11 Business Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Me

steve jobs

As you’ve probably already heard, Steve Jobs passed away yesterday. He will be remembered as one of the greatest visionaries ever. What he did for the technological as well as entrepreneurial world, will never be forgotten.

Although I’m young and haven’t been following Steve Jobs’ career as intently as others, he has taught me a lot about business in the last five years. Here are 11 things I’ll never forget that Steve Jobs taught me:

People Matter, Not Features

Everything Jobs built made life easier for you. It was rare to ever hear him babbling about features he created. Instead, he focused on how these products made life easier for others.

For example, the iPhone enabled you to talk on your phone, watch movies, record movies, and listen to music. As simple as that may sound, without an iPhone, you may have to carry around a cell phone, mp3 player, and a video recorder. Because of him, your pockets are much lighter.

He taught myself, along with many others, to not focus on just adding features or creating products. First and foremost, you need to focus on solving problems that people are experiencing. If you can do that, you’ll stay ahead of the curve.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Pre-Selling

Most companies launch products and then sell them. Jobs didn’t do that with Apple. He let the public know what he was going to sell them and how it solved their problems. He also let them know they could pre-order the product online.

You can do the same thing. Don’t wait for your product or service to be released. Start selling it now! The money you earn today will help cover your costs, and it will help solve any cash flow issues you may encounter during distribution.

Keep it Simple, Silly

I switched from a PC to a Mac because Macs are much easier to use. Or at least they are for my dad and a 1-year-old nephew. Every Apple product I bought during Steve’s tenure was simple to use.

He also created cool looking devices. But above all else, his products were simple to use. For example, the iPad was the first device I was ever able to give my dad that required little to no instruction. There are no shut down or start options. You just click on applications and start using them.

If you want more applications, you just go to the App Store and download them.

Don’t try to make your solutions complicated. Keep it simple…even if that means you have to strip off the bells and whistles. If you aren’t creating usable solutions, it will be harder to gain traction.

Think BIG!

If you are in business, you are there to make money. If not, you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur. If you are going to create a business, create one that changes the world.

Apple isn’t just a technology company, Steve Jobs changed the world! His products are used all around the world and by everyone. This is why Apple is the largest company in the world.

You won’t be able to create a big company unless you solve big problems. Although you can make a nice living off of conquering a small niche, you wont make billions doing it.

Focus, Focus and Focus Some More

When you look at Apple’s website, it seems like it has a lot of products, right? Well, for being a hundred billion dollar company, it actually doesn’t.

Jobs was smart. He always focused his energy on a few big products instead of trying to create thousands of small ones. In other words, he went for big wins instead of looking to hit singles and doubles.

With your business, you shouldn’t try to do multiple things. Just focus your time and energy on one product or service. As long as your core business continues to grow, you shouldn’t do anything else. The moment your growth slows down and flattens, that’s when you should expand.

Create an Ecosystem

I never really understood the power of creating a platform until the iPhone was released. When the phenomenon hit the market and companies started to create applications, Apple grew to have a huge ecosystem.

Not only were they selling their products, other companies started to build products on the Apple platform, and their customers were encouraged to buy and use Apple products.

By this point, Apple didn’t have to sell their products. Other companies were doing it for them.

Steve Jobs created an ecosystem, and he was able to do it around Apple products. If you want to grow a brilliant idea, you have to create an ecosystem for that idea to flourish.

There’s Always Room for Innovation

The iPod wasn’t the first mp3 player. There were 100s of others that were already out before Apple released the iPod. That didn’t discourage Jobs from entering the space. He just one-upped everyone by creating a better product.

These days, if you are looking to buy a music player, the first thing that comes to your mind is the iPod, right? And what’s the second brand that comes to your mind?


That’s right, they demolished all of their competitors. The only other device that I can think of is the Zune, which kind of sucks.

Don’t be afraid to enter a saturated market. You just have to be willing to stir things up. If you can innovate, you will win. If you decide to create another “me too” company, expect to be crushed.

Be Passionate

Did you know that Steve Jobs had a salary of $1 a year? That’s right, he didn’t care for money, and he stated it publicly. He cared about the company, its products, and changing peoples’ lives.

If you love what you are doing, you are going to work harder and be more likely to succeed. Heck, Jobs even worked hard when he was sick – that’s how much he loved what he was doing.

Don’t just do things for money. Do things because you love what you are doing. You aren’t going to live forever, so enjoy your life while you can.

Never Lose Your Investors’ Money

Although Steve Jobs wasn’t the CEO throughout all of Apple’s history, he always took care of the company. He came back and turned the company around. In other words, he grew shareholder money and took care of his investors.

