The Alex Mangini Story: Learn how an 18-year old skipped college to make $120,000 a year

alex mangini

You need a college degree to succeed, right? Sure, it does help give you a leg up on your competition, but to be an entrepreneur, you don’t need one.

I recently ran into a Quick Sprout reader Alex Mangini, who was sharing his story with me. Within minutes, I was amazed at his story because he was telling me how he went from making nothing to $10,000 a month in less than a year.

I naturally started to dig a bit deeper and asked him a few more questions, but the conversation took a drastic turn. As I was asking Alex my questions, he politely interrupted me and told me that he had to go back to class.

At first, I thought he meant that he had to go to a college class, so I quickly asked him what his major was. He then said…”I am a high school student.”

So, naturally I felt that I had to share his story with you because there aren’t that many high school kids that I know of that make $10,000 a month ($120,000 a year). Heck, there aren’t that many people in the world that actually make $120,000 a year.

So, here is Alex Mangini’s story:

The early life

Alex was born and raised in Columbus, New Jersey. He grew up neither poor nor rich. He lived in middle-class America. As a kid, he didn’t always fit in because he was a dork in every way you can imagine. He had braces, glasses and heavy metal bands shirts, and he loved playing computer games.

He grew up with a of rebel spirit: he was never interested in the standard approach to life, which entailed going to school to get a job. Since the beginning of his early elementary school days, he hated school and never really did well at it.

Life as a gamer

As Alex got older, he got into video games. The first one he got addicted to was Dinky Bomb. What was unique about this game is that it had a forum community for the gamers to go to and discuss the game.

Alex got so addicted to the community, he started spending more time in the forum itself than actually playing the game. He loved being there so much that he decided to start his own community.

At first, he was trying to find others to help him create one, but they wanted thousands of dollars, which he didn’t have. At this point, he had two options: either to quit or to create what he wanted himself.

He decided to embark on the journey of web design and development so he could learn how to create his own community. During this process, he stumbled upon an open source community called WordPress. Within hours, he was hooked and started to learn how to build. He accomplished all of this at the age of 14.

He was able to leverage WordPress to create his first blog, which was on web design. Within months of launching it, he was able to get it generate a few hundred bucks a month from advertising.

The web life

Although Alex loved WordPress, he felt there was one big issue with it: there were a ton of bad themes out there. They weren’t user-friendly; they didn’t look great; and they didn’t do all of the things they promised.

In April 2008, he stumbled on a framework that fit on top of WordPress that solved all of his problems. The theme was Thesis for WordPress. Unlike most things for WordPress, however, Thesis cost $87.00. It was not free. Luckily for him, he decided to spend the money.

Once he purchased the Thesis framework, he started to design a theme. The first design he created was an instant hit throughout the community. That one design eventually led him to create a booming Thesis freelance business. He sold Thesis skins, and he got hired to work for the company that created Thesis: DIYthemes.

As a developer working on the Thesis framework and freelancing, he was earning $6,000.00 to $8,000.00 a month all the while being a 17-year-old.

The not so much college life

During his senior year, while all of Alex’s friends were planning on attending college, he decided he wasn’t going to go to college. Not because Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg did it, but because he really believed in himself and the skills he possessed.

He also felt that the schooling system was broken because you go college to learn how to start a business and get that dream job, when he already had both of those things.

During his senior year, he worked on building up his Rolodex and client base so that he could earn a living after high school. He did this by participating in the Thesis forum, blogging and guest blogging. Through those 3 avenues, he built up his income stream.

The scalable life

Although Alex is young, he’s actually really smart… especially when it comes to business. He realized that if you want to make a lot of money, you need to create a scalable business.

So, earlier this year, he decided to take a hit in his income by slowing down his freelance work so he could focus on his own project Kolakube, which is a site that sells WordPress themes.

He spent a few months developing it, and in Febuary he launched it. During the first month, he only did $500 in revenue. During the second month, he generated around $4,000.00 in revenue. And in April, his third month, he did $10,000.00 in revenue.

