What You Ought to Do If You’ve Been Punished by Google’s Penguin Update


If you’ve experienced a drop in traffic since mid-March, then more than likely you were penalized by one of Google’s recent actions.

Which one of those updates hit you is hard to tell, but the biggest one was the Penguin update, which seemed to take a lot of people by surprise.

If you want to understand exactly what the Penguin update was, how other actions by Google during this time – like their parked domain mistake and Panda 3.5 – might have affected you and how to tell if you were penalized by any of these actions, read this blog.

Let’s take a look:

Penguin update explained

Google launched Penguin on April 24. It was designed to penalize those pages that violate Google Webmaster Guidelines on spamming.

This is the over-optimization penalty that they’ve been talking about.

Most of you probably understand what spamming means, but if you don’t, here’s a short video by Danny Sullivan that explains it.

Now, there is some question within SEO circles as to whether this update helped or hurt Google’s search results. Whether this update hurt or improved Google’s search results is hard to tell since most SEO experts can indeed find odd things about the new search, but general Google search users haven’t said anything.

All updates can take up to a week to roll out completely as these updates have to reach different data centers around the world that Google owns, covering all of the search results. It’s safe to say that by now the update is over.

Unfortunately, there is no way to log in to Google Webmaster Central, which does report spamming violations on occasion, and find out if Penguin has hurt you.

So, what you need to do to see if you’ve been hit is to take a peek at your search traffic before and after April 24. If you see a big loss in traffic after April 24, then you can probably assume that you’ve been hit.

penguin update

If you don’t see any changes, then it didn’t impact you. If you see a dramatic increase in traffic, you may assume that Penguin actually benefited you.

How to recover from Penguin

So, what should you do if you’ve been penalized? Well, if you’ve been hit by Penguin, then your first step is to get rid of any spammy pages on your site.

In fact, log in to your Google Webmaster account to see if you have messages from Google about spam on your site. If you’ve never done anything about those warnings, now would be the time to do it.

Use the list of violations Google has given you as a starting point and correct all those mistakes.

google spam

If you don’t have any warnings from Google but believe Penguin hurt you, then you need to audit your content and fix anything that may be spammy.

You can certainly use the file reconsideration request in Google Webmaster Central to get Google to look at your account and site to determine if they might have made a mistake:

reconsideration request

That won’t, however, help you because this algorithm change is across the board for all sites and not an action performed by a Google engineer who saw something fishy on your site.

You can use the form that Google has set up to report search terms that produce erroneously poor results for your website as a result of the Penguin update.

penguin feedback

And if you want to report spam that you think Google missed, you can report that on their standard spam report form:

spam report

Just click on the “Report webspam” button.

How to tell Google you think they are wrong

Now, it could be that Google got you for all the wrong reasons. In that case, use the feedback form. Alternatively, use Google’s Webmaster forum  to suggest that you think the update has wrongfully punished you.

When doing so, follow these tips to get the best possible response:

  • Provide an example – Explain how you were doing in a particular search query and how those results have now changed.
  • Explain your website – Give them a brief rundown of your site quality, e.g., the number of pages you have, average word count of each page and average quality of each page, which you create based on the new Panda guidelines.
  • Share your actions – Finally, tell them what you have done to your site to update it and what you are willing to do. This may involve removing low-quality pages, rewriting those that may come across as pages with unreasonably high keyword density or deleting the spammy links you have built to your website.

Google is interested in the results searchers get, so you need to present a case, showing that a mistaken penalty against you is robbing searchers of good content. You also need to present a case that shows you are a legitimate web content producer.

If your traffic dropped on April 19

On April 19, Google launched another phase of Panda – 3.5. What’s the difference between these two updates? Penguin is designed to punish spam pages while Panda is designed to punish low-quality pages.

It’s the difference between bad SEO and poor SEO.

Now look at your analytics: did your traffic drop on or near April 19? If so, then you were hit by Panda 3.5 and not Penguin. This is important because you now need to recover based upon the Panda guidelines and not the Penguin.

If your traffic dropped on April 17

If you saw that your traffic dropped around April 17 and then suddenly recovered the following day, then that was probably due to the mistake Google made when they labeled a bunch of sites as parked domains that were not parked.

However, if your traffic didn’t recover by April 18, then either Penguin or Panda may be at fault, and you’ll need to follow those guidelines to recover.

