The Secret to Getting Highly Targeted Traffic from StumbleUpon

Since late 2010, StumbleUpon has been one of the top sources of social media traffic in the US, even surpassing Faceboook as a referrer.

In fact, using StumbleUpon to drive traffic to your site can produce some amazing results. According to Shell Harris, StumbleUpon basically built her website TopTenz. Here are some of her stumble numbers that she shared:


That’s huge traffic, and it can create some pretty lucrative income stream. The only problem is that traffic isn’t very targeted, and your conversion rates may suck.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have a modest stream of traffic but high conversion rates rather than high traffic stream and low conversion rates.

Let’s look at how you can get a high-quality traffic stream from StumbleUpon.

Step #1: Become a stumbler

You won’t be able to use StumbleUpon correctly unless you become a stumbler. If this is new to you, to “stumble” simply means to discover web pages by clicking the StumbleUpon button on your browser bar.

This is what it looks like on Chrome:

stumbleupon button

StumbleUpon will deliver articles, images, videos and much more based upon your profile and interests. You’ll then get to vote on whether you like those suggestions or not. The more you stumble, share and vote, the better the algo gets at predicting what you like.

Now, since you’ll be using StumbleUpon to promote your own blog in hopes of getting targeted traffic, you need to stumble and vote on pages that are similar to your content.

What this does is it identifies other stumblers who have similar to yours ratings and usage patterns. This will get content you stumble, eventually including your own, in front of these users as they stumble. If one of these users sees your content and likes it, that person submits it for others to see. That gives your content a chance to become part of a chain reaction, where high-quality stumblers share it with other high-quality stumblers.

Step #2: Follow like-minded stumblers

StumbleUpon is unique in that users are clustered into very specific categories depending upon your stumbles, preferences and even connections.

stumbleupon follow

For example, you may be an entrepreneur and not have that much in common with everyone who is in that category.

But after dozens of very specific stumbles and votes, you’ll eventually be getting stumbles based on a very narrow brand of entrepreneurship that interests you.

In other words, you’ll start to get matched with highly targeted stumblers who think like you and who will probably even be interested in engaging with you and your content.

If you and other users start to thumb up similar content, then StumbleUpon may eventually show your content to those users.

Step #3: Submit interesting web pages – and not just yours.

You can certainly promote your own content on StumbleUpon, but if that is all you do, then it’s not likely that you will create a strong following since, like all social platforms, StumbleUpon works well when you are social. That means that you contribute other people’s valuable content to the discussion.

Besides, StumbleUpon does monitor user activity and may prohibit activity if all you do is promote your own stuff.

The point of StumbleUpon is to build up content in its collection that adds value to the community. This will keep you in good standing according to their Terms of Service and add credibility to your name in the community.

Keep in mind that you can view which of your discoveries have been viewed the most. It will give you an indication of what people like and don’t like to see.

This will be helpful when it comes to sharing your own content…you want to be able to submit content that will resonate with the audience.

Step #4: Create clear web pages

When it comes to optimizing your site for the StumbleUpon community, there is one really important rule you must remember: the content on your page must be crystal clear to anyone who sees your page.

Stumblers like to explore pages that are designed to make sense and appear to reward exploration. Give the Stumbler visuals and good writing, along with links to other content on your site to encourage deeper exploring.

TED is a good example of this.


When you land on one of its pages, it’s clear from the start what the user must do.

That includes additional options that the Stumbler can explore like a bio to read or other videos to watch.

This is why you never want to submit a Home or About page. You want to submit something specific like The Real Secret to 1,000 Subscribers in 60 Days or Less and 6 Branding Approaches They Forgot to Teach You in Business School. Specific articles are more likely to be shared, discussed or saved by fellow stumblers.

Step #5: Try StumbleUpon Paid Discovery

Sometimes you may not get the traction you would like from your organic efforts on StumbleUpon. Or maybe you simply don’t have the time to wait for natural discovery.

You can speed up the process with Paid Discovery.

