How to Control Your Emotions


If you don’t already know, you’ll quickly figure out that emotions don’t mix well with business. It doesn’t matter if you are sad, happy, or even angry, you always need to make decisions based on logic.

I know it sounds simple, but even after being an entrepreneur for ten years, I still find it difficult to control my emotions at all times. For the most part, I keep my emotions under control, but every once in a while, I slip up.

If you want to start making better decisions and start doing what’s best for your business, here is what you can do to control your emotions.

Lessons #1: Stay grounded

Have you heard the saying: being an entrepreneur is like riding a roller coaster? There are ups and downs, and although there are the bad times, there are also the great times.

Although roller coasters may be fun, they cause your emotions to go from one end of the spectrum to the other. Ideally, you want to keep yourself grounded by keeping your emotions right in the middle.

When I was younger, my business partner taught me a little trick that helped me keep my emotions grounded. Here’s how…

If something bad happens to you or if you get some bad news, don’t get depressed. There is always someone out there who has it much worse than you, so cheer up and keep pushing forward.

And when something good happens to you and you feel like getting excited, don’t bother. Although you may think you have it good, there are lot more people out there who are doing much better than you. So, instead of focusing on the win you just achieved, keep pushing forward so that you can experience more wins.

By using this simple trick my business partner taught me, you can stay grounded and keep your emotions from swinging from left to right.

Lesson #2: Don’t hang out with emotional people exclusively

At the start of this year, I was living in San Diego. During that month, I went through more emotional mood swings than I have ever experienced in my life.

I was surrounding myself with people who were very emotionally unstable and had tons of drama in their lives. There is nothing wrong with surrounding yourself with these type of people, but like with everything else – moderation is important!

This is one of the reasons I moved back to Seattle. I didn’t want to surround myself with people who weren’t in an emotionally healthy state. By doing this, I grew my business, and I was able to focus on my work instead of being distracted. Seattle is a hard-working town, and while San Diego is full of successful entrepreneurs, there are definitely way too many distractions.

If you have a tendency to hang out with emotional people, start separating yourself from them. And, no, this doesn’t mean you should cut them out of your life. Just create a greater level of separation.

Lesson #3: Stop bullshitting

One thing that my assistant showed me over the past few months is that a lot of emotional mood swings occur due to bad communications with friends.

If you want to reduce the number of emotional swings you have, you need to stop bullshitting. Messing around when you are hanging out with friends is fine, but you need to separate that from business.

By cutting back on useless conversions, you’ll drastically reduce the amount of bullshit. People will get the hint that you are busy, and they’ll stop bothering you unless they have something important to discuss with you.

Lesson #4: Don’t count your chickens before they hatch

As a business owner, you’re prone to bouts of excitement when you hear great news. You’ll want to celebrate by partying, and you’ll probably go all out and blow a lot of cash.

Even though you know about lesson number 1, which is to stay grounded, you’ll happen to break it every once in a while. But what usually happens when you get super happy is that you have a huge crash at the end.

The crash doesn’t happen because you partied too hard. It happens, in my experience, because the good news that you thought you had just went away. For example, if a customer says he or she is going to do a million dollar deal with your company, don’t get excited until the deal is sealed. What I mean by this is that the contract doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you have the money in your bank account.

Be careful about counting your chickens before they hatch as it will bite you in the butt. If you want to take it to the next level, train yourself to not even count them once they hatch.


It’s tough taking emotions out of business. Whether you feel bad because you got screwed over or happy that you closed a big deal, emotions can easily get the best of you. But if you are able to control them, you’re likely to make logical decisions and take your business to the next level.

Try out the methods I use to control my emotions and let me know what you think.

By the way, if you also have other ideas on how people can control their emotions, please leave a comment.

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  1. Cyril Sebastian :

    Lesson number 1 and 4 are true part of life.

  2. Mike Illenberger :

    I was a day trader for 7 years and the same principles you talk about apply there.

