My 5 Favorite, but Often Ignored, Marketing Tactics

You hear about marketing tactics like SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, and email marketing all the time. You know they are effective, but they are so broad that the task of leveraging those tactics for your own website leaves you confused, right?

To help you with your confusion, instead of discussing broad topics like I mentioned above, I am going to give you 5 simple tactics you should use to increase your traffic and sales.

Marketing Tactic #1: It’s all about the long tail

long tail seo

Having good content on your website is great. The easiest way to do this is to start a blog. Through blogging, you can rank for thousands of keywords naturally, and you’ll build up your company’s brand at the same time.

Whether you already have a blog or not, there is one thing that you need to do if you want your long tail strategy to work well: you have to write really good content.

The easiest way to do this isn’t to write the content yourself. It is to hire bloggers and either have them ghost write for you or publish content under their name. If you don’t know where to find them, just post an ad here, and you’ll get over 100 applicants.

Once you go through the applicants and find a few bloggers that you want to hire to write blog posts for $20, here are the requirements you need to give them:

  • Quality over quantity – each blog post should be at least 1,000 words long (without containing any fluff). It is because you want really detailed content that provides value to the readers.
  • A picture says a thousand words – you should have at least one picture within your blog post. It helps makes things easier for your readers. The bloggers you hire should be able to provide you with a picture.
  • Are you smarter than a 5th grader? – tell your writers to write as if they were talking to 5th graders. They need to avoid using crazy vocabulary, and each blog post should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion.
  • Spice up your titles – the most important part of a blog post is the title. If it isn’t sexy, people won’t read it. Have your writers read Copyblogger’s headline formulas before they start writing for you.

With this content strategy, in the long run, you’ll notice that you will start getting a ton of traffic from search engines. You just have to be patient and, more importantly, be consistent with how many blog posts you publish each month. Make sure you are publishing at least four blog posts every month.

Marketing Tactic #2: Homepages aren’t everything


A great way to boost your traffic is to build links to your internal pages. If you have a blog, you can sign up for Zemanta and pay them a few hundred bucks a month to get you clean, natural links to your blog posts. It works like a charm, getting you deep links to your internal pages for less than $15 a link.

If you want links to internal product pages, consider giving away prizes, t-shirts, and even products or services to bloggers to get them to blog about the stuff you are selling.

If you don’t have time to email hundreds of bloggers, post an ad on Craigslist to find someone who will work for you for $10 to $12 an hour. Once you have a candidate who knows something about HTML and a few things about sales, have him or her do the following:

  1. Go to Alltop and find bloggers that could potentially blog about your site.
  2. Before choosing your bloggers to email to, make sure you pick blogs that are semi-popular but aren’t the most popular blogs out there like TechCrunch. You can usually do this by checking each blog’s Alexa ranking. Anything between 30,000 and 300,000 is typically worth emailing. Anything below 30,000 means that the blog is too popular and its people probably won’t be interested in reviewing your company.
  3. Now you can email each of those bloggers and offer them something to review. Make sure you don’t offer cash as you start getting into grey areas because technically you’re paying for a review at this point.
  4. Send out 30 to 50 emails a day to different bloggers, and do this straight for 90 days.

After you do this for 90 days, you’ll start noticing that the internal pages of your website will start getting a lot more traffic. In the long run, your internal pages should be getting more traffic than your homepage.

Marketing Tactic #3: There’s nothing wrong with exit pop-ups

popup tactic

Before someone tries to leave your website, why not pop up another window that collects your visitor’s contact information? I know it may sound spammy, but if you do it right, it should work just fine.

Here is what I recommend:

  1. Pick your audience – don’t show everyone an exit pop-up; only show it to traffic sources that are not converting well for you. For example, Google traffic isn’t converting very well on Quick Sprout, so I could show an exit pop-up to those visitors only and collect their names and email addresses so I can email them every time there is a new blog post.
  2. Don’t be rude – cookie visitors so if someone comes back to your website, that person won’t see the pop-up again. If you keep showing pop-ups to the same people over and over again, they’ll get irritated.
  3. Offer a gift – with your exit pop-up, offer your visitors something for free to entice people to give you their names and email addresses. On Quick Sprout, I offer a free ebook.

