Why You Should Get Drunk – The ROI of Partying

drunk party

Do you think partying is a waste of time? Not only are you wasting hours in clubs, lounges and bars, you’re spending a ton of cash on alcohol, right?

I hate to burst your bubble, but partying isn’t a waste of time. Whether you are spending 10 bucks for every drink you buy or $500 per bottle, there is a huge ROI. So, instead of sitting at home every Friday and Saturday night, you should be hitting the clubs and partying. Here’s why:

You never know whom you’ll run into

Like clockwork, you can expect me to be partying every Friday and Saturday night. From 10 pm to 2 am, I am out and about in the city hitting up local bars, clubs and lounges. It doesn’t matter if I am with friends or family, I always go out to party.

I’ve learned that when you party, you end up meeting great people, especially if you are partying with a group of friends that has a large network. Roughly 90% of the time, you’ll meet people who are just looking to get drunk and aren’t ambitious.

But 10% of the time, you’ll end up running into successful people who are either entrepreneurs or those with a strong career focus. Partying isn’t cheap, and if you want to go out and have a good time, it costs money. So, there is a good chance that others you encounter while partying are doing all right financially.

By meeting new people, not only will you start building up your network, but you’ll also be gaining new friendships. These friendships can be very valuable because you never know who they know.

I met more than half of the entrepreneurs I know through partying.

Alcohol is your best friend

When you start hanging out with your new friends, it’s always best to start your friendship with some alcohol. This will loosen everyone up and make them feel more comfortable around you.

Also, when you start drinking with your new friends, make sure you buy the first round of drinks. In exchange, they’ll probably buy you the second round, and from there, you guys can take turns buying each other drinks.

Buying alcohol shows good faith, and typically if you buy someone a drink, they won’t just bail on you. Instead, they’ll stick around, chat with you for a bit, and if they are there with other friends, they’ll probably bring you into their circle.

This is what I call “social circle networking.” If you introduce someone to your friends, that person is automatically given some clout. If you are willing to talk to that person and introduce him or her to other people, he/she must be worth getting to know, right? That’s how it works when people introduce you to their friends.

It’s 10 times easier to close a business deal when introduced.

People love talking shop…when they’re drunk

Have you noticed that you’ll be open to talk about almost anything when you are drunk? That’s what happens with most people. When they get trashed, you’ll start hearing about their personal lives, careers and work dramas.

At this point, start to transition the conversation towards work as this will help you understand what they do, how much power they have within their company, and if there is anything you can do to help them out.

Relationships and bonding is what closes deals.

The best deals start over alcohol

Once the conversations with your new friends heat up about work, within thirty minutes to an hour, you should be able to figure out if there are any potential synergies. If there aren’t any, don’t just drop the conversation and walk away. Instead, continue to build the relationships as the people you are talking to may be well connected.

If there are potential synergies, let your new friends know how you can help solve their problems. But, most importantly, don’t try to close the deal over drinks. All you have to do is plant the seed that you can help out, explain how you can do so, and let them know that you are really good at what you do.

At this point, you want to make sure you get that person’s contact information and then transition the conversation into anything that isn’t work related.

More than 50% of my deals are closed through partying.

Don’t get too drunk

Although this sounds simple, this is actually the easiest way to lose a deal. If you get too drunk and say something offensive or do a dumb thing, you’ll start turning off your new friends.

You have to try to find that happy medium where you are having a good time, but you aren’t being belligerent. When in doubt, start switching your drinks to soda water with lime as it will look like you are drinking even though you aren’t.

Plus, if you get too drunk, there is a chance you can get sick, and that’s the last thing you want to do.

Never get trashed when you are networking.

Always follow up

The most important step that you have to remember to execute is to follow up. Planting a seed is a good first step, but you don’t want to close a deal when people are partying.

You want to make sure the other party has a clear head, sees the value in what you can provide, and, more importantly, wants to work with you. If your counterpart sees all of that, you’ll get a deal.

I typically try to follow up within 24 hours of hanging out with my friends. And the follow up is a text message that goes like this:

Hey John, it was great hanging out with you last night. Let’s meet up for coffee this week. Let me know what works for you.

Make sure you aren’t asking if he or she wants to meet up. Instead tell them. If you ask, there is a higher chance that your new contact will say “no”.

If you don’t follow up with a second meeting, you won’t close the deal.


Partying may seem like a waste of time, but if you party with the objective of expanding your network, it will pay off. All you have to do is start going to nice enough places, where you can meet successful people. The easiest way to meet these people is to go to bars, lounges, and clubs that aren’t affordable. Nice places typically attract successful people.

