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How to Effectively Use Testimonials


Testimonials. They can do wonders for your business as long as they are used the right way.

The main reason for using them is to help establish credibility. Testimonials give you the opportunity to prove claims about your product or service. The end result is that they can help you convert more of your visitors into customers if they are used correctly.

Before we get into how to use testimonials correctly, let’s review first what not to do.

Don’t create fake testimonials!

The biggest mistake you can make is create fake testimonials. Why? It’s not just because they aren’t believable. It’s because if you get caught, it will ruin your credibility.

You are better off not having any testimonials at all than creating fake ones. And if you truly have a great product or service, sooner or later your customers will start giving you real testimonials.

All right, here is how you can use testimonials effectively:  [click to continue…]

121 Creative Advertisements That’ll Make You Look Twice

Whether you love or hate Maxim, there’s a lot that the magazine can offer you other than pictures of half-naked girls. I was skimming through the magazine today, and after thirty minutes I realized that I spent more time engaging with the magazine’s ads than I did with its content.

Advertisements don’t have to be dull and boring. I know they have a negative connotation, but if ads were good, you would look at them all day long, right?

If you are thinking about promoting your business through advertisements, create ones that are memorable and are worth talking about.

Here are 121 creative ads that are worth looking at.  [click to continue…]

7 Lessons Learned from Monetizing Quick Sprout

scrooge money

Roughly a year ago I tried to monetize Quick Sprout. My goal was to start making $20,000 a month consistently and build up to $100,000 a month in revenue. As you probably can guess, things didn’t work out the way I planned.

But before I go into what I learned from trying to monetize Quick Sprout, let me break down how I was monetizing the blog.

I have been blogging for a few years now, and I have built up a very loyal audience. For that, I thank you. So, about a year ago, I decided to create a membership area on Quick Sprout in which you could get premium content for a one time fee of $197 (you are no longer able to sign up).

The premium content wasn’t like the content on the blog. Instead, it was an 8-week training course on how to grow your business. Each week I would email you a module that would help you grow your business. After eight weeks, you would end up with about eighty pages of marketing content from me.

Here is why the program didn’t work:  [click to continue…]