8 Things Your Blog Readers Want More Than Good Content


Content is king! You already know that’s true, but is it everything? Could you keep on pumping out great content and still build an audience of loyal readers?

Perhaps you could build up an audience of readers…but would they be loyal? And would they buy from you?

My belief is that your readers want more from you than just hard-hitting, practical content. They want connection, personality, passion, consistency, authority, design, fame and, most importantly, trust.

Download this cheat sheet about 8 things your blog readers want more than good content.

Are you giving those things to them? If not, you may be limiting the growth of your blog.


blog connection

When you publish a post on your blog, how long does it take you to respond to comments? One minute? One day? One week?

Listen, those people who wrote those comments are reaching out. They are taking time out of their busy days to share their thoughts. In other words, they are giving you their attention.

That’s good currency to have. So, how are you spending it? Are you letting it waste away by not responding to it? Or are you investing in that attention by engaging your reader?

Ask anyone who has had success building a successful blog, and he’ll tell you that part of his success involved grinding it out in the comments section.

Even though it was time consuming, he took the time to respond to every comment.

But she didn’t just acknowledge the comment. She interacted with the readers by leaving thought-provoking comments and questions.

In the end, your goal is to evolve the conversation into a relationship.


blog personality

No matter what your personal feelings are about Wikipedia, most articles on it provide useful and interesting information. Wikipedia is a great source of content.

But that’s it.

Unless you look under the hood, you’ll never know who wrote it. That’s because there is no personality. In other words, good content without personality won’t help you build an audience.

You need to inject your personality in what you do. This is one of the reasons why on my blog you’ll find articles like the ROI of fashion or partying.

I’m not afraid to be myself. Your readers need you to be yourself too.


blog passion

Forgive me for picking on Wikipedia again, but reading an article on Wikipedia does not expose you to someone who has passion.

It can’t.

That’s part of its policy: you have to remain clear-headed, objective and passionless.

You don’t have to do that on your blog. You need to show that you are enthusiastic about your topic. When you talk about your topic, your readers need to know you love what you do.

Feel free to just be yourself. If something angers you, blog about it. If you are excited about the release of a new gadget, rave on about it like it were the best thing since sliced bread.

By the way, don’t try to please everyone. You can’t. In fact, if you’re not making enemies, then you are probably doing it all wrong.


Your readers want you to pick a blogging schedule and stick to it. But how often should you post on your blog? There are arguments for both sides. Let’s explore them real quick.

  • You can blog about current topics – if you have a frequent blogging schedule, e.g., every day, you can stay on top of current news. Take Steve Jobs’ death, for example. Everyone who was blogging daily pretty much got a post out within 24 hours. Not so with those who post less frequently. This is not to say that you can’t break your schedule for something that’s really out of the ordinary.
  • Blogging daily allows you to produce fresh content – however, your quality can also suffer when you blog daily. Even though most bloggers are natural-born writers, eventually you’ll start to repeat yourself or produce weak content, which pollutes the web.
  • Blogging daily takes a lot of time – and then you have to consider what you are going to do when you go on vacation…if and when you ever do.
  • Blogging daily will make the search engines happy – they get in a habit of crawling your site daily. That will mean more traffic for you in the long run.
  • Blogging daily can overload your readers – even though all that content will drive more traffic to your site, it’s bound to overwhelm those who read your content in an RSS reader.

There are pros and cons to blogging daily. There are pros and cons to blogging once a week or less. You have to decide which approach will work for you and your audience. And then you need to stick to that decision.


blog authority

When I say authority, I don’t mean you need a PhD. You just have to be an expert on a topic. And the cool thing about blogging is that you can fake it until you make it.

Pick a topic that interests you and start to study it. When I started my first business, I didn’t know very much about SEO or Internet marketing. But I taught myself about it over time, and I got better at it.

And yes, a lot of the content that you develop and publish will not be that great at first. It will be scattered and weak, but that’s okay because the process of learning to blog well is like a baby learning how to walk. A baby is going to wobble and fall at first – there is just no other way.

