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blogging guide

About a month ago, I broke down my process of writing popular blog posts. In case you missed it, here’s how I write a blog post:

  1. Use simple words – don’t try to use fancy vocabulary as it makes blog posts harder to read and understand. As a general rule of thumb, use vocabulary that a 5th-grader can understand.
  2. Use the word “you” – instead of using the word “we” or “them” in your blog posts, use the word “you”. By doing this, you are trying to make your readers feel like it’s just you and them, as if you were sitting down at a cafe for a cup of coffee.
  3. Write how-to posts – people like posts that can teach them something. How-to posts are the perfect way of doing this. My first blog was a top 100 blog on the Internet, according to Technorati. I was able to do this because I wrote a lot of how-to posts.
  4. Write detailed posts – when I first started Quick Sprout, my blog posts weren’t very detailed, and the blog wasn’t growing in traffic. Once I started to write more detailed blog posts, my traffic started going through the roof.
  5. Hook your readers – from using creative headlines to creating a sense of urgency, you need to hook your readers if you want them to read your blog posts. One thing I learned from Copyblogger and Problogger is that using stats in your headlines is a great way to hook readers.
  6. Create a conversation – if you’ve noticed, I have a tendency to italicize words within my blog posts, and I tend to ask questions at the end. If you do it, it will help create a conversation with your readers, which will help you get more comments per blog post.
  7. Prove your points – if you don’t use stats to back up your points, you’ll start to lose credibility with your readers. So start using stats.
  8. Show your authority – people have tons of options when it comes to reading blogs, so why should they read yours? If you can show that you are an authority without bragging about it, it can help you win over the readers. Just look at the way I mentioned I was a Technorati 100 blogger above.
  9. Care about your readers – the most important aspect of blogging is to care about your readers. Don’t just blog for the sake of it. Do it because you want to help people out. From responding to people’s comments to responding to your readers’ emails, care about them.

Now that you are up to speed on how I write blog posts, here is my guide to blogging:

Topics are everything

A good blog starts with great content. If you aren’t writing great content, no one will want to read it.

If you are creative, that’s great because you won’t have any issues coming up with good topics to write on. If you aren’t creative like me, you can use this process to come up with topic ideas:

  • Step 1: Go to all of your competitors’ blogs and look to see which of their blog posts did well on Twitter and Facebook and which ones did not. I typically list all of the headlines in an Excel spreadsheet along with the number of re-tweets and Facebook shares each post got.
  • Step 2: Go to Tweetmeme, browse the topics in your industry and see what has been trending for the last 24 hours as well as the last 7 days.
  • Step 3: Head to Google Trends and Google News to see what’s trending there. You can perform a few searches to see what’s hot in your industry.

Now that you have a good understanding of what’s hot and what’s not, you want to come up with similar to the hot ones topic ideas as these are the topics that people will most likely want to read and share on the web.

Be consistent

Now, before you start blogging, you need to know one really important fact.

When I first started Quick Sprout, I blogged every week. I was very consistent, and my traffic was slowly growing over time. But then I got busy, and I stopped blogging on a consistent basis, which caused my traffic to stop growing and sometimes even decrease.

If you want to grow your blog continually, you need to learn to blog on a consistent basis. As John Chow, a blogger who makes $40,000 a month from his blog, states, the most important aspect of blogging is to stay consistent.

Timing is everything

Once you start getting in the swing of writing on a regular basis, you have to start timing your blog posts.

Dan Zarella surveyed 1,400 bloggers to find out when you are most likely to read blog posts. Do you know what the answer is? It’s during the morning.

So, if you are going to publish a blog post, do so during the morning as that’s when people tend to read them.

And if you are going to pick a day to publish a blog post, Mondays and Thursdays are the best days according to Hubspot, who analyzed 170,000 blogs.

If you want to publish blog posts during other days or times, that’s fine, but you won’t get as much traction as you would if you posted them during optimum days/times. One way to solve this is to start scheduling your blog posts like I do.

Time your social promotions

Based on an infographic by KISSmetrics, more than 50% of people who use the social web are based in Eastern Standard Time. So, when you are timing your social promotions, make sure you use Eastern Standard Time as your default time zone.

If you are trying to get the most re-tweets, 5 p.m. EST is when you should tweet your blog posts. It’s because 6% of all of the re-tweets on Twitter happen during 5 p.m. EST.

On the other hand, if you want to get the most traffic from Facebook, promote your blog posts at noon during Saturdays. This is when they get the most Facebook shares.

To get the most traffic from the social web, don’t just promote your blog posts on all social sites at the same time. Make sure you use different promotion times for each social site.

Time your emails

If you have a blog, you should be collecting emails. Whether it’s through Feedburner or AWeber, you want to collect email addresses so you can notify your readers when you have a new blog post.