So, if you think partying is a waste of time, think again. There’s an ROI in it. Even if you don’t drink, for whatever reason, try to surround yourself with people who are out and having a good time.

And although going out and getting drunk may seem like a waste of time to some people, it should still be part of your job. 😉

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  1. Track Your Bucks :

    Neil, you rock! (Perhaps you like your drinks on the rocks? Sorry, bad pun). Anyway – I agree completely with everything here. The bars are networking gold mines. I have had people ask me: “how to I know so many people? How do I know ‘so-and-so’ “? The answer is: I’m out and about – usually drinking. It’s easy to meet all types of people while ‘in the bars’. On a related note: I met my significant other in the one of the best bars of all: a Vegas casino. And our relationship hasn’t “stayed in Vegas”, fortunately.

    BTW always have the local taxi number stashed in your pocket!

    • Definitely,

      Bars puts people in a more enjoyable and friendly environment. Making it easier to meet people. Happy to hear it and thanks for the tip.

      • Hie Neil,

        I don’t drink n if i hit a bar then what should I do? any suggestions for non – drinkers or people who aren’t interested in clubbing. Do you think there are other fruitful platforms of social networking equally effective?

        • Even if you don’t drink you can still order something. I would recommend going with friends and having a good time any way. Order a soda or just get a water, as long as you are being social and friendly it won’t matter if you are drinking.

      • This is a great advice from you Neil but we have to know our limits in order not to get sick like you said and to blow it all.

  2. People have better grammar when THEY’RE not drunk

  3. lol I love it! Drinking is a great social lubricant and I’ve actually pitched ideas while somewhat drunk.

    Everyone’s chemistry is different, but I know I loosen up a bit and get more cheerful when a get a few beers in me. 😉

    • Thank you. I hope that those pitches of yours went well. I agree, people tend to loosen up once they have had a drink.

    • You are more cheerful when you are a little drunk but be careful not to get to cheerful, like dancing on the tables or other stuff 🙂 There are some people that don’t see that with good eyes. I am referring to future business partners. They might think that their money will get spent on things like that 😀

  4. Good point. Everything is a lot more relaxed when you start having a couple of drinks in you.

  5. Nice post Neil, meeting new people is a must for any entrepreneur. I always find it easy to meet new people to network with, but I will be honest after a few drinks I start chatting so much I sometimes forget to exchange contact details. 🙂

  6. Whats with these yellow lessons…I know you love saffron but us white people don’t, please adjust to caucasian friendly light blue thanks!

  7. Awesome post.. Its true, you’ll never know who you will meet. Ive met people in the weirdest ways which have landed jobs for me, or I’ve met people who have helped me in my business. Its easier to open up to people over a few drinks, plus they might spill some ‘business ideas’ that might help you in areas you might be struggling in.

    • That is definitely a possibility. Most people find it more relaxing after a drink or two. It makes them more open to discussing ideas and giving advice.

  8. I like the picture most, If you are parting like this i am sorry, You are not going to make any impact at all except on toilet. So party carefully, and make some new friends after every party. 🙂

    • You are probably right. It is important to make sure you have fun without taking it too far. Too much could cause you to attract the wrong sort of attention.

  9. Rent College Textbooks :

    Interesting thought process but it surprisingly makes sense. I have been able to meet some cool people and get business deals via partying. Although I can’t afford to do it every weekend, when I can I do and I always meet interesting people whether or not they can help with my business or vice versa.

    • Thanks, it may seem odd, people do it all the time. Even without realizing it, people want to have a good time and meet others when they go out. So it’s a great way to make new connections for business.

  10. So, what about people who don’t drink?

    • Many times as long as you are comfortable and social it won’t matter if you aren’t drinking. Even if you don’t drink, go out to bars with friends and have a good time. You will get to meet new people and be able to remember it better. 🙂

      • Good idea. All the more better if one meets a non-drinking person so that the deal can be signed right from the bar – with a sober head! 🙂

        • Ya, I dig the post and I get it, but drinking is more of a problem most of the time. Your heading ‘why you should get drunk’ was obviously meant to make people read the post, but I don’t think it’s a good way to do it. I drink socially and I know my limit, however I have a lot of friends who don’t drink, actually, can’t drink, and have worked very hard to make those positive changes in their lives. For them to go out to a club and not drink is a huge deal, and society usually judges them. It’s also pretty hard to have an engaging conversation with a drunk person when you’re stone cold sober, even if you are an outgoing and eccentric person, it’s usually a waste of time. I know what you’re trying to relay in this post, but the heading really kills it for me. Maybe it’s just a personal thing, because I’ve been exposed to alcoholism and I’m taking this too personally, but just thought I’d point it out, there may be others who feel the same way as I do.

