our credibility.

    • Thanks Andrew for sharing what your company does to build authority.

      Testimonials and reviews are definitely beneficial. People want to buy products or services that have positive reviews/testimonials from current or past customers.

  7. Colin Cronin :

    Your points about linking to other related pages and “hero” pages seems to be a rephrasing of the keyword silo approach (unless I’m misunderstanding it). From what I’ve heard, keyword silos have fallen somewhat out of favor in search engines.

    Of course you should construct your site structure in a logical manner that reflects your taxonomies navigation as much as possible, but I have doubts that it will “lift” your domain authority as much as you seem to suggest.

    • Amir @ Blue Mile Media :

      One thing I was curious about I forgot to put in my comment. I don’t know if it’s deep linking, or siloing, or something else, but how can you get those indented results in the search engine. For example: in google type in “quicksprout” without the quotes and you get the 6 links. I see these in authority sites but is that due to some type on one page SEO?

  8. BounceExchangeâ„¢ {via Ryan} :


    No need to publicize this comment…

    Unfortunately I won the LinkedIn share bet, so I can’t give my dog that Stegosaurus haircut. Though the bison cut (and the Pitt Steeler) is very funny: http://freakyfrugalite.com/poodle-doodles/

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    Email or call me: 516.902.9098


    PS: Internal SEO power centers like you described work like gangbusters. I also have a trick on how eCommerce companies doing bulk sku uploads can use this technique to slay organic competition.

    Email me for the 3 line answer—> Ryan@BounceExchange.com

  9. Veggie Juice With Rika Susan :

    I like this deep linking idea as a way of creating authority. It is one I have not seen discussed elsewhere. Love the ‘hero’ page! Thanks for this Neil. Something practical we can do, as always.

  10. Steve Wiideman :

    Neil, your posts are all hero pages IMO. Keep up the great work!

    By the way, did you do any testing on the “higher links are on a page, the more valuable they are” comment above? I sort of thought Caffeine squared away any indexing issues where the quantity of links on a page weren’t extreme. I’d love to see some data on that.

    Are you going to SES? Let’s grab a drink if you’re going. 🙂

  11. Austin @ No Nonsense Fit Tips :

    For someone that has a 3 month old blog do you even recommend trying to rank in google for keywords?

    Or should I just write high quality blog posts and get traffic through guest posts, social media, etc.?

    • Would like to know Neil’s views on the same but I always think of Social Media and Guest Posts while working on new blog. Guest Posts on some popular blogs in same industry can be really helpful spreading the word and Social Media can really help ranking your pages in Google (Well explained in “Create authority by increasing social signals”).

    • Hey Austin,

      You can slowly try to build for keywords, but your main focus should stay on quality content and social media.

  12. Another great and useful article!! I am not a fan of creating authority with Videos but definitely focus more on “Creating authority pages with authority content” and by “Increasing social Signals”.

  13. Abdul Rehman :

    Excellent points made there, Neil. I absolutely agree that it is important to be mindful of those questions while writing your content and at times it is what will actually help you write the best content out there. This is practical advice for people to follow. Two thumbs up! 🙂

  14. Very well detailed Post.. as usual..
    External links provided are also very informative.

    Thanks for sharing this information.

  15. What about the content (articles/News/blog) etc posted by one and then re-posted by someone else on another site and without permission. How Google treats it?
    Your advise is requested.

    • It looks like duplicate content for the site that took it… assuming your content is already indexed.

  16. Kris @ Detailed Success :

    I really found the study about the correlation between number of tweets on the ranking very interesting.

    Seems that social signals are getting stronger and stronger.

    Also we can’t forget the most successful way to get authority – having actual authority sites link to you.

  17. Neil, thankyou I am really enjoying and learning alot from your articles. I have just written a series of posts on my blog that all link back to the introductory page. Is this what you would call a “hero” page. I got the idea from Copyblogger, they call it a content landing page. Is this the same thing or is a hero page different?

  18. Great post Neil. I like how you point out that you don’t have to use the same keyword phases to link to your “hero page”. You can explore with different keywords that you are trying to rank on as well.

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  21. Ramsay from Blog Tyrant :

    Hey Neil.

    Wonderful article, as usual.