Just because you are publishing your blog posts during the mornings on Mondays and Thursdays doesn’t mean you should be sending out emails during those times.

Funnily enough, emails have the highest open rates on the weekends. And they have the highest click-through rates at 6 a.m. EST. Who would have thought that people prefer to read emails at 6 a.m. on the weekend?

By the same token, you have to control the number of emails you are sending out because if you send too many, you’ll notice that you’ll get a lot more complaints than if you were sending only a few.

Ask your readers

With all of the traffic you have coming from the social web, you should have enough readers to gather information from. You can start doing creative things like surveying them. For example, I’ve surveyed you on numerous occasions on how I can improve Quick Sprout and what topics you want me to blog about.

Here are some of the responses you gave me.

ki question

By surveying your readers on a consistent basis, you can continually improve your blog. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what you want. It only matters what your readers want. So, start giving them what they want instead of focusing on what makes you happy.


If you follow everything I mentioned in this blog post, you’ll have a popular blog that thousands of people will read on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if you are starting from scratch or already have a blog. Follow the rules above, and you’ll get thousands of visitors to your blog.

crazyegg blog stats

Just look at the image above. Within weeks of starting the Crazy Egg blog, my business partner and I were able to take it from 0 visitors to 9,000 in less than 1 month because we followed the rules above.

Do you know of any other tips or tricks to skyrocket your blog’s popularity?

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  1. I really missed an article about blogging from Neil! I usually read them 2 – 3 times at first view. After that it goes straight to my most important bookmarks.

  2. Damn now you’re gonna make me create the Timothy Sykes rules for blogging since I’m up roughly $2 million this year so I have to one up you 🙂

  3. Payroll Processing in 15 Minutes @ Only Rs. 10 Per Employee :

    I am on the verge of starting my own blog and this information could not have come at a more appropriate time. Great Post Again Neil. Thanks !

  4. Talk about a HOW TO POST, Point 3 above, this is a HOW TO on Blogs and well done indeed Neil. I found this quite informative, especially the ideas and links around topics. In small business cash is king, in the blog world the topic is king!

  5. Eric - TangoSource :

    Great post. I think “Ask your readers” is a meta tip that can influence everything else. Eg: Your rules of thumb on timing should be verified empirically, since timing can vary by audience.

    • Definitely, you want to engage and make sure you are giving your readers what they want and need. Good point, timing can be affected by your audience. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  6. Great post neil I am new to blogging and I am learning everything about from you…Thank your for giving such a useful blog.

  7. Hi Neil,

    I really loved this post and the image of your new blog’s traffic. I also have a new blog I started recently and I’m not sure what I did, but I noticed I’ve been getting thousands of visits from StumbleUpon alone and my SEO is still low. 🙂 Thanks for the nice article.


  8. Juicing With Rika Susan :

    Excellent stuff, Neil. This is sure to be a winning recipe. I was surprised to see the point about the timing of e-mails. I would never have guessed that 6am on a weekend would be a good time to send out an e-mail. Now I will know better next time! Thanks.

  9. Frederic Roques :

    Hi Neil,
    Thanks, as I am starting a new blog, it will be very usefull.
    It seems very easy but I think it will not be so easy to grow fast.

    • It may take a while to build up your blog, but as long as you are writing valuable content you will eventually get there. Also you want to make sure you are marketing your blog as well. The more people who know about it, the more quickly it will grow.

      • Travel Babble at its Best! :

        I have a friend who has a pretty popular blog, and he advised me to work on just putting out quality content with my true “voice” and less “how to” posts at first to build a loyal readership that will actually take me seriously when I start creating posts advising them what to do. Do you think this is a good idea?

        • It depends on what you are writing about. It is definitely important to build your reader base by writing quality content. If the information you provide helps and motivates your readers then it shouldn’t matter what type of articles you decide to write. They will listen to the advice you give as long as it works.

  10. Francis Ablola :

    Neil, great stuff as always. This was is especially timely for me as my team is launching a new project centered around the content of our blog. I’ve always been curious how you crank out such high quality content that I WANT to read — now I have the guide.

  11. Hi Neil,

    Interesting article with great points, It’s always important to be consistent on your blogging only then you can grow your blog and increase your blog earnings as well.

    • Yep, you have got it. Consistency is definitely key. If you stay consistent in content and timing you will find your reader base will grow much quicker.

    • You have to be consistent, you have to observe what your readers are interested in and you have to offer them quality content in order to keep them interested in your blog.

  12. Great points,

    I agreed that publishing time of your article is really important, plus you should promote your post on social media for more exposure.

    • Definitely, good point. Make sure you are avidly using social media to promote your blog. It will give you access to a large amount of potential readers.