          • For some it is for others it isn’t. I can see where you are coming from, drinking isn’t for everyone. If going to bars doesn’t work for you then don’t. Most of the time if you go and just order a non-alcoholic drink no one will give you a hard time about it. Especially if you are comfortable explaining why and if you’re not you can always make up a reason.

        • Rent College Textbooks :

          you could also go the I look like I am drinking but really it’s tonic and lime? It shouldn’t matter whether you are drinking or not, but being social I think is the key.

        • Yep, looks like you have got the right idea.

  11. Great post on an underestimated way of connecting with people for pleasure AND business. Don’t make life so goddamn serious, enjoy it and life will pay you back with more.

  12. I completely agree. Also, I think if there is any office event, I always make sure I go. I believe if can be conversational and get along outside of the office, you can do the same at the office.

    • Good point, thanks for the suggestion. Business events are an easy way to make better connection and possibly even make a few friends.

  13. But drinking is not everything and we need to understand being at the right place at the right time is what is important.

    • I agree, drinking is not everything. It is just a way of getting people to come together at places such as bars and get connected, while feeling comfortable.

  14. Neil great stuff, even though that i don’t drink, when I do go out, networking with others always generates awareness about your business, and going out partying and looking at it from a business point of view, why not kill two birds with one stone hey.

  15. Great info! Thanks for sharing this. By the way, the photo looks cool, lol!

  16. Haha..I came to read this mail early in the morning and guess what? It feels like going outside and getting drunk(Gently) so that i wouldn’t have to see my picture being taken in the same way as in your post.
    Two things that amazes me about drinking is:
    1. People start talking in English. (I am from Nepal).
    2. I haven’t seen anyone who doesn’t pitch ideas when he gets drunk.

    Keth Ferrazi talks about having dinner together to increase and strengthen your network but i find drinking much easier and result oriented.
    How could people above close their comment without a loud cheers? Cheers!!! Neil You Rock !!!

    • That is interesting. People are certainly more likely to share and discuss after a few drinks. It makes it a lot easier for some people.
      Cheers to you too!

  17. The point is that it costs money to party.

    So what can average people do about that?

  18. Haha! I actually had some clients come over.. and yes, once they drink.. they do seem to have a lot more ideas than when they were sober!

    Good stuff Neil, you never cease you amaze me.

  19. Nice work Mr. Patel! You should’ve gotten a Heineken sponsorship for this posting 😉 Red mentioned you were wondering up to Seattle…Looking forward hearing you speak over an adult soda @ Lean Startup…thanks for making the journey…let me know if you are heading out to get flit-chased afterwards…on a wild & crazy Monday night 😉

  20. Alex Pyatetsky - CMO @ The HOTH Link Building Co. :

    This is tricky for me. I’ve been a DJ and music snob since I was 16 and I really want to kill myself at top-40 type establishments. I also find bottle service culture pretty off-putting. Maybe its just a Chicago thing, but it attracts an uber-bonehead crowd.

    Unfortunately, now that I’m really career focussed, I still dislike all those places that are probably ideal for “meeting people with money,” and now am frustrated with the type of people at the kinds of places I do like to go. As a result, I’ve pretty much stopped going out altogether.

    Anyway, sob story over. I guess its really a matter of priorities. Usually by friday night I’m f’ing exhausted anyway 🙂

    P.S. I like the safron highlights 😉

    • Sometimes in order to get business and make connections you unfortunately, will have to go places you don’t like. It is your decision to not go, but you might miss out on something. Like you said it is about priorities.

  21. sam @ goa carnival :

    Great post,

    Nice Neil you are really great because you have many good ideas to run the business in any kind of conditions and along with that you are the master of fix the deals in party when people are doing lots of enjoyment forget their business deals atleast for some times and you are come out business in these kind of conditions which is really awesome work from my point of view.

    One more thing i would like to say please help me out in this i haven’t drink alcohol in my life till today and any of my family member don’t like it so what should i do in these kind of conditions should i drink or shouldn’t.

    • Thanks, I appreciate it. It really is up to you and how you feel about drinking. If you don’t want to drink, then don’t. You can always get something without alcohol in it. If you do decide to drink get something light to begin with, like a beer, or mixed drink. You don’t want anything too strong anyway.