So, how did he grow his revenue to $10,000 a month so quickly? He did it by creating user-friendly themes that were easy to use, and he marketed them through WordPress forums. He would participate in forums, such as the DIYthemes forum, and give people free advice, which caused people to check out Kolakube and purchase themes from him.

The future

Alex understands that if you want to continue making money online, you have to diversify your income. Although Kolakube is generating most of his revenue these days, he is still focusing on expanding his revenue through diversification. He hasn’t decided if he is going to get into other platforms such as Tumblr, but he knows that he’ll have to diversify because it’s never good to have all of your eggs in one basket.


You don’t have to go to college to do well in life. You just have to find something you are really passionate about, go out there and just do it. In other words, you have to hustle.

Alex did whatever it took to succeed, and he didn’t let the fact that he didn’t have a ton of money growing up or that he barely graduated from high school stop him from succeeding.

If you want to succeed, you can’t let anything stand in your way: be it grades you got in school, money you grew up with or have currently, or your age. Just keep on pushing forward.

So, what did you learn from Alex’s story?

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  1. Gregory Ciotti :

    Get em’ Alex! is a must visit for anybody who wants to check out how this guy can throw down with #thesiswp + web design.

  2. When I was using Thesis, I purchased one of his Skin for Thesis Framework. When i realized he’s still in High School, that when I realized, man he’s got amazing talent. Stories like this are inspiration to others.

    • Jordan Godbey :

      Wow that’s awesome. It’s really cool to see amazing talent from people so young. I’ve heard an interesting saying from Derek Sivers, there is no speed limit on learning. You can go as fast as you want to go. Good stuff.

    • Alex Mangini :

      Do you still use a skin Raghu?

    • That is great, thanks for sharing your personal experience Raghu.

  3. Ferman Aziz :

    such stories always give you motivation and thinking that you still have time to succeed … if an 18-year old can do it, you can do it too

  4. This is awesome! It’s inspiring to see talents like him and thank God for his site, I can stick to a thesis theme!

  5. luisangelec :

    Thanks for sharing this inspirational post… For people like me that keep hustling everyday this help to keep moving.

  6. Nima Heydarian :

    I agree that you don’t have to go to college to make money (even very good money). I still believe going to college provides life experiences that no other experience does.

    Going to college is as much about learning subjects as it about learning how to learn, how to work with others, and broaden your outlook of life.

  7. Get good grades :

    Nice job Alex, you made your own job, independence, that’s the spirit. Thanks for the inspiring story Neil.

  8. Tiyo Kamtiyono :

    I love this part Niel;

    You don’t have to go to college to do well in life. Instead you just have to find something you are really passionate about, and just go out there and do it. In other words, you have to hustle.

    As I was letting my chance to go to college for free, that is very rare in Indonesia. Sometimes I feel guilty when remember it, but I know that was a waste of time, acting based what I’ve earn is what I need to do.
    Nice story, pumping my spirit!

  9. Eric - TangoSource :

    Peter Thiel also created the “Twenty Under Twenty” fellowship, which provides $100,000 over a two-year period to each of the recipients, to drop out or avoid college. I think one of the main values of college was gaining connections, but with things like social media, we’ve seen a social influence equalizer.

    • College is certainly a great way to meet people and make connections. However like you said with social media today it is not the only way to do so.

  10. Super Story Alex. You always rock . . Really its It’s inspiring. Soon i will change my theme. Currently i am using Genesis but now only Kolakube.
    Thanks Neil for sharing this Story.

  11. Harleena Singh @aha-now :

    Awesome story Neil!

    Alex sure has achieved a great deal in so short a time, remarkable indeed. I guess he did what he was passionate about and made that his profession, which is now helping him earn so much.

    Great lessons to learn- thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Yes, he’s certainly has. Alex is a great example of following your passions and creating your own future.