    • Yes. Social media is a great way to promote your blog and a lot of business owners are heading towards this direction. There are a lot of people using social media and therefore you have a lot of of exposure for your business.

      • And if you are a business who isn’t using social media, you are making a big mistake…

        • A business owner should use all the tools available to promote his business and like you said, if you are using social media you are wrong because it is a great way to promote your business.

  13. Ah, a link to this post is going into my resources section on my blog.

    I just focus on enjoying posting and while my blog does not rank up there, I do have a fairly close-knit group of folks who seem to love it. 🙂 And while I am not being pestered for book deals, (No – wait, I AM working on a few books in the health niche) I do have more clients than I can handle with the kind of work I really love. So I guess I’ve reached the good old balance.

    I blog for the sheer joy of it – and am building the Knowledge-base / Resources section just so I can share all the great stuff I have the privilege of learning from. And you’re one of those great resources, Neil. Thank you. V much.

  14. David | The Growth Company :

    Wow Timothy Sykes makes $2million, I stand (sit) in awe.

    This is a great post Neil, when I come round to starting a blog I will definitely refer. Bookmark Check!!


  15. Thanks Neil… It doesn’t always occur to me to use the word “You”, to help the reader personalize the post… Will keep that in mind…

    C U Later!

  16. Just had a conversation last week about your posts and how every post is something I end up sharing with business partners over IM. I think that’s the hallmark of a kick ass blog (and guy).

    Nicely done, Neil.

  17. I am not so nearly obsessed with putting facts and figures into excel for examination although I probably should be.

    I do thank you for putting days and times as it will make organizing my time that much simpler.

  18. Basically when I need a solid topic, I check out viperchill and quicksprout 🙂 keep being awesome bro..

  19. Hey Neil,

    Excellent post! I especially liked the scheduling times. Thanks for those. Who would have thought people would read emails at 6AM on a Saturday, I know I wouldn’t. Heck, I’m still in bed then.
    I have to write those times down, so I can change my blogging schedule.

    Thanks for sharing this Neil and have a good one!

    • Thank you, glad you liked it. Yep, I have checked it out myself and it really is true. Try it out for yourself and see.

  20. Thank you Neil for the great post. I love your clear and direct but also extensive way of writing your post.

    In your post you talk about not being the creative kind and that it helps by looking at way your competitors and sites like Google News have.

    I have another piece of advise which really helps me. This is to list a few problems I encountered about the topic I am writing about and teaching the reader how they can solve that problem themselves as well by sharing my experience or providing them with a tool and a how to guide.

    Also, your insights about timing and consistently really struck me. I have never thought those things are so important for a blog.


  21. I am very interested in reading, “How You Success Your Business.” Thanks in advance ;).

  22. How about keyword research?

    • I tend not to do keyword research when writing. I write for humans and not search engines…

      • Travel Babble at its Best! :

        What I do to get around the keyword issue is to write my post as I normally would, and then go back into it and try and optimize it as best I can for keyworlds. This will keep things fluent and for human beings, but optimized at the same time.

  23. Exactly what I was looking for – you never fail to surprise!

  24. Hi Neil,

    I have been following your blog posts for some time now. I was trying to figure out a way to restart my own blog for almost a year now and didn’t had the courage to get the things right even though I write a lot on Linkedin groups,Quora etc.

    Anyways,what your take on the overall look and feel of the blog?

    Thanks for sharing..

  25. Nice Post,
    Blogging in simple words helps more over we can add info-graphics and charts for better understanding.

  26. Susan Jones - Ready Set Startup :

    Thanks for another great post Neil. You have given us so many practical, do-able points to go away and implement. I have marked this one to come back to and see how many points I can implement on my own blog.

    I think your advice about timing is especially important. If you don’t do this, social media moves so fast your content can be lost in the tidal wave! 🙂

    Have retweeted this one and posted on my FB page.

  27. Travel Babble at its Best! :

    Hey Neil,

    So you give all the best times and days to list your blog posts to various social media outlets, do you use a specific social media application to schedule and automatically post for you, if so, which one do you use/which is the best free one?

  28. Dilanka Wettewa :

    Hey Neil!

    Cool Beans man.

    For me personally, the hardest part is : consistency (especially when you throw real life into the mix). John Chow is a beast though – I remember him churning out 5-6 posts per day at time(s). Regarding Timing, I think your post on “What Steve Jobs Taught me About Business” was probably a great example of fantastic timing and relevance.

    I have two questions for you though:

    1.) Did you use any Paid Traffic when Crazy Egg originally launched in addition to following the “rules” ?

    2.) John chow sometimes recommends that you “hire” writers when you launch your blog if you cannot keep up with consistency – have you ever hired writers for QuickSprout (or any writing / editing help) when you were “in-consistent” with churning out blog posts?

