The Real Secret to 1,000 Blog Subscribers in 60 Days or Less

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Back in the day, when blogging was the only game in town, you could rely on a handful of faithful readers to help spread the word about your blog. Over time, you would slowly accumulate a following and eventually reach the status of a popular blogger. Sadly, that model would never work today.

There are just way too many people with blogs.

The new model flips the old model on its head…you now have to go straight to the celebrity bloggers, get their attention and then have them endorse you.

Look at Arianna Huffington. She didn’t start out at the bottom and claw her way to the top like Dooce did. She was a multi-millionaire, who was married to a senator.

She had serious connections…and she leveraged those connections.

You might not be a multi-millionaire married to a senator, but you can still cultivate connections with powerful people and get yourself 1,000 new subscribers in less than 60 days.

Download this cheat sheet to get to know about the real secret to 1,000 blog subscribers in 60 days or less.

Let me show you how!

You have to attract endorsed traffic

While it’s great to look to social media sites like Reddit, StumbleUpon or Digg to send you a ton of traffic, you’ll notice something about this traffic when you look at your analytics.

You’ll notice that although the traffic from these sites will tend to be high…your bounce rates will also be high.

And when it comes to page views and time on-site, they will be low.

In other words, this isn’t very qualified traffic. To get a serious bump of qualified traffic, you have to get endorsed traffic.

What do I mean by that? Endorsed traffic is one of these three things:

  • A-list bloggers linking to your site from their blogs.
  • A-list social media players sharing your content on the social web.
  • You posting content on A-list players’ blogs.

Although all three points listed above will create scenarios in which somebody with a lot of credibility and authority will give you props, it’s that last one I really want to focus on in this post. It’s because it will deliver huge chunks of targeted traffic to your site with the right strategy.

How to get the attention of an A-list blogger

Popular bloggers are very busy people…creating content, collaborating on a joint project with another blogger or speaking…but one thing that they are never too busy to do is read comments.

They might not answer every single one, but they will read a lot of them. Can you guess what they are looking for? They are looking for thoughtful and deep comments that make it clear you get what they are writing about.

If you can write several paragraphs that teach the blogger and his readers something new, then you can steal the show. If you’re really good, you can get the A-list blogger to ask himself, “Now, why didn’t I think about that?”

One practice I like to teach people is to use their URLs in their names when they leave comments. For example, I would type “Neil Patel”

So, what do you put in the box that asks for your URL? Never put your home page URL. Instead, link to an internal page on your site that is relevant to the conversation. That way, you improve the user experience when users click through to your site.

How to email an A-list blogger about guest posting

No matter how many stellar comments you leave on a blog, you will probably never get a personal invitation to write for that blogger. You’ll probably get a lot of encouraging replies, but not a personal email.

So, what do you do? Now that you have the blogger’s attention through your comments, you email her. What you write needs to be simple and clear:

Dear A-list blogger,

Thank you very much for the high-quality content that you publish every day. It’s really been a benefit to my life and my blog.

I was wondering if you would be okay if I wrote a guest post for you. In the last six months, I’ve written for X, Y and Z blogs.

Here’s a link to my blog.


Your name

This email gets a few things done.

First, it thanks her upfront for what she does. It validates her hard work on her blog. Even though that’s a simple statement…trust me, it means a lot to these bloggers. They wouldn’t be blogging for the public if they didn’t want that kind of recognition.

So, give it to them.

Second, you make your request clear. You don’t go into the seven points why she should let you write for them. You get to the point right away.

Third, you provide proof that you have the chops to get the job done by mentioning other blogs you’ve written for. Now, if this is your very first guest blogging pitch, then you’ll have to rely on your own blog.

Fourth, you end the email quickly.

If the blogger comes back and says no (don’t worry, I’ve been rejected plenty of times), then cross this blogger off your list and move on.

If she says yes, then you’ve succeeded!

