10 Hard-Hitting Link Building Tactics That’ll Boost Your Rankings

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In early December 2011, I wrote a quick-and-dirty guide to modern-day link baiting. In case you missed it, here’s a snapshot:

  1. Infographics – perhaps one of the most popular forms of link bait, inforgraphics turn complex data into meaningful stories using graphics.
  2. Egobait – the concept behind this form of link bait is simple: appeal to someone’s ego. Think Ad Age’s Power 150.
  3. Interviews – do interviews with other bloggers, and you’re going to get links, traffic and a growing audience.
  4. Micro sites – creating a micro site around an idea can go viral like The University of Victoria’s The Anything Project.
  5. Drawings – a good drawing can go viral and attract links and traffic to your site. Hugh MacLeod and FAKE GRIMLOCK are good examples.
  6. Videos – Jib Jab’s Elf Yourself or Rhett and Link’s FAIL Caption videos went viral, attracting links and driving traffic.
  7. Quizzes – Mingle’s The Blog Verbosity Test and The Moon Survival Challenge spread across the web as people shared and linked to each.
  8. Stories – If all else fails, simply fall back on an old-time favorite: the story.

Now that you are up to speed on link bait, let’s look at ten more ways you can build links to your site, giving a jolt to your link building campaign.

Tactic 1: Collecting and sharing content

There are a couple different ways in which you can collect and share content. The first way is one of the oldest: “link love” posts.

These posts aren’t as common today since most people share links through Twitter or Facebook. Basically, you take a roundup of the best articles you read during the week and share them in a post.

Here’s how Copyblogger does it:

copyblogger links

The other basic way to collect and share content is to simply have a site devoted to aggregating content. This is what Drudge Report does. It’s not original content, but it’s usually comprehensive. These sites become famous if they can be the first to break a story.

Another simple but great example is Arts and Letters Daily. Three articles described in two sentences with a link are delivered each day:

arts links

Takeaway: Collecting and sharing content will build a loyal audience of followers who look toward seeing what interesting stuff you can share. Naturally, you’ll get links as they share the content with their audiences.

Tactic 2: Getting business links

This is a little time consuming, but it will get high-quality links to your site that will generate great traffic and authority. You want to think about all the different ways you can get businesses or local sites to send you traffic. Here’s a short list Aaron Wall provided:

  • Join the Better Business Bureau. They’ll link to you once you are a member.
  • Join the local Chamber of Commerce, which will likely link to you once you are a member.
  • Get your city and state governments to link to you by submitting your site to the relevant government sites.
  • Get your library to link to you.
  • Get business partners and non-competing businesses to link to you.
  • Launch an affiliate program.

When it comes to the affiliate links, you have to make sure the URLs don’t contain extraneous characters, or else those may not count.

Takeaway: Hunting down links that are related to your business and are from local sites is a great way to get high-quality links that have authority and tell Google and other search engines that you are trustworthy.

Tactic 3: Collecting testimonials or opinions for an article

Another way to build links back to an article on your site is to write a piece where you make a call for testimonials, stories and opinions.

Say you are writing an article on blogging tools that pros use. During your research, you’ll want to reach out to some influential bloggers and thought leaders and ask them for their recommendations.

interview links

If you make it simple and remind them that they’ll get credit back to their sites, most people will respond. Then you can use their testimonials or opinions, and when the page goes live, email them to let them know.

Takeaway: More than likely, they’ll link back to the page you created and share it with their audiences. If you’ve got ten bloggers sharing their opinions and just three of them link back, that’s huge!

Tactic 4: Interviewing big bloggers

Like the tactic where you ask for their opinions or testimonials, requesting an interview with an influential blogger will also help you build links back to your site.

But you have to do it right.

Bloggers are busy, and while they may not get requests for interviews all the time, they are going to be selective to protect their time. So, you need to present an interview that’s unique…

  • Do they have a controversial stand on a topic that you think maybe they’d like to explain further?
  • Do you have an audience that you think they’ll be interested in?
  • Can you make them think or talk about something that is new or surprising to them?

Takeaway: Snagging that interview with a big blogger and then publishing it on your site will lead to high-quality links coming back to your site when the blogger mentions it and his or her audience starts sharing it.

Tactic 5: Redesign your site with a good CSS design

Do you have a beautiful design on your site? Does your website use CSS? If not, you can order a new CSS design for your site. If you have a beautifully CSS-designed site, you can then submit your site to galleries like Best Web Gallery, CSS Elite or CSS Mania.

