6 Ways to Supercharge Your Business


Over the past ten years, I’ve created many businesses. Some lost a lot of money; others made a lot of money; and a few have made TONS of money. Do you know the number one reason why some of my businesses did well while others didn’t? It wasn’t luck. It was experience.

If you looked at my entrepreneurial life on a timeline, you would see that my first few businesses did really poorly; however, as the years went on, I slowly made more money. The reason is because I’ve learned what mistakes to avoid and how to supercharge my business so that I can make money faster.

Download this cheat sheet of 6 ways to supercharge your business.

Here are the 6 tactics that will supercharge your business and take it to the next level.

Tactic #1: Hold weekly team meetings

Do you hate how unproductive team meetings are? Don’t worry, I’ve figured out how to make them productive. Every Monday morning, I have a meeting with my team to figure out one thing we could do to increase our revenue. Then we agree that within 24 hours it has to be implemented. Every Friday, we have another meeting to discuss the results.

Here is what you should be doing during your Monday meeting:

  • Identify a problem that is preventing you from increasing your revenue or profit.
  • Come up with all the possible solutions that can be implemented within a day or two.
  • Pick the most popular solution and one that the team is most confident about.
  • Assign team members to implement the solution so that it gets implemented within a day.

Here is what you should discuss during your Friday meeting:

  • Did your solution produce the outcome that the team was expecting?
  • If it did, start thinking about what you want to discuss during the Monday meeting.
  • If it didn’t, go through the reasons why the results weren’t favorable and speak about the lessons learnt.

The goal of your weekly meetings is to get your team on board to make the business more money in a way that allows everyone to see results.

Tactic #2: Make everyone accountable

You shouldn’t be a fan of micromanaging. You should be hiring people who are smarter than you are. This way, you don’t have to track silly things like when team members arrive and leave the office.

But the one thing everyone should track is progress. In my company, we have a system called “KISSfocus” where everyone lists what they currently are working on. This way, everyone is familiar with what others are working on, including their boss.

If someone isn’t working, the other team members can easily track inefficiency. This works out really well because it prompts everyone to be more efficient, especially the executives.

Tactic #3: Connect with your customers

One of the best ways to make your customers loyal is to create a bond with them. Whether it’s being transparent, telling your story, or just simply caring for your customers, you need to connect with them.

Here are a few ways I have connected with you:

  1. On Quick Sprout, I told you my life story, and I respond to every comment you leave.
  2. On Twitter, I respond to almost every question someone asks me.
  3. On KISSmetrics, we go above and beyond to make each potential customer happy by doing things like helping our customers implement our software for free when we typically charge a setup fee.
  4. On Crazy Egg, we always do what’s best for you even if it doesn’t make sense. For example, we have given people refunds for six months worth of services when they weren’t happy even though they benefited from it.

There are a lot of ways in which you can connect with your current or potential customers. The key to this is to care not just about your business, but, more importantly, to care about the people using your products or services. This is the number one reason why I am able to go back to the same companies I worked with ten years ago and pitch them services offered by my new company.

Tactic #4: Don’t chase your customers, let them come to you

I’ve never been a fan of cold calling or using other similar tactics to increase sales. I am a big believer that if someone wants my product or service, they’ll come to me.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t expect to make millions of dollars by just having a good product or service. However, I believe that if I educate the market, people will buy my products.

The best way to educate the market is through blogging. Every company blog that I have created has been able to hit at least 100,000 visitors a month within a few months after inception.

Here is how I get customers to come to me:

  1. Set up a company blog – first, the blog needs to have a simple design. Second, it can’t just promote your products or services. The design should focus on making the content easily accessible and readable.
  2. Write great content – you probably don’t have time to blog, but if you post an ad on the Problogger Job Board, you should be able to find a few bloggers who will write great content for you for only $30 a blog post. The key to creating good blog posts is to have your writers write about topics that will benefit your potential customers. Again, don’t just blog about your company and the products or services you offer.
  3. Leverage social media – build up your Twitter and Facebook accounts. These are the two easiest social media channels you can use to promote your blog. In addition to this, your writers should be promoting the content they are writing. And if you are looking to get even more social media traffic, you can always pay a marketing firm to generate traffic.
  4. Respond to comments – no one likes being ignored, so make sure you talk to every potential customer. Whether it is a comment on your blog or tweet to you, make sure you are responding. It’s a great way to get people to come back and want to check out what your company has to offer without you telling them to do so.

