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10 Ways to Get More Re-Tweets


Do you want more Twitter traffic? Well, who doesn’t? One of the best ways to get more Twitter traffic is to get more re-tweets…but you already know that.

But do you know how to get more re-tweets? Other than the basic things like writing great content or adding Twitter buttons to your website, there have to be advanced ways to get more re-tweets, right?

Well, there are! Here are 10 ways to get more re-tweets:  [click to continue…]

A Quick and Dirty Guide to Content Marketing

content marketing

Ever walk up to one of those booths at the mall to buy a new phone? Don’t you just hate the pressure that those people try to put on you?

I don’t know about you, but I hate these kinds of sales tactics and hate people who do it to me. I hate it not only because it annoys me…but because it doesn’t work.

So, what does work? Content marketing, which is simply giving people something valuable for free so that you can build a relationship with them that eventually leads to easy sales.

If you want easy sales, then you need to learn how to be a great content marketer. Here’s a crash course that will tell you everything you need to know.   [click to continue…]

How to Write SEO Friendly Blog Posts with These 13 Questions

seo copy

The Google Panda update ranks websites that publish crappy content lower than the sites that offer detailed, meaningful content. That’s good news for you because you want to create content that makes the web better, right? But how do you create that kind of content?

Amit Singhal from Google suggests that you think like a Google engineer. So, in that spirit, I’ve come up with 13 questions that are designed to help you do that so you can create quality articles that your readers and search engines love.  [click to continue…]

Neil Patel’s Guide to Blogging

blogging guide

About a month ago, I broke down my process of writing popular blog posts. In case you missed it, here’s how I write a blog post:

  1. Use simple words – don’t try to use fancy vocabulary as it makes blog posts harder to read and understand. As a general rule of thumb, use vocabulary that a 5th-grader can understand.
  2. Use the word “you” – instead of using the word “we” or “them” in your blog posts, use the word “you”. By doing this, you are trying to make your readers feel like it’s just you and them, as if you were sitting down at a cafe for a cup of coffee.
  3. Write how-to posts – people like posts that can teach them something. How-to posts are the perfect way of doing this. My first blog was a top 100 blog on the Internet, according to Technorati. I was able to do this because I wrote a lot of how-to posts.
  4. Write detailed posts – when I first started Quick Sprout, my blog posts weren’t very detailed, and the blog wasn’t growing in traffic. Once I started to write more detailed blog posts, my traffic started going through the roof.
  5. Hook your readers – from using creative headlines to creating a sense of urgency, you need to hook your readers if you want them to read your blog posts. One thing I learned from Copyblogger and Problogger is that using stats in your headlines is a great way to hook readers.
  6. Create a conversation – if you’ve noticed, I have a tendency to italicize words within my blog posts, and I tend to ask questions at the end. If you do it, it will help create a conversation with your readers, which will help you get more comments per blog post.
  7. Prove your points – if you don’t use stats to back up your points, you’ll start to lose credibility with your readers. So start using stats.
  8. Show your authority – people have tons of options when it comes to reading blogs, so why should they read yours? If you can show that you are an authority without bragging about it, it can help you win over the readers. Just look at the way I mentioned I was a Technorati 100 blogger above.
  9. Care about your readers – the most important aspect of blogging is to care about your readers. Don’t just blog for the sake of it. Do it because you want to help people out. From responding to people’s comments to responding to your readers’ emails, care about them.

Now that you are up to speed on how I write blog posts, here is my guide to blogging:  [click to continue…]

7 Marketing Lessons You Can Learn From The Simpsons

homer simpson

When was the last time you watched The Simpsons? Probably when you were a kid, right? I know what you’re thinking…it’s a show for children. Although you are right, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t watch it because I’ll bet it will teach you a lot about marketing.

Over the last fifteen or so years of my life, I’ve probably watched a few hundred episodes, and I’ve learned a ton. Here are seven marketing lessons that the Simpsons have taught me:  [click to continue…]