As I stated earlier, Apple is the biggest company in the world! It’s very difficult to create a decent size company without taking money from investors. So, make sure you take care of them. And if you do so, they’ll always take care of you.

Another great leader who also has a very similar rule is Warren Buffett. If you can take care of the people who are feeding you, they’ll constantly be willing to reciprocate.

You’re Nothing Without Your Team

Apple has a ton of benefits from on-site fitness centers to tuition assistance. It even has cafeterias with organic food. Why did they do all of this? To take care of their employees.

A big part of being a good leader is realizing that you have to have a good team. It’s impossible to do everything yourself. If you don’t take care of your employees and show your appreciation, you’ll quickly lose them.

If you take care of your employees, they’ll put their blood, sweat and tears into your company.

Don’t Forget About Your Friends and Family

As an entrepreneur, when you work hard for many years, you tend to forget about your friends and family. All you do is live, sleep and breathe business.

At the end of the day, there is nothing wrong with that, but you also have to spend time with your friends and family. Money will always be there, but your friends and family won’t.

When Steve Jobs got sick, he left Apple to spend his final moments with his friends and family. He knew what was important to him. You too need to figure out what’s important to you. No matter how much time your business or job takes from your life, don’t forget about what’s important.


It’s tragic that Steve Jobs passed away during his prime. He was a great entrepreneur and a leader. We’ll never forget what he did for this world.

My condolences go out to his family and friends. May he rest in peace.

Feel free to share any lessons you’ve learned from Steve Jobs.


  1. Eric Siegfried :

    Jobs studied Zen when he was younger, and it shows even in his last moments. For me, “this too shall pass” is a very Zen mantra. When things are bad, it’s going to pass, same for the good. All we can do is appreciate the current moment.

    • Definitely does. I agree all things come to an end and then new thing begin. It is important to understand that and be able to accept it.

      • Rent College Textbooks :

        Interesting I didn’t know that he studied Zen. He was truly a visionary and not many can hold a candle to him and his accomplishments. He will missed greatly. keeping it simple has always been something I strive for in my business as well.

        • Jobs was a man of many surprises and a leading forces in his field. He knew to keep it simple, to make it work. A lot can be learned from him.

    • I totally dig this statement. If you don’t enjoy every moment of your life you will totally miss it. Another great lesson is to learn how to appreciate the journey and not just the destination. Life is so simple and beautiful if you we learn how to enjoy it.

      • Taking the time to appreciate your life and what you done with it so far is definitely nice to do every now and then. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Track Your Bucks :

    I don’t use Apple products, but that is probably my own bad choice. I still recognize what Steve Jobs has done for us all: movies (Pixar), communication (all of the products mentioned in your post), design (this goes without saying – Apple products are synonymous with great design), and passionate customer service (Apple stores always have crowds). Thank you, Neil, for recognizing a true genius and an inspiration. And thank you, Steve, for walking among us during your short time on earth.

    • Everyone has their own preferences, it is all about what works for you. He would appreciate the kind words, especially coming from someone who doesn’t use apple products.

      • Ben - BankAim :

        I bought my first Mac computer 8 months ago and was always reluctant on changing from a PC to a Mac. Now looking back, I wish I had made that change much sooner! One thing Steve Jobs did was to create a product that was simple to use. He took an idea and made it better. The products he created weren’t new, just better. The ipod=cassette player, the iphone=old cell phones, the ipad=tablet computers.

        Everything he did was to make it better and do it excellently. Steve Jobs will be missed

        • Glad to hear you like the switch. He did create memorable products that changed the lives of many. He had an outstanding work ethic and knew how to make a product succeed.

    • If you look back in time you will realize that without even knowing it you are using at least one Apple product. The PC we own these days looks like this because of Steve Jobs.

  3. Aliosha Kasin :

    Apple lost a great innovator and leader. It was thanks to Jobs that the company achieved such a great status. As I recall when he was “sacked” from Apple he went home and created another successful company Pixar, while Apple wasn’t doing so well without his presence. Apple then purchase Pixar and Jobs was back where he belonged. He left a legacy so hopefully Apple will continue to inspire us with their product but personally I have doubts about their future without Jobs.

    • Very true, it was a major loss. It was certainly a mistake on their part. In the long run I feel it was a blessing in disguise, for in the time period away from apple he brought us Pixar. In the end he was back where he belonged. Hopefully they will find a way to continue on even with such a tremendous loss.

    • He was a very important person that changed our lives and we can never thank him enough for what he gave to us. Too bad that he went so early. May his soul rest in peace!