If your traffic dropped in mid-March

Google took aim at link-blog networks that were used to drive links in unnatural ways to increase rankings. These networks allowed blogs to sign up and then drive links back to their sites. One of the biggest sites to get de-indexed was BuildMyRank.com.

What’s surprising is that a lot of these companies were still in business and people were actually using them despite Google’s history of outing them.

If you were one of those sites receiving links from link-blog networks and you lost traffic around the middle of March, that means that the links that were coming from those networks stopped carrying any more weight. Google worked their magic behind the scenes and took those benefits away. There is nothing you need to do, and this is not a penalty from Google.

Why you shouldn’t worry about negative SEO

Negative SEO is the strategy of using techniques to ruin your competitors’ websites. For example, many people have complained that a competitor can now send a bunch of links from a blog network to his or her competition and get them penalized and knocked out of the rankings.

This concern has always been around and is not justified. Nothing like this has really become rampant in the past, and it’s not likely to become a problem in the future.

In addition, good SEO on your site will improve its signals so that Google can tell the difference between legitimate links and artificial links. The only sites at risk would be those without much authority.


Don’t get mad if the Penguin update has dropped you in rankings. Google’s goal is to provide an excellent search experience for users, and one of the ways they do that is by indexing excellent content on the web. When you make updates to your site that can improve the quality of your content and improve the quality of user experience on your site, you will benefit in the long-run and will not be penalized.

So, what do you think about the Penguin update?

P.S. If you want help getting out of a penalty click here.


  1. Archaeologist Salary :

    Well, from my observation all my sites that were updated regularly survived the update but the static ones were hit hard. Not much link building was done to them, just some web 2.0s and social bookmarks.

    • Thanks for sharing with everyone how these updates affected you.

    • Investing Financial Freedom :

      The Google Panda and Penguin update seems to level the playing field of getting a place in the search engine. It’s interesting to note that a site without doing SEO will rank effectively in Google’s SERP. This also happened with one of my site. And it’s only one page. Now, I’m concentrating to add more pages on this site to grow it’s authority in the eyes of Big G.

  2. Bank Coaching :

    This one is really impressive article on Google Penguin update. My site was also affected by this update. I do not know what to do?? But now I get it…. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Hugh @ Internet Marketing Gourmet :

    Nice summary!

    BTW, if anyone’s still worried about Negative SEO, Matt Cutts himself said last week that Google “have done a huge amount of work to try to make sure one person can’t hurt another person”. Search Engine Land wrote an interesting article that took apart some of the examples people have been using of negative SEO that “worked” – http://searchengineland.com/google-talks-penguin-update-recover-negative-seo-120463

  4. Neil,

    If you think Negative SEO is not a problem, you’re dreaming. If you can be penalized for spam links you built yourself a competitor can do it to you.

    By the way, I know a guy who bombarded his competitor with spam links and guess what… his competitor’s site is gone from the SERPS. So, time to face reality: Negative SEO is a huge problem and says a lot about Google’s morality.

    • Get good grades :

      This is true, what Jimmy says. It is NOT correct to believe that “negative SEO” is meaningless and cannot be used to decrease the rankings of other people’s sites.

  5. Amir @ Blue Mile Media :

    Most of my smaller sites were hit and I’ve noticed they were replaced with big brand domains, especially news sources. Sites such as Fox, CNN, as well as university sites.

    But it also was the types of backlinks my SEO guy was using as you even warned me about when we talked about it a few months ago. Lesson learned: listen to Neil 😀


    • Can you elaborate on this? I’m currently looking to build backlinks on my sites but not sure if Google likes software like ABC 3K which can build 1000’s of links for you.


      • Steve Masters :

        If it can build thousands of links over a long period of time, where all the links have different text and a wide variety of anchor text, then it would be worth looking at. If it blasts out links that all look the same over a short period of time, don’t bother.

        • It would be less risky if it was over a length of time and the links varied, but it would still be a risk. Thanks for your response and thoughts on the matter.

      • Amir @ Blue Mile Media :

        I wouldn’t use automated software. My SEO guy was using links from blog networks. It worked at first and I wasn’t thinking long term about the effects (my sites tanked after the update and de-indexing of the blog networks).

        Even with the best SEO practices, having 100% of traffic from organic searches (which I did) is not smart. SEO should be a small part of your entire marketing strategy, more focusing on building a brand and a following…I’ve been using Twitter more recently and see the strong potential it has in terms of traffic and brand building.


