The Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest

HGTV. Nordstrom. West Elm. ModCloth. Those are some of the big name retailers who are using Pinterest to drive significant traffic to their retail websites. In fact, Pinterest has become so popular, it is driving more traffic than Google+ to retailers’ sites.

I think it is safe to say that it’s time for us, as marketers, to take this social network site seriously. But what exactly is Pinterest? And how do you use it to promote your business or brand?

Well, this guide will help you get started.

What is Pinterest?


Pinterest is becoming a social network site for sharing interesting images you find online. Think of it as an image-based social bookmarking tool like…but with a better community.

These images, once uploaded to the site, are known as Pins. Users can place these pins on boards, customized under a theme. You can create any kind of theme you want: architecture, motorcycles or even history.

pinterest example

Fifty-nine percent of its “pinners” are women between 25 and 40 years of age. Women also make up 58% of its unique visitors.

It’s been on a spectacular growth in the last six months with 40 times the number of visitors. In fact, Time magazine called Pinterest one of the top five social networking sites.

The site is so popular, it is controlling growth by making you enter your email address to get on a waiting list to become a pinner. However, this should only take a couple of days.

pinterest invite

Of course, if you know a pinner, you can ask him or her for an invite.

How to pin

Pinning is pretty easy. You can link to a website or upload an image. Or you can install the Pin It button from Pinterest.

pinterest pin

Pinterest will grab the web address anytime you pin content, so you don’t have to worry about crediting the original source. After you’ve grabbed an image, your next step is to assign it to a board and add a caption, and you’re done.

pinterest boards

It’s better to create boards that are narrow in focus. If you have fifty boards on very tight subjects like social media tools, 20s silent movies, Seattle micro breweries, you are more likely to catch the attention of someone who shares your interest.

How to add prices to your pins

If you want to add the price to something you pin, you can include it in the description. A header will then appear over the content with the price:

pinterest prices

How to pin on Pinterest with your iPhone

You can also pin images with your iPhone.

pinterest iphone

Just download the app, and you can:

  • Look at the pins and pin boards of the people you follow.
  • Comment, like and re-pin.
  • Use your camera to pin, which adds a location.

Make sure you tag your images. This will help your images to be found when people search Pinterest.

What to pin on Pinterest

When it comes to what to pin, the possibilities are endless. Right now, the leading pins tend to be fashion, crafts, photography or architecture.

If you do a quick glance of the most popular pins, you’ll notice one thing – they are stunning, unique or useful:

pinterest pins

That should tell you something. Those who are really enjoying Pinterest are very visual.

And, sure, you could just pin random, cool stuff you find across the web, but the power behind Pinterest lies in the ability to organize content around a theme or a project.

How to create boards on Pinterest

For the best user experience, anything you pin to a board should relate directly to that board. This will also increase the likelihood of people following your boards.

Create a title for the board, and always add a description:

pinterest titles

Why should you create a board? You could create boards for:

  • A car you are fixing up and pin ideas for things you want to do to modify the car.
  • Each room of the house you want to redecorate.
  • Pin images that are ideas for blog posts.
  • Birthday wish list.
  • Recipes and cooking ideas.
  • Items you might need to go on a camping trip.
  • Movies you want to see or books you want to read.

A board can have multiple contributors, so you can work with other people on a project, seeing all the ideas that are being shared. You can invite others to contribute, but they must be one of your followers.

How to find pinners

Like Twitter, Pinterest is an open social network site…that means you can follow anybody you like without having to get their permission.

pinterest pinners

How do you go about finding people you like? There are a couple ways to find pinners who might follow you:

  • Comment on a pin you like, “like” it or re-pin to one of your boards.
  • Follow a specific board.
  • Follow all of a particular user’s boards.
  • Search for a particular topic.
  • Browse the “Popular” pins section to see what is trending.
  • Invite your friends or co-workers to join.

Once you’ve found several pinners you’d like to collaborate with, you can now create a group to work on a project whether to plan a wedding, class reunion or other event.

Creating a group is simple:

  • Click the board’s edit page.
  • Change the pin setting to “Me + Contributors.”
  • Add a friend’s name.

You have to be following one of their boards in order to do this, and keep in mind that anyone you invite can decline the request.

How to find content on Pinterest

Most of the content you will find on Pinterest is photos. But you can also see all the videos that people are sharing.

Just hit the Video navigation link at the top of the page:

pinterest videos

This page sits behind a user account, so you need to be a pinner in order to see all the videos, but it’s worth it. The tutorials alone are useful and practical, and trailers are fun.

From a marketing standpoint, the videos are a great way to create and share educational material. Because of the Pinterest audience, however, there is a way you have to create these videos so they appeal to the audience. Remember, right now the audience is predominately women who love fashion and crafts.

So, let’s say you are a financial advisor who targets parents that want to set up a 529 college savings plan. A tutorial on a 529 wouldn’t get a lot of traction. A tutorial on how to decorate or furnish a dorm room, however, would. And the eyeballs that land on your video will then be exposed to you and your business.

10 tools to help you find great content for Pinterest

Most people who are professional web surfers are not short on coming across stunning and useful images. However, even the best of us need a little help to find inspiration when it comes to pinning. Here are ten tools I recommend.