  12. Rahul kuntala :

    I love Alex. More specifically his skills. I bought Thesis theme few days back just because I fell in love with “Marketers delight”. His about me page is the most creative page in the Blogosphere. So cool.
    Thanks for sharing his story Neil 🙂 Lets wish Alex for his online business success..

  13. Amir @ Blue Mile Media :

    Nice story. Not like stories of genius teen who made millions but a success story a lot of people can relate to. Shows all you need is hard work and persistence.


  14. Jeramiah Townsend :

    Neil, I agree BUT…

    I totally agree about not having to go to college. I have debated about sending my kids to college. I own a business and do better than average. And I never finished college. Entrepreneurs don’t need a college degree.

    But if you don’t want to be an Entrepreneur, a degree is something to consider. There are lots of jobs out there that require a degree.

    Being an Entrepreneur I’ve lost a lot of money, and I take a lot of risk every day. But the rewards of being an Entrepreneur are amazing.

    Amazingly, as a business owner, the employees I look for have the same characteristics as entrepreneurs. I figure the best thing I can do for my kids is to make sure they all become Entrepreneurs. Then they’ll be equipped no matter what comes.


    • I agree, many people need college to become successful in life. I myself went to college and have a degree. Alex found a way to follow his passion and build a business without college and that is great for him.

  15. Harsh Agrawal :

    Interesting and inspiring story…Been following him when he started with his first website and when he started his launch in product selling with Thesis footer…Amazing designed and creative guy…Best of luck Alex!! 🙂

  16. Eleazar Acampado :

    Awesome story that will enlighten not only the youth but for all online entrepeneurs. This kid will scale more money making avenues in the future.

  17. Gregg Davis :

    I learned that you can find a niche within a niche – like themes design niche within the WP world. Or, as in my case, WP installations and custom design within the WordPress niche. I’ve been customizing themes for private clients for a few years, but I’m trying to make a scalable business out of it, by selling really inexpensive WP installations and hosting, without all that pesky custom design. It’s inspirational to see that someone so young has done a similar thing! Thanks Neil!

  18. Binny Oinam :

    Great story Neil. Drop-outs seem the winners these days. Any advice for school going kids or college going wanna be graduates?

    • Just try to find what you are most passionate about and go after it. You will find a way to make it work if you really want it.

  19. Kay Wilson :

    Wow, Neil, this is such an inspiring story. Thanks for sharing and have word, understand I need to share by using Thesis and then can use Alex’s skin.
    Love quote ” you just have to find something you are really passionate about, and just go out there and do it. In other words, you have to hustle.”
    I am a Network Marketing Professional and that is exactly what I do.

  20. I do not agree .
    I think you are better equipped to handle a business if you have a degree . A degree does not mean you have to be an employee , a degree in business for example will be very useful for your own business, and if life throws you a curb (like it usually does) you are better prepared than if you didn’t have a degree.
    If you can get your degree first DO IT ,after that then start experimenting with entrepreneurship .

    • Everyone is different, and need to figure out for themselves what is best for them. Thanks for you thoughts on the matter Juan.

  21. terrenos a venda :

    Really inspiring real story. I never believed that to be successful you have to have a university degree. Specially nowadays that most of those degrees are so far of teaching you use updated and useful tools to this modern society. Creating more and more the entrepreneur spirit on the young people it will be what will make this society move and come out of this global financial crisis. Congratulations Alex for you being already one of those!

  22. Very inspirational story.. He is surely one of the few talented guys making $10k a month at the age of 18. He has achieved alot and doing great in business a this age but I believe he should definitely invest time completing is higher studies.

  23. Damn good job, Alex. You know I’m happy to see this. 🙂

  24. I like the fact that you don’t have to do well in school just to get the kind of life you wanted, rich, instead, pursue the passion and hustle!