    I learned that if you don’t manage your emotions, then your emotions will manage you.

  3. I’d say I am a pretty emotionally stable person, not a lot of highs or lows. A lot of my stability comes from self-reflection. If I experience an extreme emotion, I try to figure out what caused the reaction? Was it justified? And finally, how can I avoid it in the future?

    Completely agree with surrounding yourself with emotionally stable people being a key part of your own stability.

  4. Don’t you think that not being happy when there is something to be happy about, and not being sad when there is something to be sad about – would make you a robot? An emotionless person, lacking personality? Nobody likes to work with/for someone dull and emotionless. Your suggestions work if you are working alone, but what if the entire company looks up to you to set the work environment? Appreciate your thoughts.

    • I think the key is to not let those emotions effect your business decisions. In a non-business setting, feeling extreme emotions is is fine but if your extreme happiness or sadness is going to cause you to make a bad business decision then you should work to control it.

  5. Excellent post Neil. I’m going to share this with my 19 year old niece. She doesn’t fully understand how the crowd with which you surround yourself can impact your life.


  6. Whole Body Vibration :

    You have to be able to bullshit a little with web development.

  7. Hi,

    You invited alternative viewpoints, and this is one that’s near and dear to my heart. 🙂

    I have autism, specifically Asperger’s syndrome. One of the Asperger’s issues that affects me is greatly heightened emotional responses, due to a lack of emotional inhibitive “wiring” between my emotions and cognition (between amygdala and frontal cortex). Given that I have a lessened natural inhibition, I experience much stronger emotional responses to stimuli than someone without autism.

    In my early years, this resulted in drastically exaggerated responses and extreme social awkwardness. In effect, to avoid the emotional consequences, I made my best attempt to “turn things off.” Of course, you can’t turn off emotional responses, so this early attempt failed.

    You’re probably wondering my point, so I’ll get to that. 🙂

    In the course of trying to navigate the “normal” emotional world as someone who isn’t normal, I have come to a startling realization. I’m not sure when I officially realized this, but here it is: Awareness is key.

    For me, awareness looks like this. At all times, I know that I will have an emotional response to almost all stimuli. What I began practicing after my initial “robot” attempts failed, was to simply be aware of, and take note of, the difference between something that happened and my response to it. While this may seem trivial, the results have not been trivial.

    By practicing that awareness over time, there have been several changes to how I interact with the world around me. One is that I quickly came to be aware of the sources of my reactions, and what those reactions generally were. From that awareness, I became aware of how to make decisions that would lessen, and in some cases -remove-, the emotional reaction. From being aware of how I could be predicted to react within certain situations, I began choosing my way out of the worst situations that produced the worst reactions.

    An example that you speak of is emotionally dramatic people. For me, being around these types of people very quickly escalates my own emotional responses, almost like a mirror effect. The more drama around me, the more at the effect of my emotions I can be predicted to be. So now, highly dramatic people get some cognitive distance, to avoid that mirror effect. While on that topic, an odd side effect of this that I’ve never been able to explain, is that I gained the ability to predict when someone may be having an overly dramatic reaction and have become able to “brace myself” for my own emotional backlash response.

    The drastic end result of practicing this mental technique for about 30 years now, is that there is distinct distance between what happens around or to me, and what my reaction is. In fact, I can boldly state that I can usually still perform near to normal even when my flight response has me wanting to bolt out of my chair and run away as fast as I can!

    Now, do I know how this might translate to a person without autism? Well, not really, but I suspect, since my cognition is relatively the same as a normal person, this might also work for someone without autism.

    Do you tend to find awareness is at the center of your own emotional stability? I’ve been dying to talk about this with someone for years. 🙂

    Love reading what yourself and your cohorts write, and I look forward to more.