Of course, you can email the blogger for reasons other than asking to guest-post. One time I emailed a very popular blogger to ask why it seemed like his Twitter numbers dropped drastically. He emailed back to explain, and we had a short exchange before I casually brought up the topic of writing a guest post for him. Another time, during an email exchange, a blogger clicked on the link to my blog in my email signature and invited me to write.

How to write a guest post for an A-list blogger

Once you get the chance to write a post for an A-list blogger, you have to make sure you write the best post you’ve ever written. This is your chance to shine in front of 50,000 or more people…and I want to show you how to make the most of it.

Here’s what you need to think about:

  • Killer headlines: Spend an enormous amount of time trying to create a killer headline. Look at hundreds of examples to see what is popular and use the “4 U”s formula of headlines: Unique, Urgent, Ultra-Specific and Useful. Show the blogger that you really care about attracting a lot of attention to his blog.
  • Advanced blog posts: Don’t go light on your guest post…back it up with some really solid research and details. Make sure you write an article that makes people want to bookmark it because it is so full of good information. Think of some of Dan Zerralla’s Social Science posts or those over at KISSmetrics.
  • Conversation: Write in a style that is friendly and engaging, but also write in a style that will resonate with the blogger’s audience.
  • Authority: Prove that you know what you are talking about and why your readers should listen to you. Have you led a huge company? Have you been behind some brilliant scientific research? Have you experienced something mind blowing? Tell them!
  • Links: Do your homework on the A-list blogger’s site and find a bunch of pages you can link to in your article. This will show him that you’ve done a thorough job of trying to create the best content. And don’t forget to link out to other bloggers in your guest post. They will appreciate you trying to build credibility and connections.

Also, create a byline that will drive traffic to the right page. Stanford Smith from Pushing Social has a great 3-sentence-long formula that answers these three questions:

  • Who are you?
  • What do you do and for whom?
  • What’s the call to action?

Here’s what mine could look like:

I’m Neil Patel, co-founder of KISSmetrics and blogger at QuickSprout. I teach business owners the secrets Big Brands use to generate online traffic, leads and profits. Pick up my free course “Double Your Traffic in 30-Days” today, and I’ll give you a free bonus worth $300.

Create a personalized landing page

This is absolutely crucial for your success. When you create your byline for that guest post…never send your readers to your home page.

Instead, send them to a landing page you created just for them. For example, if you write an article for Open Forum, create a landing page giving away your free resource. The headline should read something like “Thank You, Open Forum Readers!” If you write one for Mashable, write a headline that says “Welcome, Mashable Readers!”

I’ve seen registrations jump over 10% with personalized landing pages like that.

Put this strategy into overdrive

Now, as you probably realize, you’re not going to get 1,000 subscribers from one guest post. My guess is you’ll have to publish anywhere from five to ten posts to get that result.

That’s the real secret to making this guest-posting strategy work.

I explained this fast and furious guest-posting strategy in a Problogger piece I wrote a number of months ago. In short, it’s this: settle down, get as many guest post commitments as you can and then write like crazy!

The World’s Strongest Librarian used this approach when he wrote 42 blog posts in a seven-week period. It is a lot of work, but you’ll get great results from it.

On the other hand, you can also get one commitment from an A-list blogger, send him an article and then follow up immediately a few days later with another article…and then another one…and so on.

Or you could try to get a job with that A-list blogger as a regular contributor or even associate editor. That way you’ll get a lot more exposure and great constructive feedback from that blogger as you give her more and more content.


The secret formula to getting 1,000 subscribers in 60 days or less is to put the guest-posting strategy into overdrive and publish several articles on A-list blogs…and to send that endorsed traffic to a personalized landing page.

That personalized landing page is a critical piece…so, don’t skip it. It’s truly the best way to maximize all of your hard work!

What other tips can you share to help new bloggers get 1,000 subscribers in 60 days or less?

P.S. If you want help growing your business click here.


