What I Learned about You through KISSinsights

Disclaimer: I am the co-founder of KISSinsights.

Over the past few months, you’ve probably seen little pop-up questions at the bottom right corner of Quick Sprout. And if you haven’t, here is what they look like:

kissinsights question

By asking you questions through this online survey tool, I’ve learned a ton of things about you.

You love Quick Sprout

how disappointed kissinsights

As you can see, when I asked you how disappointed you would be if Quick Sprout no longer existed, 81.7% of you said that you would be very or somewhat disappointed. Although I already knew that the majority of you would be disappointed, I didn’t know why 18.3% of you didn’t love Quick Sprout.

One thing I learned by asking this question is that the information I am writing on is too vague.

Dude all of the stuff you teach is not applicable to all small businesses, very vague and non-specific advice. I learn more from what you DO than what you say lol.

If I wrote more detailed blog posts, Quick Sprout would be much more popular. So, from now on, one of my goals will be to write less vague content.

You may not have a business

do you have a business kissinsights

Although a whopping 51.9% of you own a business, 48.1% of you don’t. A lot of the content on this blog is focused towards people who already have businesses.

Based on this data, a good portion of the blog posts should be on starting a business because that is where a lot of entrepreneurs make mistakes that could easily be avoided. I hope some of the new content I am about to write will help you avoid those mistakes.

You want to learn more about me

One of the questions I asked on my About page is “what else would you like to know about me?” At first, I thought that I did a pretty good job with my About page because it is thorough, but I was wrong.

The most common response I got was that I needed to provide more ways for you to connect with me. So, I added links to my Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin profile within the blog’s sidebar.

I need to start writing content that you want to read

I blog about topics that I feel you want to read about. The problem with doing this is that you may not care for that content. So, instead of guessing, I have been asking you “what should I blog about?”

Here are some things you want me to blog about:

  • What are the traits of successful entrepreneurs?
  • 7 ways to market your startup
  • How to build a startup with no money
  • The startup checklist (the steps you need to take to succeed)

The great thing about your responses is that they help solve my writer’s block and take the guess work out of writing blog posts. The last thing I want to do is write something that you don’t care about.

Keep in mind that I won’t blog about everything you request, but I’ll do my best to please you. 😉

You need to learn about your customers

Now that I have shared with you what I learned about you through KISSinsights, you should do the same with your website’s visitors/customers.

The first thing you need to do is sign up for KISSinsights. It’s really simple, and, best of all, it is free.

After you sign up, you want to start asking people questions. You can do this by using one of our predefined questions, or you can come up with your own questions.

create a survey kissinsights

Once you select a question, you should define who you want to ask that question.

settings of kissinsights

If you look at the above screenshot, you’ll notice that you can:

  • Pose a question to anyone – no matter who visits your website and where they come from, they’ll see the question.
  • Ask only return visitors – if you want to ask only your loyal visitors a question, this is the option you should select.
  • Ask visitors who view multiple pages – this is a great option if you only want to ask engaged visitors a question (they may have never seen your site before).
  • Ask users who have been on your site for a while – if you have a question that is only relevant to people who have been on your site for a while, then this is the option for you. For example, if I wanted to ask you what you thought of this blog post, I would only show you the question if you have been on the page for 30 seconds because chances are you have at least read some of it.
  • Ask a person the same question more than once – if you think people’s responses are going to change over time, you can always ask them the same question again.


I hope you’ll get the same benefit out of KISSinsights that I got. It’s a great product. But then again, I am biased because I co-founded the company.

I’d love to hear what you think about KISSinsights, especially the ways we can improve upon it. Feel free to be as harsh as you want. It won’t hurt my feelings. 🙂

P.S. If you want help getting insights on your visitors to increase profits click here.


  1. Aaron Pepper :

    Shameless but useful self promotion. 🙂

    This is a great casestudy for KISSinsights, and i’m sold. My product is currently in closed beta and I think ill use this advice and KISSinsights with my testers.