    So, I’ve been in the industry for 5+ years but my latest website is still quite new. Would you be so kind as to be the first interview I do for Blog Tyrant Videos?

    You’re still my favorite expert!



    • Hey Ramsay,

      Sorry for the delayed response, if you shoot me an email to neil@neilpatel.com requesting an interview, we can try and work some time out. 🙂

  22. Nathan@guarantorloans :

    Hi Neil

    I tested video on one of my sites that I use to try new methods and whilst it got me ranked under the G video tab, I disappeared from the 1st page of their normal web search. I think G thought I was solely a video site and it didn’t help me in natural search. The only upside is that I had a lot of content to actually place on my site and having something different for the visitor to look at (rather than just blocks of text) probably creates a better user experience.

    • That is interesting Nathan, not sure why that happened. I am glad you are making the most out of it though!

  23. Great insights Neil! High ranking authority is the backbone of great marketing online and an essential part of building an business on the internet. You’ve done a great job of breaking the ice on this subject and providing valuable links to other relevant content. Great example of how to build high ranking authority. Thanks!

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    • Web Design Resource :

      Building authority like with the help of video has less value in the eye of the people but by this post, people will come to know that how video will also effective.

    • Yep, it definitely can be valuable if you utilize it properly.

  25. Clint Lenard :

    This was one of the best posts I’ve read in quite a while, Neil! It has my brain working a bit faster than normal (not saying much)! Great stuff…

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  27. Dave from A Couple Travelers :

    Really interesting stuff here, especially about social signals. I will be reading the articles you referred to optimize my tweeting!

  28. Great article Neil. I think the word that stuck out to me the most in this informative article is “patience”. It honestly seems the best way to beef up your entire site, whether it be by adding backlinks, keywords or even just plain gaining authority is to follow the advice of someone like yourself and do it ourselves… Self Site Optimistic or SSO ;).

  29. Andi Minion :

    Another excellent post from the man who I am certain doesn’t sleep, I have gotten to the point where I may have a keyword or two in mind then I just write my post for people, at the end of the day I want to educate or help people. I try and use the keywords but it is the people that matter, search engines can send us people but it is people who share the posts or recommend the site and it us who make the people stay and not leave. People power lol

  30. Brilliant. I’m in the process of “inter-linking” pages on one of my clients sites right now, I’m excited to see what happens.

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  33. Sunita Biddu :

    Now this got me stuck
    “If you can’t create long, practical and potent posts on a daily schedule, maybe you should consider doing it less frequently.”

    Mind clarifying Neil? I believe you’re saying that as long as the post is long and valuable, do it daily else once a week or so is okay making sure it’s worth reading

  34. david suarez :

    neil on one of your points you said :

    Avoid cannibalizing keywords – Produce as many variants on a keyword for the number of pages you have pointing to the hero page. You will dilute the effectiveness of a keyword if you don’t. For example, say I have a hero page on marketing ideas for small businesses. And say I have inside this topical cluster 26 pages—the hero page and 25 other supporting pages. It would be a mistake to use the keyword “marketing ideas for small businesses” on all those pages pointing to the hero page. Instead, you should create keyword variations on that phrase.

    If you are linking from the cluster pages to the hero page, wont the PR juice for that KW pass to the hero page anyway? please correct me if im wrong.

  35. “one study went as far as to prove that the number of tweets that a page gets will influence its rankings”

    I don’t think it did. The study found a correlation, but correlation does NOT equal causation.

  36. P.S. Other than my nitpicky comment above, great article! 😀

  37. Suresh Karuppaiya :

    Great article on brand building after the recent Google’s penguin update. Step by step guidelines for newbies.


  38. Doctor@ Control Birth :

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    Another great post Neil, thanks for me putting on your top commenter’s list- you rock.

  40. Hi Neil,
    Haven’t had the time to stop by and leave a comment… Working
    ’round the clock to move our site to the .com! Now that it’s sorta done, I just want to tell you how valuable your newsletters have been – As a wannabe authority on getting the tech challenged and nervous beginner onto the Internet, there’s not much change in the jar, so input like yours is priceless. Thanks so much,

    • Hey Cari,

      I know the feeling! Thank you for taking the time to do so. I really appreciate it and the kind words.