  22. First I want to point out that the picture is hilarious Neil. I don’t think that gentleman is making any good connections or closing any deals besides his own that night. Second, this is a great post about something that we should all be more open about. Some of the best deals are done over a couple of drinks/dinner. And as Neil points out, not just deals, but getting to know people. You truly never know who you will meet or run into when you are out and about. I have told a story in a past post of Neil’s how I met a really useful contact at an event and we ended up going out for drinks after and then continued drinking and talking about business later at his place. Sometimes you get to meet like-minded individuals who, like you, are looking to network and gain contacts to increase their resource base. You never know when you might meet someone who turns out to be the kick-off to your career, business, or greatest deal of your life. It only takes that one big one.

    For some it can intimidating because maybe they are not social people in the first place. A few drinks loosens people up and gets the conversation going. Maybe you don’t drink, no problem, get wired on caffeine and go with the flow of the conversation. The point isn’t drinking. The point isn’t even “going out”. The point is the underlying theme from the movie “Yes Man”. Go out into the world. Explore different environments. Meet people. Exchange contact info. Follow up. Have an adventure with them.

    To stay on point with this post, location does make a difference. If you go to the local watering hole where Bubba has his own nameplate on a bar stool, don’t expect to meet up with Mark Cuban. Yes there is a chance you might meet some good people and even a few business contacts, but if you want to go big, you have to go to big places. Why is there a 100 people line outside of the Marquee in Vegas and no line to get into O’Shea’s Beer Pong Tournament? Because Marquee is the newest, greatest, and one of the most exclusive clubs in Vegas and money wants to go there. I doubt you will even be able to hear other people talk inside, let alone do a business deal, but the point is to meet people and have a good time. I usually find myself in VIP sections at places not because I bought a table, but because I started interacting with the people who had the tables and got invited to join. (Hint: find out who the head person is in the group, what drink they like, and buy them that drink while introducing yourself).

    With my new company, there are not a lot of opportunities to enjoy a beverage with potential clients, however there are opportunities to wine and dine big contracts and people who will lead to big contracts. And you don’t necessarily have to set something up. Just go out and pick a place and immerse yourself into a conversation. Most of my family lives in New Zealand. A year ago I went back to visit. I had my aunt drop me in downtown Auckland. She asked, “Do you know where you are going?” I said, “Nope”, then got out of the car and started walking. I prefer going out and exploring new areas and finding something new to discover. I didn’t meet a millionaire entrepreneur, but I did meet a Doctorate Candidate from India who was surprised to see a stupido Americano who knew who Indira Ghandi was. You just never know who you will meet over a drink.


    • very good extension to Neil’s post, yes the guy in the picture is definitely not making any business deals that night apart from an informal meeting with the toilet. But seriously there are some very good point made in Neil’s and Chris’s posts. Explore the world outside your office, meet people and just have fun. Quite interesting quote from Yes man: The world’s a playground, you know that when your a kid, but somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.

    • Definitely, some good ideas. I enjoyed your points and appreciate the addition. I liked the part about finding the table owner and buying them a drink. It goes a long way when you show a little appreciation by simply buying them a drink.

      Cheers 🙂

  23. melbourne internet marketing :

    Well like some who have commented, not everyone drinks but I guess the really point of this article is not all business deals and opportunities are done inside a board meeting or office. The more interesting people you meet through friends and social gatherings, the more chances to find ways to expand your business. Thanks for the article as always!

  24. perth internet marketing :

    I like the “you never know who they know”. It’s so true. That’s why its important to maintain those contacts and relationships with old friends. And don’t be afraid to talk to people because they can lead you to that big break you’ve been looking for.

  25. Shilpi Singha Roy :

    Hey Neil,
    Never expected this kind of post from you. You always think out of mind and give some great deal of advice.

  26. Good work bro, but one thins i must mention, the way you define social circle networking love it..

  27. Hey Neil,

    Your article is very nice and i too agree with you. But let me tell you i am a non drinker, and many times i feel i am cut off from the excitement.

    So, whether i start drinking or is there any special advice for me. What you advice?

    • Hi Ashish,

      I know your question was for Neil, but I wanted to see if I could share some ideas with you.