It shouldn’t take more than three to six months to create a somewhat popular blog if you do it right. The best benefit of doing it is that you will have thousands of extra people coming to your website each month who will check out your products and services. Plus, in the long run, it’s much cheaper to do this than it is to pay an army of cold callers.

Tactic #5: Turn your weaknesses into strengths

Every business has weaknesses. I don’t care if you are Apple, Google, Microsoft or a much smaller company like mine. Instead of worrying about your weaknesses and trying to hide them, focus on turning them into strengths.

For example, my first successful company provided Internet marketing services to small and large companies. We ran into a couple of problems. At the time, we didn’t have a long track record like most of other firms did because we were new and small. So, big companies were afraid that we didn’t have the bandwidth to take them on.

Instead of trying to hide these weaknesses, I turned them into strengths. When companies said we were too small, I said we were actually the perfect size – small enough that we didn’t have large overhead like bigger firms so we could offer the same services for much less.

And when they asked why they should choose us instead of the larger Internet marketing companies with a great track record, the first thing I did was go to Monster.com and Craigslist.org to show them the job openings these big companies listed. When they saw that a recent college graduate, who was getting paid very little a year, was going to manage their multimillion dollar campaign instead of an experienced marketer like me, they shied away from the big companies.

It will take you some time to figure out how to turn your weaknesses into strengths, but it’s possible. You just have to be creative. And every time you find that you aren’t able to convince a customer to go with you, ask them what you could have done to win their business.

Tactic #6: Keep it simple, stupid

My current company is named “KISSmetrics” for a reason. I quickly learned that simple companies with easy products and services tend to win. Hulu beat Joost because it created a much better user experience. People don’t want to upgrade to the latest Skype client because the old one is just easier to use.

You have to keep things simple. Life is already complicated, so why make it more difficult? Don’t try to make your company look cool by using the geekiest terminology out there. Dumb things down and make sure a five-year-old can understand what you are doing.

The best way to figure out how to make things simpler for your customers is to survey them and run A/B tests on your website.

And like I said earlier, the key to this is to dumb things down. People don’t need all the bells and whistles. They need simple products or services that solve problems.


Just because you are not an experienced entrepreneur doesn’t mean you can’t create a big business. With the six tactics I mentioned above, you should be able to supercharge your business.

Try them out and let me know what you think. Even as an experienced entrepreneur, I myself am learning new things every day and can still learn from others like you. 🙂

If you have any ideas on how to supercharge business, feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. I love inbound marketing. I hate it for my business.

    Inbound marketing using my blog, webinars, newsletters, social media are awesome. However, when you’re in the business of selling folks on these practices, they aren’t in the landscape of connecting with these tools.

    Traditional media, cold calling, sales meetings, and seminars still play a major role in acquiring customers to then sell them on this.

    I think inbound marketing works great when you’re marketing to folks like us, who are already in the know.

    My 2 cents.

    • @Matt That’s great to hear that there are still so many businesses out there who aren’t using inbound marketing techniques. That makes the few who DO use it stand out that much more.

      We better make hay while the sun shines, because 3 years from now every Grandma and her dog will have a blog with the same articles rehashed.

    • Inbound marketing works if you analyze the results you obtain and make the next effort. Unless you are selling something directly on your website or blog, you are correct- it will go nowhere.
      The job of inbound marketing is to augment your awareness services- to find WHO may be interested in the service or product you offer. It’s OUR job to capitalize upon that information.

      • We better make hay while the sun shines, because 3 years from now every Grandma and her dog will have a blog with the same articles rehashed.

    • I sort of agree with you on this. But I also believe that it’s too early. People are just starting to see the power that social media, inbound and SEO have and businesses will soon need people to help them with that.