    Thanks for the post buddy!
    P.S: You should totally buy your nephew that RC drag car man :p

  29. Gwyneth Hanssen :

    Hey Neil,

    I also “stalk” your blog every time I make a blog post. 🙂 Hope that’s ok with you.

    Again, excellent post!

  30. sell textbooks :

    That’s interesting about that half the people using the social web are in eastern standard time. Why is that I wonder? I, also, notice a lot of activity in that time zone (that’s one of the reasons I began starting my own workday earlier than most).

  31. Thank you Neil, these tips from your blog is helping a lot, serves as a springboard to most readers and that includes me…Truly, I had a hard time on how to start making a blog, choosing for the right topic makes me crazy..Keep on reading your blogs and taking my time..Again,thank you for these great ideas you shared to us readers..

  32. Its my first seo blog read in ur website and i find it intersting a succes formula for a new blogger to have pageviews!! surely i will try this after writing this comment !! another thing
    can pls write a post on how to upgrade blog to find viewers and gadgets useful for a blogger etcc??? can u suggest or write on it because many of my friends have made the blog but success isnt cumin for monthsss .
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    Personalization in blog is necessary. Second point of using “you” is important one for me. When we stat blog, we want to describe our own expertise in form of content that people believe if we have written it in out own way…

  34. Great info not only in your post but in your comments as well Neil esp “I tend not to do keyword research when writing. I write for humans and not search engines”…
    Thanks a lot

  35. Hi Neil,

    Each and every thing is on target in this blog post you mentioned very well how me and you should do these all activities step by step if you are really very serious about to make a perfect blog post then we need to do all work for this very carefully like we should keep these things in our mind often. I like point #1 “Use simple words ” and point #9 “Care about your readers ” no doubt in that simplicity is that best policy and we should keep in touch with our readers maximum time and we should give reply of them comments whenever they leave comments on our blog post.

    • Great, I hope the points are of help to you. I do think it is important to not only keep it simple but to keep in touch as well. Responding to every comment is a great way to stay connected and show appreciation for your readers.

  36. I truly find this a interesting subject. Never looked over this subject in this way. If you are going to write some more articles relating to this subject or micro blogging, I definitely will return in the near future!

    • I will be sure to write more content similar to this in future post. I hope you will come back often to check them out.

  37. This post definitely follows the rules, Neil. Very helpful and something I will be referring back to often, God willing.

    Thanks man. 🙂

    And when are you telling us about your experience/experiments with showing your ads on the network, asking people who have already visited your site to visit again? Very unique approach, this. Tell tell 🙂

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    I like the point of wording “YOU” it focus on personal chatting between blogger and users, which gives users a comfort zone.Yes, it is true that proving points in front of users little bit difficult, but it is not impossible for great blogger.

  39. Neil,
    great list and points! I’ll recommend it to BlogUpp blogger community.
    Thank you

  40. Thanks for the tips Neil.

    I am writing one web development tutorial every month, and it already exhausted me. I will use your tips as my motivation to keep doing it.

    Thanks again

  41. I always liked your posts.
    From a few days now, i was looking for something like this and who better than you to give the tips on blogging.

    Thanks a lot.

  42. Joseph Flanders :

    Great post. I just tweeted it and will be utilizing some of your suggestions on my own blog. Thanks!

  43. Thank you Neil, I will review my post and future post to check about YOU.

  44. Excellent tips there Neil. 9000 visitors in a month? That is simply mind blowing.

  45. Do you know to how many blogs i have suscribed myself but i left you , coz you are so damn good !!! 🙂 … its so interesting to read your posts and i think that you write it in a simple way as u said is a big key … others were so complicated to read and boring , its like i was reading philosophy books . but now its only you are in my life and emails :)… good job !!!

  46. wait i did mistake above saying suscribed ,its supposed to be suscribed and unsuscribed , but left only you unsuscribed … 🙂

  47. You mentioned you pre-schedule you blog post. I heard that wasn’t good because you don’t get a fresh ping when you post that way but that its better to just post it on the day you want it to come out vs. pre-scheduling it. Which way do you think is better?

  48. Great post! I am not an avid reader but I must admit; I stumbled upon your blog earlier dis year, and from then I look forward to your posts. Every time I check my mail and see a post from you I just feel a level of excitement without even reading the posts. I love to read the responses too, I learn a lot from their knowledge and experience also, I don’t not have a blog, I’m a recent college graduate who enjoys reading your blog so much.

    Looking forward to your next inciteful posts, as I know I’m not gonna be bored and it will leave me feeling as a wiser and smarter individual (feel powerful with the know you impart on us daily,weekly etc). Thank you Neil!