  1. Ankesh Kothari :

    Thanks Neil. I recently interviewed Leo Babauta of (interview linked to my name) and that was his recommendation too. Connect with other bloggers and do a lot of guest posts and interviews.

    A trick that has worked well for me is creating a traffic loop by using a front end product. Instead of writing a blog post, write a report that can be sold for $10-20. And then use the profits from the sale of that report to advertise your blog. With the aim of generating 1 new sale from those new visitors. So that you can plug the profits back into advertising. And create a perpetual traffic loop.

    • Awesome, thanks for sharing!

    • Leonardo LaVito @ :

      Thanks for sharing, Ankesh. 🙂

      Your traffic loop using a front end product is an awesome strategy for getting more quality subscribers.

      The fact that you can add on upsells and downsells into your front end, means more advertising opportunities / adspend.


  2. Aliosha Kasin :

    Sure, but I think it will be quite hard to get to do a guest post for an A-list blogger, unless the post have some exceptionally good, never seen before content, or your blog is already quite popular so the A-list blogger knows they can trust you.

    • It will take work to get an A-list bloggers attention. You will have to find a way to make you and your content stand out to the blogger. You will get plenty of rejections (I know I have) but if you keep at it eventually you will fid someone who will say yes.

  3. Like this piece Neil and the suggestions to get endorsed.

    However getting endorsed might also take some time especially if you go out there for the sake of getting endorsed and pushing squeezing yourself among A-list bloggers.

    However, if done properly, great business, relationships, collaborations can arise out of such efforts.

    I have one question for you though: Which two or three bloggers do you think took this ‘get endorsed’ suggestion and used it wisely to get more subscribers?

  4. Hi Neil,
    You really know how to force readers to read your post with your killer headline as always. And the content you follow up with is much much more than enough to justify your headline. Anyway thanks for the great post. Pitching for a blog guest is ok though I havn’t done yet. But creating a unique, never been written content sounds like an uphill task. And a more daunting job would be proving my authority. Can you please elaborate how much research does one need to do for sure-shot successful guest post?

  5. Brad Aronson :

    Hi Neil,

    Great article, as usual.

    Three more ideas:

    1) Buy Twitter ads. I’ve read articles saying this doesn’t work, but I’ve seen otherwise. I find tweeters with great content that I like, and I approach them for some paid tweets. In the tweets, I promote content on my blog that would be interesting to their audience. The people who click through are interested in the content on my blog, and the cost per conversion is very low. Often I’m approaching people who haven’t done ads before (this may be why there is a high response rate from their audience).

    2) You can dramatically increase conversion by offering something for signing up for email. When I ran an online ad agency, this worked great for our clients. Of course, I still need to write a special report to increase email signups for my own blog visitors.

    3) Find bloggers targeting your audience, who have a large following but aren’t yet “stars.” I have a blog with ideas and inspiration for entrepreneurs, so I try to find other entrepreneurial bloggers in this category. Start an email conversation and then talk on the phone. I’ve found phone calls a great way to build relationships. In person meetings are also great, but there may not be time to that with a 60 day window.

    I agree with you that working with A-List bloggers will have the biggest impact, but you’re trying to get noticed among a ton of people with the same idea. If you also focus on some B-List bloggers, you will get some earlier successes that can build your momentum.

    Thanks again for the great content.

    • Thanks for sharing what works best for you. The tips you mentioned are definitely worth giving a try. Everyone has different techniques and what works for some may not work for others.

  6. Great article Neil. I still didn’t get that good results with guest posting, but I’ll start focusing more on that soon.

    • It is something you have to work at. You have to make sure you are guest posting in the right market and for bloggers who already are popular.

  7. Lewis :

    Thank you SO MUCH Neil for the suggestions in the first section of your piece here. As you can see, I’ve already put them to work because they land on me as complete and total common sense.

    I’d never thought about this, just as I’d never thought of how Eben Pagan’s counter intuitive approach to getting traffic would be equally as awesome for the all important task of writing headlines for blog posts.