  41. Thanks for the post Neil. I am currently putting together a spider diagram of all the important steps to take when building domain authority. Creating a video is something I have been contemplating for a while and never actually completed, but I may forge ahead after reading your advice. I think site architecture also plays a really important part in domain authority- you mention fixing broken pages and this is essential when it comes to SEO.

    • Awesome, definitely give it a try and see how it works out for you.

      Yep, it something is broken get right on it. It is important to fix any problems as quickly as possible.

  42. Thanks for sharing this ideas Neil. The internet is a competitive world and in order to stand out we need our website to have high rank authority to be visible. These tips will surely help.

  43. The Dondroid :

    I have a confusion here. Does broken links effect your search results? As far as the webmasters is concerned, they themselves recommend a page throwing a 404 error to fix the duplicate content problem. I do have a lot of broken links in my website, but I dont know for sure if they are effecting my search ranking. A little insight would be appreciated.

    • They can affect search results. Ideally you should remove any broken links and through up 404 pages.

  44. This is like reading an e-book in one post! Awesome content here. I had a question, if you make a video for your site and put it on YouTube do you need to drive traffic to the YouTube link or does it organically gets ranked on Google?

  45. Nathan Dippie :

    There is some great information in here. You have managed to pack a lot into a short amount of space. The statistics about the number of tweets and the correlation of the page ranking. I think as we move into a more transparent and social media based sphere this will only grow in importance.

    As for the content, it is king especially unique, controversial and attention grabbing content! Write what you are passionate about so that you can consistently create good quality unique. I’m about to start vidblogging for the first time, thanks for a few basic tips, really appreciated. A really great article, thanks for sharing your insights

  46. solicitors Manchester :

    You don’t even need to post manually all you need is automated blog posting that can be set up by you in advanced to post to your blog.

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  50. Hanging Hyena :

    Two thoughts –

    1) Originality of subtopic – not just content, seem to have a big impact on speed-to-rank…if the top 5 guys in a space are using the same basic page to rank, do something different. (common sense in the offline world, but it seems to matter more to google now – or at least they are getting better at seeing it). I’ve ranked in technical searches (for another blog) by being the first to publish a good “intro how-to” for the package.

    2) Offpage keyword references on your own sites really seem to matter; I’ve got a particular page I’m expirimenting with (one of my secondary pages, but a real monster for adsense)… I’m moving anchor text around between about three different permutations and watching the SERPS shift….

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  56. Neil,
    Has your team or anyone else noticed a change in results since the release of Google Penguin?

    If so, did you change anything to adapt?

    What did you change?

    • Hey Rudy,

      If you check out my post on it, you should find what you are looking for.

      What You Ought to Do If You’ve Been Punished by Google’s Penguin Update

  57. Great ideas, but i still think that you get most of the authority through getting backlinks from websites that already has good authority.

  58. The twitter strategy does work. I got listed on the first page on google when I started my first blog (on comics) an year and half back. I never knew the importance of Seo then and never submitted the blog anywhere. I got a tremendous response from twitter and for some reason my blog was on the first page but not for too long.

  59. Selena Spice :

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  62. Amanda Gillam :

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  63. David Cameron :

    Neil, thanks so much for this post! I really needed the info on how to link my internal pages to focus authority on certain “Hero” pages. (I am going to use that term a lot, I can tell) My main worry is how much weight is going to be placed on social signals in future because there is still a significant number of users who are not tweeting and posting to FB or Pinterest. I’d hate to see so much emphasis placed on these triggers that the serps become useless to non-social users.

    • I see your concern David, I don’t know what will be important in the future. I know all you can do is what works now and change when needed.

  64. Great points in the article….Good grammar and rankings might be the case but important to remember that correlation is not equal to causation. Same with tweets and rankings. I might suggest that the number of tweets and better grammar are also correlated with higher number of inbound links. Just food for thought.

  65. Very nice and much needed addition to my knowledge.

    I am blogging for almost 10 months, but I was not aware of the term “Domain Authority”. Actually I Heard this term many times but didn’t given heed to this. But now I think I can’t go with my work If I am not aware of the rules of the games.


