How to Create a Popular Blog

popular blogging

One question that I constantly get asked by you is:

How do you create a popular blog?

The obvious answer is to write really good content. But good content isn’t good enough. When I started blogging five years ago, I had information to share, but I didn’t have many readers.

Fast forward to today, and after having started three blogs and working with other popular blogs like TechCrunch, Gizmodo, Mashable, and Boing Boing, I’ve learned the formula that’ll make any blog (with good content) popular.

Download this cheat sheet of 7 things you should do to create a popular blog.

Here are the 7 things you need to do:

Pay for blog posts

Warning: Do not try to use this tactic to increase your search engine rankings as it can lead to you getting banned from the search engines.

When I start a blog, the first thing I do is publish a minimum of five blog posts. After that, I pay other bloggers to blog about my blog. It takes a lot longer to build momentum if your blog has zero readers. So, if someone already has readers, why not leverage his or her blog and get those readers over to my blog?

Through services like ReviewMe and Pay Per Post, you can find bloggers who are willing to talk about your blog to their readers. Keep in mind that these bloggers will have to mention to their readers that you paid them to write a blog post, but even with that caveat, it’s still effective.

When I did this with Quick Sprout, I was able to attract one thousand RSS subscribers within twenty-four hours with this tactic.

Leverage the blogosphere

If you can’t afford to pay other bloggers to write about you, don’t worry. Another effective way to get more readers to your blog is to write guest posts.

For example, Mark Suster has a blog called Both Sides of the Table, in which he blogs about business and venture capital. One way he gets more readers to his blog is by regularly blogging on TechCrunch, which has a similar audience to his.

And to prove that it has been an effective strategy for him, he even breaks down how guest posting drives more traffic to his blog than any other strategy.

Don’t forget the basics

The way you set up your blog can make a huge impact on its popularity. WordPress already comes out of the box with a lot of the stuff you need, but if you add a few extra plugins, it can make a huge difference.

  • Top commentors – you want to reward your readers for commenting on your blog. The easiest way to do this is to have a commentors leader board in your side bar as it will encourage people to come back and comment.
  • Threaded comments – no one likes talking to themselves. With threaded comments, you can reply to each of your commentors, which will help encourage more comments, which – in turn – will increase your traffic.
  • Subscribe to comments – every time someone leaves a comment on your blog, you should give that person an option to subscribe to notifications of other comments. This way, when a new person comes to your blog and leaves a comment, the previous commentors will get an email notification, inviting them to come back to your blog and check out the new comment.

Tell your story

People connect with people! By writing a very detailed About page, you will help your readers feel like they actually know you. And once they make that personal connection with you, they will be more likely to not only comeback to your blog, but also comment and interact on your blog posts.

If you’re not sure about how to write an About Me page, just follow these 4 steps:

  1. Image – I don’t care if you are the ugliest person in the world, you need to place an image of yourself on your About page. That way your readers can connect with you and get to know you on a personal level.
  2. About yourself – The main point of the About page is to talk about yourself, but don’t get caught up in just writing about your background and education. Discuss your life experiences as well.
  3. Be unique – People have probably seen hundreds or even thousands of About pages in their lifetime, which is why you need to have something memorable.
  4. Contact – Once you have made a strong impact on your readers, chances are they’ll visit your blog again or even contact you. Because of this, you need to make it easy for people to contact you through your About page.

If you want to see what a finished product looks like, check out my About page.

Don’t be shy

If you want to get readers to your blog, you can’t by shy. Get out there and create Twitter and Facebook accounts. According to Alexa, Facebook is the second most popular site on the Internet, and Twitter is the eleventh. So, why not leverage their traffic to get more people to your blog?

With Twitter, not only should you be tweeting about topics related to your blog, but you should also follow other people who are interested in similar topics. Find these people by doing a quick search on Twitter and then start following them. Naturally, some of those people will follow you back, so when you tweet about your blog, people will read it.

With Facebook, start adding friends to your profile as there is a good chance they’ll be interested in your blog when you share new posts.

Get Stumbled Upon

Do you know what the number one referrer to most blogs is? Google, right? But do you know what the second most popular referrer is?

It isn’t Digg, Facebook, Twitter or even direct traffic. Out of all the blogs I worked with, StumbleUpon seemed to be the second most popular referrer.

If you want to start getting more StumbleUpon traffic to your blog, not only should you create a StumbleUpon account, but you should also participate in the community. You can do this by:

  1. Stumbling – start stumbling things that interest you and your blog readers.
  2. Add friends – befriend people who have similar interests on StumbleUpon. This way, when you start stumbling, your friends will also see what you are promoting.
  3. Engage – stumbling every day isn’t enough. You need to interact with other StumbleUpon users to increase the odds of them actually stumbling your stories. You can do this by sending them direct messages.