      I have ran into this before. I am a drinking, but I do have friends and people I do business with that are nondrinkers. The point isn’t the drinking. The point is to go “out” and converse with people. It might be intimidating to walk up to a group at a high-end place who are all sharing cocktails and you show up with a mineral water, but that doesn’t matter if you can offer something to the conversation. You can actually play that to your advantage. As people get more inebriated while you are sober, you can get more information out of them. If the conversations go well and everyone is comfortable you can even offer them a ride back to their hotel/home/whatever (only if you feel that barrier is ok).

      In addition, you don’t need to necessarily go to bars or lounges to meet entrepreneurs or highly ambitious people. We all share some common qualities. We are hungry, we want to make money, we like building things (companies, websites, profiles), we recognize successes and talents of others, and we congregate in social environments to expand our goals. Take these qualities and find out where we are. We go to conventions (I am getting into an industry that historically has had minimal Web2.0, social networking, or any technological aspects, however my goal is to revolutionize the industry. So I will go to conventions that are typical of that industry, but also start going to more techie conventions to grasp both markets. I hope we can converse about it in the future). Again, the point is to go out of your element, take a chance and start a conversation. You might strike-out, but keep trying. It gets easier as you keep at it.

      Hope this helps a little.

      • Hello Chris,

        I got your point, thanks.

        One more thing i generally come across, I go to several seminars and events and see new people. I generally go alone, so how to initiate talk with someone you don’t know. Doesn’t this look awkward.

        • Sure thing. I believe Neil had an old post about being an introvert or extrovert and the strengths/weaknesses of both. Initiating a conversation is a subjective art. If you are outgoing, then it is easy to start a conversation with people and start relationships. However, if you are the more conservative type, then you should play off of your strengths. I have noticed that introverts are people who tend to do a lot of research and background checks. First, why are you going to these conferences? The goal should be to network and get job offers or contracts, not just to learn. So who are the keynote speakers? Find out who will be there and who will be attending. Research these people. Pretend you are a detective or work for CSI lol. Find out their interests, qualities, and types of businesses they are interested in.

          Since this is Neil’s blog, let’s use him as an example. You find out that Neil is going to be speaking about SEO at a conference you are attending. You want to meet Neil (I’ve never met Neil in real life, but this is because it’s not the right time, yet), so what do you do? You look him up on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, his Blog, etc. You read about him. You watch his old Youtube interviews. I think you could find out some good info about him. You learn he is outgoing, loves what he does, is successful, has a good network, and is always interested in helping people, especially under social settings. So after Neil speaks, you go up to him and compliment him on what he said and point out a few things you learned. Then you drop a business card and tell him you’d like to take him out for a drink or dinner or coffee or whatever and what would work for him? He’d probably invite you to an after party (it seems like Neil would go to a great after party). Attend and network with him and the people around him more. Talk a little business, but just take the opportunity to get acquainted.

          Afterwards (the next few days) make sure to follow-up with an email or text. Start a relationship.

          This is just one way. Hope it gives you some ideas.

      • Thanks for your additional input. Great suggestions for those non drinkers.

    • Do what makes you happy and have fun while you do it. Don’t try and change who you are for other people. Be friendly and open and you won’t have to worry about the drinking part.

  28. Lennart Heleander@Property Marbella :

    Outstanding photo. I hope I NEVER end up like that.

  29. Web Design Resource :

    Doing Party at weekend shows you haven, because it gives you little bit relaxation after a stressful working week. So, do the party with alcohol is best way to stress out (my personal opinion :)) what do you think ? cheers……

  30. This is the perfect blog for anyone who wants to know about this topic. You know so much its almost hard to argue with you.

  31. Neil,

    To say that I’m a BIG fan of this blog and you as an entrepreneur would be a vast understatement. I greatly appreciate all the advice you give.

    With that being said, I think this post is shocking and I’m a actually a bit repulsed by it. To say that drinking, specifically getting drunk, has a return on investment, is good for relationships, and will bring you farther in business is both irresponsible and immature.

    “When you start hanging out with your new friends it’s always best to start your friendship with some alcohol.” Really? To me this shows signs of insecurity. Getting people drunk may loosen them up, but is isn’t necessary. Great communicators shouldn’t resort to this low level tactic.

    I’m not against drinking and yes this post is entertaining, but I’ve never seen anything quite like this here. What if people read this and actually take this seriously? What if people read this and use it to justify getting drunk all the time? You’re a great writer and entrepreneur, but please in the future consider the possible consequences of your material before hitting publish.

    • Whole Body Vibration :

      I have to agree Dan, although a good read. I won’t put anything I just read into practice.