    Thanks for the great post as always!

    • I like your product (as far as I can tell from the screenshot). I just applied for beta. 🙂

      • Aaron Pepper :

        Thanks Gab! I just sent out another round of invites, so expect an e-mail shortly 🙂

        • The more the merrier 😉

          • Hi Neil,

            I just applied for the beta. I run my site using Posterous. Could you point me in the right direction where I could get instructions on how to install the script on my site.

            I love the product and I think it’s a great way to get quick insights from site visitors.

            Your help is grately appreciated.



            • You can install it anywhere within your code. It just has to be between the body tags.

              Install it like you would install Googel Analytics on your website.

      • Perfect, let me know how it goes for you.

    • It’s simply another useful tool you can use to help you grow your business.

  2. Sign me up! Looks like a great tool for gathering info and improving the user experience.

    • Exactly… sign up through the link above and take a test run. Let us know how it works out for you.

  3. Timothy Sykes :

    Neil = smart

    Everyone else = stupid

  4. Blake Waddill :

    It seems like you got some really awesome feedback about what us readers want on the site. I like that you published what other people were interested in learning about, and I totally looking forward to reading those articles!

    Is this the product that you’ve had in development for a while now and it’s finally going public?

    • It’s public right now. One of the most important things I realized is that you should give your readers what they want. Ultimately, if they get what they want, you get what you want.

  5. Kyle Richey :

    Another KISS product that does the trick. I like the clean design, too! Well done Neil.

    As for what you learned, thanks for sharing because it helped to show me something about my own blogging: specific is better. Lesson learned…

    Take it easy Neil,

    • Perfect…. being as specific as possible is the goal. Too many people out there have written broadly about everything. You need to be the one who fine tunes it.

  6. Marc Grabanski :

    Why do you limit responses to 1000 on a premium account. We are talking about some text records in a database?

    • We are planning on having another plan that allows unlimited responses. I don’t the cost will be more, but you would pre-pay for a year to open up unlimited responses.

  7. Matthew Krawse :

    Awesomely simple and effective tool. Everyone should have it! KISSinsights rocks!

  8. Looks like a great tool for gathering info. The only thing I would be concerned about is the number of people who actually respond to these prompts. What was the response rate like when you ran these on Quicksprout?

    • I don’t know the exact percentage, but it is high. I have hundreds of responses (getting close to 1000).

  9. Net Age | Web Design :

    I like the concept of KISSinsights. After all, asking your community what they would like to see as topics of discussion on your blog is giving us a direct line to the content creator! I just dislike the fact that it asks me if I have my own business every time I log on. That does get a bit intrusive.

    • Cindy Alvarez (KISSinsights Product Manager) :

      You can answer it, and then it will go away. 😉

      • Net Age | Web Design :

        I’ve answered about five times already Cindy! Everytime I visit Quicksprout it asks me the same question again. Is there a cookie setting or something I can change in FireFox?

        Thanks for your prompt response, by the way. Good customer service is so rare.

    • It should automatically minimize… I’ll check it out.

      • Dailymissed :

        Its a great thing that it automatically minimize ..not like other annoying popup ads..which bothers normal visitors a lot

  10. Georgen Bowser :

    Hi Neil,
    i just seen the Quick Sprout but i am didn’t disappointed with it’s. infect it’s very good idea to know about the issue.

  11. Dailymissed :

    I like the idea..seems very unique..Like someone earlier me also like the concept…best of luck!!

  12. I agree about the vagueness. Common sense advice is waste of time for me, since I already have common sense. Products, how to’s, concrete tips I like. Types of advice like: I did this on my site, and I got x% more sales.

  13. Oh, and I prefer when someone has hard numbers to support one’s claims.

  14. Wilson Usman :

    Hey neil this is awesome got a tell you. I really like the professional feel… its not spammy at all. If capture pages looked like this they would be so much better too. I hate it when I get a pop up write on my face.