    • Inbound marketing is something you have to make work for you. It’s true you cant use it for any website. It has to have a clear design and clever revenue stream.

  2. Great post!. Thanks for sharing useful thoughts.


  3. I always remembered my creative director tells me that the best ideas are dead simple so it is better to have just enough info on a blogging site. There some that are filled with too much info, and I simply turn away from them.

  4. Thank you for the helpful advice. I especially relate to and appreciate the value in tactic #2. One of the biggest obstacles for me personally is staying on-task all while keeping others on-task without micromanaging them as well. Letting everyone know up-front what I am working on is just as important as what they are currently focused on. Thanks again!

  5. Great post Neil! I really liked the way you handle business. Thanks for sharing your tips.

  6. I like your tactics very much. One more thing I marked out in my case is , I focus more on micro managing rather than paying to smarter people.

    • You definitely have to delegate duties to those smarter than you.

    • Smarter people can have better ideas than you, and those are ideas that can help your business. Don’t look down on yourself if you hire smarter people than because in fact that means that you are smarter than most of the companies out there if you are able to acknowledge that somebody knows more than you do.

  7. Great advice Neil. I especially like number six. In my business which is SEO many people do not understand SEO hence they will not buy something they do not understand. You need to break things down to an infant’s level.



  8. Great article, way to keep the advice simple and easy to digest. Theres a typo in the 2nd paragraph of #4, “…people will our products.”

  9. Neil,
    This is extremely helpful info – I ESPECIALLY love #1 because I hate useless meetings. This helps give me a track to follow whenever I set up meetings so we can get things done. #2 is great as well because it helps push people to get stuff done while avoiding micromanagement.

    Awesome post!

  10. Bilaal Hussain :

    Hi, I love this post, made me realize a lot!


  11. Hi Neil ..any great ideas how to stand out in a crowded retail market ? …our little niche is well first of all it tries to be a mag stylde retail store and than we givet he buyer the item they are trying to buy if they are the 21st buyer …sounds simple …thought it was a cool tag …but it has been slow going ( we are about 4 months into it )…thanks …I do a blog but cant seem to generate comments there … thanks …tony

  12. Tactic #1: Hold weekly team meetings
    Keep all up to date

    Tactic #2: Make everyone accountable
    To engage everyone

    Tactic #3: Connect with your customers
    Give them all time support

    Tactic #4: Don’t chase your customers, let them come to you
    Ahan, attitude :p , yes if you chase them they will be teased by you

    Tactic #5: Turn your weaknesses into strengths
    Its hard but this point is one of the my Favorite too 🙂

    Tactic #6: Keep it simple stupid
    Yes, complication makes the difference, but update make the difference too, so if you want to update something than make it more simple, easier and faster to its previous form …

  13. I agree with Tony, these are good concepts but how can you turn them into executable concepts with retail?

    In retail you can engage your customers…but what else can you do to think outside the box?

  14. Razak Muhaimin :

    Seriously, what a great sharing based on your experience. I’ve been figuring out ways to sustain my blog business. One of the big mistakes that I’ve done until today, is to do everything on my own.

    It is not only took my time. It is also cause me to work hard, but earn a little. I should have learn from you Neil. Thanks a lot for this post.

    What if I focus on my strength, such as writing. And outsource all the weaknesses? Is it a good idea?

    Looking forward to hear your answer. Thanks once again. 🙂

    • It is always a great idea to outsource your weaknesses and work on your strengths. always !

      • Michael's Big Idea Book :

        That’s why there are B2B services!

        I like #2 Make Every Accountable. Having people be accountable is essential. If people don’t report their results or even see their own results, no one knows that they need to improve. It’s like trying to lose weight without owning a scale.

  15. I like the idea of letting the customers come to you – and providing lots of opportunities to do so.

  16. Great advice and great article. Pretty impressive that all your blogs reach that amount of visitors! I think tactic 4 is the key model for a sustainable business and income!