  1. StumbleUpon – Choose a topic you are interested in and then click “Stumble.” This discovery engine will deliver surprising results to your screen. When you see an image you like, pin it.
  2. Facebook – Follow people who share extraordinary photos on Facebook. When you find a pic you like, search the web for the original source to pin. Pinterest won’t let you pin from Facebook directly.
  3. Google+ – Follow some power users on this site who tend to share stuff that is both work-related and fun. Google’s Marissa Mayer shares pics of her extreme hiking trips while explorer Trey Ratcliff posts pics of great stuff when he travels across the globe.
  4. Twitter – People share content on Twitter all the time, especially Twitter power users. When someone shares a pic, click through and pin it.
  5. Blekko  – You can eliminate the spam stuff from your searches with Blekko, giving you highly-targeted search engine results and inspiring images.
  6. – With, you can turn all of your social network feeds -Twitter, Facebook and blogs – into a stream of news content that you can scroll through quickly to get that gem of a pin.
  7. Delicious – You may have forgotten about and not even used it forever, but it’s still a great place, where people save content. You can skim your connections’ list of stuff they are sharing, crawl through a stack or simply search under specific topics to find great images to pin.
  8. Google Reader – If you want a quick and dirty way to see what all your favorite blogs are sharing, stick them in a reader like Google’s. Sites that are picture heavy that you might want to add are The Big Picture by Boston Globe, This Isn’t Happiness or Hawlin’s MOOD. Follow the pics from those last two sites, and you’ll discover great niche sites that share great images too.
  9. Bundlr – Surf this curation tool to find inspiring images to pin. Look at their most-popular collection or staff’s pick to find the unique and useful image.
  10. Pinterest – It should seem obvious, but simply working through Pinterest several times a day will lead to some amazing images to re-pin. Don’t forget to @mention the original poster when you do.

9 reasons why marketers should use Pinterest

If you are a community manager, early adopter or social media enthusiast, then the business value of Pinterest may be obvious to you. However, everyone else in marketing may not share your enthusiasm.

But how do you go about convincing them they should jump on board? Here are nine reasons your business should consider marketing on Pinterest.

  1. Shift in consumer behavior from search to discovery – Search is great for finding answers. Discovery is great for finding inspiration. Pinterest taps into that phenomenon. As Samil Shah explained on TechCrunch back in November, Pinterest is bringing some of that discovery onlinewhich could lead to a revolution in how we purchase items. Right now, we are trained to go to Amazon or Google to find what we want. Pinterest starts before that search, before we are even thinking we want to buy a particular product. For example, if I wanted a sound system for my laptop, I might hop on to Pinterest, browse a category devoted to sound systems and then land on a product. Within that discovery phase, however, I may never end up at Amazon since Pinterest drives traffic back to a retailer’s site.
  2. Little interaction needed for brands – A legitimate concern for any brand considering jumping into a new social media platform is the resource question: do you have the budget to staff? The nice thing about Pinterest is there isn’t a lot of overhead. Outside of pinning, categorizing and tagging images, you don’t have to worry about managing comments or playing the follower game. You can push content at your own pace.
  3. Connect with the visual segment of your audience – Pinterest is visual. So it attracts an entirely different crowd…those who may have an appeal for an image over written words. Why is this important? Consider how content marketers typically engage their audiences…through words, videos or audio podcasts. You can open the doors to a new segment of buyers who may be interested in your product – but not know about it – by building a community around the images you pin. That can draw others in, who are inspired by your account, and that can lead to referrals.
  4. Inspires the shy content creator – Pinterest is allowing another segment of the online market get into the action. That segment is the lurker. It’s the person who is too shy to create his or her own blog, comment on other social sites or contribute in any way online. Pinterest is best compared to Tumblr, where most Tumblrs do not create original content. They just share, or “re-blog,” other people’s content. Pinterest is a great way for people to express themselves without having to do anything original.
  5. Amplifies the content of original creators – The average Tumblr post gets reblogged 9 times. That means it’s reaching far more people than if it remained on its own site. While there aren’t numbers on Pinterest, you can assume the same thing. Content is re-pinned and shared across a wider audience. So if you are an original content creator, sharing that content on Pinterest will amplify its reach.
  6. Repinning is the new “retweet” – It’s quite possible that you can build a community from simply sharing other people’s pins the same way some Twitter power users have built a following from retweeting or Tumblr users who’ve reblogged.
  7. Tap into niches – As I mentioned above, Pinterest will allow you to pick up a different segment. You can take this idea of niche marketing further by creating boards specific to particular segments. For example, Crutchfield might create boards around “dream man caves,” “cool clubbing” and “ladies’ lounge,” which include reader-generated home-based sound systems in these themes.
  8. Build your expertise – Even if your brand doesn’t work seamlessly on Pinterest like a lifestyle company’s might, you can still use it to share your experience and build your expertise in a particular location or industry or relationships. A web strategist like Jeremiah Owyang might create boards around “must-have social media equipment for road warriors,” “top people to know in the web analytics business” or “places to eat when you attend Conference X.”
  9. It’s beating out Facebook referrals – Finally, perhaps one of the best reasons for using Pinterest in your social media marketing plans is that it is outperforming Facebook. The general manager of digital for the print magazine Real Life said that Pinterest was a huge source of traffic in October 2011…more than Facebook. Time to re-tool our marketing strategies, don’t you think?