Over time, though, you will develop a very strong and clear voice on your topic. You’ll be able to blog confidently about it because you will have turned yourself into an authority. And eventually people will start writing nice things about you.

Your readers are waiting for you to lead them. What are you waiting for?


blog design

Of course, your readers demand that your blog look sharp and professional. But there are some other things they demand that are easy to ignore.

Here are some things that you cannot ignore:

  • Fonts and sizes – do you make it hard for your readers by making your font size too small? What about the contrast between the text and the background: is it easy to read?
  • Links – make links obvious by making them colored, preferably blue, and underlined. Make it obvious to see which links were visited and which were not. Write links that explain clearly what kind of content they connect to.
  • Flash – the only thing that flash does is pretty much annoy people. Don’t use it, and your readers will love you.
  • Write content for the web – this means short, scannable and clear.
  • Internal search does your on-site search engine provide relevant results? If not, then you might be frustrating your readers. Here’s a quick guide that will help you improve your onsite search.


Believe it or not, your blog readers want you to be famous. Why? If you are famous, they hope to get famous too.

If you’re not famous, then your first job is to identify the influencers you need to connect with. Try to build relationships with these influencers.

In addition to that, find out whom they listen to and respect, what they are interested in, what they need, where they hang out and what you can do for them. You will find that instead of having to impress a ton of people, you only need to identify a small number of people who will then influence the rest.

In fact, you only need to find ten people to impress. And persuading those influencers can mean finding intermediate influencers, friends of friends as it were.


The number one thing your blogging audience wants from you is confidence in you. If you don’t have that, then by extension your information is not going to be trusted.

How do you build trust? Simple:

  • Don’t tell lies – and if you are caught, fess up real quick. Dragging it out will only make matters worse.
  • Deliver on all your promises – don’t make promises unless you can keep them.
  • Try to understand your readers’ needs first – never stop learning who your readers are and what they want or need.
  • Never forget to say “thank you” – tell your readers constantly how grateful you are for their participation in your community.
  • Write clearly and openly – try to avoid using fancy language to seem smart. Use words that are easy to understand.
  • Give credit where credit is due – if someone shared an idea or a link with you, don’t use it without mentioning where it came from.
  • Admit when you are wrong – nobody likes an arrogant person who thinks he or she is always right.


The first step to great blogging is great content. After that, if you want to continue to grow and build an audience of loyal readers, you need to give them 8 things I mentioned above.

What other things should bloggers be giving their readers?

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  1. Great stuff.

    I’d say one of the ‘easiest’ way to give your blog personality is through pictures.

    Putting up one’s picture, not the passport type, but a tasteful sprinkling of photos of ‘you the blogger’ can help people put a face to your content (gives you personality and helps you build trust).

    What ya think?

  2. Great article, Neil.

    I’ve always waffled on the best blogging schedule. I like your advice to pick a schedule and stick to it.

    I’m also going to check out your link on how to improve a blog’s internal search. I think that’s something that would help my blog quite a bit.


    • Yep, it is easier for readers to trust consistency. If you keep to a regular schedule it will make you appear reliable.

      Definitely do give it a read. Let men know if those tips help you out.

  3. But do you think they want it more than great content?

    I think you need great content as a foundation, but these are the things that build you up from “good” to “great” as a blogger.

    • Definitely, like I said, “Content is King.” Always will be the most important thing. However, it doesn’t stop there. Like you said you have to build on good content to have a great blog. In order for people to trust in your content you have to build trust and a relationship with your readers and these tips can help you do so.

  4. Wow Neil. I tried thinking of other stuff to share, but you really covered a reader’s needs/wants/or-maybe-both in this one.

    I specially liked the part on building Trust Value to readers. It’s an essential part that reader’s must be able to understand (even if they don’t agree) what you are trying to blog about. Just posts that inform is like talking to a robot; what its saying may be informative, but it looks so programmed that you might not actually believe it.

