10 Things Every Entrepreneur Needs to Try

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Being an entrepreneur obviously isn’t easy, which is why most people shy away from trying to be one. There are, however, tons of services and programs for you to use that will make your entrepreneurial life a lot easier. So, before you throw out the idea of becoming an entrepreneur, make sure you check out the following free services and programs:

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Microsoft Biz Spark

Whether you love or hate Microsoft, as an entrepreneur, you’ll need its software. For example, I always find myself using Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Not a day goes by without me using one of those three applications.

In the beginning, you may not buy all of the Microsoft products you need as money will probably be a bit tight. Luckily for you, Microsoft gives all entrepreneurs its software for free through its BizSpark program. There are no strings attached, and they literally just hand you all the software you need for free. They even let you use their cloud program, Azure, for free for 750 hours.

The best part about BizSpark is that once you get your startup up and running, through their media relationships with sites like Mashable and Techmeme, they’ll help you get your business out to millions of people at no cost.


One of the main reasons why entrepreneurs fail is due to their lack of experience. One way you can try to solve this problem is by attending conferences, talking with other entrepreneurs, and even reading/listening to books.

One of the easiest ways to get a head start is to join a mentorship program like TechStars, which will not only provide you with seasoned entrepreneurs to mentor you on a daily basis, but will also give you money for joining the program and help you raise venture capital.

Now, granted, there is a catch – they take a small percentage of your business. But in the end, it’s worth it if you are a first time entrepreneur.

In addition to TechStars, there are a few other programs that offer the same perks like Y Combinator and the Founder Institute.

Startup Weekend

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an entrepreneur? One program that gives you a quick glimpse of what it’s like is Startup Weekend.

All around the world, entrepreneurs connect together to build and launch companies over a two-day weekend. You meet up with other entrepreneurs, build something, and get it out there.

By joining a Startup Weekend in your neighborhood, you’ll learn:

  1. How to pitch your business idea
  2. How to work in teams
  3. How to create a minimal viable product

During those two days, you’ll have a fun time and learn a lot about entrepreneurship.

SF Ruby Workshops

Whether you want to be a computer programmer or not, programming is something that you need to have a basic understanding of. Although it’s not an easy thing to pick up, you don’t have spend years in school to become a good programmer.

Through programs like SF Ruby Workshops, you can learn about programming for free. With some practice, you will get good over time.

So, if you are one of those entrepreneurs who are trying to figure out how to learn programming, don’t waste your time by going back to college. Instead, sign up for free programming workshops.

Angel List

The biggest reason that companies fail in the first five years of starting up is because they lack capital. In the past, in order to raise money from angel investors or venture capitalists, you would have to travel to see them in person, pitch them at their offices, and wait anxiously to hear back from them.

Although that process still takes place today, there is a new program that makes fundraising a lot easier. It’s called Angel List. On one website, you can outline what your company does, how much money you are looking to raise and see which investors are interested in giving you money.

However, before you take money from investors, you may want to get to know them first and find out how they can help you. Getting big-named investors is great, but it’s smarter to get strategic investors that can help you grow your business.

SBA Grants

If you own and operate a company within the United States, you don’t have to hit up venture capitalists or go to the bank to get money. The Small Business Administration provides grants to businessesYou just have to apply.

You’ll be surprised to see how much free money you can get by just applying for business grants. I know it takes work, and you won’t get money from all of the grants you apply for, but there is a good chance you’ll get something.

If you aren’t willing to take the time, energy, and effort to apply for free money, don’t waste your time as an entrepreneur as that’s probably one of the easier tasks you’ll need to take part in.

Founder Dating

The one thing you should never do is try to run a business by yourself. You should always have a business partner. That’s because when you are starting out, there will be way too much work for one person to do, and you won’t have enough money to hire employees.

Through Founder Dating, you can potentially find your perfect business partner. If you aren’t familiar with how it works, just think about speed dating. First, you meet a lot of people in a given hour.Then, you start to engage in detailed conversations with the matches you are potentially interested in.

If you happen to meet your ideal match within a few hours, don’t rush into partnerships. I have had multiple business partners over the years, and the one thing I learned is that you need to really know and trust someone before you seal the deal. Just think of it as a marriage that can’t be easily gotten out of.

Founders Card

Do you want the Black American Express credit card? Well, unless you spend $250,000 a year, you won’t qualify for it. And even if you do, the fees typically aren’t worth the perks.