    My ambition is becoming a web designer+programmer because I LOVE and I WANT to create beautiful web design and beneficial/profitable software. You know what’s stopping me Neil? It is that, my parents told me, if you want to have a rich life, then go and pursue medic. I was quite rebellious towards them at that time because I cannot do what I want to do. I have to EXPLAIN why I want to do that and give them reason why I don’t want to do medic. For me, there’s no reason to love what you love right?

    In Malaysia, there is a sick and pathetic kind of mentality where MOST parents believe that medic/ engineer/ professional course is the absolute way to reach a wealth life. When you have a professional degree, then you can go on and build a business. I think that’s just sad.

    This is what I agree with you, “You need a college degree to succeed, right? Sure, it does help give you a leg up on your competition, but to be an entrepreneur you don’t need one.”

    I believe if I don’t have the passion to become a doc, what kind of life am I living in?

    I love my parents very much, but I don’t like them control my life. I know they want the BEST for me, but being a designer girl much more bringing me to HAPPIER lifestyle. That’s just passion. It’s unexplainable.

    I think I am little bit messed up here. Sorry.

    • I hope you find a way to follow your passion. I know it can be difficult with parents telling you otherwise.

      Best of luck to you!

  25. Tamal Anwar :

    Hey Alex, have you read all the comments above?

    It’s not them. It’s your talent floating through everywhere. You are a MASTER out of all the thesis designers + developers.

    When first time I learned about Alex and the fact that he is just 16 years old. I said WOAH!! this guy is a genius. You make great designs out of ordinary thesis layout and that’s what I like most.

  26. Alex is one of my personal friends i made back in high school. Congrats bro! Glad you posted this on Facebook for your friends to follow.

  27. Alex is a design beast! Awesome story and service over at Kolakube – couldn’t say enough good things about the skins and functionality.

  28. Jonny Rowntree :

    Such an inspiring story about a very smart “kid”. I’m 17 and I’ve experienced the blogging industry for the best part of 3 years but I’ve never covered as much ground as what Alex has. Very talented designer & game player!

    Congrats Alex!

  29. I’m a big fan of the WordPress Thesis Theme. So it doesn’t shock me that’s how Alex got started!

  30. Reminds me again that so often you should “just do it” – because when you actually do – things fall into place – as long as you keep your faith and don’t panic 🙂

  31. Wow, very inspiring story! His work looks great too. Thanks for sharing.

  32. Kelly Grace :

    The key to Alex’s success is the old axiom, follow your passion.
    He added a useful product and good customer service and voila, profitability followed. I have grandkids his age and their parents are paying a bazillion dollars for college. Fortunately all are applying themselves, but still—

    Alex, may your tribe increase.

    Kelly Grace

  33. The college culture in the USA (not America) is so lame…
    Who was the dumb stupid who believed that going to college would get you a job and a high salary? Who goes to college for that reason? Seriously!?!?

    One should go to college to *learn*…
    Wether you get a job and a good salary depends on wether you actually learnt anything or not. A degree without any knowledge is worthless. The knowledge itself is valuable, regardless of wether you learnt in college, books on your own, Wikipedia, whatever,

  34. David - Crane :

    This is a great and inspiring story.

    Thanks for sharing Neil.

  35. Sue Watkins :

    It’s an inspiring story, no doubt, but I would like to hear more. How did he go about promoting his themes? I think it’s one thing to build your mouse trap, but another to make the people come and by. More insights from his first year of growth, and how he got from 0 – 10,000 bucks would be another great read!

  36. Sheyi @ :

    Extremely lovely story to read. I so much love to see how young peeps are making insane money online which i am also in the line too.

    Thanks for sharing this and i hope he continues to make more money and net $100k / month soon


    • Thank you Sheyi, it is great to see younger people making their passions come to life and living off them.

  37. Yet another reason why I should have avoided college. Biggest waste of 4 years and who knows how much money. Oh well, at least I have something that I can hang on my wall. yay

  38. Bobby Soren :

    Thought I’m the only one who skipped college. Gotta make my parents read this. Anyways that’s sheer inspiration. Now ransacking Kolakube for themes.