Optimize for search engines

As I mentioned above, Google is the number one traffic referrer to most blogs. When you are first starting out, it won’t be that way, but in the long run, you’ll notice that your Google traffic will continually go up.

Since a good chunk of your traffic will come from Google, it’s important that you optimize your blog for search engines. The easiest way to do this is to use plugins like the all in one SEO pack.

If you want to optimize your blog manually, you can read this blog post.


Writing good content isn’t enough! You have to do all of the things I mentioned above if you want a popular blog.

Even though I have been blogging for five years, it doesn’t mean I know everything about blogging. So, if you have any other ideas on how to make your blog more popular, feel free to leave a comment.

P.S. If you want help making your blog more popular click here.


  1. And the cherry on top of the cake …

    be AWESOME!

  2. The ultimate tip: Read 😀

  3. This great stuff on how to build blog content and followers, I think many people see blogs as semi narsacistic but in reality it is a method to get your opinions and experience out to others.

    • Definitely. It’s like any other medium for conveying information.

    • Blogging is a great way to communicate with others and to share your experience with them. It is the quickest way in which you can make yourself heard all over the world.

      • I agree, having a blog provides you with the potential to reach out to and connect with a vast market of people throughout the world.

  4. Adesoji Adegbulu :

    I like this Niel. nI’m already working on these points every night and day.


  5. Paying someone else to write a blog post for me sounds like a interesting tactic. I might give it a try.

    I have recently just started to stumble again, after giving it a long break.

    Apart from that I basically do everything that you have mentioned in your blog post.

    • Give it a try, see if it works for you. It can definitely boost the quality of your content and offer your readers a broader perspective. Looks like you are on the path to success.

  6. Really it’s all about being interesting and helpful. You could pay a thousand people to write for you or review your site, but if you don’t have content that is helpful or interesting you’re simply throwing money to the wind.

  7. Is it ok to SU every post?

  8. Most bloggers ignore stumbleupon and also it’s nice to see someone is talking about SEO at the end of the post and giving social networks top priority

  9. Zero Passive Income :

    Thanks Neil! I’m starting a blog myself so this post really gives me some great information to work with.

  10. Great new post on here Neil. Your posts are always refreshing in my feed reader so thanks for that. Gets tiring reading all of the hum and ha hype. Your posts aren’t like that.

    Anyways, your tips are very good advice for those wanting to build a fruitful blog.

    I’ve been involved in blogging in one aspect or another now since 2005 (well since 1999 if you want to count early online journals which I managed to kill off) and one thing that is always true of the best blogs out there is content = networking = success.

    You aren’t blogging on top of the world to the clouds, you are blogging to real people with real problems.

    • I like that last bit “You arent blogging on top of the world to the clouds…” Very true, once a blogger understands they are talking to real people they can showcase their content accordingly.

  11. David Siteman Garland :

    And our interview covering this very topic will be up next week 🙂

  12. I regularly read your blog, because of your quick and actionable tips. I do really like your format, and the topics are very relevant to my blog, where I cover topics on small business marketing tips and helpful advice. I have been blogging for about a year, and certainly have much more learn about it. WordPress tips and best practices are very much appreciated, so if you can keep covering that, that would be great!

  13. Really interesting Neil. Do you ask the bloggers that you pay to write about a particular blog post or about your blog in general?

    • Ottawa Web Design :

      Why will we need to pay, because guest bloggers do blog on their interest. If we pay, we have to invest lot of money. Is that necessary?

    • They usually write about a topic that they find useful and which relates to the theme of my blog.

  14. Business Consulting Buzz :

    Neil, great post, thanks for sharing. I didn’t know StumbleUpon is still so significant as a traffic source for many blogs. Definitely something to look into.


  15. Hi Neil,
    There is loads you can do offline too. Get that blog address on your business cards, letterheads, newsletters, flyers, brochures etc, and of course email signatures.

    I even have some Moo minicards, just for the blog address! Cheap AND cool!

    No good being shy 🙂

  16. Ottawa Web Design :

    Interesting Neil. Getting Guest Bloggers increases the popularity of blog indeed.

  17. Neil – I just went on PayPerPost and all the blogs on there are crap. Were you able to actually find blogs on PPP that have subscribers and a real following?

  18. Thanks for the article. We aren’t a blog but trying to get out there in front of people none the less.

  19. I started blogging on my personal website recently, but I’m not sure if it’ll be “popular”. I do my best to keep my language simple but i’m really an academic at heart so there’s a tendency for my articles to take that type of tone.

    Is there a demand for that type of writing in the market place, I wonder?

    • Definitely, you just have to find your niche. It all depends on your audience. For instance, if you are blogging within a community of physicists your tone will definitely be more tuned to academia. Just go out there and find a community.