    • Jeff, email me I would love to discuss this topic with you. I had a friend in college who also had Asperger’s . He was near and dear to me 🙂

  8. Adam Doolittle :

    The way you move your body also determines a lot of what you feel. Control your body, control your mind. Most people have horrible posture. Bad posture creates stress from the muscles getting tighter and tighter each day. When you sit, walk, talk with excellent posture, the stress in your muscles melts – freeing you to experience a relaxed mood that you can infect others with.

  9. sell textbooks :

    True story (and this just happened about an hour or so ago). I was at the bank waiting in line. One of the customers at the counter was upset about something or another and the bank manager was called over. You could tell the customer was *very* emotional, angry, and upset. I watched that customer’s dialog with the bank manager. I was fascinated that no matter what the customer said, the bank manager stayed totally calm. Every complaint the customer made, the manager answered in the same calm voice. In the end, the customer left calm and satisfied. That was so cool to see — it could have so easily escalated, but because the manager stayed calm without getting emotional, the situation never got out of hand. I thought to myself, “That’s why he’s the manager,” all because he (in addition to knowing all the stuff managers need to know), knows how to control his emotions.

    • Definitely, sometimes those who are the most grounded can take charge because they know how to handle tough situations.

  10. sell textbooks :

    p.s. I want to add something I have always thought was important about emotions. Maybe you would agree (or disagree?), but there is a huge difference between “emotionless” and “in control of one’s emotions.” I have been around people that are literally emotionless, and that’s a scary uncomfortable thing. Sometimes when I get “emotional” I wish to myself that I would NEVER have any emotions, ever again…. but then I remind myself how uncomfortable I’ve been around people that are truly emotionless. Conversely, people who are “in control” of their emotions broadcast a calm, a strength, and a peacefulness which is a good thing, and can bring improvements to any situation.

  11. Babe Ruth did exactly what you are saying…he kept emotions out of his game.

    Whenever he would hit, say, a grand slam, he would run around the bases, smirk, and tip his cap to the crowd.

    And when he struck out and the fans were booing him off of the field, he had the EXACT SAME REACTION. He smirked, tipped his cap, and walked off of the field.

    This is what made him so successful. He kept a level head.

    As a side note, it’s not publicized much, but even though he led the league in home runs, he had DOUBLE the amount of strikeouts as he did home runs. So, he failed roughly 70% of the time, but is still considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time.

    The lessons?

    1. Control your emotions
    2. Get up to bat as many times as possible
    3. Don’t worry about your failures, because they will fall away into obscurity once you have some major successes

  12. Great post! Once a person gets emotional it clouds their judgement and often results in more mistakes made.

  13. Hey Neil, do you still like the Share Bar for your site? It looks pretty good…

  14. Shilpi Singha Roy :

    I have to agree, Neil, especially with the first trait you mentioned. It’s a bias on my part . Thanks for the share…

    Online Business Virtual Assistant

  15. Joan @ Easy ways to make money online :

    Hi Neil!
    Great post! I agree with everything that you said. It is hard to battle up with our emotion and managing it is another thing. Your advices has been a great help for me. I’ll try to follow everything.

  16. melbourne internet marketing :

    I remembered the line from “You’ve Got Mail” when they started to argue about “nothing personal it’s just business” stuff . The main character said “it all starts from being personal”. Passion is important but it can all lead to miscalculations and blind judgement. Thanks for identifying steps that can help put emotions in check. It’s wrong to remove emotions in things we do but it’s also a liability if we base our decisions solely on them. Great!

  17. great tutorial, i agree with lesson 1 and 3 thats like at my normail life now.

  18. perth internet marketing :

    Rule #4 attest to something very true in business and even more in life. We expect too much and arrive in conclusions not yet founded. It’s hard to avoid such things especially when everything is going right. We are probably victims of this every once and a while. Thanks for your article, as usually.

  19. Hello Neil ,

    I am also emotional fool and fail to stop my emotion in front of my parents and friends.