The nice thing about Paid Discovery is that it sends traffic directly to your site, whereas with Facebook ads, for instance, you buy a small ad and hope that people will see it.

If your site doesn’t violate any of the content rules of StumbleUpon, then you have three plans to choose from.

The cost is based upon how much you want to spend per visitor.

A campaign is broken down into 6 steps:

  1. Enter the URL – This is going to be the page that you want stumblers to visit. To track this via Google Analytics, you can enter a utm_parameter by adding this to the end of the URL
  2. Choose topics – StumbleUpon gives you the option to choose up to 10 topics, or you can let it guess the topics based upon the content. You also have the option to split campaigns into topics if you want.
  3. Choose your audience – Set the demographics you want this content to get in front of based upon age, gender, location or device. Alternatively, let StumbleUpon optimize this for you.
  4. Set your budget – A priority placement will bump you to the front of the que. Or you can upgrade and set your highest daily spend, which will calculate how many visitors it will send to your site based upon your plan and budget. A budget of $30 a day will send you 300 visitors a day.
  5. Schedule – Finally, if you set the campaign to start immediately once the ad is approved, then it will run until you run out of money. Or you can set campaign dates so that the submitted page shows up over a period of time.
  6. Add funds – From your dashboard, go to the Account area and add funds from your PayPal account or credit card.

Finally, here are some tips to help you optimize your Paid Discovery campaigns:

  • Try your content in multiple categories to test what works best. StumbleUpon’s new metric score is a great way to see which categories drive the most stumbles.
  • To find out which categories are the most popular, you can select “manual targeting” before you submit your content to Paid Discovery.

Step #6: Use StumbleUpon Badges

Another way to get targeted traffic is to have your visitors submit your page, vote or share your content via the StumbleUpon badge.

stumbleupon badge

Putting this badge on your site is easy since it requires no coding…just simple cut and paste.

Of course, if you prefer to customize it, you can use StumbleUpon’s badge API. You’ll get all the information you need to build a badge perfectly suited to your site.

This customization will also help you offer information on the badge like if that page has already been submitted, how many stumbles it’s gotten and the pages thumbnail and meta data on StumbleUpon.


While StumbleUpon is not often in the spotlight like other social platforms, e.g., Pinterest, Instagram or Tumblr, it’s still a great workhorse for delivering high-quality traffic…if you do it right.

And, if you spend a lot of time online like I do, stumbling stuff all day won’t take extra hours out of your day…it will become part of your routine.

Do you know of any other ways to drive high-quality traffic from StumbleUpon?

P.S. If you want help getting more traffic to your site click here.


  1. David Mitchell :

    Hi Neil,

    I have seen some great results from stumbleupon but like you mentioned its not targeted so i have tended not to focus on this, having said that I still use it, low conversions but a conversion is a conversion and is better than none lol.


    • Gregory Ciotti :

      David, I will say one thing, StumbleUpon paid discovery often has a pretty good stick rate if you’re in the right industry.

      Stumblers aren’t too big of fans of marketing sites, same with Reddit and the like, but humor/taboo content is up their alley, along with informative content, especially “lifehacks” and psychology related stuff (or maybe that’s just from my experiments.

      • Melanie Thomassian :

        That’s a good tip, Gregory.

        I’m not so sure how easy it would be to convert the traffic into genuine leads and sales. In the past, the typical bounce rate of SU has been high. But, maybe certain content can help Stumblers stick around?

        Good post, Neil.

      • Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter Gregory. I appreciate your added input.

    • Yep, something is better than nothing!

    • Google Adwords is a Bad Idea - Industries Upsets :

      Thanks for this Neil.

      I have used SU before but never did took it seriously. If I did now I would definitely be striving for high numbers in my Stumbles. Once this is done, then I can concentrate on building a following only withing my industry such as IT or SEO, as you pointed Neil.

      This traffic can be funnelled to a landing page. Oh a form woudl help.

      What do you think Neil? Would this work?