    • Thank you,

      I am sorry you feel that way. I did not mean for it to come across like that. I have gotten into quite a few business deals and made some good friends by beginning with drinks. However, I’ll be sure to consider your advice for the future.

  32. Whole Body Vibration :

    Interesting post, I use to live in a bar like Norm (Please, someone get this reference) but I never got much done, made a few contacts here and there.

    • You say you didn’t get much done, but you did get a few contacts. In my opinion that is more then what you would have had if you had not gone out at all.

  33. Neil, I love what you write. Keep it coming. 🙂 Hopefully one day I will need to use your awesome kissmetric services to my businesses’ benefit. 🙂

  34. Partying is good and bad! The reason is because what is good for Mr A may not be okay for Mr B. And for this reason, each person have to do all he or she can do to make sure that they make proper use of their time and learn how to enjoy slowly. Enjoying slowly means, partying only when it is right!

    Thanks for the post @Neil

  35. Good points here, a word to the wise though, if you aren’t looking to spend too much make sure you don’t get suckered into splitting a ‘vip’ table. I’ve had this happen a few times, the guys that pretend to be more successful than they are invite you over to their table, you have one drink and then all of a sudden you’re asked to pitch in a c note to cover their tab. If you do go, make it clear you’ve already got a tab at the bar and politely decline one of their drinks, cheers.

  36. So I don’t really drink anymore. Did most of my drinking from 15-25 lol – Some people give me odd looks when I turn down a drink. I have no issue with anyone drinking though.

    Still a good idea to hang out in clubs and such anyway?? Or should I start drinking a little again?

    • It is up to you as to what you should or shouldn’t do. The clubs and bars are just a fun place to network. It isn’t a requirement to drink, just have a good time and make some new friends.

  37. I really liked this post and completely agree with the point which Neil is trying to drive. Again a non-drinking person appreciating it. I have the same question which has been already answered by @Chris Vandepas. Thanks Chris it makes sense.

    Thanks Neil

    • Glad you were able to still enjoy it as a non drinker. Chris had some very good pointers and advice. Happy to hear you had your question answered.

  38. Francois Mathieu :

    I don’t drink… but I think it’s important to go out for a drink to network. The conversation usually starts by making fun of my drink (Coke & grenadine). A little humor never hurts.

  39. Neil,
    Ditto on the great post. This is something I’ve wanted to write about for a while but I guess you just put it perfectly into words.

    I’d like to address the naysayers and say that Neil is not proposing that you become a drunk. He’s only saying that a more informal atmosphere promotes greater interaction and helps open people up. If you don’t drink, buy a club soda with a slice of lime. It’ll look just like my vodka soda with lime.

    I’ve made a lot of great connections and friends over a couple (sometimes a few) drinks. It really does help loosen up the atmosphere. It also helps you get to the heart of things instead of waiting to get through gate-keepers, proper protocol, etc…

    Even more important is that sometimes it helps me weed out those I DON’T want to do business with. If the guy or gal turns into a raging a-hole and ends up like the picture attached to Neil’s blogpost, see ya later dude. You just saved me months of wasting time with an idiot.

    So again, thanks for the great post, Neil. Your email arrives and I usually drop everything to see what clever tidbits you’ve prepared.


    • Thanks Carlos,

      I appreciate the back up. I like the part about how it helps you decide who not to work with as well. You can get a good feel for someone by seeing how they handle themselves while out drinking.

  40. I think that partying and socializing is only worth it if you are also enjoying it – don’t just do it for the ‘finding a deal’ reasons.

    ..Also, I would like to hear more about how you transition the relationship: drinking at 2am is very different from coffee meeting at 2pm – sometimes a little awkward.

    • I don’t know a lot of people who do it if they aren’t enjoying themselves. The business aspect of it just comes with discussing what you do for work and other personal things while talking to people you meet out.

  41. Acupuncture St Kilda Melbourne :

    Interesting to find an article on this topic. In China it’s standard practice to get anyone doing business with trashed and friends for life. Your ideas for simply heading out to socialise is great. We’re social creatures and more people should do it. I have friends that go out without alcohol but I think if you have have a couple it certainly loosens up the situation for more bonding to occur.

    • Hum it seems China and the United States have more in common then some might expect. I agree, we are typically social by nature.

  42. it’s my first comment here
    you are great NEIL PATEL
    And your topic too

  43. David | Grow by Learning :

    Hi Neil,
    This may be on of the most popular of your articles,
    So the last couple of 2 days I have been out for a few drinks and I completely feel like you have been saying what I have been thinking.
    Not only am I talking deals but because of the ‘happy medium’, I get people giving me deals because the people am talking to, think I a little bit cool for not being as trashed as they are.