  4. Matt Saunders :

    Another great post with good interpataion of events. For me Steve’s impact on our daily lives is just so sincerely profound. His work geniunly improved our lives, from art and typography to music, photography, and video to access to communications and information. It’s just mind blowing the size of the dent he left in our universe… The other thing was his abitility to inspire others to achieve a greater destiny then they currently had. His pushing of people was born out of true passion for better. He will always be a mentor and personal hero.

    Thanks Neil!

    • Thank you, he may be gone but his ideas and inventions live on in are homes. I feel the same way and he surly will not be forgotten.

  5. Razak Muhaimin :

    It is so sad to hear this news. Steve Jobs is one of the greatest inventor of all time. May God bless him. Apple has changes many people lives until today.

    But I wonder, can Cook (the new CEO) handle the pressure? I’m pretty sure a lot of people expecting he will create much better product for Apple.

    • Hi Razak…

      I think that Steve, who had a great vision, took the time to settle things for his departure, Tim has been running Apple as a second of Steve for many years now and he knows exactly how things shall be done in Apple, so at the end, I think we’re having Apple for a long time and Tim should be fine using Steve’s shoes…

      • Razak Muhaimin :

        Hi Oscar.

        Thank you for your explanation. To be honest, I did not know how long Tim with Apple. I thought he was fairly new (around 3 years).

        Love your explanation. It helps. 😀

        • Glad you were able to have a clear explanation. I feel confident that apple will be able to continue soaring, even with the loss of Steve’s great wings to carry them.

      • I agree, I don’t believe a man of his eminence intelligence would have left his life long work at apple without being sure it would manage along without him.

    • I couldn’t have said it better myself. I hope Cook will embrace the pressure and keep raising the bar for apple products and the future of our technology.

  6. Sorry to break it to you Neil. Zune is now dead. http://www.zdnet.com/blog/microsoft/it-finally-looks-to-be-the-end-of-the-road-for-microsoft-zune-media-players/10879

  7. Whole Body Vibration :

    Although I never owned an Apple product, I still have much respect for Steve and what he has done for this industry.

  8. Vlado Dimitrieski :

    Neil, you made a really good choice on this one. Loved the points. Important lessons indeed.

  9. Great post again Neil!

    One thing that Jobs taught me was to never stop pushing, no matter how wrong you are:

    “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” – Steve Jobs

    • That is a great thing to learn. He was a great visionary and many have learned a lot from him. Great words from a great man.

  10. David | Conquering Emerging Markets :

    I am with you, I never really followed him though on 2 things I will say I am kind of in his steps

    Think Big: I want to build a huge company based on quality research. I now have 2 products working on the third and I would like each product I create to sell millions of copies. Few products to reach many people who have the need.

    Create and Eco-system: My product are complete on their own however with what they offer companies can build whole departments and individuals new careers.

    Steve Jobs is a visionary and you are one too for creating this very original and fitting obituary to him.

    Thanks Neil as always.


    • Two very key steps to success. These steps really focus not only on a product but the public. What a product can do to help those masses and make the economy and lives prosper. I appreciate the kind words and I know he would too.

  11. Ron McElfresh :

    Nicely done. Thanks for the personal perspective.

    BTW, it’s ‘Mac.’ Not ‘MAC.’ Steve would be on your ass for that.

  12. Christopher Rees :

    Another great post.. Jobs epitomized what it meant to be focused, and that “The race is not always to the swift”. When Apple and Microsoft started off, it’s been well publicized how early on Gates won the marketing race. He sprinted ahead and became “all things to all people” with regard to the OS and in turn had to make it run on all different makes and models of PCs. That in and of itself had massive challenges (and part of the reason Microsoft’s OS is prone to blue screens, crashes, driver incompatibilities, etc).

    Jobs didn’t try to follow suit and do the “me too” thing. He stuck to his guns, created elegant hardware and software, and designed to a single hardware platform. Which allowed him to create a rock solid OS, with little (if any) crashes, driver issues, etc. “It just worked”… That simplicity was always a win with students and graphic artists, and eventually the rest of the population caught on. 🙂

    So by following his own intuition, even if in the short term it looked as though the race may have been lost, he pressed on; worked hard and developed what has become one of the largest (if not the largest) companies in the world, with more cash assets that the US Federal Government. Not to mention creating a slew of world-class products that have defined a generation and touched the vast majority of human race across the globe for the better.

    We’re just starting to see the impact the iPad will have on education (the apps and innovation it brings, all the way down to being able to carry all text books on a single device rather than a 50lb book bag).

    Love or hate Apple products, they’re rock solid, beautifully designed and innovative.

    Thank you for sticking to your guns Mr. Jobs, and pushing ahead to see your vision(s) become reality. You definitely left the world a better place than when you found it.

