Want a 150% Boost in Traffic? Then Use This Idiot-Proof Guide to Google Authorship Markup

Back in January 2012, search marketing firm Catalyst confirmed the classic SEO theory that rich snippet does indeed increase CTR and traffic.

Here’s what their analytics looked like:

google authorship

That amounts to a 150% increase in visits and page views!

google authorship

So, by implementing Google’s authorship markup and getting the rich snippet to show up for its content, Catalyst dramatically improved its performance in search engines.

If you don’t exactly know what I’m talking about, let me give you an example of what a rich snippet is and how it pertains to Google’s authorship markup.

Google the term “seo advice”, and notice one of the results you get:

google authorship example

What Danny Sullivan has done is he claimed his content, which in turn provided incredible benefits for him in the search engine rankings.

For instance,

  • The profile picture lends instant credibility.
  • If you click the “by Danny Sullivan” link, you’ll get sent directly to his Google+ page.
  • Click “More by Danny Sullivan”, and you’ll get a Google search page dedicated to all of Danny’s content.

Let me ask you question…

If you didn’t know who Danny Sullivan was, would you click on his link when you searched for “seo advice”? Or some of the other links without this rich snippet…even if they were higher in ranking than his?

You probably said, “yes, I’d click on Danny’s link.” And this is what Catalyst did to get that 150% boost in CTR and traffic…and so can you!

But there’s a problem

I’m a somewhat techie guy, but ever since Google launched their authorship markup project, I’ve been scratching my head to figure out how to make it less confusing.

There are a lot of guides out there…from Google’s own guide to AJ Kohn’s lengthy treatment of it to Andy Crestodina’s short and sweet guide

…and these guys all did a good job, but I’m still confused, which makes me think that most of other people are too.

So, here’s my attempt at writing a dummy-proof guide to getting your authorship markup up and running so you can start increasing click-throughs and traffic to your site.

Option one: Link your content to your Google+ profile

The first option for verifying you are the author behind your content on the web is to use a verified email address.

What do I mean by a verified email address? Two things:

  1. This email address must be from you website’s domain. In other words, if your content is on yourwebsite.com, then you need to use an email address like this: yourname@yourwebsite.com.
  2. This email address must be verified in Google+ by Google. When you create a Google account, Google will send you a verification email to the email address you used. You must click that link to prove that you own that address.

A simple test to find out if your email address has been verified is to sign in to the Google accounts home page. There will be a message that tells you that you need to verify your email address.

You can also verify your email address by using OpenID. Just follow these steps:

  1. Use your Yahoo! Address to sign up for a Google+ account – This includes rocketmail.com or ymail.com addresses.
  2. Click “Verify by signing in at yahoo.com” – This will show up on the next page.
  3. Enter your Yahoo! email address and password – When the Yahoo! sign-in box appears, enter your information and click “Sign in.”
  4. Click “Agree” – When the screen asks you to allow Google to use your Yahoo! ID to share your info and to continue, click “Agree.”

That’ll give you access to Google+. You can then verify your email address.

Create a byline for each post on your website

Once you’ve verified your email address, your next step is to make sure that you have a byline on all of your articles or posts you want to appear with a rich snippet.

Here’s an example from Softpedia:

google authorship box

Using the Author Box Reloaded plugin is a simple way of creating bylines on your blog, but you’ll need to follow a few steps.

First, you’ll need to install the WordPress Plugin Framework Reloaded:

wordpress reloaded

You won’t need to do anything with this plugin except to activate it. If you don’t install this plugin, however, Author Box Reloaded will not work.

In fact, it won’t even activate.

After you’ve installed WP Plugin Framework Reloaded, you can install Author Box Reloaded:

wordpress reloaded

After that plugin is installed, go to your WP dashboard, click “Users” and “Author Box R3.” From there, you will have two choices.

wordpress reloaded

If you want your byline to appear automatically at the end of every post, then click the box labeled “Auto insert.”

Your other choice is to align your picture on the right side of the text versus the left. And, by the way, make sure you’ve defined your photo on Gravatar.

Now you get to create your byline. Go to “Users,” and click on “Your Profile.”

wordpress profile

Scroll down to the “Biographical info” text box and share some personal information.

wordpress author

Make sure that your byline includes a clear way of identifying you as the author of the content, e.g., “By [Your Name]” or “Author: [Your Name].”

Important: This name must match your name in your Google+ account.