  49. Neil, I think it would be equally interesting to hear what to NOT DO to create a popular blog. I see success in so many different ways that it’s hard to capture the essence of what makes a popular blog in any how-to form. But I bet there are many no-no’s.

  50. Neil,

    This blog is always a great resource that promotes the success of all bloggers. As someone who is just starting out I have learned a great deal from you already. Thank you for your willingness to share your keys to success!

  51. Wow!
    You really have a knack for presenting the same information in an interesting and engaging way.

    To be frank, I don’t like this blog as much as the others, but sometimes, when you make me read the post right till the end, I end up putting you in the ‘must read’ blogs category in my head!

    Kudos Neil.

    • Thank you, I am sorry the post wasn’t your favorite. I hope you were still able to get some useful information from it.

  52. Great blog, really interesting to see how you analytically select your topics – I’ve not been doing that however that’s something I think I’l have a go with!

    I think point 6 is massively important – the hook is everything, personally I tend to get a lot more traffic to the blogs that have titles with questions in them.

    • Definitely give it a try sometime! Questions are certainly a great way to draw readers in. Thanks for sharing what personally works for you.

  53. Really good post, I’m lovin’ the social share plugin you have. Which one is that?

  54. Georgia Dervisi :

    Hi Neil,

    Thank you so much for your usable advices & tips!! You always help us to make our business more eficient. Keep up the good work 🙂 many greetings from Greece!!

  55. What is your criteria of a detailed post? I am slowly picking up pace in my viewership so I am trying to help enhance the process in any way that proves beneficial.

    • You want to make sure your post is not only well written but also fully covers there topic you are discussing. Make sure your topic is covered and explained simple yet effectively. A detailed post requires you have enough well written information for you readers to process and use.

  56. Hi Neil,
    Except all of this you said, your blog post is also stimulating!
    This is really important to give tit o your readers and then, they will always come back!

    Thank you Neil 🙂

  57. AR @ make money online :

    I think it is best to make the tone of your blog to be more of a conversational one. It lets you be much closer to your reader, like you’re just chatting with them. Blogs in my opinion should be more personal rather than just like any other media resource on the web.

    • I agree, the more personal you make it the more connected you will be with your readers. You want to constantly be making connections because you will never know where that connection may lead.

  58. Joomla developers :

    Good post Neil. Usually I’ll use more vocabulary words in my post to attract my visitors, now I found that most of the visitors may not understand the vocabulary words. This may be one of the reason for the drop in my traffic. Is it right neil?

    • It is possible. It depends on what you are writing and the people you are writing for. I would imagine some may find it off-putting to have to look up words while they read through an article.

  59. skype callnplay :

    Very simple and you are right your readers love reading your blog because you care for us, you use simple words (I don’t need a dictionary while reading your blog, unless technical terms). I have a blog of my own and thanks for your tips.


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    Thank you very much Neil for a wonderful post and also helping bloggers their blogs and writing skills. Everyone could develop to write good articles all we need is learn from those who could write well. One thing I know to how to write good is you should read a lot. Just noticed that 🙂

    • Thank you, I hope so. Learning from others is definitely a great way to develop a better writing skills. As well as reading more like you said.

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    Want to add one more point here:- Do Photo & Image Blogging. They are a key way to generate traffic. Rest really nice post

  62. Duncan - Vetter :

    Does anyone else think that there’s almost ‘enough’ good content out there?? and feel a bit overwhelmed, wondering how you can add to it?

    • I think you can always improve the quality of content. Sometimes just adding your own personal style to the content can help improve it.

  63. Loved this one Neil, especially the data on the clickthroughs of emails, good stuff.

  64. The Young Bigmouth :

    How can you be so consistent? Either you are a natural or you are a fierce editor.

    However, what I wanted to ask here is is it important for a blog to maintain a theme? A lot of your suggestions are about finding a the trend in one’s industry.

    Can’t personal blogs not have a theme and still be readable?? I have been debating on this issue on my blog, but am not sure how the world operates.

    But are not blogs supposed to be about the blogger? I will love it if we bloggers can be a little more freedom in choosing at our topics. Won’t be surprised if you tell me “be famous first, then you will have the freedom to blog what you want, till then stick to the formula.”

    Is that your answer? Should we follow focused or freestyle blogging?

    • 1. You have to figure out how to make yourself consistent. It’s different for each person.
      2. If you maintain a theme your blog is more likely to be popular.
      3. Not all blogs have themes and you can decide to go down that route.
      4. You can be a freestyle blogger or focused. I prefer focused.

      • The Young Bigmouth :

        Agree. I guess I don’t have a choice. I don’t know too much about anything to be a focused blogger… I can write though. It’s the harder route I am sure.