  20. The only word i can say: Neil, Thanks.
    Sometimes, i feel that i’m always lucky in many cases & “definitions”. My friends around often help me alot although they don’t realize, and i just have to give my big smile & gratitude in order to thank them ^_^

    Your meaningful phrase: “you always need to make decisions based on logic” –> !!!!!

  21. Great post Neil,
    One girlfriend of my said to me: Breath! That is the good way to take step back and try to see rational how it is going.
    It is about controls of your emotions and your reactions. It is also about being professional.
    I had in my professional life the situations when children could die, and if I did let my emotions work, I could not help them. At those moments it was needed just to be professional and just do your own work. When happen they died, personally I needed to be sure I did all what I could do. And I did, that did help me to go on and be ready to help other children. I think it is same in your own buissines- just be profesional and be sure you did all you can.
    By knowing what and how you doing, you will get confidence in yourself. By that you can control your emotions better.
    P.S. When you have good friends who are emotional down, it is best way to say to them, honestly ,you need space for your work but that you care about them.They will understand that.

  22. Sell Scooters :

    I think emotion can be a very powerful motivating tool. That same bank manager that kept his cool when confronted by an angry client, needs to also be able to demonstrate passion for the business and the team that works for him or her. A team needs to see a leader unafraid to define a path forward that he or she obviously cares strongly about.

  23. All mentioned tips on how to control an emotions are very critical and should be considered if you really want to bring your business to the next level.. Another great post Neil, thanks for sharing.

  24. Dinesh Audhumbar Dange :

    Dear Neil,

    I use the same policy when I am down and low.

  25. Some of the rules are straight out of the accounting class.

  26. Jessica Moore :

    Excellent article, Neil! A refreshingly human perspective from a successful entrepreneur.
    It is a must in all aspects of life to feel emotion but reacting w/ emotion is a no-no if you want to gain anything. IE) Getting angry w/ your significant other or partner in business happens to us all but it is resolution that removes us from those emotions. Eye on the prize, determining what you want the end goal to be is where you will land every time. There is no time in an entrepreneurs life — especially in the online world which moves so rapidly — to lose sight of the end goal.

  27. David | Standing Out by Knowing Africa :

    Hey Neil thanks for this
    One quick tip for me in controlling emotions is walk away if its a confrontation, take a walk if its got to do with business.
    Something else you can do is take a nap, being an entrepreneur you can always make time for a nap.

    Thanks alot for sharing,

  28. Nora McDougall-Collins :

    #3 & #4 really work together. I have worked for two start-ups where there was such extreme pressure on the sales staff that they would claim sales as soon as a potential client said they were interested in the product. This practice really took everyone for a roller coaster ride because of the constant let downs when the deal took longer than expected or didn’t happen.

  29. Another good one is ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket.’

  30. Donald Kwabena Marshall :

    These are all true to the bone. I also realised that, when am in a good mood or bad mood, that’s when I make the worst decisions. To my fellow readers, I adviced myself to make critical decisions when am with my executives. By doing that, I get checked when my decision is not in the best of the company.

  31. AngelInvestor8 :

    “And when something good happens to you and you feel like getting excited, don’t bother”

    Have to disagree with this one. When something good happens (small, big), its definitely worth celebrating. Showing gratitude really goes a long way! Didn’t I read somewhere, that when we are thankful that this has a positive effect on our psyche and our state of mind?

  32. emotion to be maintained when its not needed

  33. Hi Neil,

    Very true and very important advice especially for new businesses!! Thanks so much for the tips.

  34. Hi Neil,
    As always great thought provoker!
    As a woman over 50 who spent most of life in management/leadership roles the one thing I often observed was the difference (as a whole, not totally) over how women and men react in regard to demonstration of their emotions.
    I think women (stereotyping here) carry things closer to the heart and so sometimes react as such?
    Always believed that every employee should come to work and NOT have to “gauge the temperature” of the boss.
    Hopefully, all who worked with me would say I was always calm and in a Good Mood (which to me translates into CALM)
    There is a great book I am reading Step Up To The Plate by Rebeccca Bales which outlines specific techniques on the Power of Passion, Knowing and Choices.
    Similiar to your story of the Tip your partner taught you…………. we can all always continue to learn. 🙂 Thanks for the “Thought” for today………….