I would take it a step further and add a link to your Google+ account in this byline, using this code:

wordpress authorship code

After you’ve verified your email address and created your byline, your third step is to submit your email address to Google’s Authorship page:

google authorship link

An email will be sent to your inbox. Click the provided link in that email, and you’ll be done.

Submitting your email address this way will add it to your Google+ profile under the “Work” section, visibility of which you can control.

Your final step is to see what your rich snippet will look like on a Google search, using the rich snippet tool:

rich snippet tool

You should see these pieces of information:

authorship preview

Google is quick to point out that there is no guarantee that a rich snippet will show up on the search results.

However, keep in mind that you won’t see these results in Google search for anywhere between five to 14 days. It just depends on the time it takes for spiders to crawl your site. The rich snippet tool is to help you see what could potentially be pulled.

If something went wrong, then you will probably see results like this:

authorship error

Even though this is pretty straightforward, there are a lot of steps to miss. So, if this is not working, then you will need to go back through email verification…or try option number 2.

Option 2: Set up authorship by linking your content to your Google+ profile

If you don’t have an email address that matches your web domain, then you’ll need to connect your Google+ profile with your content.

The theory behind this option is simple: whatever you write and wherever you write it should connect with your Google+ content…and vice versa.

That means you need to have a byline on all of your posts that point to your Google+ account. If you haven’t yet, go back and read again how to install the Author Box Reloaded plugin to create bylines across all of your content on that domain.

In that byline, you need to link to your Google+ account using this snippet of code:

authorship code

Next, go into your Google+ account and link to your website.

google plus links

  1. Go to Edit your Contributor To section in your Google+.
  2. Add a link to the website.
  3. Click “Save.”

To test to see if this worked, use the rich snippet testing tool. Again, it takes time for this to show up in search results, so be patient.

How to connect your guest posts with your rich snippet

If you are a prolific guest blogger, then you’ll definitely want your content to show up with a rich snippet too.

You might think this is a little tricky to do since it’s not really your site, but it’s actually not.

Let’s take a look.

For each guest post, you are required to write a byline. In that byline, all you need to do is link to your Google+ account using the rel=author code:

authorship code

For instance, my guest post byline could look like this:

Neil Patel is a co-founder of KISSmetrics. He blogs at QuickSprout and you can follow him at Google+.

Here are some things I did with that byline I need to explain:

  1. “Neil Patel” is linked to my About page at QuickSprout. So is the link “QuickSprout.” Never link back to your site using your home page, otherwise you are missing out on link opportunities.
  2. “KISSmetrics” is sent to my company site.
  3. And “Google+” is using the rel=author code.

Next, from your Google+ account create a link back to the individual post where you were a guest poster.

As you can imagine, if you are a prolific guest poster, then your “Contributor To” section could get pretty long. You’ll have to weigh the benefits yourself if it is worth the effort.


There is no way getting around the fact that there are a lot of steps behind connecting your Google+ account to your web content so that you can get the boost in CTR.

But I believe if you take the time to go through these steps, you can have Google’s authorship markup implemented within five to ten minutes.

Sure, the results will take much longer, but I guarantee that you will not be disappointed with them!

Do you have any tips you can share on implementing the Google authorship markup?

P.S. If you want help getting more traffic click here.


  1. Ken Hammond @MarketingMaverick.com :

    Thank you Neil… great insight on this whole Google thing! 🙂

    I’ve so far ignored Google Plus and now know I’m leaving hundreds of visitors on the table because of it.

    Google is heading in the right direction and rewarding REAL content and this is great motivation to get in the G game and get moving… thanks again!

    – Ken

    • Delaware SEO :

      More like they are forcing people to get on board with G+, oh well…

      • That is some people’s opinion.

        • This authorship in rich snippets (pictures and such) is completely possible using markup formats like http://schema.org/ . It is an independent standard that all search engines can use. These are already in use on Google for stars on search result pages of reviewed items but I’m guessing that Google will only be showing the rich snippets for authorship when Google+ is used. Their reasoning is probably for some verification of the author that way, but I’m sure they’re not sad about leading people to use Google+ as a result.

          I’d love to have my image next to my links in search engine results but I’d prefer to not use my real name anywhere, which Google+ requires. My web presence is cool but I don’t need it to affect my career or the rest of my life. I’m probably out of luck.

          But…. cheating down, holy cow, rel publisher might be the ticket. I didn’t even know that existed. That links to a Google+ Page which can be anonymous of a Google+ Profile I believe. Oh wait, now I’m reading that’s only for the overall site, and only shows up for the root. Hmm I’ll have to do more reading.