    • Exactly… We find that the position that it’s in is the least intrusive position of them all while still being effective.

  15. Suman Gandham :

    Dont you think KissInsights should give an option where the poup should be placed . I tried it and it was blocking my site and many people didnt liked it .

    May be its because i am not a good programmer and had this problem .

    any suggetions ?

    • Cindy Alvarez (KISSinsights Product Manager) :

      Hi Suman –
      Do you mean you have a bottom bar on your website that is blocking the survey? We are working on a more elegant fix, but email me and I can give you a hack to make it work.

      Cindy Alvarez (calvarez at kissmetrics.com)

    • Great idea, speak with Cindy.

  16. What happens after the 30 responses are up in the “Free” version?

    • Cindy Alvarez (KISSinsights Product Manager) :

      We continue to collect responses, and you can upgrade to premium to see them all.

      For small sites, 30 responses is often enough to get a good sense of how users feel; more complex sites and applications will probably benefit from upgrading and reading every single freeform response.

    • You’ll get a good idea of what you’re users want at that point. Then you can choose to upgrade to premium.

  17. I hate how most sites force a pop-up right in the center of the page. They don’t realize that if I just stumbled on the site, I couldn’t care less about answering their survey.

    These are perfect: they’re off to the side, small but noticeable enough, and you can keep reading the page and ignore them if you want.

    • Cindy Alvarez (KISSinsights Product Manager) :

      Dan –
      We agree! There are also some options such as showing only to repeat visitors, or showing only after you’ve been on a page for 10+ seconds, that reduce that “in your face” feeling.

    • Yes, exactly… it was tested over and over again and we found this position to be the most effective.

  18. Perhaps allow users to see results as well? You covered every scenario I can think of.

  19. Samantha Milner :

    Hi guys,

    I think that KISSinsights is a great idea and that all bloggers should consider using this tool to learn more about their readers.

    Kind regards,


    • Thanks Samantha! Hopefully you check it out and give it a test whirl too. Let us know how it is.

  20. Yea I think this is an awesome tool. As a loyal visitor to this website I was glad to answer the questions you asked.

    • Perfect! I definitely appreciate that and hopefully can make your experience here a lot better.

  21. SEO Results :

    Gimme a KISS then 🙂

    Audience interaction is key to getting both positive and negative feedback. You can study your analytics until you’re blue in the face, but they only tell part of the story. Getting feedback from your human audience completes the picture, and after paying attention to the opinions of your human audience it is time to look at the analytics again to see how “successful” your listening really was.

    • hmmm not sure if i would say analytics is half the picture, but getting feedback from actual users of your site is ab big help. But as with anything, people say one thing and do another. You just have to know how to adapt to what your numbers are saying. The numbers don’t lie, but people do (or mislead).

      • It is true that the analytics are important and you really have to understand them to really take advantage of all that information your taking away from it. I recommend focusing on both.

      • Yea I feel people are usually nice because they want something out of you. But as soon as they realize they cannot get what they want even if it is for free they start getting real nasty!

    • The human factor is what will give you the “in your face” reality of what’s working and what isn’t. It kind of eliminates all the guess work.

  22. David Siteman Garland :

    Neil – Would love to try this out for RISE. It would be fantastic to get feedback.

    Quick question: I guess little feedback is better than none, but how do you know if you got enough responses to take action? (randomly popped in my head)

    • Cindy Alvarez (KISSinsights Product Manager) :

      David –
      For us internally with kissmetrics.com and kissinsights.com, we use more of a gut feel than hard numbers – if more than 3 or 4 people say the same thing in write-in response, it’s usually a problem worth fixing. At the least, 3 similar responses is enough that I’ll follow up with people to learn more.

      After that I can often run a more specific followup survey to confirm that it affects more people.