  66. Hey guys, you SEOs always say, Social Media is important, but is having a Tweeter Account important and posting news?

  67. I have been attempting to use Social Media for a while now takes a lot of work to get people to Like your website or Tweet it but I can see if being a powerful way of getting backlinks and recommendations to your site

    • Great, happy to hear it. It is definitely hard trying to get social media “love” but if you stick with it you will eventually get it.

  68. So, far i thought it was all about backlinks but i was so wrong. Social signals like Facebook like, tweets on twitter, etc make such a big difference on the pr of a website!

  69. I agree with the importance of social media. While I’m not convinced it’s the “bee’s knees” of building traffic to a site, it’s an important part of creating a wider presence for yourself and your site on the web.

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  72. It’s true that higher authority page will be ranked better than less. I created an article this morning on a domain that have better page authority than mine, and optimized it with rich keywords and linked to my specific pages. Only less than 20 minutes, the new article appeared on SERPs on page #2.
    Then, I am checking this night (6 hours after), the correspond article is on page#1 no#7. The keyword that I focused on is very high in competitiveness.

  73. Tushar Thakur :

    I read the complete article also your article for creating authority backlinks (10 golden ways). Nowadays I find that SEO firms started paying bloggers for embedding the link of their client in the relevant articles to get high quality backlinks.

    What you think in this way they can really get good backlinks or one day they will get caught?

    • Depends on how they go about it. If they pay for a large amount of links then it is more likely they will get caught. If they just pay for a few here and there it would be hard for google to catch them.

  74. This article enlightened my mind. Oh, I have lots of things to learn, from SEO, increasing DA and and so on. I just know that tweeting the links can boost also.

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    I really enjoyed the article. Thanks for the great information.


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    Great post. We’ve tried to focus recently on creating content that relies on primary research. It’s much more difficult and expensive than writing posts about things already in the public domain, but it’s also a lot more helpful (something we think will be rewarded in the end).

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  84. Love the actionable advice, here – thanks, Neil. Can’t wait to apply it at work and see what happens. But, you’re right, the process has to be slow. You can’t expect to beat the competition right out of the gate.

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  92. One of the biggest issues I’ve found is original content for so many pages. Essentially promoting the same service but for different locations and come up with more or less the same information using different phrases and content. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

    Videos are great – love the extra time on site they give and the extra attention, for someone who fell off google recently (at least of anything meaningful in ranking), they are a boost for the odd visitor, the climb has started hope they help even more as more and more find us.

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    Ideas of deep links creation and social signals was what I was missing, and think that’s the reason I got Low DA.

    One another thing you mentioned creating 25 posts linking to the hero post. I think this is really a good idea to offer related information to the readers on a particular topics. However I think it is very much time consumable. Don’t you think that If one writes 25 posts with keyword variation so he/she would not have enough time to cover other topics?

    What’s you case? Neil have you tried this techniques? and how was the result? would you like to share?

    Thanks a lot…

    • It is time consuming… but those are the long term tactics that work. You have to spend the time to create really good content overall.

      I write content never on keyword variations, but more based on value. Write for users first and then search engines.

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    I was wondering if you can explain what actually a low quality link is .
    I mean domain authority(as per OSE) of how much below 20 or below 30??

  102. Thanks Neil, very useful advice re hero pages. This is the first time I read about it and it makes perfect sense from site optimization POW. I’m going to try it this week. Please keep writing! 🙂

  103. Andrew Southard :

    Wow Neil, Thank you for such a clear and structured route map. I love the way you say “Making that happen isn’t really that hard as long as you do four things very well” and then go on to list a ton of stuff that completely blows my mind with how hard it’s going to be! Nevertheless, this is great information, and I have an idea that I’m determined to make a go of. To be honest my research so far is making it all seem pretty daunting, but I suppose the idea is to make a plan and stick to it doggedly, working at the steps you outline methodically. I have to say this is one of the better articles I’ve read for defining that plan and the structure to develop.

    Reading through it, I can visualise building out a site with the clusters and structures you mention, but without necessarily putting any content in the pages to begin with. Then once I can see the structure and the content needed to fill those pages, work my way through the various sections filling the pages and publishing them as I go… done to publishing calendar to keep on track. Is this a process people use?