    • Than you Chris,

      All you have said is true and kind. His impact on our lives and our future will keep going for generations. We can all learn and grow from what he did and who he was.

  13. Neil,
    Great blog post! In the same way that Bill Gates leveled the playing field for small businesses, making it possible for the entrepreneurial spirit to blossom in America such that we now have 7 million small businesses, so Steve Jobs, another GREAT Innovator made it possible for the CREATIVE ENERGY and SPIRIT in each user of any of Apple’s products to FLOURISH and THRIVE. Though I didn’t always agree with his particular management style, I sure appreciated the RESULT. I have one of the very first (classic) I-PODs. I use it every day, to help me to do 40 minutes of jumping rope! And I sure am not 20 years old anymore. How cool is that?
    There is a saying, “If you have in your life improved or changed even just one life, you have lived a most worth while life.” It is reported that in China alone, there have been over 3 million posts about Steve Job’s passing.

    • Thanks, I agree. There are few people who have had a truly made a difference in the world and he was one of the main ones.

      That is a great, to be able to see past ones difference to appreciate results. I think almost everyone uses one when working out. It was such a unique and inventive product that is used by so many still to this day. That is very true, and I don’t doubt it. His work has affected people globally.

  14. Mark Horoszowski :

    I just walked by the Steve Jobs memorial in New York and then read this post… In the middle of the memorial was a sign that said “Thinking Different” – I think it belongs somewhere in between “Think BIG” and “Room for Innovation”.

    Great post and tribute

    Thank you,

  15. TheWorldOrBust :

    Jobs just did what made him happy, creating awesome stuff and making people’s lives easier…Was a pretty utilitarian existence and he’s going to be missed big time by all of us who are always trying to make a buck, but not at the expense of others.

  16. Harleena Singh :

    He sure was a genius Neil, and would be missed. He inspired many and did teach us so much, which you have weaved in the form of words so well in this post.

    Thanks so much for sharing it with everyone 🙂

    • Yep, he most certainly will be. He has inspired most if not all and I did my best to convey how his inspiration affect me. My pleasure, it was the least I could do for such an amazing man.

  17. RIP Steve.

    Liked the post especially “Don’t be afraid to enter a saturated market… you just have to be willing to stir things up. If you can innovate, you will win. If you decide to create another me too company, expect to be crushed.”

    • Definitely, you have to be willing to go for it. I agree you want to make sure what you have to offer has something unique about it or people won’t want it because they most likely will already have it.

  18. He changed alot off thing for ppl made easy for life… I dont think anyone else can do wat he have done..

    Thank you mr. steve

    • He definitely had a major impact. I agree he was able to make things easier on a lot of people. I think it will be difficult but I hope someday someone else will.

  19. in every single day, me and my family using Apple products. working with Apple products, living with apple products, earning money with Apple products. Actually i’m writing this post with the Apple products 🙂 Steve Jobs’ dosn’t know me. But i know him and his life very well and he is a rock star for me. Like MJ or Beatles 🙂 i hope GOD Will forgive him and take him to his heaven! GOD Bless you Body and Rest in peace. Thousands kisses.

    • That is the same for many people and their families. He has certainly become an icon and he would thank you for your prayers.

  20. justin french :

    Hey Neal, Thanks you for sharing these tips. I recall the first time I used an apple Mac back when I was 4 years old. The game was Oregon Trail. Fast forward to now- I have an ipod, shuffle, and an ipad and thinking about getting a mac-book pro next. Though I am a avid PC guy as well, Steve Job’s has always been a Level 5 leader I always looked up to. He may sadly be gone- but Never forgotten as his products live on – integrated with all our daily lives. Cheers

    • I remember that game. Use to play it all the time. Many people looked up to him. He will be missed but like you said not forgotten.

  21. Leaders never die he will always be a live in our life. In the form of inspiration, motivation, story or anything but he is live forever. well very nice post thanks for sharing such great inspired article.

    • I like how you see it that way. It is true he will live on through his life work and products. Thanks, glad you liked it.

  22. Shilpi Singha Roy :

    Jobs was such a great human being and his loss cannot be replaced by any one to his family nor to the industry…

    • He certainly had an impact on a large number of people and will surly be missed by everyone, especially his family.

  23. I hadn’t given much thought to it until Mr. Jobs passed away, but this man truly had great vision. But what I like most of all is that Apple never gave you the impression that it was all about money, but about the customer experience… And in the end, by thinking customer first, he and Apple made a lot of money and many people happy…

    • Most people aren’t truly appreciated until they are gone. I think he would agree and would be glad to hear many of the kind thing being said.