    • Definitely, you should show them that today it’s not uncommon to make a living without a degree.

  39. Nicholas Tart :

    Alex has been an inspiration to me for a few years now. Glad to hear that Kolakube is going well, my friend. I’m curious though, how did you and Neil run into each other?

  40. Wow, this is a great true story. I think I need to learn from Alex, not to make some barriers as excuses to stop me to do what I should do to reach successful in my own life. I’m looking forward to hear updates from his career 🙂

  41. Hey Alex …….very inspirational story. my best wishes with you always.. Great going man….

  42. Hey Neil, nice story, thank you! It’s very inspirational. I was a freelance designer too. Now I wanna get deeper into Online Marketing and want to build a scalable business. Furthermore I study business administration on the side – I think the theoretical knowledge and the business experience together are a kick ass combination!

  43. Lesson (1) is that “Sky is the limit” and (2) if you really want to do a thing all the forces of the universe are conspiring in order to make that happend. Nice story.

  44. Neil & Alex this is VVVery inspiring, Should help me out with the New Magazine we recently published…

    • I wish I could help, but I already have a lot going on. If you have any questions let me know and I will try to help answer them.

  45. Web Design Resource :

    Passionate about anything is very necessary to get success in the life because it will motivate you every time to go ahead.

  46. Ayush Kumar :

    Inspirational post, passion for work always pays off.

  47. Yup!I agree with you totally.Yes.There is a risk if we decided to leave school and focus on our passion.The choices for our career path will be very limited since we do not have any relevant certificates.But still, if we have give it a serious thought on it.Even if it doesn’t work, we will not have any regrets and continue to fight for the future.

    I am 20 this year,currently still studying, This will be my final year to achieve my diploma certificate.

    There are times when I felt like quitting school and commit to internet marketing but I wanted to do it part time first. I asked myself a simple question” If i am not even able to do it well on part time, what makes me think that I am going to do it well if I switched it to full time?”

    I am focusing on IM and at the same time studying.However my grades will not land me in any local university but at least I still got the chance to study. For now, I will still focus on IM more than my school but I am not giving up my certificate totally:)

    • Focus your energy towards one goal at a time and you should find it easier to accomplish. Once you figure out what you want and feel passionate about go for it.

  48. This guy earning $120000/yr is unbelievable.
    thesis is an unique theme out of which we can create unlimited
    number of designs. he has great talent. Though I am a programmer I struggle to make eye catching designs using thesis.

  49. He also sold his blog for $20,000 …!

  50. Phil Breman :


    This is why I really enjoy reading your blog. You NEVER write with preconceived judgement or infuse your prose with opinion. You tell it just as it happened. This is an individual who is an inspiration to all of us who make our livings online. But also (as a dad) someone to showcase to our own children — a kid who questioned the “system” and is doing things his own way regardless of what others might think. Kudos Alex for featuring him. Looking forward to your next post. PB

  51. Dan Smith @ The Blogshop :

    Firstly, much kudos to you, Alex. What a fantastic start to your business life.

    I think one of the main points people have to take away from this is that you can still make a living in a heavily saturated market – it’s just a matter of ensuring you find a gap or a niche and utilising your knowledge to supply the niche’s demand or to simply fill the gap.

    Alex may only be 17, but he seems to know more about business than some people who have been trying to succeed for years.

  52. Antonio Baugh :

    another great article Neal and it just gives me the courage to keep going learning and developing my media/ent. business
    which is more about time investment than money investment which I believe goes hand in hand with this article get started with something you have a passion in and make it work with a great product over time

  53. Inspirational story indeed. He made his passion for gaming into his hobby.

  54. So great a story,man!!I think Alex is lucky and successful!
    Thank you for your sharing Neil

  55. So how much of this $10,000/month revenue is actual PROFIT?

    Revenue != profit

    He could be bringing in $10,000 every month but spends $9,500 of that on advertising making him only $500 of actual money.