  17. This goes to show anyone can do business, you just need a bit of patience and courage.

  18. Neil,

    Under tactic 2 you say you use KISSfocus to list our what everyone is working on. Is this a digital system (if yes, is it a proprietary or using freely available software) or is it a real world based system eg: white board or paper-based?



  19. Leverage social media: SingleGrain 😉
    Good social media marketing services.

  20. Having meeting will help us to learn something new and plan the things for next week

  21. Awesome post and thanks for the share. Going to use all these to improve my business…

    Online Business Virtual Assistant

  22. Hiya Niel,
    Keep up the great work. Is there a branding company you would recommend ? Continued Success. ROL

  23. Simply superb…like ABCD 🙂

  24. Tactic #1 is the one I personally prefer. We usually do weekly monday meeting where we present figures and share information about the previous week. But we also use to have daily 5 minutes meeting (so-called Catch of the Day) where all team members in turn describe their working day! That’s a great way to be always updated on everybody’s tasks.

  25. Thank you for the great advice! 🙂

  26. Hello Neil,

    Its really wonderful that you post after a long time and these steps are also useful to any business to get success.

  27. Really great tips to supercharge a business. if we can offer a simple stupid service that solves the problem of my customers, I am sure they will love it and use it.

    Your posts are really great. Keep posting Neil.

  28. Every one wants to supercharge their business and thus one need to apply different techniques to overcome the success, this are great tips one can gain lot from this

  29. Thank you for your tactics in your business. Will read your other posts soon. But seems based on this post is that you are really communicating with your readers or let’s say customers. It is truly important to have a connection for your business to grow. Very smart. I hope I could be like you. This post was a big help.

  30. I am new at blogging but main reason i started is my potential clients like knowing more about our products. time was when we could just tell a story or testimonial but the “info age’ demands more. Thanks for giving good direction.

  31. Great post as usual, Neil. I especially like point #3 – connecting with you customers. I think this is something that is lacking in many companies nowadays…they treat their customers like crap. Furthermore, a lot of services these days lack value.

    You may charge a lot of money, but if you offer quality service and treat your customers with respect, they’ll give you more business.

  32. Experience comes with time, but we can take your experience too Neil 🙂

  33. We’ve been cold calling for almost 3 years now. With experience, I realize that too much follow up brings negative effects to your company. Recently, I myself go convinced that chasing your customer is not as much fruitful as it appears to be so I agree on that.

    Business should achieve only thing; bring up some idea which will attach your company to your services. Like whenever someone thinks about Web Development, your name should pops up in his mind. This is what we achieved through cold calling, introduction letters and excessive follow up.

    Every sale which I get, I ask them a question; Why you picked us? The most common answer which I get is that key responsible person is in my contact so we never let our customers forget us. We send them promotions, phone calls, greetings and this is very fruitful.

    Neil, how do you manage your time? 🙂

  34. Thanks Neil
    Through my website I aim to help jobless people stand out and your experience and the genuineness with which you share it in your blog gives me confidence that what you advice will also work for me in my business. It’s not easy but I don’t mind working hard.

    Oh and the cold calling certainly doesn’t work, I am starting to blogs pretty soon.

    Thanks a lot for sharing now I feel a little more super charged.

  35. olivier Todoe :

    Thanks Neil for sharing those tactics

  36. How many advises do you have in the back of your head? 😀 You helped people a lot and you’re opening their minds into business even though not everyone knows business. But with your help they are having ideas. I was before in a company that meets every Monday but how he pushes us to work doesn’t work at all. But thanks again with these tactics to achieve success.


  37. Amazing points!! Thanks… You are indeed correct!! Sharing things and knowledge are the best activity a man can do!!

  38. Tactic #6: Keep it simple stupid

    Five * * * * * ‘s for this…especially in Web Business

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  41. Really good stuff mate. Getting back into business and need to know how to supercharge what I’m doing. Thanks!