        • I agree, it is better to focus on building awareness and brand recognition. You want to continue to build links but only clean ones that will help you out long term.

      • Any time you are offered such a large amount of links it is a risk.

    • I am sorry to hear that. It will happen, all you can do is improve and move forward.

  6. Seo Services Nashik :

    I think we should not afraid of this Penguin update, Google’s goal is to provide an nice search experience for users.

  7. Juicing With Rika Susan :

    Neil, this is solid advice. But what if I have tried all of the above with no effect? I was badly hit by the Penguin update. This is so disheartening, as I have no idea where the problem is. I know I provide good content. I write it all myself. Nothing spammy or black hat. If only I had an indication of what I need to fix.

    • That is odd, the best thing you can do is try and contact Google and have them re-visit your site. Meanwhile perhaps you can try and get a second opinion, sometime others can catch something you may have missed.

      • Veggie Juice With Rika Susan :

        Thanks for your response, Neil. I have asked Google to take another look via their form, but have seen no improvement. What is clear is that, since Penguin, Google lists totally wrong URL’s for my keywords. This was not the case before Penguin. So, for instance, they would list the page I did on the Champion Juicer, when doing a search for my juice recipe software. A hugely frustrating situation to be in.

  8. Well my little site get a boom after mid march . 🙂

  9. Tito Philips, Jnr. :

    Thank you Neil for these updates. I am heading over to check out my traffic against these dates.

  10. Worst advice ever.

    • I am sorry you feel that way, would you mind telling me what specifically you didn’t like about it?

  11. Alex Wingrove :

    Nice article, very informative with lots of good advice, I will be looking throught my data to see if I have been affected.


    Alex Wingrove

    Integrity Window Cleaning

    • The link you just provided. Well buddy expect lower rankings now. Google knows you are in comments section of a WP blow. Not hard to determine that. Now probably exact keyword you want to rank for. Great. I will report you! Does not matter. The Algo will look for this anyway!

    • Thanks, glad you liked it.

  12. I could not get any benefit from this article 🙁
    Your conclusion is so bias – so many people are affected by this change and you are still saying Google wants to make a nice experience! Common man!!!!

    • That is to bad, sorry to hear it. It is true many people were affected by this update, as they are by every update Google launches. The experience may not be great for the sites but like I said they are looking to improve the search experience.

  13. Google is becoming the new Evil Empire! 😉

    One of my sites was hit hard by Panda, and I may have lost some with Penguin as well. It’s hard to tell, since my SERP’s are bouncing all over the place

  14. Traffic to my site is increased after these updates. Moreover, Google also gave me PR-3. Before it was zero. Thanks to Panda and penguin updates.

  15. Hey Neil,
    All I know is my hits to Amazon went up 20 fold on the 25th and have tripled since then. The big g must like something I’m doing.

    Maybe ya all should just play by the rules. Cheaters always get caught no matter what !! How bout just being honest.

    Thanks for all the great advice Neil…Brent

    • Sounds good, thanks for sharing how you were affected. It is important to show people that not all sites are affected negatively by theses updates.

  16. Steve Masters :

    This article does not deliver on the promise in the title. All it does is explain what Penguin and Panda are and how to know IF you have been hit. It does not tell you how to do anything about it. Change the title to “How to find out if you’ve been affected by Penguin”.

    • I am sorry you found it misleading. However there are tips that provide steps you can take that should help you if you have been affected. If you did not see them and would like I could point them out to you so you can try and follow them.

  17. You didn’t mention the panda 3.6 update that came out on 27 April. Many people got hit by that too.

  18. I actually thing that the Google updates will be good thing in the long term for the Public and for Marketers. A lot of the crap is gone. A couple of my sites are now on page 1 that I couldn’t get ranked before.

    • Well, that is what they are for, to clean up sites of poor quality and spam. These updates force people to make improvements and changes so that the user search experience is improved.

  19. BharatChowdary :

    Clear and complete information for Bloggers, thanks Neil…

  20. Web Design Resource :

    Google penguin update is good to stop spamming in the search engines by doing over optimization. This update will help to stop the over optimization of web page and help to get quality result from search engines for internet user.

  21. Danny @ Long Island Internet Marketing :

    Thanks for the Post Neil. I’ve had 2 websites severely suffer during the last panda update. One went from page 1 to page 9, the other from page one to page 38!