    And that “dress to impress” article made me think how I look nowadays. Time to shop a bit. Anyway, great post as usual!

    • Thank you Abrena,

      Glad you enjoyed it. I have learned quite a bit over the years from my readers what they want and what they don’t want. It is better to have write about what you want then to become like you said a “robot,” no one likes to feel as if they are reading straight from a text book. Your readers may not always agree with you, but if you give them a well written, honest article then they will respect that.

      Great, they way you present yourself is they way people will perceive you. So make sure the impression you present is one of success and confidence. There will be no stopping you then!

  5. Great Share! I’m going to start using this for my blog content Thanks!

  6. I agree, however at the end of the day content is king. How do you get so much free time to write on this blog? You say you run these two big companies? Can’t be so big if you can write informative posts like these every 2-3 days. Just saying, would like to know as this will help other people with busy lifestyles?

  7. Great list–and a clever heading, since all of these guidelines ultimately *are* about content! I’m curious to know if you feel there are any differences when you apply these guidelines to a corporate or industry blog where you may have multiple personalities interacting with the readers.

    • With a corporate blog you want to make sure each writer has their own personality and readers know that. Make sure you add pictures of the writer for each post as well as a small bio on that person. That usually helps with corporate blogs.

  8. Regarding the frequency of writing, I follow the golden middle middle path as suggested by Gautam Buddha, two posts per week. If I feel super excited then make exception too.
    great ideas as always Neil.

    • Agreed, I too post twice a week, with the few exceptions here and there. It is a good medium that can allow you to produce consistent and valuable content. Without wearing yourself to thin or not sharing enough to keep your readers.

  9. I agree with responding to comments being paramount. I have a travel blog and respond to all my comments. There are a few other popular travel blogs I have in my RSS and I stopped leaving comments because they never answer and I’m actually offended by it.

    • Exactly, if you want your readers to continue to follow and support you then you have to show them you care. Responding to comments is the best way to do that. Another way is listening to what they want and giving it to them.

  10. Some great tips to follow. Blogging isn’t easy but the rewards are great if you stick to it.

    Even if you do not have monetary gain or influential fame, it helps to document your own personal milestones, growth and progress.

    • Definitely, blogging can be beneficial once you get the hang of it.

      Yep, sometimes blogging is just personal and not about trying to gain something like you said other then personal satisfaction.

  11. Hey Neil, Great detailed post. Keep it up 🙂

    I’m strong believer in Consistency and Connection to keep yourself engaged with the readers. I haven’t been that much consistent posting content on my blog but this is what I have monitored while checking with other guest blog sites.

    Also, Its great to see my comment & your feedback highlighted in the very first example 😉 that I made here -> http://www.quicksprout.com/2011/12/22/5-steps-to-a-better-seo-strategy/#comment-102341

    Keep sharing great ideas of yours!

    • Thanks Pratik,

      I agree, Keeping relevant and connected is important to keeping your readers coming back. I hope you get back to it.

      Awesome, glad you enjoyed it. 🙂

  12. You’re always a source of great tips. I was suprised when you took time to personally review my blog and offer suggestions. I’ve definitely known the importance of replying comments to make your readers happy. Thumbs up to you.

  13. In regards to your first point about connecting, one thing that I used to do was send a very short video email to first-time commentators just to say “thanks” for the comment and as a reply.

    I used Eyejot.com and their bookmarklet feature to do this. It allowed me to send a link to my site, with the video embedded in a thin bar across the top so that they can a.) see the video, and b.) access the post I was referencing.

    This was very well received by the people I sent videos to! (Really, I should start doing that again).

  14. I think besides having great content, brand recognition and awareness are also very important…

  15. Good and Fresh content is required for SEO but blog readers want everything perfect in the blog. These eight points are excellent to grow in the market with blog.

  16. Very cool tips. All things have their own importance while blogging. Authority and Trust – I think it will take time to build them.