  42. Excellent ways to Grow Business.

  43. Well said Neil. I like your honesty. I think is time I use crazy egg.

  44. Wow… i can simply say that this post rocks. Yeah weekly meeting is effective… innovate, ameliorate and good costumer relationship 😉

  45. “Tactic #4: Don’t chase your customers, let them come to you”

    I would probably change that into “Nudge and Poke your customers, but gently”

    Certainly, when a business is overly aggressive in its sales chase, it may lead a potential customer to think that perhaps his business doesn’t have any real and inherent value. If you are good enough, and have a viable product, customers will indeed come to you, but sometimes they need a little pull, albeit, gentle pull!

  46. “Tactic #4: Don’t chase your customers, let them come to you”

    I would probably change that into “Nudge and Poke your customers, but gently”

    Certainly, when a business is overly aggressive in its sales chase, it may lead a potential customer to think that perhaps THE business in question doesn’t have any real and inherent value. If you are good enough, and have a viable product, customers will indeed come to you, but sometimes they need a little pull, albeit, gentle pull!

  47. Hi Neil, I have read this carefully and will do my advantage. thanks

  48. these are great tips. I particularly hate cold calling. I too believe that if a customer needs me he will find me.

  49. Respond to comments?
    this is almost impossible…

  50. Tactic #6: Keep it simple stupid

    Your tactic 6, about keeping it simple, reminds me about something. True story: about 20 years ago I was in New Orleans, and to start the day I went looking for a place to get a good cup of coffee. Of course, nowadays, there are coffee places every few FEET (ha ha), but back then it was different. Anyway, I found this place, looked like a restaurant, but had a giant logo of a coffee cup on the front. There was a LINE of people out to the street. I wish I could remember the name of that place, but it looked so popular, it was packed inside, people lined up out into the parking lot, to the street. When I got inside, I couldn’t believe it — the ONLY thing I remember them selling was coffee! And here’s the kicker — I recall only ONE kind of coffee, made in this giant copper cauldron with milk in it. I can’t remember if there was sugar in it or not, but basically milky coffee. And that place was so popular — one produce, one price. How cool is that!

  51. cheap white kitchen cabinets :

    I abnormally like cardinal six. In my business which is SEO abounding bodies do not accept SEO appropriately they will not buy article they do not understand.

  52. Re: “Connect with customers”

    I call KISSInsights toll free number to ask a basic question about the # of domains you can have, expecting to talk to customer service, instead hear one word “Neil.” The same exact thing happened when I called it for KISSMetrics a few months earlier.

    You don’t even segment the calls or check to see if it’s coming from KM or KI…why??? It was kind of uncomfortable talking to you. I could only imagine the other stuff you were working on (which I had just interrupted) and I wanted to get off the phone as quick as I could to avoid wasting your time.

    As a customer of your product, especially something like software, I’d rather you be less accessible and so I can be confident you are working on the high level stuff. It’s fine you blog or maybe take some customer calls now and then, but 2 out of 2 me getting what I assume to be your personal cell phone by calling your company’s toll free line???? They were just basic questions that could have been easily answered by one of your employees. Why did I have to interrupt what you were doing at the time??? As your customer, I don’t want to interrupt you, I want you to be working on the product to make it better, not answering my basic question. You want to have the pulse of your business, then transcribe the calls, or take a call now and then, but forwarding everything to your cell phone?

    Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of you being dedicated to your customers…but it’s at best creepy that you just forward all the toll free lines to your personal cell phone, and at worst a poor use of your time, which in the end is my dollar. My $29 a month may not be much, but I’m essentially hiring you to make the best product, and it just seems like if you are that into “customer insights” or “getting a finger on the pulse” of your business there would be a better way to get that data than taking every single call to your cell.

    But that’s just my 2 cents. You obviously know what you are doing or you wouldn’t have made so many million dollar companies by now. Maybe it’s not a coincidence that I can’t find any other survey tool that has the bang for the buck of KISSInsights, but if that’s the case, it’s kind of depressing because I know from painful experience I could never handle that kind of information overload.

  53. These are great tips, you know I have always been a fan of KISS. Sometimes the most simple of answers are the hardest to remember. The other important factor is to hold everyone accountable. This hasn’t been happening lately with the people I work with and when you try to you get a list of lame excuses.