    I have a hard time believing that with 2 $37 themes and 1 $67 5 theme pack you can pull in that kind of money when you are running a niche inside of a niche inside of a niche (themes->thesis->wordpress). He must have a huge market of the total thesis theme sales that happen to justify bringing in that kind of money.

  56. KBharath @ DesignrDealz :

    Thank you for sharing this awesome and Inspiring post about Alex Mangini, he is a real inspiration for bloggers like me.

  57. I learnt that this guy has a good skill in designing wordpress themes. The better part is that he has so much confidence over this skill and improvement which he was doing, that led to bunk his school. This story is really inspirational! Thanks for writing about it. What else I understood is that if you consistently follow or perform passionately success is waiting for you! I wish all the very best for Alex`s work.

  58. I believe that the focus on education in America is a failed and flawed policy.

    Education does not help a person to become a success in life anymore. I myself would encourage anyone, especially blacks, to learn the art and science of business. No formal education will prepare you how to make your own money in life.

    America’s fixation with education is its greatest detriment. Millions of educated Americans are in an insurmountable amount of debt because they focus on getting an education and getting a job. But quality jobs that pay good wages are going away and they will not be replaced. Minorities need to reject the “go to school and get a good job” that America presents as the sole option for success.

    I know many people who are educated. Unfortunately, none of them are successful and many of them are unhappy. They have to work in order to make money. They do not have any additional income besides their paychecks from the corporation. If they lose that job, they are left in a state of panic and stress. They have been conditioned that work itself is the road to prosperity. That could not be further from the truth.

    If working for 40 years, borrowing money for school, paying a mortgage, and saving for retirement is your idea of success, you are a loser. That plan is not fruitful any longer. Educated people are becoming wage slaves just like the poor.

    • That is an interesting perspective. It’s clear you feel strongly on the subject, perhaps you should consider writing your own post on the matter.

    • I agree with what you said about our focus on (institutionalized) education. With the way student debts are rising, some might say we are also in an “education bubble” at this moment.

  59. Joseph @ SEO India :

    A post that will inspire quite a few people. However it must be stressed being a successful entrepreneur requires a lot of hard work, dedication, perseverance and above all patience. Besides this the risk of not being successful. In the end the rewards are well worth the effort for those who make it.

  60. JATomlinson :

    If you have a blog or websites about building websites, then being a part of the Blogger forums is a great way to give people advice and build up backlinks by sending them to articles you’ve written on whatever subject they’re asking for help with.

    Just a thought 🙂

  61. im a new blogger and this real stories really inspire me, so i do not give up and continue working hard for my page……. so, let’s do it.!!!

  62. The community which he have created at Bloggusion including the design is an instant hit in 2008-09 era, although he have messed up few things during the time finally he tasted success by joining the DIYThemes and re-starting the Kolakube.. the way his journey went is not as smooth as we see, there are hurdles in between and the best part I really loved the way how he solved the issues that came up in his journey…

    Alex, you owe a big hug from me… Good Luck buddy…

  63. This is a great inspirational article. The beauty of the internet is that it has this amazing ability to give people of any age or background with an internet connection and determination the ability to change their lives. I hope the kid keeps it up!

  64. Sandeep Dahiya :

    Sucess story is good, But I personally think education is more important and plays a very good role in everyone’s life.

  65. That still give me hope for the web design industry, which so many people think is oversaturated these days. I am a competent designer, but still working out the kinks on making a freelance success for myself.

    But now here’s the kicker- can you become a self-made success without business savvy? In other words must business always be a present strategy? To quote Wikipedia: in game theory, strategic dominance occurs when one strategy is better than another strategy for one “player”, no matter how that player’s “opponents” may play.

    I’d like to do away the idea that you must employ a “business-sense” strategy and just leverage my technical expertise in order to be my own successful boss.