    • Cindy said it best, but you’ll know based on the common responses you get. if you receive thousands of visitors…. you can say that every response would represent for several hundred.

  23. iPhone App Developer :

    Thanks for taking the time to post such a detailed and informative article. It has given me a lot of inspiration and I look forward to more like this in the future.

  24. Simon | ProfitDuck :

    Good to do a little market research every now and then. Will take a look into using the KISSinsights, looks like it can really help direction.

    • Perfect… we would definitely appreciate you getting back to us and letting us know how it works out for you.

  25. Joshua Black | The Underdog Millionaire :

    I think that surveying your customers is critical, but you have to be very careful how you word your questions. Otherwise, you could end up with a lot of information that does not help you out.

    Before conducting ANY survey, you need to always ask yourself the question: what do I want to get out of this?

    -Readership opinion?
    -Product ideas?
    -More money?
    -Ego boost?

    Then design your questions around the end goal. Just like in small business marketing, you need to make sure that you have the end in mind before you ask a question.

    -Joshua Black
    The Underdog Millionaire

    • Makes sense, thanks for the insight. I agree with you in asking particular questions. Questions for ego boost are simply unnecessary. It should more about what your readers are (demographics) and how you can better assist them.

  26. sell textbooks :

    Its a great idea and I have seen things like this happen, on other blogs but they put it in the corner where it’s not so in your face. I like the sidebar polls better.

    • I think the bottom is fine, more importantly than just having people answer, you want qualified people to answer, people who actually read the site.

      • Exactly… the frequent readers have a better insight than those “fly by night” readers.

        • sell textbooks :

          I agree but it doesn’t go away or change if you have already answered it. Is there a way to make it rotate so you could get more responses?

          • If goes away if you have answered it… if it isn’t for you I would contact tech support.

            You could always ask more questions after you get enough responses.

    • As long as it’s not in you face, I think it works. Then comes the design and feel of it to help with it’s effectiveness.

      • sell textbooks :

        Agreed. I think it will just take some getting used to . you know how people can get set in their ways!

        • People are comfortable with what they have… change can be good, but it sometimes people just need to ease into it.

          • I have learned from running websites that it does matters what users say, but it is more important what they actually do. Getting feedback that they don’t like the position is one thing, but I would pay attention to results any day because thats what matters. For example if your bounce rate increases, review any changes you recently made for example. Currently I am testing out the wibya tool bar, some like it some don’t. I’m just going to fire it up and see if its a benefit or a detriment. Use feedback, but rely on results.

            • Results are definitely what count… that’s why when you get feedback, you need to do something about it.

  27. am gonna have to try this out..been looking for ways to ask questions and do a survey for my new product idea…here is a big question…how can one without an audience use kissinsight and get answers to questions..i have a few answers but i want your opinion.

    • You need to focus on writing quality content and marketing your blog to the public. You need some what of an audience for this to work… even 1 response can you help you improve.

  28. Ian Greenleigh :

    Hi Neil,

    I just installed your product on a staging site of our blog, and I love it so far. I wanted to ask you: Is there a way to cycle through which question pops up per page? For instance: If I wanted a random visitor to see either A question or B question on the same page (but only see one), can this be done?

    • At the moment this can’t be done, but you should send that info@kissinsights.com to see if they can help you with it or maybe even add that feature in latter on.

  29. Excellent as always Neil.

    I always thought your site was great being general as it opens to a wider audience.

    My friend owns and writes an email marketing blog and talks only about email design concepts. Although he has a great niche, he finds his audience are quite dull.

    Whereas my blog is more personal but includes weekly posts about core subjects on digital marketing, media, music and development.

    Each to his own i guess.

    Kissinsights is very powerful stuff. People love to be asked their opinion as long as its kept simple and this works nicely.

    I’ll see how much response i get before upgrading.

    Wicked altogether tho!



    • Perfect.. and I think that’s a great way to look at it. Take a look at the response you get and from there decide whether, YES it’s a good decision or no it isn’t. Either one is okay.