    • Andrew, thanks for the feedback and thanks for reading. I think a publishing calendar is essential it really keeps me on track and keeps me accountable for what I am doing. If you want to share some content please do, would love to see what you are working on.

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    • I usually don’t go by Authority number. If you would have to say PageRank… anything that is a 4 or lower is easy to beat.

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    • Yogesh, glad I could help. Let me know how these tips helped you out. I would love to see your progress 🙂

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    • Satyadeep, glad I could help. I think once you get a basic understanding of DA you can really understand all the other subtle things it helps out with. Thanks for reading, looking forward to hearing more from you!

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    I spent more than half year to go through different trainings and reading books to find my true passion. Now I am cashing my passion every day!

    Kindly Regard’s

    • Shruti, glad you found the blog helpful. I think that’s a great success story. I think people who are self motivated and learn blogging on their own often times have the most success as online marketers 🙂

  115. Vivek Khanduri :

    Hey really a nice post. My website’s DA is 24 and PR 3. Is that OK or I need to work on it a lot?

    • Vivek, I think aside from those metrics you should mainly focus on conversions. It’s important to see which metrics convert as opposed to looking at DA & PR.

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    • Bolas, glad I could help. You can also check out my forum for answers to all yours questions 🙂 https://www.quicksprout.com/forum/

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    Keep Sharing

    • Jitendra, this is the best time to invest in some SEO. Please let me know if you have any questions along the way. I also have a forum that may prove helpful https://www.quicksprout.com/forum/

  118. Nice to see an article which focus’s on something other than just page rank. Domain authority is really the way to go these days. It takes time but will be well worth the effort. Cheers!

    • Alison, great point. Domain authority still is the best indicator of how well a website is doing and will be doing. Thanks for your valuable feedback and for reading 🙂

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    • Neha, if you just focus on optimizing you page and ensuring your blog pertains to one or two main topics you shouldn’t have a problem with adsense. Please let me know if you have any specific questions as I would be glad to help you with them 🙂

  120. Wonderful post in my experience I seen is that after linking 4 times to the hero page it gets a huge boost next day in searches top 10.

    • Spazy, awesome! Sounds like you are doing all the right things! Please let me know if you need help with anything!

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  124. Website authority is important, but still i do think that webmasters should pay more attention to content than SEO.

  125. Hi Niel,

    I recently launched a business marketplace and have been struggling to get higher DA, but I understand it is a long process. My domain had a DA of 7 when acquired and it’s now at 18. What would you say is a good, acceptable and reliable DA rank – 30, 40, 70? I’d like to set a short-term goal.

    At the end we are all working to generate traffic and then conversions, so without getting into the chicken and the egg type discussion how much Domain Authority would you say is generally considered as “good-great”

    • Anything above 40 isn’t too bad to start off with. The easiest way to increase it is through link building. You can always follow this guide: https://www.quicksprout.com/the-advanced-guide-to-link-building/

  126. About this link clustering, how it works? Do we build it through one way links from pages to pages?

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    That’s really an awesome cheat sheet to build high authority… I like your idea of setting a page as a hero page and driving all links towards it 🙂

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    I did enjoy the information you have and I look forward to reading more from you.

    • Bill, thanks for digging deep into the archives. Most of the information is still useful so don’t be afraid to try some of the tactics out!

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    Thank you once again

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  139. Hey Amir,

    I agree with you regarding site architecture and internal linking… if done properly and with the users’ best interests in mind, it works wonders for keeping people on your site (and leading them to take action where you want them to).

  140. Thanks for this cheatsheet sir. I think its fantastic but I’ll need to prove it myself bit by bit…Anyway, I have my own concerns; I noticed that some websites are able to get high moz domain authority faster than I have over a longer time. I have tried to explore their formulas but I don’t seem to get it.
    In google search (keywords), am doing okay but why am I missing.
    I’ll really appreciate your answer

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  144. Hi Neil
    I have taxi website and we offer a taxi service (no rocket science). so there is no much space for “great” content on our website.
    I started a blog about restaurants,hotels and trying to find interesting content but problem is I do not have time or money to visit all those places,make original reviews,write fresh content and make photos ot videos – i ,have no money for hiring anyone (same is for 90% of us in this business).
    Instead Im paying 5$ per article on fiverr.
    Im satisfied with that content,check it myself,add few images but it is not anything special so Im afraid that content can do me more harm then good.