        • Find something you feel passionate about and then go from there. Test out different ideas and passions, then see which one works best. As you go along learn more about whatever it is you choose. Read about it, study it and even try practicing it, if possible. The best way to learn is from your own experience and others.

  65. I LOVE YOUR SITE. Content is truly important and this is the first time I heard your points like timing. That it actually contributes to in good blogging. I learned something new again. Thank you!

  66. Hey Neil, nice guidance related to blogging. To become a successful blogger it is necessary to be consistent. So I am inspired by this post because I have to improve myself in blogging. I will implement all the things that you have shared.

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  68. Neil, I would like your comments on this. A picture is worth a thousand words and that is why infographics is getting a lot of attention from search engines. What do you think, will infographics will have any impact on future blogging?

    • I think they already do have an impact on blogs. People like to have visuals to learn from, as well as have there to support the content they are reading. More people should integrate them into their blogs so that people will have that much more information to go on.

  69. Great stuff as always man, really love the data on posting, blogging, and opening of emails and such. Aweber does a decent job tracking stuff, but doesn’t really say when the best times are. So its trial and error.

    I’m going to adjust the broadcasts and see how the open % changes

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    Nice post Neil,
    Just to add, timing plays a key role in making a blog successful. Writing about Black Friday on Halloween will not make sense or bring traffic, but writing about it on thanksgiving will.

  71. Great tips. I’ll try to promote posts on social sites at the different time, but don’t think that will increase something.
    One man can’t be in two or more social networks in the some time

    • Thanks, I hope you do. Give it a try and see how it works out for you. If you need any help along the way feel free to ask me any questions.

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    • It really depends on what your area of expertise is. You have to find something you know enough about to be able to provide unique and helpful information on. Look to what you feel passionate about or have learned a lot about over the years. That will be your best chance at creating a successful blog.

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    Traffic has somewhat flattened out at 5 -6000 monthly. Just thinking since we don’t cover a specific niche how does one break the traffic barrier and really grow it off the roof?

    I’m in love with your blog though since I stumbled on it two months ago

    • You need to leverage the social web. Twitter and Facebook are easy ways to increase your traffic. If you can get power users to tweet your stuff you will grow your traffic.

  77. Tire Size Calculator :

    I’ve been off and on regarding blogging about tires and I’d like your feedback on whether this should be integrated into my homepage or if it should be in it’s own silo.

  78. Staying on a consistent schedule is something that’s difficult to juggle but can yield rewarding results and keep visitors from coming back to check out the new content!

    • To be consistent is also a requirements besides providing valuable content. If you are not able to provide valuable content all the time you will end up loosing your followers because when people see consistency that means that it can be trusted.

      • Yep, you have got it. When you provide consistent valuable content you will most likely earn the trust as well as business of your followers.

    • Exactly, hard work usually always provides profitable results.

  79. Lovely write up Neil, I guess I’ve not been following up with point 7. Prove your points – if you don’t use stats to back up your points you’ll start to lose credibility with your readers. So start using stats.

    I’ve pretty much done the rest and I’ve already seen some excellent results. I guess I need to work on the point where I can prove my findings and or back up my views. Any examples??

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    Neil, i want to ask one thing? as you said before leverage blog-sphere for blogging is that good to post same content in different blogging services?

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    Awesome insights, Neil!

    We just started a blog: and we are definitely going to use this advice. The best thing we took away from this was speaking directly to readers in a personal way and the specific times for posting.

    Can’t wait for the next post!

    Thanks from the Big Fish team.

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  87. Mitch Mitchell :

    Great post Neil.

    I’ll admit there’s two things I don’t do. I don’t write great headlines; I write headlines that tell people what the post is about. That’s a skill I still haven’t quite captured in 7 years of blogging unfortunately.

    Two, I don’t collect email addresses, and have stuck with that forever. Yes, I’d like to make money online, but I’m not bothering anyone by sending them emails unless they subscribe to the Feedburner RSS feed or subscribe to my newsletter, which I only talk about on one of my blogs. Otherwise, just won’t do it.

  88. Supriya@finediningindian :

    Hi neil ,

    great article even though i do regular post , recently my blog ranking dropped quickly because the search impact is poor dont know the reason how can i get to know the root cause

  89. The way I see it is that if you aren’t providing something of use to your readers, whether that be informing them on something that you think they might be interested in or if you provide advice or answers to questions they have – if your main aim isn’t to help your readers in some capacity, then you shouldn’t be blogging at all.

    And of course, the word ‘you’ is key to that.

    Thanks for another great post Neil!

  90. Originally posted so long ago, but such amazingly relevant and helpful content Neil!

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    But I guess the traffic graph is howing 900 traffic instead of 9000 as you mentioned in this post.
    Anyways i believe even getting 900 in such small interval of time is remarkable.

