7 Things To Do When Hanging Out With The Neil Patel

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I had the pleasure of meeting and chatting with Neil Patel a few weeks ago in Seattle. I’ve heard many things about him, but I admittedly have never been able to tell fact from fiction when it came to Neil. Is he really kind of a big deal? Could he possibly help me become as cool as he is?

There’s a lot that you can do when hanging out with Neil Patel. If you’re looking to have a fun night – Neil could be the guy. But if you’re looking for valuable help, business education, AND a fun night, Neil’s definitely your guy.

Here’s a 7-step guide to help you get the most out of hanging out with Neil Patel:

Step #1: Pick a convenient location

Fun Fact: Neil enjoys room service.

Prior to travelling to Seattle for business, I had to figure out the best way to squeeze in a large number of meetings within a small time-frame. Factoring in commuting times for a city I’ve never been to, Neil made the location for our meeting easy for both of us. He lives in the Hyatt Olive8 (yes, he’s balling), equipped with a bar, pool, spa, and a restaurant.

We met at Urbane, the hotel’s restaurant. Conveniently near my hotel, Urbane is literally Neil’s first floor, so he was comfortable enough to walk down at 9:30 pm with fluffy slippers and a friendly smile. Picking a convenient meeting location definitely helps Neil become more helpful.

Step #2: Buy him a drink

Fun Fact: Neil’s favorite drink is Grey Goose (vodka) soda.

When hanging out with Neil Patel, it’s always best to cover the tab, so prepare accordingly. Thankfully, it was only a Tuesday night, so I knew I’d be avoiding any re-enactments of Shane Mac’s Friday night drinking sessions with Neil (if you didn’t know, Neil Patel is Shane Mac’s bi***). Order a vodka soda for Neil, some tequila for any fine lady friend he’ll be with, and be prepared to have fun and learn.

Step #3: Let Neil know how he can be helpful

Fun Fact: After we ordered drinks, the very first thing Neil said was, “So, how can I help you?”

My colleague quickly countered with the same question back to him, and I’ll get into that a bit later.

But how could Neil be helpful to us? Neil is a very connected person and kind of a big deal. My company is looking to aggressively grow its business, so we naturally asked for some introductions. Since meeting with Neil, we were introduced to Intuit, Train Signal, WhitePages, and Tribune.

The introductions he made can potentially bring in well over a hundred thousand dollars a year into my company. And, best of all, the people he introduces you to are decision-makers, so you won’t have to waste your time trying to get in front the right person.

Step #4: Learn from Neil

Fun Fact: Neil is excellent at selling upper six-figure to lower seven-figure deals.

Conversation quickly progressed onto even more interesting things. Topics of discussion moved from selling to networking to partying to growing up as an Indian kid. Some of my key takeaways were:

  • For larger deals, selling is all technique. Just because you can close a million-dollar deal doesn’t mean that you can close a thousand dollar deal.
  • Success is achieved through hard work. There’s no easy road to being successful, and nobody has ever achieved anything with a sense of entitlement.
  • Success is also achieved through networking. While raw hustle can get your business pretty far, a little help from powerful people can take it further. It pays to take the time to meet as many people as you can and build the value of your network accordingly.
  • Neil was sometimes fed meatless tacos as a child.
  • Neil likes living in Seattle because Washington has zero state income tax.

While many of the things that I took away from our conversation were things that I’ve heard before, it was good to hear them again from Neil. It helped me realign and re-focus my own personal and professional goals and set me on my way to becoming as cool as he is.

Step #5: Ask him how you can be helpful to him

Fun Fact: Neil loves retargeting.

Back to us helping Neil. Neil’s a good friend of the company and has already provided many helpful introductions for us (yes, he really is kind of a big deal). With that, we are his retargeting provider of record.

Ever see this ad around the web?

be cool like neil patel

It’s powered by my company. He simply asked us to give him more impressions. Done…and now more people can be cool like Neil.

Step #6: Talk about your favorite kinds of slippers

Fun Fact: In Neil’s heyday, he used to wear only dress shoes.

As we got up to end our night, we noticed Neil was wearing giant fluffy slippers with a pair of Happy Socks. We started talking footwear, and his knowledge of the subject is actually amazing. At a quick glance, he was able to name the brands of shoes that my colleague and myself were wearing. Be sure to compliment Neil’s socks and fluffy slippers at the end of the night.

Step #7: Action Items

Fun Fact: Neil’s big deal status is no joke, so he’s generally very busy and forgets to do things.