  2. :

    Good food for thought here Neil. Stumbleupon does seem pretty attractive and like it would be a good way of creating high traffic. The problem, however, is that most stumblers are passive and are there to browse, not actually take action and go deep into anything…which makes it tough to get conversions.

    I have no doubt that there are success stories though, and for the right site it could be a very valuable source of traffic.

    • I agree, there are people who don’t make the effort to take action. You just have to keep at it and make sure you are taking action. Eventually you will find others who do the same.

  3. Kimon Skarlatos :

    I have been using Paid Stumble for a while and notice great traffic but not great conversions. Analyzing the time-spent on-site and they pages Stumblers visited revealed a 2 very different types of Stumblers.

    There were the Stumble-scan-Stumble people that spent smallest amount of time on-site, and then there were the Stumblers that explored the site (at least 3 pages), these were about 10% of the overall numbers of Stumbles and these are the people that I wanted to engage with.

    The problem though was that I couldn’t discern how to get the ‘good’ stumblers. Reading through your post, I think I just figured it out. Using these tips AND the Paid Stumble I will get much better results.


    • Thanks for sharing your experience with StumbleUpon. I hope these tips will help. Let me know if you have any questions as you go.

  4. I’ve been using Stumbleupon and it tops the referral traffic. I’m gonna try paid discovery. Nice writeup Neil. Did you notice the type “Stumber”?

  5. I’ve tried the StumbleUpon strategy and it brought great traffic but no conversions as stated above. I think that using your techniques+paid discovery+ retargeter is a winning combo; however, you truly need to make yourself standout with good branding and even better content.

    • I agree, that sounds like a great combo. As well, content is always the most important thing, without it all efforts to increase traffic are futile.

  6. David | Frontier Opportunities :

    Hi Neil,

    Its weird that I was checking out Stumbleupon this morning and was wondering how to get the right kind of traffic. I was also wondering about using paid discovery and you have outline it.

    This is really cool. Thanks

  7. Stumblers always stumble through our blogs, I guess. Stumblers like me always scan pages and stop by a beautiful pic never caring for the write-ups.

  8. Richard Fernz :

    Hi Neil,

    I have only used digg so far in 3 months …but hardly works to get some decent traffic/votes on digg….now after reading your post i will definitely try to see if Stumbleupon works for me….

    Thanks for Sharing:)

    • Definitely give it a try and let me now how it works out for you. Most of the time you just have to give these sites time to see results.

  9. Hi Neil,
    You write ” To track this via Google Analytics…”, why if your KISSMetrics is GA’s competitor?
    I understand that everybody uses GA, but why would you mention them and not your own product?
    PS I’m new to your blog and I’m sincerely curious

    • I suggest Google Analytics because it is a free service, where mine is not. My readers tend to be beginners or still building. So I like to suggest tips or tools that are either free or at very little cost.

  10. Thanks Neil
    I am a beginner and have been focused on getting established on FB & TW. This post being your endorsement of SU means I will have to make my blog a part of that community.
    The direction given by this post will be of help getting me noticed there soonest.

    Thanks Neil

  11. Get good grades :

    That’s a surprise that some people say forget about StumbleUpon, I agree with you that it could still be good. Nice explanation there as to why stumbling an inner content page instead of the home page could result in more people seeing and sharing it.

  12. I have had a couple of posts go viral though stumble upon recently attracting upto 500 hits a day.

    In my experience the key is to create interesting content for the broader audience in you niche as very specific posts tend to attract less attention. For eg my blog is about niche marketing but I wrote a post about 10 things that make online marketers less productive which went on a mini viral frenzy on stumble upon.

    Thanks Neil.

  13. This article is the nutz…

    Wicked stuff. It’s only recently I started to ‘appreciate’ Stumbleupon and how it’s such a good source of traffic if you got something interesting to share.

    In fact it might not even be a bad question to ask before hitting the ‘submit’ button on your blog… is it Stumbleworthy?!

    Thanks for the tutorial.

    • That is a great thought. It is smart to think before you post, is this something you would benefit/enjoy reading?