Submission to these galleries is easy through the CSS Gallery List, which will submit to 100 galleries for $20. Or you can manually go to each gallery and submit your site for free.

css links

Takeaway: The benefit is obvious. If you get accepted to these galleries, you’ll get high-quality links back to your site.

Tactic 6: Running contests

Competition is a great way to generate activity with your audience that not only increases engagement but also increases the number of links coming back to your site.

Designing a contest can be as easy as giving away a prize in exchange for a link, or it can be as complex as having contestants write a 1,000-word essay.

Or it could be for the best design or idea on a given topic.

But don’t stop promoting link building when the contest is over. Show who the clear winner is, and if you can post all of the entries, do so. Each contestant is likely to link to it to share with his or her audience if the contestant sees his or her entry on your site.

Takeaway: When you are running a contest, make sure it is vote-based. This way, the contestants will blog about their entry and link to your website to convince their followers to vote for them.

Tactic 7: Comparing competitor link data

If you have a competitor ranking high for a term you’d like to rank high for, then you need to figure out who is linking to that competitor’s website.

That means tracking them all down, putting them in a spreadsheet and then slowly working on attracting those links. To get those links, you’ll probably have to email the webmasters and politely ask for a link. You have more control over the kind of links you get this way, although whether the webmaster agrees or not is another story.

Takeaway: By scoping out your competitors, you can uncover some gaps and missed opportunities in your own link-building strategies while ranking for the same keywords as they are.

Tactic 8: How social media impacts search

Social media impacts search rankings by the links that are generated from FB posts, tweets or LinkedIn. For example, we know that the more tweets a link receives, the better it performs in search rankings.

We also know that Bing gets social cues from Facebook, while Google gets them from Twitter. These companies want to know what’s trending, what influences different social signals and to where links are pointing.

Start creating link bait that gets more retweets and Facebook shares/likes as that’ll boost your rankings.

Takeaway: Don’t give up on your normal SEO strategies or link building tactics and think that social media is the silver bullet. It’s not, mostly because so much of how exactly it impacts search is unknown. But it can’t hurt to use it.

Tactic 9: Re-purposing your content

Coming up with fresh content all the time is hard. However, you can use old content and re-purpose it to create new stuff that will generate even more links for the same content.

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Turn a dozen or so posts into a PDF that you can then post on Scribd and Docstoc.
  • Turn a series of posts into a slide share document.
  • Submit your how-to posts to sites like eHow.
  • Create a video of a series of posts and then upload to the top video sites like Vimeo and YouTube.

youtube links

Takeaway: Re-purposing old content to create new content can give life back to your link building strategy, driving high-quality juice and traffic back to your site. Just make sure you double-check to see if the sites you are submitting to are using nofollows as those links won’t count.

Tactic 10: Write a meme-tracking and social bookmarking-worthy post

Before you write a post, check out meme trackers like TechMeme and see what ideas are trending. Then write a post about that trending idea, using a lot of your own original content, and submit it.

Next have your friends and followers bookmark it with delicious or submit it to digg. These sites don’t have the same power they did a few years ago, but it’s worth it to leverage them as they still command millions of visitors, and those visitors will link back to your website.

Takeaway: If the post you write gains traction and becomes a trending topic, then you can expect lots of high-quality links, driving traffic to your site.


If you want to create a site that’s got authority and ranks high, then you need to take your link building campaign to the next level by using these tactics. So, give them a try and let me know how many links you get as a result of these tactics.

So, what other hard-hitting link building tactics do you use?

P.S. For more help boosting your rankings click here.


  1. Mohideen @ Make Money Blog :

    Social media is playing an vital role in seo it will help to boost up search rankings

    • Yep, you have got it. Social media is extremely beneficial if you learn how to properly utilize the different sites.

    • Social media plays a big role everywhere these days. You need to acknowledge that and try to take advantage of it.

      • Yea, its so funny on how many companies still ignore it when the data shows that it plays a huge role.

        • I’m new with the social media marketing, but it definitely helps! I think business see it as important but don’t know how to take advantage of it. I’m into local marketing for local businesses here in Alaska and most businesses I talk to want to add social media to their marketing efforts but have no idea how to.

        • Neil, I don’t get it. How can a IT company get benefit from Social Media and its promotions? AFAIK, only the electronic gadgets companies and soft drinks, beverage companies are making use of it. Is it because of the user base? When we sell a product we are more concerned about the buying authority in a company. Same way goes for FB, where there are more young people than the business people. They would be more interested in reading an actor’s biography or the discount they could get on a pizza, drinks.