As with any meeting, it’s always smart to end the night with action items for both parties. Neil promised to introduce us to a few companies, and we promised to increase his retargeting budget. Within 48 hours, I followed up with him to remind him what he needs to do, and then I also gave him what I promised.

And like that, I greatly upped my coolness in just one night. Neil provided some valuable introductions to my team, and all I had to do was buy him some drinks. If you haven’t hung out with Neil before, I recommend shooting him an email and setting up some time to do so.

Like he did for me, Neil can help you get on your way to becoming a big deal too, and maybe he’ll even give you an “I’m kind of a big deal” t-shirt.


If you want to grow your business, I highly recommend that you set up a meeting with Neil. You’ll be surprised to see who is willing to help. Plus, Neil truly doesn’t care if he gets anything in return. He just loves helping people. Heck, he even tried to pay for the bill because we were guests in his town.

If you want to learn more about Neil or how he can help you, leave a comment, and I’ll do my best to answer you.

About the author: Samir Soriano is NY grown, Lehigh rassler, digital artist, and ReTargeter’s director of marketing.

P.S. If you want help growing your business click here.


  1. And Neil hates being photographed? He seems to have just two photographs splashed everywhere. Or maybe that’s a strategic move. 😉

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  3. I think Neil is just human and I believe he will stay that way 🙂

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    It’s nice to be hearing again from you. Thanks for the wonderful information. you always provide your readers with relevant articles. I wish I can hang with you at some point in time. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Neil if you come to Australia I will buy you beer 🙂

  6. Slippers ? Actually, my mom knows my feet’s size and always buys these for me 😀

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    I know how great is Neil but he always keep things very simple. Got to learn a lot from him. Thanks for the share…

    Shilpi Singha Roy
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    In my personal experience “drink” is an initial step of taking help in business :), because drink makes lots of thing easy.

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  13. Rico Figliolini :

    Loved your 11 Rules… it takes a certain type of person to keep giving – even after people just keep taking. You’re a special guy Patel. I enjoy your emails.

  14. Did you ask him if there is any food in his refrigerator? Last time we spoke he had no food in there; just ordered food 🙂

  15. Hi Neil you are successful entrepreneur and your works r really inspirations for all youngster and yup for me also …i like your way n guide pls keep it up …

  16. Andrea Ford Batticani :

    I think that in business is of crucial importance to create a substantial network and the more your network talks good about you the more money you make as people trust you. So I would be honored to take a drink with Neil if I happen to be in USA or you in Italy. Ciao

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    Grey Goose? step it up Niel.

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    Also the mirror picture between your side bar and the main image is a little too much Niel for me.

    • Not sure you are talking about. But thanks ? 🙂

      • Me too thinks the same way 🙂

        @Neil – Look at the main picture of this post and then on the right side, you have smaller, same picture in another direction. Kind of looks funny.

        By the way, why don’t you get photographed? Would love to see the latest Neil Patel.

        • I see, thanks for pointing it out. I will see what I can do about getting an updated photo for you guys. 🙂

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    Just kidding. Nice job, I returned to the blog to see what Neil is up to because of that banners.

    Nice blog buddy, keep it up!

  21. The Ocean Agency - Chicago SEO Firm :

    My Dear Friend Neil,

    At first glance of this article I thought you were suffering from a massive narcissistic episode. But after reading this I realize it’s very advantageuos for your readers to get to know you better. This is a very interesting way of doing that.

    Transparency is huge on the web, so rock Neil

  22. AngelInvestor8 :

    Very humorous. The Retargeted ad is interesting. Perfect lure for any site!

  23. Awesome, you have to love someone who is confortable enough AND confident enough to wear fluffy slippers. More guys could gain from just that little step….if in Dallas I will buy you SEVERAL drinks….enjoyed…

  24. I read this post originally because I wanted to procrastinate from actually doing work. But then I learned about ReTargeter, which helped me get my job done faster.

    Step #8: Copy what Neil does to be successful.

  25. Carlos Cooper :

    Great stuff again, Neil. As they say “in vino veritas”.

    Love your style and sense of humor. Thanks for showing people that it’s ok to have fun while being successful. Would love to linkup on my next trip out to the rainy city.

    Peace in Greece.

  26. David | Invest in Africa :

    HA! Neil,
    I definitely knew you moved back to Seattle because of its low taxes and not because of the negative people you used to hang out with in San Diego, https://www.quicksprout.com/2011/08/16/how-to-control-your-emotions/

    Cool post tho.