  14. Aliosha Kasin :

    Yes the biggest problem with stumble upon is that the trafic is usually not targeted. Last week I got 7,000 views within first five hours of submitting a post about creative business card designs. But I got no real long term value from those visits as my bounce rate was over 80%.

  15. David Kraljic :

    Paid discovery worked really well for us. But here is a little secret. Add something to your site that encourages stumble visitors to thumb you up. You’ll get a bunch of extra traffic as you work your way higher into the rankings.

  16. Navin Kunwar :

    I stumble every day but im not getting decent traffic yet. i will try out these recommendation. thanks

  17. Nick J. West :

    Great points Neil. Mind if I please share some of my own from this post about Stumble Upon?

  18. Alexander Collins :

    Hello Neil, link with anchor “use StumbleUpon’s badge API” isn’t working properly.
    In any case, thanks for great piece of advice.

  19. Mihai@Wallpapersfame :

    Great tips Neil, thanks! I use StumbleUpon and often I received good traffic, but unfortunately they spend only few seconds on the site. I think over 90% spend less than 5 seconds. I didn’t tried yet the paid advertising, but to be honest I’d be somewhat afraid from the some reason ( if visitors stay on site only few seconds?)
    Does someone tried the paid advertising? Thanks!

  20. When I sign up in Stumble, should I use my personal email or email Should my username have any form of the name of my blog (for example, “MyBlog” or “”) in it or should it be neutral?

  21. Craig @ :

    Thanks for the informative post. I did try the stumbleupon paid discovery but to be honest it was not for me as I found that although I got a lot more visits the bouce rate was still high and time spent on the site was not great. I think it is just not targettted enough.

    I do agree with also stumbling as when I started I just promoted my own sites it was not until I stumbled and liekd sites my self that I noticed a difference

    • It isn’t for everyone, but is always worth giving a try.

      Yep, you have to participate in order to get others to come to you.

  22. I never really understood the whole StumbleUpon craze. Sure you can get lots of one-time visitors, but they aren’t really the visitors you are after…unless you are just hoping for some ad clicks.

    • Gregory Ciotti :

      True, but with certain niches, the conversion rates are a bit higher (they still suck, but when you’re getting a ton of traffic, it’s still a worthwhile amount).

      Generally although, I agree, SU can be a waste of time for many topics.

    • It is certainly not for everyone, but can be very useful to the few sites that know how to use it and can benefit from it.

  23. Ryan Burnsworth | :

    Great post Neil.
    I agree. StumbleUpon is a great way to provide high traffic to a website is done correctly as you stepped through, and again isn’t quite a great conversion medium.

    We actually get quite a bit of referrals from SU, but never a conversion. Just onlookers learning about SEO

  24. Ashok Sharma :

    Nice writeup Neil.. Thanks for sharing these tips for gaining the traffic. Iam using Stumbleupon since from 3-4 years and it brought me lesser traffic as compare to facebook and twitter. I will definitly use the paid one …

  25. Grady Pruitt :

    I’ve been slowly ramping my online efforts back up over the last few weeks after taking some time off. One thing I’ve wondered was how to best use StumbleUpon because I always saw it as something that was a bit “untargeted”. Thanks for showing me how to better target Stumbles to my content!

  26. Sudheesh K Bhaskaran :

    Hi Neil,
    I have tried Stumble upon earlier and felt it as little confusing and difficult.
    Your post was really an eye opener for me about capabilities of this site in improving traffic.


  27. Thanks for the direction, I’m new to StumbleUpon so the content should be helpful in my endeavors.


  28. Tech Support Forum :

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  29. Trung Nguyen :

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  30. Hi Neil,

    This article was amazing. I’ve never used SU before and I tried it and now I was getting more traffic from SU than from searches.
    However, could you explain why the traffic dies down after a few days? For example, I submit a new page and I’ll get about 200 stumbles for about 2 days. Then, after that, nobody is stumbling onto my site all of a sudden. I can’t get around to why this happens. I wish the traffic was more consistent or long term.

