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7 Habits of Highly Effective SEOs

seo habits

Do you want to be a successful SEO? Who doesn’t, right?

After being in the SEO space for over 10 years, I’ve had the privilege of meeting thousands of SEOs. And just like in any industry, only a small percentage of them are actually successful.

So, it hit me. Why are some of these SEOs good at what they do, while others aren’t? After thinking about it for a while, I realized that it came down to these 7 habits.  [click to continue…]

The Social Media Handbook – 53 Resources For First Time Entrepreneurs

social media

As someone who is looking to learn about social media, you’re probably confused where you should start, right? With all of the resources out there, which ones should you follow and which ones should you ignore?

Over the last six years or so of leveraging social media, I’ve found the following sites helpful. My hope is they’ll help you learn everything you need to know about social media.
  [click to continue…]

The Startup Guide to Building a Killer Sales Team

sell me

A lot of startups are launched by engineers, designers, and product managers. That’s why they have such great products, right? But have you noticed that they typically lack on the sales front? Well, it’s because they usually don’t understand sales or the way a startup should use salespeople.

That’s a big problem since they’ll need to interview, hire, evaluate and assign regions to salespeople. And, sometimes, even fire them.

If that’s you, then it’s helpful to have a framework when it comes to building a killer sales team. The following advice should help you do just that.  [click to continue…]

11 Business Lessons Steve Jobs Taught Me

steve jobs

As you’ve probably already heard, Steve Jobs passed away yesterday. He will be remembered as one of the greatest visionaries ever. What he did for the technological as well as entrepreneurial world, will never be forgotten.

Although I’m young and haven’t been following Steve Jobs’ career as intently as others, he has taught me a lot about business in the last five years. Here are 11 things I’ll never forget that Steve Jobs taught me:  [click to continue…]

8 Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Start Up to Mythic Proportions


Ever wonder what companies like Apple or Nike did to become worldwide icons? Or how they created devoted followers? Their success almost seems like a miracle.

But trust me, it’s not. Their success can be copied!

Here are 8 ideas that can inspire you to create marketing campaigns that generate tremendous buzz, resonate with people, and eventually become a part of your customers’ life.  [click to continue…]