          What do I miss here?

  2. Philip Benton :

    Excellent post Neil, I’ve been a reader of yours for a while now and regularly share your posts with my followers.

  3. dwight zahringer :

    All great tips – good collection Neil!

  4. Get Traveling! :

    Doesn’t joining the BBB and a chamber of commerce cost a lot of money though?

  5. Great tips as always Neil.

    I thought you would have included guest blogging and commenting.

    Are these not as effective, or just too obvious?

    • I have mentioned those tactics on previous post. Yes, they are effective and I would recommend doing that as well.

  6. Hey Niel,

    Excellent stuff, as always. I love the tips about re-purposing the content with Slideshare & scribd.

    Thanks for sharing this awesome post.


  7. Excellent tactics, what about article submissions for directories?

  8. Good post.

    In reference to the impact of social media, Google desperately wants Google+ to become relevant enough that it takes signals from it to affect rankings. It seems almost designed for that purpose, in fact.

    Do you think that this will happen anytime soon, and is it worth it to invest as much time into Google+ as FB or Twitter?

    • It is better to focus on Twitter and FB. Those sites for the time being will have the largest impact. Google+ may have an equal impact in the future but as of now no one knows for sure.

  9. all n all..its all about the Social media. its clear picture that without help of Social Media, none of the business can succeed easily.
    Also i am agree on the point of Social media impact on rankings, Google Use Google+ signals for rankings. i think this is the way Google will populate its so called “Social Networking” project.

    Thanks Neil for Classi Post again!

    • Social media is definitely a key tool in building a successful business. By using these sites you are able to connect and network with a vast amount of people. I believe every business today should be utilizing and taking advantage of these sites.

  10. Andrea Bolder :

    Awesome post. Some of these link building tactics I’ve never heard of but will be trying stat!

    I’ve used Scribd, Calemeo and Slideshare to re purpose my content which has brought more traffic to my site.

    The business links bit is intriguing as well.

    Thanks for broadening my horizons and giving some fresh link building ideas.


    • Thanks Andrea,

      Glad this post has taught you some new things. Definitely try and implement some of these tips and see how they work out for you.

  11. I use tactic 5 for every website i create. It works well. The design community is constantly looking for design inspiration, so if you use this tactic be sure to have a really nice site.

    • Cool, sounds good. I agree everyone, especially people in design are constantly in need of inspiration and motivation. Definitely, it is always a good idea to have a nice and professional looking site.

  12. Eleazar @ Early Retirement Investments :

    Using social media especially Twitter, Facebook and Google+ is now a great strategy to strategically build links that seems to survive Panda update.

  13. Joshua Castagnet :

    I am curious about your comment on how effective article marketing is these days:
    “They use to work, but they are not to effective these days.”

    This is a common thread online but I have yet to see hard evidence supporting this stance.

    What do you base your opinion on? Do you have data, stats, etc. you care to share…?

    Thank you, Neil.

    • Josh, great question. I think market saturation is one of the most telling indicators of the decreased effectiveness of article marketing. Authority and clout is harder to come by when everyone is pumping out similar content. Sure content is king, but unique content is gold. I think leveraging the right sources is vital.

  14. Hey Neil.

    Hope you had a nice Xmas.

    Gotta love this post and the frequency with which you pump these bad boys out.

    What do you reckon about some of these tactics that attract a lot of traffic and links all at once and then get a dreadful bounce rate from Google for the long term. I understand after Panda that bounce rate is a big indicator.

    Thanks Neil.


  15. Great stuff again Neil loving your content!

    I snagged a couple of interviews last year and to be honest it wasn’t as hard as I first thought. I found sending the interviewee a list of questions you intend to ask is a good start. at least they know what’s coming.

    I am busy creating a series of posts at the moment to repurpose later.

    Thanks Neil

    • Thank you Dan,

      I appreciate your support. Yep, it isn’t that hard. Most people are willing to do interview when they can find time in their schedules. I agree, if you send them a list a head of time it may make the interview run more smoothly. Keep up the hard work!

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  18. Damn Neil, When will you start putting some love into your post? :p

    That was comprehensive!

  19. really i had improved my blogging knowledge after subscribing this blog .thank you neil . good information about css


    • That is great to hear. I am happy that this site has been beneficial to your learning. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

  20. Extremely well written post with full of information i had never failed in getting traffic after reading and using your thought in my post.