    Thank you a bunch.

  31. Craig @ :

    I seem to get a lot of traffic from stumbleupon. Some days its as high as 600 visits. Its driving me nuts because the bouce rate is so high as the visitors are not targeted

  32. Hey Neil
    I love this post, It jst gave me deeper insights on how to use stumbleupon
    Thanks and Im grateful

  33. Hi,

    do you think that the traffic we are getting from stumbleupon is relevant??

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  36. Hi Neil,
    Wonderful post. I have a question: I run a blog/podcast where I compose and play a new piece of pianomusic everyday and I have been trying all sorts of ways to get more trafficamong which SU. It has been growing but because my main focus lies on the music instead of words I find it difficult to get targeted traffic. Not only that, but most of the traffic I get listens through iTunes and never even gets to see the actual website. Do you have any tips on how to find more traffic and how to monetize a free three minute podcast without having to place ads in the podcast itself?

  37. hey Neil,

    before this post I have no idea about stumbleupon, after reading i have created profle integrated stumbleupon on my website and there is great improve in the traffic of the website.

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  45. Online Mastering :

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  49. Paul the WOW Guy :

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  54. Neil,

    Not sure if you will be able to answer this question since it has been a while this article has been posted. We recently started using Stumble Upon paid version. The bounce rate is huge around 80%. Is it normal? Any thoughts on bringing it down?
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    awesome article. thank you for sharing this secret in this post. if one will use SU in the right way, he can get lots of traffic from it.



  57. Android Devices :

    Previously I submitted several posts to SU but got only a little traffic. Now I am learning about how to get targeted traffic from stumbleupon. this post helped me a lot in that process.

  58. Android Devices :

    Previously I submitted several posts tostumbleupon but got only a little traffic. Now I am learning about how to get targeted traffic from stumbleupon. this post helped me a lot in that process.

  59. Wow! This is some incredible information. I share alot of these same strategies with my clients to help them achieve a page 1 rank as well. Thanks for the great content!

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    Would you also recommend paid discovery for smaller businesses and freelancers?


    Paul 🙂

  62. Neil,

    Regarding selecting a Stumble Upon user name…

    Do you recommend creating a random user name or using the “exact” domain name of your website?


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    • Jitendra, I think you should also focus on getting links and posts on Reddit and other blog aggregation sites. Let me know if you need any help 🙂

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    • Siraj, it isn’t always the best source to generate traffic, however, if you get it right it can give you tremendous results!

  77. To say frankly, After using stumbleupon for a few weeks, I came with empty hands. I think we must has a powerful strategy and consistency. Isn’t it my dear friends at quicksprout. Siraj, it isn’t always the best source to generate traffic, however, if you get it right it can give you tremendous results!

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  98. Caroline Middlebrook :

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    Great Article once again. I still using stumble upon to improvise my conversion rate. Well, right now you have given such information that i was hardly knowing about it. It will surely going to help me to improvise my conversion rate .

    Thank You

  108. Thanks alot dear Friend to share very rich and informative post about how to get huge traffic from great social site StumbleUpon.

  109. Thanks for sharing this article, I found it informative and some of the points you discuss here are quite interesting. I’ll make sure to take into account that part when you say that social networks are more useful when you socialize with others. It sounds obvious at first, but when you’re managing a website and focusing on dozens of different things, it’s easy to ignore that part.

    • Eric, glad you found it helpful. Engagement and interaction is vital if you really want to improve your performance on social.

      Thanks for sharing!

  110. I just signed up for the paid discovery and started a campaign. It seems you can get views for as little as 10 cents per view of your website. Not too bad.

  111. There are some awesome tips in this article StumbleUpon gives you

  112. Hi Patel,

    Really informative article to build social connections in StumbleUpon. The viral traffic from the StumbleUpon is having high bounce rate and really it doesn’t help in any conversion yet verily boost the site traffic. Is there any way to reduce the bounce rate from StumbleUpon?
    Let me hold your principles and work for that.
    Thank You!