    Straight from the heart Neil. Thanks

  44. What if small business can’t afford a single buck for drink.

    • If you can’t really afford to go out then try a different way of making those social contacts. Such as attending conferences or just boosting your online networking.

  45. Great points, Neil, just wanted to add a few ideas from a surviving artist/student point of view or for that matter any financially struggling yet up and coming networker.
    1. Art openings – often there is food and wine for just a donation.
    2. If going out to dinner, check for an appetizer menu. Some establishments also have happy hour specials, look for those.
    And 3. here’s something a friend mentioned, in regards to attire, people who have money don’t necessarily look like they do. There’s all kinds of eclectic folk out there. But they usually have, decent footwear, no scratches and mars which signify that you spend a lot of time walking, and well manicured hands.

    I don’t know how important, 3, is- but it was interesting to me. I have found that, no matter what circle I’m in, if I am confident and portray that with an attitude that I belong and am deserving; I will most often be accepted as such and have thus more easily connected with a broader range of people.

    Thanks, for your wonderful writings.

    • Thanks for your input Pilar. These are awesome suggestions and insights. I agree with much of what you are saying. It is very important to feel comfortable in any setting. I am glad that you enjoy my writing, thanks for reading.

  46. Hey Neil impressive post. I myself love to do partying and in this way I make new friends too. So it is always better to go in clubs and bars during weekends because in this way, we will be making new friends and in this way we can expand our business too. Nice tips Neil. 🙂

    • Mack, looks like you are already doing the things I suggest in this post. I hope you are finding that the tips are effective, you really just have to put yourself out there.

  47. Superb!!.
    I like all of your posts and wonder at times how you choose such wonderful topics.

  48. “Great” advice (???) – you just may end up sleeping with your prospective customer’s wife while she gets drunk with you. I am sure that will help business big time!

  49. Hey Neil you selected good topics “Why You Should Get Drunk in party”. Party is necessary for enjoyment & refreshment, Spend time with friends. Party place are like a social networking place for human being. BUT you know everything are disaster in excess level. So take a drink in party or pub in limit.(According to me)

    • I agree everything should be enjoyed in moderation. You really need to be mindful of your settings, as I have discussed in this blog post. thanks for the tips Tom. Also, thanks for spending the time to read my post 🙂

  50. Wow!

    I never saw that aspect of partying, although I always experienced it.

    Life is so much more amusing and productive from your perspective Neil!

  51. “Alcohol is your best friend”. Ha Ha! Just like Neil is using @I’m kind of a big deal’ as his strapline, I’m going to use the alcohol quote as mine!

  52. john@web design london :

    Alcohol is best friend only at party time not on regular time

  53. Duncan - Vetter :

    This reminds me of the episode of the U.S. version of The Office where Michael brings the customer to Chilis, gets him drunk and then gets the deal, completely in contrast to the approach of his boss Jan.

  54. Ben - BankAim :

    Just tried this tactic last night.. met some great people with great businesses and ideas. It does work! haha

  55. Alex @ Easy ways to make money :

    I tried this technique before… it doesn’t always work. Because when they’re sober, they tend to forget your conversation. Yet, this is still a valid tactic, hanging out and partying really gives your the opportunity to know business people in general.

    • You don’t want to be talking or discussing anything with people who are so far gone that they wouldn’t be able to remember in the morning, but sometimes I guess that can happen.

  56. Wilfred Pinnick :

    When I initially commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and now each time a comment is added I get four e-mails with the same comment. Is there any way you can remove people from that service? Cheers!

    • I can, let me know what your email is. Please email me at neil@neilpatel.com and in the email state how you want to be removed from the comment emails.


  57. Neil – utterly true post. And, at the same time, you take a potential client out with you to get drunk, have some food, and spend the rest of the evening paying for his strippers in a strip joint, and finally stick him in a taxi to go home to his wife, it is amazing just how much business you subsequently get.

    Most people miss this simple yet extremely effective tactic. As far as my experience goes, it works best in London and NYC.

    Some people seem to think learning “sales tactics” is a better option….er…wrong!
    PS – this is not a joke.

  58. Great Blog Neil!! But am a person who’s pretty stiff when it comes to meeting new people and i have problems getting friendly with people i just got to know. But i guess i need to start drinking to get rid of that problem. hehe!!