  24. “Some cause happiness wherever they go; other, whenever they go.” Steve Jobs preferred the former, and the world thought that of him! Thanks for being a great leader, innovator, and teacher to us all. You will be missed!

    If you haven’t seen this comic tribute to Steve Jobs, well, it says it all:

  25. Web Design Resource :

    Tech World has lost a master piece. Now we will just follow his great methods for business.

  26. A very sad day – the World has lost one of its true visionary geniuses.

    He’s not died, though – he’s just been uploaded to the cloud.

  27. I saw a comic yesterday depicting how “up there” an angel is busy looking at his book and then Steve Jobs stands in front of this angel and saying “I’ve got an app for that” whilst showing an iphone to the angel. That seriously made me chuckle!

    On a serious note, let’s not mourn his death: let’s celebrate his life as he had a great damn life and was able to influence so many people on earth! Rest in Peace Steve..

    An inspirational post Neil, as always! 🙂


    • That is a good one. I would have found that amusing as well. Definitely, couldn’t have said it better myself. Thank you, I hope many will share their appreciation as well.


  28. Tablet PC Expert :

    Steve Jobs has left a great foot print, not just as a technological enthusiasts, creator and entrepreneur but as a great human being who never cared for either his fame and wealth or his health. Instead kept doing what he wanted he wished to or opted to do. His life can be depicted as the greatest innovator who found the most creative products that people loved to use, the greatest business man who grew the market of Apple across borders to huge heights and a great monk who was an example of being a wonderful human being. We love you Steve. We miss you. Rest in Peace.

    • He was a man of worthy of many thanks. He was humble and hardworking. Thank you for your kind words I am sure they will be of much comfort to those who knew and loved him.

  29. Lilyana Zagorcheva :

    “Focus & simplicity” approach – the entire marketing & PR industry can learn this (among many other) useful things from Steve Jobs.
    Simplifying things is the best possible way to celebrate complexity in our world and we as communicators and relationship builders should embrase that tightly. The “If you cannot convince them, confuse them” technique is long dead and should be forgotten. Completely unlike Jobs and his creations.

    Thank you a great post, Neil.

    • Yep, and I am sure they will. He was memorable for what he did, and for how well he did it. He knew to keep it simple was to make it work. I agree, no problem. It was the least I could do for all he has done for me.

  30. May God bless his soul and give strength to his family. A tribute to a true visionary.

  31. The biggest lesson, is the power of will and intuition. I remember when he came back to Apple in 1996, at the 1997 Macworld (not sure), he said what do I say, I chose the wrong man. Then he said I am confident we will turn around Apple in a years time and he actually did that.

    • Definitely, he was not one to give up. He saw a problem and found a solution. He was a determined man and would’t let anything get in his way or ruin his work. He was a man of action and results.

  32. Chris Vandepas :

    Steve Jobs was the Thomas Edison of our era. It was surreal to me to be looking at his facebook and see it change right in front of my eyes. His story is one of true inspiration. He changed the world.

    Jobs was a man who was obsessed with what he did. Getting fired from Apple was the second best thing to happen to him. From there, he started Pixar and sold that for $7 billion to Disney. Then Apple wanted to have him back. What do you have to do or offer a person who created the company, then you fired him, then he sold his new company for $7 billion? Jobs just loved what he did. He loved creating things and he expected the people around him and the people who worked for Apple to be of the same mind. I doubt anyone who joined Apple purely for money lasted very long.

    The best thing to happen to Steve Jobs (this is from his own words) was being diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer. In 2004, the doctors told him he had 3 – 6 months to live. Well we know how that worked out. Jobs said how he would look in the mirror and ask if this was his last day alive, would he want to be making the choices he would make that day.

    “Death is life’s greatest inventor” – Jobs.

    We can look at Jobs and his life and learn from the lessons he left behind. Jobs would want us (the new wave of entrepreneurs) to be the new life from his death. Death makes room for new life. Let’s take these lessons from Jobs and make our businesses and lives extraordinary because that is what life is about. Because one day we will be on our way out and will be making room for the new. Jobs left us a legacy and a challenge.

    What will your legacy be?

    -Cheers! “To Steve Jobs”

    • I agree completely he was an inventor and changed the lives of many in ways they may not even realize. He had a very full and creative life that just kept giving. Any thing that went wrong was right for him. He made “lemonade out of lemons.” He never let something keep him down, rather took each day to create new opportunities.

      He was a man of intelligence and wisdom. He new even in the midst of death there could be life and creation.

      Hopefully one that will have an impact on as many people as I can. How about yours?

      I’ll drink to that, Cheers.

      • The way he saw death should inspire us all. He got more motivated when he found out that he is going to die and created great things even after that. I think that his greatest creation is the PC we use today.