21 businesses/brands promoting on Pinterest

So, what kind of brand or business promotes on Pinterest? Great question. From non-profit organizations like the Humane Society of New York and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art to small, Midwestern shops to global brands, Pinterest is proving to be a good fit for offline and online organizations. Here is a list of 21 most notable Pinterest accounts.

  1. San Francisco Museum of Modern Art – SFMOMA is the perfect example of an organization being able to weave Pinterest into its marketing plans. A museum on the West Coast devoted to 20th and 21st century art, it’s already got great boards geared toward “caffeinated,” “humans” and, of course, “exhibitions.”
  2. Modern Ink – This bi-monthly magazine shares photos in boards that reflect critical keywords when it comes to their audience: “polished beauty,” “outdoor lust” and “face time.”
  3. Etsy – No surprise to find the online vintage and hand-made marketplace on Pinterest. The two seem perfectly suited for each other.
  4. Ivory Homes – Utah’s number one homebuilder Ivory Homes shares content with followers that involves great home exteriors, things that make a house a home and decor for each room of the house. It’s a good example of blending its own content with the interest of its customers.
  5. Sevenly – Charity based t-shirt maker Sevenly pins the images they use for inspiration, actual t-shirts they’ve created and plain goofiness in their “epic check photos.” The combination of business and personality makes it a great pinner to follow.
  6. Honeycomb Salon – This hair salon in Minneapolis pins images of hairstyles broken down into boards like “short cuts,” “long cuts” and “men’s cuts.”
  7. The Humane Society of New York – This non-profit uses its Pinterest account to update followers on pets adopted, new pets available for adoption and books pet lovers might enjoy reading.
  8. General Electric – You might wonder what a giant technology multi-national like GE could do on Pinterest. Well, if you like science, you’ll find its account quite fascinating as it pins content to boards like “bad-ass machines,” “the archives” and “#GEInspiredME,” a board devoted to photos taken by people with Instagram and tagged “#GEInspiredMe.”
  9. Gap – The clothing company pins content based on seasons, holidays and pics of Gap clothing worn by models and customers. The Gap pushed into promotional territory with their “2011 Holiday Gift Guide” board.
  10. Birchbox – This beauty 2.0 company merges skin care with tech, make up with new media. What’s really cool is their “birch box” board…a place where customers attach images of their birch boxes they bought from the company. A great way to use testimonials!
  11. AMD – You may be a little surprised at this maker of microprocessor’s Pinterest account…24 boards with topics that range from CES2012 pictures to PC Gaming, Valentine’s Day to New Years. It’s a great strategy that shows you how diverse a company can get when it comes to segmenting.
  12. Mashable – With nearly 7,000 followers, Mashable staff pin content based on tips and tricks, infographics, Super Bowl ads and gadgets. Check them out and see how a non-lifestyle content publisher is using Pinterest. It will be a good inspiration!
  13. Drake University – This private university curates content around its mascot, the bulldog, items to inspire students to study, what to explore in Des Moines and images the ultimate DU fan may love.
  14. Better Homes and Gardens – BHG created over 54 boards with over 932 pins (that’s 17 images per board). Boards are devoted to fun front doors, kitchens we want to cook in and not-so-boring neutral. Their Pinterest account shows how well they adapted their magazine online…knowing who their audience is and what they like. Their nearly 10,000 followers is a testament to that.
  15. Martha Stewart – This lifestyle guru uses her personal Pinterest account to promote her personal brand, while Martha Stewart Living is designed to cater to the magazine lovers. The combined accounts have over 22,000 followers.
  16. Bergdorf Goodman  – This fashion company with over 5,000 followers has created boards around the seasons. Notable other boards include collections of pictures of coiffed hairstyles, books the staff are reading and Tom Ford.
  17. Travel Channel – True to its core audience, this TV media company puts a unique spin on its pins by placing them in boards like “places we’d rather be than work” and “behind the scenes: man v. food.”
  18. Chobani – America’s number one yogurt company cultivates “good conversations” around topics that will naturally be shared by its target audience: fitness, travel, flavor inspiration and holiday treats.
  19. Domestica – Online retailer that specializes in home goods made by hand, Domestica encourages followers through boards that display their love of Wes Anderson art, “Lez Talk Fall Fashion-Femmes” and “Plaid Is Where It’s At.” And they are not shy about directing traffic back to their retail site.
  20. Daily Grommet – This is the New Egg of crafts, delivering useful, interesting and exciting products they’ve discovered daily. They have a board dedicated to “talented artisans” and their favorite videos.
  21. Gusto Pizza – Small pizzeria in Des Moines curates content that endorses what it does—selling pizza—but, more importantly, lets you see who they are with boards dedicated to swagger and David Hasselhoff.