  21. Free Download Buzz :

    Hey Neil awesome post. Social media marketing in today’s time is a must do activity and it should be implemented as early as possible to get the better results for the website. Whether it is Facebook, Twitter or Google plus every one should concentrate on these social media sites in order to get tons of traffic as well as it will also help to get better higher rankings on search engines.

    • Definitely, you have got it. Social media today is the greatest tool every company should be using to their advantage.

  22. Thanks for posting about link building. I have never heard of all these suggestions before reading this post. Great information for me to use in the future. It seems like a lot of work must be put in to have a successful strategy using these tactics, but it pays off in the end. Like someone would have to know how to use a spreadsheet. Since I’m new to this information, thanks for showing some examples of each tactic such as how The Anything Project was a micro site. Good information for struggling bloggers who want to gain popularity!

    • Yes, a lot of work has to go into anything in order for it to be successful. I am glad this post has helped you to become better informed. I appreciate the feedback and happy to know that the examples were useful to you.

      Best of luck!

  23. Posts take time but if written well like how Neil does, can attract lots of social media attention.

  24. Rosendo Cuyasen :

    This is a great way to build you links. I think there’s a lot more to build your back links but these technique is better than the others.

    Thank you for posting this tips again.

  25. I am a new link builder and am going trying to your idea. Thanks for sharing….

  26. Thanks Neil. Posting some answers on answers boards with a link to your site in the signature is also a good way to build some high quality permanent links.

  27. Hi Neil,

    I had 21 google link in Oct 2011 . Now I have only 11 Google back link. I have gone through your blog. It must will help me.

    If there is any new way to generate google back link please let me know.

    Thanks for such great post.

  28. Hey Neil awesome link building tactics. To get more exposure and to create the solid brand on the web then social media marketing is very necessary, so this year i.e. in 2012 the importance of social media websites has been increased a lot and it is very essential to develop the strong presence on Facebook, Twitter as well as on Google+.

    • I agree, social media today has become such an important tool that it would be unwise not to take advantage of it. It provides your business access to a vast market. If you want to build a bigger and more successful company then you need to get involved in social media.

  29. skype callnplay :

    Thanks neil for this. I know this could help. Sites and my blog had been improving. share more. :)) thank you.. thank you.

    • Happy theses tips have be helpful to you. If you ever have questions feel free to ask. I’ll keep sharing, so keep coming back to read!

  30. Ivan Dimitrijevic :

    Hi Neil. Really great and useful post.
    Nice tactic solutions for advanced link building campaigns.
    I have to admit I am a big fan of hard recource pages. :]

  31. cheese of the month :

    Awesome tips, never thought about getting your local library to link to you not only is it a great referral from a reputable local source, but they be .edu or .gov sites too, which are given more weight for SEO.

    • Yep, getting local reputable businesses to link to you can be a huge benefit. Give that a try and let me know how it works out for you!

  32. Good thoughts about infographics. Looking to create one in the near future.

    • Thanks, definitely give info-graphs a try. They truly are a great asset to blogs, your readers will really enjoy them.

  33. Awesome post as usual, Neil. Learned a lot again, every single time I visit your site.

    I’d like to add something to tactic #5 and #9 for those starting in linkbuilding and SEO (like me). You guys might want to try this out.

    On #5, if you think that bloggers are busy, you can just do a crowdsource type of interview. It’s a powerful way to ego-bait (refer to Neil’s post on ego-baits) as well, since bloggers (and their followers) will be sharing something that they are in (mostly).

    And for #9, some ways to re-purpose your content are to create infographs and/or kinetic typographies out of them. Not only do they look good in the eye, but they catch a reader’s attention so well that your post would be magnified into something much better. Just make sure that the new media content you are doing is of high quality.

    Also Neil, ” These sties don’t have the same power they did” I think you spelled sites wrong? Just pointing a very minor spelling error.

    More power to Quicksprout!

    • Thank you John,

      I am glad to hear you visit often and find these post helpful. Cool, I appreciate you sharing your thoughts, those are some great ideas worth giving a try. Thanks for your suggestions.

      I may have, i’ll take a look and fix it. Thanks for pointing it out!

    • Hi,
      Could you explain what ‘ a crowd source type of interview’ is, please?
      Many thanks

      • It’s actually a type of a “mini-interview” where you make a post about a certain topic of interest.