  33. Nice article Neil.

    I think people can connect with Steve Jobs because his products solved so many problems for so many people. He really cared about the products he put out there.

    He wasn’t in it only for the money. The money simply followed because everyone loves his products for what they really are.

    God Bless and RIP Mr Steve Jobs

    • They certainly did. He put the time and effort into each idea he had to make it extraordinary and that is why people will remember him.

  34. AngelInvestor8 :

    What a nice, heartfelt tribute, along with personalized examples of lessons learned from Mr. Jobs. Mr. Jobs will surely be missed, by the entire business and entrepreneurial community. His contributions to technology are endless.

  35. Hi Neil,

    Can you say me what is the plugin you use for this page : https://www.quicksprout.com/hi/ ? Thanks for your help

  36. “Did you know that Steve Jobs had a salary of $1 a year? That’s right, he didn’t care for money and he stated it publicly. ”

    “If you are in business, you are there to make money. If not, you shouldn’t be an entrepreneur.”

    LOL Wut?

    Any also he only took $1 to avoid taxes… he had Apple stock. How do you think he drove around in a Mercedes and put gas it in?

    • Interesting, thanks for that bit of information. He was a unique man in many ways and his uniqueness is what made him such an innovative and distinct person to remember.

  37. Ben - BankAim :

    Steve Jobs was an amazing guy! Definitely will be missed! Its amazing to read his bio that some of the news agencies have released. Amazing that he kept his personal life so private, even though he was the 110th richest person in the world.

    • He will not soon be forgotten. He was not one to value fame or wealth. He lived to see his visions change the world.

  38. Property Marbella :

    A very sad day for the world … !

    RIP Steve Jobs .

  39. Though your article is a good one, what I feel is it is more about driving traffic towards ur blog by discussing a current topic
    Add to this the fact that you have beautifully used link baiting by titling ur post like a list with all the keywords

    • I am sorry you feel that way. Steve Jobs death is upsetting to a lot of people, especially those who avidly use his products like I do. I wanted to write something for him to show my appreciation, that’s all. I am sure I am not the only one.

  40. I’m actually not an apple fan but truly, this guy deserves a moment of silence.. RIP.

  41. I heard this the other day: 3 Apples that changed the world, Adam and Eve’s Apple, Newtons Apple, and Jobs Apple. What he taught me is, balance and family relationships are the key to success in life. I didn’t one thing about what he achieved of reports from his death bed, only relationships and his family. iDOL

    • Interesting, I like it. Thanks for sharing. He was certainly a man to be remembered for the idea he had and things he created.

  42. Some people live to a old age and that’s it. I love that Steve Jobs did so much in the short time we had him and it started in a garage! More than any thing I feel he was an inspiration that the American Dream is not dead and like Jobs innovation will continue. Thanks for the in site and the rest of the comments.

    • He does have quite a remarkable story and I am glad he was able to do so much with his life and get so much out of the time he was given.

  43. I admire both Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, i want to emulate them. They inspire me that much, so much so that i cant choose between them.
    RIP Steve. You were meaningful.

    • I don’t think it is necessary to choose between either. Both are great men who have done a lot in their life. Both have had impacts on the lives of many. Jobs will be remember even after death for his life work just like I am sure Gates will be as well.

  44. I’ve only read your blog a couple of times, and you seem like a cool guy and all, but I felt compelled to paint a little more accurate picture of Jobs.

    First you said: “Did you know that Steve Jobs had a salary of $1 a year? That’s right, he didn’t care for money and he stated it publicly. ”

    Actually he cared tremendously for money. The $1 salary is a trick used by most executives & CEO’s to avoid taxes. By getting stock options instead of salary, they will be taxed at a much lower “capital gains” tax when they cash in their stocks, as opposed to paying a much higher rate on income tax. So they often take the smallest salary they can, hence, the $1. Its a great loophole that can pay off big in terms of saving money in taxes.

    In fact, Jobs was notoriously greedy for a corporate man. He has almost zero mention of charitable acts compared to someone like Gates, Buffet, or other wealthy men. He quickly cut out all charity activities upon his return to Apple to grow their wealth.

    He submerged himself in his work to the point of almost abandoning his family and children. You said he took off work to be with his kids? What! Yeah, like the last 2 months of his life while he was dying. The guy was rich and could have spent all the time he wanted with his kids. He even had a biography written about him in his last days so that, and I quote, “His children could know him.” What? Shouldn’t his children already know him? Sheesh.

    He completely rejected his first daughter for years, denied paternity, and also trying to deny any financial support even though he was making millions. Nothing says “World’s Greatest Dad,” like abandoning and denying your own flesh and their needs.