    These are community websites, no affiliate links or any money making stuff. I have contributors make posts often and share news regarding the niche the site’s in.

    The only thing I found wrong on my two sites were incomplete descriptions in the about page, and some controversial headlines on blog posts. Although my content is controversial, its not spammy or useless to the visitors.

    I’m going to send a consideration request and see how that goes.

    Thanks master

  22. Srivathsan G.K :

    Seriously a good read. Clearly differentiated with Penguin, Panda penalties. But how is that explaining on Google webmaster forum will help ? Seriously Google hears only big site owners and not other people. That’s their problem. If a site generates more than 3-4 million visitors per month, they hear them. Other site owners who produce quality content, when they report in Webmaster forum, they’re gone unnoticed.

    • It may seem like Google listens to only big sites, but there is no way to be sure what Google does and doesn’t see and hear. Even if you think it is useless, it is better then doing nothing.

  23. First State SEO :

    How sure can we really be about negative SEO though?

    There are a few case studies that are worrisome…

    • Good SEO will help Google tell the difference between legitimate links and artificial. So if you are still worried the best thing you can do to protect yourself from negative SEO is build authority and keep your site clean and of quality.

  24. Nora McDougall-Collins :

    Perfect! We just discussed this topic in general in my Social Networking for Business class. Now, I can post a link to this article for those students who are interested in more specific information!

  25. When is the next update expected?

  26. There is lot of confusion about negative SEO after this penguin update….well thanks for this articles to ensure us. thanks…

    • Yep, you want to make sure that you stick to clean sep and quality content that way any negative SEO will not affect you. In Googles eyes the good will out way the bad and they will be able to see the artificial links.

  27. Just before the penguin update, I am glad that I have overhaul my site with new wp themes. My traffic still drop but I don’t think it because of the updates.

  28. Shahzad Hassan :

    Do you still think that Quick Sprout Traffic System is still updated to handle these animals, Panda and Penguin?

    I am serious.

  29. Jean-Philippe Maltais :

    Thank You for this awesome post !!!

    I have lost my ranking last week for seo montreal…
    Looking at my link portefolio, It’s look like I have too much exact match…
    1- Should I try to remove my old exact match
    2- Continue beeing active in the off-site with non-exact match
    3- Ask google a reconsideration ?

    • Those all sound like they should help you. Give the first two a try and see if there is any improvement. Then give they last one a try.

      • Jean-Philippe Maltais :

        Someone of my team came up with something :

        They found all acces to account of the link portefolio that the old webmaster put on and its appear that we have all the acces to the links, now i have a decision to make

        1- delete them
        2- put other type of anchor like click here and direct url

        Sure thing: our future strategy rely on content production for or corporate site and old school marketing as trade show and public appearance !

  30. Ferman Aziz :

    well i was hit by panda in Feb but after lots of tweaking and penguin update my site is recovering

  31. Hi Neil,

    Off the topic question… how did you get your post your post: https://www.quicksprout.com/pro/ to appear on every page right below the top post? Is there a plugin for that?

  32. I don’t know if it was because of the Penguin, but one of my main sites went to the 1st place (from 4th-5th) a few weeks ago for the main keyword. 🙂
    Maybe my competitors were hit by this Penguin.

  33. Ivana5rovic :

    Hi Neil,

    Do you know about these guys: http://trafficplanet.com/topic/2369-case-study-negative-seo-results/ They did a case study about negative SEO

    and in my opinion negative SEO is more possible now than ever

    • No, I will check it out.

    • Get good grades :

      It is simply that many people may WISH it is not possible, but wishing and hoping will not change the reality: negative SEO has been *proven* to be possible, and that is one of the many and growing criticisms of ‘g’, the company that thinks they are king of the internet, but they will not rule forever.

  34. i don’t think any of my site affected by google update. But this post is very rich with information, i think i will be back here often to see if you can share another valuable information in the future.Thanks, neil.

  35. Hey Neil,

    I hope you read this as you are one of my favourite bloggers online. As a matter of fact, I have even started my own blog after reading and learning many methods and useful information from yours. I would appreciate it if you could not approve this comment but at least get in touch with me.

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    I just needed some help to get my blog out there. There are too many bloggers around the Internet these days and it is incredibly hard to pitch yourself amongst them. I would love it if you could give me some help, and feedback to which I will gladly follow.