      • The main problem with academic writing is that the style is (if done well) is inherently argumentative and attempts to convince people of a certain point of view. So leaving things “open ended” by asking questions probably won’t go over too well because it’s often a sign that the author didn’t do enough research.

        But the other methods and suggestions seems like I could use without much problems. Just wrote one article today, and I think I’ll start promoting it anyway and see where it goes. Thanks!

  20. Wasim Ismail :

    Neil just like you said in your conclusion, it’s difficult to know everything, as the internet is allways changing, new things coming out every day. If you can find something that your good at, stick to it , and master it.

  21. That was pretty insightful Neil. Appreciate your help!

  22. I stopped using stumbleupon two years ago due to spammers sending me crap websites to stumble.
    and I thought payperpost is already dead.:)

  23. We really think what we are doing at infostripe is going to add to the internet’s subtext. A position between blog and social. Check us out.

    Dig this blog Neil.

  24. Neil, tx for the tips..meanwhile have a question related to security..Recently my hosting which is a shared one keeps getting affected by trojans. A fraudster placed bank phishing folders inside a wordpress and joomla site..I tried securing the folders etc..but still no luck..frequently this is happening…could you suggest something? Would appreciate if you write a post on it. Most of the posts on security online are outdated.

    • I am sorry to hear about that. I will try to get something posted along those lines in the near future. On the top of my head I have nothing to suggest, I will look into it.

  25. Hi Neil,
    Really plain and simple explanation, I really like stumbleupon.
    Do you use any other CMS system beside wordpress?

  26. Great post! Have been thinking of starting a blog for sometime now. Will surely try to follow these tips.

  27. Business Center Hannover :

    Dear Neil, thank you for sharing. I guess I have done some things out of intuition in the way you suggest. Our business home page is based on word press and I’ve been using the channels you named to make it more popular, but have never heard of paid bloggers, might be that it is not so popular in Germany…
    As usual, looking forward to your next post

    • Thanks for reading. You should really look into what programs are offered in Germany, there are a lot of resources out there for bloggers.

  28. Elias Chelidonis :

    Excellent advice Neil, you also need and must be patient and persistent otherwise you will get dissapointed if you do not see results fast.


  29. Anand Rathore :

    thanks for informative post.

  30. These are great tips Neil and along with the great content goes:

    Don’t have a Survey, Newsletter signup, Great deal etc.. obscure your fantastic content within seconds of my first visit. I haven’t had a chance to see if i like your site/content or trust you enough to give you my info (especially if I found you through a search result and not from a trusted referral) It makes me not want to continue to use your site. Ever. Regardless of whether can actually teach me to earn $40k/mo.

  31. Neil,

    Thanks for the this article : )

    Is it okay to use your real name and photo if you in tend to make multiple blogs, but in totally different niches?

    Suppose I have one in apples, and the other in nuts. Would that diminish my credibility by spreading myself too thin over too many projects?

  32. Daniel Sumner :

    Hi Neil,

    Great info you provided there. I try to have most of these features on my blog, but the new one on me is paying for reviews from the review sites you mentioned. I just added that to my to do list!

    Thanks Neil,


  33. thanks for sharing these information!

  34. Interesting stuff!

    But, every time I click on a link it clicks out to someone else’s site… so annoying and I lose this blog page, by clicking further away. So to create a great blog, stick this in the code, to open up a new page: target=”_blank”

    Hopefully I wont keep getting lost on other peoples sites 🙂

  35. Kevin Cimring :

    Hey Neil, great blog and invaluable information – thanks for sharing. Just a quick question about guest blogging – what is the best way to go about being accepted to write guest posts for other blogs? Any suggestions as to the best approach in this regard?
    Kind regards,

    • There isn’t one quick tip on increasing your value as a guest blogger. I suggest you focus on content, your network, and making sure you are providing the vital information the blog owner requires. Good luck!

  36. Great check-list!

  37. Neil, this is fantastic information! Having someone write a post about my blog (paid or otherwise) hadn’t even crossed my mine. Also thanks for the tips about the pluggins.

    Much Appreciated!


  38. good points Neil. as for the stumbleupon, I found it to be a big traffic generator for quite a while too. But after a while it gave relatively low traffic. wonder if they use some sort of filtering on websites. any idea?

    • I am almost positive they do. Just keep pumping out quality content, and low traffic will be the least of your worries.

  39. What I can say, than: Amazing:)
    Finding and make a contact with another people/bloggers who think same way as you ,even they have nothing to do with your buissenes?

    • Definitely. The application of broad concepts can cross over to many other businesses, some which may not even be associated with yours.