    And as far as “visionary,” that is a joke. Jobs relied on thousands of talented people to succeed. But at what cost? Its no secret that he often belittled his employees, cursed at them, would make them compete against each other, and other terrible things. Watch the movie “Pirates of Silicone valley” and read what some ex-employees have said online for a more accurate picture of his leadership style (summarized mostly as psychotic a-hole).

    He hires brilliant engineers, who work tirelessly to make these products, and somehow all the glory and innovation falls back to Jobs. Where is the credit for the true geniuses at Apple who figured out how to make it all work? For crying out loud Wozniak was the true genius that got the company off the ground, Jobs just saw how he could capitalize on the creative engineering work of others—nothing more. If it wasn’t for Woz, I doubt Jobs would have ever been known in the world.

    The world is full of people just like Jobs, yet they can’t make their ideas happen because they don’t have that creative engineering genius as a friend to help them get started, or they have no investors or money to pull it together.

    Yes, Jobs was a saavy entrepreneur, but again, at what cost? If you have to kick your family to the curb and rarely see them, belittle employees, be consumed with insatiable greed and desires for success—is it really worth it? To me, I wouldn’t want to be at the top of the ladder, if I had to look down at all the destruction and people I had to step on to get there (as Jobs did).

    Jobs taught me at least 11 things too, but nearly all of them are what NOT to do with my life. If I was faced with living in poverty–but doing what’s right vs. being a billionaire but at the cost of what Jobs did–I’d be poor for sure.

    • I don’t know if you knew him personally, but it is not my place to say whether you are correct or not because I did not. However each story has two sides two it clearly you feel the opposite. Seeing that you feel so strongly on the matter perhaps you would prefer to write your own blog post on the matter.

  45. What he taught me was to get it right the first time. Microsoft gets it close and has it fixed by the third update, where Apple under Jobs made sure the bugs were worked out before the product went to market.

    • Definitely, if you can get it right from the start you already are a success. He had many qualities to aspire towards and should be a role model to follow.

  46. I have to admit that up until a few months ago when I bought my wife an iPhone, I had not had an Apple product, or used one regularly since I had an Apple IIe as a kid. Even if you’ve never used an Apple product, you have most likely use something influenced by something Apple made. Steve Jobs was a great visionary, and his mind will be missed.

    • There are many people who are the same and have yet to even use an apple product. Yet Jobs is still remembered and appreciated even by those people for the work he has done. From his work many other products of similar influences were created and for this he is truly an inspiration.

  47. Neil,

    Good points expressed well. If I had to sum-up Steve’s principles into single take away then that would be

    “to work from outside in (backward)”

    means start from the user’s experience (needs, problems, usability etc) first and then build a functions around it. I believe that technology is best served when it’s hidden to its users. Features are relatively easy to copy than the experience, which brings joy of using it.

    Neil, you probably know it’s easy to say than doing it actually. I’m really trying hard (un-geeking myself) to follow his principles this time with my new startup.


    • Interesting way to look at it. I think you are right he had a unique way of working and it got him far. You point out some valid tactics, thanks for sharing. Many things are easier said then done, you just have to be determined.

  48. Alex @ Easy ways to make money :

    For all the gadgets I bought last year, the iPhone is the only product that I never had any regrets. It’s quality and features is beyond any other smartphone on the market, and I tested a lot of them. Steve Jobs really aimed to make life a lot easier and he succeeded in doing it. Lets just hope that more gadgets like this may come out and offer solutions to other needs we have.

    Thanks again Neil for this well-thought article. Steve Jobs, will truly be an inspiration for all of us.

    • Jobs was a smart man who knew what needed to be done and did it. I agree, I hope there is more to come from are future generations. We could use more Steve Jobs in the world.

  49. Yeah it’s right, It’s very sad that Steve Jobs had passed away during his prime. such a great person whom i come across

  50. Ney Neil thanks for remembering Legend of tech world he had a great personality, for me he is a idol and inspiration how to make your own destiny.. R.I.P.

    • He is not easy to forget. For his work touched many and his success so tremendous. He knew how to take his life into his own hands and make the most of it while he could.

  51. Internet Marketing :

    Steve Jobs has great influence to the technology of today. I don’t use much his made gadgets because it is not affordable in our country but how he thinks of helping others is one of the many things I admire about him. And the things you have learned, Neil I want to emphasize “You’re Nothing Without Your Team”, it is true it is impossible for Jobs to do what he had done without his team. He could not do all on his own. And he gives importance to his employees. I wish all of companies are like this. 🙂

    • There is little anyone can get done all on their own. His team lead him to success, he couldn’t have done it without them and they couldn’t have done it without him. Everyone needs a solid team backing them up in order to succeed.