    Thanks Neil for taking your time to read this. On another note, your posts are FANTASTIC. I check it almost 3-4 times daily to see for new updates so keep up the good work. I’m going to end my speech here now, as I don’t want to tire you with something long, but I strongly hope you can get back to me and give me some advice to get my blog out there. I have the passion, and as you can see from my blog, I don’t want to make money from it.

    I simply want to build a mutual relationship with the audience and simply get them checking every day or so for new posts. After all, I don’t want to ruin my passion by making money from it. I already make tons from doing other stuff online so blogging is going to be different for me.

    Look forward to a reply from you.

    P.S – I am currently configuring my email for my domain so that is why I gave you my secondary Yahoo email. Thanks for understanding.

    • Hey A.J,

      You should check out my Quick Sprout Traffic System. With it you receive a 30min call with me and can ask me any questions you like as well as have me review your site.


  36. best restaurants in manchester :

    Thanks for this post. Normally all you see is “I’ve been hit by penguin” with no useful information attached. This gives us a fighting chance of finding out if we have been hit and if so, what we can do about it.

  37. I don’t know anything about google penguin before. I’ve blogging for months. This article is helpful for me, I will be back here regularly. Thank you Patel.

  38. origami for kids :

    I havent understand yet if either Panda or Penguin has hit my websites. The traffic has been up and down all the time and i haven’t realized yet how come so much ups and downs. I was surely hit by the 17th of April event. I totally panic for 2 days when my websites couldn’t be seen anywhere. They recover after that period with really good results… They lasted for a week… after that.. ups and downs…hard to figure it out if Panda or Penguin were visiting my websites.

    • Well, follow some of the steps above and hopefully you will find out what you have been affected by.

  39. stainless steel piping :

    Never get mad if the Penguin upgrade has decreased you in positions. Google’s objective is to offer an outstanding look for encounter for users…and one of the methods they do that is by listing fantastic articles on the web. So when you create up-dates to your website that can increase the excellent of your articles and increase the excellent of customers on your website, you will advantage in the lengthy run and you will not be fined.

  40. Really impressive post.
    I’m glad the penguin update didn’t hit me.
    My Organic traffic was boosted after the penguin update

  41. Dan - Blogger Templates :

    As i have just started my site, this penguin update does not effect my site luckily! I am glad I know how to avoid it now though!

  42. Thanks for this post.
    Penguin upgrade has decreased me in positions.
    I totally panic for 1 week when my website couldn’t be seen anywhere.But then after a review of my site and after some important changes i made my site can be found in the first pages with some of my preferite keywords.
    Thanks Neil for taking your time to read this, your posts are the best.
    This gives us a fighting chance of finding out if we have been hit and if so, what we can do about it.

    • Thank you Cristian,

      I am happy you were able to make the adjustments necessary to improve and re-position your site.

  43. Well, all my sites are pretty new and I’ve been using pretty good content with a diverse link portfolio…Everything seems cool here…This would a nice reference for future updates though…:)

  44. Brad Dalton :

    I have been told by SEO’s that you are removing older comment links on this site. Is this true?

    • If you go back to older posts you’ll notice that there are still comments with links in them that are really old.

  45. Ankit Bansal :

    Hi Neil. My site was going awesome until this panda hit me on 24th April followed by Penguin attack. I could not figure out the reason. My few article just disappeared from the first page of Google to dont know where.
    Then i studied various article on recovering from such updates from Google. This article here is useful too. I have lost 75% of my traffic. I am still working on it , trying and publishing more unique content more frequently.
    So its a request if you post a few more articles on how to get rid or recover from this.
    I always love your work. Thank you.

    • Hey Ankit,

      Keep at it and do your best to recover with the tips I have already provided. I already have post set in place but I will see what I can do about getting another post up to try and help further on this matter.

  46. Get good grades :

    This is a good overview. The one point of difference is that it seems you are too quickly dismissing the very real threat of negative SE.

  47. Reagan McClellan :

    Google is getting increasingly difficult to work with, and they keep soming out with newer updates further harming blogs. Im against spamming, but if they ban you for anything it is impossible to convince them that you are not in the wrong, that you adhered to their terms and policies.

  48. Google want user have a best experience search and we must create article that can make “Google Win, We Win, and Reader Win”. Panda algorithm can increase quality site in first page of searching index and happy to know that Panda algorithm kick out useless site.

    • That is what Google is striving for. Keep your site clean and full of valuable information and you should be just fine.