    • Praveen, even though the bounce rate is high with stumble traffic, you’ll notice a lot of new backlinks. In order to get them to stick, I would suggest creating a lead magnet that would capture a % of the people you visit.

  113. charles hurst :

    Thanks for the blog info Neil. Question though–I posted just one of my blog articles and now suddenly I am getting hits on wordpress hourly—it seems very random and sites that are taboo to youtube with no real reason why they would be hitting my blog. Any reason why as I highly doubt this is a person looking at my blog



  114. Monica Matthews, :

    Very helpful, thank you! I’ve been Stumbling for awhile now but am just getting serious about it. I’m strongly considering using Paid Discovery. Great info!

    • You should give it a try with a test budget to see what kind of results you can produce. Not everything works, but if you can get it right, it’s a great source for traffic.

  115. Hi Neil,

    I’ve not had luck with SU till now. Also, I learn that it’s not at all useful to share only your content. It’s more like a give and take kind of business. You give them great content, they give you highly qualified traffic. I hope it will work for me in the time to come!

    Akshay Chugh

    • The more engaged you are with stumble upon, the more likely you’ll experience high qualified traffic from them. Let me know what happens and if there’s anything specific I can help you with.

  116. Thanks for sharing: as a new ‘stumbler’ getting to know how stumble upon has been a pretty confusing experience. Your article has cleared up a lot about how it works!

    • Awesome! I think the confusing experience is why it hasn’t kept growing as fast it use to, but it’s still an exceptional source for quality traffic.

  117. Ricky McDone :

    Thanks for really informative post…

    I have confusion with StumbleUpon traffic. Actually I am getting good no of traffic from Stumble but 90% traffic is going bounce back. So, can you guide me why its happening.

    • It depends on the quality of your content. Your industry in weight loss is especially challenging, so you need really high quality posts to keep users there.

  118. Hello Neil, what are your thoughts on this at the moment?

  119. thanks for sharing bro, it’s really helpful

    • You’re welcome Ayan! Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with.

      • Yes, actually it will really helpful if you could kindly visit my site and give some tips on how to increase my ranking, earning, etc , i am kind of stuck now and my ranking isn’t improving from the last few weeks…

        • How are you promoting your content?

          • through social media sites like fb, google+, linkedin, stumbleupon, etc

            • Is that on your own pages? If so, what are you doing to grow those pages?

              Are you reaching out to bloggers? If so how often and what kind of results have you been getting?

              • yes , those are my own pages, i try to update those posts regularly and promote them using social media sites. And as far as reaching out to bloggers is concerned, i have joined couple of sites like blogmint,indiblogger,blogada, but as far as results are concerned well it’s not that great

                • Ok, well I would give that a bit more attention and continuously optimize your outreach approach. That’s a lot of the hard work that results in long terms success.

  120. Hei, did you try stumbleupon paid service? How did it work for you ?

  121. Debkanya Dhar :

    Hey Neil.
    Can you please tell me how to find out list of relevant stumblers or boards for my service? How can i measure their performance?

  122. Himadri Saha :

    I personally get a lot of traffic from StumbleUpon. After publishing my post, I share the link in StumbleUpon and I also stumble a lot of pages. As a result, people also visit my pages and I get traffic. Did not try the paid service from StumbleUpon but it seems the service is costly. Thanks for the nice share Neil.

    • It has pros and cons, but when you learn how to play the game, you’ll drastically increase your chances at making it a hit

  123. This is an old post but still great for me.
    I am a new commer with Stumble Upon.
    Your post really help me, Neil
    Thank so much !

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  125. IPL Live Update :

    Hi Neil

    Your article is good but can u share any secret trick
    How to get more traffic through stumble..

  126. Hi Neil

    I have a profile in SU but till date unable to use it properly. Every day I published my blog post only from my site to SU and get only 1 or 2 like. Thanks, Neil. Now I am going to follow your tips for my own site.

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