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7 Business Mistakes You Ought to Avoid

easy mistake

You probably think that after ten years of being an entrepreneur, I have everything figured out, right? Sadly, I don’t! Don’t get me wrong, to a large extent I know what I am doing, but just like I did on my first day of being an entrepreneur, I am still making mistakes.

The mistakes are not the same rookie ones I have made before. Today, they are bigger mistakes. Here are some of the mistakes I have made over the last few years that you should avoid:  [click to continue…]

6 Reasons You Won’t Succeed

epic failure

Every week, I come across people who want to follow in my entrepreneurial footsteps. Although I don’t think I have accomplished much for my age, I am always open to helping other people out.

But one thing that I have been realizing is that most of you won’t succeed because you just don’t have your head screwed on tight enough.

Here is why I think you won’t succeed:  [click to continue…]

A day in the life of Neil Patel

neil patel

Every week, I seem to get asked 2 questions:

  1. What do you actually do?
  2. What’s a day in the life of Neil Patel look like?

I wish there was a simple answer to both of those questions, but there isn’t. Nonetheless, here’s my somewhat short answer to both of those questions.  [click to continue…]