  49. Well there are many other Search Engines out there we can get traffic from. We should focus on those as well and also Social Bookmarking. Its not good to focus on Google traffic alone because of the penguin thing going on. Its better to be safe than sorry!!

  50. ssc coaching :

    You can certainly use the file reconsideration request in Google Webmaster Central to get Google to look at your account and site to determine if they might have made any mistakes…

  51. Logo Design Team :

    These Google updates have been pretty positive for us. High quality authority links have worked for us. In order to remain in good books of Google – Content Marketing is the only way ahead. Create unique (and useful) content regularly and spread as much as possible.

  52. Andrew Youderian | eCommerceFuel.com :

    One of my eCommerce sites was hit really hard by Penguin, and we lost nearly 80% of our traffic from Google. An audit of SEO work done by a firm we hired revealed massive over-optimization. A few things we’re doing to try get the penalty lifted:

    – Getting links removed can be difficult (and counterproductive, too), so we’re only focusing on removing site wide links with optimized anchor text and links from spammy, low-quality domains.

    – Remember how having your logo anchor text or ‘Home’ link changed to ‘Your Keywords’ was such a great on-page tactic? Well, if you’re over optimized, changing this back to ‘Home’ can actually help you de-optimize as this link appears on every page of your site. We’re implementing this, too, as our homepage in-bound link concentration is too heavily focused on our keywords.

    – Finally, we’re focusing on building new, quality, non-optimized links to our pages.

    It will take some time, but hopefully we’ll be able to get back to where we stood before the Penguin update.

    • I hope you are able to work it out. Thanks for sharing what you are doing to bounce back from this update.

      Best of luck.

  53. Executive Programs :

    Thanks for explaining the main aim of Google Penguin updates to clarify doubts of people. Google loves high quality and unique content so you can use fresh content strategy to get higher rank in search results.

  54. The Google Penguin update has seen my site drop from the first couple of pages (for nearly 8 years) to about page 33. I’ve never spammed or used any dodgy SEO techniques, but I am being penalisedfor some reason I cannot work out. My site is updated nearly every day with new content and was doing consistently well for years. Now I’m having to borrow my rent money and my business is pretty much going down the pan! Thanks Google!

  55. Ladders Uk Direct :

    Well fortunately for me im not that well ranked at the moment but I do feel for deedee who has obviosly been stung for no apparent reason. I hope you get it back up and running soon mate 😉

  56. Online Mastering :

    i launched my new site post-penguin, so I’m pretty sure I’m safe!! but hey, I’ve never been some blackhat spammer to begin with…just one guy with entirely too much free time on his hands. hahaha

  57. Excellent post! Google panda update is fully focused for relevant content and links.

  58. i was badly hit by the penguin:/ trying to rebuild my traffic now..thanks for making me understand this and now i can make sure i change my marketing tacktics

  59. emobile_developer :

    Initially, i did not take penguin update seriously but when my site was hitted by it, i realized the power of this Google update and currently i am on the way to improve my site in the eye of Google. Within a week, the keywords rank went beyond 300 to 500 positions. Gradually it recovers but i would like to follow your advice. Thanks Neil for helpful share.

  60. There are numerous ways to try to recover from Google penalasing a website, but its pretty hard to tell what are exact strategy that works in 100% cases.

  61. Selena Spice :

    Sometimes there is no reason for Google to punish your site, but these kind of situation happens all the time. I completely agree with your suggestions. Every webmaster should pay more attention to content and backlink quality, and to use only white hat SEO to recover.

  62. Fever in Toddlers :

    I see both sides of the coin – Google want to deliver the best search results so are making alterations to their engine to make this happen – that’s what they want – a connection between quality content and the people searching for it. There is an awful lot of rubbish sites out there that Google takes out with every update.

  63. This post is nothing unusual. By this I mean, this is informative, intelligently written, well explained and pleasure to read like your other posts. And, I feel relieved when I see daily updates from your blog in my inbox. I rest assure that whenever I have any difficulty understanding something, your posts will be there for my rescue. Thanks a ton Neil……..

  64. Hi Neil,

    I read your post and liked the way you have fragmented everything and explained things. However, I am having serious doubts about the way Google is developing its algorithm for being search friendly. Last year SEO and content was important for website owners, but this year only content is important. Not a bad thing…

    Now according to Google if a user if looking to buy a certain product like say ‘Acer laptop’, and is looking for reviews on that, Google might as well direct him or her only to the most relevant site, which is Amazon and eBay, where they can find reviews. Isn’t that ridiculous as Amazon etc sites have large number of affiliates and I believe most of their business comes from affiliates.