  35. “And when something good happens to you and you feel like getting excited, don’t bother. Although you may think you have it good, there are lot more people out there who are doing much better than you. So instead of focusing on the win you just achieved, keep on pushing forward so that you can experience more wins.”

    I completely disagree. We all deserve to celebrate our accomplishments, no matter how small. We all work hard for what we want, why shouldn’t we celebrate?

  36. Neil, this advice is really helpful, and coincidentally just what I needed to hear right now. Your “Lesson #1” reminds me of a saying that has become a mantra for me: “This too shall pass.” And, like you point out, it counts for both the good and the bad. It helps us from getting to far down on ourselves or too high on that horse. Thanks for an awesome post 🙂

  37. Islamic Website :

    Nice tips shared here one can easily learn to control the emotions

  38. Hi Neil,
    I am just getting there. Once I start my business (which is very soon) your advice will be definitly used. You are a HERO to me, as you are the one who has encouraged me to be my own boss. I am positive about the outcome and you will be the first person to know the day I start my business.


    Michael Lobo

  39. Stéphane Guérin :

    That’s funny. My former partners always complained because I stayed grounded all the time (and still am).

    Great post. I know some people I’ll foward it to 😉

  40. I completely agree with the first principle: Stay Grounded. The better you can stay in the middle and avoid extreme highs and lows will allow you to move ahead and see things clearer than other individuals.

  41. nice post especially i like the 1st point to stay grounded ; it remember me of book Shri Bhagwat Gita in which Shri Krishna advices to remain “sam” to keep calm in both happy and agony situations…. however we should also understood that Business are run by peoples, and it involves interaction with all kind of peoples, so we have to be emotional in such a way so that we can seek their perspective whether it is customer , employee or a mediator, Management Peoples call it as emotional intelligence…

    • Definitely true, thanks for the great words of Krishna 🙂

      • Actually, I usually read Neil Patel’s posts on various topics related to organic search and traffic.I came here to learn about increasing organic traffic, I was devastated, depressed and under a great pressure, as I am not getting through all the various seo processes so far. Again your article gave me a new boost and a power to struggle more…



  42. College textbooks :

    Controlling your emotions can be difficult sometimes but when doing business there is no room for emotions. Once you start reacting on your emotions you might as well sit out of the game. People can take advantage of your emotions and it can be detrimental to your business. I have seen this happen with personal relations and doing deals where you think that because they are your friend they won’t take advantage but it happens more often than not when dealing with friends. I try not to work with friends unless it is truly necessary even though I prefer them over others.

  43. Great Post, Neil. I become very wrapped up in my work, clients, and colleagues. It is sometimes difficult to keep my emotions in check because I just care too darn much! Both a personal strength & flaw.

  44. Bum Bum Jones :

    I think Neil is hacking into my BBM messages. Every time a new Quick Sprout post is posted, its almost identical to what I’ve been discussing with a colleague of mine. It’s tough to control your emotions, especially when wheeling and dealing with emotional entrepreneurs. Great post!

  45. Great post Neil. Lesson #1 and #4 in my opinion are often the hardest to deal with and act on especially during the early stages of growing a new business or venture.

  46. The real goal to controlling your emotions is realizing that you are never angry for the reason you think. Stop for a minute before you vent and ask yourself why are you really angry and you will be surprised at the real reason fueling your anger.

    Believe me when I tell you this, it’s never about the other person, place or thing that’s causing your anger.

  47. Kathleen@Legitimate Work From Home Jobs :

    Very well said. Here’s one from my personal experience: “When dealing in business, think like a man.” I am a woman, and thinking like a man means take out all emotion. As women, we tend to be a bit more emotional then men – that’s just the way it is.

