121 Creative Advertisements That’ll Make You Look Twice

Whether you love or hate Maxim, thereโ€™s a lot that the magazine can offer you other than pictures of half-naked girls. I was skimming through the magazine today, and after thirty minutes I realized that I spent more time engaging with the magazine’s ads than I did with its content.

Advertisements donโ€™t have to be dull and boring. I know they have a negative connotation, but if ads were good, you would look at them all day long, right?

If you are thinking about promoting your business through advertisements, create ones that are memorable and are worth talking about.

Here are 121 creative ads that are worth looking at.

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  1. Really creative advertisements, Neil. This post is really interesting and it can help advertisers ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. BTW I think you should change the “RSS” link below the post so people can see that it’s a link. It looks just like the rest of the text.

  3. Matt Mansfield :

    Thanks for this! My favorite is the shark bus – my kids are gonna’ love that one!


  4. Nice collection Neil, indeed very creative, I love the bionade Ad, and even more the taste.

  5. My question is why are you trying to get your time on site up.. this is a pretty good way to do it. Perhaps to sell advertisements to said advertisers? ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Timothy Sykes :

    When is the Neil Patel action figure coming out? I want to get one for all my Jewish cousins

  7. Web Design LA :

    All the advertisements are different then other set. All has lots of creativity in it. This can help to make more creative ads and advertisers can get idea what and where are the options for doing advertisements.

  8. wow, some of these are just stunning. Such an innovative way to advertise something will surely be successful. People look at them, they tell others etc.

  9. SEO Consultant :

    Sometimes people overlook the time and attention that it takes to come up with these creative ads – I can just imagine the amount of brainstorming it must take these advertising executives.

  10. gokul - MyBlogTip :

    Really looking advertisements. Everyone think twice about each ads.

  11. I sometimes wonder if more major corporations would be better off dropping the huge ad budgets and let people create the ads. That’s where most of the really creative ads come from and they’re much more likely to go viral.

    • People are crating these adds anyway ๐Ÿ™‚ I think you mean regular people that have nothing to do with the company, no?

  12. Outdoor advertisement is my dream business. This is where we can really show our uniqueness and creativity in getting attention. When you said 121, I thought there will be 121 images there.

  13. THose are fantastic! I wish I could be a quarter as creative. That psp one was sick… took me a min to figure out what it was!

  14. Vivek Krishnan :

    I used to seriously consider a career in advertisement industry before I got into engineering. There is a lot of talent and creativity that goes into creating an advertisement. Great collection shown here.

  15. Larry J @ Razor Pocket Rocket :

    Creativity is not my suit but looking at these creative ads got me thinking about how I might better promote my Internet Marketing business through my websites.

    Thanks for a great post.

  16. Few if Ads are beyond the Words, Creative in true manner. Something like this can create impact and become noticeable.

  17. Is it necessary to have a website for any kind of business?

    • I would think so… most people will always research something online.

      • I have a blog but i haven’t started posting yet.
        I find it a bit difficult to start because i don’t know how to generate traffic to it.
        How do you do it?
        I’ve also wanted to launch a job search site but have the same problem.
        Still need to know how to monetize them too.
        Would be glad if you could be of assistance.

  18. Memorial park benches :

    Wonderful post,I need to make a print ad and radio ad for a product. Anything that could use pop culture would be great such as the Chilean miners recomending it or something.Thanks

    • I’d look up google trends to see what’s happening in the world or what’s popular at any given time.

      • for my blog if i want bring up like yours means, what i have to do , can you tell some suggestions to be successful like you.

        • There really isn’t a one word answer or even bullet points. It’s about hard work and persistence.

  19. really creative mind, these kind of extra activities, will make your blog more attractive to your visitors,

  20. These ads are very creative and attractive, I have learned one main concept from your post, i.e our marketing ads should not be very creative alone, also it should attract the visitors to come for our products

  21. Adrian Cole :

    Haha, nice ads. I actually saw one of those in person. I always appreciate when people are willing to go above and beyond.

  22. Tariq Yar Khan :

    That’s one thing you can’t buy with money: Creativity and ingenuity. Seems like that ends up being one of the main differences between products that stick to people’s minds and products that are shoved down their throats with lame repetitive promotions.

  23. I believe that “SHIT HAPPENS” and “It Happens again”. But in Last, the toilet is clear.

  24. hey neil,
    very creative advertisements. really enjoyed these. and yeah, of course these are attractive too.


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  26. Hello Neil
    I just wanted to let you know this post needs an update.
    The images are not available because the member who uploaded this is no more active.

    Please update the post.

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