    Im being real, no one can manage their work,learn and do seo theirself and create great content and now social networking,…
    It looks like with every new Google algorithm change, small business are closer to only one option – Google Adwords.
    Dont get me wrong, I understand that changes are for good for users but in same time bad for small business.

    As I can see we need to hire marketing spezialist or agency and at the end earn less then if we forget about seo,backlinks,… and pay for Adwords.

    I hope Im wrong.
    What do You think?

    • Filip, I highly consider you stay away from fiverr and all of the content that is offered on there. More likely than not you are harming your site with the people that create content on there. Create meaningful content and the rest will follow. Please let me know if you need any help along the way 🙂

      • Thank You for answering Neil.
        Actually I do need help.

        “More likely than not you are harming your site with the people that create content on there. ”

        So what now, should I delete all pages I created made from content ordered from Fiverr?

        You can take a look if You have time for that:

        “Create meaningful content and the rest will follow. ”
        I do not have time to do that my self that is why go to Fiverr in first place.

  145. Anchit Shethia :

    Matt has killed link building to the core. Google still considers backlinks as priority for search results but also says building links is spam and that site will be penalised.
    Unable to get through what actually needs to be done for better rankings.

    • I know what You mean.
      My competition is making websites with out any usefull content – there are only music players.
      And those radio station website are submited to directories – radio station category, and that way get some PR and link juice and then they added image links from those websites to money site.
      They have 20 – 30 website like that and they have 2000 – 3000 backlinks from those websites.
      Money site is taxi service – mybe that is in same niche as radio stations…
      In the meantime, Im learning that can harm Your SEO (Im reading about that for last year now) and still their website rank for top 3 places.

    • Anchit, those are all great points. It’s very important to focus on content and all of the other things that will convert content for you.

  146. Jonathan Morales :

    Thanks for the cheat-sheet…I’ve been looking for a guide like this to help me continue building high quality backlinks for my clients.

  147. Hi Neil,

    How to build authority for a news website which has news articles ranging 200 – 300 words. Will Panda not consider it as a quality article?

  148. Neil, I’m confused with the fact that my real estate related blog which has 25 in-depth articles from 1200 to 6500 words each is loosing to several websites that have no authority and back links at all. Many of them a full of affiliate banners and do not provide any real value to visitors.
    One blog is sitting on the 3rd position. It has all 20 posts displayed on its front page and with each post simply describing affiliate products from Clickbank. So, total length of the page is ~ 15000 words. It has approx. the same number of back links as my blog. My is still 10 positions behind for the same KWord combination.

    Does Google simply consider the longest content to be the most authoritative?

    • Amy, it’s a tough balancing act that Google has to consider.
      Quality of content trumps all, however, having lengthy in-depth articles is also another thing that is important. With that being said you should really look at Headlines and click through rates via the social web to see what types of articles work and which don’t. Let me know if you need any help 🙂

  149. It sounds really good article. I like the point of linking same domain pages to other domains for improving the page authority.

  150. Zahnarzt Stuttgart :

    I appreciate your article. It sums up the important key-factors. However, what would really be helpful is an indication about how long it takes to build domain authority.

    I have experienced, that this tends to take longer. Some years ago this used to go quite quickly, now it can take some months (2 – 6 months).

    And I guess a comparison between page rank and domain authority would also be helpful. In my opinion domain authority is clearly more important.

  151. Olivier Lambert :

    That was a good read, however I must be sceptic between the relation between tweets and ranking.

    I think it’s not a causal relation but rather a plain correlation with no direct causality.

    Matt Cutt recently backed down on social media, claiming it has little or no impact what so ever on ranking and recent analysis done by MOZ seems to indicate the same thing.

    I think, however, that there is a relationship between the number of tweets and the number of page links that particular piece of content has.

    Maybe an article ranks well in the SERP, thus causing much more people to find it (and tweet about it) OR an article goes viral and causes more people to find it, thus talking (and linking to it) in a blog post.

    Makes sense?