    With headlines you need to explain and communicate things in a way that the other person understands and appreciates.

    We’re so good at talking in general terms like “health, love, relationships, and money” which are about as broad as you can get. We talk about them knowing what they mean to us from all of our life experiences and we assume people know what we mean.

    When we write headlines in broad and general terms we avoid connection with another person. This is why in your headlines you want to be saying . . .

    “I’ve got your tangible result right here. Exactly what you need. No misinterpretation.”

    And you want everything layered so it’s meeting their survival and reproduction need, their power, affiliation, achievement needs, as well as their towards and away desires.

    You want to be thinking about how your prospective customer/reader would know if their problem was solved.

    How would they know that they got what they wanted?

    What would happen in reality that would signal to them that they got the result they wanted?

    If you were $10,000 in credit card debt, what would be the specific, undeniable signal that your debt had been eliminated? Answer: Getting a statement in the mail that says “zero balance” on it and having no more collectors trying to muscle money out of you.

    The evidence that you’d lost 20 pounds of belly fat would be that the pudge would be gone and you’d be fitting into your skinny jeans.

    With what you sell, something symbolizes and represents the whole thing being done – your prospect getting what they want and moving away from what they don’t want. And it’s often something small like skinny jeans or zero balance.

    If you challenge yourself to figure out the tangible thing in the real world, the actual thing that can be seen in a person’s mind, that a dozen people standing around it seeing could agree that, “Yes. This is real,” and you can describe it and it actually represents the promised land, you’re going to be much more likely to successfully communicate your concepts to your perfect prospect in your headlines.

    You have to squeeze all of this down to something that grabs your perfect prospect’s attention, so that you can get a person to say, “Yes, this is solution to a problem I’m having,” and gets them to dive into your content.

    Since you have to cram all of this knowledge into a headline it’s gonna be much more likely to land home if it’s tangible.

    This isn’t the normal thought process which is why most people would think “Lose Weight” is good for a headline when “Lose 9 pounds of belly fat in 19 days so that you can fit into your skinny jeans” is so much better.

    The person writing the headline would like to assume their perfect prospect will make the picture of themselves fitting into their skinny jeans all on their own. They won’t. And this is why headlines like “The Real Secret To Getting 1,000 Subscribers in 60 days or Less” is far better than “Get More Subscribers To Your Blog”.

    Yes, this will take more thought, but it will be thought well spent.

    Thank you once again Neil for changing my blog marketing behavior for the better today!

    • Sounds good, you have got it. I appreciate you breaking it down in your own thoughts and words. You seem to have the right ideas!

  8. Leah@sidwelldesign :

    Now I’m checking all the comments to see if they followed the article’s advice…

    • Cool, the only comments you need to focus on though is your own. Which not only includes the ones you leave but the ones you receive.

  9. Sheyi @ :


    This is a thoutful article and like you said, pitching A-list blogger works but i guess its just been used by lot of people so i will prefer the second option of writing guest post.

    As for me, its better you write guest post, build a healthy relationship with A-list bloggers and they will not hesitate to show help when you need it.


    • Definitely,

      If you can build a relationship with the blogger then you will have a better chance at getting a guest post on their site. Like I said you want to reach out to them by leaving valuable comments and interacting on their blog before you email them. That is the best way to start building a relationship.

  10. Liz Lockard :

    Thanks for another great post Neil!

    Two things I’d like to add:

    1 – I’ve found better success with guest post pitching when I include 2 or 3 headlines for potential posts for the blogger to choose from in addition to what you said about keeping it short and showing you have credibility/done this before. Is there a reason you don’t include a proposed topic?

    2 – I think getting yes’s from “A-list” bloggers can be tough depending on your own experience/connections. Though a huge win when you get a hit! I’ve found it much easier to get traction with what may be considered “B-list” – those with still sizeable, relevant audiences that might be a bit more hungry/open for guest posts.