  30. Neil this is awesome tool for collection data what the visitors want.

    I too like to use for my site.

    Keep it up

    • That’s great Mann… start using it and let us know how well it works out for you.

      • Neil, currently i apply for one of my site. I found about 2600 impressions but no any query yet.

        Hope I received query soon.

        By the thanks for innovative product

        • Work on the question you ask… Also remember that it will take time… thousands of impressions can bring just one response… but that one response can elude to many more to come.

  31. Making Money Ideas :

    I’ve just visited KissInsights.com and I think it’s a great tool. I’ve tried a lightbox hover form to ask visitors questions but I think it’s read as invasive. Your application really seems less invasive and inviting when the question is relevant to the visitors problem/interest.

    Thanks for the Free trial.

    Joe @ Making Money Ideas

    • Thanks! That was one of the biggest challenges for us… to find something that’s effective yet unintuitive.

  32. Nicolas Franz :

    Excellent idea, Neil. I didn’t now that Kissmetrics has more tools for Optimization and User research, like the Kissinsights. But let me ask you something, please: what’s the compatibility of KISSinsights in terms of CrossBrowsing: IE, FFox, Opera, etc..?

    I would like to now more about it to invite my clients to use it. As you know I’m a webdesigner, and I see a lot of potential in KISSinsights as a Usability research tool.

    Best regards!

    • It is compatible with different browsers. 🙂

      Email me at neil@neilpatel.com if you have any other questions.

  33. in my case , it is true, im just in the very begining of the plans, so its very useful to get ideas of how to push efectively with the less money expended(or for free)

    • You’re at the perfect position to build your site. Now you can start following a straight line and know what to do if you stray away from it.

  34. Car Dealer Blogs :

    This is one of the few lower toolbar type integrations I’ve liked.

    Many of them are way too busy with all the social networking icons and other stuff. I like the simplicity of this KISSinsights box, and the UI is nicely done.

  35. pigeon forge :

    I don’t think that i can do without quicksprout. i have learnt so many things from Neil so far. This blog, so Neil, has helped me so much to improve my websites.

  36. Disneyland Coupons :

    seems to be a great tool!! But really surprising to see only 147 people responded to it considering the traffic of this blog!

    • Brad @ Email Marketing City.com :

      Many people have the mentality to just [x] out of a popup rather than even looking at the content. I think through the slick design of this new product that conversion rates will improve as more and more sites continue to use it.

  37. whould this be a wordpress plugin?

  38. You are a great salesman Neil. I have decided to use KissInsights for my site as well. Does this have any effect on bounce rates? I hope not..

  39. Jessica Web Design Tips :

    The only thing I would be concerned about is the number of people who actually respond to these prompts. ..

    • You shouldn’t be concerned about that…you should encourage people to give you feedback to so you can better help them.

  40. SEO Results :

    I just used it to suggest a blogging topic re: procrastination. The full title is quite cool, but I cannot take the credit for it, it was in my quotable obscure quotes folder. I am unsure of where it came from, but if the post gets written I’ll be thrilled!

    • That’s always a great topic to discuss, no doubt. I’m sure many have already written on it, just google it.

  41. halloween costumes :

    wow.. as I can see many people are now managing their own business. what if all the people have business?

    • Most people have tried, but I assure you 99% won’t be consistent enough to keep them going.

      • Ali-Buy BlackBerry Phones :

        yeah its similar to making money online, where a lot of people try to make money through their sites or other methods but mostly fail due to inconsistency.

  42. It is pretty cool… I read somewhere that javascripts can hurt your SEO because they are seen as unfriendly…

    examples: pop-ups, pop-unders, exit pop-ups.


  43. All sounds cool, sign me up for KISSinsights!!

  44. I installed that code. But nothing appears in my site. Why?

  45. Zac Johnson :

    Solid program. I’m currently using it on my blog now. I really like the way it works, and it’s simplicity.