    • Olivier, totally makes sense. Thanks for these great insights. I will definitely have to write a post to follow up on your thoughts.

  152. I have a Question

    Previous day i published a new post and get linked to an Internal page of my site whose PA (Page Authority) = 28.
    Can u tell me, In how much time will the new page get Authority from that Internal Link

  153. Jawed Curtay :

    Does link from high page authority sites to my website will help me more for search engine rankings or link from high PR pages will help me more. What will affect the most among the two? Just planning to start-up a new website kissmetrics.in

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    They require special skills that not everyone
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  155. Thank you for your guidance. I don’t know about these and now i learned a lesson here.

  156. James McMinn :

    This is strange, I feel like I have followed all of the above recommendations, yet my DA has fallen from a 29 to a 20 this year and it is stuck there. I have no idea why it happened or how to change it? I am stuck in mud it feels like.

  157. Excellent Article Neil! Question, when creating a topical cluster (on a wordpress site), do you recommend the Hero Page to be a “Page” and the sub-pages to be blog posts? or should all pages in a topical cluster be “Pages” and not blog posts? How would that effect authority? Thanks in advance!

  158. James Munyeria :

    Hi Neil,

    I agree with you on Using an expert and i will order you services soon . None of my domain have ever reached a 2 page rank but i think content is the one affecting my ranking .

    I will work on it then i will contact you.

  159. Jennie Adler :

    Using the hero page approach has completely improved my site’s ranking quite materially. I used to think that it was important to send links to ever single page for fear that it would not rank well. I’ve since found that focusing on a few key pages has allowed me to focus on my link building and has made it easier to convince others when there’s one strong page you can present. One thing I noticed that helped send a strong signal to search engine to my power page’s importance is creating an ad in the sidebar (similar to how Quicksprout does it), which literally made every single one of my page point in to the power page (tons of internal inbound links).

    Neil – one question I have for you is what happens when we start peaking in our SERPs? How do we improve further? The gains in the beginning are easy but it gets harder and harder as you rank higher… should I only target sites that have higher page authority and domain authority than mine or is it okay to keep accepting links as means of increasing link diversity. I know it’s a fine balance.

    Thank you for your post and love all your information guides!


    • Typically through content marketing. When you keep pushing out great content and building more links to your internal pages your overall authority will increase. This will cause your rankings to keep going up.

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    It would definitely help me for getting knowledge about SEO. Thank you for sharing such a nice information.

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  185. Careem Coco :

    I’ve enjoyed those helpful information, I’ll do what I can to help my sites authority as I can. Really it was helpful and something tall because am just a beginner in English 🙂
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    Great post, Neil. It’s crazy how much attention this article has received. One thing that might be helpful would be to highlight the use of scheme.

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    I specially liked the approuch of making yourself the ten questions about your content. Making that a habbit will constantly push you to write better and better content. It’s not an easy process, though. I think I might be on the way, but getting a TRUE positive answer for the ten questions is tough. Great Post! Thanks! Cheers from Argentina.

    • Neil Patel :

      Federico, inspecting your own work and asking questions is always a great way to get better at anything. Thanks for the feedback.

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  192. Hi Neil. I’m reading this in 2015 and everything you’ve written continues to still talk through the main building blocks in SEO. I keep telling clients to focus on building their authority via published content that will generate them the authority that they are looking for long term. Plus in one sense, it is a bit more difficult. But then on the other hand, if you are generating strong content, it should help to build your credibility on auto pilot right?

    • Dave, strong content will always trump all other efforts. The building blocks of SEO are important when leveraged with great content.

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    The fact that all of the details of this article are still very relevant three years after it was published shows that your research and methodology is solid.

    I’ve been around SEO and have done link building for more than 12 years, and I learned a lot of new stuff from the strategies here.

    I like the video link building suggestions. I’ve had a lot of success with that in the past. I don’t put together the best videos and I’m an amateur, but I’m able to find and fill voids with useful information that drives people to my product pages. I highly recommend it.

    Thanks for the good read. I shared it with the marketing students I have in my Facebook group.

    • Richard, thanks for the support. I look forward to hearing much more from you.

      Let me know if you need help with anything else.