    I have NOT been putting effort into the personalized landing page – thanks for the push. I’ll have to give some thought to a way to make those an easy part of my process.

    Thanks, Neil!

  11. Anand Patel :

    I have heard many stories of current A-list bloggers that started their rise with a similar strategy, so obviously it works! What I have realized is that creating a popular and successful blog takes a great deal of work and discipline.

    Anyone can have a blog, but you have to work hard at creating quality content consistently and finding time to write all these blog posts, whether it be for your own blog or for a guest blog. If you begin to get lazy and complacent, the chances of growing your blog are very limited. This is why I have begun trying to create more structure to my schedule so I can set out good times for me to blog so that I do not fall behind, but it is definitely still a working process!

  12. :

    Thanks Neil,

    I love the advice about getting a deep link with the comment’s linked URL. I don’t think I’d go so far as to say never link the homepage though.

    There are times when the subject of the article isn’t related to anything on my site and to force a deep link is actually counter productive to enhancing the experience of others reading the post. As much as I’d like to think so, my site isn’t relevant to ALL things. I think sometimes the soft sell approach of just linking the homepage, if there really isn’t any genuine relevance of an inner page, is the right thing to do.

    That’s a great piece of advice for the majority of comment links though and I thank you for it.

    • Thank you David,

      I appreciate your added input on the matter. I am glad you found some helpful tips here.

  13. Stuart Wooster :

    The other thing I would say about guest posting is not only do you get targeted traffic that converts to subscribers, but you also get backlinks from authority domains.

    A win-win situation!

  14. Vladimir Blagojevic @ :

    Hey Neil,

    Great advice. Your posts are one of the rare ones I read completely, from the first to the last word. So I guess therein lie two additional tips:

    * Write in a simple language – kill all the unnecessary words
    * Write detailed and hands on posts

    You really make a dedicated landing page for your guest blog posts? Can you give us an example – I checked the problogger post you referred and could not find it 🙂

    Great wok, thanks for doing this.


    • I don’t really do it with quicksprout. I do it with other sites like blogs on auto insurance and on random topics.

  15. Rodrigo Alexandre Coelho :

    Great advises in this post. I think the strategy of create a personalized landing page could be also very useful for the comment area.
    A lot of people click in a persons name when that person made a good comment, but most of the time they go the home page of that persons site, get lost in the site and that’s the end of the experience, but if you have a personalized landing page, with some special links to your best posts in that area you have a good chance to gain a new follower or subscriber.

  16. Steven @ :

    Great post Neil.
    I’ll take these steps into consideration as I look to increase traffic and shares on my blog.

    I now have published 4 posts in 3 weeks, with three more drafts waiting to be published. Blog topics cover all online marketing.


  17. David | Growth Opportunities Frontier :

    Hi Neil,

    I am no blogger but one of the model’s I use to promote my site is contacting prospects one a time via email. These tips you offer are definitely worthwhile in personalizing messages and growing traffic.

    Thanks for sharing. It’s lovely stuff.

  18. John Hannah @ :

    This is another great post, Neil, with some advice I’m putting to work immediately. 🙂 I hadn’t thought of the personalized landing page – that’s an awesome idea!

  19. Stanford @ Pushingsocial :

    Thanks for the shout out Neil. I learned some great tips (like always). You are my secret weapon 😉

  20. Dear Neil
    Really you put a lot for us. Thanx Neil.
    As i am new here and i have blogs only on diff. articles, whether it will be easy to find similar blogs?

  21. Web Design Resource :

    In place of posting blog on the home page, personalized landing page’s idea is very good for posting blog in it for getting more blog subscribers in quick way.

  22. Mihai@Wallpaperfx :

    Thank you Neil for sharing with us this information. It is not easy to gain the attention of A-list bloggers, but it is not impossible. A personalized email, short and to the point had the highest success rate for me.