Brands that will struggle to market on Pinterest

Don’t get me wrong…not every business is going to find using or promoting on Pinterest easy. It’s still pretty tightly-focused, so tech brands, for example, are not going to find it very accommodating. In a recent article on TechCrunch, Sivan Cohen and Ben Lang share 7 Reasons Why Pinterest Isn’t Ready for Tech Brands. Here are the four most important reasons:

  1. Neither people nor brands are important – Pinterest emphasizes the pin…the image. Not the person, not even the board. The pin is what you will see first when you search.
  2. Tough to convert pinners into followers – A big global brand like Martha Stewart only has 22,000 plus followers. You would think she would have more. But for the most part, people will re-pin or like an image but won’t take the extra step of following. However, no surprise that Pinterest has close to 10 million users. It helps that they re-pin the most popular pins everyday.
  3. You have to be creative if your brand isn’t visual – Lifestyle brands work well on Pinterest because what they do and how they promote it are identical. If you own a beach resort, all you have to do is show stunning pictures of the beach, your villas and the ocean. A tech brand like DropBox, however, can’t compete. One way to overcome this hurdle is to create boards around the people in the office…and pin images of their antics and adventures in and out of work…much like The Today Show does.
  4. Men don’t get Pinterest – It’s not hard to see why women dominate as users on Pinterest. Pinterest is a platform that attracts fashion, crafts and lifestyle images…natural favorites for women. I think it might be hard to imagine World of Warcraft or Craftsman feeling comfortable at Pinterest. Until then, tech brands will probably be limited on Pinterest.

14 strategies for marketing on Pinterest

First, warning: While it’s not a rule that will get you kicked off, Pinterest does suggest that you avoid self promotion when using the site:

pinterest self promotion

If you come across as spammy, the bigger danger is you’ll simply get ignored. Your self-promotion must appear native to the community if you want to drive traffic to your website/blog.

For instance, Leo Burnett in his Worldwide’s slide share on Pinterest suggests:

  • Whole Foods would pin about food.
  • The Travel Channel would pin about travel.
  • The Today Show would pin about access.
  • Bergdorf Goodman would pin about fashion.

That’s what I mean by native. So, how exactly should you market on Pinterest? Here are 14 common strategies:

  1. Online catalog – This is the most obvious example for a business with a physical product to sell. Gap has treated some of its boards this way. A jeweler might create boards for earrings, necklaces and bracelets. Don’t forget to add the price so you have the benefit of the price tag showing up on each image. And each image should drive the user back to the product description page of your website.
  2. Create user-generated boards – Since you can open up boards to other Pinterest pinners, create a board hosted for your followers. Then ask them to pin stuff in those boards based on that theme. For example, Amazon could create a board that allows users to pin books they’ve read and loved. Apple could create a board that allows users to share their favorite iPhone cases.
  3. Create a board devoted to your customers – Along the same lines as user-generated pins is the idea of a board in which you showcase some of your customers’ best pins. ModCloth gets the reward for this one.
  4. Create a testimonial board – A great way to leverage your customer and fan enthusiasm is to create a board dedicated to ways that your product or service has helped them. Say you are a financial coach…ask your followers to pin images of ways in which you have made them wealthier. Leveraging testimonials is an excellent way for companies that don’t fit the lifestyle mode to use Pinterest.
  5. Pin about your event – If your brand or business is hosting an event, create a board around it and pin content leading up to the event. Social Media Examiner would be an ideal candidate with its Small Biz Success Summit. Boards could curate pins on topics related to the conference, profiles of the speakers and examples shared during the conference.
  6. Pin about a new product launch – Even though tech companies may struggle to use Pinterest, start-ups might find Pinterest a good place to connect until the product is released. Supyo might find that it can keep interest on high alert with a Pinterest account that has boards focused on “things developers love,” “antics in the office” and “videos that they love.”
  7. Offer exclusive discounts – The most direct way of promoting on Pinterest is to offer exclusive deals on products for your Pinterest followers. You can also pin a QR code with compelling content that will drive visitors straight to more description of a product. Local businesses could benefit by offering QR codes for iPhone users to bring into their stores for special discounts.
  8. Host a Contest – Suggest to your followers that they create boards on their accounts about your brand…and then pin images that reflect why they like you. Lands’ End created a holiday contest called “Pin It to Win It” that bridged other social media sites to generate interest in the contest…and ultimately in the company.
  9. Create a video gallery – Pinterest’s video capabilities offers a lot of options for folks who want to create tutorials or record segments of a conference they are holding. Because of the draw of the visual element to Pinterest, I could see a content marketer like Smashing Magazine leveraging video tutorials, giving lessons on CSS and Flash design. Again, this serves as another way to expose your content and brand to a wider audience. And because of the re-blogging option, as the Pinterest user base grows, your chance for spreading content grows too.
  10. Show the human side of your brand – Pinterest is great for having fun…and showing your customers that you can have fun. Or that you are quirky and not all about the bottom line. The Today Show pins pictures of funny things their anchors do. How could this work for you? Imagine you are a start-up with a small staff. You could create boards for all of your employees, make them contributors and then allow them to share stuff that lets their personality shine. Pinterest is great for relationship management and for leveraging the hopes, dreams and desires…not only of your customers…but your employees as well.
  11. Add watermarks to your images – It’s easy for images to get pulled and for the original source to be forgotten on the web. Some of your content then could stop having the marketing impact you hoped for to drive traffic back to your site. To keep that from happening, add a watermark to each image you post on Pinterest or on your website. The watermark could be your web address or simply the name of your brand if it is easily recognizable.
  12. Raising awareness for non-profits – Among its efforts to alert people to endangered animals, The National Wildlife Federation also combines ideas for camping in your backyard and bringing attention and education to squirrels in their Squirrel Appreciation Day 1-21 board, where they shared a new photo for 21 days. Another non-profit, Amnesty International USA, is using its boards to raise awareness on issues like human trafficking and the death penalty. One board shares inspiring quotes, while another gives a recommended reading list. Naturally, all traffic is directed back to the site for donations.
  13. Use Pinterest as a research marketing tool – A great way to crawl inside the minds of your customers is to crawl through Pinterest, looking at what your fans are pinning. Remember, pinners are curating content that is important to them. A lot of the content revolves around major milestones in their lives: getting married, buying and decorating a home and having a baby…plus, things that inspire them.
  14. Use Pinterest as a minimum viable product – You can even treat your followers as a focus group by creating a board that revolves around an idea you have for a product…and then see how they react. Did you get a lot of comments? Repins? Likes? For example, Virgin Airlines might create a board dedicated to a new plane they want to test. In the board, they would share pictures of seats, foods and even locations that the plane would travel to. Followers could then add items that they would prefer to see on the plane. You probably wouldn’t get enough statistically reliable data to build a plane, but from a cost perspective, this would be an ideal way to get customer feedback.