    • There were a number of reasons I moved back. However, it largely had to do with getting more focused on working and building my business. Good guess though 😉

  27. Really good info, especially because I hope to be able to meet Neil one day, or maybe my business partner will meet him first since he grew up in Seattle, he travels back there from time to time.

    Thanks again for the info.

    Neil, whenever you’re down in the Los Angeles area hit me up and I’ll have a drink waiting for you.

  28. I have a nickname for your Neil.

    BIG Deal Neil.

    What do you think?

  29. Hi Neil & Mr. Retargeter Guy,

    Last December I was looking at getting a new Subaru and in January I picked up a new Outback. So I did a lot of research on the web looking up stuff for Outback’s and various other cars. Now all I see when I go to and a page an ad comes up for some local place selling Subarus, sometimes it’s a place way far away in Oregon, because I wondered if I bought it in Oregon with no sales tax would I save $4k well that wasn’t really the case so I scrapped that idea, but I’m still seeing Oregon Subaru’s all the time. And Subaru ads everywhere I go. It’s so annoying really, i mean why can’t you right click on the thing and say “I have purchased this item” please stop retargeting me or show me something new for chrissakes. Can i reset my browser?

    What fixed it for me right now is I used to use Chrome to browse all the time, and now I don’t cause these huge ads on the top on the sides all saying SUBARU LITHIA OREGON GO NOW YEH……thanks i have one please market me something else.

    • Try using some ad apps on Mozilla, I haven’t tried them because I don’t have the problem. However, I hear they work well.

  30. Bum Bum Jones :

    Your meeting with Neil Patel was similar to my meeting with Neil Patel…well almost. A couple of buddies and I were going to Seattle for a little R&R. I had recently read on his blog that he moved to Seattle so i decided to shoot him an email in hopes of meeting with him. To my surprise he agreed to meet with me. We met at Urbane and had a few drinks. I showed him my cartoon and we joked around a bit. However, I didn’t ask him for a favor (what did i do with his email address). Anyway, my friends still talks about how down to earth Neil is. And how he’s kind of a big deal. Also, all of my friends follow Quick Sprout (2 more followers yeah) and follow him on twitter. There are many lessons I’ve learned from Neil Patel. One of them is, making yourself available to others when time permits. You never know what a few laughs and drinks will do to help promote your business.

  31. Neil
    If your ever in Orlando I will buy you a Goose and soda.

    I am a big fan of the Goose,Try Goose on the rocks with a lime wedge very nice 🙂

    Like what your doing thank you for everything..

    Pete Kici

  32. sell textbooks :

    Samir, it sounds like you had a great meeting with Neil. I didn’t realize he was in Seattle (a very cool city!). Your article was *very* well written, and you’ve conveyed a very good impression of Neil and your meeting. (And, of course, now we all know if we ever meet him in person, to be sure to compliment him on his slippers! ha ha)

    • Definitely some good times. Yep, I have been here for about two years. Glad you enjoyed it, I think he did a nice job as well. Hahaha yes please do! 😉

  33. Thanks Neil

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    One thing for the guys who don’t get a chance to meet Nail, If you mail him some good stuff, he really will revert you back, May be reply is short, but he will read you mail and responce back.

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    I havent seen my friends in a while because i have been going through depression. But i cant tell them that. So i need a goo dlie to tell them where i have been in a while… Something adventurous

    • You can also just be honest and forthright with them, a friend in need is a friend indeed. Hope you are feeling better 🙂

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    Maybe one day we might have a drink and have some chat ,
    it will be a great enterpeaneur chat ever.

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    How about friday at 2 pm?

  44. brad @ gaintraffic :

    I would be honored to meet you someday. I will keep this in mind if I’m ever in Seattle. Never been but I’ve heard it’s an awesome city.

    • Great,
      Sounds good, Seattle is definitely a great place, I would recommend visiting if you get the chance. I am always willing to meet up and help out when I am in town and have time. If you are ever in town shoot me an email neil@neilpatel.com.

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    its nice to have someone nice to talk to and to spend free time with

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    it’s nice to read about you. i am very glad to know about you. your posts and replies to comments show your helping nature, indeed.



  50. It’s nice to be hearing again from you. Thanks for the wonderful information. you always provide your readers with relevant articles. I wish I can hang with you at some point in time. Thanks for sharing.

  51. Very humorous. The Retargeted ad is interesting. Perfect lure for any site!Thanks

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