  46. Good code. I’m currently using it on my blog too.

  47. Hello, Thanks for your valuable info. I have created a site digitalnominee after loosing my friend. I request your guidance for marketing it. Thanks for your help.

  48. The key to success, in my opinion, is simplicity. The idea is there: Integrate everything to one spot and being able to rank on relevance. Sweet. The easier they make it for folks to get all their information in and organized, the better IMHO.

  49. The Name You Know :

    This may sound like a lame comment, but I just found out about you because I landed on this page through a search query. The concept of this feedback popup looks promising. I will put your RSS feed in my Netvibes page and keep following you. You seem to be very succesfull so I hope I can learn through your blog.

    • Never a lame comment, glad to know that you’re learning a lot and that it’s been a useful visit for you.

  50. Watch Season :

    People say they are not happy because they were asked by a popup lol. If you were to ask them the same question by sending money to their PayPal address and asking in the body of the email, they would probably be more positive 😀

    • Sportslinks :

      lol..if anyone gets free company then for what he/she is going to complain…anyways popup is not annoying at all specially in this case

      • The only time it will do good in my opinion if it is a community website and the pop up is on the inside or the community. You can get great feedback from this.

        But brand new user is going to be like…. ” Hey first time here! Do not ask me questions! I am busy!”

        • Not necessarily, you’d be surprised how often people would quickly just give you a quick answer.

        • Watch Season :

          But yet again the reason why one would use a popup is to give it more exposure. You can do the same thing with a poll in the sidebar but it will take you longer to get the same amount of votes.

          • the sidebar approach won’t give you a big enough response rate as it’s blended into your site.

      • As long as you can minimize it, it usually isn’t too bad.

    • LOL. Overall the feedback should be helpful. Try it out. 😉

  51. I would love to implement this on my upcoming project!
    This is a good idea to get a feedback from readers 🙂

  52. Ali-Buy Toshiba Laptops :

    Nice tool, i have just registered on KISSinsights site, it would be better if you convert it to wordpress plugin for wordpress users.
    And one question: In Premium package can we see visitors responses more than 1000, because in their site it is written under preium package details: “1000 responses per month”

  53. Jason Jones :

    I see why you are doing it Neil but every website I visit these days has some sort of pop up similar to yours and I have to say that I find them kind of annoying. Each to their own I suppose…

    • Hi Jason, I would agree that it is annoying but I believe that the analysis he has come up with, after asking questions through those pop ups and the change we have seen so far is really remarkable and that is what differentiate this site from others.

      Though I would repeat that I have seen the similar popups in other sites and I definitely get irritated.

  54. Website Development in Kildare :

    Hi, again a nice post. I must say that i learn a lot while reading your blog. I will definitely us this on my websites development in kildare.

  55. Ali-Buy BlackBerry Phones :

    One thing more neil, few weeks ago there was an animated popup on ur site which shows the post users are currently reading. And than on asking u tell me that u will create wp plugin for that popup. Where is that popup now on ur site? and have u created any plugin for that?

    • Sometimes it is on and sometimes it is off.

      I collected a lot of data and will have a new question running soon.

      As for a WordPress plugin, we may have one in the next few months.

  56. Seun Kilanko :

    I really love the idea of KISSinsight, Neil. I’ve been using the free trial on my blog.

    Keep up the good work!

  57. Derek Jensen :

    Just imagine if Facebook were to incorporate this? Like what do you think of the new privacy controls? haha

  58. Very nice app you have here. I’ll use it on my blog to get my readers input on topics I should blog about.

  59. Simple Life Tool :

    I have found the kiss insights to be very interesting with my blog also. I got about 300 answers which was shocking. and found people really like my hiphopmakers.com, unfortunately i’m burnt out on it at the moment, so hopefully i get a second wind on it soon.