    • Glad you enjoyed it!

      If you haven’t started yet, then you should definitely get into it.

  2. Great post Neil, been meaning to do this.

    Love how you always give so much value in your posts!



  3. Devesh @ Blog Marketing :

    Great advice, Neil. As Google is putting more focus on integrating Google Plus with their search engine, it’s important that one should use author markship.

    If you’re ignoring the whole Google thing, then you’re leaving few hundred visitors on table :P.

    Thanks for sharing your insights.


  4. Mary Lou Scott :

    Neil – always spot on..but I need a 2nd cup of coffee to re-read! Thanks.

  5. Fantastic advice Neil as usual for sites that have active blogs.

    What happens if you have an ecommerce site?

    or a business service site like a removal company whereby the site is pretty static?

    • Martin Dragun :

      I am intersted in this too. I can see how you can do this with content like articles where there is a concrete person as an author but is there a way and if there is how would you go about using this feature with a homepage of a webhosting company or an ecommerce shopping site that does not have an author.

    • Good question. You can always use the image for the blog portion of those sites…. Other than that, not sure what more you can do.

      • How would a company, where you have staff turnover, deal with Authorship? If employees/contributors leave, is there a way to retain the “subjectship”?

        • You just have to keep providing quality content related to the subject.. so you have a baseline to keep moving forward.

  6. Shahzad Hassan :

    Hmmmm, what if I couldn’t get 150% boost?

  7. Thanks Neil.

    My website is not on the WordPress platform.

    How relevant is the content on this topic for non-WP sites?

    How does one link a non-WP webpage to G+? Something with the rel=author I imagine…?


  8. Maninder Pal Singh :

    Nice tips. Absolutely, true. Even I have witnessed increase in CTR with verified authorship.

  9. Great instructions. I went through this process a few months ago and used 3 or 4 different walk-throughs to get the authorship all squared away. I am not using the author box plugin but do have my name (indicating me as the author) linking to my about page with the proper rel tags. Not sure how much it has helped since my site is still very small, but I did go from #91 in Google for my name to a high of #10 (currently at #16) using the authorship info and other techniques. (http://bluecapra.com/2012/1st-google-my-journey/)
    Thanks Neil for the great info

    • Thanks for sharing what you did and how it worked for you.

      Hope these tips help to rank you even higher. 🙂

  10. Hey Niel, will the rich snippet work if you use the company’s logo instead of a face portrait?

    • luiz carlos conte :

      Hi Neil
      I just do the tips but my photo did appear in my box. Only a mystery man. The others things work perfectly. I create a profile and Gravatar.com and so on, but the box appears with no photo.
      Could you help me?

    • Hey Eric I answer you question below. It should work.

  11. Thanks so much for this helpful tips, definitely we will follow them, we are already using Google+ but this opened my eyes to see a better way to do it.

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    These products are helpful in my opinion:

    Google Snippet like Review & Rating and Authorship.
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    I find these google products helpful. Please share if you find any other google product which will help in our SEO campaign.

  13. Rana Shahbaz :

    There is not doubt about the effectiveness of using Google Author markup.

    I used Option 2 few weeks ago, just checked it and it’s looking great 🙂

  14. Aliosha Kasin :

    hmm, I tried to add my email address to google but keep getting a message that it is already used by another profile? Any idea on how i can locate that profile? Sometimes Google makes thing so complicating by connecting everything!

  15. Old Time Radio :

    Rather than crediting an individual, is it possible to authorship mark to a Google+ page (company page) rather than individual google+ profile?

    • Complete Collective :

      I’m also very interested in this. With a site like mine, it would look far better if I included the g+ site page as opposed to my own personal g+ page.

    • Hey mate,

      That’s what I am going to test out now. I’ll let you know how it goes.


      • Jennifer Wilson :

        Hey guys, You can use the rel=”publisher” tag to link to your Company Page, so basically replace author with publisher and google will show your company page logo instead of profile+ page and thumbnail.

        I have added both for a site and it appears when rel publisher and author are both published, google prefers to display rel publisher in search results.

        @Neil: Thanks so much for the wonderful post, followed through every bit of instruction and it was a breeze!! However, strangely enough after I entered the author information in the WP User “Bio Info” it appears WP displayed the author box automatically. The reason I noticed this was because I had installed Author box reloaded alongwith WP framework and the Author Bio appeared twice in my posts. So I deactivated the plugin and it still kept appearing without any issues. So looks like WP is displaying author info so long as you have filled up Bio Info.. I’ve added both rel author & publisher links in the bio though.