But one card that has great perks for entrepreneurs is the Founders Card. It gives discounts on plane tickets, hotels, and other things that you’ll need when you travel. There are no hidden fees – all they are doing is combing the buying power of thousands of people so that everyone can get good deals like the big corporations do.


I’ve always been a big believer that networking is the key to success. One place where you can network with like-minded entrepreneurs for free is BarCamp.

Think of them as a modern version of a business networking event that has some sponsors, free food and beer, where people vote on what they are going to discuss.

The best part about BarCamp is that you don’t have to travel far distances to attend one. If there isn’t one in your city and you want to put one on, all you have to do is go to the BarCamp site and announce that you are throwing one. Because the site gets decent traffic volumes, the word will spread, and you’ll have attendees.

Help a Reporter Out

Getting your company out there in the mainstream media doesn’t have to be costly. Yes, good PR firms may charge $10,000, if not $20,000 a month, but you can always get in the mainstream media by yourself.

Through Help a Reporter Out (HARO), you’ll get a daily email with all of the stories journalists need help with. And if you think you can provide them with the insights they are looking for, all you have to do is email them. After they interview you, if they like what you have to say, they’ll include it in their magazine or newspaper.

If you haven’t tried HARO out, you should. It works well, and I can tell you that from experience because I have been using it for years. Through it, I have been mentioned in places like the Wall Street Journal and USA Today.


If you are a first time entrepreneur, stop stressing out about the small stuff. There are services, programs and people out there who will help you out for free. You just have to find the ones that are the right fit for you.

Now, even if you sign up for all of the services and programs I mentioned above, it doesn’t guarantee that you’ll be successful. It just helps increase your odds of succeeding.

Do you know of any other programs and services that entrepreneurs should try?

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    • No problem. Glad I could help.

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        • That’s not a problem. Just continue reading blogs, and your knowledge of the field will gradually develop.

  2. Founders card doesn’t have a fee? Wikipedia states that “Members are required to pay an annual fee of $495 USD and a one-time initiation fee of $65 USD.”. Good suggestions otherwise though.

    • Founders card def has a fee… It’s like $495 to start and $55 per year afterwards…. Def not worth it.

      • Thanks for letting me know.

      • Ben - BankAim :

        I thought the price was $450/year regardless. I don’t think they drop the yearly fee. I was offered this card, but what’s the point? There are no other benefits that would make me want to spend almost $500/year. I currently have the AMEX gold card and love it. Great benefits, travel benefits plus we earn a ton of points and then transfer them to Delta miles.. so I haven’t paid for a flight in 2 years! 😉

    • Weird, I am not paying for the card. Maybe I have a unique deal because I joined early on.

  3. So many good resources here, thanks for the list Neil. If there’s one thing that entrepreneurs need more than anything else, it’s networking.

    Build up a strong network and it won’t matter what brick walls stand in your way to success.

    • I completely agree. Building a strong network is essential to long-term success. Whether it be in your professional or personal life.

  4. College textbooks :

    Microsoft Biz Spark, I had no idea that even existed. That is really cool of them to do. I am (procrastinating) doing my LLC and that should allow me to get there products right. I have the old word but would love an upgrade.

    Start up Weekend sounds like a fun thing to do but when could I find the time for it. Maybe every couple months would be good for an event like that.

    I know a lot of people in BarCamp. It is a really good way to network and learn.

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    Another alternative though is to connect with fellow like-minded people using these social media avenues…physical meeting is good but not everyone can afford the luxury.

    In all, thanks for the post!

    • I agree. If you work extremely hard at creating a great social media network, face to face may not be as important. I understand though. Glad I could help.

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        • The think is that you can’t wait for others to make decisions for you. You have to be able to look for good advices and to take the best decisions for you. We can make bad decisions also, but this happens to all of us. The most important thing is not to repeat them!

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    • I definitely agree with you there. I guess the point I was trying to drive at is the one you are making. It is essential to at least understand the basic principles of coding, and if you have time to learn coding. Hiring a great CTO can allow you to spend more time on other things.

      • I agree with you here Neil. You have to know at least the basics of coding because if you face a situation in which you can’t ask somebody to help you right away and you need to do something fast what are you going to do? An entrepreneur needs to know a little about everything if he wants to get out of any situation.

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