  40. These are very valuable steps. I am sure gonna use many of them for sure. Specially the one related to stumbleupon and google.
    Thanks Neil for this wonderful information 🙂

  41. Wish i knew all this tip when i started blogging but its still its not to late to do it one more tip i would like to share is guest posting is really effective way it helped me lot

  42. Thanks Neil! I’m starting a blog myself so this post really gives me some great information to work with.

  43. thanks for the tips neil
    i am facing many problems in my new blogs and i guess you are the right man who can advice me
    thanks buddy and looking forward for your help

  44. These are very good tips for making the blog popular,thanks for sharing……….)
    The blog you create must have regular updates

  45. Great stuff, thank you for sharing. I just started blogging about restaurant work in March (server/bartender), but by posting them via my FB status updates I get about 20-40 views each entry. This has been very helpful in thinking about how to grow it. Thanks! -g-

  46. Neil, Some great point here. To be a successful blogger creating quality content is must. Creating content and at the same time promoting blog is great way to make impression.

    Neil I have a question, when should I start promoting blog?
    Should I start promoting right from first day of my blog or should I wait for few days to have at least few post?


  47. Thanks Neil, I am going to take these lessons and make the next super popular blog. Then chill on a beach while advertising is bring in mad revenue… something like that 🙂

  48. Having competitions can help too.

  49. Hey Neil,
    Is it good to have multiple authors on same blog?

    • Having multiple authors can be beneficial. However, make sure you are providing your own quality content often as well. In the end you have to realize it’s your blog and your voice.

  50. I don’t recommend using All in One SEO pack for your SEO. This plugin adds too many polluting to your pages.

    • Yeah, sometimes you have to pick and choose between plugins. However, if you are a beginner it allows you to pick what works and doesn’t work for your site.

  51. College textbooks :

    Awesome tips Niel. I need to forward this to my Step dad. He is setting up his blog for green building and eco friendly construction. He has had a hard time but this tips should give him a basic strategy to go by.

  52. favourite hobbies :

    Thanks for the tips to make an perfect blog

  53. Some great tips dude! I just found your blog and it a great read.

    I’ll work through your tips one by one and see how it goes. I get a fair bit of traffic but not as much as i could!


    • Let me know if the tips work. Good luck with your blog, I’m sure your traffic will increase over time. With the right amount of patience and great content the sky is the limit.

  54. i have bought a own domain, want to run as blog, and started posting there, could you give me some ideas run up.,

    • Just provide great content, and try to link up within a niche community. Narrow your focus to one topic…or at most, a couple of related topics.

  55. Nhick @ Cool New Gadgets :

    It’s SU for traffic, just be consistent and of course just like what Niel said.. engaged. Another interesting topic here Neil. Thanks and keep it coming.

  56. Hi Neil

    Great post. I will certainly be working on everything except the paying for blog posts. Will definately keep it in mind.
    First step will be to tell my story.

    • Yes, that is a very important step. Having a story that others can relate to is essential to building a following.

  57. Hey Neil,

    Thanks for this awesome and oh so helpful post.

    Never even thought about paying someone to recommend my blog. That’s something to think about.

    I just wrote my first guest post and am thrilled with the results so far. Have now received 3 invitations to guest on their blog so I at least took that first step.

    I’ve been doing everything else you mentioned and my traffic has really picked up since the beginning of the year. I still keep forgetting about StumbleUpon though. I have my moments but will forget to like a post. I think I need to spend more time understanding how to really interact with others.

    Appreciate the time you put into this post. Really great information.


    • Thanks, appreciate the kind words. Stumble Upon is a great resource, I suggest you get on it right away. Seems like you are on the right track though, getting your first blog post published is the first step. Good luck!

  58. A buddy and I are in the “foundational development” phase of a blog (lot’s of aspects to consider, as I am sure you are aware of this). This was a great topic and I learned a lot! Keep it up!

  59. Hmm.., Interesting tactics, i haven’t tried the first one “Pay for blog posts” . Thanks for the post

    • Try it out and see if it works for you. Sometimes getting traffic to your blog requires very little, or a variety of tactics.

  60. Manish Singh @ :

    Master piece article

  61. Ingrid Abboud :

    Hey Neil,

    I think you pretty much nailed it. But if you don’t mind – I’d like to add a few things.

    1) Inject a ton of personality into your words – whether in your blog posts or your comments (and replies) but in the process – be yourself.

    People come to your blog because they want to relate to you – they want to converse with a human so show them you’re human – that you’re someone who feels like they do, that you have ups and downs like they do, that you don’t know it all and that you’re open to listening and learning new things. Make your readers feel at home and that they belong – that they’re a part of the community.

    Be a story-teller – but tell your story, your experience, your opinion. Don’t regurgitate someone else’s. Be authentic with your voice.

    2) Promote others a heck of a lot more than you promote yourself. Show people you appreciate their work – that’s if you genuinely do. Don’t link to blogs for the sake of linking – link to blog posts that pertain or are related to your topic.

    If you got an idea for a post from reading another blog or a comment somewhere – then say so. Give credit where credit is due.