        Will be good to know if this works for everyone by default in WP or if this has worked for me due to the theme I had on.

      • Awesome, thanks Pete.

    • I have never tried it before, but it sounds like it is possible.

  16. Neil – terrific post, thank you….wish I had a better way to thank you for the the helpful information you provide.. I have a question: my Google account’s “primary” email is my gmail account. I have two blogs that I am working on, and email addresses from each of the domains are listed as “alternate email addresses” on my google account. All emails are verified. Will having the emails from my blog as “alternate emails” be enough to link content from each domain to my Google+ profile? Or must it link to the primary email on my Google account?

  17. Mike Zipursky :

    Great tips as usual Neil. Hope I didn’t miss this…but is there a way to claim content (an article) you wrote that is published on another person’s blog? When my article appears on the WSJ website, can I somehow ‘claim’ that to have this technique activate?

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    I just want to make sure I can code the author byline my myself and it’ll still work.

  23. Your steps are to hard. I made an article how to do it alot easier. and you need to mess with the Xml tab files.

    I could do it for you for 40 bucks for those who dont know how to mess with it.

    and trust me having a picture next to your listing stands out from the rest and it dose increase your traffic.

  24. David @ Juicebox Creative :

    Most don’t realize they can verify authorship over their work through Google Plus. I’ve followed the steps provided by G awhile ago, but have yet to see authorship over my work so I have not touch on this subject myself. SO no, no tips beyond what you have already stated. Sorry!

  25. Hrishikesh Kumar :

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    I had previously done the process of authorship other than this.
    Hope now search results show me as the author.

  26. Shamelle@BetterBloggingWays :

    Very interesting feature, Neil and one that I did not understand very well.
    After reading your post (and re-reading it again!), I am ready to implement it.
    Marketing is so often about the little things that give one an edge and a boost to credibility. This will certainly help. Thanks again for your great work!

    • I agree, it is about the small things. You often have to do many little things in order to get bigger results.

  27. Francois @ Travail a Domicile :

    The authorship of your online content is becoming increasingly important, I must implement it now! Thanks Neil

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    this idea really does sound amazing and i gave it a try… stuggling for 2 days now trying to make it work, followed your instructions but still get (We could not find a link from the Other profiles or Contributor to section of your Google Profile to verify this page) message.

    please help


    • Anastasia, it will take some time. Keep at it, and I am sure the strategy will work. You have to test a number of options.

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    • I am glad to hear you found this guide easy to understand. Hopefully when you decide to implement, this guide will help in the process.

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  38. Jordan Godbey :

    Hi Neil, great explanation.

    Could you talk a little bit about what you mean here?

    “Neil Patel” is linked to my About page at QuickSprout. So is the link “QuickSprout.”

    *Never link back to your site using your home page, otherwise you are missing out on link opportunities.*



  39. Hey Niel. Thank you for such an awesome post. Could you please help me out? Will the rich snippet work and show on the search results if you use the company’s logo instead of a face portrait?

  40. Thanks Niel. Took about 10min to setup (Already using Google+) with the steps in your article. Thanks for sharing.

    Oh! Ensure you use this component in the link pointing to your + profile. “?rel=author” Took a couple validation tries as I forgot this.

  41. Aliosha Kasin :

    So If I have a theme enabled authors box, do I still need to download and install the Authors Box Reloaded Plugin?

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    For a new company WP blog that will have at least two bloggers, and possibly more. Do you recommend the commented suggestion to use rel=”publisher” tag to link to your Company Page, so basically replace author with publisher and google will show your company page logo instead of profile+ page and thumbnail. OR, a work around to give author credit to each blogger and for the company site to benefit equally as well?

    • I would say give the author credit, it creates good will and they will definitely link back to you.

  44. luiz carlos conte :

    Hi Neil
    I just do the tips but my photo did appear in my box. Only a mystery man. The others things work perfectly. I create a profile and Gravatar.com and so on, but the box appears with no photo.
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    • I wish I could help, but I am just not that technical. I would post a job on elance to see if you can get someone to help fix it for you. Sorry about that, I wish I could be of better assistance.

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    • No problem, hopefully this post made things a bit more clear. Thanks for the suggestion, I will consider it for a future post.

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    • That is odd, you make want to contact a developer and see if they can help you figure out what is going on.