        Let’s say your topic is “the best burger store in the US”. You might want to e-mail or ask influential people that are known to like burgers (food critics, chefs, etc.) a certain question (example, “which burger joint do you like best?”) then compile them into your post. This is one good way of attracting readers, since the post contains the opinions of known personalities, and when you share it on your social networks (and luckily, if your interviewees do) even their followers will take a look at your site and share it as well. 🙂

      • Here is an example: http://blog.crazyegg.com/2012/01/30/amazon-mobile-website-design/

  34. Gregory Ciotti :

    Awesome post Neil!

    You actually included a screenshot of my presentation hitting the SlideShare homepage (“Content Marketing on SlideShare”), I can attest to any readers checking this post out that it brought me a ton of traffic, definitely worth your time!

  35. fullbreastenlargement :

    I’ve been searching for different ways to improve my link building to many different sites, until I found yours. Now I feel like all the pieces of the puzzle within my head are put together, and your content is practically the glue needed to that stick them. Very useful and simple information.

    PS: I love the way you highlight the most important information gathered from each step you provide.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Thank you, I appreciate the kind words. Very happy to know this post has been useful to you and helped “piece” your puzzle together. 🙂

  36. You have hit the nail on the head buddy, with this post you have shared all the ideas which can only boost the rankings of a site in great way. With the help of this post people will now can plan their way for getting good rankings for their sites. Keep moving like this and share more wonderful information like this.

    • Thanks Steve,

      Nice to hear you liked it. Thank you for your support. I will keep doing my best, so keep coming back for more!

  37. Neil, Great Post. Actually the link building is the most complicated thing to do in SEO / Online Marketing. But you really opened my mind here, with all the tips. Ive realised that one can make as many websites as possible, optimised it to 100%, but if the links are not coming, it’s better to immediately shut down the site.

    Would like you to put another quality post about the thing of SEO and SMM with the recent changes taking place where some have already written the death of SEO. 🙂 Is that so? Do I really need to be on facebook or G+. How do I build links there when my Friend surrounding is limited, when basically I myself, am not a brand.

    Thanks in advance!

    • Hey Davek,

      I have a back log of posts that I will be posting on Quick Sprout in the near future, but I will take that idea into account.

      Thanks for reading Quick Sprout.

  38. Great post Neil with easy to implement tactics. Thank you for sharing!

  39. I remember one of your SEO tips in your previous article – to implement what we have learned. I have learned a lot from reading this article, gained lot of SEO tactics… now the next thing is… execution. We can also consider outsourcing.

    • Yep, execution is key. Outsourcing is not a bad idea if you have the resources to do so. If I know I can hire someone to do something I need done better, then I do.

  40. I learn so much every time I visit. So much great info to help with SEO tactics. Now to find businesses to link to me.

    • Great, glad you could find useful information here. Let me know if you have any questions as you go.

      Best of luck!

  41. Hi Neil.

    Excellent post (and awesome tag cloud)!

    The way that you position these tools clarifies that link building is a critical, long-term component of building authority and relevance. As a content creator and strategist,I sometimes run into trouble trying to explain why the seemingly limitless cogs in link-building client sites take time to build and benefit from. I will be taking lessons from this post. Clean, clear, simple and VARIED. Good show, sir.

  42. These are really good tips. The advice is sound. I especially like the first tactic about gathering and sharing. I’m ready to give it a shot.

    • Thanks, definitely try these tips out and see how they work for you. Let me know if you have any questions a long the way.

  43. Great article. Starting a new website can be hard and the best way to get it ranked and get some Google love is to build some good backlinks. These tactics are great to get some good backlinks.

  44. Interesting post. My Link building efforts had hit a bit of a wall, so coming across this post was just the thing I need to get started up again.

  45. Excellent tips. I’m getting out of the spammy link-building practices and moving into the whitehat ones. It’s not an easy transition but I’ll definitely refer to this post from time-to-time.

    • Sounds good, moving away from spam type link building will definitely be better for you in the long run. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

      Best of luck.

    • What I have learnt so far in my SEO strategy is that sooner or later you get penalized either by google or most website owners if you try to spam their websites. It takes time but the focus should be on gradual link building.

  46. Does social media websites help in getting good ranking? I am not sure but I feel that they dont help in link building much and they only help in getting great amount of visitors? I liked the idea of hosting a contest which actually gets a lot of links from other bloggers. But can you share few ideas regarding contests?

  47. Hi Neil Patel,
    You are good content write, i have good and unique content but i want to get any platform where i can publish this useful content so that these websites can gives traffic and boosts my keyword positions.
    Please help me out, i am looking forward to see your reply

    • Hi John,
      I know I am not Neil, but may be I can Guide in some way. First of all you need to target your audience, and write what they want to hear from you. then select a domain anme, a good design, believe me everyone loves a good design and you are ready. Post daily and keep your listners updated.