Once you start collecting hundreds, if not thousands, of email addresses, you’ll start getting a lot more return visitors to your website. That should lead to more sales (assuming you are selling something).

Marketing Tactic #4: Five dollars go a long way


Facebook and Twitter can drive a lot of traffic, so why not leverage them, right? You should, but it won’t be effective unless you have a lot of friends and followers.

The best way to build up your accounts is to follow and friend influential people within your industry. In addition to that, you should be tweeting and posting status updates that are also relevant to your industry.

Doing those two things will help you get a larger following in the long run, but it can take months, if not years, for that to be effective.

One method I use to speed up the process is to pay people $5 to get me more relevant Facebook fans/friends and Twitter followers. On sites like Just a Five or Fiverr, you can pay people $5 to build up your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

This way, when you write a new status update on Facebook or when you tweet a message, thousands of people will be seeing it.

Marketing Tactic #5: Ask and you’ll receive


All of my startups are largely sales driven, so the more leads I collect, the more money I can potentially make.

One easy way to collect more leads or get more signups is to add signup forms on your website. And if you add forms to your homepage and all other major pages, you’ll find that it is effective, but it tends to be a bit tacky.

What my business partner started doing is adding KISSinsights pop-ups on certain parts of our site, like on our blog, so that we can collect more leads. The best part about it is that it looks clean, and it is really effective in capturing web leads.

So, if you have a sales driven business like me, start popping up KISSinsights forms that collect a person’s name and email address.


If you want to grow your traffic and revenue, you have to start testing very specific marketing tactics. Don’t just say that you are going to optimize your website for search engines. Instead, say that you are going to build links to your internal pages or that you are going to optimize your product pages for search engines.

If you stick with broad marketing tactics, you’ll never get anything implemented. But if you stick with quick and simple marketing tactics, after a month, you’ll notice that you’ve accomplished a lot more.

Do you know of any other specific marketing tactics that are worth trying out?

P.S. If you want help with marketing click here.


  1. #6 Database and Email Marketing

    You would not believe the number of big companies that I talk to who are either not collecting even basic details from visitor and customers.

    I don’t care who you are or whether you even want to get into direct marketing, but you need to at least start collecting this information from the beginning. Then you’ll already have a database built for when the time comes to hit it hard!

    Also, collect data from everywhere! Use social media to build your email list.

    • The sooner you begin capturing this info, the bigger you’ll be able to grow once you start getting some momentum.

      • Couldn’t agree more. I’ve been building a multitude of lists for a long time now, and its great to see the income continuously building.

        What I would like to learn even more about is e-mail split tests – what types of things have worked for you in terms of MONETIZING the list? Are there titles, phrases, keywords, triggers, etc that improved opens/CTRs/conversions?

        Would love to hear more from Tim and Neil!

        • To be frank, different things work for different industries. I really haven’t put in too much time, or any time monetizing my email list. All I do is blog. I would suggest you take a look at people like or

        • Vik,

          I’m not a fan of monetizing a random list of email addresses. There are so many people out there buying, selling and renting lists for pennies that most of it is just junk.

          What I recommend doing is build a real, targeted opt-in list. This means they opted-in on YOUR site, not some random “partner” that sells email addresses to dozens of buyers.

          Now, for what works to convert subscribers, Neil already answered. It is different for every industry, every list, and every company. You need to test all of the factors you lists constantly to generate the highest amount of revenue.

          • I agree… you can easily buy a list of millions of emails for dirt cheap, but the problem is, most of it will be junk.

          • Find A Language Teacher :

            Even if you build up the list yourself, it is important to nurture it, and it is a delicate task. Don’t write too much because they will unsubscribe. Don’t write too little because they won’t remember you. Be very useful.