    Post Penguin I have seen several sites that have thin content or content that is over 2 years old and is appearing in top searches! I have several sites which had very good traffic until July, and all of a sudden the traffic dipped in all of them (!) despite all white hat SEO and original unique content.

    I think it is time to give up on doing business via Google/online. It is better to concentrate on other things, because, if we again somehow manage to get our websites back to where they were, Google will be ready for another update. Lol


  65. One of my sites was penalized – it was in the top ten for many keywords and now it is nowhere. It has also dropped from PR3 to PR1. I follow Google’s rules and none of my content was spammy, but I think I had too many target links which was not to Google’s liking. This is how the innocent are getting penalized in my opinion. Perhaps we are going back to “content is king”?

  66. Google has slapped me hard, and I have no clue why. I don’t engage in any kind of SEO or backlinking. I do socially share, other than that I just let them sink or swim on their own. The stuff that is now ranked above mine is way more spammy and lower quality in my opinion.

  67. This one is really impressive article on Google Penguin update. My site was also affected by this update. I do not know what to do?? But now I get it…. Thanks for sharing…

  68. It’s a very interesting article indeed.

    We’ll see with the next update if as Matt Cutts said, we’ll regret waiting for it. It may be only an element of announce.

  69. I wasn’t really aware about the dates. Should cross check analytics data to conclude which update did hit my site.

    Webmaster forum looks better option. I wasn’t entertained when I filed reconsideration request explaining everything.

  70. Some great info in here Neil. Thanks for adding in the milestones for significant changes, makes perusing your analytics history for blips much easier 😀

  71. Great article, Penguin and Panda really changed the landscape when it comes to successful and long term Search Engine Optimization and ranking high in Google. This really gives a lot of details on Penguin and Panda and the specific issues that either was created to address and how to beat them 🙂

  72. Well elaborated.

  73. Sharanyan Sharma :

    Hi Neil,

    It’s really nice Article to read. Actually nowadays every webmasters,SEO consultants afraid about Google Panda,Penguin and Disavow Updates. Not only that, google constantly rolling out new updates every week,months. That’s the big issue to read & understand Latest Algorithm changes.

  74. hey Neil,
    Nice article. you have done a great job. Thank you for sharing. you have shown us a way.



  75. Panda and Penguin had serious effects on SEO, and the world of SEO has greatlt changed due to Panda and Penguin.

    After the Panda and Penguin updates, high quality content is even more important than it was before, and it’s vital for a website to produce a steady and consistent stream of high quality content in order to ensure high rankings in the SERPs!

  76. Hey Neil!
    My website hitted a panda update on 23 jan 2013 and 50% decrease in traffic.How to know the low quality pages or the reason why am i panda hitted? Please help!!

  77. Hello,
    Thank you Neil for these updates. I am heading over to check out my traffics these days.

  78. Marketing Strategy Online :

    One of my Website has been affected of google panda and penguin and still not yet recovered. I think it is better to build a high quality backlinks and not a spammy links. Thanks Neil for sharing this very informative post and I really learned a lot.

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    Great write-up, I am a big believer in writing comments on weblogs to inform the blog writers know that they’ve added something worthwhile to the world wide web!

  80. Got three sites here that was tremendously hit by this update of Google. Recently discovered that its because of my spammy text contents and already removed them but until now my traffic is still low. Thanks for sharing this tips with us Neil, great post!

  81. I have seen that wise real estate agents all over the place are getting set to FSBO Marketing and advertising. They are noticing that it’s more than merely placing a poster in the front property. It’s really about building associations with these suppliers who later will become consumers. So, after you give your time and efforts to aiding these retailers go it alone – the “Law associated with Reciprocity” kicks in. Thanks for your blog post.

  82. Nice article, very informative with lots of good advice, I will be looking throught my data to see if I have been affected.

    • Bobby, glad you found the article helpful. Hopefully you weren’t affected. If you need any help please reach out to me 🙂

  83. Adam Beaumont :

    Less than a year on from the Penguin update I am still having nightmares and flashbacks. Several of my websites literally vanished of the face of google and thanks to guides and tips like above they have just started to resurface to original positions. I am now having to deal with the Authorship update.. 🙂 Great article.

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