Finally, don’t use Pinterest if you are not planning on measuring your results. In fact, it’s critical that you start paying attention to referrers if and when you launch your Pinterest account. Lay down a baseline of traffic you would like to see coming to your site, create benchmarks and establish a deadline.

If you haven’t reached your baseline by your deadline, re-evaluate whether Pinterest adds value to your brand marketing. Yes, you might be extending your personal brand awareness, but a direct lift in traffic to your site should be your number one metric for judging its usefulness.

9 ways to get Pinterest followers

While Lady Gaga might be able to pick up several million followers in a matter of months, mere mortals like us will probably not have such good luck.

But don’t let that frustrate you. Follow these 9 tips for encouraging people to follow you, and who knows…maybe in six months, you’ll have several thousand followers.

  1. Re-pin what your customers are pinning – To attract the attention of particular followers, create a board in your account labeled “coolest re-pins” or something like that…and then start re-pinning the content that they are sharing on their accounts. This is a great way to make your account less about business and more about the relationship, showing them you are actually taking the time to interact. A company using this strategy well is Whole Foods.
  2. Follow pinners/boards who/that fall in your target market – Basically, look for people who share the same interests as you do and who might be interested in what you do for a living. For example, if you are a photographer, then you would follow boards that are tagged “photography” or “weddings.” If you are a tech geek, follow people who enjoy science.
  3. Comment on pins – When you see a pin that you like, leave a comment with the pinner. Do this frequently, and you will start to gain his or her attention. Don’t forget that you need to add value when you comment. “Great stuff!” doesn’t cut it.
  4. Create a pin that goes viral – Sharing pins is obviously the main way you would promote your brand. But content on Pinterest has a chance of going viral. If you share a pin that someone likes, they may “re-pin” it…in other words, they share it with their audience. The more people re-pin an image, the longer it will stay on the popular page, getting more re-pins and follows.
  5. Use the 1/19 content sharing rule ­– Like my rule for Twittering promotional content, you should share 19 pins that are not promoting you for every pin that is promotional. For instance, you may only want to share your very best blog posts on Pinterest. Or it could be an infographic or guest post you wrote for a big blog.
  6. Encourage people to share your content on Pinterest – You can grab Pinterest share buttons from their sites and embed on your own. However, you may want to wait to do this until adoption of Pinterest grows and you’ve established it as a place where you are going to spend resources. I would recommend that you don’t overload your website with share options…people tend to get confused when there are too many options.
  7. Encourage people to follow you – You can also embed a Pinterest “Follow” icon on your website/blog.
  8. Tag popular pinners – You can get the attention of other pinners by including an “@mention” tag like Twitter in your caption. This will send a message to that user, who may then pick up on what you are pinning and re-pin.
  9. Use hash tags – Like with other social media sites, hash tags work on Pinterest to help you gain attention across multiple platforms and build up a following during a marketing campaign. They also work in gaining followers in much the same way as they do on Instagram. On Instagram, if you include hash tags on your photos, you will appear in those popular searches.

My final tip is to use Pinterest as an individual rather than a company. This is probably why Martha Stewart has double the followers than Martha Stewart Living. You are more likely to get followed if you have a personal profile since people won’t have the suspicion that you are trying to sell something, which will be the case if you set up your profile as a company.

How to optimize Pinterest for best SEO impact

pinterest seo

From a web marketer’s standpoint, the most valuable aspect of Pinterest is link building. As AJ Kumar pointed out, the social and SEO value is obvious:

  • Pinners can share content effortlessly – This leads to a high probability for content to go viral, spreading across the network…much like it does on Tumblr.
  • Each pin has a link pointing back to the original source – No matter how many times a pin is re-pinned, each pin has a unique link pointing back to the original source.