            • Studies actually show that writing to people too little will cause them unsubscribe, compared to doing it everyday which surprisingly has a lower unsubscribe rate.

    • This means that they have no idea about what Neil talked about in this post 🙂 Big companies should really start doing some research regarding SEO but maybe they think they are too big already and they don’t need that.

    • Find A Language Teacher :

      I had good luck just announcing my newsletter in social media channels. Especially when I threw in a small contest, I have seen better subscription rates. Then it was my task to keep them on the list.

  2. So how do they build up Facebook account for you? You say Quality over Quantity for content. I think same should go for connections. If the people brought to your FB are ”weak” connections… not much of them are gonna look at your updates. Hell, I got 120 people on my FB and I can’t keep up… and if they don’t even know you…well….not good.

    But hey, I might be wrong! I might do this strategy for a musician I’m promoting these days..

    • Well yes, that’s definitely true. A few solid connections will work much more powerfully then 100 weak connections.

      • Iroko@Bloggers Blog :

        And you never can tell which connection is weak, and for your information a weak connection might hook you with the biggest connection tomorrow or even become the best coonection later, and there is a saying that you show not despise the days of little beginnings, just start connecting…

        • Exactly. Sometimes your connection will lead you to a different connection. You really never know. And that’s really the beauty of the system.

  3. Most bloggers focus on creating new content, and for some reason, they forget about the content that already has authority and traffic. So, my favorite strategy is this…

    Go into your analytics, find your content that already gets decent traffic, and optimize those pages.

    How can you optimize those pages?

    If the page already ranks #5 for a keyword, build a few more links and get it to rank #1. If it gets a few hundred unique hits per day, figure out how to capture an email address or how to funnel that traffic to other content on your site.

    It’s easy, and takes a few minutes of work. So, try it out!

    • Thanks for the tip Derek. I will definitely try this out…once I get a page that ranks well….lol

      Nice post Neil!

    • Great advice Derek and very true. Small changes like that can make a world of difference.

    • Derek, if you reoptimize pages, I recommend adding a video to those pages, assuming they do not already contain a video.

      I agree with the author in that having an image makes the blog entry that much more authoritative (I am not even sure if this is the right word to use). Also, with google preview, I know immediately if I want to click on someone’s page even before actually visiting someone’s page. More images and example, less text. With the onset of twitter and facebook updates, I don’t want to read as much. . .I know this sounds terrible, but I like concise blog entries.

  4. What I like about this post is it’s twist: taking the proliferation of bloggers and freelancers out there (I used to think this was bad) – and turning things around so that the situation works for you, instead of against you. I used to feel I was swimming upstream by trying to compete with all of the content providers out there. Now, I’m realizing (as this post confirms) that getting others to write my stuff frees up my time; and the costs for hiring ghost writers / freelancers is nil.

    • Exactly… opportunity cost. Plus sometimes people are even better than you at what you do and will do it a much lower price. Why not, right?

  5. Matt Ackerson :

    Great post Neil. Very detailed and practical, though I would encourage everyone who reads this to take every marketing suggestion with a grain a salt. I say this in the sense that, if all you do is implement best practices that others preach, you’ll never do anything innovative or original.

    One specific marketing tactic hm…

    A lot of people don’t know this but you can send emails to everyone on your Facebook fan page click over to “edit page” > “marketing” > “send an update”

    You can target it too. Pretty useful.

    • Do those messages appear in the persons mailbox or in the person’s page update page which is an entirely different page.

  6. I like the no5 Ask and you’ll receive,
    sometimes you need to be straight up with your readers to get some response.

  7. #4
    When you pay people to build up Twitter/Facebook fans, how much new traffic are you generating from the end result?

  8. Hi Mr Neil,

    Great Post ! I was not aware of the It’s interesting. Anyhow, I will do, like to add few more points to the list.

