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Why Immigrants Are More Successful than You!

Laxmi Mittal - indian immigrant

Who would have ever thought that there would be so many successful immigrants? If you look at it from a surface level, it just doesn’t make sense, right?

Many immigrants are coming from third world countries. They have little to no money, and they barely speak English. How the heck do they become successful?

Well, if you dig a bit deeper, it makes a lot of sense

Love is overrated

Immigrants don’t come to this country to do what they love; they come here to make money. Happiness is the last thing on their minds because all they care about is making money.

With that money they can provide a better future for their families and, most importantly, provide their kids with the things that they never had.

The big difference between immigrants and you is that you were taught to do what you love. For example, if you want to be an astronaut, throughout your life your parents and teachers encouraged you to follow your dreams. Immigrants, however, are taught to do whatever makes money.  [click to continue…]

15 Warning Signs That Your Business Sucks

warning sign

Let’s face it: you’ve wondered if your business is going to succeed or not time and again. You keep on pouring your heart and soul into your business, but for some reason you aren’t making a ton of money.

Well, the sad part is there is no sure way of knowing if your business is going to fail or succeed. But these warning signs should help you determine your odds of succeeding.

1. You’re not making a profit

It’s easy to say that you have to make money, but in reality that isn’t true. You need to be making a profit. Bringing in a million dollars a month is useless if you are spending a hundred million. That means you would be losing ninety-nine million dollars every month.

Successful businesses make profit. And although you may not be profitable right now, you have to work towards it.

According to the Small Business Administration, most businesses fail in the first five years because they can’t make a profit.

2. You haven’t talked to a potential customer

Do you think your business is cool? Who cares what you think! All that matters is what your customers think because they are the ones paying you.

If you haven’t talked to a customer yet, you’d better get off your ass and do so. And, more importantly, don’t just talk to one; talk to a few.  [click to continue…]