    • Have you thought about using WordPress? That platform is also pretty optimized for search engines.

      As for boosting traffic and rankings, it all depends on where you promote your content.

  48. Andrew Isidoro :

    Hi Neil,

    I liked your point about re-purposing content. Have you had any expereince with using Pinterest to share image content?

    I’ve heard alot about it and have played a little but not in any real depth, but it looks like it could be an ideal place to revitalise an old infographic or interesting image.


    • Hey Andrew,

      I have started looking into Pinterest. It is growing quickly and is potentially a great site for things such as sharing images and infographs. I have to check it out more but I may soon join Pinterest myself!

  49. Thanks for the advice, Neil. I started blogging because I wanted an outlet for all of the reading I do and some of the experiences I have. I always strive to provide valuable content. To be honest, I am not that technical. So I need posts like this. Is it possible to avoid just being another 1 in a million blogs on leadership/tech, without getting completely bogged down in SEO and keyword optimization?

    • It is. To separate yourself you have to come up with a unique proposition. Figure out a unique style or something else that makes your blog different from the rest.

  50. Vastu Shastra tips :

    Hey Neil, Divya here. I must say that this article is one of the rare gems I have come across with respect to tips on link building. I think tactic 4 i.e. conducting interviews of big bloggers, is probably a really good idea to build your presence in the blogging community as well – if you intend to be a long term blogger off course.
    Nice work though! Keep it up 🙂

    • Thanks Divya. Conducing interviews is great… I even wrote a blog post on how to get more interviews recently.

  51. Hey Neil,
    I have just becoming your fan. Had read two of your posts, and they are great in one word. I have followed few of your mentioned tactics for my blog. To me, seems like StumbleUpon worked most, after checking in Google Analytics.

    • If you find Stumble working, keep on leveraging it. Participate in the community and write more content that the love.

  52. Good post on link building which is still most important aspect of SEO. Your tactics are better than those found at other places specially as the focus is on getting genuine links, as back links are not just for search engines, people too follow them.

  53. Good post, but I disagree with most of the section on getting business links especially with regards to setting up affiliate link programs. Five years ago that was a relevant thing to do, but presently, it’s a surefire way to destroy your link profile. As for getting backlinks from local gov sites or libraries…I wouldn’t hold my breath on that either.

    • Getting links from gov sites and libraries is still very possible.

      One of my buddies has tons of links for the postal service…

      As for affiliate programs, I am still seeing websites leverage that tactic successfully.

  54. Great post on link building tactics, Neil. Social media is fast becoming a niche and everyone should join the bandwagon. I wholly disagree about the talk about social media affecting Google — they’re totally different animals but dependent on the other. People network and search, basically. As for search rankings, that remains to be seen.

  55. The article is very good..Can u say any new strategies about link building???

  56. Thanks Neil for a great post!! I have two questions for you though:

    1. With Tactic #1 (sharing links), you say at the end, “naturally you’ll get links as they share the content with their audiences”. If they are sharing the links you’re sharing, how does that turn into a link for you? Wouldn’t they just share the link you shared them? and not your link listing the links (does that make ANY sense?) What am I missing here?

    2. Have you heard of this strategy using Tumblr as a link building source? Do you think this is black hat? or okay?


    I don’t want to do it if it’ll end up biting me in the butt later on.


    • 1. When you share links, people notice it and in many cases others link to your post… especially the site you linked to. They’ll link to some of your newer stuff.

      2. I have. I don’t think it is blackhat and I think it is ok. You just can’t go through services or sites that offer any links. Instead you just have to create a good tumblr blog and you can link back to yours from it. Or write good info on yours and try to convince other tumblrs to link to your blog.

  57. Neil,

    You talk about affiliate links in tactic#2.

    You say “When it comes to the affiliate links, you have to make sure the URLs don’t contain extraneous characters or else those may not count.”

    Could you elaborate on this?

    As someone who deals with various affiliate links, I am interested in finding a way to present them in the best way possible. I have looked into disguising the links, but I have heard that it may be penalized by Google.

    I’ve already bookmarked your site, your content is exceptional!

    • Links that contains characters like * & % @ are not good. Those are extraneous characters.

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    • Cool, thanks for sharing that with everyone. That is definitely one way to gain additional links. Hopefully it will work for others as well.

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    • There are some software tools that check for backlinks, however, I think the best strategy is to look through directories and manually check.

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