    One can go for a press release on his niche. Sometimes, it goes viral and adds tones of traffic to a our blog.
    Well, studying is far better than just reading, and in fact, watching is something a bit deeper than studying. So, if something is done, to get on the national electronic media:- The national Headlines, then I think, it would have a deeper impact on the demographic market segment..Once our blog is on national TV, the whole country will watch and with favorable circumstances, one can be the next internet millionaire.
    I believe in a great tactic practiced by Mr Amit Agarwal ( He creates beautiful video tutorials and broadcast it on YouTube, which in return sends a continuous flow of visitors to his blog throughout the year.
    Well,of course likewise there are a lot of other fantastic marketing tactics that could be applied for betterment…



    • Your blog is going to broadcasted on live TV? I can’t remember ever seeing Amit’s work, but I’ll definitely check it out.

      • Mr Amit’s blogs was on the National News long ago….I was just mentioning the marketing technique…

        Well, my blog is receiving near about 1 million page view. without any of the marketing and SEO techniques… I focused on only quality contents.

  9. I have to say that my most popular content is an article that I didn’t build any backlinks to. The more content I add, the more long-tails I start ranking for. I’ve never heard of Zemanta but I’m gonna check it out. Great article!

  10. Hi Niel, Great post, I’ll try to include some of these techniques in our online marketing strategy.

    Thanks for this great article.

  11. I think all the SEO techniques < quality content. Am I right ?

  12. Neil, I enjoyed a marketing post that wasn’t the same old same old like I’ve been seeing in the past three years around the internet. I’d enjoy creative thinking like this more often.

    I disagree with the exit popup for email. I DO think it is spammy and annoys me every time I see one. I purposely close the box just because I feel it is snake-like. I subscribed to your blog because of the content and the logo.

    Here is my question:

    I want to use that exit popup on google searches as well, excluding any return visitors. Except instead of an email signup, I want it to be a video of me just making them smile in some way.

    What is that plug-in you used? And do you think it’s possible for me to easily replace the email signup with a video?

    Hook me up, buddy. I love you.

    • Thanks for the kind words Anthony. I don’t know of exit script that’s better than another, but I’ve seen it being used. I would suggest trying one or two out and see how it works for you.

      • I see a lot of scammy websites using exit pop ups and prefer one that appears after 10-15 seconds of hitting a page.

        I’m not saying don’t do it, but I would take the time to test it and see what works better for you.

  13. Ya thats right…long tail keywords do much better than short ones..i have experienced it with on of my own site. As the long tail keywords are more specific and easy to bring them to your landing pages.

  14. yes normal and regular implementation of seo activity will be helpful and we can see a good result, difficult and social networking activity not only provides result, natural and unique linkbuilding surely helpful for website and blog.

  15. Hey Neil,

    That’s a really awesome post! mainly because it’s highly practical. I really hate when people dissertate around some minor point for a long time. That’s why it’s always great to see a valuable post with a lot of tools to try and places to check!

    Here are my thoughts:

    1. you can actually use jobs.proglogger both ways – find bloggers to write a post for you and find opportunities for guestblogging.

    2. you can build some authority on sites like where ppl help each other to promote content in social networks.

    3. With all those services like Just a Five, Fiver, amazon mechanical turk, & various freelance websites you can actually have random people promote and grow your social accounts:

    – have them find & stumble cool content in your niche using your StumbleUpon account, post comments on other stumbles, send personal messages to stumblers to become friends etc.
    – have them do those clicks/comments and grow following at, digg, reddit.
    – have them find cool niche content and schedule tweets in your twitter account.

    This way you can have freelancers do all the routine instead of you, while you can focus on some more important stuff.

    I think I’ll try everything mentioned above very soon to come up with some working model. Thanks again!

    • Thank you for all the tips and suggestions. Yes all that stuff will allow you to focus on other way to improve your blog. Delegation is key.

  16. I had never really considered emailing bloggers to review, I figured that’d be a little pushy or something. But it’s actually a really good idea! Even paying someone on Craigslist is great!

    I use Fiverr for a lot of promotional stuff and for the most part, the people on there are generally very awesome.