In addition, these are not “no follow” links. In other words, you get all the authority of Pinterest with each link back to your site. That could change as the popularity of the company grows and it joins the ranks of Twitter or Facebook, but, in the meantime, it proves useful when it comes to ranking.

Chris Silver Smith shared some great tips on Search Engine Land for optimizing Pinterest for local search. Let me summarize some of the important points:

  • Make your profile public – Do not hide your Pinterest profile behind a private setting…otherwise you will not get crawled by search engines.
  • Include keywords in your About profile – Just like when you are creating a profile for Google+ or Twitter, your Pinterest profile should tell people who you are and what you do and convey the main benefits to anyone who might follow you. Keywords are a must.
  • Set your location as specific as possible – Share both the city and the state in which you work to attract and draw local traffic.
  • Connect your other social sites – Go the extra step and publish the other social sites you belong to, Twitter and Facebook being the most popular options. You can also add a subscribe button.
  • Use a review page for business URL – If you have a really good review on a business directory like Yelp, use that URL for your company website on Pinterest. This can feed it authority to help that review rank high.
  • Create boards around your keywords – Create a board about your city and pin pictures of your city in that board. Do the same with your service, product or event. Don’t forget to tag these pins with keywords.
  • Promote infographics on Pinterest – Pinterest is highly visual, so infographics work well for items you can pin. Have one professionally created, and then pin and promote.

More than likely, Pinterest didn’t use “nofollow” on the links as an incentive for people to use the service in the early stages of its growth. So, the engineers may eventually turn all outgoing links from Pinterest into “no follow” once they reach a critical mass.


Pinterest is clearly here to stay, and it clearly offers a new way for you to promote your business. But it is technically still in beta, and the full power it has to promote brands is limited. For most brands, it may not be the right platform.

But if you have the right fit for the platform, there are plenty of ways in which you can interact with your community, experimenting and innovating with the consumer experience. It’s all about the relationship anyway. And for the time being, it offers good SEO benefits through its no “nofollow” policy.

Have you had any success marketing on Pinterest?

P.S. Feel free to follow me on Pinterest. 😉

P.P.S. If you want an invite to Pinterest, leave a comment with your email address, and I will send you one.


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      I think you will end up liking it.

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    I was hesitant to jump on the Pinterest wagon, but I’m glad I did. It’s definitely a great source of traffic, and if used correctly, can bring in a lot of new business.

    Our company has one and we’re doing pretty well with it. But I love how ModCloth has a fan board. We might have to set up something like that.

    • Yea, they did a really good job. Not too many companies are actually doing things right like them on Pinterest.

  14. This social site is pretty cool. I’ve seen it popping up especially on a lot of graphic designers blogs. In terms of content – pictures are worth a thousand words and are the most clicked on media on Facebook.

    Was just a matter of time when we saw people sharing pictures exclusively as content.

    Thanks for the detailed guide.

    • Yea, it is a top 100 website on the web. My guess is that they will climb into the top 20 by the end of the year.

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    I think it’s funny you mentioned men. I’ve heard from a few that they don’t “get” Pinterest but are interested anyway. Yes, I agree the current images are very geared toward men but I can see them getting on the bandwagon. Especially the trendy and geeky guys.


    • Funny enough, at first I really didn’t get it. I was a late adopter to Pinterest, until my female friends started to do really well on there.

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    Your post has been an immense help and eye opener as to the possibilities of adding Pinterest to my marketing mix.

    You shine!

    • Thanks!

      You actually don’t need to map out a strategy, I would just dive right in and then work on your strategy. Play around with a bit…

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    Love the blog but this is a pretty blatant attempt at linkbait, no?

    • Not one big. I just wanted to write a really good guide on Pinterest as I couldn’t find one on the web…

      If I wanted to make it more like link bait, I would have called it “The Beginner’s Guide to Pinterest”.

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    • Yep, you should start one. That way you can benefit from it personally as well as understand it better when working with clients.

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    • Each social media sites runs into that problem. Eventually people will want to cart making some profit from it. Hopefully if or when that happens it won’t ruin Pinterest.

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    …And yes, I fit the demographic and yes, I’m “addicted” to Pinterest.

    • Thank you Sara,

      I appreciate you sharing this post, as well as for reading Quick Sprout.

      Yep, addicting indeed. 🙂

  38. I really like the idea of creating boards around your bio’s keywords. I never would have thought of creating a board for my city and/or state, but that could be fun, and could double benefit me; I might find other writers right here in my city that I could hang out with.

    Here’s my problem, though: I’m pretty addicted to Pinterest. I am known to spend hours just scrolling through my homepage and repinning pretty crafts. Since crafts are not at all related to my profession — fiction — it’s not the best marketing effort… but perhaps I can justify it with your 1/19 rule. 😀

    I’m also shocked that Pinterest is topping Facebook as a referrer; not too long ago, I read an infographic that said Facebook was still #1, but Pinterest had passed out Google+. I’m wondering whether things changed that quickly or maybe it just depends on which stats you’re looking at. What do you think?

    • Yea, you can pin stuff about crafts and other things related to your business… just do a bit of both.