    I hate to use the cliche – scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours – but you will find it a lot easier to get promoted when you promote others. Be the go to person for credible information. Lead your readers to other great bloggers and blog posts.

    3) Ask questions – this kinda piggy-backs on my mention of community above. But ask your readers questions – whether in your posts or as a reply to their comments. Show them you’re interested – get them involved and talking not only with you but with each other on your blog – hence the threaded comments you mentioned.

    I run a series every Wednesday called Bring IT! It’s a sort of Ask the Readers type of thing – where I ask a question – I answer it and then my readers have a go. You’d be surprised at the length of each comment I get – much like the length of this comment I’ve left for you here lol ;). But in all honesty – its become quite popular and I know folks have a blast talking with each other and connecting in the comments. After all – it’s all about building relationships.

    Anyhow – it’s obvious that I could go on – and if you were to ask many, they would attest to that hehe.

    Thanks for this excellent write-up. An great read with solid advice.

    Have a great day.

    • All great points, I couldn’t have said it better. Building relationships and remaining genuine are the keys to blogging success. I’ll have to check out your series sometime. Good luck, and thanks for the input.

    • Jesus Christ, Griddy….wth? I know you like to live epic comments but this is ridiculous 🙂

      Seriously tho…awesome post and an awesome comment…

  62. Hey Neil!! Can you please suggest which type of blogs work best???

    • There isn’t one blog that works best for everyone. Write about a topic you are interested in and you feel you have an expertise in. Let me know how it works..

  63. very good tips…i will surely try this and hope could be like you in the future..

  64. Shine My Ride :

    Wow Neil.

    I have read two posts so far, and the information makes so much sense. No wizardry, just common sense at last.

    Will look into SU too.

    Thanks again

  65. Thanks Neil!!!

  66. All these ideas that you just shared were not unique. so many bloggers who blog about blogging have already shared this same blog post many times. Do you people think that other wanna be bloggers are stupid? And that we will not identify the posts you create using your own post generating templates. “10 Quick Ways to Get Readers for your Blog” type of posts should be banned. For gods sake stop repeating the same non-sense again and again.

    @TheWannaBebloggers : just write down your ideas, keep them short, and answer the comments. Shamelessly ask people to come visit your blog.

    • Ingrid Abboud :

      Hi Noumaan,

      I hope you and Neil don’t mind – but I’d like to step in here and give my 2 cents on what you said.

      You’re very right in that you will often read posts with information that has been seen a hundred times over. And yes – it might get redundant. But what makes the difference is how you as the author, present that information. The voice you use (yours), the style, the layout, the personal examples and more.

      When you add a touch of your personality as well as use your examples to back up what you say – then it’s far from being non-sense – as long as you know what you’re talking about that is – and Neil here has a ton of social proof, know-how and experience to share his useful point of views to make him a valid and credible source of information.

      As for your advice for @thewannabebloggers (I like that lol), again you make a great point. But I will disagree with you on one point – and that is – keep them short. You don’t have to keep anything short. What you have to know how to do is keep your readers captivated till the end. If you’re more comfortable writing the shorter posts – then all the power to you. But if you feel the need to write a longer post – then do so. Just know your audience and be sure to entertain them with your words if you want them to stay. So once again – its the presentation.

      Break up your paragraphs into shorter ones. Use bullets if you need to. Add humor if you know how and if the topic allows for it. Talk with your readers and not at them. Bring them into the discussion.

      I actually wrote an entire post on the popular defending this particular and very much debated topic of short vs. long posts. The post was around 1,100 words and yet it got almost 200 comments. So I guess a few people did in fact read it till the end and share their thoughts. But again – it’s how you captivate your readers with your words.

      We often underestimate the attention span of people. If you can read an eBook then you can read a 1,200 word article if it’s interesting enough to you.

      But like I said – find your comfort zone and mix it up with long and short posts if you have to. Glen Allsopp’s posts are usually no less than 1000 words – and yet he has over 11,000 subscribers. Steve Pavlina generally writes around 2,000 words and I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how popular he is. These are just 2 examples of many.

      I would have left you the direct link – but this isn’t my blog and that would be shameless promoting – which I’m not the biggest fan of lol.

      It’s quite obvious that I could go on here but I think I’ve left you a novel as it is – more a like a blog post actually – which I’m gonna’ presume you read till the end ;).

      Thanks for reading.

      • Ingrid,
        Thanks I did read it til’ the end. Great points, I hope you incorporate these ideas/content into a blog post. Couldn’t have said it better myself 🙂

    • We are all entitled to our own opinion 😉 . Thanks for your input, and for taking the time to read the post. Haha I like the TheWannabebloggers quote!