  23. :


    This post actually had some suggestions I haven’t read before!

    Unfortunately for many of us, guest posting is not as cut and dried since we don’t make a living from the “blogging” or “make money online” niches.

    My expertise over the years has been in making people’s computing lives LESS exciting! By that I mean that they just want to go in to work, turn the PC on and be able to get their stuff done.

    No blue screen of death (that’s an exciting day)
    No virus (explain that to the boss)
    Quickly restore the file they mistakenly deleted before anyone notices their screw-up (everyone hates to be the target of humiliation)
    Buy them good hardware – not the cheapest – to help them avoid that hard drive failure (a COUPLE of exciting days!)

    While online backup can do some pretty neat things for people who really make the most of technology, most ordinary people just want it to work quietly in background, not cost much, and be easy to restore a file that they somehow lost.

    Once in a while you are a hero, but usually people are happier if they just don’t even notice you.


    • Happy to have been able to share some new information with you.

      Sounds like you are an every-day sort of super hero to me. 🙂

  24. Harleena Singh @aha-now :

    Loved your tips Neil!

    I still need to start with guest posts and all that you mentioned is something I am going to gather and bookmark right away. I guess getting the right kind of headlines and unique matter is what would make your content stand out.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Thanks Harleena,

      Unique content and headlines are definitely going to help you stand out. I hope the rest of these tips help.

  25. Guest blog post is a wonderful way to get traffic and subscribers. Deciding a killer title is very important and talking with authority is further more important. Thanks for great tips.

    • Web Design Resource :

      Including your points, conversation is also important thing because it will prove that your content is quality content which compels readers to read it so always should have to write fresh and quality content for increasing blog subscribers.

    • Neil Patel :

      I agree, glad you liked them.

  26. Hey Neil,

    I see some excuses and dismissals on here so I just wanted to throw in my two cents and say that I did a guest post on when I launched my last venture and it was great. Not only did it generate traffic and create some good conversations, but it lead to an ongoing friendship too. I’m compiling a list of bloggers to approach for my next project that I’m getting ready to launch. Great advice and it really works.

    • Neil Patel :

      That is awesome Garin!

      You have provided a great example of the benefits of guest blogging, appreciate it.

  27. Eric Evenstad :

    Thanks for the insight Neil, I’m trying to get a client to start guest bloggging in order to build their own followers. I’ll definitely have to send them this post, I especially enjoy how you emphasize the importance of creating out of this world posts for the purpose of guest posting. I’m wondering though, how you go about selecting potential blogs to approach, especially in a largely undeveloped niche, in my case baby boomer blogs?

    • Neil Patel :

      It depends on what you are looking for. You want a blog that consistently post quality content and that has active and established followers. It will be difficult to get a blogger to agree to allowing a guest post, so until you establish yourself to be a quality guest blogger try reaching out to them all.

  28. What is up with your pop ups. I mean I got it like 10 times today. Also I click on an article and it sends me to what looks like a squeeze page.

    Just not sure what direction this blog is turning too.

  29. Great advice, subscribers and having a newsletter are often overlooked but are affective way to have returning vistors to your site which i think is the key if you want to build a successful blog.

  30. I have never tried guest posting since I am doing multiple blogs. But this time I have at least good information how to approach A-List when I want to write a guest post in their blogs.

  31. Awesome article Neil!

    Relationship building + guest posting to A-list blogs of people in your industry/market is a sure fire way for your blog to get known. I’ve tried this, and it works.

    If you have really a really great “linkable asset” on your blog, the better. Let’s say, a very compelling guide, a renewable and evergreen collection of data, and a well curated post. These helps in your e-mail outreach, since those A-list bloggers will have a reason to let you write a guest post for them (seeing you have great content in your blog as well).

  32. shapes for kids :

    Thank again Neil!
    Really inspiring article! 🙂 It is hard to believe that you have been rejected to be a guest blogger. I will follow your ideas next time i think about proposing myself as a guest blogger. Do you usually get some request from bloggers to be guests in this blog?