  17. That’s a nice and detailed way of describing what goes into going beyond the mere minimum of the importance of content. Fulfilling as many as possible of these additional points would as you said raise the relationship with reader/subscrier to a higher level.

  18. I believe that apart from good content,we should be posting frequently. Also having some pictures inside the posts helps a lot as it looks attractive. Apart from that, I can say from my experience is that if you interact with people either through comments or through emails, they really appreciate it and people feel connected.

    • If you have time to post frequently and still provide valuable content then definitely do so. Yep, pictures and info-graphs work well in post. I agree your readers do appreciate as well as feel more connected when you interact and respond through comments and emails.

  19. I agree! If you build relationship with your readers, those are the ones who check your site regularly. My problem with my personal blog.. that it is too personal. People can’t much react on my topic ^_^

  20. I like the use of ‘personality’ while describing a blog; images, themes and font give the blog a persoanlity, its almost as if you can tell how the blog is going to be written even if there was no content! Theres nothing worse than a boring blog with no personality.

    • Definitely, bringing personality through colors and font is a great way to attract readers. Be careful not to go overboard though, you want to keep it simple but interesting.

  21. Well you pretty much covered everything here. You are right content can’t be all you provide. You need personality and to listen and respond when people do on your blog. Moderating your comments often is really important. I also remember the old article about sometimes you do need to just let it out and party with people. You never know who you will meet or what could come of it. People are a lot more open when drinking is involved.

    • Thanks,

      I like the mention of my old post, Why You Should Get Drunk – The ROI of Partying. It does help when you get out and about and meet new people. Especially when you are in a relaxed atmosphere with friends, such as a bar or club.

  22. As usual, spot on, on all counts. Great post, Neil. I remember the posts you referred to in this post. Ah, I love the feel-goodness of coming by and reading your blog. And then get sucked into your older posts. And lose track of time.

    This year I want to learn some basic SEO and a whole list of new things. The internet and a few good folks (like those influencers you mentioned) are such wonderful educators.

    Rock on! Neil! The Internet is a much better place with your insights.

    • Thank you Vidya, I appreciate your kind words. It is great you have made it a goal to learn some new things. Hopefully you have already picked up some useful tips here. I hope you will be back for more.

      Thanks for your support!

  23. John Alexander :

    Excellent tips this post Neil, thanks for sharing them.

  24. Very interesting post Neil. What you say about fame, and finding 10 people to impress is really spot on. I mean talk about having a targeted audience! Something to definately keep in mind.


  25. Neil, I love it! I hope to one day impress you.

  26. Thanks Neil! You are always insightful and present information in an easily understandable format that I must assume your readers appreciate. Kudos to you,Neil!

  27. Some tips on the design part to impress readers plz.

  28. If content is King, consistency is Queen has been a mantra of mine for awhile. Thanks for the great and thorough coverage of the other points in the article, superb writing as always.

  29. This is great stuff Neil.

    I am thinking I could use some of the 8 elements in my company website as I redesign it this week.
    Thanks for sharing.

  30. Fake it till you make it. Indeed. 🙂

  31. Nice article and I think you’re absolutely right. I find that I have questions after reading posts on most of my favorite blogs. I read the blogs because of the great content and the way they get me thinking. However, if the blogger is nowhere to be found (in comments, on Twitter, etc.) it kind of ruins the appeal for me.


    • I agree, responding to comments can be time consuming and may take a while but worth the effort in order to show your readers you care. Let me know if you ever have any questions. 🙂

  32. Hey Neil,

    Hope your enjoying your day. Thanks for all of the great content!!! I always look forward to hearing from you. How do you find the time to reply to all of these blog post, create content, consult with clients and still run two business. I’m sure you have a social life as well. I’d love to get some insight as to how you do it.

    Thanks for Everything!


    • Thanks Mike,

      Writing blog posts isn’t too time consuming for me… if I am not distracted I can crank out a post within 2 hours. Replying to comments can take sometime but is important for me to do.