    • Very true, it’s very hard. You need to strive for excellence in all matters dealing with personal emotion, especially when it can benefit you.

  48. olivier Todoe :

    Thanks Neil, this is a useful trick 🙂

  49. Website Design California :

    This is a really truthful post. Oddly enough, everytime I have begun celebrating that a client has given the word of mouth to go ahead with the deal and I’ve celebrated, it’s back fired on me and the client has chosen someone else. Hmm..

  50. Hi Neil,
    A million dollar post, To be an successful entrepreneur
    percentage of emotions from a normal man should be low , and if i was emotionally attached mean that too only to my girl friend, and not others.

  51. Don’t count your chickens until they hatch.. man, have I seen that one right there bring the nastiest side of folks in life.

  52. ChickenCasseroles :

    I can see how your tips can be helpful when dealing with emotions. For some of us it’s easier said than done.

    • Very true, it’s hard to deal with emotions sometimes. They are overwhelming, but we must aspire to overcome them.

  53. Emotion cannot be controlled at certain situation but you have figured out matter very clearly to handle

  54. Don’t take things personally when you’re in business because it would really affect your work. Keep it to yourself, and learn to control it and just tell it to those who you can trust but never show it on work and to anyone else.


  55. Web Design Resource :

    There is no place of emotion in business. If management takes care about employee emotion, then you cannot distinguish between professional life and personal life and business will not reach their goal. In very very minimum cases emotion enter into the door of management but person whose emotion enter inside door he/she should be the main part of that organization as employee.

  56. Jeff Robinson :

    If you feel you are about to make a decision based solely on emotions – take an exercise break. Go for a brisk walk or run and have a good think!

  57. I like 1,4.

  58. I loved this post. As I read the post, I remember how one emotion control turned my life.

    In my early professional days I used to be lot frustrated when the suggestions I came up with after several hours of research and studying were not implemented as the way I wanted them. Those times I didn’t know what to do with that emotion.

    I felt neglected. I even felt I wasn’t important at all.

    I started feeling there is no purpose in working hard as the suggestions are not going to be considered anyway. One thing led to other and my performance started to fall out.

    It took me a while to realize that it is easy to come up with a suggestion and it takes several people to implement
    the suggestions. They do have their own suggestions and priorities.

    My job is to come up with the good suggestions, support it with data how they are going to help make things, follow it up until they are queued for implementation.

    That change simply accelerated my growth in such a way I didn’t even dreamed.

    The lessons learned are :

    Approach things professionally and practically.
    Keep emotions out when making decisions. If you cannot keep the emotions out, then don’t make decisions while emotional.
    Stop thinking you are the most important person in the world and expect the others to feel the same way.
    Don’t mix personal and professional feelings.

    Thanks Neil.

  59. John R. Sedivy :

    Great advice which isn’t usually discussed when considering the challenges of entrepreneurship. One of the things that I found invaluable to controlling emotions is having a complementary team. When I am down, one or more of my teammates are positive which helps lift me up. When they are down, I am up and can carry them through.

    • That’s awesome, glad you are there for everyone on your team. If you want to succeed you really have to go the extra mile 🙂

  60. very nice atricle………… there are two dominant emotions in business………..worry and greed. you have to be in a position to manage both. Dont make decisions based on emotions but rather make them based on real facts. Nice read,Patel.Try out the book STONE SOUP on emotional intelligence …… not sure about its author

    • I will check it out, sounds interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.

    • Worry should not have any place in a business. Greed is natural but we have to control it. The most important emotion in business is the power of will. The will to be better than others and to go on when something goes wrong.

  61. in simple words always make your mood in one way like this 😐 ??????

  62. Lesson # 4 is very accurate. I would like to add some inputs though, let us try to become proactive individuals. Let us not use our emotions in responding to a certain situation. Why don’t we practice not being reactive and all, it might help us see the circumstances differently right? I have learned this from one of our seminars entitled the 7 Habits for Highly Effective Individuals. One of my favorites is to seek first to understand then to be understood. Life is full of challenges and uncertainties, it is on how we react into it that matters.