      As for traffic, it depends on your site. For some sites, Pinterest drives more traffic and others Facebook does. For mine, Twitter does as my audience is more likely to be on Twitter than Pinterest.

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    • Thanks Rico,

      Definitely, it seems to be more used by women, but I feel the men are starting to see it’s benefits and are catching on.

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    Question for you. I work for a Social Media shop and Pinterest would be perfect for at least one of our clients. As a community manager for a brand how exactly do I sign up AS a brand?
    I already have a personal Pinterest account. I have looked in “help” (etc.) and there does not appear to be a way to create a brand account that is somehow “linked” to a personal.
    Should I simply invite myself … via a different email address … and then create a new profile AS the brand?
    Thanks in advance.

    • That can definitely work. I would suggest just tossing your brand logo up there and creating a message that is catered towards your product.

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    Great marketing tips put forth Neil! It should soon go in the social media plans of my clients.

  52. And, now what do you think of this?

    Pinterest is changing user submitted pins to cash in on affiliate links, when the money should be going to the affiliate.

    • I read that article also. It does not bother me that Pintrest is changing the links but it does bother me a little that they did not disclose that information (at least, according to the article I read) I still think Pintrest is a neat site full of potential and I am glad they are finding a unique way to monetize it early on, just wish they had let people know. I don’t think it would have mattered, but they must have thought it would.

      Brad, is this something that will keep you from using Pintrest? Just curious

    • Definitely an interesting article, thanks for sharing. I am not to concerned with them making money off affiliate links. Social media sites always find a way to make money at some point. It will be interesting though to see if this affects others usage of Pinterest.

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    That was an amazing write-up. I hadn’t heard of Pinterest before last week, and now it’s really buzzing. Thank you so much for sharing your views and insight on this, I’m sure it has helped many! I’m still looking to discover as I, like many others am waiting on the invitation. If you have an extra one going, I would love it on bmtaylor85[at]

    Thanks for the help

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    I need to go back again and learn how to utilize Pinterest for myself.

    • Pinterest definitely has some fun and interesting pictures.

      Definitely go back and see what more you can do with it.

  55. Neil – Incredibly thorough & informative article about Pinterest – Thank you for sharing the great advice! (I’m now following you!)

    When you have a chance, please check out Botl, a content-sharing social network with a “message in the bottle theme.” I recently launched it in open beta mode, and will be introducing the “shelf” later this month (comparable to Tumblr’s archive and Pinterest’s wall). Users follow each other (upstream & downstream), and they share messages containing images, including animated GIFs and slideshows, music & sound effects, and video. After sharing a message, they can see when and where it’s viewed and how many miles their bottles travel as they journey around the world. The site is at, and the Facebook fanpage is I’d appreciate your thoughts on the site, particularly in light of your background and knowledge of social media!!

    • Great, thanks for the follow!

      I actually communicate best through email so if you can shoot me a message with your site, I will take a look and give you my thoughts on it. You can email me at

  56. I appreciate this great article and ideas for marketing. I’m confused, though, because the PinterestEtiquette guidelines say to “avoid self promotion.” How do these big companies get around that?

    • Often times large companies will act as content curators. They in essence can promote their own materials by finding them on re-seller websites.

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    I have a technical question. (I don’t “get” Pinterest yet!)

    When pinning, it asks for a web link to an image. But a link to an image is different from a link to a website (like a blog) where an image is located. I notice that most images on Pinterest link to a website, and not just the image.

    Is it possible to add an image (e.g. from your computer) and link it to a blog where there is more information about it?

    For example, I would like to promote my 85-year old mother’s new book of love poems. I have an image of the book, but I would like to link it to the printer where it can be purchased ( When I just pin that page, it is her photo that is pinned, not the image of the book (and I don’t think she wants that).

    Any suggestions?

    (If anyone still needs an invitation, let me know.)

    • Hi Jan~
      If the image you want to pin is not on the page you want to link to, then upload the photo you wish to use (click Add+ in the top right corner of your Pinterest page to get the book image from your hard drive). Once the image is pinned, click Edit on the image and add the page link (as noted above) and Save. Simple as that. If you have any more questions, please feel free to contact me. I’m an avid Pinterest user.
      ~Donna (Belle West on Pinterest)

    • Not quite sure what you are getting at here. I think the posting the photo on your blog will work to accomplish what you are doing. Let me know if that works 🙂

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    Now about having success with Pinterest I can say that yes here at we had lots of success with pinterest since we are a very visual website. The traffic from Pinterest increased month by month and now Pinterest is in the top 10 reffers.

    You can check us on Pinterest here –

  62. You don’t mention or I might have missed it issues concerning the use of copyright material on PInterest.

    I’m constantly contacting PInterest asking them to remove my content from their site that people pin on there.

    You ask the owners permission before you pin stuff on Pinterest. This will become a major issue in the future. Not every country has such lax copyright laws as the USA…

    • You bring up a great point. However, it currently is completely legal to use pinterest to share other people’s content. I feel you should continue contacting Pinterest if you have concerns over copyright information.