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    Hai Neil
    What Conversion Rate Should Be for a Web Design Company and Some One please tell me how to increase my website Conversion Rate

    • Jacqualine, there is no magic number. Just do all the right things in regards to optimization and the rest will follow.

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    I have been a long time subscriber to your blog, but I never actually get round to taking a moment and thanking you (Too busy implementing your ideas). So thanks for the great content you put out there. Obviously there is financial incentive to do it, but you do help a lot of people.

    Regarding the interlinking, any one reading this should look into the “SEO silo theory”.. Alex Becker was the one who got me on to it, and it is actually having such good results. Getting the juice to flow through the site nicely and give SE’s more reason to look around your site a bit more, and ping back reaching a page a few more times.

    My question however, is if I had a blog on a separate subdomain ie. “Blog.mydomain.com”, and it got loads of links, will this have any bearing on the trust that flows to the main site, subsequently giving the pages on that site more authority, or will it only be measured by external links pointing directly to the page I am trying to climb / have to use the blog in a PBN style (obviously done properly and in high quality content)?

    Your thoughts / links to any resources that point me in the right direction will be appreciated (I don’t want to use MS for WP by the way, or have the blog on the main site).

    Thanks again mate


    • Yep, even if it is on a sub domain it will help you main site and vice versa. It is measured as internal links when you cross link your sub domain to your main site. But external links pointing to your main site or sub domain, help both.

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    • Great points — Thanks for sharing. As a heads up to avoid being put in the spam folder use your real name rather than brand name for posting onto WordPress.

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    Best regards

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    This is my personal thinking. What you say about this?

    • Atinder, I agree — unique content at the end of the day provides the most value. Thanks for the insights.

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    I have recently started a new blog which has low DA, and competition for 1st page is too high. So How should I get on 1st of google search for any search query and How should I find relevant hubs for that keywords for link building?

    • Sumit — you’re missing the biggest part. Write content 😉

      That’s the surest way to get to the top. Make it in-depth and informative.

      • Mate I am making content both insightful and informative as well But not able to rank for those desired keywords as of now

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    When you mention ? “In other words, strategically link pages about
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    Do you mean using links to link to other pages from within my own website?

    I thought that this not very effective..

    Thanks heaps Neil

    Kind regards

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    Is it worth it to look for a tool that would give the internal link counts of competitors to gauge how many internal link you need to outrank another site, if all else is the same, such as PA and DA?

    • No, page rank has not been important for a few years and all the metrics ore outdated. Yes a great tool I use is ahrefs.com

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    • I agree, you can read about it all you want, but unless you’re applying what you learn, you won’t have a good enough understanding to benefit from it.

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    • There’s a lot to the process, but hopefully this cheat sheet is a helpful guide. Keep me posted on your progress.

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    • I don’t think it’s junk, but creating premium content that contains over 1000s of words will perform much better.

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    Is there anything you would do differently?
    Thanks, Krisztina

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    • That’s wonderful Sarah, I’m glad these techniques are working for you. Keep me posted on your progress, I’m happy to help however I can.

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    Send cakes to City1
    Send cakes to City2
    Send cakes to City3
    Send cakes to City4
    Send cakes to City5

    Send gifts for Festival1
    Send gifts for Festival2
    Send gifts for Festival3
    Send gifts for Festival4
    Send gifts for Festival5

    Isn’t this a case of “optimized anchor tags”? I thought this was penalised by Google. Is it really so? Or is it a recommended practice?

    I’m not too sure though. Could you help?

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    By the way hats off to you.. The months I have spent reading your newsletters have not been a waste.. Though I subscribed via my personal mail add..

    Thank you…

    • I would create contextual links within the business page as you see relevant Seun

      Let me know if that helps or if there’s anything else I can help you with

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    • That’s awesome and I appreciate you doing that 🙂

      If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask

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    • I’m not 100% sure Bhuboy, you may want to have a developer check to make sure everything is redirecting properly

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    • You really have to practice the scripts and even memorize them. That way you don’t come off sounding like a robot

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    • Tips for good, quality “White Hat” SEO are and always be valid. Good SEO is basically the art of making your website better. Do this and Google will follow. 🙂

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    Btw, I know this is an from 2012 – but is it still valid for 2017?


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