  60. Dev | Technshare :

    Hey Neil,

    Very Nice app bro. I first come to know about KISSinsights through DailyBlogtips and it’s really awesome. Great Job neil.


  61. Halloween Costumes :

    Yes, I’ve encountered such pop ups. Sometimes it’s so annoying but I just realized that it can be used as a survey about anything or something.

    • Technically yes it can… ideally you want to figure out how you can do a better job and connecting with your people and reaching more.

  62. A very helpful site. I commend you for taking surveys and all. It just means that what you are doing/blogging about, is something that your followers really need.

  63. Web Design LA :

    Kissinsights one more creative activity by Neil, by using this app, you collected very useful information and sure you clever to utilize those information in positive way.

  64. Sell Property :

    KISSinsights is the Great Deal Neil. That is so easy that I am a fan of yours.

  65. KISSinsights is just great Great. I have collected a lot of useful information through this one.

  66. Neil you get a lot of SEO traffic. So they might be first time visitors and you are asking them this question. I feel that might be 18% right there.

    You rank for really good keywords so.

    • There is a good percentage of them that’s for sure. To rank for good keywords, focus on creating a lot backlinks

  67. Instant Focus Memory Supplement :

    That’s a really convenient way of getting feedback!

  68. This is a very good service. I recently added this to some of the cool tools to increase your visibility online because it gives you great insights. The fact that it’s simple, small and just ask one question. Thus, you can rotate and get ideas on what visitors are thinking about.

    Thank you for such a wonderful tool. Keep it coming!

  69. Learn WordPress :

    That’s an awesome feedback tool. I’ve used GetSatisfaction before but this looks a lot cooler / easier to use.

  70. Hey Neil!

    I like your product as it has already offered true insights into my readers minds. 🙂

    I love the fast and convenient sign up, the possibility of being notified when I get answers to my survey (even though I didn’t opt for that – I just log in and view the answers), the easy set up (just paste the code). It’s great coz it’s simple!!!

    I would like to be able to write just one question myself in the free version… This may come in handy for people who don’t run English sites (like my girlfriend). The predefined questions cover most of the issues but one can’t show up a survey in English if the content of the website is in Romanian…

    The fact that is so easy to use can be great for site owners all over the world. So I suggest you write some copy in at least two or three major languages and put that on your site.

    Thanks a lot for the free version! I’m glad to have it running on my outdoor blog.


    • Writing your own questions is only available in the paid version 🙂

      • Why not make $1 per survey? Like the iTunes model. I don’t want to subscribe to premium just to run 1 or 3 surveys and perhaps I’m not the only one.

        But as my site evolves and my readers are more demanding I can see the sense in paying again for new surveys.

        I would buy a survey just now for 1$ – just to be able to ask my own question. 🙂

  71. Hello,

    I have installed your product recently and I am really liking it. I have a question: How to find out which question pops up per page?


    • I am not sure if I fully understand your question, but I’ll try my best…

      Within KISSinsights you enter in the URL of the page you want the question to pop up on.

  72. Neil I think I will give it a try. I will probably put it on my blog part.

    So is it 30 responses per question? Or it is 30 responses and then the free trial is over?


  73. This seems to be a great feedback tool. Previously I used GetSatisfaction but yours one looks more promising.

    • Brad @ Email Marketing City.com :

      I also tried GetSatisfaction, although this tool looks to be a little more intrusive to new visitors as compared to the tab that GetSatisfaction made. Although, I wouldn’t doubt that the response rates are much higher as well! 🙂

    • Thanks, it is 😉

  74. Juha Liikala :

    This is a great tool. Just enabled it on my site. I especially like the way it integrates on the site’s bottom right corner. Very smooth and accessible! Asking questions is no doubt one of my favorite ways of interacting with my audience. This tool seem like a great tool for that purpose. Thanks for making this available!

  75. New Jersey Carpet Cleaning :

    I personally like the content the way it is, but I can see why some would want more detail. Either way, this site is filled with useful content. Keep it rolling and thanks.