      • Internet Marketing :

        Yes but it is sad to know that there are still those who are top who does not give credit to those who help them and still remains on top. There is a certain owner of mall in our country that does not treat the employees well, what he sees is that he pays these people to work for him. For the whole 8 hours not allowed to sit and not allowed to bring a blazer even it’s freaking cold. It’s just a simple compensation. But I don’t understand how he thinks but he is still on top.

        • It is unfortunate when people think they can treat others poorly. It happens a lot. The only thing you can really do if you are in that situation is find a way to get through it or get out of it.

  52. I bought a Lisa in 1980 and have been an Apple user since. I’ll miss you Steve Jobs.

  53. He was my role model and will always be. I would love to provide people with good user experience as Steve did.

    • He was a role model to many. I am sure a lot of people feel the same way. He really knew how to provide his customers with the best service.

  54. MariiaVilukissa :

    Nice lessons and so true! I am a big fan of Apple and it’s products, because they are so easy and nice to use. And because I like also Linux I like Mac Os X (Unix inside) 🙂

  55. There has been so much talk about Steve Jobs in death. Sadly, he is no longer with us. But I firmly believe that what he did was to revolutionize the thought process that goes into partnering with the vast amount of technology out there. This was a great discussion and so many people made great points, especially about the “smart” description of Mr. Jobs. Great Blog, too!

    • He was a man worth talking about and remembering. He certainly did create revolutionary products and will be forever remembered for them. Thanks you , glad you enjoyed it.

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    There have been many people who made it to the top of the corporate world but the respect that Steve Jobs commands in the hearts of the people is simply unmatchable. People not only admire him as originator but also praise him as a man of values and ethics. May his soul Rest In Peace.

  57. steve jobs is an nice man we miss him a lot especially Apply company

  58. Really Great that the death of a man with just technology being his fame could be talked about so much.

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    Some more i want to add here are-
    1-Have a thought as- Yes, you can make a difference.
    2-‘Beginner’s mind.’ It’s wonderful to have a beginner’s mind.”
    3-Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

  60. San Jose Jumpers :

    Steve Jobs is a legend to many. Steve jobs to me is a man that came from the future. He created products that mankind couldn’t resist.
    There isn’t a time where I did not visit the Apple Store when I’m at the mall. There isn’t also a time where I see the Apple Store not packed with loving and caring customers. This is why I will remember this quote “If you are going to create a business, create one that changes the world.” RIP Steve.

    • Thank you for you kind words. He has made quite a difference on the world of technology and won’t soon be forgotten.

  61. Yasir Khan Quantum SEO :

    I believe that if you think about your client and not about your product, you’ll eventually have more clients because they will also care about you and help you by buying. RIP Steve Jobs

    • That is definitely a possibility. However people want a product that works. Having customers that trust and like you are the key to a successful business.

  62. This really tugged at my heart strings: ‘Don’t just do things for the money, do things because you love what you are doing.’

    No matter how much money you are making, if you are not happy with your job or you do not really care much for your actual business, you’ll find it harder to succeed.

  63. denver injury attorney :

    I think to be able to pre-sell your company has to be like apple and you should have the fame and recognition that Steve Jobs had. It is very difficult to Pre-sell in the existing market without that.

    • True, having name or brand recognition is huge. You have to build yours up if you want to sell big.

  64. shapes for kids :

    Steve Jobs was one in a bilion. My favourite advice… focus ..focus and more focus.. 🙂 Multitask is not for everyone and the truth is if you want to be successful, you really need to focus in one thing at the time…

    • He was indeed driven, focused and unique. You make a good point, multitasking isn’t for everyone but isn’t necessary if you can focus and finish one thing after another efficiently.

  65. Kelly@ local SEO :

    Pure genius!!! Steve Jobs is an inspiration and a role model and always will be.

  66. rambabu seo :

    thanks neil to show me Steve’s top encouraging tips to keep me motivating ! he was such a great personality!

  67. hey nail,
    it is impressive that you have highlighted the pin points from The great Steves Jobs’ life. He is a Legend. Nice Post with great lessons.



  68. Hi,
    Thank you for sticking to your guns Mr. Jobs, and pushing ahead to see your vision(s) become reality. You definitely left the world a better place than when you found it.

  69. What a great tribute! I especially like the comment about not forgetting about your family and friends! They are the ones that stick with us through it all.

  70. hey Neil great article to inspire anyone who is burnt with passion but hold back of other factors. By make us aware of Steves success we learn that life is a journey and one is like a lightening sky which falls on mountains which shares love, passion and being helpful to others who come along the way.

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