  67. Jane @ Cloud Blogging Reviews :

    Absolutely wonderful tips, Neil. But I have to disagree with paying for blogging. You may be the exception of the rule, but I don’t think paying others to blog about you helps you to become an authority blogger.

    • I meant it more in the sense of paying others to provide quality content (guest bloggers). However, I do understand your point. Thanks for reading!

  68. Interesting article! Which are the best blog sites? I mean which blogging website would you suggest to create a blog?

  69. Great post, Neil. I am currently implementing all of your suggestions, except paying for blog posts. I think I’ll checkout the 2 sites you suggested and give it a shot. It obviously worked really well for you, but then again you have awesome content. 🙂

    • Thanks! Let me know how it goes, if you provide interesting/eye-catching content I know you will have the same success. Good Luck!

    • It would be excellent to be able to obtain all your traffic for free, but sometimes you have to pay for some things but that doesn’t mean that you are doing black hat SEO like others do.

      • Definitely. Great point, there are some legitimate paid services that are considered white hat.

  70. I keep telling myself that you are genius. You said it all. Thank you. AWESOME!!

    • Haha thanks but I am just an ordinary guy who worked extremely hard and was extremely fortunate. Good luck!

      • Thank you Neil,

        I know lot of bloggers out there, but you surely stand as my role model. Your stuffs has really reshaped my crude way of doing it. Your biggest fan!!

        • A great businessman knows how to be a great blogger also because he gives great tips that worked for him and people keep reading his posts.

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    • Glad you found it useful. You’re right content is very important and is what will draw your audience to your blog.

  74. Bird Taxidermy :

    interesting…. never thought of using pay per post bloggers as a viable option. .

  75. Hi Neil am fm India..Can i follow the same strategies for the viewers in India or shud i be quite different in approaching Indian audience..Im interested in creating a blog with content on business and Indian stockmarkets..

  76. The Blog you create must have regular updates and any new incident that recently happened and the most important one is image which grabs the attention of the readers.

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    Meeting you would be a great honor.

    • Thanks for the kind words. You should come to one of my speaking engagements, would be happy to read my blog readers.

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    Hey Neil Patel, thanks for writing this article.

    I would like to know how much paid blogposts you purchased at the beginning. And how much did it cost you?

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    • Definitely, great content is the goal and sometimes you have to solicit the help of others. Tell me how it works out for you 🙂

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    I actually have a lot of time since I am done with my MBA and that is why I am going through many of your blog posts.

    Regarding this post, how many promotions do you normally do every month on services like ReviewMe and PayPerPost?



    • It just depends. There is usually something or other going on a number of times a month. Keep your eyes peeled!

  82. Neil,

    You put all the points across and make it sound so simply. Thank you will most certainly take this advice into practice when writing future blogs. Keep up the good work.

    • Thanks for the kind words, much appreciated. Blogging is as easy as having a conversation with an audience that shares your interests.

  83. Very useful advises, some of them are new to and I will certainly try to use them from now on,

    Thanks for sharing

  84. Lucian Apostol :

    If you are at the begining you obviously don’t have enough money to pay others to write for you on their blogs.

    • It could be a great investment though. Sometimes you have to spend a little to get a little 🙂

  85. I have no idea on how to get started with stumbleupon. Should I just start stumbling and people will friend me? Any advice here would be awesome.

  86. Gabriel Bianconi :

    Great post Neil!
    I have to start blogging more often if I want that my blog gets popular.

    Thank you.

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  88. I did almost all your tips, except for number 1 Nick.Yes I think I must improve my about page, thanks for remind me. Let me add one more tip, a friend of mine made his blog popular by running few contest a year 😀

    • Great, glad you found the post useful. Contests are definitely great. Thanks for the suggestion. I will look into it.

      • Hi Neil, yes please run a contest and I’m sure hundred bloggers will join your contest. I’m sure you will be easy to get sponsorship if you need one 😉

  89. John Mcqueen :

    Awesme tips. Didn’t know the StumbleUpon thing, really it’s the 2nd best referrer to your website?
    Another great tip though is to something for free!

  90. I think you are the only one who share the knowledge and not even scare about this that after sharing your experiences someone beats you, i love this kind of nature of you Neil, and BTW you are star for me you rocks man 😉

    • I think knowledge should be shared. There is no use hoarding it, everyone wins when everyone is in the loop. Thanks for reading.

  91. Your experience in blogging and writing are more than enough motivation for someone like me to follow through on the things you point out here, Neil. Thank you for sharing these information. Keep it up!

  92. Creating an blog its not an easy task but the steps you have mentioned are really useful one

  93. Thanks Neil for this insight, I’ve looked at many ways to try and make a living from the internet, but reading this, somethings just clicked into place. I’ve been writing for the internet, not myself. And as I love words, then I shall let it flow.
    By the way for those who are considering PayPerPost, the reason it may be in decline is because it’s so easy to hire someone to write an article (on any given subject) from a free-lance site for about 5 to 10 dollars an article. Two to three posts a day at those prices.