  63. emotions need to be controlled at certain circumstances else it will cause u problem

  64. I have trouble with giving good feedback to friends that I know would help me in the long run, but I’m afraid of hurting their feelings.

    Is there a good way of saying “it’s disrespectful when you are repeatedly late. My time is important too.”

    So I let it go and just get more mad. Gah!

  65. Vinayak Killekar :

    Hello Neil,

    It’s interesting and happy to connect with you being hard-nailed blogger and following you now over twitter.

    Thanks! for sharing your weblog article post. Outstanding : )

  66. I’ve always had this believe that a calm mind thinks clearly. Basically if you are upset, mad or any other emotion is effecting you at the moment, it’s the worst time to attempt to make a decision since you aren’t thinking clearly.

    Good post.

  67. Yasir Khan - about me :

    Hey Neil,

    Great post once again.

    I also feel like going crazy when I have to deal with bad/rude customers but I guess that is just part of the game.

    I am sure I will benefit a lot if I just learn how to control my emotions. Easier said than done I guess.

    P.S. I have seen your banner ads on nearly every website I visit.. either you are spending a lot of money on ads or we just like the same sites 😀

  68. Neil it’s not easy if they are your true friends and helped you in your bad days.

  69. The Ocean Agency - An SEO Company :

    Just this morning I was talking to a CEO of a major company everyone would know, who also happens to be a client. Sitting their, I asked him the very same question. How do you seperate emations and business. His answer was you can’t. It’s natural to have emotions. The real question is how poised can you stay?

    That being said, I’ve noticed a few things. The best coaches in the world always seem to maintain their compsure when winning or loosing. The best QB’s in the NFL are always poised in the pocket under pressure.

    So the real question is, How to maintain your composure and stay poised under pressure.

  70. “Lesson #4: Don’t count your chickens until they hatch”

    This is something I learned for myself. I used to get excited a little when I discussed with somebody that wanted to buy something from me but after a few times when it never happened I realized that until I have the money in my pocket a deal is never closed.

  71. Wine Glass Rack :

    I am sure I will benefit a lot if I just learn how to control my emotions. Easier said than done I guess.

    • Definitely,
      It is something you have to learn to develop. Most people can’t just switch off their emotions.
      So you have to wok on controlling them on a daily basis.

    • I remembered a text message sent to me “don’t make decisions when you’re angry and don’t make promises when you’re happy”, It is all emotions, your judgement get affected because of your emotions. So in business to not misjudge.. miscalculate you should always stay grounded, be aware of your how you react. Keep your composure.

  72. Hey Neil great post. I hate when people show meaningless emotions and that too during work. Emotions do play a crucial role in life, and I believe that we should be emotional about our work and not about the fake things around us. Everyone will be knowing us for our work and not for our emotions. So better to concentrate on work rather concentrating on emotions. In business there is no place for emotions.

  73. john@web design london :

    we can’t control the emotions at certain levels

  74. All of the above are a very good reflection of life. I know that body language determines how people feel. Even being someone who knows how to control his emotions I’ve still learned a lot from this post 🙂

  75. online examination system :

    I accept the words of Mack, it’s better to concentrate on work than emotions, but when we are in emotion the concentration gets divert and the work would go wrong.

  76. AR @ make money online :

    I guess you’re right Neil, on not to hang-out with emotional people. Because they will always have a story about their life and so it may distract you from your work. Sometimes they may even irritate you by this distractions.

  77. Yasir Khan Quantum SEO :

    Feeling a bit hot under the collar is what everyone experience sooner of later. But holding it back when dealing with clients there is only one rule. Customer is always right. If he is wrong then either he is no more a customer which will cost you.
    Making emotional decisions in business is not just bad, it’s outright unacceptable.

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