  63. Great article. I heard about Pintrest from a friend months ago and thought it was interesting but a waste of time. It wasn’t until I read this that I realized there was a marketing aspect. Thank for all the detail Neil.

    Another similar site I found is Gentlemint which is geared mostly towards men it seems. Otherwise, they are the same as far as I can tell. I am still waiting on an invite there, but maybe is the alternative to all the men out there that doesn’t “get” Pintrest.

    I like looking at all the pictures, as bad as that sounds. You can get a lot of ideas for your business.

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    Many marketers will be tempted to promote themselves, but they have to hold it in and provide valuable content.

    Thanks Neil.

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    “More than likely Pinterest didn’t use “nofollow” on the links as an incentive for people to use the service in the early stages of its growth. So, the engineers may eventually turn all out going links from Pinterest into “no follow” once they reach a critical mass.”


    • No follow means that the site has no link value. However, Pinterest has not turned off that feature meaning every link on their has link value. Once they realize the potential for spammers they may turn on no follow links.

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  78. Hi Neil, I loved this article and although I have been using Pinterest strictly for personal use I can definitely see where big companies are starting to recognize it as a marketing tool.

    I did want to mention that you *can* pin things from Facebook, it’s sort of a “backdoor” process but it works. Here is a pin on how to do it:

  79. Hey Neil, this post just rocks and i have already bookmarked it.

    I know that this is a post for marketers to make the most of Pinterest, i was looking forward if you can throw some real light on the copyright issues that are surfacing and have the potential to hinder Pinterest rocketing popularity.

    Pinterest has recently released a one line code, which website owners can install in their websites and can prevent images from pinning. What do you think of that Neil and how long can it help in preventing copyright issue.

    • It will definitely be interesting to see how or if it affects the popularity of Pinterest. As for how long it will last in aiding the prevention of copywriter is something we will have to wait and see about.

  80. I joined the Pinterest group and I can’t find an easy way to get to my page. I have the red app on my facebook page. It takes me to a pg of requesting invites. When i see something on a friends page from Pinterest I can link on and start looking or adding there. Is there a link or app or site I can just login to and get there? if my friends don’t show a post I don’t know how to get there.

    • I am not quite sure. I have been working on an easier way to get to my page as well. If you find anything please let me know.

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  82. Yep, you are correct on that.

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    • Awesome, glad to hear it. I would be happy to, if you leave me your email in a comment below I will send you one.

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  93. Hi Neil!
    I have been readingyour post intensively to get the most of it. Yet I haven’t figured out what you ment on: Use a review page for business URL – If you have a really good review on a business directory like Yelp, use that URL for your company website on Pinterest. “This can feed it authority to help that review rank high.”
    English is not my first language, any help would be appreciated.

  94. DVD Price Comparison :

    I keep hearing about Pinterest so I guess I’ll have to join up too – though don’t you ever get over saturated with all these social media type sites that seem to keep cropping up? E.g. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc, etc, etc?

    How much of your time is spent monitoring them and adding to them?!

    • Definitely give it a try. I actually enjoy all the social media sites. I find when you embrace the you can learn to utilize them to your advantage and help build your brand, business and network.

      I would say it takes maybe an hour or two at most out of each day to monitor and add to these different sites. People will spend more time then that but only because they want to not because they need to.

      • DVD Price Comparison :

        I think that with you running a successful blog then using and monitoring the social media each day is extremely worthwhile.

        I just find that with what I do it’s likely to more of a distraction and probably wouldn’t generate a lot of traffic. Or at least, I’ve not yet figured out how to go about doing it so as to make it worthwhile!

  95. I’m just tried to get an invitation from Pinterest and will see how it goes; thanks for the guide though – can’t wait to use it.

    Also is it just me or does anybody pronounce pinterest as ‘Pin Interest’? – I think it sounds better lol.

    • Awesome, let me know if these tips help when you get started.

      Humm I have not pronounced it that way but I agree, it does sound slightly better. 🙂

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    • Hey Rake,

      QuickSprout is my only personal blog but my two companies KISSmetrics and Crazyegg have blogs that you might enjoy. Here are links to them.

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    I have recently just found Pinterest. It is amazing! I can’t believe the amount of traffic that has came from Pinterest! This is a great informative post that opens up the world of Pinterest to someone who may not know about it!

  99. Great writeup, dude. Best I’ve seen on the web. Question: how long you think the “do follow” will last? Only a matter of time before it becomes spam haven otherwise.

    • I think it will last. It’s a website owners duty to make sure they aren’t letting spammers link out from their site.

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    • Hey Madz,

      You no longer need someone to invite you to join Pinterest. You can just sign up once you go to the page. 🙂

  104. this is an excellent guide. there is just one more thing i think you should add that i just started doing myself: make sure each blog post you create has a very appealing image or title image so that people can pin posts that they like. this one is a perfect example: i wanted to pin this to my “21st century marketing tools” board on pinterest but i decided not to because there are no visually appealing images.

    • Good point, I would also add to that use picture quotes if you can’t find an image that goes with your content.

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    While marketing on Pinterest we should also remember that : Even if we are on Pinterest to Market , still we should act like individuals and not Some BORING Company…..
    So share Mix stuff of all kinds and then this will make things better for you and also work fun…
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