  94. Witty Artist :

    Great article! 🙂 Indeed I’ve seen for myself that writing good content isn’t enough for a blog. You have to show and promote your work. And another thing: it’s important that you write as you like, for yourself, for your target public, not for the Internet. One more thing: totally agree with you that being shy goes out of discussion when blogging.

    • Great points. I agree, it is important to own your work and willingly share it with others. Being shy will never help. Thanks for your input.

    • Good content attracts readers. I agree with you that you have to write about what you like and most importantly about what your readers like. If your content isn’t interesting for you readers they will stop following you.

  95. Hi Neil,

    I wholeheartedly agree that SU is the best way to start getting some initial traffic. For the first few months on my first blog it was the biggest traffic source I had. It took maybe 6 months for organic search traffic to start beating it, but it still provides upwards of 20% of my traffic. I love SU.


  96. Thanks, for all the advice some of it I haven’t tried yet I guess I’ll try it and see how it will add up to my traffic specially the stumble upon.

  97. Fayaz Ahmad :

    As you have mentioned here to Increase the number of reader to your blog by paying other blogger or guest post . Is this enough to make your blog famous ?
    What about other SEO stuff . Are they not so important ?

    • Everything is important. Guest blogging helps you get the word out in a way that is both compelling and interesting. Content will always attract more buzz than other types of SEO work.

  98. Marine Chandlery :

    I think the biggest challenge is creating the interesting content, once you’ve got that you should be able to start to build a following.

    • Content is king. I agree, it is the most challenging…and most rewarding.

    • Quality content is the most important thing to make people follow you. If you know how to keep your readers interested and to give them the information they want you will be able to keep them and to gather even more followers.

  99. I too would like to Blog about the thing I know. But I also want my blog to generate income. Unfortunately services like Google ads are not available in India. So is there any other way to monetize a blog.

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    • It’s not about manipulating, it’s more about working with others so everyone succeeds. I would use the term “persuasion” rather than manipulation.

      • Witty Artist :

        I like how you make the difference, Neil. It’s important to enjoy blogging first of all, enjoy sharing; then it’s all promoting and persuasion. Because if people feel you manipulate them, you’ll present no further interest for them. Even if you are good at writing. You’re not writing for yourself, but to communicate 🙂

  101. Laura D'Amico :

    I think the most important way to have a successful blog (or anything, really) is to be authentic about something you’re passionate about. People can smell inauthenticity a mile away (even over the web). And when you’re really passionate about something, the energy you naturally bring to the table will make you successful.

    • Definitely! Having a genuine character and being yourself is a very important asset to have in business, and in life.

  102. Writing great content wont cut it now. You have to work your ass off by guest posting to promote your blog.

    Gone are the days where “build it and they will come” was true.

    To build a successful blog, the most important element is persistence and patience. It takes a long time for a blog to be established. So dont get the stats addiction. Check Google Analytics or whichever stat monitoring tool you use only once in a while.

    • I agree. It’s important to have quality content, and guest bloggers contributing to your blog. Statistics only show how many people visit your site, they don’t show how interested people are in your product.

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  105. Neil just like you said in your conclusion, it’s difficult to know everything, as the internet is allways changing, new things coming out every day. If you can find something that your good at, stick to it , and master it.

  106. Kristian Pettyjohn :

    Since the “Business of business is people” it’s naturally apparent how important it is to tell an effective story. This is such a universal concept that it is truly at the heart of every type of marketing.

    As with any story, you should have a good hook, relevant benefits to the reader/listener (be it real or intangible) and of course a climax and conclusion/point. You’d be amazed that nearly all effective marketing and media is story based, even down to your 30-second commercials.

    So don’t discount telling your story everyone, if anything, practice this over and over so you can recite it on command. Then use it in your blog, your newsletter, your sales pitch, networking, etc… You’ll be surprised at the outcome.


    • Great commentary, I like what you had to say about shared experiences. It really puts into perspective why we blog!

  107. Very interesting article, I just started a new blog yesterday. Once it has enough pages, will definitely refer to your blog.

    Thank you for the tips.

  108. Thank you for the post. It really helped a lot. Very inspiring to see younger and younger entrepreneurs! Keep up the good work Neil!

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    When you started 5 years ago… what kind of growth did you see say in month one and then month over month in terms of total visits, unique visits etc?

    Also, in terms of Google… what was your growth in terms of search impressions when you first started?

    Thanks in advance

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    Love your tips, especially the one “Pay for Blog Posts”. I never considered this until now. Also, I like to feel connected to the blogger and the post i am reading. Writing in a matter-of-fact tone doesn’t do it for me. I like to feel as though I am reading a post personally written for me (if that makes sense).