    • It can be difficult for some people to loosen up. However if you are not a drinker to begin with I wouldn’t suggest changing who you are. Wether drinking is right for you should be something you decide for yourself. Having a drink or two is known to be relaxing for some and can loosen you up. However you want to make sure to be carful especially if you do not drink often.

  59. I got a decent project via the route mentioned in the article. This guy was the SDM (second only to the District Magistrate) of this newly formed district in India, and we landed a District ERP deployment contract, albeit after some months of follow up. I EXACTLY know what Neil is talking about here .. 🙂

  60. Neil, you rock! I will like to send youa personal message as regards to my small business and see if i can get an advice from you. Can you send me your direct email address so i can send you a message or you have mine which is sylvo4real2001@yahoo.com . Thanks and hope to hear from you.

    • I would be happy to advise you however I can. If you could shoot me an email with any specific questions I will see how I can help. neil@neilpatel.com.

  61. Haha – I love this – trouble is not getting too drunk – I remember getting a girl’s number on New Year’s Eve at the beginning of the night – by the end I was trying to dance with her – she put her and in my jeans pocket and took the number back. No chance to follow up. Of course I wasn’t looking to do business with her – well not financially ;o) Also I think going out with “work mates” can be dangerous – they can see you in a different light. I’m always a lovable drunk rather than a violent one – but we are not all the same. If you become a fighter rather than a lover I’d steer clear of the booze.

    • You definitely want to make sure you can control yourself while out drinking. There is a fine line between having fun and getting sloppy. Thanks for sharing your story. I am sure plenty of people have a few good ones of their own. I know I do. 😉

  62. Reiki Bedfordshire :

    It´s always a lot easier to talk when you are relaxed, and drinking is a great way to elax. When I start talking about my business when partying the amount of interest shown by fellow revellers is amazing (and profitable).
    Thanks for a good post again.

    • It can ease the mood and loosen the tongue. You just have to make sure you keep having a good time by keeping yourself in line (not too drunk). Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

  63. Hey Neil, I think you should do a follow up post to this one; Why you should smoke weed – The ROI of getting stoned. LOL. Definitely can get the creative juices flowing! Nice post man.

    • I don’t know about that. First it is still illegal, and second it can make you lazy. Which isn’t ideal for entrepreneurs who need to stay busy and motivated.

  64. Rosemary Sarno :

    I was questioning in case you can be interested by changing into a guest poster on my weblog? and in exchange you could possibly put a hyperlink the post? Please let me know once you get an opportunity and Ill send you my contact details – thanks. Anyway, in my language, there are not much good source like this.

  65. Digital Marketing Degree Programs :

    This is so true Neil! I met my business partner at a bar when I was just out having a good time. I am going to keep my eyes open more when I’m at a bar just in case this happens again. The bar is definitely a relaxed environment where it is easy to meet people.

    I’ve never thought about the bar being such a good networking opportunity, but it really is. Maybe you can increase your odds by going to bars located close to potential clients? Although this may not be that easy to figure out.

    • It definitely is a cool place to network and con net with people who could potentially end up helping you out.

      That is an interesting idea, if you can manage to find that out.

  66. Reiki Bedfordshire :

    Regretably, I have just broken one of your guidelines – I have just got so drunk I frightened off my potential client.

  67. Yasir Khan Quantum SEO :

    Point taken, but the key is to stay sober and take mental notes and also make new friends

  68. Joomla developers :

    I never appreciate those who takes drinks in the party too… I hate those peoples.

  69. This sounds tempting. I am sure i would succeed in this kind of business negotiations. 🙂

  70. hey neil,
    Great thoughts you represented in this post. no one could think in this way. those techniques will definitely work for greater ROI.



  71. Drinking is a great social lubricant and I’ve actually pitched ideas while somewhat drunk.

  72. You are more cheerful when you are a little drunk but be careful not to get to cheerful, like dancing on the tables or other stuff There are some people that don’t see that with good eyes.

  73. Precisely the reason I don’t like going out drinking is because I don’t want to mix with people who enjoy getting drunk.
    I don’t care how successful they are – if they think getting drunk is cool I consider them to be immature and consequently would rather have very little to do with them.

  74. raspberry ketones uk :

    It’s remarkable to visit this web page and reading the views of all friends regarding this paragraph, while I am also zealous of getting know-how.

  75. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for the great article! Looking forward for another episode.

  76. terrible advice! use the money to join a yacht club, sailing club, country club, car club or some kind of club that will put you into contact with other successful people! going out and getting drunk while meeting other drunks is never a good thing!

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