  92. I have been Doing a lot of Business Strategy reviews and Brand Practise reviews for some companies for the past many years(Criticism is in my blood)…

    I have always stayed away from Blogging since I was not ready to commit to it.

    I think I can use it as a very nice way to connect to my market and also for establishing an athority.

    I am now trying my best not to write the complex language that I am used to.

    My book is on the way almost done writing it. I will try and follow these guidelines to write a helpful Blog ..

    Thanks Neil patel..I am now reading Quick sprout from first page all your post…
    Nice info for advance users

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    I agree your post that publishing time of your article is really important. your article is really great as usual.
    Thanks Neil.

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    Thank you for your brilliant posts.

  96. Neil, Always quality & value. How do you find the time? Are you sure you’re not channeling the likes of Ogilvy, Bernbach et all?
    Regardless keep up the good work.

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    a very informative article indeed. it contains lots of quality contents. precious guide for all of us.



  98. Neil, great informational post for people new or even not new to blogging. Not sure about your webinar conversion statistic though. Heard from many others they are the best in terms of conversion as opposed to a sales letter, sales video etc. Up to 20% closure rate. Maybe it depends how it is structured and presented…?

  99. Hi Neil,

    I am not very much into blogging but I just thot of giving it a try.So I just took out some time from my so called busy life and just began writing..I would love to share my other blog soon..but is still working on it..but the credit goes to you for this…love your article ..these are really very helpful to understand things

    Thanks a lot

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    Those are some useful tips. Thanks you for your additional info.

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    I’ve been blogging since 05, but I really took my eye off the blogging ball last year and feel like I’m starting over again – you’re article has inspired me – thank you!


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    Kem cho… It’s really great to see you shining. Really, a good post. Ya, consistency is the key. Also, I will surely gonna implement your 5pm EST rule. I guess Hotsuite can be timed to make tweets at proper intervals.

  106. Your post shows there is really a method to this “madness”. Just curious how long it took you to learn these tips. I do appreciate the fact that I stumbled onto your site. I definitely need to implement this tips.


  107. How-to-posts really attract a lot of readers and I should really start backing up my points with stats. Thanks for the tips Neil!


    Amazing tips to get started rocketing up the traffic to the newly started blogs. Using some the techniques I have managed to 100’s of unique traffic ever day to one of my new blogs.

    thanks for bringing up the John’s example will be studying his blog to get some more insight about how he has exactly done it to build a blog which brings in $40 000 a month.

    Thanks for the share Neil.

    • Fernando, glad I could help. I think it’s great to bring up case studies so you can show a correlation between the marketing objectives and success.

  109. Thank you! I recently made a new blog, and this has been a great inspiration.

  110. Satrap Darabi :

    Hey Neil,

    Great post as always. I know it sounds spammy, and I say it in every post I comment on here, but to be honest, I haven’t read a single post on QS that wasn’t great and didn’t teach me anything. And this is not to put watermelon under your arm (a Persian saying equivalent to ” I am not just kissing your a$$”). You truly are great with what you do.

    Anyway, I really like the idea of going to your competitors and evaluating their most popular posts. It makes total sense. Thanks for educating me once more Neil.

    • Satrap, glad I could help. I think it is vital to really understand the marketing and do a competitive analysis. I like the persian saying haha 🙂

  111. Great info Neil. I’ve been experimenting writing longer posts (ie 1x a week @ 2000+ words ) vs shorter posts (3x a week at 800-1000 words) then spending more time on promotion rather than writing more often. Waht say you?

    BTW My latest post “21 Ways To Promote Your Blog Post That You Probably Wish You Knew (Step-by-Step Guide)” is a good supplement to this one.

    • Herman, I think that’s a solid strategy. You should really focus on providing great content so people are more inclined to open up subsequent emails.

  112. Awesome guide, I will definitely use some of these tips for my own blog.

    Thanks for all the amazing content you put out Neil. I browsed Quicksprout for a few hours yesterday, and starting to implement some things already 🙂

    All the best,

    – Navid

    • Navid, glad you have found the articles helpful. Please let me know if you have any additional feedback or questions 🙂

  113. You are simply awesome for me, I am new in this field.

    Your Blogs simply deliver everything you want to convey,

    I would like to thank you, every time I read your blog I find something new its lots of learning.


    • Pawan, thanks for the kind words. I am glad you found the post helpful. Please let me know if you need help with anything in particular. Appreciate the feedback 🙂

  114. Hello Neil,

    This is my first time commenting on your website. I want to thank you for all the great content you produce on your site. Please keep up the great work. I recently purchased your Quick Sprout Traffic System and have been going over your free Guides as well. It’s a lot of great information to take in! I’m currently in the process of trying to implement your ideas into my business strategy for my websites.