    Found a couple new sites out of this blog post, too. Thanks a lot for your honest and awesome advice. Always a pleasure!


    • It’s not pushy at all considering that bloggers always need stuff to write about. It takes time but is definitely worth it.

  17. Yes the blog is the best for longtail….. Whenever I would talk to someone about building your websites SEO one of the first things I recommend is a blog because that gives you a lot of power. Good stuff!

  18. Reno Web Design :

    Neil, another great article, I appreciate the insight. I haven’t used many pictures in my blog posts, but agree they add a certain polish to each post. I collect as much data as possible as well… my best conversions come from email marketing.

  19. Neil how can I reduce bounce rate of my website ? and in mturk we can get fans and followers for twitter only paying 10 cents per followers.

    • You should just focus on writing good content and not buy followers. You’ll get them over time.

      • One way that I like to speed up the process is to pay people $5 to get me more relevant Facebook fans/friends and Twitter followers. On sites like Just a Five or Fiverr you can pay people $5 to build up your Facebook and Twitter account.

  20. Christian Cabuay :

    What’s a good exit pop-up product? I’ve seen a few out there but what’s the best in your experience? Thanks

  21. Excellent post Neil, I have found, especially when just starting out, that newbies should concentrate on 1 or 2 marketing tactics first, master those, and then move on to other avenues of traffic generation, thanks for the tips and have a great day!

  22. It’s interesting to read this from the perspective of a blogger who is mainly a writer. My blogs are only ranking around 600,000 in Alexa right now. I’ve noticed both the quantity and quality of my articles increase as my Alexa rank has improved. There’s definitely a direct correlation. Your numbers are right on. By the time my blogs are ranking better than 300,000 I will be fast enough and good enough to write for other sites. And by the time I get to 30,000 I won’t need to.

  23. What’s the name of the plugin you use to show the RSS feed at the bottom of your posts?

  24. Oklahoma City Web Design :

    @Christian Looks like the most popular is a well-designed Ebook.

    Neil, another great post. As with FB/Twitter friends on Fiverr, aren’t you afraid they will be fake or spam accounts? Is there a Fiverr user you recommend? Thanks for the recommendations.

  25. Merge Marketing :

    As always, great article. I’d be curious to know, what would be a good conversation rate for the exit pop-up?

  26. @ Neil , this is indeed a great post and a good guidance on how to network with them. We are currently looking for opportunity to get our services reviewed by business bloggers and in lieu of that we are willing to write post or research for fresh content for them

    Do let me know if any blogger is looking for similar tie-ups

  27. Virality through shared links on facebook are a great traffic/lead contributer – as long as you have an opt in to capture details.

  28. you are leaving some of ur ideas out.. its really encouraging to see such people..

    but i am really sad that u are putting ads on ur sidebar.. u want to convert this blog too??

  29. You have some very good marketing tactics I can use on my own marketing in the future. As always, we all have a valuable post from you Neil.

    To be honest, I don’t like your new page layout. Your content wrapping is too much narrow and looks like you have put sidebar content in front of the “really important” one.

  30. Neil, some great, specific pointers there! But is it just me or doesn’t it feel like a spammy tactic to pay people to build your FB and Twitter followers? But then I guess that’s a big part of what you’re doing if you hire an SM company anyway, so why not do it for $5 instead… so maybe it’s just a good shortcut 🙂 Loved the post, need to share this.

  31. Yeah this is a new concept we wish to experiment with; always thought it was a bit spammy per Neil. — However this post did bring up several good points on ‘why’ it should be done, and ‘how’ it can be less spam like.

  32. Andrew @ Blogging Guide :

    Those are really great suggestions, I most especially like the ‘fiver’, that’s totally affordable already. I like the thing you said about focusing on more simpler goals rather than broad ones. A short-term goal is better rather than a long-term goal. I sure am glad I was able to read this post.

  33. Great post Niel. I have always been against Pop ups cause they are annoying, but the exit pop up is useful and like you said if you use cookies they won’t annoy your consistent visitors.