    Put another way, if I like bicycles, I want to run a good business just by fixing bicycles, and not getting caught up in selling that bicycle fixing service. Otherwise I’ll have to love marketing campaigns as much as bicycles, and that’s not what I’m shooting for.

  66. Zachari Saltmer :

    All I have to say is WOW!
    And congratulations on your success Alex.
    Stories like yours help inspire and motivate, thou shout success through the drive you strive upon.
    Pushing forward is all we can do, and here is proof.
    Congratulations again mate,
    Greetz from Australia!

  67. It’s great to see what drive, determination and a little hard work can do for you.

    Congratulations on your success Alex!

  68. Super inspirational post. Even though I have a graduate degree, I think this kid proves that formal education is only one path to success. Get-up-and-go counts a whole lot.

    • Yes, unless you take action and keep working it makes no difference if you do or do not have an extended education.

  69. i just checked on Alex M themes site… i knew thesis was a powerful wordpress platform but the skins this “kid” created are just amazing! and the price it’s quite reasonable… way lower than what themeforest is offering these days…

  70. Archaeologist Salary :

    I really loved the concept behind blogussion and the domain name supported the concept well. The guy is such an inspiration.

  71. It’s hearing stories like Alex’s which inspired me to go into the “web entrepreneurial” side of things myself. It can be tough sometimes when your business plans don’t always go the way you want them and I’ve often wanted to give up my dream. It’s a good thing that stories like Alex’s are out there to re-motivate a person to push on define their own destinies.

    • Most things in life will not go the way you expected them to. You have to be resilient to set backs and adaptable to change.

  72. Alex has done some serious work.. good looking website and very clean themes..

    Thanks Neil.. for sharing this… Such current events inspire readers more..


  73. Ferman Aziz :

    there are really nice themes on Kolakube, I bought Aroxis theme for my new blog and only because of that theme I bought thesis too

  74. Wow, this is a really inspirational story thanks for posting it. I’m new to the I’m game myself just started a blog and would love to have just a small fraction of this kind of success. Articles like this give me hope.

  75. Aditya Chintha :

    really intresting story ,thanks for sharing it with us neil patel. hope we get more stories like above for inspiration 🙂

  76. Andi Minion :

    Thank you for an awesome and inspiring post, I believe school teaches people wrong about life, they seem to think the only way to success is through them. Success is created form not what you know but more from doing something and it doesn’t take a school to make people do things.
    Great read thanks

  77. Dan - Blogger Templates :

    This seems like the dream life! Good luck to him in the future

  78. Kail Roberts :

    This is truly an inspiring story. Gotta love hearing about those who find success doing the things they actually love.

  79. Inspiring story, especially this quote : “Not because Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg did it… but because he really believed in himself and the skills he possessed.” .

  80. Thanks Neil for sharing such an inspiring story about Alex. I was struggling with my website redesign and have used different templates from Themeforest and also custom templates. After two years in my business, I am not happy with my website. That’s why I came across DIY Themes and Alex’s Marketer’s Delight 2 Skin. It seems to have the right combination and I purchased it few days ago. I have not decide who is going to help me to install and configure, but I have a good feeling that this is gonna be a good skin.

    Young entrepreneurs such as Alex really brings another perception of the education system not only in US, but in Asia as well. Schools nowadays squash Creativity, Self-Esteem, Confidence and Drive. Their responsibility is to groom you to be an employee and an obedient one.

    I’m going to hit 40 soon and I just launched my coaching and consulting business two years ago. It is indeed a challenging journey, but it is all worth it. If you can use your talent and make a difference in people’s life, by all means, go and do it.

    Congrats Alex and I look forward to incorporate Thesis framework and Marketer’s Delight Skin 2 into my new website very soon.

  81. hey
    Yes, I have visited Kalakube a few times already, I know it through Thesis. It impressed me to see the simplicity mixed with free space, great colors, passionate customer focus approach, and knowledge shared.
    I wish Alex all the best, he is on the way to being a realistic dreamer, just like Richard Branson.