    • I do have a lot of request for guest post on my blog. I try and let as many people guest post as I can, but often there are just too many request to take on any more.

  33. Chris @ :

    Neil –

    I particularly enjoy the advice on guest posting. I have been using a similar “script” for many months, and as you noted, it works. It is quick, to the point, and easy to read.

    Do you have any advice on whether or not you should continually guest post for the same site? Does it help in terms of SEO at all?

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks Chris,

      Guest blogging for the same site is definitely good for SEO, especially if the site is non spammy and has decent traffic.

  34. The hardest part I believe is getting quality bloggers to feature your guest blogs, often you need to have a decent portfolio before you can even be considered.

    • Outreach is a very difficult thing. It really is something you have to just keep at. As long as your product/website is decent you will get responses to your emails.


    • True, you need to be able to show you are legitimate before big time bloggers will allow you to guest post.

  35. I think of the scariest tasks is to contact a blogger and just hope that you will be hearing back from him!

    • You have to overcome those fears or just become use to rejection because you will get it a lot. I know I did, but you can’t let that ever hold you back!

  36. Very informative post Neil. I am in the process of writing my first guest post and never even thought of the landing page idea. It’s not an A-list blogger, but it is a start.


  37. I like that you suggested to try and become an associate with a well-known blogger, you would be able to gain so much knowledge from that person then, fantastic idea!

  38. Any particular reason that my comment from April 17 is still awaiting moderation?


    • Neil Patel :

      Sorry about that Roger, sometimes comments are automatically placed into spam and are either held or deleted.

  39. Ranking Signals :

    Great blog Neil! Who built your blog?

  40. website design services NY :

    Your persistence drive and dedication and passion are clear, and also an inspiration. The dedicated landing page is a fantastic idea endorsed by others but explained and elaborated upon better by you.

  41. Bobby Soren @Sightness :

    Maybe Neil you should write a separate post on guest blogging, it’s pros and cons. It’ll explain and give us more detail .

  42. Shilpi Singha Roy :

    Great tips Neil. As you said Top A list bloggers are busy and you too find time to connect with all us which is really great. Thanks for this awesome post and great tips.

  43. Bharat Chowdary :

    Have to try my hands on guest posting, very inspirational article. Thanks Neil.

  44. SEO Andy Manchester :

    Another great post, can i write a guest post for QuickSprout 😉 ?
    seriously can I?

    or maybe you can for my site!

    • I appreciate the offer, but I get a lot of request for guest post and I am currently not accepting any more.

  45. Online Clothing UK :

    Hi Neil,

    Such a great tips by you. That is really informative and useful.

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post….

  46. :

    I’ve noticed that reddit and digg traffic are pretty much useless. It’s glad to know that that’s common and not just my problem!

  47. A quick way to get more subscribers is by offering give-aways and prices.

  48. Another tip: setup social media accounts (twitter/FB and LinkedIn) to gain more subscribers by joining groups with relevant interests (e.g. web design).

  49. Nijin :

    you have tell the right point. Building healthy relationship with niche bloggers is a great way to get good subscribers to your blog. Thanks for sharing this beautiful article.

  50. Simple Strategy of guest blogging shall NEVER DIE…just re-emphasized by Neil in this post.

    • Delaware SEO :

      It’s definitely a lot less effective nowadays though, you can counteract that by getting featured on more “difficult” blogs, the “easy” ones (Problogger) just don’t give enough traffic anymore.

    • I hope these re-emphasized tips have helped improve that simple strategy.

  51. The key to success is always who you know in the industry. Building relationships should be practiced on a regular basis, as you can never have enough online relations who you could potentially write for.

    • I agree, it is about building relationships and the more people you know, the more likely you are to succeed.

