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How to Make Your Small Business Stand Out with These 8 Marketing Twists

Getting attention in this cluttered world of products and marketing messages is a very difficult task. To make matter worse, it’s really hard to compete with the big brands that seem to have endless supplies of cash to throw at advertising.

Does that mean that you, as a small business, should just give up and not compete? Absolutely not! There are dozens of ways you can use to get the attention your product deserves without breaking the bank. Here are my favorite eight[click to continue…]

The 3-Step Process to Creating an Effective and Profitable Keyword Plan

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Would you rather get 1,000,000 visitors from Google each month or 1,000? Your gut is probably telling you to go with 1,000,000, but the reality is you don’t have enough information to make an educated decision.

The keyword game isn’t just about traffic. It is also about quality. You have to look at conversion rates to make an educated decision.

This means you have to look at larger goals and breakthrough keyword volume.

In my ten years in the business, I’ve made creating high-converting keyword research plans a priority. So, let me share my 3-step plan with you[click to continue…]

7 Marketing Lessons the Real Mad Men Taught Me

real mad men - david ogilvy

Direct response marketing is a huge industry that’s raking in nearly $200 billion dollars every year…even during recessions. It’s based on a few principles that the real Mad Men like David Ogilvy, Claude Hopkins and George Lois have used over the last century of advertising.

Knowing these principles can make you a lot of money, especially online, since the Internet is a medium that is perfectly suited for these direct-marketing principles.

When I got started as an entrepreneur, I studied these guys to learn their secrets and applied their tactics to help build my two companies, Crazy Egg and KISSmetrics.

Let me share with you the 7 most important lessons I learned.  [click to continue…]

Which of These 3 Case Studies Will Grow Your Sales?

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November 2007 was a weird few weeks.

It was my third month on the job, and I’d just received management duties for an entire business unit. While this was a sweet opportunity, it came with high stakes: I was expected to grow revenue immediately. It didn’t matter that I was a rookie and the previous manager had been a vet.

Sometimes, you either perform or get out of the way.

Somehow, I figured out how to do it. That first month, I set a new revenue record for that business. Then I re-set the record the 2nd month. Then, I did it again the third time.

In this post, I’m going to give you 3 promotional strategies I discovered during and after that time.

They’re useful for generating both short-term, rapid sales boosts and long-term, sustainable growth.

  • The Teaser-Trailer Technique – It creates an immediate sales spike.
  • The Second Closer Strategy – Usually boosts sales by ~10% permanently.
  • The Testimonial Getter – Gets you testimonials, a proof-asset that will also help grow your conversion rate permanently.

I’m also going to show you the exact emails I’ve used for each one so you can replicate these strategies (and get results) with maximum speed and minimum effort. And, finally, we’ll cover the psychology behind each technique, so you understand why they work and can further develop your overall conversion chops.

Since that November 2007 “situation,” I’ve consulted many clients in conversion optimization and tested these strategies across different businesses.

They’ve worked every time for me though your results, of course, may vary. You’ll need to tweak them to your business specifics, but I’d wager almost any online business can use these. All you need is an auto-responder service and a little motivation.

Let’s dig in:  [click to continue…]

What You Ought to Do If You’ve Been Punished by Google’s Penguin Update


If you’ve experienced a drop in traffic since mid-March, then more than likely you were penalized by one of Google’s recent actions.

Which one of those updates hit you is hard to tell, but the biggest one was the Penguin update, which seemed to take a lot of people by surprise.

If you want to understand exactly what the Penguin update was, how other actions by Google during this time – like their parked domain mistake and Panda 3.5 – might have affected you and how to tell if you were penalized by any of these actions, read this blog.

Let’s take a look:  [click to continue…]