  119. Interesting Neil. Getting Guest Bloggers increases the popularity of blog indeed.

  120. Great idea to get your blog being popular. I’ve heard most of them before, but still wonder, what you mean with Pay For Blog Post.

    IMHO, instead paying at ReviewMe and related website, we can hire someone with decent English to write a post to our blog.

    Anyway, thank you for the great input.

  121. Yes is always good to encourage people to comment on blog posts,but sometimes,they are write not at post subject,unfortunately,and many times they have contradictions.

  122. I personally believe that we have to find a hot niche, something which blog readers always looking for. Sometimes, too many blogs in a particular areas may not be good for a newbie, especially when he/ she is unable to stand out of crowd.

  123. give ur reader what their want not what ur want, for sure they come again n again to ur blog and guest what u have give me this! for sure i will always check ur blog regularly, nice info neil! 😀

  124. Hmmm, paying someone for blog posts is an interesting way to do it, I guess. Have to try it soon on some of my blogs. Thanks, Neil, for this idea.

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  126. Thanks mate,
    Made me realized what I overlooked on my blog. Definitely great tips you wrote there. Have a nice day….:-)

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  132. Neil are giving a way too much! =) Often “Don’t forget the basics” forget about it…

  133. I have a blog- It contains Indian Jokes Shayries and SMSes….I want to make it popular please help me by your precious advise..thanx again…

    • Keep commenting on other popular bogs with similar content. Start building links on other popular sites. If you use social media to market it and place yourself on respectable sites then that should help.

  134. Good points. I recently started my blog/website about a month ago. I have a wide variety of topics (which can be good or bad), but I find my problem could be that I don’t put enough of myself out there to my readers. I’ll definitely fix up my about page, and try not to sound like a robot behind a keyboard in my posts. I appreciate the tips and help! Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks,

      As long as you are producing good content then the amount of variety shouldn’t be a problem. You definitely want to put yourself out there and use social media as much as you can. Glad I could help!

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    Does a popular blog equal a money making blog? Is it possible to put all the time and effort into following all of the above, plus adding the signup for my free stuff boxes per John Chow’s advice, and still not have a viable way to monetize your blog?

    • It can depending on how you utilize it. Having a popular blog connects you with a lot of people who may be able to help you with your business. As well as potential customers.

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    It’s an excellent idea making it easy for blog readers to contact you on every single blog post. It may seem an obvious thing to do but it is easily forgotten.

    • Definitely, you want to remember that every reader is potentially a new customer or asset to you and your business.

  137. Alex @ Easy ways to make money :

    Guest Posting – I tried this one before and it does give you the opportunity to be known on that particular field or niche. Especially when a lot of readers know that you’re an expert on that specific topic, and in turn they will definitely visit your blog.

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    • I appreciate your support. I am happy to hear my post have been helpful to you. I will keep blogging, so keep reading! 🙂

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    It’s true, nothing is free and paying for posts truly does work and is worth the investment.

  143. TheWorldOrBust :

    I’m also using the Top Commentors widget, it’s a great idea!

  144. Thanks for the info. There was definitely some stuff that I didn’t realize in your post – for one, I didn’t realize that StumbleUpon was as useful as it is!

  145. Thanks Neil. This was very helpful. I was thinking another way is to create a job post directory if you are in a certain niche. A directory would drive a lot of traffic because so many people are looking for jobs these days ! Overall, useful information for this post.

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    • Thank you Rajuda,

      I appreciate the kind words. I hope these tips help you out. Look forward to having you come back and read!

  147. Creating an popular blog its not an easy task but you have made an clear explanation for beginners. Thanks Neil 🙂

    • Nope, it definitely isn’t. It takes dedication and time, but if you put the effort into it you with reap the benefits from it!

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    It make me spirit again to sharing, sharing and sharing for other people through my blog.
    Thanks Neil Patel.

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  152. Thanks for the article Neil, this was inspiring. I was promoting my blog really hard on digg, I had authority there, but too bad it was closed (or moved). Right now, I’m trying to make a nice move on Reddit. Hope it works…

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  158. Neil You are awesome.. Great content with lots of logical suggestions.. Thanks dude..

  159. You are right, content is not everything, because a good story that is not read is not actually a good story. Use social networks to promote your articles and try to write about things relevant to as many people as you can think of. That’s my success recipe.

  160. You have successfully created another great post! I love the in-depth writing that you have done to let us know some tips that will help us!

  161. If you ask me, luck is a big part of creating a popular blog. I’ve seen folks having a lot of visitors with poor content. These days, big G is dancing like crazy with the search results…

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    • Thanks for reading the article and I am glad you found it helpful. Please let me know if you need help with anything else!

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    Thanks for this post, its quite informative. You know what, my baby’s name is also Niel 🙂

    I am a new blogger..

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