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  67. Mark@ Make Them Click :


    does it have to be your author profile or can it be your company publisher profile?

    At present I have mine set up as publisher and it tests ok via the snippet test tool, ie theinfo and pic are there.

    However no author info shows up when I do an actual search.

    I read from Google that it’s ok to have both I’m beginning to wonder if author is better.

    • It should be your author name… not your company name. If you use your company name, I think it will be harder to get it approved.

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    I appreciate your guidance. But I’m somewhat skeptical about investing in a strategy along a narrow-channel Internet product.

    I’ve seen too many strategies crash and burn because the sponsor decides to tweak it, sell it or pull the plug.

    If you have done all your SEO groundwork, and have time to invest on incremental improvements, then at least you have a fall-back position if your incremental work becomes a dead end.

    • Try it out. You may not get a 150% increase but authorship can’t hurt. I think that is something we can all agree upon.

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  74. I remember that back last year I had my image appearing alongside my search results. Unfortunately I cannot remember how I achieved this and to my dismay it disappeared after about 3 months.

    I’ll give option 2 a try


  75. In fact I ran with option 1 but had limited success, it has taken such a long time (Non Techie) I will return to it later.

    One question though, I followed your lonk and created my Gravitar but how do I load it to my WP site.



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  78. How do i know this is working? I did all as said, and in snippets it says verified all seams fine but when i search Google i don’t see my profile connected to my search results and also there is no any kind of boost.


    • It takes a few weeks. If you don’t see it in a few weeks, then something was done wrong. :/

      • Anyway, I decided not to be Google’s sheep and do everything as they want and destroying my page just to get a few new visitors.
        If they had at least one reply to a message or offered the possibility of contact after all these years. Or at least that my manner to one of the “reconsideration requests” is not always an automated message I might think once more but at the end this for me is just another screw-up!
        I spent more time working for Google things than for my project.

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    Thanks for the tip Neil. Does this only work if you have a big network on Google+, or does it help make you relevant regardless of whether you are connected to the person searching?

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    What is your opinion about author picture versus publisher logo for Google Authorship markup on a website about pets?

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    This is an awesome plugin and it handles Google authorship!

  84. sorry, where do you add the profile code???????

    you wrote:
    And by the way, I would take it a step further and in this byline add a link to your Google+ account using this code:

  85. Matt Naughton :

    Hi Neil,
    Is there anything to show why Google would decide to drop the rich snippet – i.e my profile picture from their search results. I had it all working great, and now it’s not appearing at all. done all the tests and it’s technically working, Google is just choosing to ignore.

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  89. I wish making this work only took 5 to 10 minutes. I have been trying to get it working… error free for hours. No matter what I do, when I run the Verify Authorship test, I get ‘Automatically detected author name on webpage: Not Found.’. I cannot find anyone, anywhere that can explain why Google will not automatically detect the author.

    Frustrating beyond belief.

  90. Neil,

    I am a Webmaster and I am mostly doing WordPress Websites for Businesses.

    I don’t have that much content text on those Websites and I don’t do any posting.

    Will the Google Authorship Markup help me in those Websites CRT.

    Thanks for your time,


    • Jacques, I definitely think anytime you initiate a new marketing initiative it will definitely improve your bottom line. Authorship will allow your articles to be viewed from a different perspective. Also, authorship will help your rankings.

  91. Thanks Neil,

    I have tried to get this work before but failed miserably. I used your way and even though it did take me about 2 hours to figure some stuff out, I finally got it working perfectly! Hopefully it will help my latest pillar article to rank better (I used your advanced guide to linkbuilding to construct 🙂 )

    • John, glad it worked out. I think once you get the process down you will start seeing continuous-great results. Please let me know if you need any help along the way 🙂

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    – Patrick with Whiteboard Creations

    • Patrick, glad you found the guide helpful. I like to lay everything out step by step as it helps people implement everything in a systematic way. Thanks for your feedback 🙂

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    • Bhavuk, it really is an important factor that many people overlook. It’s more important than ever to utilize authorship.

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    • That’s fine. Just use a gmail email. I did that for quicksprout as I don’t have an email under quicksprout.com.

  103. I used Yoast SEO plugin to set this up. Just add a contributor link then add Google+ to your WordPress user profile. If it’s a single author blog, it should work first time!

  104. Hi Neil,

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    Great article, except for Google Authorship which doesn’t exist any more, so why is it still being promoted in May 2015?

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    • I’m glad it was useful for you Mudasir! If there’s anything specific I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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