  34. Neil,

    As with all your post I’ve always find something ‘new’ each time reading it. Your point on having a good titles in on point. Every since we start title stuff to have a more “marketing pop” to them; our CTR and page-views increase tremendously!


  35. Neil,

    Great post! I learned a lot from your post and appreciate that it is so actionable for a small business.


  36. I need source code of your pop up email signup form please share it.

    • You’d need to go the company who does your email marketing and get it from. Ex. If you use aweber, they’ll have it on their site.

  37. Great write and advise,
    I am myself gearing up to launch a few EMR products and apps and this could not have come at a more oppertune time.
    Any EMR experts out there?
    Need help in, startegizing, cooperating, selling etc.

  38. Once again quality stuff Neil. I am always looking to you for new websites, seo, and marketing techniques.

    My mantra is to use what works and find what has yet to work in the marketing arena.

  39. expressempression :

    Very insightful post Neil. The practical example with the website were really helpful. I am great believer in using social media as marketing tool. But being newbie didn’t have those information.

  40. Lakshmi - Virtual assistant :

    Hi Neil

    I feel that Social media effective option of connecting with potential customers. It is certainly here to stay. We have got many new small business clients who use it.It is important that the business decides before hand what they want to acheive – Branding, Word Of Mouth, or Just Sales…and then take the approach that best matches these goals… We will in future follow the ideas got from this post and do better services to our clients.
    Thank you

    • Just a bunch of these small changes over time will make a huge difference. I agree with on the fact that sm is here to stay and the people that know how to do it effectively will grow fast.

  41. For the $5 scenario, would you rather pay $5.00 for followers or target potential customers through facebook ads?

  42. Tracy Matthewman :

    I’d rather get them organically. But I did try Tweet Adder which gets you followers based on keywords…and that is one time payment of $55. So I guess whatever works 🙂 Tracy

  43. :

    Great Article!

    I love to learn new tactics and tricks. Goes to show no matter how successful you are there is always more than one way to skin a cat.

    You have to go out and try different things and see what works best for for. After than you have to continue to find new and innovative ways to market yourself and your business.

  44. Those are some great ideas. I especially love using fivver, i heard about it before i have not had a chance to really check it out. Hopefully i can leverage it to get some attention to my startup

  45. Looking forward to using KISSinsight

  46. Singapore SEO Guy :

    Hey Neil,

    Saw a couple of re-targetting ads that you use to promote this blog site. 🙂

    This should be included as one of the good marketing tactics as well, imho.

    My previous experiences tell me that re-targetting ads often has a higher conversion rate, especially, if you can put up a better offer, and target the “right” audience who drop off from your site. (For example, a 10% discount for buyers who drop off at the payment page)

    Although this is considered to be more advance tactics, I think Google is offering this to the big boys already and should be rolled out soon.


    • Retargeting is definitely here to stay as it helps drastically with conversion rate. I would say that you just need to have a solid big ticket item.

  47. Hey Neil I thought they say pop-ups are bad for SEO. Are you saying that they are alright?

  48. Note Taking Nerd #2 :

    You nailed it on #1 Neil!

    This is one model I have experienced work wonderfully and so have many other business owners like you and that stud Glen over at viperchilldotcom (he’s the guy who turned me onto you) have.

    I love the platform because it allows you to show up in people’s lives leading with the “Give” hand, rather than the “Get” hand.

    You show up, be cool, be helpfully relevant to your unique audience and you help people trust that you have solutions to their problems.

    This is when you get to let people “buy” instead of you trying to “sell”.

    Awesome post Neil! I look forward to reading some more of this so-easy-a-fifth-grader-could-get-it content. Really. I love how easy you’ve made it for me to get the point without having to climb through a jungle of vocabulary or scale walls off run on sentences and never ending paragraphs.

  49. Might be off topic; however does anyone think using too much anchor text such as “Buy PSP Games” on the site name field is a little too spammy? — Or is the risk to reward ratio good enough for such gesture?