  76. Brad @ Email Marketing City.com :

    That was a surprising fact about 48% of your readers don’t own a business… I would of thought that statistic would of been much lower.

  77. I really like Quicksprout and really suprised that people think it is vague. There is not a single post where I have not learn something or the other.
    Not all posts can be entirely focussed to business or startups and I think that might make it boring as well.
    About posting more detailed posts, I believe that it is great right now and again suprised with the response.

  78. Andrew @ Blogging Guide :

    I totally admire you for being so humble and so open to criticism. That is the reason why readers love you.

    • why thanks, I appreciate that.

    • Plumber Sydney :

      I’ll have to agree with you on that one. It’s a nice change to see someone openly accept criticism and not get defensive and retaliate. Well done.

      • Eh, I don’t think anything of it….and everyone else shouldn’t either. Take it if you want, reject it if you don’t.

  79. hermes handbags :

    I think the bottom is fine, more importantly than just having people answer, you want qualified people to answer, people who actually read the site.

  80. It just occurred to me Niel what I like most about your site.

    Its tactical, as in its stuff I can use and implement, there is so much stuff out there that is Strategic and sounds like a good idea in theory, but how do I go about doing it, where should I start.

    That could be that a lot of authors or ideas people come up with the idea but have not done it OR they don’t want to disclose how to do it.

    If we looked at books for example, I would have to estimate that of 10 books 9 where strategy and 1 had the strategy and the method on how to implement it.

    Both parts are important, but separate, we just chase our tails.

  81. Sanalika Hileleri :

    Neil I think I will give it a try. I will probably put it on my blog part…
    Thanks for sharing…

  82. Neil i actually love KISSinsights. The way it works, simple answers, simple questions. It’s so easy for you to collect information from your visitors with it 🙂

  83. Official Music Video :

    It would be great to write more about start-up businesses.

    BTW You do a great job with KissMetrics and it’s brother KissInsights.

  84. Videos don’t work too well for my audience.

  85. Hi Neil,

    We worked with Hiten over the last couple weeks to develop that “hack” where you can run multiple surveys on the same page. We used this to test 5 different pricing questions in our application, and we got the results we needed in a week, versus 4 or 5.

    I thought I would share the “hack” with your readers. Here is the code: http://www.pearanalytics.com/blog/2010/kiss-insights-hack-how-to-run-multiple-surveys-on-the-same-page/

  86. Cool Gadgets @ITrush :

    Nice app, is this thing hard to install? Looking for vids on how to get this thing going..

  87. will it be adaptable for free blogs ?

  88. Tariq - Quantum Seo Labs :

    I recently starting reading about kissmetrics and following the blog and am starting to realize how important social networking is becoming in having a successful business. Unfortunately, the same old techniques emulating human behaviour won’t work anymore 🙁 Great article btw, will definitely check out the app.

  89. Please, I want you to blog this one below:

    How to build a startup with no money

    Things to Consider:
    1. To form an internet company in Silicon Valley
    2. I am Filipino presently living in the Philippines
    3. I want Co-founders in Silicon Valley
    4. I dont have to present the contents of my ideas but i could
    only show the domain name. I mean I have a my own web developer/designer for the first time of the website launch. The co-founders must prepare their web designs/programs that would fit the domain name so that after a week or later from the launching if they would find out their ideas are better than ours then they could correct ours.
    5. I will find 1 Co-founder Filipino who’s very good in Web design/program.
    6. All remaining co-founders are from Silicon Valley.

    Please if you think this is possible I will wait your blog to that.


  90. Yea I think this is an awesome tool. As a loyal visitor to this website I was glad to answer the questions you asked.

  91. Some excellent points, savings having to let Google have access to all your data, and sell it back to you.

  92. Everyone loves what you guys are usually up too. This sort of clever work and reporting! Keep up the superb works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my personal blogroll.

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