  82. Bui Hong Diep :

    Iam so impressed with Alex’s skin themes like “Marketer’s Delight 2” now I use this skin for my main blog, it look nice and professional for my domain name business.

    Thanks Alex and Iam looking for new update for Market delight 2 skin tobe the best skin for Thesis framework.

    I love Thesis and I love Alex’s skin themes

    Thanks and best wishes

    Bui Hong Diep – Vietnam Domainer

  83. wow, very motivating, makes me want to get off my butt and do some more work with my site.. and install thesis..

  84. Mayur Godhani :

    It’s Really inspirational story for me and yeah,.. you can’t imagine but Same things are happening in my life right now !!
    Recently i leaved my college and started my own WordPress Theme Creation business !!
    May be withing next 15 days i will launch my first WP theme. 🙂

  85. Neil Patel it is a very interesting story.I have visited Kalakube a few times already.It is a very nice experience.

  86. yes if you dont have passion about what you are doing theres much less hope in great success!

  87. he must of had a gift or a telnt for it though:)

  88. I have been following Alex since he was blogging at Blogussion and it was just inspiration form him that I started to blog.

  89. Lot of people have gift and talent, but very small percent can monetize it.

  90. It’s a proof that college degree is not necessary for success.

  91. emobile_developer :

    Really inspiring story. I can see that the Alex journey would have become bit complex but it started with simple idea. Actually at that time, he also knew that there were so many wordpress themes out there but was not that which he actually needed; user friendly theme. And this could be done with thesis and Alex made this his business. Rightly, the starting of big business is been with simple but strong idea. Here the Alex’s story is really thoughtful and motivate me. This is really entitled to praise. Thanks for great success story of Alex.

  92. I agree with the gentleman above. Really inspiring story.

    Alex, you’ve done great but my advice is not to leave the studies behind. I sincerely wish you to continue making crazy money online!

    – Harutyun.

  93. RichPeopleThings :

    I would still get that college degree. It would be provide some security if the business starts to get bad

  94. I lost this interesting story when you’ve published it!

    Well, I beleive that college is not for everyone, you need a certain type of mentality to attend a college

  95. I love the fact he is drop out, but I am sad to even drop out from collage. What can I do now???? I just looking a good opportunity writing blog, is it enough? 🙁

  96. What I love about Alex’s story is he followed his passion, worked hard, and didn’t give up. I see so many people who want to start a website, but a few short weeks later, it’s all abandoned and the owner is off chasing something else.

    Bravo Alex!

  97. hey neil,
    i liked the Word passionate u have used in conclusion, and its explanation. its a motivational story for every one of us. we must try to do such things which we can do better than any one else.



  98. Hi!,,

    Great post of sharing the life of, Alex,s,All of us have a different way in making our life to became successful in life but the story you’v shared,It is good cause it will make every one an example to develop there skills more energetic in there work,, Thanks for sharing,,,,,,!

  99. Caterina Altobell :

    I am irritating to erect a blog as fraction of a project, and I have been told not employ blogger before any of the blog building websites, Requirement is to get right of entry to my blog privately with no using some communal spot that requires me to log resting on to them before i get to my blog. How accomplish i act it? Or is there some website that could help? Please help. I am in a race beside time. Please.

  100. Hello !
    I agree that your passion can make you a successful person but that does not mean you don’t need to join a college. College is not only for teaching you just books, there are lots of lessons to learn from college. Well, the story of Alex is impressive and motivational.
    Thanks for sharing.

    • Zebadiah, I think it’s all about the hustle within someone. As long as they are passionate there should always be a will to succeed.

  101. Great inspirational story. Go alex go. I m pleased that I checked this post, otherwise I would have missed out on this amazing story.

  102. wow this guy hit the jackpot. I think he made the right decision for his career path. I wish him the best in the future.

  103. Sneha Kanchan :

    Thank you Neil for sharing this story.

  104. Very Inspirational story. Always do what you want to do 🙂

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