      As for running 2 companies, I only focus on KISSmetrics. We have a team that runs Crazy Egg. We also have a lot of people at KISSmetrics so I can focus on strategy instead of worrying about small details.

  33. Neil,

    Love the fact that you threw, “If you are famous, they hope to get famous, too” in this list. I think everyone somewhere deep down would agree with this statement.

    I also think blog design has come a long way. Back 5 years ago, we could cringe at the blog design standards.

    I especially enjoy what you’ve done with QuickSprout!

    • Thank you Bobby,

      I agree, blog design has indeed come a long way and will continue to change and grow. I appreciate your support, glad you like the changes I have made to Quick Sprout!

  34. Hi Neil,

    Thanks for this awesome tips. I am going to re-setup my blog according to this tips.

    I also want to introduce myself to my user, so they can trust me. For this, I have a question in my mind, should I use my real name in my blog or a nick name? What do you prefer?

    • I think it is up to your personal preference on the name choice. Go with what works best for you. If you are already know or established by a nick name of some sort then stick to that. If not then I would just go with your name.

  35. I think readers want content they can use to solve a problem or achieve a result.

    Agree, your design here at quicksprout is very clean and easy on the eye.

    What do you think about creating a weekly feed as well as offering daily updates?

    • Thanks Brad, glad you like the design. I agree, content should be valuable to your readers. The weekly feed and daily update works. You may want to test the daily update and see if your readers respond well to it or not because you don’t want to come across spammy.

  36. great article Neil, completely agree your visitors will keep coming back only if they trust you. Its very important to be trustworthy. Will definitely check out your other links too.

    • Thanks, glad you agree. Trust is key to success. Gain your readers trust and you will have their support as well as their business. Cool, definitely check them out and let me know what you think.

  37. For sure, nice detailed analysis of those special qualities that might be hard to measure directly, yet could contribute a great deal to strengthening the relationship with readers, turning more into buyers who will hopefully tell others as well.

  38. Great stuff Neil, open, honest, polite, humble with a good mix of knowledge and authority. A definite recipe for a success. When you are transparent people can relate and respect you.

    Nice one Neil

  39. Good points . I especially like your point about responding to comments and trying to promote the guest post on stumbleupon and other social media sites. The more you give back the more writing opportunities you will get.

  40. Blogging with passion?

    I think it really depends on what kind of blog you are building. For example, we are building a programming tutorial site, so I do not think people want anything “passion” in tutorial articles.

  41. And I thoght I am the main part of my blogginf team. LOL.
    True Writeup Neil

  42. A blog that spouts lies will quickly die. I always tr yand make sue I research products before I promote them to my readers. I’d rather get burned myself than blindly leads others to be burnt.

    • Definitely,

      The lack of being thorough could cause your readers to distrust anything you say from then on. If your readers do not trust you, then you could loose many if not all of them.

  43. Awesome article, although I do believe content is the most important. Then the other 8 things.

  44. check out my new technology blog and please help me to grow it

  45. Neil, with respect to frequency of blogging – Do you notice that blog posts on the first page of a blog rank better than blog posts 4-5 pages back? I’ve noticed this on a few sites, but I’ve never really spent any time analyzing it formally. If a post being on the first page of a blog – or higher on the page – matters for SEO, it might be helpful to select a blogging frequency based on the traffic/SEO of the site. For example, on a smaller site, it might take a week or two for a new blog post to “germinate” and get ranked. Blogging daily might push down rank-able posts before they’ve had a chance to blossom. Thoughts?

    • That’s correct. It’s this way because your homepage typically has the highest pagerank. And any pages linked from your homepage tend to rank really well.

      I wouldn’t worry about posts being pushed down because if they are good other people will link to them and they will rank higher over time.