  52. The printable calendar kid :

    Really nice, clear, easy to read pointers. Endorsed traffic is super valuable. It gives ‘weight’ to your website in the eyes of the search engines. I’ll soak in your thoughts and advice and incorporate into my blogs too.

    Another post to write about too might be ‘how should a blog look?’ It’d be good to have a general overview about this. Sometimes one can be unsure exactly what viewers or readers actually want to see/do on ones blog. Thanks – Martin

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    I have recently started guest blogging (accepting and doing posts for blogs) and I have to say it seems to be one of the best ways of building both traffic and respect.

    There are a few tips in your article I had not even thought of so going to give those a try. Thanks for a very informative article yet again Neil

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    Great post, Neil! And very applicable as I launched my blog almost exactly 60 days ago. I didn’t quite hit 1,000 subscribers in two months, but have managed to score 700 so far. Guest posts are a fantastic way to earn subscribers, but I’ve had success with a few other methods, too:

    – Apart from traffic and rapport building, a well written comment that demonstrates your expertise will get other influencers attention. In the last few months, quality blog comments have resulting in an offer to speak on a webinar (resulting in approximately 200+ subscribers) and a JV relationship with an entrepreneur with a list of 50,000+ people in my niche.

    – Having a quality giveaway to entice people to subscribe is crucial, so I spent two weeks writing a 55-page eBook on how to pick a profitable eCommerce niche. In terms of my time invested, this was a multi-thousand dollar investment. But the response has been incredible. Not only do I have a great offer to entice people to subscribe, but the eBook has been generating a lot of direct traffic as people share it with their friends.

    Also, you’re dead-on about the quality of traffic from social sites. One of my posts hit the front page of Hacker News recently, and resulted in more than 4,000 visitors to my site. Despite the flood of traffic, the number of people who subscribed was only slightly above average! Qualified traffic really is crucial to building your subscriber list.

    • You got close!

      Thanks for sharing these methods with everyone Andrew, I appreciate it. I am glad to see you learned how valuable qualified traffic is. Like the saying goes, “it’s about quality, not quantity.”

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    I am going to start a blog at and I am going to take your advice step by step and see where it leads me to 🙂 1000 blog subscribers is great but my goal is 100,000 subscribers by the end of the year.

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    Yours truly

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    • That is one way to look at it, but I don’t believe you are limited by a niche or competition. Not when you have something unique and valuable to offer that others don’t.

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    Take care!

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    • Anderson, email subscribers will always be your best bet…especially those that have been subscribing to you for a while. They are your best bet for upsells, feedback and product validation.

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    • You’re welcome Ravi, keep me posted on how the strategy works out or if there’s anything I can help you with.

  87. Leonardo LaVito @ :

    Amazing piece, Neil! 🙂

    “What other tips can you share to help new bloggers get 1,000 subscribers in 60 days or less?”

    – Doing a guest post opens up a “secret” door, that very few people take advantage of. And that door is that, it allows you to share your own content without being perceived as being self-promoting.

    – For example, if I go to a forum and share my own blog post, I might be flagged as being self-promotional. However, if I do a guest post on QuickSprout, and share a link to that, just the fact the link says “…” means that much of the time you can fly under the radar.

    – Depending on the blog, often people won’t know that it’s a guest post until they reach the end of the article.

    – Promoting a guest post heavily, helps give a traffic boost to it. When done right, visibility increases, such as showing up in the Popular or Trending Posts section on the sidebar.

    • These are all great suggestions, I appreciate you sharing this.

      Guest blogs have a lot of power any one can access, people just aren’t willing to do some of the work involved.

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    When should you start reaching out to other bloggers to guest post? And by WHEN, I am referring to how much content should you have on your blog before trying to guest blog on others sites. Should I have dozens of blog posts or should I just work on getting 5-10 really solid posts that give lots of value?

    Any insight you can provide would be very much appreciated!

    • It is more about what you have prepared for them and how much you match their content. If you can get a conversation going and you know their audience then it could be one post.

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