  50. One more question, does anyone use Marketing Samurai here? — What is your thought on it? — I did search Google, however come up with mainly affiliate type reviews.


  51. Tracy Matthewman :

    Drugcrate yes I use it. Yes I am an affiliate but I don’t really promote it all that much. But I do use it almost everyday…It is excellent. You can try it I think for 30 days. Tracy

  52. Cysts In Ovaries :

    Hey… can you mention the name of the exit pop up you use openly? I’d love to try this out as I have several sources of traffic to one of my blogs that converts worse than you could imagine!

    Thanks in advance!

  53. Bettie Williams :

    I think FB and Twitter are just periodical marketing techniques.. down the line after 5 years we have to come back to the traditional methods of marketing.. what do you think guys? 😛

    • Bettie,

      Would agree with you. We still push toward traditional marketing when everyone is neglecting them and it’s working out so far. =) Cost and ROI is better, perhaps because demand is down.


    • I think a lot will change, but it’s just about staying on top of the latest trends while still remembering the basics.

    • David Kraljic :

      What do you consider traditional Betty?

    • FB and Twitter are receiving a lot of attention right now, but I am sure that in a few years something else will replace them and so on. Anyway, we have to take advantage of everything we can and when it doesn’t work out anymore try something else.

  54. Tracy Matthewman :

    Bettie, funny you say that..I just read a post on where he’s listed all the reasons why he’s leaving Facebook. He has some pretty valid point… I wonder if it’s an early trend.


  55. Steve-Personal Success Factors :

    Great article. I particularly enjoyed your point about creating long-tail keywords, and about the fact that you don’t always have to be the one writing the articles. I’m planning on assembling a team of writers. Of course, serving as the editor ensures that I have somewhat of a say in retaining my ‘voice’, but it’s a great way to leverage other talent to serve my readers.

  56. David Kraljic :

    This poste reminds me of a book I read called “Execution”. Basically what it said is that all the strategy in the world means nothing if you can’t execute it. I’ve developed hundreds of marketing campaigns and crm programs. I echo hat Neil is saying here. You have to get into specific items and watch them carefully if you want to be successful

    • True, if you have all the ideas in the world, but don’t execute them, your ideas are useless.

    • There is no point in knowing all those strategies and do nothing with them. If you are not able to execute them and put them in practice than you are better to try something else.

      • Everyone knows about this, but few people are actually willing to take the action to achieve it. That’s the difference between people who make it happen and those who don’t.

        • It’s easy to talk about something bur is harder to put that in practice. Many people give advices about something they never experienced. How can you be sure that you are getting a good advice then?

  57. David Kraljic :

    Hmm – what is this bar at the botom – Big Door? I posted a comment after signing into Facebook and it doesn’t seem to have registered my post. That is I assume that the little 0 next to my name in the bar means posts.

    Neil – are you testing another tactic?

  58. Bettie Williams :

    Traditional here means the earlier techniques of marketing that people were following. I guess that is the best suited ways. Fb and twitter are just the new means which will not stay for longer. A lot of hype has been created all of a sudden which will gonna scoop soon.. wait and watch 🙂

    • Betty- If you mean traditional like direct mail and print than I am sorry but I can’t agree. If traditional means internet traditional like banner ads then I still can’t agree. Social marketing in general has tipped the scales in favor of the consumer. That trend won’t go away. Specific tactics like FB likes for example will fade. So in that and other current trendy instances I think your right.

    • Facebook will be around for a while, but other things will surely come about. I doubt there will be anything anytime soon though.

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    • The thing is pretty awesome. I mean, the stuff you’re able to get people to do for five bucks is pretty amazing.

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    • There probably is, I don’t remember which one works best, I usually just have someone do it for me 🙂

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    • Promotional activities involve temporary things like free giveaways and such. Marketing is something you’d do on a more consistent basis.

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    • Thanks Richard your insights are always so valuable. Can I have your email address I would like to be able to contact you and thank you personally for your continued input and readership on this blog 🙂

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