    My question on this post is that since the post is a few years old, is the information regarding the days to post (Monday/Thursday mornings), the times to Tweet (EST 5pm) and the day to post to Facebook (Saturday at noon) still all relevant at this time?



    • Brannon, glad we could connect and welcome to the commenting thread 🙂 . Thanks for your kind words and please let me know if you need help with anything in particular.

      To answer your question: yes, the information is still relevant and should be for some time to come. Nothing has essentially changed about the way people browse/when they browse.

  115. Thank you Mr Patel. To the point!

  116. Hi Neil, im just getting into blogging. I have a question about timing. Why does is matter what time you post the blog content? If people read blogs in the morning, why do you need to post just before they read? Why not post even a day before, the post will still be there when they read it the next day.

    • Corey, you want the content to be fresh in their heads and relevant at the time of delivery which is why timing is essential.

  117. Great article. A bit of a random question, but what do you suggest when making a new Facebook page for example a niche-type website reviewing eg. bike racks. Do you do a brand specific(very limited) page like “my bike rack reviews” or a more general one like “mountain bike news and videos”?

  118. Blogging is the best part of online business promotion and very helpful to increase revenue. But without blogging guides it is not possible to do. This is very helpful information for me.

    Thanks Neil

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    Really great point you mentioned in article.

    I really like your stats for any post which increase your sharing ability.

    i tried to publish my post on mon/thur for more readership.


  120. Billy Suratt :

    I’m afraid Tweetmeme bit the dust, so you should probably update that recommendation. Perhaps Topsy?

  121. Anubhav Agarwal :

    Great content Neil!

    I think a lot of basics got revised through this post. I’d like to add it as my checklist.

    I took more than 10 minutes to read your complete post, but from the conclusion I have a doubt.

    How was your bounce rate so high (82.85%)!

    • Glad you found the content helpful.

      As for the bounce rate, most blogs have a high bounce rate. Once you start building a brand you will see it go down, but it is rare for a blog to have a bounce rate that is lower than 40%.

      • Anubhav Agarwal :

        Thanks for the reply.

        I had always imagined that if each visitors stay about 5-10 mins on a page the bounce rate would come down.

        By the way can you share the average time a visitor spends on your posts?

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  124. Hi Neil, I love this project. Hope you succeed and help the rest of us. One question – for the shout out for shout out tactic, how do you find complementary businesses with a similar following? Is there a tool where you can search for fb pages with some range of fan count in specific industries?

  125. Sorry, my previous comment was supposed to be on the 100k project post. I got to this post from a link there.

  126. Neil, Now that Tweetmeme is gone what are you using instead?

  127. Hey Neil, on the ‘blog consistently’ point, how do you feel about Brian Dean’s views that simply posting awesome content is enough, and frequency is irrelevant?

  128. Hi Niel,

    You are one of the two blogs I read and one of the three marketing geniuses I follow. Jay Abraham, Perry Marshall and yourself. You always provide fantastic information. Do you have any recommendation in hiring top quality content writers.


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    I can write, but i never thought of writing professionally. Your posts about blogging has cleared many things about professional blogging. Your other post “how to write blog post for lead generation” was informative and mind changing.

    Thanks a lot for sharing your wisdom

  130. Hello!

    Recently started reading your blog and I really like your articles. I noted when i write something on my blog as list (how to or tips) it looks very ugly, tried with so many different fonts, but i can’t get it working. Any advice or if you can share what you use here on this guide?

    Best regrads,

  131. Neil, I really want to thank you for this wonderful post. I have learnt more than enough from quicksporout and crazyegg.

    I have been blogging consistently on my blog fewer than 800 words, but I have noticed that most site that ranks well on search engine has over 1000 words. what do you have to say about that? would you recommend short or long post…?

    Best Regards

    • Long posts. There are reports that show that the posts that rank the highest have an average of 2000 words or more.

  132. Hey Neil,

    I’ve been following you for over 6 months now, and the content is really helpful. Stumbled upon this nugget some time ago, saved it and didn’t look at it again, until today.

    There are so many guides out there, I’m finally coming to the conclusion that I should just stick to one guide for a longer period of time and see what results it will bring me.

    Thanks and keep up the good work.


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    I have a query I run a mobiles news blog.If I give credits to the original post will I get more traffic or does my posts rank higher?

    Does my content gets backlisted.

    Waiting for your fruitful reply.

    • No, but giving credit where credit is due would be the right thing to do. Linking out to certain authoritative (like content will also help your rankings indirectly because it shows that you’re referencing credible sources

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    Very informative post! As a beginner, I am learning so much! I am from the Philippines and with regards to timing social promotions do I still have to follow EST time? Also, shall I post in the morning in EST time or Philippine time? Thank you so much Neil!

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