  54. “Don’t try to make your company look cool by using the geekiest terminology out there, dumb things down and make sure a 5 year old can understand what you are doing.”

    So many forget this. Look, if I’m buying your product, I need to know what I’m getting into. In the words of Jerry Maguire, “Help me, help you.”

  55. Neil: I love tactic #4 – “Don’t chase your customers, let them come to you.”

    My approach is one of: seek to be helpful, first. So producing content that addresses my audience’s need is essential. Not just through my blog, but what I choose to share through other social networks.

    The alternative approach that screams “me, me, me” sounds too desperate and turns prospective customers away.

  56. Neil, I Love you man, Every time. I read your articles it give me some thing to implement on my blog/company. Keep it up man.

  57. In my opinion
    Luck+Experience+Dedication+Good Working Environment and Team+Honesty= Successful Business 🙂

  58. “Every business has weaknesses”, this is so true… I have been working in an internet marketing company for 2 years and I can see all the weaknesses my company has. Everything is well planned and developed but still you can see a lot of things that need attention an focus specially the HR department. This is the major problem of our company,WORKERS..


  59. Getting your customers to come to you is a great idea. Thanks for the tips to providing a variety of ways for that to happen.

  60. We should need some luck also in business

  61. Thanks neil for your ideas, hope all those tactics will be useful and work well with our business.

  62. how did u know me neil

  63. Tactic #5: Turn your weaknesses into strengths
    man….this is sweet, took me out of a black hole.

  64. The insight I received from your website was first-rate . Many thanks .
    Locksmith Garfield

  65. Thanks for sharing these tactics Neil. These are really helpful for small as well as big companies. These are basics, every company should do. I have been trying to implement these for a long time, few turns out well but struggling with few. Your post boost me up again. Thanks much!

  66. Thanks neil for your ideas, hope all those tactics will be useful and work well with our business.

  67. I like your tactics very much. One more thing I marked out in my case is , I focus more on micro managing rather than paying to smarter people.

  68. Seem to be able to get traffic from Twitter but FB traffic eludes me.

  69. Thank you so much, the information was very helpful. I am starting a new business very soon and I will implement your techniques. Hope to get more tips and will let you know how things are going.
    Wishing you well,

  70. This is actually great stuff Neil!
    I have actually copied your Monday and Friday meeting points and will start implementing on them from tomorrow

  71. Thank you for sharing your ideas. These definitely would help all of us interested on business to boost it up.

  72. Thanks neil for your ideas, hope all those tactics will be useful and work well with our business.

  73. I really like the idea of ‘turning your weaknesses into strengths’, the way I operate is that for every issue I have with my site, I create 5 solutions to it, that way not only does it keep me thinking, it also means that I have several backup plans just in case one of them falls through (come to think of it, that’s a good thing to implement in all aspects of blogging, not just our weakness/strength development!)

  74. Karie Kerzman :

    Hmm Well I was just searching on yahoo and just came across your site, generally I just only visit blogs and retrieve my required info but this time the useful info that you posted in this post urged me to post here and appreciate your diligent work. I just bookmarked your site. Thank you again.

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    This is a great tip particularly to those new to the blogosphere. Simple but very accurate info… Thanks for sharing this one. A must read article!

  76. Actually, I signed up to your blog 2 years ago. But never got enough time to read the posts. It’s TODAY, I read some of your posts, And I liked them a lot. Now I will read your blog regularly, it’s really helpful. 🙂

    I also want to start my own business. Can you help me finding any good source where I can get good/like-minded business associates/partners who can JOIN me in my new businesses. I’m tired of giving ads on classifieds websites that- ‘I need a partner or investor’. I’m looking for a person who is ready to join me with or without investment. Person should be genuine & passionate. Any good source ?

    Thanks & Regards,

  77. hey neil,
    i liked “Tactic #4: Don’t chase your customers, let them come to you” it’s a creative thinking indeed. its good to read.



  78. Awesome post and thanks for the share. Going to use all these to improve my business… Thanks!,,,,,

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    Brief but very accurate information… Many thanks for sharing this one.
    A must read post!

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