  46. Hey Neil,

    Wow… This is an incredible blog post!
    I appreciate how thorough your information is.
    I agree with the ‘No Flash’ statement – That really is one of the things that tends to turn me off blogs more than anything else… The cleaner, the better.
    I also love that you put ‘Connection’ as your first component to this post. Not only does everyone love acknowledgment for their time and efforts, but it really can help create/establish a relationship where there may not have been one. Plus, you are seen as a real person who does care about, and stays active with your commentator community.
    Excellent job, Neil!
    I look forward to checking out more of your blog posts in the future!


    • Thank you Kayla,

      I appreciate the kind words, glad you liked it. Making connections is the most important aspect of blogging. That is generally why people blog, to connect with others. Look forward to having you come back. 🙂

  47. A blogger should response to the readers comment, it’s one of the good idea to make the reader to once again visit the blog.

  48. This post now goes to the top of my to-do-things-when-blogging, Neil. Fresh, relevant and informative content is a must in blogging, no excuses. More importantly, make your readers come back to you. I’ve had a familiar experience a decade ago, when I was actively submitting articles for Wikipedia — no emotion, neutrality, the whole shebang. So be it.

  49. Hi,

    Very insightful post! Good content without personality won’t help you build an audience. We need to incorporate interactivity in our blogs. Also replying to comments as soon as possible is one way we can spark interaction with our audience and increase their engagement.

    All the best,


    • Thank you Judy,

      It is always important to add a personal touch to your blog. That way you won’t come across like a text book. Replying to comments can be time consuming but definitely worth the extra work.

  50. I think brand recognition and awareness is must for the good content.

  51. Thanks for this great post. One more thing that i would like to know. I too have a blog for my website. Whenever I write and publish an article it gets indexed in the search engines yahoo and bing within an hour but it takes months to get indexed in google. What is the actual reason?

    • I am not sure about that. I would check out Google Webmaster Tools and see if they have any messages or alerts in there for your site. That might explain why it is taking a long time.

  52. Thank you for the post. Actually am having some blogs..Am writing my own articles……But it is not indexed in google. Can u explain the reason Neil?

  53. Another great post, Neil. Thank you very much. This article can also help me while doing my blog SEO and it is also useful for most of the webmasters. Thank you.

  54. Bibiano Wenceslao :

    Got here from Inbound.org. Neil, this is awesome! I’ve learned a lot from here. I’ve just started this little semi-personal blog of mine. You’ve definitely help out a blogging startup like me – and I just grabbed your RSS feed!


  55. I agree – content is major but it’s not the only thing. Wikipedia does rank tops for most of its keywords but it doesn’t have a face, so it seems.

    Thanks again, for yet another awesome post!

  56. Hey Neil, I was just browsing your site and I noticed that on each page this post is popping up:”Learn How TechCrunch Grew Their Traffic by 30% Through SEO” which brings us to your pro package. I think it’s brilliant! Do you use a WP plugin for that or is it custom?

  57. Consistency in following up to the people that you comment to is important. This, as well as the other blogs, is very helpful. We sometimes forget that the reader needs connection.

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  59. Interesting article, thank you for the info. In my opinion content is everything. You can put your blog on a different sites like FB, twitter or others and the readers will come, read and they will be gone in a minute. The content is the king, it makes readers stay.

  60. I agree blog writing is an art. Blog Design is also very important if you want people to come back to your blog

  61. hey neil,
    again a different awesome post. i really liked that you have mentioned trust and passion in the list. i actually believe in it.



  62. Hi!,,,,,
    Great Share! I’m going to start using this for my blog content I think its really help me,,,Thanks!

  63. There are a few other popular travel blogs I have in my RSS and I stopped leaving comments because they never answer and I’m actually offended by it.

  64. it is mostly correct and guys do visit my blog thanks

  65. The funniest part of this comment “Flash – the only thing that flash does is pretty much annoy people. Don’t use it and you’ll readers will love you.” is that some developers feel the exact opposite as you do on this. I completely agree with you but it’s funny how many developers swear by this. Great tips as always.

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