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My 5 Favorite, but Often Ignored, Marketing Tactics

You hear about marketing tactics like SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing, and email marketing all the time. You know they are effective, but they are so broad that the task of leveraging those tactics for your own website leaves you confused, right?

To help you with your confusion, instead of discussing broad topics like I mentioned above, I am going to give you 5 simple tactics you should use to increase your traffic and sales.  [click to continue…]

You’re the Reason Why You Don’t Have a Job

job interview

Over the past few months, I have had a lot of job openings. These positions have been for various jobs, ranging from personal assistants to inside sales representatives.

During my short experience of hunting for qualified candidates, I have learned one really important thing about you: the only reason why you don’t have a job is because of you. So, get out of your own way!

If your jaw didn’t drop, maybe it will after you read this:  [click to continue…]